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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 6, 2018 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. >> new overnight. republicans avoid a shutout in california's gubernatorial race, while democrats in the state go r gop seats. breaking down some of yesterday's biggest primary election results. plus the president blamed attorney general jeff sessions for the on-going russian probe. there are reports trump is so angry he is -- >> and celebrating and america cancels a trip from the eagles. athletes from other weighing in.
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good morning, it is wednesday, june 6th. i'm ayman man and yasmine vossoughian. newsom waceff against gavin trump republican business man jo cox in california's governor's race. former mayor finished distant third. dianne feinstein running a sixth term on track to win by far the most votes. the race to take her on is between kevin deleon or one of seven unknown republicans. >> and new mexico, former democratic party chairman could make history as the first native american woman elected to congress. she will face off with jones in
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the november elections. new jersey voters sent a message to bob menendez that underperformed in the primary. he recently escaped conviction on federal corruption charges earlier this yearhe wilac a rep former pharmaceutical company. >> sm the primaries, the president slings accusations of corruption and malfeasance at the justice department, they have a searc for new associate attorney general is on hold. three candidates have declined to consider the justice department number three position since rachel bnd resigned four months ago. by the "the wall street journal" count, half of the top 20 jobs in department lacking senate confirmedoiments.
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this comes as president trump fired off another attack against attorney general jeff sessions. quote, the russian witch hunt sessions didn't tell me s going to recuse himself. i would have quickly picked someone else. so much tim money wasted, so many lives ruined, and sessions knew there was no collusion. sarah huckabee sanders did not offer the administration's confidence in the attorney general. watch this. >> the president again took a stick to his favorite pin i can't tell jeff sessions. what is his goal. to remind hi at him? is he trying to get him to quit, trying to ee mass cue late him? what is he trying to do? >> look, thedent made his position on this extremely clear, i don't have anything to
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add beyond that. >> so the associated press reporting that the president's anger at sessions made even speaking of the attorney general in trump's presence practically forbidden, citing a person familiar with theexchange. an aide mention ed sessions, trump mooted the television in his offic broadcasting fox news, dismissing the staffer. >> he is so mad at jeff sessions ill, he opped using his name. he won't say it. air force senior aides have copied that. him or her or that guy or the attorney general. >> republican senator lindsey graham questioning whether deputy attorney general rod rosenstein should recuse himself from overseeing mueller's russia
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probe. he notes it has been widely reported that mueller's investigation includes whether president trump obstructed the russia probe by firing former f. graham asked rosenstein whether he considers himse potential witness in the investigation regarding comey's firing, if so whether he should recuse himself. >> i think rosenstein is co. if you lookt obstruction of justice, misconduct, post presidency, the comey firing is a form of objection of justice. rosenstein is a key witness in that. you can't be a witness and oversee the investigation. >> president trump hosted a celebration of the american flag yesterday at the white house in place of a visit from the super bowl champion philadelphia eagles. the entire ceremony, including singing of the national anthem and god bless america lasted
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about 8 minutes. trump gave a short speech where he talked about the unemployment rate and state o the economy. despite preaching patriotism, the president appeared to not know all of the words to god bless america. they learned he didn't want the optics. yesterday, they said the event was cancelled because only a smaller group of players would attend, a deal couldn't be struck to reschedule. that's different from the exclamation monday that it was because they, quote, disagree with their president, because he insists they proudly stand for the national anthem. no eagles players took a knee during the anthem last year, we should note. >> this isn't about national anthem, it is about players coming. >> certainly the president has been very clear what his position is in regards to the national anthem. the eagles were the o tha
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committed to an event friday, they submitted over 80 members of the eagles franchise for the event, along with over a thousand f participate. was t eagles organization that tried to change their commitment at the hou once again, if this wasn't a political stunt, they wouldn't have planned to attend the event and backed out. they made that change at the last minute, not the president. turn to the latest in the trade war with america's closest allies. yesterday mexico hitting back imposing stiff tariffs up to 25% on american pork, steel, cheese, bourbon, motor boats, worth about 3 billion a year. 10% tariff on pork shoulder and legs that will rise 20% by july 5th. mexico is the second largest market for u.s. pork exports, worth $1 billion a year.
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according to estimates from iowa farm bureau, tariffs could cost pork farmers $100 million annually. top official at thowa farm bureau tells nbc news the on-going trade issues have taken rk prices from slightly profitable to where producers are losing money. on the canadian front, abc news reports steve mnuchin urged our president to exempt our neighbor to the north, and sources close to the white house as well, canada set to impose its own stiff tariffs july 1st. plenty of senators not happy about this, the senate not getting a usual summer break after mitch mcconnell announced he is cancelling most of the august recess. he made that announcement yesterday, saying the senate will take a break only the first week of august. he cited historic obstruction by senate democrats of the nominees and goal of passing
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appropriation bills prior to end of the fiscal year in september. mcconnell was under enormous pressure from his own caucus and president trump to cancel as much of the recess possible. it is bad f red state democrats. it forces them to remain in washington instead of spending the month on the campaign trail. talk about some of the stories, thanks for joining us. very much appreciate it. let's talk about rod rosenstein. obviously putting this story out from lindsey graham saying there's a conflict of interest for the russian investigation for rod rosenstein from his point of view. could we see rosenstein recuse himself? >> it is definitely a possibility. we know this isn't a new issue. we knew rosenstein was involved in former fbi director james
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comey's firing since last year. we saw the infamous memo. it is not a new question, but what i thinks stakes is the "new york times" report that says former director andre mccabe wrote a memo which said that he suspected rosenstein may have been involved in providing some cover story for the comey fi it is unclear what mccabe was thinking at the time when he wrote that, what he knew at the time. but certainly rosenstein has been in contact with top justice department officials about this. he has been talking to the ethics advisers about this, consulting with special counsel, robert mueller. >> he has been forthcoming. >> he has. he said if special counsel believes i need to recuse myself at some point, depending where the obstruction case stands, then i will absolutely do that. we could see it going forward. but this story we're seeing from
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a lot of conservative senators and congressmen that rosenstein is not forthcoming -- >> why would he send this letter now, any insight why he is sending this at this point? is it a politics play? >> yes. i think it speaks to a broader angle from the whiteouse and saying the fbi was corrupt and dodg ump campgn. >> get to reporting on manafort. could we see this? >> witness tampering is a substantial charge, could turn the judge and jury against the defendant. witness tampering could interfere with administration of justice. for that reason, the judge could bring down the hammer hard on nafort. >> when do we expect a decision?
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>> sometime next week. >> thank you so much. new reporting the white house aide that mocked john mccain's health is now out of a job, but not because ofsaidbout condolences pouring in, adllowing the death of kate how she's being remembered this morning. plaque psoriasis can be relentless. your plaques are athere at .
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welcome back. sad news from yesterday. iconic fashion designer kate spade was found dead inm her manhattan apartmentea from suicide. they're investigating the death. it rocked the fashion world and many women that made her brand a fashion statement. >> reporter: a fashion icon who designed a beloved bag for a generation is gone. >> i have ten kate spade bags.
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>> reporter: the body of the 55-year-old found by her housekeeper in herm manhattan home. >> it appears to be a tragic case o but it is early in the investigation. there was a suici left at the scene. >> reporter: when kate spade got in the handbag business, her goal was to design something simple, something classy. one of the most recognizable brands in fashion now. celebrities and fans posted tributes online, many just a photo of a bag with a story behind it. others stopping for a moment to shine a light on mental illness. it goes to show success and fame and money do not me you happy. she grew up in kansas city, meeting and marrying andy spade, brother of actor david. they launched the company together in 1993 out of their cramped new york city loft. >> she was also a role model for
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other young women that wanted to start their own businesses. >> reporter: in 2006, she sold the business to spend more time with her newborn daughter. >> great time for us to take a break. great luxury.d, it was a >> reporter: in 2016, a new line. >> look at the success of someone else's, say that would be good. that's already there, they don't need another one. start your own and build your own sensibility. >> so sad for her daughter. if you or someone you know is struggling, national suicide prevention line is available. the white house aide under critism for comments about
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senator john mccain has been let go. kelly sadler faced intense backlash after mocking mccain's brain cancer diagnosis. reportedly said his ve on gina haspel didn't matter because, quote, he's dying anyway. white house press office said dler is no longer employed within the executive office of the president, offer n explanation as to w. two sources tell "new york times" she may have been pushed out over reports she told president trump that the white house strategic communications director was the one leaking to the news media. aides tell the times tensions between them had reached a point where they were unable to be in the me room t>> and meghan mccaa public apology from sadler. she apologized, but never made a public apology. included a statement about her
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departure. one employee replied to everyone. let's check on the weather with bill karins. tracking severe weather in minnesota. >> lot of people woken in the middle of the night. rolled through north and south dakota. you can see the active lightning strikes. dogs are hiding under the bed. see if that line holds together when it gets to minneapolis in an hour and a half from now. severe outlook. those storms die off, new storms form from nebraska, omaha, des ines, southern portions of rochester. severe weather risk, 4 million people. not tornadoes, mostly wind and hail. we had huge hail around arlington, texas. reports of windshields smashed in baseball sized hail.
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warmth expands today. this is the story of june. 10 to 20 degrees average. many areas texas to central plains. still cooler tha average in new england, but feels kind of nice. yesterday after the chilly start, temperatures in the 70s, then hit and miss showers and storms. today, wichita, 94. amarillo, 92. heat spreads toittle rk and st. louis. not going to arrive on the east coast, gets warmer towards the weekend. alabama is warm too, so is louisiana. and nashville, friday, don't be complaining. >> we were talking. i like a nice 75. that's a perfect temperature. skew toward the high 90s. like a hot, muggy 90. >> there's one of you, and one and a half of her. she wins. still ahead. king james a sph curry may
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invite anyway. >> i agree with lebron. pretty sure the way we handled things last year, stay consistent with that. every team has opportunity to make the decision for themselves, speak for themselves, and i think that's powerful. >> the cavs who are winless in the series host the warriors in game three tonight, a good one. turning to the collegiate softball diamond. in oklahoma city, florida state celebrates the first women's college world series title after monday's 1-0 win in game one against the washington huskys. they wrap up a best of three series with last night's ory. the win highlighted by fsu third baseman jessie warren who padded the lead with her 83rd homerun of her career. congratulations to them. in the majors, max scherzer
2:25 am
has done something only four other pitc are believed to have done, pitch multiple immaculate innings. it came in the top of the he struckhr rays batters on nine pitches. previousacate inning against the phillies may 14th, 2017, marks the second immaculate inning pitch. scherzer would amass 13 strikeouts in his tenth win of the season, adding to league leading numbers in both categories. appears well on his way to claiming his fourth career cy young award. >> we were talking about this off camera. on the same team with regards to the white house with regards to what they would do. >> we'll find out next year if lebron james goes to the west, see them play together at the all-star break. >> that would be amazing.
2:26 am
>> i feel like tonight will be a very good game. >> decisive one. whoever wins tonight will shape the outcome of the series. new setback for president trump's legal team. a judge ordered he be deposed in defamation lawsuit byr apprentice contestant. and scotpruitt faces questions about leveraging his position for personal gain. details up next. ♪ with expedia you could book a flight, ♪ hotel, car and activity all in one place. ♪ until her laptop her sacrashed this morning.eks, you never know what the day's going to bring when y'rrunning a small business, it might even bring a blue screen of death. having it problems? ask a business advisor how to get virus and spyware removal, and 24/7 tech support. office depot now offers on demand tech support for as little as $15 a month.
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welcome back, everybody.
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i'm yasmine vossoughian alongsi alongside ayman. laers for reived a setback in a stealth, slow moving case that can shed light on the president's personal behavior. a new york state judge ruled the president can be deposed in a fa lhty former contestant that claims trump kissed and groped her, something the president denied. trump's personal accusations in that denial is that what she wants to sue, accusing him of defaming her and other women's motives for speaking out. watch this. >> it is not hard to find a small handfeople willing to make false smears for personal fame, who knows, maybe for financial reasons, political purposes. not a single shred of evidence. >> that final claim is being put to the test after the judge
2:31 am
ruled last month that she could begin to gather evidence on ten women's allegations of misconduct against president trump. lawyers from both sides issued demands for documents for discovery by july 13th. meanwhile, trump's lawyers are appealing that decision to have the president deposed. lawyers for imprisoned governor rod blagojevich have asked for clemency, days after the president expressed interesting in pardoning him, former celebrity apprentice on convictions for seeking favors foray pointing a u.s. senator and fund-raising shake downs, the president called the wire tap comments by blagojevich a foolish statement and claimed plenty of other politicians said a lot worse. "the washington post" report describes trump asphyxiat fixat. strongly considering kim kardashian's request to pardon a
2:32 am
63-year-old woman of drug charges. but it caused consternation in the west wing wh kelly and white house counsel. administration official says kelly reviewed johnson's background and 1996 conviction, is not convinced she deserves a pardon. he argued against the pardon as unnecessary action by the president. another controversy to add to the growing lis of issues facing scott pruitt. he is now accused of using an agency aide to inquire about a business opportunity for the cabinet member's wife, according to e-mails by the environmental group, he had his executive scheduler reach out to chick-fil-a ceo last year to help discuss pruitt's wife ng a franchisee of the chain. the e-mails first reported by "the washington post" have been confirmed by nbc. the post reported while pruitt
2:33 am
never succeeded speaking with kathy directly, he talked to someone in the legal department about pottipportunity for marin pruitt. the vice president of public relations told the paper miss pruitt never completed the application to become a franchisee. neither chick-fil-a or the epa responded to a request for comment. speaking yesterday at an energy policy forum, senator joanie ernst said it is as swampy as you get in washington. j he admits there could be something to the allegations. >> the problem is i have known him so long, i c him doing something like that. but nonetheless, there's a lot of smoke and there might be some
2:34 am
fire. we are less than a week away from president trump's historic sit down with north korea's kim jong-un in singapore. now we know where the meeting will take place. yesterday, press secretary sarah huckabee sanders tweeted the e capella hotel on sentosa island. another notable individual will be in singapore at the time of the summit. >> coincidence? >> take a guess who it is, dennis rodman. he traveled to north korea and met with kim multiple times in the past several years, even g kim trump's ghost written book "the art of the deal" for his birthday last year. rodman's agent had no comment for confirmation when asked by nbc news about the report. question is how is he preparing for the meeting to help world peace. >> i was going to say if the
2:35 am
deal goes through and they reach an agreement, dennis rodman could be the first ambassador to north korea. think about that. ambassador dennis rodman. >> think about that. >> think about that. joining us from washington, member of the house armed services committee, democratic congressman from california. the earliestg er of congress. we have given you that tle on first look twice. >> glad to be here. >> if you do it in california, that's a whole other level. >> i got up early to feed the cows when i am back in california. sun is up, time to be up. >> i like that. congressman, let me ask about the summit. are you hopeful president trump each an agreement with north korea? >> no. i don't think there's any chance that will happen. i think it is helpful to have a summit. hopefully don't have expectations too high. i do note that many of us are really concerned about what he would agree to. looks to me like he wants top
2:36 am
the glo of the summit without getting into the dails of an extraordinarily complex a danger sittion. ytng goes smoothly, then it will be the start of a process that leads to denuclearization and really two separate countries on the korean peninsula and eventually some years ahead can figure out how to reunion fie if they want to. >> talk about the primaries in your home state of california. as we, to a number of republican seats through the state, turns out that may not have been the case. cox endorsed then president trump came in second, and gavin newsom. how are you feeling in general abouthe democrats' chances to win the house and senate come november. do you feel your party is unified enough to do this? >> we're democrats, we don't unify, but we're going to win. >> you're honest.
2:37 am
>> we're going to win because basically the republican message is one of supporting the wealthy and rich and major corporations, not paying attention to everyday americans that continue to be on the bottomnd of the republican economic deal. we have a better deal. we have a deal in which we want to be sure the middle class has a rising income with opportunities for research and education and reeducation, job training and the like. that's where we want to go. we want to be sure the american manufacturing system is strong and robust without a trade war which is going to be devastating all the way around. those are the policies we'll be working on. >> seems as if the democrats can be accused of similar thing, not supporting the middle class, more concerned about politics in this race as well. i'm really just talking about i am impeaching the president versus thinking about the middle
2:38 am
class. what would you say? >> it is hard not to talk about the president. he tweets four or five times a day, creating some sort of uproar. yes, everybody will be talking about him. back home in the districts, the democrats are talking about things that are kitchen table issues. how do you get a better paycheck, better job, how do you improve yourself, what about the transportation system. republican transportation system is nonsense. those are things we'll be talking about, we have specific programs on each and every one of those. now, recognize that there are 435 different american districts, each one is unique. the democratic candidates in california and i suspect other parts of the nation were carefully structuring issues i talked about to fithe districts. for ample, in orange county you're not talking about agriculture. in my di, you better be
2:39 am
talking about agriculture. $4.4 billion farm gate industry. you have to structure you program to meet the specific districts. keeping in mind, the overall theme of a better deal for americans. >> congressman, let me ask you about nancy pelosi. e's become a lightning rod for republicans. is there any credibility to the fact that nancy pelosi represents the same old democratic establishment and that's why they're trying to mobilize the base against the nancy pelosi and chuck shchumer in districts across the united states? >> the story of nancy pelosi is getting old, worn, tired. i don't think it will carry very far. the reality is that democrats will have strong leadership should we b the house, we'll be focusing directly on those things that middle america cares about. can you afford a college education as a middle american. maybe the first child can but the second can't. how do we deal with that?
2:40 am
that's a program w set specific answers to that. for example, why can't you refinance your college loans? you can refinance your house but not your college loans? it is a piece of legislation that helps all americans out ere. happens to be my bill, but not going into that in more detail. >> so congressman qukly, do you disagree with the fact that the democrats need new blood now, need to be reenergized? >> we have a lot of new blood coming in. look at the elections in california. our great fear in the california elections congressional seats where we had a very good opportunity, the roy seats. the fear was there were too many democrats and they would split the vote and a second tier republican would sneak in and there would be no democrat in the general election. does not appear to be the case. looks like we will be able to get a democrat in the general election in ery one of those
2:41 am
contested seats. no, we're not short of new blood, new energy. we had a little surplus in many districts in california. >> congressman, always appreciate you getting up early for us. >> happy to be here. thank you. it is the end of an for the miss america pageant, what officials are doing away with. and a check of the forecast when we return. flz . it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products,
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get help right away if you have swelling of your face, mouth, and tongue, or trouble breathing. don't stop asthma treas unless your doctor tells you to. tell your doctor if your asthma worsens or if you have a parasitic infection. fasenra™ is a targeted treatment for eosinophilic asthma. thmp. ask an asthma specialist about fasenra™. welcome back. the miss america pageant doing away with a major staple of the competition. swimsuits. instead, they'll have interactive sessions with judges to discuss their goals and achievements. pageant chairman and former miss america gretchen carlson will no longer judge on outward physical appearance. miss america 2.0 comes when the
2:45 am
me too movement is coming out. the new format will be rolled out at the september miss america competition. let's get a check of the weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. what have you got? >> watching thunderstorms rolling toward the twin cities. huge hail reports in areas near arlington, texas last night. baseball sized hail in some cases. i got some pictures in, on morning show will be showing you those. minneapolis, small hail, winds 50 to 60 miles per hour could wake you up. 4 million at risk of severe storms, not tornadoes. time of year we focus on wind damage and hail than tornadoes, especially whenouet hot temperatures. you don't get the clash to the air masses, low level wind spinning enough for tornadoes. dallas, showers and storms. san antonio 100. nice chicago to st. louis. northeast, another gorgeous day
2:46 am
after yesterday. we had a brief period of rain, but it was pretty good. today is global running day. proud to be part of that, along with new york road racing association. i put this map together. fast times running in the northeast, humid in the southeast. gym runs new mexico to texas. what this is with global running day, you pledge to do a number of miles. they were niceh to send me my own. i am going for my personal best, going to try to run nine miles. >> come on, bill. >> nine miles? >> try to do nine miles today. >> bill -- >> that's an hour and 15 minutes. >> that's impressive. last year over 8 million miles were >> take me seven hours to do nine miles. >> i don't think i have run nine miles in my entire life. the u.s. labor market hits a
2:47 am
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for the best day in the sun. neutrogena®.
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welcome back. let's turn to business. rose tollime high while the rest of the markets stalled amid brewing trade worries. what can you tell us? >> absolutely, the brussels
2:50 am
2,000 small cap index did manage to reach record highs. second session in a row they've done that. nasdaq has been held higher by netflix and amazon,amazon, ector after brushing asidehe concerns prevailing about month ago and we've seen strong eags and investors have fallen back in love with that sector again. blue chips are being held back a little by ongoing trade concerns and so-called trade wars and extra tariffs that will be potentially plie according to the labor department, job openings have riz ton 6.7 million at the end of april, more than the 6.3 americans unemployed during the month and openings have exceeded the labor pool since the beginning of march, good signs for workers. probably not so for businesses. >> let's get to one of the more
2:51 am
important stories of the morning. after 60 years of flapjacks, the international house of pancakes has decided to flip the script. teasing a nam change and confusing social media's pancake loyalists. what can you tell us about this? apparently it's going to be i-hob, but they won't tell you what the "b" stands for. >> major news, lewis, they put out a tweet saying for 60 years we've been i-hop and now we're flipping it to i-hob. i checked on twitter and some of the guesses for the "b" are biscuits, breakfast, burritos. >> it's not burritos. it's international house of pancakes. international house of bitcoin. >> i think the question is -- >> why don't you ask an expert, i've spent a lot of time at the international house of pancakes,
2:52 am
i can tell you it's going to be breakfast. the international house of breakfast. >> you may be right, ayman. jou manna, have you ever been to an i-hop before? >> i haven't had a pleasure. but now that it's changed its name, i will try it out. >> it's an easy fix,ust add a loop, you this don't even have to change the signs. >> joumanna bercetche live from london. the department of justice under siege, the president continuing his attacks on the doj over the russia probe. the department is struggling to fill its number three position. the broader impact the vacancy could have on the future of jeff sessions and rod rosenstein are in question. plus remembering robert kennedy, 50 years after his assassination, nbc news presidential historian and misbs chris matthews and "morning joe"
2:53 am
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all right. joining us from washington, d.c. with a look at axios a.m. the co-founder of axios, mike allen. good to have you with us this morning. what's axios' one big thing for us. >> i was inspired by you running map. i don't know if i was inspired or nine miles worth. as inspired, i'm signed up for the army 10-miler the first week in october so i've got some work to do. axios' one big thing, facebook playing with fire. in d.c. so two nights ago, we saw facebook having those deals with device makers, sucking up some of our data that we didn't know about. last night that story, you've been hearing about here abo the chinese device makers, also having access to that data. this is like a red flag in front of congress. yesterday, at an event with senator mark warner of virginia,
2:57 am
vice chairman of the senate intelligence committee, he's been working with the bigech companies, for the rusa investigation. and he sounded really exasperated with facebook. he said we're seeing a repeated pattern here of them not cing clean was expression that he used. an said,acook pley of people who know politics. they know that theyd jus t itll out, not let it dribble-dribble. >> so what does warner think we need to do about this to make sure this doesn't happen again? >> the big problem for facebook and the why it matters is that facebook depends on trust. it depends on trust from users, of its products andm d. over my back shoulder. so it depends on our trust so that we'll keep giving it data, and it depends on d.c. trust, because the tech companies are saying, let's have a light touch with regulation. you don't have to go as far as europe has gone. it gets harder and harder to
2:58 am
make that case, when mark zuckerberg is up on the hill. they know about this ticking time bomb of information about china out there. and nothing is disclosed about it. now axios' chief tech correspondent, in says als we known about and weren't a secret. but everything is context, in the new environment this revelation really puts big tech back on the front burner in a way that it had sort of faded since the first disclosures back in march a. >> i know this is pitted as facebook against congress an there's certainly a dive between those two. is there a divide as well among lawmakers in terms of how to deal with tech corporations? do we see one party or perhaps one side leaning in one direction versus the other? >> no, that's a very astute question. and that is part of facebook's insuranc policies is there isn't clear redy.
2:59 am
left and right have united as you and i have talked about around the idea of doing more to rein in the tech companies. tt will hel the companiesrmula. who want to do this collaboratively. prefer to do something that involves both the industry and washington. it's getting harder, but what we have is republican who is are more concerned about the company's social positions and view them as sort of a left coast fen nophenomenon. and the left saying the concentration of power and the concentration of wealth is ing we should pore attention to. >> mike allen, grab your sneakers and hit the road. >> got some training to do. >> we'll see you on "morning joe" in just a little bit. you can sign up for the axios
3:00 am
newsletter by going to that's going to do it for us, "morning joe" starts right now. their role will be long and hard. for the enemy is strong, he may hurl back our forces, success may not come with rushing speed. but we shall return again and again. and we know that by thy grace, and by the righteousness of our cause, our sons will triumph. >> in the end, those americans did triumph over tyranny, just as fdr predicted, 70 years ago today, allied forces, 74 years ago today, allied forces stormed the beaches of normandy in northern france to liberate the world of nazi aggression. also today, marks the 50th anniversary of robert f.


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