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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  July 27, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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trump to win. for the record, they still have not corrected the video. the video still leaves out the putin wanted trump part and we thought that was worth noting. that does it for us tonight. i see you back on i will see you back on monday at 6:00 p.m. eastern for my show, the beat. but now it is time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell where katie is in for lawrence. if you have time, i have a quick question for you. >> sure, go ahead. >> yeah? you have time? >> sure. >> i was going to ask you, katie, because i always love talking with you, do you know what is black and white and red all over? >> a newspaper. >> it's a teleprompter. >> wow. you are a very clever man. >> i wish you a fantastic show and a great weekend, my friend. >> ari, good to take it from you for once. instead of me handing off, i get
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to get the awkward moment where you try to throw me off your game. >> i am accustomed to have you toss to me sometimes at 6:00. this time we have slowed down, flipped it and reversed it. >> ari, surrender the flow, my friend.tie turk. amid the civil war between the president and his former lawyer. today the president lashed out at michael cohen after reports that cohen is willing to tell robert mueller that donald trump knew in advance about the 2016 trump tower meeting where the russians promised to deliver dirt on hillary clinton. cohen's account would directly contradict the president's repeated denials that he knew nothing about that meeting. donald trump tweeted this morning i did not know of the meeting with my son don jr. sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated jam. what did donald trump know? the president's story about the
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trump tower meeting has already shifted. his lawyers claimed he was in the involved in a statement falsely claiming the meeting was about adoptions. then they admitted in the memo that he dictated the statement. now the strategy for donald trump is to attack michael cohen to boost the president's credibility. trump allies are gaming on how to bury cohen, according to the daily beast. the first attempt did not go so well. rudy giuliani tried to claim that he is a liar. >> he has been lying for years. there is nobody that i know that knows him that hasn't warned me if his back subpoena against the wall, he's lie like crazy because he's lied all his life. >> the same rudy giuliani said this about michael cohen just a
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few months ago. >> he doesn't have any incriminating evidence about the president or himself. the man is an honest, honorable lawyer. >> cohen's story may be just as dangerous for donald trump jr. as it is for the president. cohen reportedly wants to tell mueller that donald trump learned of the trump tower meeting from don jr. don jr. has already told a different story. >> did you tell your father anything about this? >> no. it was such a nothing. there was nothing to tell. i mean, i wouldn't have even remembered it until you start skouring through the stuff. >> in september, don jr. told the senate judiciary committee that he never discussed the meeting with his father. today a democrat of the judiciary committee said he wants don jr. to come back before the committee to answer questions, again in public,
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regarding cohen's claims. on the same day we learned michael cohen may provide key evidence about potential collusion, "the new york times" reported that robert mueller is examining donald trump's tweets as part of his wide ranging obstruction inquiry. the times reports mueller is scrutinizing trump's tweeted attacks on jeff sessions and former fbi director james comey under a section of the u.s. code titled tampering with a witness, victim or an informant. meanwhile, "the wall street journal" reported that the trump organization's finance chief has been called to testify before a federal grand jury in the michael cohen probe. a former trump organization employee told me allen knows where all of the financial bodies are buried within the trump organization. interesting choice of words there.
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joining us now is jason johnson, politics ed door at the another joining us ruth marcus, and daniel goldman, former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. all three are msnbc contr contributors. donald trump has repeatedly lied in public. it is on the record. we have his statements. we have his contradictions. michael cohen, many would say he's not trustworthy because he worked for donald trump and, i don't know, he sumbly he did
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things that are not truthful for donald trump. we don't have a lot of on the record lies or falsehoods if you want to use that word, from michael cohen. the only one that i can think of is that he told chris cuomo that he wasn't recording him when he actually was. so in the credibility fight, ruth, who do you think is going to have the upper hand? >> well, in the credibility fight you have to ask a few questions. one is who has the greater motive to lie here? one of the things we've learned, say, from robert mueller is if you go to him or his investigators with a false story and lie to them, you are going to get in a lot of trouble. so if michael cohen is not telling the truth here because he is looking for a deal from robert mueller and he peddles an untrue story, he's going to get himself into a heap of trouble. on the other hand, president trump has some motive here to lie because it would be a very big deal, in fact, if, a, he knew about this meeting and if he had been lying to the
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american people about it all along. the second thing, and dan can speak to this, is if you've got a witness who -- or somebody who may have some credibility problems, you are going to look for corroborating evidence. what do the other people who allegedly heard this say? what happened with these phone calls around the before and after the meeting to the blocked number? who were they? what was don jr.'s practice in terms of telling things to his father. it is not a simple he said he said swearing contest. you can bring in other facts to buttress your case. >> one of the things you want to use to assess the credibility of someone is generally people don't lie against their self-interest. so if michael cohen were to get
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on the stand and he were to admit to all sorts of wrongdoing and crimes and he were to say, by the way, these other people did those with me, generally you credit somebody like that because he's admitting to his own criminal conduct. if he's saying, oh, i'm pointing the finger at somebody else. i didn't do it. then that's more speaking in your own self-interest, and there is more motive to lie. >> right now, isn't it in michael cohen's self-interest to go out and claim these sorts of things in order to make it appear that he is more -- he's more of a valuable informant or cooperator, i should say, against donald trump with the special counsel. if he's more valuable to cut a deal with rather than somebody just to try to prosecute. >> it is interesting because we love this. you know, we're sitting on television and michael cohen is saying, oh, donald trump was there. rudy giuliani is saying he's a liar. this normally only happens in a
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courtroom when there is cross-examination and someone calls the cooperating witness a liar. it almost never happens in public. the reason is because most cooperating witnesses are guided by their lawyers and they know to be quiet in public. michael cohen, if he's acting in his self-interest, will be quiet because this is not helping him at all. >> you have a piece in the daily beast today where you say free advice for michael cohen from ex-federal prosecutors, shut up. >> yes. he's not helping his cause by doing this. and to your point about, oh, let's flag this for the sdny or for mueller that i have this information, he doesn't have to do that in public. he has an incredibly able and capable and experienced lawyer who is very used to having these conversations with prosecutors, who are used to having those conversations with defense lawyers. that's the proper way to do it. this is only hurting him. >> regardless, it is getting ugly certainly in public. here is a new report from emily jane fox of "vanity fair." there is an increasing sense inside cohen world that trump's former attorney is ready to torch the man he once vowed to
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take a bullet for, telling allies about a treasure trove of material he could inleash to create headaches for trump. there is a lot more to come, he has said. there is a lot. jason, what do you think of that? >> i mean, the thing is, katie, cohen is really just confirming what most people with common sense would have assumed about president trump anyway. remember, prior to cohen, donald trump used to hang around with rory cohen. if this guy was his fixer, it is highly likely that cohen has all sorts of dangerous information about him that he could reveal. the reason this is playing out in public is, one, a lot of these guys like to get on tv and, two, this has become a large spitting match. there are egos involved. cohen is not any more ethical than trump, but he may have some valuable information. that's why rudy giuliani is out there running his mouth and contradicting himself every day.
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none of these men, whether it's the president, a lawyer for the president, a lawyer protecting himself seem to really respect the rule of law or the norms of how an investigation is supposed to happen. >> the associated press is reporting that the trump tower lawyer, the meeting that was between don jr. is a lot more well connected to the kremlin than she claims to be. she was a ghost writer that received assistance from the interior ministry in a case involving a client. she is not being honest about her involvement with the kremlin. there were problems about the initial statement of what was actually happening at the trump tower meeting. donald trump saying he had nothing to do with it. what else are we going to learn, ruth? can't wait to find out. but, you know, we were told in the original solicitation to donald trump jr. precisely who
10:12 pm
she was. she was identified as a russian government lawyer who was offering information about hillary clinton because the russian government, donald trump jr. was told, wanted to see donald trump elected president. don't need more than that. what would a responsible patriotic person do in a situation like that? they would call the fbi. at the very least they would say no thank you. what did we have? we had this meeting? and then what do we know? donald trump helped to orchestrate a lie about it when it was discovered. then he lied and his people lied, his lawyers lied about whether he was involved in orchestrating that lie. now we need to find out is he lying or telling the truth about whether he knew about the meeting at the time.
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>> guys, we also have something of an anniversary to celebrate. it is now two years to the day that donald trump called on russia to find hillary clinton's missing 30,000 e-mails and then i had this exchange with him. let's look. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> you said the russians -- >> he has no respect. >> you said i welcome them to find those 30,000 e-mails. >> well, they probably have them. i'd like to have them released. >> does that not give you pause? >> no, it gives me no pause. if russia or china or any other country has those e-mails, i'll be happy to see them. >> we know that the investigation really got started to get interesting into the trump campaign and what they had to do with russia because of that exchange because people in the intelligence community were like what is going on, why is he
10:14 pm
saying that? why would donald trump call on russia specifically to find hillary clinton's e-mails. >> prosecutors are trained not to believe in coincidences. that doesn't mean that they don't exist. but you're always skeptical of coincidences. so when you see him say something like that and then it later materializes that russia actually did have those e-mails, you naturally ask yourself what did he know. that is, i'm sure, a significant focus of the investigation. the same is true with this? >> how far is it to make this connection? what proof will they need to make that a definitive connection? >> there will be internal e-mails, memos, text messages? there is all sorts of documentary evidence in this day and age with communications. and that will also be the case as relates to this trump tower meeting. when trump promises a big speech on hillary clinton that is supposed to follow this meeting and then the meeting is a fail and that speech never happens,
10:15 pm
the same kind of thing is going on in both instances. >> daniel goldman, thank you very much. we appreciate it. coming up, president trump and vladimir putin have now invited each other for more talks. but are they talking about how russia is reportedly working to discorrupt the election this fall? >> while president trump is celebrating strong economic news, some republicans are sounding the alarm about the midterms. are you done yet?
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the president is open to visiting moscow. that was what the white house said today in response to russian president vladimir putin, who invited president trump to come to the russian capital for yet another meeting between the two world leaders. not only did this invitation come on the two year anniversary of donald trump's invitation to russia to hack hillary clinton's e-mails, but it also came just hours before president trump met with his national security counsel for their election on security. the white house released a statement saying, quote, the president has made it clear that his administration will not tolerate foreign interference in our elections from any station state or other malicious actors. but nowhere are the words russia or putin, despite the fact that many people in that very meeting
10:19 pm
today have concluded and believe that russia meddled in the 2016 election and that russia will try to meddle in our elections again. in fact, just this week we learned about the first identified target of russian meddling in the 2018 elections. "the daily beast" first reported that the russian intelligence agency behind the 2018 cyber attacks targeted senator claire mccaskill. in a statement, the democratic senator, who is in a tough re-election campaign said, quote, while this attack was not successful, it is outrageous that they think they can get away with this. i will not be intimidated. i have said it before, and i will say it again. putin is a thug and a bully. joining us now, a former cia operative and former independent presidential candidate. also back with us, ruth marcus. a couple days ago, donald trump tweeted the following.
10:20 pm
okay. people probably happy about that. he's saying yes to that. based on the fact that no president has been tougher on russia than me, they will be pushing very hard for the democrats. huh? they definitely don't want trump. vladimir putin last week that he wanted donald trump to win. what is donald trump doing with a tweet like this? >> he's doing what he always does, try to muddy the water. so it becomes a -- >> he's i'm rubber, you're glue. >> absolutely. i know it sounds childish. but actually i think it works. when i say it works, i'm not saying it is a good thing. but what happens is -- and i talk to americans across the country. they're busy. they're getting their kids to school. they're working hard to make ends meet. and what they hear, they get bits and pieces of this back and forth where somebody says the president is doing this thing
10:21 pm
wrong or he's this or he's that and the president uses those same words against them. and people just throw up their hands and say, look, i can't tell what's going on, what's true, what's right, what's wrong. and they give up and turn off. that's one of the most alarming things. it is a seemingly silly tactic that does have an impact, unfortunately. >> last week i was filling in for this show, and i told people what my favorite analogy for trump is, which is he has a white shirt. he gets a stain on his shirt is. instead of changing his shirt because there is a stain there, he's just staining his shirt with whatever he has on hand. and then people look and they say, oh, the shirt is supposed to be like that. >> i heard you say that, and i agree. >> ruth, it is not just the president who is throwing this sort of stuff out. it is now his national security advisor. john bolton, who before this, i
10:22 pm
guess, was a very strong russia hawk. but now he's saying the president believes the meeting should take after the russia witch hunt is over. so we have agreed it will be after the 1st of the year. what is john bolton doing, ruth? >> i first met him many years ago when he was an official at the department of justice whose investigation he was now trashing. and that's just really shameful. i think that comment was one of those audience of one comments we see from administration officials so often. that's just a comment that's sucking up to the president using the kind of language the president likes. but i want to say something. i think everything evan said was right. but i think he's actually being a little too kind to president trump. i know that's not your usual mo, evan, which is in this way. it is not just that it's i am rubber, you're glue. the president is laying the potential predicate when he talks about the russians intervening now on behalf of democrats to do something that he liked to do in the 2016 campaign, which is to complain that it is rigged. so if the democrats win, is it
10:23 pm
going to be because the election was rigged? is it going to be because the russians rigged the election for them? this is a very, very dangerous argument for him to be making. >> i'm glad you brought that up. this is one of the things when we talk about the 2016 election, this is one of those things that people don't remember very well, what donald trump was doing in the last month of the election. we talk about wikileaks a lot. but he was also going out and claiming that there is a global conspiracy run by the media elites trying to keep him out of office and keep the every day man donald trump supporter, the working man down. they are trying to do this because they are trying to protect their special interests. he was saying these dog whistle sorts of things at the end of the campaign. when i read that tweet about they definitely want the democrats, i read it in the same way, which is that this is him laying the ground work for a rigged election because he thinks the democrats have a good chance of winning in the same way that he thought in 2016 he was going to lose and hillary
10:24 pm
clinton was going to win. >> when he wins, it's the biggest, most amazing, most historic victory and, you know, no matter what the popular vote was. but if he loses, he is just going to do everything he can to dismiss the legitimacy of it. and that is actually really what the russians want. they want americans not to be able to trust in their democracy or trust in their elections. and he is aiding and abetting them when he does this. >> this sort of thing is not going to help. current and former officials tell mbc news that 19 months into his presidency there is no coherent trump administration strategy to combat foreign election interference. and no single person or agency in charge in the white house took issue with that. no such strategy has been made public or even mentioned before. evan, they don't -- i mean, they don't seem to have a strategy in place. >> there is not a strategy.
10:25 pm
that's -- there is not a whole of government strategy. individual agencies and leaders within agencies are certainly taking the action that they can take. but the president has certain authorities, authorities to bring these agencies together, authorities to coordinate their efforts, authorities to deconflict their efforts, to make sure they're efficient and effective. without the president's leadership, we can't respond the way we need to respond. >> when the office doesn't fall for the phishing scam, is that just luck? >> is it just luck that she didn't fall for it? >> is it just luck that somebody didn't click on an e-mail? because it was made to look like it was coming from the microsoft server saying you need to change your password.
10:26 pm
the prompt looked legitimate. it just brought you to a fake website where they were able to use that to get into the e-mail. >> sure. >> is it just luck that somebody didn't by chance click on it this time. >> i think everyone is getting smarter, especially in campaigns about needing to protect information. but i would say that i would shy away if i were her, if i were the senate and i'm sure he gets this very well from conclusively stating that she hasn't been effectively hacked. she won't know that until it's too late. that's the reality. so, you know, i'm very concerned. and i think we're going to see -- microsoft has already acknowledged that other 2018 candidates have already been hacked. over time we're going to learn and i have reason to believe that we will, that other candidates in difficult races, democrats in the senate, are being attacked. and the reason for that is they are vulnerable and the result of their elections will impact the
10:27 pm
president and his -- you know, his longevity potential as president if he is impeached in the house. what happens in the senate really matters. it will likely hinge on a couple of races. >> there is also, remember td triple c e-mails that russia was able to get a hold of for the 2016 election that haven't really made an appearance quite yet. so we'll see what happens with that. evan mcmillan and ruth marcus, thank you very much. >> the trump administration went to court today. that is next. >> some republicans are worried that the president will overhype the economic successes because not everyone is feeling the benefits. ask if xeljanz xr is right for you. xeljanz xr is a once-daily pill for psoriatic arthritis. taken with methotrexate or similar medicines, it can reduce joint pain, swelling, and significantly improve physical function. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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actually, that's super easy. my bad.
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the trump administration has missed a court ordered deadline to reunite 2,551 migrant children with their parents. in a show down with the aclu in a san diego courtroom today, the government argued that all eligible children have been reunified. in the hearing the government revealed that 1,820 children have been reunited with their parents. so what are the next steps for these newly reunited families? i cording to the government, 1,000 families could face immeed imimmediate yalt deportation.
10:32 pm
392 families are still being detained and being held in ice custody. this still leaves 650 children the government deems ineligible for reunification because their parents have already been deported. we should never forget these are numbers. these are children. this isn't an accounting exercise. these childrens lived have been changed bicep ration and detainment at the hands of the u.s. government. here are some of those children in their own words. nine-year-old diego told the washington post, i felt like a prisoner. i felt like a dog. >> they always kept the boys and the girls separate and they punished us if they went near each other. they told us to behave or we'd be there forever. >> i didn't cry the first day, but i began crying all the time on the second and third day because i missed my mother. the majority of the other girls in my cell were also crying the whole time i was there. the lights were always on. there were no windows and i didn't know whether it was day or not. i never got to see my mom until we left the facility.
10:33 pm
>> a phone call between a detained seven-year-old boy and his motherin was captured. that boy is seven years old. the aclu has asked the court to block any deportations for seven that boy is seven years old. the aclu has asked the court to block any deportations for seven days upon notice of the family's reunifications. the judge will issue an order on this matter and next steps for
10:34 pm
the 650 children still waiting to be reunited with their families. but at today's hearing the judge noted this problem cannot repeat. what was lost in the process was the family. there has to be a procedure or protocol in place. joining us now from san diego. jacob, what is the latest? >> well, katie, the name of the game was to reunite the 2,551 that the trump administration separated from their parents and put into the cages like the ones i saw down in texas. the reason why i wanted to come down here today to the court in san diego was to see if the trump administration was going to reunite the children beyond those they deemed eligible for reunification, about 1,800 of them. we've been asking them if they had any plans to do so and they wouldn't say to us if they did. it turns out in that courtroom
10:35 pm
today, it became very clear they had no plans to reunite what they called ineligible children only because the judge has said now he will issue an order to reunite 651 ineligible children with their parents, including 431 what he called missing parents, parents that have already been deported outside of this country and can't actually get back in the country in order to be reunited with the kids. that may end up happening at all. that's on top of the 1,000 reunited families that have orders for immediate deportation. that's what that other order is about. we didn't get it today. but we expect it over the weekend or monday to either stay those deportations so the aclu can get to them or not. >> jacob, hold on. when you talk about ineligible parents, i think that word can be a bit confusing. the government is using it to make it a blanket statement. people will assume that that means all of those parents have committed crimes or there is something dangerous involved. is that what that word actually
10:36 pm
means? >> no. absolutely not. let me be clear. the kids in that ineligible category were separated in the exact same way from the people say came with from the kids that were in the el gbl category as well. there is a small group in that category of around 650 at this point of children whose parents have committed some form of crime. we don't know the seriousness of that crime. and that came out today inside the courtroom. the largest portion of that group are the 431 parents that have already been kicked out of the country without the children and the children now are sitting here in the united states with no way to actually get back to those parents and the parents certainly categorically can't come back into this country to be reunited with the children. they are stranded here in the united states at this point. that's all that ineligible really means. >> the aclu is arguing that a lot of those parents that were deported didn't actually understand what they were doing when they signed the waiver for deportation, that they were told
10:37 pm
they were going to be reunified with their kids pretty quickly after they were deported only to realize there is no process in place to get them their kids back quickly. >> for many of these individuals that were fleeing such places at guatemala were not native spanish speakers. even when people were trying to explain the paperwork, they didn't know what they were signing. we have seen cases where a father was promised he was going to be reunited with his child on the airplane only to find his child was not there and he was already in flight. what we're seeing now and hearing is that a lot of nongovernment ngos are going down to find needles in haystacks and identify these parents so they could do the government work to reunite these folks. and katie what i tell you is that the government had no plan. they said they were going to use this as a deterrent. they crafted this to exact pain on people already fleeing horrendous conditions. these folks were trying to defend their families to give
10:38 pm
their kids a better shot and instead of following international asylum laws, this government exacted completely the opposite. the un has said what the government did is violating the rights of the children and we have to figure out how to quickly reunify the parents. >> we rely on the numbers that report this story because we can't get to a lot of these families. they have already been deported. we can't locate them and we can't get to any of the kids. the government has been keeping cameras out, so you don't get to put a face adequately to these stories. i think the problem with that is that you're not getting the full impact of what's going on and what it is like for these children to be inside these detention centers away from i think the problem with that is that you're not getting the full impact of what's going on and what it is like for these children to be inside these
10:39 pm
detention centers away from their parents and how scary that must be. >> katie, some of these children can barely speak. so we are finding stories with the parents saying that the child does not recognize them. it is because they haven't seen them for two, three, four, five months as well. >> thank you very much. and coming up, the economy is doing great according to the president. so why are some republicans still worried? you're trying to lower your very hwith a healthy diet... and exercise. and maybe even, unproven fish oil supplements.
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with 102 days until the midterm elections, president trump took a victory lap today after it was reported the economy grew at a rate of 4.1% in the second quarter. >> we have accomplished an economic turn around of historic proportions. >> that right there would be news to fdr. the associated press said trump's claim is false. said the economy was on the upswing when trump took office in 2017. cnbc john's harwood put today's number in the context of other presidents which shows this quarter would rank fifth best under obama, fifth under bush, 13th under clinton, fifth under george h.w. bush and fifth under reagan. trump also made a prediction based on today's numbers. >> these numbers are very, very sustainable.
10:44 pm
i happen to think we are going to do extraordinarily well in our next report next quarter. i think it is going to be outstanding. >> "the new york times" reports today that economists outside the administration caution the latest acceleration is unsustainable in the long term and could raise the risk that the recovery will flame out in the years ahead. >> trump has to be careful not to overhype this. there are still areas of the country that have not fully come back, and that's trump's constituency. >> today's economic growth numbers, the unemployment rate very low at 4% and the dow above 20,000 indicate that the economy overall is strong and it is where donald trump gets his strongest numbers in the polls. a new poll shows trump's job approval at a dismal 48%.
10:45 pm
but an nbc news wall street journal poll shows a majority of voters 50% approve of the job trump is doing on the economy. that same poll shows voters said the economy and jobs are their number one issue. the old political wisdom says it is the economy, stupid. but does that still apply in the trump era? >> so many things have taken place, but the economy is the strongest ever. i think that's going to have a very positive impact. and i am going to work very hard. i will go six or seven days a week when we're 60 days out and i will be campaigning for all of these great people that do have a difficult race, and we think we are going to bring them over the line. i believe because we're doing so well as a country and with the economy i think we're going to be surprising a lot of people. >> jared and jason join us next. or its sign of intelligence? in crossing harsh terrain... or breaking new ground?
10:46 pm
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10:50 pm
everything is the best or the worst with the president. >> i feel like trump is guy. everybody is the best or the worst with that guy. economists are going to debate whether donald trump deserves any credit or whether it's tally as good as it looks because what you're seeing in wages is not as good as these baseline economic numbers. wages aren't rising. when you talk to most people out there, they're seeing the dow is up and everything is plugging along and unemployment is down. they might say donald trump is doing a great job. look at this be one of our
10:51 pm
recent polls. voters in blue wall state in trump country rate trump on the economy. four in ten voters in all three states. this ismichigan, wisconsin and minnesota say the economy has improved. a fourth say it's not improved. what's breaking through? >> i don't really think the big gdp number that we got today is breaking through in the way that trump and the white house would like it to because we just have this long term structural inequality problem in america. people understand that in the form of their paychecks in they hear gdp is going up 4%. they hear the stock market is going up big time. they recognize their paycheck in real terms has been pretty flat. that doesn't mean people aren't benefitting from a strong labor market. there's more job quantity than quality. given the range of the statistics that you just rattled off, you'd think that the folks impression would be better than it is.
10:52 pm
it's not hurting the president by a long time. it's not as much as it would if it were reaching more people. >> how are the democrats seizing on the message the fight against donald trumps. >> it's about income equality. they will talk about the fight for 15 and those other issues. we have some voted for him because he was a republican. some who voted for donald trump because they wanted change. even those the economy is good, his numbers are still trash. americans are used to a halfway decent economy but see the policies he's engaging in. they see what's happening with
10:53 pm
russia, the kids being locked in cages. that doesn't make people happy during a midterm. if the economy got worse, it would damage trump and the republicans but a good economy is not enough to save them this fall and not enough to save this president. >> donald trump's win is attributed to economic anxiety. is that a word that was mask something else that's still there? >> that is a word that was masking something else. as somebody teaching in ohio at the time, donald trump support ran across all socieconomic levels. this was about ethnic identity. this was a certain swath of american voters who think that changing demographics in america is dangerous and wanted someone to fight back against the obama era. the idea of economic anxiety is the greatest strength of this president's it's never been true. what we will see and if this is a non-sustainable economic growth that we're having, if the
10:54 pm
economy goes back, we can imagine his number will go into the 20s. >> one number that's not good for donald trump is the deficit. trump's tax cuts are causing a trillion dollar deficit. the new york times has a new article about it. what is the deficit going to mean for regular folks? >> probably not nearly as mump -- much as you might think. people put the deficit really low on their list. what matters is kind of what's showing up in your paycheck and how you feel about the general economy. inflation is very real to people. that's been ticking up lately, by the way. in terms of budget deficit where that might show up is in the following lane. somewhere out there, nobody knows where is the next
10:55 pm
recession, the next downturn. what you're going to hear from the congress is we put too much spending on the credit card, the debt to gdp ratio getting close to 80% and we can't afford an economic terms, you don't have the fiscal space. so i think at the end of the day, the deficit isn't going to resonate until perhaps in a downturn when congress points and said here is why we can't help you. >> thank you very much. tonight's last word is next. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla.
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♪ it's so hard to believe ♪ but it's all coming back me. ♪ baby, baby, baby. all you can eat is back, baby. applebee's. now for the good news, the
10:59 pm
mimi johnson little league team beat the capital hill little league to win the district of columbia championship. the tournament has been held for 31 years. it's the first all african-american team to win. the team was established in 2015 for boys and girls in ward 7, an economically challenged area of washington. one of three women added to the roster in 1953 as a novelty. she turned out to be a star. johnson died this year at age 82. before the big game tuesday the boys made sure to make it clear who they played for. they cheered. >> i used to think, i know i can't do this because they wouldn't let the white boys play
11:00 pm
with the black boys, you know. the black boys not players so i'm not going to make it there. i kept playing and playing. i said one day i'm going to play baseball.tonight's last word. "the 11th hour" with brian williams starts right now. tonight, the president swears he did not know about that trump tower meeting in advance, while someone close to michael cohen tells "vanity fair" cohen is sitting on top of a treasure trove of damaging information and "there's a lot more to come." for the tenth straight time the president ignored questions from reporters and that's since the trump-cohen tape came out on tuesday. donald trump's first ever national security council meeting on the topic of election safety was convened today hours after the president was invited to moscow by vladimir putin. all of it as "the 11th hour" gets under way on a friday night.