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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 15, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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broadcast this thursday evening. thank you for being here with us, good night from nbc read quarters here in new york. this morning democrats and republicans at odds over a new doj report. it finds that james comey breached protocol but was not politically motivated in his handling of the clinton e-mail probe. >> and suing the trump foundation alleging vast illegal activity. >> and jeff sessions uses the bible to defend the administration's policy of separating children around parents at the border while some republicans distance themselves from the matter. good morning, mpeveryone.
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it's june 15th. rudy giuliani is calling on the justice department to immediately suspend special counsel robert mueller's probe and to launch an investigation of the investigators. giuliani's statements came after yesterday's unusual silence from the president about the department of justice's inspector general report on the fbi's investigations of 2016 presidential candidates and hours before ex- trump campaign manager paul manafort heads to court this morning he pleads not guilty to charges including fraud and money laundering. giuliani insisted he was speaking for himself but his demand coincided with other trump allies claiming the report had bearings on mueller's legitimacy even though mueller removed peter struck last summer. >> we supplied 1.4 million
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documents and who are we supplying them to? agents who started a phony russia investigation. that's the whole core of this. that's why the investigation should be suspended. and i -- i'm talking for myself now, not the president but i believe he would agree with this. a very serious investigation has to be done of the fbi agents at the very top by fbi agents who are honest in order to prosecute them. president trump has said over and over again to me, i did nothing wrong. how could this be? now we know how it is. because these people fixed it. that's how it is. read this. if you're not disgusted and you don't demand the justice department begin this investigation and suspend the one of the president and all the people that have been tortured by it. >> i believe that rod rosenstein and jeff sessions have a chance to redeem themselves and that chance comes about tomorrow. doesn't go beyond tomorrow.
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tomorrow mueller should be suspended and honest people should be brought in, impartial people to investigate these people. >> okay. so the justice department inspector general also looked into questions about bias in the investigation of hillary clinton's private e-mail server. they discovered no evidence that then attorney general loretta lynch discussed the probe with bill clinton during an impromptu tar mac meeting but found her decision not to cut the visit short quote an error of judgment. it also blasted jim comey for extraordinary and insubordinate action. comey's decision to send the october 28th letter about the discovery of clinton e-mails on
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anthony weiner's lab top. comey made a serious judgment. i respect the work of his office and all of our leaders need to understand that accountability and transparency are essentially to the functioning of our democracy even when it involves criticism. >> all right. houf however, the report could not rule out that bias may have had a role in the followup to claim e-mails found on anthony weiner's laptop. it uncovered this anti trump text message between lisa paige and agent peter struck. trump is not ever going to become president, right? he said no, we'll stop it. he told investigators that was about election not any official action the investigation would take. and struck and paige were
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critical regardless of party affiliation but the report did not have confidence that the decision to prioritize work on russia investigation after following up on the lead on the weiner laptop was free from bias. the atlantic reports this response. there is simply no ekwif lance in -- equivalence and incredible suggesting suggesting that the presidential campaign of a major party candidate was actively colluding with a hostile foreign power in a way that could undermine the integrity. to require senior national security officials to profess femalety to this is dangerous. great to have you with us on this friday morning. given the revelations from this
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inspector general's report, are we going to see any kind of blowback for former fbi director james comey or even other officials? giuliani said he wants to see peter strzok in jail by the end of next week. >> who hasn't been charged with anything. >> i'm so glad you pointed that out, it's hard to believe that james comey has been out of the fbi for more than a year considering how much we hear from him. but yes, there is still a lot of focus at this president and the republican party will put on james comey because they see him as a scapegoat in a lot of these situations but roll the way the report laid it out is that it is peter strzok's text messages that have cast a shadow over this bureau so it's actually comey who was really relieved in a lot of this from any political bias. yes, they said that he acted in a way that used poor judgment, he was insubordinate but peter strzok really crossed a line with those texts to show that
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perhaps his political bias could have influenced the way he handled that einvestigation. >> so we know he was removed from the mueller investigation. last summer. we had giuliani demanding for rosenstein and the attorney general to step up really here and remove mueller from the russia investigation. do you think this is going to impact mueller going forward? >> i mean, in so far as that the president, we're already seeing giuliani using this as part of their legal defense. they're trying to make a leap that isn't in the report. this report is very specific which is hard to believe because it's about 500 or more pages but it is specific in the it only deals in the way the clinton e-mail investigation was handled. yes, peter strzok also worked on the trump russia investigation so that seems like the next place you could go with that. but as strzok's lawyer points out that is a completely different matter when you're talking about how a foreign government may have colluded in a presidential campaign and they
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believe these are two separate issues but yes, that is a way that it could be used to really undermine at least in the public eye a lot of what mueller is doing and the public eye matters when it comes to anything like an impeachment trial that we could potentially see down the road. >> we've been surprised that the president has not tweeted about the inspector general. >> it might be coming. >> we'll have a live feed of the president's twitter feed just to make sure we don't miss a tweet. all right. thanks, julia. and attorney general jeff sessions is defending the trump administration's zero tolerance immigration policy. in a speech yesterday sessions justified the administration ice policy of separating children from their parents at the border and cited the bible in his remarks. >> having children does not give you immunity from arrest and prosecution. bringing children with you
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doesn't guarantee you won't get prosecuted. i would cite you to the apostle paul in his clear and wise command in romans 13 to obey the laws of the government because god has ordained the government for his purposes. >> now, during yesterday's white house briefing sarah huckabay sanders doubled down on sessions comments in a contentious exchange. >> i can say that it is very biblical to enforce the law, that is actually repeated a number of times throughout the bible. however, this -- hold on, jim. if you'll let me finish. again, i'm not going to comment on the attorney's specific comments that i haven't seen. >> you said it's in the bible to follow the law. >> i know it's hard for you understand i guess even short sentences but please don't take my words out of context but the separation of a legal -- >> that's cheap shot, sarah. >> the same legal loopholes that democrats refuse to close and
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these laws are the same that have been on the books for over a decade and the president is simply enforcing them. >> i don't understand it. some republicans are distancing themselves from the administrati administration's policy. >> what i'm making a request to the white house on is keep families together as much as we can possibly keep families together for as long as we can possibly keep them together. >> speaker, are you comfortable with the current zero tolerance policy leading to parents and children being separated at the border? >> no, i'm not. we don't want kids being separated from their parents. weir bringing legislation to the floor. we won't guarantee passage. >> and house gop's immigration compromise bill will reportedly address the issue of separating parents and children. a summary of the bill reads quote, minors apprehended at the border should not be separated while in dhs custody. >> all right. let's talk about some of this. >> obviously become a big issue
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now for the nation. >> huge issue. joining us from washington, capitol reporter molly hooper. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> let's talk about this vote. house republicans planning to vote on this pair of immigration bills. we'll have to wait and see where that goes. there is the broader immigration debate involving dreamers. then there's this issue of separating children from their parents which has really become the hot button issue as of late over the last month or so and especially thanks to our own nbc's reporter to got into one of these detention centers. help us make sense of all this. >> if i could make sense of it up on capitol hill maybe they'd have some policy already. and i just say that because these two bills that the house will vote on next week, both of them deal with the dohaka situation. one is more stringent. this other consensus bill that
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dropped last night at about 4:00 or 5:00, about 4:00, it also deals with daca and the family separation issue and essentially what republicans are trying to do is they're trying to craft a bill that would fund the president's border wall and that would be there this consensus bill as well as tackle the family separation issue and the daca measure and essentially box democrats in because keep in mind, when paul ryan says he doesn't know if either bill will pass, if it was dependent on republican votes probably neither bill would pass. however, with adding this -- the family separation issue to a measure that includes taking care of daca, so called dreamers that puts democrats in a bit more of a touchy position and we'll see what happens. >> so what should we be watching for leading up to the vote that is expected next week? what are you keeping an eye on? >> well, i'm keeping an eye on what these moderates are going to do and what exactly -- how exactly they handle the situation relating to separation of families at the borders.
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it's not just that they want to go back to the old policy of essentially so-called catch and release, that's what jeff sessions is trying to crack down on and it's something that trump supporters, the trump base wants to get rid of. and so a lot of these republican members who are representing districts that have -- that are supported of course by a large trump base, i mean, you can look at what happened last week with south carolina's mark sanford for example. you know, they need to pass something that's -- that's fairly stringent on immigration because this is donald trump's big issue, build the wall. on the other hand -- so you'll see the separation of families issues. what happens to those families? they won't be catch and release. it's not like the government will take in, you know, once the family crosses the border, you know, they'll go through more of the civil litigation and you know, be released until they come back to have their case adjudicated. no, these families will be kept together at a detention center
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and from what i understand there's only three detention centers, federal detention centers with very limited space. so it's unclear how republicans will really tackle this issue effectively. >> i have to say it's incredibly disheartening this whole immigration debate because at one point it was a quid pro quo for the wall, the border wall with regard to daca and now it's a quid pro quo with regards to the border wall, daca and separating parents and their children. and these are human beings. >> thank you. still ahead, was it a breach of presidential protocol, what the white house has to say about the video showing president trump saluting a north korean military officer. >> plus, the national weather service confirms it was a tornado that caused severe damage in pennsylvania late wednesday. a check on your weekend forecast including what to expect on your father's day, coming up next.
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welcome back. one of the things to come out of the trump/kim summit this 42 minute propaganda video shown on state media showing behind the scenes style footage of kim jong un in singapore. 22 minutes in president trump is seen saluting an adversarial general. as a smiling kim jong un looks on, there you go. you can see right there. and this is how it sounds in the propaganda video. take a listen. >> now, per the military times, trump's salute has spurred outrage among those who believe it is inappropriate for a
2:19 am
president to salute any foreign military officer, let alone a top general from one of the most oppressive regimes on earth and that quote, fell right into the hands of north korea propaganda who have promoted the footage as legitimizing their regime on the world stage. it is customary to salute officers, a friendly foreign nations when recognized as such. the u.s. still remains at war with north korea. >> key word there, friendly. >> yeah. i think that was the polite way of the military saying no, still not a friendly nation. >> can we get a replay of that? i'd really like to see that one again. maybe, maybe not. okay. there we go. there we go. but the music -- without the music, it really makes it -- wow. >> there you go. >> so dramatic. >> i mean, it says everything
2:20 am
you need to know the facts that the north koreans use that element in their propaganda video. it tells you how that moment was viewed. >> that's a good intro to bill karins. >> i have to wait to see if i get ayman's seal of approval. yesterday was such a great day because i got that. the temperatures are going to be the story. some thunderstorms too. overall father's day weekend, it says summer. that's pretty much the bottom line. thunderstorms erupting over wisconsin. madison being woken up with a couple lightning strikes nearby. and st. cloud, those are the areas that have a slight risk of storms. it will be late afternoon into the evening hours so if you have any after sun set plans that's when these storms will be erupting over minneapolis and st. paul. then on saturday, south dakota right through minneapolis again. this is the northern extent of the heat. it's going to be extremely hot,
2:21 am
texas all the way up to about minnesota and this is where the boundary lies between the hot air and the cooler air and that's kind of why we'll see the storm there is. today's forecast, 97 in dallas. st. louis at 94. beautiful in d.c. today. same with philly, baltimore and new york. really great weather. get out there for your lunch today and then as we go through the upcoming weekend it expands. by the time we get to father's day, we picked some nice names for you. dadville, new york, 96 degrees and gardener kansas at 95 degrees. >> i'm more of a grill, pennsylvania 88 degrees on father's day. >> i like the fisher, louisiana. >> and you know what? i'm going to do one better. i'm going to give you that north korean salute. once we get off the air. >> with the music and all. >> exactly. russia and saudi rain ya kick o -- saudi arabia kick off the world cup and that's all next in
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2:25 am
standing ovation from the crowd and colleagues. wor while republicans hold the majority in congress they are no match on the diamond. the dems win this one by a final of 21-5 but it is so nice to see representative scalise out there on the field. it really is amazing. he made some great plays as well. let's go over to russia now for the start of the fifa world cup where the host country began with a dominating performance blanking saudi arabia 5-0. hours now egypt taking on uruguay, i know ayman is running to the pub. and the u.s. open where it was a rough start for tiger woods. he triple bogeyed the first hole and shot 8 over 78. it leaves him with a lot of ground to cover this week as he finishes nine strokes behind the rest of the pack, but the course
2:26 am
is really difficult this year, guys. >> so are you actually running to the pub after the show? >> i'm going to go home, change, grab my egypt soccer jersey and then i'm going to go run to watch the game. >> what a nice sensible sports venue. >> at an undisclosed location. the details of a new lawsuit that claims president trump and his family have used the trump foundation for personal and political gain for over a decade. >> plus, yesterday we reported life on a facility that houses immigrant children. this morning new reporting on the trump administration's plan to built a tent city to house even more of these kids. we'll be right back. was more than just a weekend. it was our time to unplug and be together. with my bladder leakage, i'm not doing that anymore. when i went hiking with the other product, it just didn't fit right and i was always readjusting it. so, now our camping trips are their camping trips. but with the new sizes of depend fit-flex, it feels like it was made for me. i'm ready to get back our time together.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. a lawsuit filed yesterday alleging that the charity, the trump foundation engages in consistently illegal conduct claiming trump repeatedly used the nonprofit organization to pay off creditors, to decorate one of his golf clubs and to stage a multimillion dollar give away. the lawsuit alleges the foundation coordinated illegally with the trump campaign as trump skipped a fox news debate. the suit also alleges that the
2:31 am
foundation seeded control over the charitable funds it raised to senior campaign staff incolliding lewandowsk urging checks be distributed before the caucus. trump adding his disciples brought it when we would not settle. the trump foundation called it politics at its very worst. the new york a.g. is asking that trump and his adult children be barred from serving on nonprofit organizations for a decade, and that the foundation's remaining assets go to other charities. she also sent referral letters to the irs and the federal election commission for possible further action. >> new information about what's inside the house gop immigration compromise bill, the drafts spear headed by paul ryan
2:32 am
provides conditional legal status and a path to citizenship for people who came to the u.s. without documentation as children. it also bars the separation of kids from their parents or legal guardian at the border. in exchange, $25 billion would be allocated for the construction of a wall along the southern u.s. border. it would also replace the current diversity visa lottery system with a new merit based visa program. the bill's major caveat though, the measure ties visas to money spend on border security. if funding is suddenly blocked by future legislation after the proposed bill is hypothetically passed, green card issuance would also stop. the white house has yet to comment on the bill, but a house vote will likely take place next week. the trump administration has selected a border facility near el paso to construct tends to house the overflow of immigrant children. that's according to three
2:33 am
sources familiar with that decision. the department of health and human services will build a tent city that is estimated to hold about 450 beds for children according to the sources. the tin crease in migrant children who need care is due to a new trump administration zero tolerance policy, which separates parents from their children at the border. the overflow of kids at hhs facilities has caused a backup at border stations and as of last week 570 unaccompanied children were in the custody of the u.s. border patrol. fearly 300 of those children had been held for 24 hours. the limit of holding a kid of any age at a border station. >> julia, good to see you. let's stay on this immigration story here, because obviously a very important one. for the kids that are coming to these facilities, julia, it seems as if the average time is 50 plus days or so. how -- how much longer do we see
2:34 am
these kids staying at facilities like this and then where do they go after being there? >> that's a great question and i want to go back to that 72 hours piece. that is at the border stations. that is the first stop. the reason they're staying there so long is they can't even get into these hhs facilities, the ones that my colleague toured this week. these are places where children aren't allowed out for more than two hours aa day and those have gotten so crowded now that they are looking for more space. they have selected a place in tornado texas where they'll have to erect essentially a tent city. and this will probably be a drop in the bucket. it just continues to increase because they have to find legal guardians or foster home for these children. >> could we expect, julia, to see more of these tent cities built as the administration
2:35 am
trying to figure out how to deal with the overflow of migrant children? >> i think so. especially just when you look at the numbers. over 11,000 children, immigrant children in the custody of hhs right now, so just to do another 400 or so in a tent city is a drop in the bucket and there are more coming every day. so we can expect to see more and it's important to realize it wouldn't be the first time the government has had to erect tent cities to house a certain population of immigrants. the obama administration did this during a surge in 2014 and 2016. the difference now is that this is a government inflicted crisis. >> do we know, julia, i know that the minimum age -- the youngest child that jacob when he was on his tour was ten. do we have any idea where the younger kids are going? >> so the reason the youngest jacob met is that facility was for children ten and older. they did not let reporters in to any other facility but that one but there are facilities for children much younger.
2:36 am
the data i saw had children between 0 and 12. we've heard stories objeabout children still breast-feeding taken away from their parents. >> absolutely heart breaking rega regardless. thank you very much. >> thank you. there was reaction across washington to the department of justice inspector general's report which look at a potential bias and misconduct in the investigations of the 2016 presidential candidates beginning with fbi director chris wray. watch this. >> the report makes clear we've got some work to do. but let's also be clear on the scope of this report. it's focused on a specific set of events back in 2016 and a small number of fbi employees connected to those events. nothing -- nothing in this report impugns the integrity of our work force as a whole or the fbi as an institution.
2:37 am
>> the president was briefed on the ig report earlier today and it reaffirmed the president's suspicions about comey's conduct and the political bias among some of the members of the fbi. >> the ig report also cites five instances where jim comey used his personal gmail account to conduct fbi business. election day according to the ig report comey forwarded from his unclassified account a document summarizing why he notified congress that he was reopening the clinton e-mail investigation. one message went from his personal account to his chief of staffs unclassified government account. therefore it says that comey told investigators he would sometimes use his personal laptop for unclassified work and then send it to the fbi. he also told investigators he was not concerned about it. adding quote, it was incidental
2:38 am
and i was always making sure that the work got forwarded to the government account to either my own account or chief of staff so i wasn't worried from a recordkeeping perspective because there will always be a copy of it in the fbi system and i wasn't doing classified work there. and in the end the inspector general found comey's use of personal e-mail to conduct unclassified fbi business to be inconsistent with the doj policies. when clinton got wind of the news she tweeted quote, but my e-mails. >> joining us now from washington, d.c., capitol reporter for the hill. >> molly seemed to like that one. >> i think what we've learned is at some point everybody used their personal e-mail so either everyone stops talking about it or everyone continues to do it. so obviously a lot of spin on capitol hill concerning this instagram report. both sides really kind of spinning it to their advantage a
2:39 am
little bit. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, with the 584 some odd pages there's something in here for both parties regardless of which side you're on. democrats say this shows that the president won the election because the fbi essentially hurt hillary clinton's campaign by releasing the -- by comey saying there is going to be improperly saying there is going to be -- he was going to reopen the investigation days before actual election day. republicans on the other hand are pointed to comey's credibility and saying you know, and i was talking to a prosecutor about this, a former prosecutor who said, listen, you know, one thing is that if this ig report shows that james comey is not credible and that you know, if bob mueller is going to base his case for obstruction of justice on the former fbi director, that could be problematic given what is found in this report and other actions that the former fbi director has
2:40 am
taken after that. >> being the millennial that i am i called the ig report the instagram report when it should have been -- >> he was shaking in his boots. >> absolutely. so that was a little -- >> she went with it. >> you should have called me out on it. everybody else did. >> you're not a millennial my friend. >> i was impressed you could post that many pages on instagram. i must have missed that. >> really getting on the game, aren't they? >> i've got to start using instagram more. >> pull it together. so do you think, molly, that this inspector general report actually helps the president justify firing jim comey. >> i think his attorneys say it does and this is where it's going to get interesting because you know, when it comes down to it is who knew what when especially in the fbi, the doj and rod rosenstein who
2:41 am
originally that's who president trump said recommended comey's firing. and rod rosenstein is going to be up on capitol hill or at least he's been summoned to a hearing the last week of june -- the last week of june with christopher wray to discuss the findings in this report because not only are these guys facing the wrath of the trump base and you know, attorneys and whatnot, but they've got the house committee on oversight and the judiciary committee chairman very upset with them because they didn't provide texts between peter strzok and lisa page that were revealed in this report. they didn't provide them soon enough and so we will see what happens there, because these guys, you don't want them on your bad side. i'll say that much and trey gowdy is on a tear. >> thank you. still ahead, another top republican speaks out on epa administrator scott pruitt. what speaker paul ryan is saying about the laundry list of
2:42 am
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invented in boston. made and sold around the world. order now at gillette, the best a man can get. house speaker paul ryan is refusing to weigh in. he was asked about the con t controversies during his news conference. >> i would refer you to the authorizing committee that oversees the e perks pa. i can't -- i don't know know enough about what pruitt has or has not done to give you a good comment. >> so his comments come as a number of republicans become more vocal about pruitt's ever growing list of scandals. >> let's get a check on your weather now with bill karins. bill, hopefully a nice father's
2:46 am
day weekend for everybody. >> it's a pool, a boat, a go to the lake, we have a couple of thunderstorms. not a lot of major concerns but northern minnesota and also these storms erupting in wisconsin waking people up earlier than they probably wanted. heat advisory up through st. louis, chicago is under a heat watch. chicago heat index about 100 to 105 saturday right through monday so an extended stretch of really hot weather. so the growing heat is expanding towards the tennessee valley today. areas like nashville are going to get hot and then eventually sunday and monday it makes its way to the east coast. heat index, that's the feels like temperature, remember, when we tell you the high temperatures, that's taken in the shade. so if you're in the sun it's that much worse. so memphis is 93 in the shade. heat index will feel like 100 and by the time we get through saturday it expands. atlanta 94. little rock 100.
2:47 am
sunday, the heat gets to washington, d.c., heat index will be 96. look at nashville. heat index will be 102 and then by the time we get to monday we may see a chance for some record highs in areas like new york city where some spots could be 95 to maybe 100. >> thanks for that. >> don't scowl. >> still ahead, president trump is ratcheting up trade tensions with china as he pushed through with $50 billion of tariffs. you might take something for your heart...
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let's turn to business. f after slapping tariffs on nex week the president is set to announce today plans to impose steep tariffs on billions of dollars of chinese goods. cnbc's joumanna bercetche joins us this morning. >> as you say we're expected to hear the latest tariff announcements from the u.s. on chinese goods, the number circulated is $50 billion worth. expectations is that the tariffs will be implemented within the next week. china said they're looking to retaliate. one way they could do it is by pledging or rolling back their pledge to buy more american goods, natural gas or soybeans which would hit some of the trump political base, we've
2:51 am
heard that retaliatory measures, mexico has hit back in response to the aluminum and steel heavyies, imposing tariffs on american pork and steel and the eu have announced tariffs to the tune of $3.3 billion. including blue jeans, motorbikes and whiskey which is a good weekend for you, lewis. >> i love the whiskey. one of facebook's top strategists, the guy who kind of oversaw the cambridge analytica scandal and the response to it is stepping down, what can you tell us? >> he's been there for ten years, joined from google, obviously a longstanding member at facebook and apparently the move had been in the works for a while. it comes at an interesting time. facebook has been through a critical period when it comes to their communication site and
2:52 am
were criticized of their slow handling of the cambridge analytica scandal. he's stepping down. i should point out that facebook shares are trading at an all-time high, as if the cambridge scandal had never happened in first place. coming up, axios's mike allen has a look at this morning's one big thing and "morning joe," the take-away from the doj inspector general report. and jim comey's decision. and "the new york times'" michael schmidt will have more on his reporting on the mueller probe. and richard blumenthal weighs in with his take on the report.
2:53 am
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2:56 am
axios, mike allen. mike allen, good morning to you zwlxt happy friday to you. >> talk to us about axios' one big thing. >> axios' one instagram big thing. one big thing, trump's i mean it moment on china. president trump who is expected to announce tariffs on china. this is putting into effect what he threatened before and this is right after the u.s.' asking china for help with north korea. but if you look at what trump has said over months, years, even decades for 30 years. the one thing that trump has been consistent about is that he thinks the u.s. is being ripped off and he thinks the u.s. should fight back and today is the start of that. stirring the pot, taking a trade spat, moving it toward a trade war. but our sources say the president has no hesitation about disrupting the global economy to do something that
2:57 am
he's always said he would. >> why do you think it has no consequence on him that it may disrupt the global economy? obviously if he goes through with these tariffs as some media reports are reporting. we get it it's going to be a trade war between two of the largest economies in the world. but that's going to have ramifications on the global economy, why is that not weighing on his decision? >> ever since the day he took office he's had advisers telling him that this could hurt the u.s. consumers, it could hurt u.s. workers, but going back to that oval office meeting that axios reporting where the president said bring me tariffs -- he's been saying this, i've been doing this on the campaign trail, and i'm very willing to disrupt a global economic system in place since world war ii, where the u.s. absorbed some trade deficits as part of its policy. he's become obsessed with that one figure, the advisers including gary cohen who had most likely to talk him out of
2:58 am
it. they would just buy time, buy time, it looks like time's up. >> how does north korea play into all of this, obviously china is part of the possible denuclearization of north korea. do you think that could change things? >> no, that's a very astute question. and yes, that's a twist in this, our sources say that if china is cooperative and helpful with north korea, the president very much can pull these back. so this is a little bit of continuation of that storyline we've seen where the president threatens, threatens and what he does in the end is never as bad as what the markets fear and what it looks like from what he's saying. >> let me ask you about this interesting dynamic to all of this as this trade war kind of slowly unfolds there's an interesting appeal coming coming out of old-time film makers.
2:59 am
>> parts of movies are script and filmed to afeel to that arctic and more accurately to avoid getting the wrath of chinese censors or the chinese government. so hollywood has always paid a lot of attention, but now china is trying to build its own hollywood. so axios' erica pandy reports that china is using some hollywood techniques of its own. it has some successful domestic films, which interestingly enough are made with the help of hollywood. they're also investing in hollywood studios, so this is another way that we're seeing china saying we're not going to depend on the u.s., instead we actually are going to be a competitor to the u.s. >> mike allen live in washington, d.c. this morning, thank you very much. we're going to be reading axios a.m. in just a little bit. you can sign up for the news letter by simply going to sign
3:00 am >> i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf, "morning joe" starts right now, everybody. it is very biblical to enforce the law. the laws are the same that have been on the books for over a decade. it's a moral policy to follow and enforce the law. it's the law, that's what the law states. the laws are the ones that have been on the books for over a decade. it's not a policy change to enforce the law. we're going to enforce the law, we're enforcing the law. >> the question is, is she ignorant, which would actually be better for her if she just were -- came out and said i'm ignorant and i don't know what i'm talking about. or is she a liar? because it's not the law this is donald trump, this is donald trump's interpretation of the law. >> it's the trump administration policy. i don't believe she's ignorant. >> you think she would lie that many times? i saw rudy last night, he was


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