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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  July 28, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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light filtered through the earth's surrounding atmosphere. one of the best images of this eclipse was taken, and this is really no fair, by a german astronaut who happens to be one of only six humans who are closer to the moon
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>> i am not worried because i
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if it was what you say, i love it. the question has always been did candidate donald trump know about the meeting before it happened? did he know about it soon after? and the answer from the white house has always been no. not before, and not shortly after. the man at the top of the campaign was totally in the dark. and now, trump's former lawyer appears to be prepared to blow it out of the water. and if what he is saying is true, exposes the president with lying. it could mean much, much more. a knowledgeable source tells nbc news the -- told by his son before it happened. cnn's reporting adds that cohen alleges that he was present along with others when trump was informed. the source of this story i
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should note is unclear who is exactly divulging that cohen is prepared to say this. rudy giuliani was on hand to denounce michael cohen as a liar. >> i expected something like this from cohen. lying for years. i don't know how he has any credibility. >> how does my client's former attorney have any credibility. the president said tweeting a denial said quote, i did not know of the meeting with my son don jr., sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories get out of a jam. failed to tell his own father about this meeting. a few days before the meeting
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the russian business man who set it up. he says he does not recall. we don't know who was on the other end of the line. just a day later, after the meeting has been confirmed and scheduled on the promise of clinton dirt, just after that gets confirmed and put into the schedule, suddenly, candidate trump promises a major news speech on hillary clinton. >> i am going to give a major speech on probably monday of next week. and we are going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the clintons. i think you are going to find it very informative. and very, very interesting. >> so two days later, the trump tower meeting happened. and a year later reporting the e-mails. false, constantly changing stories about the nature of the
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meeting. washington post report that president trump's dictated his son's report of the meeting. special counsel robert mueller and donald trump jr. reportedly seen. congressman, do you think michael cohen is credible? >> i do. and if michael cohen is telling the truth, it means there is at least three felonies of what he is about to say. first, donald trump conspired with a foreign power to influence the election. and donald trump went ahead and lied about the meeting. and third, trump junior lied to congress.
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these are potential criminal felonies. that is why the mueller investigation needs to proceed. >> there is always a striking thing that happened on the house side in these investigations in these matters, which is they never got their hands on the phone records. never subpoenaed the phone records placed to an unknown meeting. is that something you would like to see as a member of congress. >> i am a former prosecutor and if there was an allegation and i did not subpoena those records, i would have been fired. it was clear that they were not interested in trying to find evidence of collusion. trying to do a whitewash of what happened.
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and i think history will not judge them kindly. >> reporting yesterday about senator claire mc mccaskill. we are told it lasted 30 minutes. so very concerned about what is going to happen. >> you started off this interview by nodding to possible crimes committed if it is in
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fact true, the president knew about the meeting. and there are people on the right and defenders of the president saying even if it is true, even if the president knew about it, it is fine. it is fine to get derogatory information about your opponent. >> know it is not. robert mueller indicted a large number of russian operatives. my view is he is doing that to tell the americans a story that it is illegal to influence american elections. and if an american whether it was trump junior or donald trump himself conspired with the russians to do that, they would also be guilty of conspiracy to influence these elections. it is absolutely a crime. >> as a former prosecutor, you are saying these indictments are never going to be rendered to the u.s. you are saying that you view that as sort of setting the predicate.
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that might also involve others. >> that is correct. so conspiracy means that you didn't necessarily complete the act. you helped complete the act. so if they helped in any way of what the russians were doing. they would be guilty of conspiracy. >> thank you. i am joined by legal analyst paul butler, natasha ber trand. paul butler, natasha bertrand. if true, there is circumstantial reason to be this is possible, it is likely he told his dad about this meeting. if it is true, what is the significance of it? >> it is huge.
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it places trump himself at the center of efforts by a foreign power to interfere in the election and that adds to the complete picture. and trump's willingness to accept help from the russians. you have to look back at the time line. a lot of weird things going on in the beginning of june. june 3rd is when donald trump jr. received this e-mail. in and of itself made the whole thing obvious because he never gave the speech. >> that is a key part of this. >> and june 8, you had before the day of the trump tower meeting, you had d.c. leaks that was going it release all of the hacked dnc e-mails.
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>> i want to be clear on that. an amazing detail that has emerged. june 8th. the next day is the trump tower meeting. >> correct. that time line and all of this evidence put together is what prosecutors are going to be looking at. going to say these were probably separate events. they are going to try to string them together. a lot of circumstantial evidence. >> first a caution. michael cohen is a shady character who wants to snitch in order to keep himself out of prison. so everything he says has to be taken with skepticism. that said, president trump's version of events is even harder to believe. all of these coincidences, you
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would have to believe that again, manafort, trump jr., jared kushner didn't tell him about the meeting. why is he lying about it. you don't try to cover up things that are on the up and up. so mueller has probably already done the most important corroboration which is of the phone records. >> that's right. >> the congressional republicans may not have gotten and we can be certain that mueller has it. if trump junior was lying about that, he is getting charged with perjury. and mueller uses that to squeeze the president of the united states. >> that is very interesting. 20 times that trump and his allies denied that the president knew. everyone has denied this. consistently, over and over on the record. all of them. if that is a lie, they lied in a lot of circumstances. there is a key point which is about the credibility. this is a strange thing that we
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are watching unfold that i can't make sense of. if you are trying to get a cooperating deal, you would stay silent. what do you make on that part of it? >> it makes no sense strategically. if you want to get a deal with mueller, or with the southern district, the best is to remain quiet. the explanation that has been floated that maybe the trump team had leaked this. i don't know how the trump team would know that he was ready to testify unless cohen had gone to trump and gone the people around him and said, look, i am ready to testify on this unless you are ready it help me out. which would raise a lot of other questions. the one thing that i could think of, i represented people before that are in legal trouble and they feel battered down. if they feel their reputations
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is being dragged through the mud, they want to fight back publicly. the attorney in that case is saying no, don't do that. take your time. you will have your time to tell the prosecutors. and we will tell our story eventually. not his lawyer, his lawyer spokesman is telling him something else or maybe michael cohen is doing it on his own. >> michael cohen does show up in the dossier, the infamous dossier as the person who takes over russian collusion portfolio, there is too much heat on manafort and flies to prague. he denies this. and later, mcclatchy reporting. and no one has reported this, so i have no idea this is true or not. but two sources familiar with
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the matter said he did in fact do this. made a trip to prague during the presidential campaign. if that is true, we are at the center of the whole thing if in fact cohen would talk to mueller. >> if cohen has decided that he is willing to talk to bob mueller. >> there is reporting saying someone close, saying he is ready to talk about it. >> so if that is the case, and you know, michael cohen was pretty much central to this dossier, dispatched to prague to clean up the mess. >> again, allegedly. >> allegedly dispatched to pay off the russian hackers, that would be consistent with his lifetime role as fixer. if he were talking about things that he witnessed during the campaign or trying to lessen his sentence.
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then that would open pandora's box. >> the most implausible thing to me is that the cover story of all participants, including the russians who were present who have spoken is that there is this huge build up in which the senior meeting of the campaign set up a meeting where they promised dirt and the meeting takes a weird turn and they don't get the dirt and they talk about the adoption and nobody says anything about it again. >> again, use your common sense. the day before president trump promises at this campaign rally, you are going to hear some good stuff about hillary next week. and then they have the meeting and the dirt doesn't come out. and the speech that the president promised, it never happens. when jurors use their common
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sense, there is not going to be a criminal trial of the president yet. maybe after he leaves office. again, that is the rule that mueller is following. in terms of impeachment and in terms of evidence of criminality, that is a smoking gun. >> and it goes, the other part of that to me, again, you have got on record, you have this meeting, we know the meeting happened. it is possible the president knew and possible michael cohen knew. no one says word one as they watch the russians interfere over and over in the election. having been told that in e-mail, the russian government wants your dad to win. >> and natasha talked about this one event. pull back and remember, they were told, george papadopoulos
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was told in april, that the russians had obtained hillary clinton's e-mails. so i suspect they go in that meeting suspecting they are going to get hillary clinton's e-mails. they think it is still coming. public you see donald trump. who to believe, the president or his fixer or neither. lies, lies and more lies, next. we all want to know about the new thing.
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you know, the new, new thing. with xfinity's retail stores, you can now see the latest. want to test drive the latest devices? be our guest. want to save on mobile? just ask. want to demo the latest innovations and technology? do it here. come see how we're making things simple, easy and awesome. plus, come in today and ask about xfinity mobile. a new kind of wireless network designed to save you money. visit your local xfinity store today. first we heard a secret recording of donald trump and michael cohen talking about a hush money payment. and then we learn michael cohen is willing to testify that donald trump was on russian collusion. and now according to the beast, the two are dead to each other. ongoing public possibly to the career death feud between the president of the united states and his former personal lawyer. both of them have substantial
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credibility issues. whose story we are about to believe. and cohen is presumably pursuing cooperation agreement that is usually done in quiet. betsy, so your reporting indicates we are seeing this play out in public because these two men are now caught in existential death match and what you see is what you get as they play this out in public >> existential death match is a goods way of putting it. what we have seen unfold and sort of reach a breaking point is a final unfixable riff between michael cohen and his former boss.
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and important to take a step back and put it in context. michael cohen spent most of his career presenting himself as the watchdog of trump. as somebody who would go to the mat for him. recently as several months ago, said he would jump out of a building for him and now we have seen a shift. the break is unfixable. michael cohen has resolved himself and is making peace with the fact that he is never going to have a relationship with trump again. he can't go back and this is done. at the same time the president has accepted and is very much ready for this project that his outside allies are going to under take of trying to nuke michael cohen's credibility. so we are going to see the president's outside allies do
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everything in their power to undermine him. >> we saw yesterday, rudy giuliani saying michael cohen has been a liar his whole life. which is hilarious because rudy giuliani called him honest just a few months ago. you reported on trump for years, and what do you make of it? >> well, michael cohen clearly has done as betsy has done it, a complete break here and he is a terrible threat to donald. because donald tears up his documents. this guy kept records. audio recordings and memos to the files, those are powerful information to juries. and the fact that you have lied about something, i bet you have told your children that yes, there is an easter bunny or a santa clause or whatever. >> i am not michael cohen, though, david. >> okay.
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>> i want to be clear about the credibility issues of this individual who i am not prepared to take at safe value. >> no less than all sorts of criminals who rudy giuliani used to convict other criminals. because michael cohen has been lying and hiding things for trump, that that is going to reduce his credibility, maybe in the court of public opinion, but it won't in a courtroom. >> betsy, can i give you a paranoid feeling that i keep having. and you can talk me out of it. i keep having this feeling that there is a professional set up. a weird public set up that something is happening behind the scenes that i am not seeing. is that paranoid? >> i think you are probably giving too much credit to the
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president's legal team here. the idea that rudy giuliani is puppet mastering some sophisticated effort. although, i don't think that is what is happening. rather what is happening is we are seeing this bare knuckle brawl between two lawyers, rudy giuliani and lanny davis. both of whom have a deep affection for the spotlight and for media attention. and also deeply loyal to their clients. and are embroiled in a legal battle and a public affairs battle. the likes of which have been seen. and a lot of weird stuff is happening. and sometimes weird stuff happens just because it is weird
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and not because there is necessarily some sort of complex back story going on. i haven't received indicators of that. it is possible but based on my reporting, i haven't seen evidence. >> it is happening in public because people around this love going on television. which is true and david, through trump's career, he has wriggled out of severe liability. >> a man who beat four federal grand juries when he was a young man. his skill of getting away from law enforcement is extraordinary. he has never had to deal with someone the likes of bob mueller. >> also hasn't had, and i want to close quickly by your sense of alan wiseleberg's account. >> he is the number one threat to donald. now i may want to take the fifth amendment in which case, they are going to grant him immunity.
12:27 am
but he has been with the family, the trump organization since fred trump ran it with his business partner identified by law enforcement as a front for the gambino mafia families. donald trump once told, when he found out that the vice president for finance is black, i don't want black guys touching my money, i only want short guys in yamacas. that is a guy who can deliver up the facts, the details. >> thanks for joining us. the deadline to return the children expires. with hundreds of kids ineligible for reunification. where are they? the latest on that, next.
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today the trump administration appeared in front of a federal judge and argued they had met the deadline. 1,820 kids have been reunited with their parents or placed with a family member or sponsor. that means 650 children ineligible. jacob silveroff was inside that court today. thank you for joining me. lee, let me start with you, your
12:32 am
headline take away of where things are stand now. >> we are pleased that this many children are now in their parent's arms. the headline is there is still a lot of children that haven't been reunified. parents missing. and the judge left no doubt that they are going to stay on the government until it happens. we need a continuation of the stay of removal. whether they are going to fight for their asylum or they are going to allow the child to stay behind, they need counseling from lawyers. there has been so much trauma inflicted on these families that explaining their legal options under normal circumstances is almost impossible.
12:33 am
so asking the judge to continue a stay of removal. >> jacob, what does ineligible mean? >> that's a great question. and something that people have not only been asking me, but what the judge was asking the trump administration. we have to go through 650 people including people who have some sort of criminal conviction may have been deported already outside of the united states. if we can get them back together, the judge was emphatic about that, chris. and we asked the judge about this, what makes them ineligible. and the judge said these are missing parents that should be together with their children as of right now. he said he is going to issue an order laying out the ground rules for the government to work with lee and the aclu.
12:34 am
find these parents. also figure out something to get the 1,000 parents that now have final orders of removal. 1,000 of reunited parents that could be deported any minute. and what to do with these parents. they put these people back together but 1,000 might be kicked out immediately. >> are you confident the judge is going to say, you don't just get to call it quits, this other 650 plus, the government will cooperate and adhere to that court order. >> absolutely, the judge is not going to let them off the work. made it clear that he is issuing new deadlines to get us information on this. the government fought back today in court and said we don't want to be under deadlines.
12:35 am
and i don't think the judge is going to stand for that. he is going to set new deadlines. and he is going to ask what is being done to find these parents. >> i want to be clear about this, some of these questions, comprehensive list of allegations of sexual assault, and sexual molestation of minors. some of these facilities, under the obama administration, the nation -- put in as an unaccompanied minor and then sexually abused, signing a form concerning that she understands it is her responsibility to stay away from her abuser.
12:36 am
>> that is the thing, right now the onnous is on lee and the aclu to go through these cases that have not been reunified and figure out were they wrong. in a report that was just absolutely mind blowing and the idea that the government wants to put the onus on the outside organization or agencies or ngos in order to protect the children, when you hear the circumstances like we heard today in this report, even goes further than that. >> lee, what are the next steps now for the aclu? >> the next steps are to immediately get the people who are in detention reunified, counseling, people who mistakenly waved the right. the government doesn't seem to have a plan so we are contacting ngos all over the world to help us.
12:37 am
we need to find these parents. these children are suffering every single day. the stories we have been hearing from the ground about the reunified families, parents not recognizing their children they have lost so much weight. the parent and child weeping all the time. the child feeling the parent let them town. it is heart breaking and the most amazing thing that came out of the hearing today, is that we know that parents didn't understand the forms they signed and mistakenly signed away their kids. the judge asked the government can't we at least agree that those parents have the right to get their kids back. that is shocking. >> two things that have been haunting me.
12:38 am
one is several bits of reporting that immigration officials informing kids that their parents opted to be separated. lying to them. and say their parents abandoned them. i keep seeing these pictures of reunited families. parents smiling. and these vacant looks. you can see it in front of you. it is not over. thank you so much for joining me. >> thank you, chris. >> 102 days until november 6. and donald trump is having an unprecedented effect that could tip the balance of washington. first, thing one, thing two, next.
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thing one tonight, this was supposed to be manafort week with the start of the trial. but the judge granted a last minute delay to give manafort's lawyer more time to review documents. in the meantime, paul manafort has been sit anything a virginia jail in solitary confinement.
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>> they are putting him in solitary confinement which sounds like russia than the u.s. i don't know, i am not sure. i have -- well, i shouldn't say it. >> then don't say it. >> say it. i want to know. fact check. we use a lot of solitary confinement here in the u.s. we don't know if paul manafort has flipped. we do know he isn't singing. and we know that because today we found out he wasn't able to bring his $18,000 karaoke machine with him. with the largest selection of audiobooks. audible lets you follow plot twists off the beaten track. or discover magic when you hit the open road. with the free audible app, your stories go wherever you do. and for just $14.95 a month you get a credit, good for any audiobook. if you don't like it exchange it any time. no questions asked. you can also roll your credits to the next month if you don't use them. so take audible with you this summer...
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million dollars in less than two years on lawn mowing and hedge cutting. paul manafort spent $18,000 on a karaoke set up. it only set him back $500. but got the $950 song package. two microphone stands. and a touch screen remote. all sounds like a sweet set up to me. i would absolutely pay to watch him sing confessions. i'm alex trebek here to tell you
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thank you very much. >> thank you everybody. >> thank you. >> did michael cohen [ inaudible ]. >> mr. president, were you [ inaudible ]. >> the president has ignored questions from reporters ten times. only one reporter who tried to get answers from the president
12:50 am
was later banned from a white house event. the man behind that decision is bill shine. multiple lawsuit the allege that bill shine repeatedly covered up for the sexual harassment, blackmail of roger ailes. there was one news but there was one place that gave him a job. the white house. that would be a place for a man who has been accused of everything from unwanted comments and more. rob porter, even though administration knew for months about accusations of domestic violence by two ex-wives including one who sought a retraining order and one who said the reporter gave her a black eye. that's what you see right there. in completely unrelated news, quinnipiac has a new poll out about the stop youing differences between men and we will. men prefer republicans by a slim
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this year's elections shaping up to make political history for women. on the differences between how men and women vote for candidates, davis dave lawson tweeted, as of this week, dems have nominated women in 85 of the 179 of '18 house races. the gop, 17%. here to help analyze the ramifications of a widening gender gap, my guests. margie, we're used to splits in dem graphings, college, noncollege, weekly church attendance, race, ethnicity. my sense is there has never been a gender partisan split like what we are seeing now. is that true?
12:55 am
>> well, there's been a gender gap since 1980. so this is not new. what is new, i think, is how pervasive this is. it is not just about women voters. the quinnipiac poll you mentioned is. there's a poll a few week bag shows that trump doesn't respect womens which pretty astounding. we are seeing this surge in women candidates which is incredible. it is so pervasive. up and down the ticket. not just congressional races, how well they're doing, how excited people are. and the continued anticipation of women voters relative to republicans in their primaries. which are far more evenly divided between men and women. women don't emerge as much as the statistic that you showed and there are fewer of them. fewer women running and supported on the right. and the sailence of women's
12:56 am
issues like abortion which is more of a driver on the left than i think sometimes people think. conventional wisdom. if you put all of that together, it does make it astounding and unique. >> you've been writing about it. i'm convinced, this is the central axis of this election. >> it is astonishing. often when i'm in new york i can spiral into a deep pit of despair. then i go out, women who have never been particularly active before or maybe voted in elections but didn't go door knocking. now these women, they just live and breathe politics. they feel this so deeply, right? i mean, a lot of people across this land who find trump to be repellent but it hits women especially hard. the other part is the female candidates.
12:57 am
when i've spoken to political candidates, they will say women are less likely than men to aspire to political office. they run for specifying reasons or they run because they want to do a specifying thing. so just the -- so donald trump has given all these excellent candidates who maybe otherwise would have never thought about running for office, a reason to step up. because people really do feel like this is such an existential threat. >> it is against the back lash of both the president's behavior, bill shine being brought into the white house which strikes me as absolute insult to people who take this seriously. he was chased out of a place because of covering up allegedly years of sexual harassment. the women you talk to, does that get them? is there a visceral part of this? >> absolutely. they cannot believe this person is president. something i hear from women a lot. they'll tell me unprompted, my kid is 4. she'll be 8 when he leaves office. and they'll think about what the
12:58 am
fact of having this man, there administration is kind of a form i have the experience for their child. what that will do to their understanding of american leadership. what that will do to their understanding of men. people are disgusted. >> you mentioned women's issues, abortion being one of them. and i wonder bhauth the fact, this is the gender gap right now, around 20, 25 points, particularly among young women. it is really, really wide. what a big hearing that highlights the possibility of roe being overturned will do to that as we head toward the mid terms. >> we did a poll, the national abortion rights action league of suburban women who live if battle ground dlikts other are not strong partisans. neither strong democrats or strong republicans. not only are these women, no matter how we ask, they say they support abortion rights. they say democrats more likely
12:59 am
to stay republicans in this group that they are, they want to know how the next supreme court justice feels with abortion. and this is hugely important issue. we've had other work, looking at supreme court, the next pick, the next nominee. and people say they don't want a court out of balance. they don't want a court that's too political. that just moves things fargth to the right and infects yet another branch with this political divide. it is going to be a really big issue. >> the optics, too. >> it is not clear yet how endangered roe is but it is going to be. >> absolutely. thank you for being here. before we go, time for my nightly remind better my podcast, why is this happening, which folks seem to be reviewing. it is like wtf for news junkies and i'm here for it. anyway, we're really proud of the podcast. our latest episode is on housing with georgio angelini. you can download and it
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subscribe wherever you get your podcast. ari melber, congratulations. >> my show a baby and there's it was very exciting. >> they met in vegas. a professional poker player. >> he said he was making good money at it. >> a former trapeze artist. she fell for him. but she didn't gamble on this. >> i could smell the odor of decay and blood. >> or this. >> at every turn there was another woman.