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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  June 11, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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for denuclearization? this is an historic moment for him but he hasn't done it yet. >> a question that won't be answered this week. that's something we'll find out over the next five years. >> that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> thanks so much, mika, thanks, joe. big day here. i'm stephanie ruhle with a lot to cover this morning. starting at first with a nuclear summit. president trump and kim jong-un sit down for an historic meeting and the stakes could not be higher. with two very unpredictable leaders. what constitutes success? >> there are only two people that can make decisions of this magnitude. those two people are going to be sitting in a room tomorrow. >> odd man out. defiant president arrives late to a meeting of america's closest and biggest allies. he leaves early and ends by going after canada's prime minister justin trudeau. >> there's a special place in
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hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump. >> and obama did it. trump undid it. the obama era net neutrality rules set to end today. will you see your internet slow down? we got a lot to cover. beginning with president trump and kim jong-un just 12 hours away from their very first meeting. the president says it will only take him a minute to size up the north korean leader. i have a great team here to help understand all of what's about to go down. but first, let me set the stage for you. meeting is set to take place at 9:00 a.m. singapore time tomorrow. but that's 9:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. secretary of state mike pompeo spoke just a few hours ago and said the president, he's ready to go. >> president trump is going into this meeting with confidence, a positive attitude and eagerness for real progress. the president is fully prepared for the meeting tomorrow. i personally had the opportunity
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to make sure he had the chance to hear all the different voices. and we have put these two leaders in the right place. >> here's "the washington post" laid out what exactly to expect. when the two leaders meet, they, quote, plan to shake hands and take a ceremonial walk before cameras at the being cappella h then speaking privately. after, the two leaders will be joined by their top advisers for a more traditional bilateral meeting. over the weekend, the president talked about what he expects to get out of it. >> i think the minimum would be relationship. you'd start at least a dialogue. because, you know, as a deal person, i've done very well with deals. what you want to do start that. now, i'd like to accomplish more than that. but at a minimum, i do believe at least we'll have met each other. we will have seen each other. hopefully we will have liked each other and we'll start that process. >> that said, there has been a lot of work behind the scenes.
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u.s./north korean delegations held two more meetings earlier today. the idea is to come to an agreement on the substance of an eventual nuclear deal. but that is much easier said than done. for example, the united states has been very clear about it wants from north korea. take a listen. >> the ultimate objective we seek from diplomacy with north korea has not changed. a complete and verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korea peninsula is the only outcome that the united states will accept. >> but are the two countries on the same page? experts say that n korea's definition of denuclearization means they probably won't give up their nuclears unless the u.s. removes nuclear protection for allies like south korea and japan and pulls its troops from the korean peninsula. this morning, secretary pompeo refused to say if any of that was on the table. but here's a question, how much of this meeting will be about policy and how much is about personality?
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back in april, axios quoted sources saying mr. trump just needs to get in the room with kim and he will figure it out. that is pretty much what the president reiterated on saturday, too. >> how long will it take? i said maybe in the first minute. i think that very quickly i'll know whether or not something good is going to happen. >> so what do the american people think that is going to look like? nbc and "the washington post" asked that question in a new poll and here's what it found. 17% say there will be a deal that's fair for both sides. 14% says the president will make a deal that is better for the united states. 26% say the president will demand too much and won't get a deal at all. 10% say kim jong-un will get the better deal. and almost a third say they don't know. i'm in the third category. i want to bring in nbc's peter alexander, on location in singapore. peter, what more do we know
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about the preparations on the u.s. side? i mean from the president's team, not the president. because we know for the president, it's all about gut feel and personality. >> yes, no, i think you laid that out well. what we heard from the white house in the last hour is in effect they're already trying to cast this in many ways as a success. the white house putting out a statement, reinforcing what we heard from the secretary of state mike pompeo a short time ago, saying these ongoing talks between the u.s. and north korean delegationings are moving more quickly than expected. so quickly, the white house now says that president trump will be departing only 11 hours after he and kim jong-un first shake hands. that's 12 hours from now. it means 24 hours from now, the president will already be on his way back home to the united states. and it's significant because this is a president, i was in the oval office with him several hours ago last thursday. i said, how long are you
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prepared to stay? he said one, two, maybe three days depending on what happens. the white house is trying to say right now that things are going so well in terms of their negotiating some form of an agreement with the north koreans. not specifically a deal as it relates to denuclearization. that's obviously what we'll be watching. but perhaps there's some form of a joint statement, something the president can hang his hat on. as for what will happen, beginning at 9:00 p.m. eastern time, 9:00 in the morning here tomorrow, the president will again meet with kim jong-un. that is a one on would be, a private meet, just the two men and their translators, then they expand to a bilateral meeting to include the secretary of state mike pompeo, the chief of staff john kelly, as well as the national security adviser john bolton, before a working lunch, which is new. we had not had indications before there will be anial working lunch. the white house telling us the president will take reporter's questions for a brief time before getting back on board air force one and presumably heading
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straight home to watch. so that's the way the white house is already casting that, even before the president has looked into the eyes of kim jong-un, stephanie. >> and, bill, no doubt north korea already views this as a win. the fact a leader like kim jong-un would get to stand side by side with the president of the united states, that's a huge win. so what more can you tell us? i know they're very secretive about how the north korean side is preparing. >> yes, they don't, unlike the white house, give updates, but the reuters news agency literally within the last few minutes is reporting that kim is about to leave his st. regis hotel to tour the attractions of singapore on the waterfront. we're here on the island of sentosa where the summit will take place. no sign of kim at the moment. we're not sure if he's actually left his hotel yet. we assume he's been preparing for rest of the day.
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it is now 5 after 9:00 in the evening here in singapore. remember the last summit with sokorea, the southorean officials said kim was very well prepared. he studied this in depth. you know, stephanie, the north koreans have been preparing for this summit for decades. his father and his grandfather craved a meeting like this. recognition. and kim, as you say, it's a win already for him, because he's getting it. he has also been preparing his people. because on north korean state media today, there was only one news item on the television news, and that was the summit, and they even mentioned donald trump by name, and in the main state newspaper, two pages of full color coverage mentioning not just the summit but also talking about a new era and a new relationship with the united states. now, the problem with that, stephanie, is it's an ambiguous
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phrase. does that refer to a new era because we've got nuclear weapons or is it looking ahead to a new era when we might give up nuclear weapons in return for economic prosperity. and that's obviously not what the newspaper said. as you said right at the beginning, it is already a win for kim. it may be in the next few minutes, he's out of his hotel to relax a little, stephanie. >> it's an ambiguous phrase but it sells well. the president calls himself a deal guy. you know, his team keeps referring to the art of the deal. if you go back, the author of the art of the deal has said the president is a fraud. the president has done a great job, in his opinion, of tearing up tpp, walking away from paris, walking away from iran. what he hasn't offered on the other side of any of them is a solution. and at the end of this summit, the question will be a solution. you're in luck, i have a superb panel. our next guest, former ambassador wendy sherman.
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served as policy coordinator on north korea under president clinton and worked on the iran negotiations under president obama. and mark thompson, radio host for sirius xm progress. ambassador, secretary pompeo, he said this, this morning. >> president trump has truly laid out a process here that is fundamentally different than the ones we've gone through before, and i expect that the process from tomorrow forward will also be fundamentally different. with a resolved america working to try and provide an outcome that benefits both countries. that's different than what we've done before. >> what do you make of that? he says president trump has laid out aifferent process. we've been fooled before. >> i think what it says is the president has two prisms for everything he does. one what will make me look strong and powerful and decisive. and second what will play to my base. what i think we're hearing from secretary pompeo is not what will keep the united states most
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secure but what will say that donald trump is different than every other president, that he is unique, that he is special, that he is powerful. and all of that is well and good. in fact, kim jong-un, it's sort of similar. he believes he's special and important and decisive. and only he makes leadership decisions. so the real issue here is where is the substance behind the photo. >> then -- so to that exact point if kim jong-un is a similar guy to trump but what the two of them fundamentally want are different. because if kim jong-un didn't have nuclear power, would we be spending all of this time thinking or speaking about him, and the answer is no. >> indeed. i think, stephanie, the news that just came out, that the president's going to leave in 11 hours after this begins, tells us everything. there will be a communique of some sort. it will be broad principles. it will be very large. it will say this is a success. we've gotten started. this is a beginning. and move forward with
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negotiations. the president may say i will be part of this as we go forward. kim will come to the white house at the appropriate time. we're going to get a deal here. it's going to take us some time. but this was a great start. so i think we know the end of the story even before it begins. >> if this is going to be a brilliant pr stunt that doesn't get us anywhere, does this end up being a strong talking point for president trump, where he says, you gave president obama a nobel peace prize. what did he do? i got this meeting. and maybe a follow-up. >> well, i think he's going to extend the pageantry for quite some time. this is going to be the start -- >> he loves pageants. >> yes, exactly, he loves a pageant. and an ongoing reality show. so while he will say that and proclaim that this is a great success, he might not have that much to show for it, but he is going to have this to use as an ongoing talking point throughout the 2018 midterm season. >> mark. >> i would agree. he likes to play self-victimization to his base. so what he's going to say is
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they gave obama a nobel and they won't give me one. even though he's done nothing to earn nobel. this meeting alone won't get it done. it's a photo op. as the reporters explained, kim jong-un wants this photo op as much as trump does. it legitimizes him as this mystical god-like figure to his own people, which is wrong. and then trump can do the same thing to pretend he's worthy of a nobel. remember, there's one other prism. respectfully, amba that is his obsession with obama. obama said to him in their only white house meeting north korea neats to be a priority. so he got that. so he has to go out of his way to try to prove obama differently. and he gets his advice from his de facto chief of staff sean hannity. who, when obama was in office, ridiculed and shamed obama for even thinking about meeting with the kim regime. so t a double standard. lastly, there's also a history of world leaders who themselves
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in trouble, meeting with weakened u.s. presidents. china met with nixon. so this is just history repeating itself. >> you are such the historian. every time you come, i'm more impressed. ambassador, just before the show, nbc reported that president trump will not be raising the fact that north korea is a massive human rights violator. i back to -- every sunday night, i eatth my parents. if i heard that last night, i would say, are you kidding me, how could we not bring that up? but is it the smart move? you're not going to get everything. if you ask the average american what do they care more about when it comes to north korea, their nuclear weapons or the fact they torture their own people, they'd say nuclear weapons. is it the righmove? >> indeed, i wrote recently a piece. if you use the threshold that president trump put on the iran deal. basicallyou have to cover every issue. you have to turn it into a treaty. you have to make sure that you
6:15 am
raise iran's nefarious actions in the middle east, everything else. he will fail. so he is right to be laser focused on their nuclear and ballistic missile programs. at the same time, i think it would be wrong for him not to say we're focused on this, kim jong-un. but at some point we have to talk about your abysmal human rights record, your gulogs, your labor camps. i can see it not being part of a deal for this point. but for the president n to mention it at all is really not the way here. when secretary albright went to pyongyang to meet with kim jong-un, the father of kim jong-un, i was with her. we brought with him harold coe who was the assistant secretary of human rights at the time. even though that wasn't the point of neat goshatithe negoti time, that human rights was on the agenda and we care deeply. >> i want to bring up what mike
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pompeo said specifically about security guarantees. take a look. >> w prepared to take what will be security assurances that are different, unique, than have been provided -- then america's been willing to pro previously. we think it is necessary and appropriate. >> what does that mean? >> i think it means if he's really serious about this, american troopsight leave. we certainly might cut back our exercise as a first step. that the nuclear umbrella we offer to south korea and japan might go away. that we would position our military differently in the region. that we would make sure that we didn't have nuclear-capable either subs or airplanes in the area. there's quite a bit here. this really crosses over with the peace treaty which hasn't been talked about a lot. i would expect in this declaration for the president to say we have agreed that it is peace, that we're going to
6:17 am
replace the armistice, that south korea has agreed to this and everything is headed in that direction. to negotiation a real peace means dealing with all of these military issues as well. that is very fraught. until all the nuclear weapons are gone. all the ballistic missiles that can reach the united states and, quite frankly, the shorter e ssiles that can reach japan are dealt with. >> for the most part a photo opportunity, does it signal that president trump's team is actually doing all of this work and he's there to shake hands, kiss babies and sign his name? which most republicans would say that's what they actually want him to do. >> well, president trump does not enjoy foreign trips. he's made very clear that -- >> he loved saudi arabia. he talked about that sword dance. >> if his face is on the side of a massive museum, then yes, he might enjoy it. he usually just tries to go in
6:18 am
and out. look at this past weekend in quebec city with our closest allies at the g-7. so he is not going to linger. he doesn't really necessarily care to sit around and hammer out the arcane details and the nuance of what the actual agreement would be. that's for somebody else. but he's taking the limelight. he is showing himself running the show with kim jong-un. >> mark? >> well, you know, itremains to be seen what his team is going to do. i'm -- peculiar statements that pompeo was making this morning about touching and feeling. is he going to touch and feel him? he says he's going to know in the first minute. he didn't even know in the first minute election night that putin had propped him up to win the election. so how is he going to know what to touch and feel -- >> that's a greatpoint. mike flynn, george papadopoulos, paul manafort, the list goes on of people who the president,
6:19 am
who's the best judge, people he aligned himself with have been indicted. >> in the history of diplomacy and sit-downs between the president and the leader, this is the one that gives me the most trepidation. he is the lead qualified president to sit alone. he is the least qualified president to sit alone with kim jong-un. he'll do something to mess it up in the same way he messed it up with allies. he wants us to add two allies i guess, north koreand russia. >> while pushing our democratic allies away. all right. >> i can tell you his aides will want the translator's notes as soon as they come out of the room. people underestimate the value and the importance of translators. they take copious notes so they can keep track of the translation and those notes are going to be gold for the team that's got to follow up and make something real out of what this declaration will say. >> okay, then quick, there will
6:20 am
be a grand headline. will there be a substantive deal this time tomorrow? >> i don't think there will be a substantive deal, of course not. >> i don't see how it's possible. >> no, absolutely not. >> butill it be a winning news cycle for the president? >> absolutely. >> of course. as always. >> if those of us in journalism allow it to be. we need toutely scrutinize it. in the same way every democratic president was scrutinized on north korea. can't be this double standard. every other president was seriously scrutinized on this issue. trump needs to -- the least experienced one needs to be scrutinized. >> when secretary albright and i went to pyongyang and went into this extraordinary stadium event that kim jong-il took us to with thousands of people on the floor doing gymnastics. we sat there with tight smiles on our face because you are diplomats and you can't be
6:21 am
scowling organize walk oscowl ing or walk out of the squad ta. we got so much criticism. for smiling, for having a toast, for anything that we did in pyongyang. and she indeed, as soon as she left, said i grew up under communi communism, i'm not somebody who sits there with rose-colored glasses. i know exactly who this real dictator is. i don't think we'll hear similar words from the president. we've heard him say he's a nice guy, i like him, i'm honored to meet with him. >> he also may be saying that just to butter him up to get him to the table. >> absolutely, absolutely. he is buttering him up. but nonetheless, if a democratic president to mark's point if a democratic president said such things, they would have the administration up on capitol hill tomorrow castigating them for doing so. >> if hk illary clinton had won and set up a meeting with kim, they would have articles of impeachment ready.
6:22 am
>> he's not going to face it, face-to-face, that's not his lane. okay, we'll have full team coverage. brian williams, rachel maddow, nicole wallace, host a prime-time special on the nuclear summit with live reports from correspondents in singapore and around the world. coverage starts tonight here on msnbc. up next, as president trump prepares for a meeting with an historic enemy, he just left a disastrous summit with our closest democratic allies. we're going to explore how trump's tough words after the fact and stubborn attitude could be isolating us at the exact wrong time. first, you've heard the claim, president trump says robert mueller's russia investigation is a witch hunt and he claims there is no collusion. but as john oliver so cleverly points out, collusion isn't really mueller's goal. >> he was tossed into linking into links and coordination
6:23 am
between the russian government and anyone associated with the trump campaign as well as any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation. that's a pretty broad mandate. so say the investigation has to shut down if there's no collusion is like saying a game of scrabble has to end because you fit all letters in your mouth. well, congratulations, but those aren't really the rules that we agreed to. or is it? this farmer's morning starts in outer space. where satellites feed infrared images of his land into a system built with ai. he uses watson to analyze his data with millions of weather forecasts from the cloud, and iot sensors down here, for precise monitoring of irrigation. it's a smart way to help increase yields, all before the rest of us get out of bed.
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as president trump prepares for his face-to-face meeting
6:27 am
with north korean dictator kim jong-un, he is causing a major drama with some of the united states closest allies. please explain this to me. first, take a look at this picture from the g-7 meeting in canada over the weekend. that of course is german chancellor angela merkel intensely staring down what appears to be a defiant president trump. she says it's, quote, sobering and a bit depressing that president trump first agreed to a group seven statement on trade, only to withdraw from it while flying to singapore. nd, president trump is unleashing a new twitter attack today, today, after he said at a 1 out of 10, he had a 10 relationship with our g-7 allies but a tirade against the canadian prime minister over trade complaining he was blindsided by justin trudeau's criticism of his tariffs threats. and members of the trump administration, they are piling on. >> he really kind of stabbed us in the back. he really actually, you know
6:28 am
what, he did a great disservice to the whole g-7. >> trudeau d? >> yes, he did. because they were united in the g-7. so they had this bilateral meeting. we were very close to making a deal with canada on nafta bilaterally perhaps and then we leave and trudeau pulls this sophomoric political stunt for domestic consulting. >> what? back with me, elise jordan and mark thompson. mark. larry kudlow or a very conservative audience might not get to see what justin trudeau said. so larry kudlow calling justin trudeau saying it was a sophomoric attack calling him a back stab let's listen t what canadian prime minister trudeau actually said. >> it's kind of insulting. canadians were polite, reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around.
6:29 am
>> that's a stab in the back? >> no, absolutely not. again, let's go back to the obama obsession. justin trudeau came to be known as the canadian obama. so heas him right there in the flesh to target and fight with. insane about . it -- >> but it's perfect for an american who didn't follow things word for word this weekend or who doesn't see what trudeau says. it's perfect for that american who goes right on, trudeau stab us in the back, you get him. except he didn't. >> and it's also perfect for, again, that self-victimization game that trump likes to play with his base. i'm set apart, i'm different from everybody, the world is against us again. >> canada? >> but look, it doesn't matter. it's all of them. it's canada. it's all of the allies we've ever had. again, history, nixon, same thing. if we go back to that picture, there's something we think may
6:30 am
be missing. that picture, look carefully, only two mouths seem to be open and moving. the president of france, macron and john bolton. trump isn't talking. his arms are folded. that's really scary. john bolton is speaking standing over his shoulder. speaking to our allies. on behalf of the united states. we know what kind of person john bolton is. he wouldn't mind ostracizing us from everybody in the world and creating some type of conflict. that's a horror picture. >> president trump told emmanuel macron in their last white house visit that the eu has been worse to the united states than china. if president trump truly understood trade and business, he would absolutely know that's false. and china has been attacking us economically. but the eu hasn't. i want to -- not just larry
6:31 am
kudlow, but this, an amazon search. president trump would share his views of the world and jared would scramble and say is there an economist on planet earth who can mimic this and the only guy he found wasnavarro. this is what navarro had to say about justin trudeau. >> there's a special place in ll f forgneader th engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. that's what bad faith justin trudeau did with that stunt press conference. that's what weak dishonest justin trudeau did. that comes right from air force one. >> a special place in hell. that line is from madeleine albright. had president trump not been late to the gender meeting at thg-7, he may have known that. your reaction? >> he wanted to pick a fight. that's what this is about. >> with our friendly neighbor? >> well, i can't help but to compare it to, you know, i have a little corgi and he is a little rascal and he can be bad sometimes and i have a friend
6:32 am
with a sweet golden retriever. this is like my bad corgi just trying to pick on a golden retriever which actually could fight back if they want to fight back and there's no point in doing this. i just look at what happened with world war ii and dwight eisenhower and how he labored under such difficulty to bring together all of these nations to fight and to actually win world war ii. at a time when america wasn't that into these kinds of alliances. and then look at what the past 50, 60, 70 years has brought us. a relative time of peace and prosperity. these nations are our best friends. and it seems like they're just hellbent on destroying that. >>an bremer said i president trump considers the relationship a 10, is it a 1 to 100 scale? 1 being the worst, 100 being the best? max booth wrote this. has me concerned. for "the washington post." i can't stop thinking about this interview unless i'm missing something. these are the most hostile
6:33 am
comments any u.s. official has made about any u.s. ally ever. this is tougher than the way u.s. presidents talk about leaders like saddam hussein and sha bashar al assad before we bomb them. the president is going after democrat leaders. not autocratic dictators. who is about to sit down with nice guy kim jong-un. >> and yet he feels as if he deserves a nobel prize. you know, there used to be a segment on "sesame street" called "opposite day" and i think that what our very immature president is doing. he went there and said we need to let russia back in to the g-7 to make it g-8. stephanie -- >> and no one asked him about that. no one asked him about russia. he voluntarily brought that. >> on his own, just out of the clear blue. stephanie, you are not colluding with msnbc. you work for msnbc. do you understand what i'm
6:34 am
saying? >> i do. >> he works for putin. and instead of looking for collusion, we need to look for a w-2. >> you think they're paying taxes in this relationship? yeah, no. wow. we're going to leave this segment there then. up next, robert de niro, he curses out president trump to a standing ovation at last night's ton tonys. the audience liked it. will america? are outbursts like that from trump critics simply emboldening trump supporters? and the moment from last night that should be getting the most attention. marjory stoneman douglas students on stage to perform "seasons of love" from the musical "rent." ♪ for the story ner ends ♪ let's celebrate forever ♪ and the life of friends
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moments ago, kim jong-un arrived to an evening tour of a tractions around the city's
6:39 am
waterfront. the largely reclusive leader has not met his luxury hotel since he met with the prime minister soon after he sunday. now, president trump's, their critics have their sights on november. are the tactics some big supporter using helping or hurting the cause? case in point, actor and super star robert de niro last night voicing his frustration and opposition to the president at his tony awards appearance. >> it's no longer -- >> you'll notice his comments were deleted. he dropped the f-bomb saying f-trump twice. a week after late-night host
6:40 am
samantha bee used an expletive against ivanka trump. it's not just crude language. i want to share this. >> this economy is going pretty well. i feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point. by the way, i'm hoping for it. because i think one way you get rid of trump is a crashing economy. so please, bring on the recession. >> please bring on the recession is what bill maher said. back with me, elise jordan and mark thompson. elise, walk me through this. because to me, i understand the frustration and outrage around the president. i'm sure i shout some of those words in the shower. but when you think about what americans care about, they care about the economy, they care about health care, they care about issues. and many of them believe, when he is or isn't, that he's delivering for them. when you see celebrities say i hope the economy bottoms out to get rid of trump, i think that helps trump. >> something you hear constantly
6:41 am
from people who politically oppose trump is they can't understood why the supporters are sticking with him. that 35% to 45% that are, no matter what, they're just staying with donald trump. probably closer to 36%. what i've heard, when i've gone around the country talking to voters in over 50 focus groups is that trump supporters feel like the media and elites are out to get donald trump. so this kind of criticism, this kind of just gratuitous nastiness plays into what they already think. and that's just that everyone is so biased against donald trump that they aren't seeing what they see. that he isn't getting a fair shake and isn't getting a chance. it helps the supporters retrench and dig deeper into their own belief system. >> and ignore the media. when we get up here and we say what, he's telling you x, y and z about the economy? i'm going to tell you where he's
6:42 am
lying to you. people stop believing what the media tells them when they see media super stars says like "let the economy fail." >> yes, well, you know, for bill to say something like that, that's a bit reckless. >> my family can't afford for the economy to fail. they could hate the president but they need to support themselves. >> i guess he was being tongue in cheek, but that's a little bit reckless because then the perception is that's something, you know, democrats are saying or people aligned with democrat -- i'm not even sure if bill is a democrat, i guess he is. but there is still sort of a double standard. >> uh-huh. >> because he says whatever he wants to say and insults everybody and calls everybody names. and here's the paradox. the republican party's allegedly the party of evangelicals and religiosity yet we democrats are expected to turn the other cheek. when obama was in office, people sometimes wanted him to punch back. they would say, we want to see the angry black man.
6:43 am
but he was always very reserved. hillary clinton was always very reserved. i dare say if she had called him a few names or engaged in some name calling she might have picked up that 100,000 vote difference. sometimes people do like to see a level of strength. i don't agree with the term samantha bee used for ivanka. but other -- >> but the sentiment ma she wth was making may be correct. when we use these words, it hurts the whole argument. to your point about evangelical christians and family values, we must share what mitch mcconnell said on friday. >> right. >> in my view, the last 16 months have been the single best period for conservative values since i came to washington, as ralph indicated, back in 1985. and this is not hyperbole. this is not spin. this is not hyperbole. this is a fact. >> so when i heard mitch
6:44 am
mcconnell say that, i may have used some of those robert de niro words. but where mitch mcconnell has a point and a ridiculous one, while president trump may be morally reprehensible, deliver us playmates and porn stars, president trump, what he's doing for evangelical christians, appointing judges, that will stay with us for decades and generations. in four year, evan gel call christians will say trump who. so mitch mcconnell can make that point with a straight face. >> that's exactly what i've heard so many times from evangelical voters. my favorite quote was a woman who voted for donald trump. he said, we weren't voting for a saint, we just wanted judges that were going to help protect the law as we see it, as evangelicals and we wanted a president who was going to put
6:45 am
in policy that reflects our beliefs. we know that he is not a saint. we know what he is. that was there to -- right out open when we voted for him. and so that's why any further transgressions, voters knew what they were getting in the first place when they chose to vote for donald trump even if they are evangelicals. >> if he delivers their policy, they'll take the pig? >> a deal with the devil. that's the deal they've made. to me it questions, even as a minister, it questions what people really mean when it comes to faith. i mean, we're supposed to be concerned for our fellow human beings. >> values, faith and decency should live outside politics. they should be above it. up next, the background to the blow up at the g-7. it's still all about tariffs. next, we're going to hear from kentucky farmers about the rising price of dairy and good old kentucky bourbon. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console,
6:46 am
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i'm a fighter. always have been. when i found out i had age-related macular degeneration,
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when i foamd,out i had i wanted to fight back. my doctor and i came up with a plan. it includes preservision. only preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula commended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd. that's why i fight. because it's my vision. preservision. try areds 2 + multivitamin. welcome back to my favorite part of the show, money, power, politics. president trump took aim at canada's high tariffs on u.s. dairy imports over the weekend. with overproduction of milk in the united states and restrictive canadian policy on imports, a large number of u.s. dairy farming operations across the country including in kentucky have closed. nbc's vaugh hillyard caught up with one of the last kentucky farmers still producing dairy today and here's what he says his main issue is right now.
6:50 am
>> we produce more than we consume in this country. so if we can't export out a percentage of the product, we have a pricing problem. farmer, how is important trade and exports to your business? >> very important. very important. all goes back to that overproduction problem. if we -- if we can't export all agriculture commodities, we have a supply problem and that leads to a pricing problem. >> reporter: your message to president trump right now would be? >> reporter: you know, he's one man. you doe doh what you can but we feel it when exports drop. >> i'm joined from lebanon country with vaughn. you're outside a stillerry caught in the middle of president trump's trade war. many people caught in the middle applaud that the president is getting in the mix and doing something, but they're also saying that they're worried about what that something is.
6:51 am
>> reporter: exactly, stephanie in the has now been going on for a couple weeks. it was two weeks ago that the president placed that tariffs on industries like bourbon. the eu has placed a 25% tariff on bourbon. $1 billion in exports in bourbon exports went out last year alone. 95% of the world's pro dusks bourbon, where does that come from? right here in kentucky. when you're looking at bourbon you're also talking about corn farmers and wheat farmers. those are the base products of what ultimately becomes bourbon. so when you're looking here inside of this distillery behind rurs ultimate-- us, you're talkt a trickle down economy that impacts then tire area. >> number one, you have to have agriculture for whiskey. you've got to have either corn, rice or some type of a seed that will ferment and cause the
6:52 am
alcohol and make whistiky. >> you're an important part of bourbon whiskey. >> we're the start of it. >> impact on the state. >> 25% tariff, you become less competitive and, you know, it impacts not just our business and our employees, but then, you know, farmers and the transportation industry. >> your profit. >> of course our profit. >> and what you demand from farmers. >> absolutely. >> and ultimately what does that do in the long term? >> well, it slows everything down, you know. we're in a growth mode right now and that has a potential to slow things down which would be a bad thing right now. >> if these bourbon distilleries become unsure the extent they introduce and to which they have a market, that directly impacts -- >> seems to me it would have a very direct impact. if they decide for whatever
6:53 am
reason they need to cut back production then they're going to be aiming the gun at me. i'm the first one that gets shot. they're going to reduce the consumption of corn, reduce the amount of grain that they make into whiskey and so we're on the frontline of that. so that's the way i see it. >> reporter: that master distiller you heard from was steve beam. his cousin was jim beam about the when you're talking about a decline in bourbon exports, you're talking about a market for corn farmers and wheat farmers questioning where they introduce and where they send ultimately their products. for a long time when you're talking around farmers from idaho to iowa to hear what you constantly here is the united states has offer reliable market. the question now is has president trump puts the u.s. in an isolated position is how reliable is that going into the future as their crops are currently in the ground. >> maybe an unintended consequence, the lack of reliability, the panic around the uncertainty, maybe it has
6:54 am
people drinking more bourbon. i want to bring in policy correspondent for bloomberg media. the president unleashed a series of tweets blasting the trade relationship with canada. he talks all about the trade deficit. but my concern is the president doesn'understa trade is viewed. when you look at trade, it's goods and services. and when you look at that entire picture, there's an $8 billion surplus in our, the united states's favor. and this isn't part of some left-wing conspiracy, this is data out of u.s. trade. >> the president clearly doesn't understand how trade works, not just in bilateral terms, but how trade treaties are negotiated. but this all goes back to that photo that you were showing earlier of angela merkel leaning over the table, donald trump looking bad in canada he's goes off to his meeting with kim jong-un. and so they're lashing out at the canadians to distract people. there's nothing wrong with what just continue trudeau said, he
6:55 am
was very mild and no country is is going to allow tariffs to be put on them for essentially political reasons. >> how does this help any sort of american business while the president completely mischaracterizes our trade relationship? when he goes after dairy, what is it? is it a national security issue or is it a dairy issue? there is a large tariff, but dairy? that constitutes .1% of our overall trade exports to canada. >> where we are in the whole trade dispute with donald trump and the rest of the world say lot of micro impacts. you'll have the dairy impacts, the bourbon impacts. there's a great story coming out of arkansas. three companies that make the steel that goes into tires can't get their steel at a low enough price so they're talking about closing down their operations in arkansas because of the steel tariffs on other countries. that's the kind of effect you're going to see around the world, around the country as he imposes more tariffs.
6:56 am
he's only put on the steel and aluminum tariffs right now. the other tariffs haven't taken effect yet. so there's still a chance that this could be negotiated out but right now it doesn't look like he's in a mood do that. >> is that why the market doesn't care? when i look at this and say, hold on a vekd, you've got the president blowing up our relationship with the g7. he's about to sit down for a nuclear summit and the market keeps on chugging along. why is it? at this point are we desensitized because we think it's rhetoric? >> that's it. markets have looked at what he has said and then what he's done over the past 18 months. he says a lot of things but doesn't necessarily follow through. the steel and aluminum tariffs are the first ones he's followed through on. if he does china this week, friday's the deadline for when they're supposed to publish the list of tariffs that he wants to impose on the china knees, that might worry the markets more, particularly when china tells us what they're going to put tariffs on. then the broader these get, the more market impact it will have. but right now because he's backed off so often, markets are saying, well, let's wait and see. >> he does so doh some things,
6:57 am
he tears up tpp, he tears up the iran deal, us out ever paris, he tears up obamacare, and he tears up this. today, obama era net neutrality rules, they're over, they'll be expiring. new regulations give providers like verizon, at&t, and comcast, the parent company of nbc news, the power to speed upr slow down internet traffic based on how much you, as a customer pay. tom costello joins us now. tom, walk us through for the average american out there, what's the impact? >> think the everything that comes to you over the internet. streaming movies, fix-it videos, skype chats with the grandparents, all of that it all takes up bandwidth sort of like congested super highways and the fast lane's taken up by the big fat trucks, in this case ham zon, hul low, netflix. the net neutrality rules prohibited internet service providers from giving big internet giants a priority to use those fast lanes and also it prohibited them from blocking
6:58 am
web sites or blacking your access to web sites. now the trump administration has killed those rules. consumer advocates warned that internet freedom is at stake, that you should not be prohibited from going to a gay rights website or a gun rights web site. the fcc said essentially they thought the rules were too restrictive and that these big telecom companies, comcast among them, the owner of nbc, that they were not allowed continue to investigate in technology because of this. however, they've now won the argument. so essentially those companies, comcast included, verizon, at&t, they all now are free to slow down internet speeds should they choose to block access to certain web sites should they choose. they all said that they won't do that, but they simply want more freedom. they want to be untethered. will we as consumers feel the effect? if so it may be a few years because at the moment they're all pledging not to change anything. but we've now got 36 states that are acting to essentially put
6:59 am
forward their own net neutrality rules or move in that direction and 22 states are suing the scc. >> my children all floth behave when i light inup the rules in my house and then a day or two passes and the wheels come off. thank you. as we told you, kim jong-un arrived f an evening tour of attractions around city's waterfront. singapore's foreign minister just tweeted this picre moments ago fet turg a smiling kim jong-un. that looks like a selfie right there. all right. we're almost done for the hour so you know what that means. i always end this show with good news because we think there's always good news somewhere. and good news ruhles. now this, this is a way to be a winner. a massive congratulations to this hockey team, the washington capitals after winning their very first ever stanley cup. the team captain, alexander ovechkin returned to d.c. to more than share the coveted trophy with every single fan that he could possibly meet in person. i think he drank every single
7:00 am
thing possible while doing it. the inspiring celebration carried throughout the whole weekend from local bars to baseball games. there's even a shot of him in bed with the stanley cup. that is a way to win, caps, and that wraps us up this hou m stephanie ruhle. coming up right now, more news with hallie jackson live from singapore. hi, hallie. >> hi, steph. all caps indeed. i am hallie jackson joining you live from the downtown core of singapore where we're on assignment, ten hours away from a handshake that will make history. in just the last 90 minutes or so we are learning that things are moving faster than expected, at least according to the white house. which says president trump is feeling confident heading in these talks with kim jong-un choosing to go it alone, at least at first. >> there are only two people that can make decisions of this magnitude, and those two people are going to be sitting in a room together tomorrow. >> it all might have critics wondering if the president's thinking with


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