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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  July 24, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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security clearance, also looking into the clearance of comey, clapper, hayden, rice and mccape. they politicized and in some case mon aetize. being influenced by russia against the president is extremely inappropriate. >> do it for political reasons, that's i think that's a terrible preside precedent and commentary. >> i told the president in private what i've been say public. it's very dangerous. they might inadvertently revealed classified information. >> the question is is there any reason for former national security advisers to have clearances. and the answer to the question, i think you have found the answer to the question. >> it's a banana re: public kind
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of thing. >> i think it's controlling people. >> this is a feeble attempt. they wondon't want to talk abou what went on with the meeting between trump and putin. >> smoke screen, distract, try to get people's attention off of what's right in front of them. donald trump and the white house trying to pull attention away from the fact that america's commander in chief has significant exposure in the mueller probe and also away from a failing foreign policy. >> shannon, before we go, you have new reporting about the mueller investigation. >> rudy giuliani told me the legal team submitted a proposal to mueller that the president trump would answer questions related to collusion and whether the trump campaign included with russia but not answer questions about obstruction. >> donald trump doesn't believe anybody can tell him how to speak. isn't that true? >> all right. president taking his fight with the intelligence community at
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unprecedented step further in what critics call an effort to is distract the white house now threatening to revoke security clearance from six former top national security officials, all of whom are fierce critics of trump's actions or inactions. >> these officials have served both democrats and republicans and have decades of experience in intelligence, law or diplomacy. for context, the heads of the intelligence agencies usually keep the security clearances unless there's reason to revoke them. it allows them -- mpay attentio to this: it allows them to speak openly about matter the. they keep the clearance so if the current administration needs some advice or help, they can talk to them. i want to point out something. sarah sanders was very proud to get up and change the topic because she didn't want to talk about the president's walk-back, disaster in helsinki, all the
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messes. certainly didn't want to talk about migrant children. but the people she listed, so proud they want to revehicle the clearanc -- revoke the clearance, two of them don't have clearance. if you want to pick a fight. do your homework. >> this is not actually a policy change. it would be one thing if you said everyone. >> i want to make that point again. >> it's one thing -- >> when you say rand paul. >> rand paul wanted a policy change. the president just picked a handful of people who he doesn't like and said we're talking your clearances, no the everybody. >> rand paul was making a recent argument. you've got millions out there with clearance. they could make a mistake. maybe there should be a cooling off period. before they're working for private companies or speaking to the media. because what if -- president trump took that perverted it into here's six people who have smack talked me or gone after rush. let's pull their clearance. >> let's take a closer look.
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john brennan joined the cia in 1980 served as cia director from 2013 to 2017. he was nominated by president brock barack obama but previous previously served both bushes and he is now a senior national security and intelligence analyst for nbc news, michael hayden the cia director from 2006 to 2009. president george w. bush nominated him hayden was president obama's cia director for about a month. hayden said it won't have any impact on what i write or say. says he doesn't get invited to the white house anyway. james clapper served as the director of national intelligence. he was also an obama nominee with a long history in the intelligence community serving under president's george h.w.
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bush, clinton and george w. clapper called the threat to take away clearance quote petty. james comey, president obama nominated him as fbi director and he served until president trump fired him over the russia investigation. previously comey served as deputy attorney general under president george w. bush. threat is not much of a threat 25 at all. andrew mick kab. >> say that one more time. >> no more clearance. just to say it. for sar -- he doesn't have experience. andrew mick k -- andrew mccabe. james comey nominated him as fbi director in 2016. attorney general jeff sessions fired him just two days before
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his retirement in march of this year. spokesperson says he no longer has security clearance either. so what are we talking about him for? finally, susan rice president obama's national security adviser from 2013 to 2017. she also served under president clinton. that's who we are talking about here. >> joining us now, malcolm with more than 30 years. also the author of the new book. and clint watts, who wrote the book messing with the enemy. malcolm, washington post op ed calls this a real howler, thigh slapper, so laughably stupid, coming from someone if he weren't president likely couldn't get security clearance if he tried. now, we just heard speaker ryan say the president was trolling the intel officials. what in god's name is going on? >> well, that's exactly what he's doing. trolling the intel officials.
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you're absolutely right. donald trump could not ever be cleared into the personnel readiness program for either nuclear weapons or even a security level clearance which is the lowest standard. let me tell you something. what he's doing is the politics of personal destruction. he is going after these individuals and using the security clearance issue for his base. it has nothing do with reality. virtually all of these guys, they don't have a position which requires a clearance. much less giving them access. only a couple, jim clapper, and director brennan, still have access, maybe john mcloch lan, still have clearances. so that when things are discussed, and missions that they were involved in or discuss discussed, this he can do that in a secure environment.
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this just them going after them personally. >> clint, mike flynn had clearance when he shouted lock her up at the republican national convention. just this morning attorney general sessions join the the chance just today. >> go get them. rather than -- lock her up. well, so i heard that a long time over the last campaign. >> lock her up. where does he want hillary clinton to serve? next to paul manafort? is this i'm pretty sure he was in court yesterday. >> it's quite amazing, isn't it? that the attorney general who's supposed to be the person with the rule of law would entertain
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that. i think its e's importance to remember john mccain, and see the attorney general there laughing, it's a little bit troubling. because the attorney general should be the person that is the rule of law. they are the person that is not part tis san and advancing justice around the country. so it's pretty discouraging to see that. this just meets a pattern for the trump administration, which essentially everything seen through a partisan lens. i think it's interesting with these former officials or in this case, with the attorney general, i think americans constituents expect more of the elected leaders and of the leaders that are representing these institutions. it only further erodes the faith and confidence. >> malcolm, if you look back at
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the last two weeks and things that have happened, some of which are of remarkable consequence, whether it's helsinki or the weird walk back or insults to the nato allies or calling european foes. this doesn't rise to that level. a tweet yesterday we should not move on from or stop thinking about how significant it is that after helsinki and the walk-backs, donald trump tweeted it was a hoax that russia interfered with the election, a spit in the eye of his intelligence community. donald trump's had a bad two weeks. this is really just a distraction. it sort of doesn't have long-term consequences. >> yeah. it's a distraction. about a year ago, when john brennan and jim clapper were making comments related to the flynn investigation, there was a lot of rumors back then they were talking about, taking their clearances or even having them arrested. this is just internal talk. it's like that scene in "good
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fellas" where they're all sitting around the italian restaurant slapping each other on the back and thinking up horrible things they can do to people. that's the trump administration when they do these attacks personally. they need to get the heat off of them over what happened in helsinki. even though donald trump's base thinks it's awesome, the rest of the country thinks it's awful. taking that focus off saying these people could divulge classified information. donald trump divulged classified information. in the oval office. there you have it. >> i want to point something out. during the campaign i interviewed richard branson, he was talking about the first time he met donald trump. he said what struck them, he was obsessed with talking about four or five individuals who he wanted to seek revenge upon and they were people he went to during one of his four or five bankruptcies to ask bail the out and they turned him down.
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he was laser beam focussed on seeking revenge on them. it feels like we're back in that lane. clint, as whether he would revoke president obama or joe biden's clearances, the press secretary they were not on the list at this point. if that happens, what message would that send? totally erodes the institutions. bigger message is what does it send inside the intelligence agency and law enforcement community. when i hear this, what i think, if i was working in the government i'm basically being told unless i play to the president and tell him what he wants to hear i'm not going to be heard and in fact may be punished. we saw this going back to alternative intelligence processes back during the war on iraq. we don't want this insulation. we want them to be able to provide the opinion of what's best for the country.
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looking at president obama or vice president biden, all have the clearance to come back and talk about issues they were involved with personally so provide perspective. they can hear information, updated inputs about what might be going on in the world currently that they're not aware of so they can help inform the current leadership. i think with all of these senior executives, for them, the clearance process ultimately helps the government more than it helps them personally. i'm pretty upset to watch this sort of partisan play out. it could have detrimental effects. many of these people were involved in iran negotiations going back decades. wouldn't we want them to tell us what the thought process was. i think that's good for all americans. i hope this sort of partisan battle is there for the day and not forever. >> i think back a minute ago in my head. jeff sessions laughing as they chanted lock her up. >> that's the attorney general.
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>> the benghazi investigation took over four years, how many indictments? >> zero. e-mail investigation two years, robert mueller special investigation at this point has 35 known indictments and plea deals. 35. lock her up. what does that mean? >> unbelievable. thanks very much. all right. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders says america's intel chiefs are nonetizing. and we are looking ahead to the midterms which could mark an historic turning point. right now, the state of nevada is poised to become the first state with a female majority in its legislature. at least eight other states have also have a shot at reaching or passing the 50% mark in november. there you go, government.
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monetiz the president is exploring the mechanisms to remove security clearance because they politicize and in some cases monetize public service and security clearances 6789. >> what? let's focus on that one phrase from white house press secretary sarah sanders. no, not getting punked here. monetize their public service.
8:19 am
criticizing how they mon tised their former roles for financial gain. for fact's sake let's see how much the trump family is bringing in. start with president trump properties. he has a stake in all his companies, meaning just because he's not running things doesn't mean he's not profiting. he has spent 174 days at a trum-owned resident since taking office. staying at his properties is not like george w. bush staying at the texas ranch. this cost the taxpayers big bucks. secret service has to pay for room and board. u.s.a. "today" reports spending money on golf carts protecting the president at the properties. in fact, in his scotland resort i ahead of the putin summit,
8:20 am
taxpayers picked up the $77,000 tab. that's more money than many teachers make in some states. back at mar-a-lago, the president's club doubled its membership fee to to 200 grand. it's not just trump hotels. the government of qatar bought a million apartment. and in trump tower here on fifth avenue, china's largest state owned bank rents a $2 million a year space for the biggest office in the united states. on sale at the shenandoah national park visitor center, trump wine. jared kushner and his wife who both took positions in the white house brought in anywhere between $82 million and $222 million last year, according to the disclosures, eyong ivanka p
8:21 am
in. much of jared's -- ivanka got a nice little boost from counsellor to the president kellyanne conway telling fox viewers go buy her stuff. a big moneytizatiomoneytization. i need to remind you when the trump family did an interview on 60 minutes that nite ivanka's own employees sent out an e-mail telling us where we could get her bracelet. please, sarah sanders, gag me with a spoon on this. >> joining us john john harwood. before the inauguration, president trump said he would donate proceeds to the united states treasury. how closely is this tracking? >> well, i don't know how closely they're tracking it.
8:22 am
they sayer they're going to donate the profits in 2017, they did. $150,000. but donald trump, remember, reported $400 million in income. more than $400 million in 2017 and more than $40 million at the trump hotel in washington where he said his profits in foreign business was just $150,000. >> okay. at worst, it's a conflict of interest, best, bad optics, the white house continues to say, well ivanka is not taking salary. great. you can blow your nose with the $130 grand in salary. we haven't even mentioned the clearances they've got, from china, the approvals. para trademarks. ivanka got 13. coincidentally she had dinner
8:23 am
1 sitting next to xi. >> he has a series of income stream that is cos that come in. china's largest bank renting space. so does the pentagon. you've got secret service following him everywhere, spending money at the clubs that he owns, at mar-a-lago, golf courses, and this is extraordinary because we've had wet wealthy presidents before but presidents have put their assets in blind trusts so they removed a potential conflict between the private profit and the public interest, and donald trump simply hasn't done that. >> so you had a chance to talk to elizabeth warren, the senator from massachusetts. what does she have to say about this? >> we didn't talk specifically about donald trump's presidential money making. but we did talk about problems of capitalism, and elizabeth
8:24 am
warren is a big advocate for regulations on wall street, on business, and i asked her if she recognizes how polarizing that makes her within the business community. >> john, good to see you as always. >> i get there are a lot of folks who like having the power and the riches they have. they like being able to tweak their little pinky and the united states government does just what they want. but my view on that is don't call me the polarizing figure, they're the one that is want to take advantage. >> you don't think capitalists are bad people. >> i'm a capitalist. come on. i believe in markets. i don't believe in theft. i don't believe in cheating. >> so, john, that's not the elizabeth warren people often think she is. they think she is a anti-capitalism, anti-business and antibanks. it sounds like we didn't know or she's turning over a new leaf. >> part of the problem is that
8:25 am
people hear what they want to hear. president obama said much the same thing and people thought he was viciously anti-business. we have a ix m tmixed economy. obama like bwarren favors. it's not capitalism or soe socialism. it's capitalism with what kind of rules. >> thank you for joining us. the russia investigation heating up on several fronts. now trump's attorney, rudy giuliani says the president will talk to special council rob mueller if there are no obstruction questions. i don't understand how he thinks he can make that type of requirement. why that could be so tricky. we'll break down his many ties to russia. you are watching "velshi and ruhl ruhle".
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welcome back to "velshi and ruhle." president is headed to kansas city missouri. he is likely to hit many notes he did in monday's tweet storm. the day his former campaign manager appeared in federal
8:30 am
court. >> mr. trump called the investigation in russian attacks on the presidential election a witch hunt and totally discredited but the so called witch hunt has produced dozens of indictments. joining us now ken. >> give us the latest. in court yesterday, not in one of his what was it -- $5,000 suits but in a green jump suit. >> in a green jailhouse jump suit. trial was delayed because the new lawyers had been given tens of thousands of documents they hadn't had a chance to review. judge was concerned about an appeal issue. jury was told to come back in a week. trump white house has been pore
8:31 am
t -- portraying this as something in the past. but actually, what this trial is likely to show is that paul manafort had been entwined with russian interest for year, came deeply in debt to these. and monetizing his services. raising the question of whether he was open to collusion with russia. >> ken, on twitter, the president said he quote, gave up nothing in helsinki and merely talked about future benefits for russia and the united states with vladimir putin. what do you make of that? >> first of all, he went out in public and sided with the russian spy master over his own intelligence community. damage will be felt for years to come. but the other issue here is we still don't know what deals were cut inside that room. in fact, dan coats, the director of national intelligence says he doesn't know. and the russians are saying that
8:32 am
there was an agreement on syria. that's really crucial. question is what is that agreement? is iran going to with draw? we just don't know and waiting for donald trump to tell us what he agreed to. >> walk us through. the president is calling the investigation a hoax. sarah sanders is trying to clear it up saying he was referring to the campaign. but he wasn't. so, again, it's a black eye contradicting our national intelligence. we saw dan coats over the weekend, he was apologizing for being stunned when andrea mitchell told him putin was coming to the white house. what does this do to the position dan coats and the rest of the leaders of the intelligence agency do? >> it really undermines them. particularly coming after the statements he made in helsinki and this hoax thing puts him
8:33 am
back. those officials were in aspen reiterating that russia did in fact interfere. donald trump has been briefed on intelligence far more detailed on this than we've seen in the public. he is either being willfully fwlien blind or deeply cynical. >> he doesn't consume, but the bottom line he's been president for a long time. he gets the briefings and generally knows what the gist is. of the either he's not absorbing it or ignoring it. thanks very much. >> i used that word friday night playi playing scrable. >> coming up next. a shocking new court filing. hundreds separated from the children might have been deported. what happens to all of those children? you're watching "velshi & ruhle" on naich
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8:38 am
taken part in quote reunifications or other appropriate discharges. all of this with the administration facing a court ordered deadline on thursday, two days from now, to reunit all the separated children with the families. msnbc's jacob soboroff has been reporting on this. i know the original plan was deterrence. so why not reunite these parents with the children and then choose to deport them? doing this, you're sending the parents back. parents who, if they were here, could work, could contribute to the economy and take care and pay for those kids. instead, the parents are gone and now the kids have to find permane permanent homes. >> because two days away from the reunication deadline, there was never a plan. there was no way ultimately to put the people back together. >> there's no logic. just a failure?
8:39 am
>> the whole thing has been an epic extraordinary failure. idea you're going to deiter them by separating at the border. today, 35% of the families that have been separated are not el valuable for reunication. 35% may never go back together again or have to go through some extraordinary process to find each other. >> i think this is what people don't understand. we're not saying they're not eligible for asylum, but to be reunited with their own kids. >> let talk about this. what's the plan? is there any plan? do the parents -- to the kids get shipped off back to wherever the parents are? ? i guess that's the best case scenario as terrible as this sounds. remember what they were fleeing. violence, gang vial lengs, domestic violence. sexual abuse. all things now many of those
8:40 am
have the attorney general says aren't even grounds for asylum in the first place. best case scenario if you have been deported, is to have your child sent back to you in your home country. what the aclu is worried about is that these parents were given adequate access to legal counsel before they got deported. the idea these children are now stranded in the united states is because the government may have prematurely deported the parents, not given them access to the right type of information to understand they don't have to leave yet. >> because they didn't commit a crime buy seeking asylum in the united states. we keep reminding people. >> i think take politics aside. this is an epic policy failure. >> i didn't mention any politics. we seem to have a misconception amongst some part of the
8:41 am
american population seeking asylum is a crime. >> you want to deter people from coming. what is the game plan for the children? why are they here? tell us, please. >> thanks very much for the coverage. >> thank you. okay. in the category of problems you didn't have to have, that you now have to try and solve, taxpayers are picking up the cost of president trump's immigration policy. now taxpayers are picking up the cost of another set of policies on trade. this part is -- just in, the trump administration is going to send billions of dollars in aid to u.s. farmers who have been affected by the president's tariffs. >> the announce. of what is called temporary aid will come this afternoon. america's farmers have been paying the price for the trade disputes. we have been telling you, prices for soy beans, corn, wheat, pork and other commodities have plunged. remember this. when you go to the grocery store and see the hamburger meet is
8:42 am
cheaper, you think that's a good thing. it might be a good thing for the counsel super, but for those farmers out there, it's disasterous, the amount of meet they have sitting there. i love to know who approved this. did the white house say let's spend billions to our farmers to help them out here? >> for a problem we started. meanwhile former cia director tweeted it's not only short sighted about but plays into the hands -- i think we have the tweet to put up. we need to be smarter, more sophisticated and more strategic. >> we have to remember in terms of trade, we are not the only game in town. so if we don't want to play ball, these other large countries will step in and do so. when we said we did not want to be tpp, it was not torn up. >> congress has confirmed a new secretary of veteran affairs. we'll break down the many
8:43 am
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get your groove on with one a day 50+. ♪ get ready for the wild life ♪ complete multivitamins with key nutrients that address 6 concerns of aging, including heart health, supported by b-vitamins. your one a day is showing. welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." department of veteran's affairs
8:47 am
is about to get a permanent secretary. senate voted overwhelmingly 86-9 yesterday to confirm robert will can i as the next secretary. he replaces david shill kin who was fired in march. taking over a department that has been plagued with problems for years. >> let's take a look at some of the biggest issues. department of veterans affairs provides health and other benefits to nearly 20 million military veterans. it's the nation's second largest bureaucra bureaucracy. there's a budget battle already under way. the va's proposed budget stands at $199 billion. part of the budget short fall comes from the va mission act of 2018, a massive restructuring of the medical care programs. this law signed last month
8:48 am
consolidates the community care programs and expands veteran access to private doctors. wilkie is already on the defensive. he has promised to oppose the efforts. another problem is the work force. va employs more than 377,000 people with an additional 4,000 working outside the country. former secretary said there are about 45,000 job vacancies. this is a massive organization. joining us now is melissa, the chief policy. good morning. >> good morning. >>. >> you have interacted with him several times. do you think he's up to the task? is. >> i think he's highly intelligent. he's very thoughtful in his connection and wanting tone sure veterans are taken care of but
8:49 am
he certainly has his hands full. >> vacancy, a lot of workers, budget short fall. but if you're an american veteran, a what's your biggest problem with the va now? >> it's access to care. va mission act that supposed to help resolve that, sun set the controversial choice program as you outlined earlier, that's something that our veterans tell us is their biggest challenge, getting va care, getting into the system. that's one of the biggest challenges he needs to reduce along with the suicide rates within our community. he also needs to really heavily focus on suicide prevention. >> seeing all the challenges, why is privatization such a bad move? >> privatization of the va would be disastrous in that it would send millions out in the u.s. health care system costing
8:50 am
upwards offia trilliaons of dol. prosthetics used for amputees and a amputees. there are a lot of things that are germane to the veteran population that the va has specialized in for years and we want to see them continue that specialization. >> your group has worked with the va secretary since 2004. how do you go into this relationship with wilkie and by extension a good relationship with the trump administration? >> we have worked with secretaries and we have worked across the aisle, on the hill, ever since our creation in 2004. we look forward to working with secretary wilkie going forward and meeting with him routinely as other veteran service organizations work with us. we stand shoulder to shoulder with them in working with him. i've personally spoken with him a few times. again, i think he's up to the task. we really hope he'll focus on
8:51 am
imva's big six priorities which include suicide prevention and va reform such as the mission act. we look forward to keeping regular scheduled contact with him. >> it's a very, very big job with very challenges. we wish him luck. melissa, thanks so much, melissa bryant. >> thanks for having me. >> happy made in america week at the white house. the first family is making money selling their products, pretty much none of which are made in america. we'll show you the trump goods from ivanka, the first lady, and donald trump himself, made in india, china, mexico, bangladesh. so no matter what you trade, or where you trade, you'll only pay $4.95. fidelity. open an account today.
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welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." breaking news right now, president trump has just tweeted this. i know you can get tired of link to his tweets. this one is interesting. "i'm very concerned that russia will be fighting very hard to have an impact on the upcoming election." that's news. "based on the fact that no president has been tougher on russia than me, they will be pushing very hard for the democrats. they definitely don't want trump." >> we should remind our audience last week at the press conference, putin said he did want trump to win the election. >> let's say i'm trump, and you're putin. they were next to each other. last week, right? if he had these concerns with russia interfering in the election, he might have mentioned that to the guy standing next to him but he didn't. here's the interesting part of it. he's now twisted this around, after vladimir putin said very clearly that he was supporting
8:56 am
trump and wanted trump to win the election, he says the russians are interfering in the 2018 election on behalf of the democrats. it doesn't get weirder than this. actually it can. >> here's something that's pretty weird, made in america week. while we're waiting for the president to deplane in kansas city, missouri, he and the white house are celebrating made in america week. >> the plane is actually made in america. >> the president wasted no time touting made in america product. >> the president was full of praise for the manufacturing industry anded f ed foamerican . >> we're here to celebrate products made with american heart, american sweat, and american pride. after many years of decline american manufacturing is coming back bigger and better and stronger than ever before. it's happening.
8:57 am
our leaders in washington did nothing. they did nothing. they let our factories leave. they let our people lose their jobs, given to other jobs, workers in faraway lands. that's not free trade. that's fool's trade. that's stupid trade. and we don't do that kind of trade anymore. >> so let's take a closer look at some products made in those faraway lands, products that the president talked about. let's start with those m.a.g.a. had hats. they come from china. they're reportedly sitting in u.s. customs amid tariffs on chinese goods. but those hats are just one of the many trump products not made in america. "the washington post" found in 2016, the president's clothing line including ties, shirts, and eyeglasses, are made in china, bangladesh, honduras, and vietnam. some of his suits are made in mexico and indonesia. the same investigation found trump home items particularly
8:58 am
the trump by doria furniture line, they're made in germany and turkey. other items like mirrors and picture frames come from china and india. hotel items like trump-branded pens come from china and taiwan. things like shampoo and body wash, yes, you can smell like trump, and both towels, they're made in china. beverages, you remember trump vodka, is distilled in the netherlands and produced and sold in israel. "the post" in 2017 looked into ivanka trump's clothing line. many of her shoes are produced in china. as backlash for factory worker conditions, shoe production was reportedly moved to ethiopia, according to "the new york times." those ivanka trump handbags. >> they have to be made here. >> many of those are made in china. first lady melania trump, her jewelry line with qvc, there was a brief period of time when her jewelry line was posted on the
8:59 am
white house website and then taken off, you guessed it, made in china. >> no! >> the president of the united states is saying do as i say, not do as i do. >> i would figure after the first time they tried this made in america week and the first time you presented that to the audience, they would say, maybe we shouldn't have made in america week or maybe the president shouldn't be doing it, maybe someone else who doesn't make stuff elsewhere should be doing made in america week. >> they could take the position let's lead by example. over the last several decades, production manufacturing moved overseas. since they're pushing and pressuring so many companies to do the same a la harley-davidson, they could do that. months ago, the president of ivanka trump's brand said it's not an option for them, they have to focus on the bottom line. we get it, every company has to focus on the bottom line. >> oh, there he is. >> the president is arguing the companies need to focus on the american worker. we're asking the question, well,
9:00 am
sir, and miss ivanka trump, why aren't you? >> because they can't. many of those products actually could be made in america. there is the president arriving in kansas city. >> i'm ali velshi. >> i'm stephanie ruhle. right now we hand you off to our colleague andrea mitchell for "andrea mitchell reports." and right now on "andrea mitchell reports," the president threatens to yank the security clearance of his critics. more than 460 migrant parents separated from their children may have already been deported. msn msnbc's mariana atencio talks to one father who got


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