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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  June 13, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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at the last minute on a sad night, not any saturday night. the saturday night before the first show he ever did. >> if it's sunday. >> if it's sunday. >> if it's sunday. >> if it's sunday, it's meet the press. >> if it's any day around here, we're remembering tim but especially on this day. that's all for tonight. we're always thinking about you. we'll be back tomorrow. the beat with ari melber starts now. >> evening. appreciate the words you just shared. i like many, many people i grew up watching tim russert. i wonder what you think about, and it's never an easy question. what would he make given the fair, objective person he was of the world we're living in. >> i can say this, boy would he hate twitter. social media, that would have been the thing that tim would
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have truly, truly despised. sg youay that in some of what you showed and what people remember was the way he prepared for everything. only through preparation can you try to even understand where you're headed. you refer to a twitter or a lot apps that is instant, it's apr. >> totally the opposite. that swrould been, i think, the biggest thing he'd be fighting. >> appreciate your words. his long time lawyer, michael cohen splitting with his own legal right in the middle of the white hot pressure of this federal probe. cohen is facing a deadline on friday for the review of attorney-client privilege materials and those re to
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the documents seized by the fbi in the dramatic raids on his home and office and hotel in april. here is what we know tonight. number one, the plan is for michael cohen to split with his legal team. that would be his first choice and plans to hire new lawyers. the break reportedly over cohen's legal bills. we have seen reports this investigation and we've seen this with other defendants and potentiadefendants, whi is what he would be. have had a lot of financial strain. putting up his home as collateral against certain bank debts. i can t you something important about this story. we'll get into it with knowledgeable guests. historic legal he's gotten help with the legal fees from the trump campaign. i don't mean a small amount of money either. over $200,000 for his legal fees from the campaign with the ongoing russia probes. the last payme we know of was
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in january. i should note for precision that was before this fbi raid. here's the big question on everyone's mind and it's almost certainly on the mind of people in the white house. why is michael cohen changing lawyers? is it becse he's considering doing something that donald trump would never pay for? is he considering flipping? that question. i want toe clear about what we know because the answer could be no. he may be switching lawyers for other reasons. other reasons nbc has learned at this hour there's not been formal talks with federal prosecutors involved in this case. that would be a preliminary step if you were ever getting towards what we cal flipping, toward getting a deal. cohen's gnnew lawys will have to play catch up. they will have to confront loyalty. >> i'll do anything to protect
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mr. trump, the family. fortunately, mr. trump has a significant number of people. i like to keep myself in that little circle of extremely loy people. we will what is necessary t protect him and the office of the cy. >> i am joined by a man who sat and face down mueller's investigators, former trump campaign aide sam nunberg. former federal prosecutor seth waxman who has a keen understanding of how these deals could come together and guy louis who may be the most hooked up. he's worked, get this, bob mueller, james comey and rod rosenstein all a the doj. i literally don't know where to start. i'll start with you, guy. how do you read this legal change up? >> i got to think ari, that the president and his lawyers are sitting down, maybe as we speak,
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discussing this very question. take a step back and look what's going on. they have raided cohen's home, office. they have seized documents. literally the world is guy and e same, the exact same standard that was used to search all these places is basically the same kind of standard that a gr jury would use to indict cohen. know that it's coming. the question becomes, knowing this train is coming at me at 0 100 miles an hour, what do i do? i either cooperate or i fight it till the bitter end which is what we heard in the clip that you played. >> if there's a train, it's a train that can only slam into pliek michael cohen's legal body if there's sufficient evidence of crimes. this is serious and these
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prosecutors they don't just make stuff up. you said that wasn't your experience with them. you said early on when we talked about this. you're one of few people that have been in the rooms that you were worried about michael. take a look. >> i worry about michael. i worry about michael. he got screwed out. got screwed the most i've e did. michael is walking around with a big chip on his shoulder. he thought it was steve bannon and reince priebus that forced him out of not getting a job. i've learned that it was jared and not only that but they made him leave the trump organization. some of it stem from the daily beast interview th you covered and other issues where michael gave them president-elect trump good counsel of not taking, suesting that perhaps his son-in-law and daughter shouldn't enter the white house.
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michael, whether you like us or not, whether you like donald trump or not and michael is a tragic figure. i don't know what they are investiga investigating. i do know and i've said that to you, they asked me about all businesses i heard of. it was very weird to me. i didn't necessarily know that was under -- i guess anything is under investigation. >> mueller's investigators was asking about the way trump organization was ran. >> and they were asking me about michael's other businesses. >> the tax ki business. >> i brought up i heard michael has a taxi business. basically public. luckily for me, i stayed out business element of the trump orzation. it wasn't my rview. can you kno us why he would be running out of money the moment
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he has big bills? >> i think i swau the stormy daniels payment that he had to take out a loan. took out a loan to make that paymen payment. i don't know how cash rich he is. he's sort of real estate businessman himself and lot of it is floating debts. not as big as jared kush think that's one of e reasons. he invest a lot in properties. >> i'm not saying you're hisbann know business he did and you know him in a way manyeople does not, it doesn't surprise you that he didn't have a lot of cash on hand. >> it dsn't. es add up. dollars for hope hicegal fees. i assume they have paid for
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others. they are very selective about that because they never gave caputo a cent. >> politico reporting there was a legal defense set up for mike flynn. friends of manafort trying to ort him. caputo was saying they got hundreds of thousands in separate donations. urpr viewer that rs that all these tough guys with all their tough talk at the end of the day they don't have enough money to get through the early pre-potentially preindictment phase of this legal fight. >> these are expensive endevours. the lawyers working for michael cohen andhese other individuals are high priced lawyers working in the biggest city in the world, if not the country. they will chew up and go through ate really quickly. whether there is a dispute with his lawyer oefs over the way th defense was being mounted or a
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fee dispute or cooperation, we don't know. if it's on the cooperation side, this is something that we as a prosecutor we used to call thenowball effect. you start to get one twor cooperator yours your side, you good. you get to four or five and you get the snowball down the hill. finally that snowball landed on your ta head at the bottom of the hill paul manafort has got to be sweating it a bits well. michael cohen may have information about him as well. this is a good day or good week if michael cohen is getting closer to flipping. >> i don't know if you've heard the term messy. that is donald trump he's going over the messiness of the situation. he's worried if he pushes cohen away too hard it could inkries
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the likelihood tha cohen will offer information to the government. what's wild about that leak, it makes it sound like an admission there's negative information. why someone would leak that, i don't know. if trump didn't do anything wrong he's got mnothing to fear about cohen providing information. >> ari, you're right. seth is right on point. we used to see, as prosecutors, and we would be participate in this knowing that it wasn't 100% accurate when wed the message to go out there that there was some other reason they were changing lawyers or had gone in and had a sealed hearing in federal court. it was because the cooperation, the plea agreement, everything
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was unfolding in order to do this outside the public's ability to see and review what was going on. this case will be virtually impossible. just because they say there's a fee dispute doesn't mean necessarily that's the only reason why they are changing lawyers. >> what would the other reason be in. >> bringing in something who may have a very good relationship with the southn district of florida, who worked in the office recently. who knows these prosecutors. >> here's the thing about that. michael cohen has been lawyer in new york or a fixer or whatever he says he is, for a long time. ifour life is on the line, your money's on the line, your family potentially not seeing you if you are charged, wouldn't you want to get that choice right the first time? >> obviously you want to. it may be the lawyers, great
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lawyers, terrific lawyers have sat down and read him the riot act and said the evidence overwhelming. you're going todestroyed. >> he doesn't want to do that and switch counsel. >> he's a tough guy. he's told the federal prosecutors basically to go stick it. it may be well he's telling the lawyers the same thing. >> i listen to all the clips we play during the show. >> exactly. it may be he's told them i want something who will g in and fight this thing literally to the death. >> you give us an extra nuance, pointing out there's so much we don't know tonight that overinterpreting the legal
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change is perilous. it could be something in that directionwell. let he play something that donald trump said that kicked this all off long before the stormny avenatti of it all and the southern district merged. >> do you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? why did michael cohen make that if it wasn't true? >> you have to ask michael. michael's my attorney and you'll have tk michael. >> michael cohen's office was raided in days leading us up to tonight's news. honestly, was that the dumbest thing donald trump has done this year? >> no. >> top five? >> it's up there. the reason is he once he had rudy come out and clean that up. that's what rudy has been doing. we all thought, i didn't believe
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that rudy was doing this terrible job. i was happy as a trump person to see somebody getting on tv finally defending h >> why have rudy clean up a mess you made on air force one? whte the world and mueller might have been listening, ask michael hen? >> i would say rudy came out and told sean hannity, i even think sean had no idea. he said michael made the payment. he was on reta. >> you've been around donald trump. he doesn't admit nmistakes but e does pivot and spin. would he do that moment over again? >> he'll never admit the mistake. he thinks it's cleaned up. what's very interesting about the new york times article you were referencing. he was very close to publicly breaking away from michael. i had warned them in the press not to do that. michael's a critical figure. >> you warned them that would be
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against their interest. >> are you suggesting -- you say warn them. are you suggesting that you do media appearances to speak to the white house and donald trump? >> i have. my analysis was that would be very, very bad for the president to turn his back publicly on him. >> i keep it 100 with you. you know i keep it 100 with you. i think it's so odd that a lot of you trump guys communicate to each other through television and admit you're doing it through television. getresi to watch. he's watching. trust me he watches your show. mueller watches your show. i go got to be very careful. i get follow upsm them. >> about what you say on here? >> yeah. >> it's an interesting time. thank you for your expertise. coming up, anti-trump con sefbtives blasting the republican party for a cult. >> it's becoming a cultish
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thing. it's not a good place for any party to end up with a cu situation. >> we turn to a important hum humanitarian crisis. i'll have that story tonight and as promised, david chappelle makes his debut and why he's endorsing a democrat in his first campaign appearance ever. i'mari melber. you're watching the beat. benjamin franklin captured lightening in a bottle. over 260 years later, with a little resourcefulness, ingenuity, and grit, we're not only capturing energy from the sun and wind, we're storing it. as the nation's leader in energy storage, we're ensuring americans have the energy they need, whenever they need it. this is our era. this is america's energy era. nextera energy.
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donald trump's dominance over the gop is saying the party is starting to look like a cult and they blame they for why a long term incumbent who criticized trump occasionally lost last night. >> it's becoming a cultish thing. it's not a good place for any party to end up with a cult-like it relates to a president that happens to be of the same party. >> primary voters in the republican party have devolved into a trumpist cult. this is a cult personality prompted by last night defeat of
3:22 pm
mark csanford. gop primaries have rejected him for being a critic of donald trump. ate making it clear where she stands. >> we are the party of president donald j. trump. >> let's get into it. all are represented. jess, what is wrong with members of party supporting the president of that party? >> what's wrong is bob corker can't say anything until decided he's got noinot going t for re-election. this was cult like party the moment president trump was declared president. he had his first cabinet minute.
3:23 pm
everybody had to go around in a circle and praise him and talk about how they loved working for him. we've seen this since day one. it's sad that republicans are unwilling to show any spine over it. i'm glad corker is corker is coming around and we need them all to decide it's more than their political futures. >> madison, we're a trump conservative. take a listen to a little bit more of senator corker who is very conservative on these issues. >> i heard senator from texas, the senior senator from texas saying gosh we might upset the president. the united stas before the t of midterms. no, no, no, gosh we might poke the bear is the language i've been hearing in the hallways. we might poke the bear. thresident might get upset with us as united states senators if we vote on the
3:24 pm
corker amendment. we're going to do everything we can to block it. >> you see how upset he is. can it go too far? this sort of loyalty to one person above even party principles? >> the only bear i think he should be worried about poking is the constituents of his state. they feel he hasn't been loyal to them. i've talked to a lot of people in tennessee that were not happy with him being one of only five people who voted against expanding private care options for our veterans. that's probably part of why he's not running in november. i don't think he w win. people are sick of it. they are finally standing up and showing loyalty. we're showing loyalty to each o. he can be a conservative but there's other that feel would better serve their needs. >> your take. >> bob corker is born in south . 't surprise me. mark can sanford's cake was
3:25 pm
baked for a while. he got up and thanks thanked his mistress. he apologized to mistress before his wife and children. >> the trump thing came in late. she won by a nose. sanford's like bill clinton very good at getting re-elected very good at saving his money. probably save too much. now the chapter is over. these are base party people. corker, i kind of wish. >> you think this is overblown? >> i don't think the trump phenomena is over blown. ly compare it to barack obama.
3:26 pm
they got a solid core base that politicians could kill to have. >> they also both drink water. i'm in the sure -- play something for you that barack obama didn't make and that this president did. take a look. the trailer. >> a story on a special moment in time. when a man is trented with one chance that may never be repeated. what will he choose? to show vision and leadership or not. will this leader choose to advance his country and be part of a new world? be the hero of his people. will he s the peace? >> the hand of peace. you saw it at the end. >> i saw the hand of peace. it was waving too. waving at the electorate. they are solid. they're with him. the example of what a democratic party is missing that we saw
3:27 pm
republicans, we took eight years of barack obama and this is what republicans should fear. eight years of barack obama. redraw the line. seats. >> let me get jess. >> barack obama never got democrats to abandon their progressive principles enmass. donald trump has gotten the republicans in the house and senate to completely throw away whatever their party stood for before he got there or supposedly stood for. he literally alienated our allies and cuddled up to a dictator last week and he has erywhere saying that's a good thing and they always thought it was. that's some 1984 stuff right there. >> i'm going to have you all back. relike having all sides ini g p chappelle, which is a sentence i like saying.
3:28 pm
my exclusive interview tonight with comedian dave chappelle. when we're back in 60 seconds.
3:29 pm
dave chappelle is about to join me. >> i listen tohem say naive poor white people things. donald trump is going to go to washington and he's going to fight for us. i'm standing there thinking in my mind, you dumb [ bleep ]. [ applause ] you are poor. he's fighting for me. >> that was the his special.
3:30 pm
he's been at the forefront of years. his old show revealed and explored all kinds of tense cultural moments. he's back with a netflix special and planned tour with jon stewart. this is why we're talking toni it's the first time in his career that he's campaigned in politics out with a political endorsement. something he's never done before and campaigning with ben jealous who is a democratic candidate running for the governor of maryland. >> i got to tell you persona as a guy i've never had a lot of trust in government until i realize that my god brother might get a powerful seat. it makes me trust the seat more. sgll with me now is ben jealous and dave chappelle.
3:31 pm
ben, after all your wor in civil rights, why are you running for governor now? dave, why are you endorsing hill when you don't get involved in endorsing candidates? >> you want to go first? >> ari, i'm running for governor because i have a vision that we can finally fund our schools. we can pass single payor, medicare for all. we can end this era of massive student debt by ending mass incarceration. a big part of ending mass incarceration is finally legalize cannibus, period. that's part of why dave is here is we've been talking about our experiences when we were young and the need for us to have a just set of laws to help reduce the number of people in our prisons. >> as for me, ari, ben and i like family. literally. our fathers were best friends.
3:32 pm
my father was ben's god father. i met ben in person when we were 17. when ben was at columbia. we became fast friends. unbeknownst the plan was to convince me to go do college. that plan failed miserably. thank god. >> dave made 750 bucks telling jokes in 15 minutes. i ke college is not going help you do better than this. >> dave, had you gone to college you might have become ric one day. >> yeah, that was the myth. that was the legend. i think everything worked out better than i could have ever imagined >> you vls have to understand md father was on a tear. dave was the first male in his family to not go to college since slavery. there was a battle avenrage. hi said when his son could make
3:33 pm
$750 in park telling jokes, he was like i get it. >> go ahead, i sorry. >> no, go ahead. >> i was going to say like i into politics.uck my t i don't even necessarily believe in politics but this is the first time that i believe in somebody this much for a job like this. i know him so well. we came up toer. my father said to him, he said ben i'm afraid y're getting this scholarship so you'll no longer be a threat to them. whoever they are. ben is always stayed. when i got in trouble with my show and all these things, he was like my confidant. i would call him to help me work through some very challenging personal problems, professional problems i had. he was always like a r for
3:34 pm
me i thank for the state of maryland it couldn't get better. >> when you were in south africa or taking break from the korea in the u.s., you were relying on him. what was his counsel then? >> i think that's kind of private. the bottom line is i trusted him enough at a time when i didn't trust anybody. he's never betrayed my trust. i think thest in politics or public office is something that the country desperately needs especially in this time. he's a very trustworthy person. the fact that a guy like this could possibly sit in a seat like the governor's chair is very exciting to me. it makes me feel more faithful and hopeful about what our country could be. >> ben, you mentioned the drug war, cannibas is part of you're running on. president trump spoke about ta recently. dave, you talked a lot about thoeds issues in your comedy.
3:35 pm
i guess the question to both of you is if you're going to change these laws in maryland or be an example for the rest of the nation, ou talk about this as something that's logical because it might be overpunished in some places or do you stress the fact this is not just war on drugs but war on black and brown peop people? to ben and then dave. >> you look at the enforcement patterns. we talk about the violence in our city. i didn't start out planning for this to be a big issue. dave made the argument for about a quarter century. then something funny happened. i asked a retired member of the baltimore police department rkts he just retired to go talk to commanders across the city that he knew. ask them why violence was surging in our city.
3:36 pm
he said none of them agreed with anybody else. they all had an argument about why violence was surging now and they were in agreement in the last ten years and the last ten years inaltimore city, they were all in agreement that half of the killings were one set of marijuana dealers killing their competition. i'm committed to doing whatever it takes to bring down the shootings in our city and state and maybe sure nobody has go through what my family as been through. >> i look at the legalization of marijuana as an inevitability. i'm sure there's a gross disparity in the enforcement of drug laws in general in the united states. if you look at ben's resume, his
3:37 pm
professional like has been dedicated to equity for everybody. i'm talking gender, sexuality. i've watched him really work tirelessly to that end. it's the first time i got to see somebody become a politician up close and retain themselves. ben is here with his kids today. he's a good dude. there's nothing in this for me. i just feel like this guy should be on that stage. he's an important voice in my own personal life and i think h can make a great difference for the state of maryland and best case scenario, for the united states. >> you saw dave last special he finally outed himself as a son of our state. everybody is like dave's d.c. the toughest part of d.c. dave is from silver spring. >> i got my street cred.
3:38 pm
i do believe that thm is a very pivotal time. i'm just getting to that age too. i'm sure yourelate where t looking around and everyone running things are your age and you realize it's your peer turn to take the reins. he's oddly qualified for this. i'm gunning for him. >> dave, you won an emmy for your saturday night live hosting right after the election. everyone remember what is you said that night. >> all my black friend who is have money said the same thing when trump got elected. that's it, bro, i'm o. i'm leveriaving the country. you coming with me in i'm good. i'm going to stay here and get this tax break. i'm wishing donald trump luck. i'm going to give lihim a chanc
3:39 pm
and we demand that he give us too. >> now here we are a year and a half in. you're out here campaigning, do you think donald trump has given all people in the country a chance and how would you say it today? sg sg >> without talking about the president, i'm campaigning not even because ben is a democrat. i'm campaigning becausee's trustworthy. if whatever party he ran under i'm going to e this guy because i know him personally. i ha no particular deep party a fi affiliations. we have eight years of a president who has resume of social action. he's been advocating for people. i just believe he's very sincere in his effort. i've seen the blood, sweat and tears of how he got to this position. if god willing, if he becomes the governor, i don't think anyone will be sorry for
3:40 pm
i think he'll do great job. >> dave you brought it up the word president. do you think you're sitting next to someone who could be president as well? >> i told ben that he could be president of the united states before there was an obama i knew of. i've alwaysd that. he chose another route. he stayed with this community activist. >> back then i told him i want to be president of the naacp. that ended up happening a little than we thought possible. >> he's a remarkable dude. i've seen him overcome his own personal demons and it's really terrifying to aspire to do anything outside of the narrow boxes that society wants us to do. ben is a brave dude and he's a trustworthy dude and he's retained all of himself and i think this is a great thing that
3:41 pm
he's running. that's why i'm here. as a matter of fact, it's dangerous for me to even step into the political arena. poopity scoop. >> that's how we end all of interviews. i know you got to go and starting with ben. since you're with chappelle. you're campaigning with him. is there a chappelle test we can apply here. is there anythinn polit that you see would fall under the rubric of when keeping it real goes wrong? >> i got to tell you, when we started off this journey, it's a story i tell about how dave saved my life down in jackson, mississippi when i was a young organizers and dave showed up with a dime bag of pop.
3:42 pm
we were spared because the police officer recognized dave from def jam. he wanted tickets to the show and didn't search dave's bag. people are comfortable with us talking about what's real. the fact that we were once too much younger black men who were very afraid in that moment of spending a long time in jail and in prison and you shouldn't have to be that exceptional to be justly treated. that's a lot of what fuels dave's politics and mine. a lot of what fuels dave's comedy and my politics. we survived an era where young black plmen were the most murded in the country and incarcerated. we lifted people to a higher place. too hat we wrent through and young people are still going through. we're eager to see it change. we know how smart they are and how much they could be contributing if our system was a
3:43 pm
bit more level, our country a bit more just. >> dave, final word. >> you may never see me endorsing again. i really believe in the product. he's -- this is the real deal. this is the real deal. >> it's fascinating. we don't see a duo like this. learning a bit about your history with each other. what motivates both you have and what ben says why he wants to step into the arena is fascinating. thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> thank you. now up ahead, lawmakers and activists take the immigration fight to the street. i'm going to speak to the congressman who's there. with powerload™ technology. feed the line. push the button. and get back to work.
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welcome back. i'm joined by the congressman who marched to the white house
3:47 pm
protesting these trump immigration policies celebrating immigrant families. jimmy gomez of california. congressman, what is going on? do you view this as a humanitarian crisis? >> this is a huge issue. this policy of the trump administration to separate the kids from their parents as they come and seek asylum is doing long term harm the these kids and these families. it's also doing harm to the kids across the country. we act like our kids don't know what's going on but they do. they hear it from their siblings, from their classmates. they hear it on the playground. they hit from the people who take care of them. there's a real fear that's being created out in the community ifs you're an immigrant, if you're daca or otherwise, your parents might be separated from you and you mht be left alone. we're concerned and calling on this administration to end this policy of separating the kids from their parents. >> when you look at these reports. federal authorities took a daughter as she was breast-fed
3:48 pm
in one of these detention centers. when the mother resisted she was handcuffed. another woman saying i want to be with my children. the border patrol agents said you will never see your children again. families don't exist here. you won't have a family anymore. is this a trump administration policy that amounts to child abuse? >> this is -- it does amount to child abuse. you're causing trauma to these kids coming into this country. that have rights under international law to seem asy m asylum. these people are fleeing doe messiah -- domestic violence, gang violence. they are causing harm to these children and it needs to stop right away. >> what's the next step, briefly? >> we're going to -- i asked for a review of the conditions of these children in custody. we want to make sure they are being treated fairly. they are treating humanely and
3:49 pm
we have real concerns. especially we want to go and actually visit them. we want to talk to them and see what's really going on. what we've seen as we've seen u.s. senators and members of congress be turned aaway. we want to have an opportunity to talk to the kids directly and investigate the conditions they are being held under. >> i know you and some other members are working on this. we'll continue to stay on the story. i appreciate you telling us about your work. >> thank you so much. this fight isn't over. it's on a variety of fronts. it's on these drastic bills that are coming up when it comes to daca. i call it the bad and the ugly. we're going to sit here and fight every step of the way on the daca front, parent front, on front. >> thank you. i hope we can discuss it again. i have one more thing when we come back.
3:50 pm
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donald trump back at it today calling the every press america's "greatest enemy,"
3:54 pm
suajor def by stop the merger of its parent company of cnn. a federal judge rejected that effort which t campaigned on. >> as an example of the power structure i'm fighting, at&t is buying time warner and thus cnn, a deal we will not approve in my administration because it's too much concentration of power in the hands of too few. >> trump lost but his administration had been targeting cnn in thisght. >> cnn is terrible. you people do not cover cuss accurately. >> they have been fake news for a long time. we've been cover me go in a very, very dishonest way. >> a poll came out today on cnn, such a fake. >> our news organization, can you give us a chance? you are attacking our news organization. can you give us a chance. >> trump aides reportedly wanted to manipulate the regulation of this merger as a point of
3:55 pm
leverage over cnn but trump's failed crack down on cnn is a crackdown to sinclair which has its own mergers going on. trump not attacking that. it's easy to focus on his attacks on the press and the doj but tonight's news is that donald trump tried to use government power tore punish a news organization he says he hates and he faced. he lost. and that's not just g for cnn which happens to be a competitor. it's actually good to see checks and balances work. up ahead, there is n pressure from the right on scott pruitt and moisture gat body of proof. woman 1: proof of less joint pain... woman 2: ...and clearer skin. this is my body of proof. man 2: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 4: ...with humira. woman 5: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage,
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before we go, one of trump's most loyal boosters just broke with him over the scott pruitt scandal. laura ingraham says pruitt has got to go. a story we've been bringing you, moisture gate. "hardball" starts now. >> the fixer is in a fix. let's play "hall." tonigh the tourniquet is tightening on donald trump. his right-hand man, his fixer michael cohen now in a fix himself may be about to flip. rather than take the fall for the man who's cut him off, cohen could beeady to del what he know


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