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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 5, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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with thanks to my friends who stepped in and allowed me to step away for a bit, that is our broadcast for this post labor day tuesday night. thank you so very much for being here with us. good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york. an explosive new book about the trump white house is making waves in walk. journalist bob woodward is painting a fortress of chaos inside the white house. the administration is hitting back. plus a contentious first day of confirmation for judge kavanaugh, bickering breaks out before questions start. tropical storm gordon makes landfall, drenching southern states with heavy rains and high winds. ♪
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good morning, everyone, it is wednesday, september 5th. we got a lot to get to, including another big upset in a primary race. but first, fear has struck in washington. that's the title of bob woodward's new book, which describes in part, why the president's lawyers are so adamant against an interview with special counsel robert mueller. the book provided by abc by a source alleges in the white house on january 27ing, the president's then personal attorney john dowd pep perred trump with questions ab the russia investigation, provoking stumbles, contradiction and lies until the president eventually lost his cool. dowd said, don't testify, it's either that or an orthopedic jump suit, if it's decision time, you're going to go forward. i can't be with you. i think the president of the united states cannot be seen taking the fifth. no, no, no i'm a good witness. i'll be a real good witness,
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trump added. dowd knew this was self delusion. you are not a good witness, dowd said. trump had one overriding problem that dowd knew but could not bring himself to say to the president. you're an -- liar. the book describes march 5th dowd and jay seculo met with the special counsel and his deputy, where dowd and seculo reenacted dowd's practice session. i'm not going to sit there and let him look like an idiot, dowd said the guys overseas are going to say, i told you he was an idiot. i told you he was a dam dumb bell. what are we dealing with this idiot for. john, i understand, mueller replied, according to woodward, dowd quit later that month. he wrote, there was no so-called practice session or reenactment of a interview at the special counsel's office. this as they move to limit the scope of a presidential
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interview. according to two people, the special counsel will accept written answers from the president on questions about russian interference in 2016. yet on another significant aspect of the investigation, whether the president tried to obstruct the inquiry, itself, mr. mueller and his investigators understood that issues of executive privilege could complicate their pursuit and did not ask for written responses on that matter. now, allies of the president, like senator lindsey graham said the decision showed mueller is backing off. >> it's pretty hard to read the tea leaves there, but i've seen no evidence of collusion. the fact that they would take written responses to collusion shows you pretty much there is no collusion. >> the president said several reasons he thinks this special counsel probe is illegal. number one, there was no crime. number two, the president said, quote, everybody was conflicted, including mueller. number three, he says, mueller
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is jim comey's best friend. adding quote, ki give hundreds of pictures of them hugging and combination each other. the reason why he gives it's illegal is mueller quote hates him. on the conflicted part the president was referring to the fact that the day he interviewed mueller, mueller took the position as special counsel the president cites a real business dispute with mueller, which appears to be a past issue over golf club fees. bob woodward's book sheds light on the thinking of one member of the administration who has stayed out of the white house drama, that is defending is jim mattis. during a national security counsel meeting on the korean peninsula, woodward says trump asks, what do we get by maintaining the korean peninsula, why are we even friends with south korea, per woodward, mattis responded we
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are doing this to prevent world war iii, suggesting he was risking nuclear war. mattis' message was clear, stop bee-bee around with this. this isn't some business gamble if you happen to go bankrupt or whatever it's not a big deem. after that meeting mattis was particularly exaspirated and alarmed, telling close associates that the president acted like and had the understanding of quote a fifth or sixth grader." on the subject of another foreign crisis, syria, woodward writes after bashar al-assad used chemical weapons on his own people, trump called mattis and told him that he wanted to assassinate the leader, let's [ bleep ] kill him, kill a lot of them. yes, mattis responded and hung up and told a senior aide, quote, we're not going to do any of. that we're going to be much more measured. he had the pentagon prepare
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airstrikes as options on syrian military positions, which is president later ordered. now in a statement, mattis attributes, saying, in part, quote the contemptuous words about the president attributed to me in woodward's books were never uttered by me or in my presence. this is a uniquely washington brand of literature and his anonymous sources do not lend credibility. in serving in thissed a men strikes, the idea that i would show contempt for the elected commander in chief, president trump or to him rate disrespect to the office of the president within our department of defense is a product of someone's rich imagination. president trump sent several tweets rejecting the claims in bob woodward's books saying it has already been refuted by general secretary of defense james mattis and gem chief of staff, john kelly. their quotes were made up frauds a con on the public, likewise
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other stories and quotes. notice timing for his part, woodward said i stand by my reporting and released the 11 minute phone call with trump last month. in which he informed the president of his efforts through multiple aides to secure an interview. >> sorry, we missed the opportunity to talk for the book. >> well, i just spoke with kellyanne and she asked me if i got a call. i never got a call. i never got a message. who did you -- who did you ask about stoopeaking to me? >> they don't tell me. >> senator -- i talked to kellyanne about it two-and-a-half months ago. she came for lunch. >> well, it's too bad. i'm just hearing about it. i did hear from lindsay, i'm just hearing about it. so we're going to have a very inaccurate book. that's too bad. i don't blame you entirely. accurate is nobody has done a
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better job than i'm dock as president. >> joining me now world news editor for axios, dave waller in washington, d.c., good to have you on this wednesday morning. let's take a little about the impact these explosive new details are stirring up within the white house, quite honestly in washington, d.c. what are you hearing? >> yes, so now there is this pushback. now there is woodward as a dem operative. he used anonymous sources. initially there is what seems to be shell shock, i guess. we didn't get 18 response in the first couple hours. it was kind of lingering out there. i think a part of that is this isn't michael wolf. this is bob woodward. somebody who has a long track record, president trump, himself praised in the past. he's a tougher guy to push back and accuse of making things up. but now the wheels have turned into motion. i think mattis and kelly's deny yams were a big part of. that but in the white house a lot of people talked to woodward, right? so privately, i'm sure they're
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concerned about what they told him, what the reception of the book is going to be. but now we are getting this public defense. >> so one of the things that we constantly hear about the president. he has said this in the past, he doesn't like to prepare very much before big meetings or the big debates we used to see on the campaign trail, even meetings leak the north korea one with the national security counsel. if true, what are these claims of him practicing for a mueller sit down imply? >> right. so in woodward's telling, dowd the lawyer, thinks that this practice session was a disaster. trump corrected himself. you know, he said things that wouldn't hold up in a legal proceeding. but that's not really how trump tends to you 52 these kind of interactions. he's talked about you get me in the room with people, whether it's kim jong-un or bob mueller, i can convince them and bring them around to my point of view.
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now, that might work in a personal interaction, but what mueller was more interested in is the transcript. it's what he actually said and the facts of the case and that's something that certainly trump's lawyers are worried that he had difficulty with. >> it will be interesting to see, if, pacific, that interview goes forward. thank you very much. i'll talk to you in a bit. stick around for us. the morni this morning, parts of the gulf coast were hit by tropical storm gordon late last night. it did not intensify to a category 1 hurricane. it killed a young child in spence e pensacola, florida. gordon is not expected to cause anything like the catastrophic destruction like last year's major hurricanes. the governors of alabama, louisiana and mississippi have declared states of emergency and urge residents not to take this storm lightly. with that, let's get a check on your weather with meteorologist
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bill kierans. bill, what's the latest on this storm? >> it didn't become a hurricane. estimated wednesday were 70 miles on the border the highest gusts i saw were 62 miles per hour. there wasn't a lot of significant wind damage. he had power outages and a little storm surge about 2 to 4 feet the heaviest rains continue with this band up the gulf, a tornado watch up for this area. that's the biggest issue right now. we will track the rain, center of the rain is up here in central portions of the mississippi the biggest will be in the way of flash flood warnings, that's where flash flood warnings continue. you can see the path is going to take today in mississippi and arkansas. the biggest threats will be rainfall. it has this ban today from mobile to pensacola, up to 5 miles of rainfall. that the biggest problem.
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tonight into tomorrow, we will see areas of mississippi and southern arkansas, up to five inches of rainfall. that's the biggest concerns out of that. there are other problems today. it's not just what happened with gordon, its still very hod in the northeast. we got 30 million people under heat advisories. we have bad flooding in wisconsin, too, not just gordon. >> one of the things i remember last year is there were so many hurricanes. they came one after another. we are in the peak right now. it's early to say. what are the weather patterns heading to the south coast in the coming day, or weeks? >> florence would be the next threat. >> that would be ten days from now. we don't know if that will come out to sea. we're getting a little break for six to seven days. you expect these storms in december. one after another. that's when we got hit last year, tooch gordon, there will be clean up. >> a difficult situation along the gulf coast. thank you, guys. still ahead, democrats are
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poised to grill brett kavanaugh. plus, another major upset a progressive candidate ousts a ten term candidate in massachusetts. we will have those stories and much, much more when we come right back.
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he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. . when it was their president, kavanaugh was right. when you talk about roe v. wade, it's okay to prom tis nation it will never be overturned. it's okay to pick a democratic staff member of this committee but it's not okay to pick somebody who has been a life long republican. people see through this. you had a chance and you lost. few want to pick judges from your way of thinking then you better win an election. >> welcome back, everyone, judge brett kavanaugh's confirmation
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hearing, a rough effort. capitol police say they arrested 70 protesters on the first day of the hearing. at least 61 were removed from the room where the senate members were delivering opening statements. those statements were delayed by more than an hour as democrats on the committee repeatedly tried to postpone kavanaugh's confirmation hearing. >> mr. chairman, we received 42,000 documents that we haven't been. >> and everyone else joining us today. >> last night. we believe this hearing should be postpone sfwld i know it's an exciting day for all of you here. you are rightly proud. >> mr. chairman, if we cannot be recognized, i move to adjourn. >> the american people. >> mr. chairman, i mof to adjourn. >> directly from judge kavanaugh. >> we cannot possibly move forward, mr. chairman with this hearing. what. >> what is the rush? what are we trying to hide by not having the documents out front? >> so president trump weighinged
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in on yesterday's protest in an interview saying i am amazed that people allow the interruptions to continue. adding there are just some people that just keep screaming. coming up on "morning joe" senator ben sass will talk about the hearings. a father kil sparkland shooting refuso kavan fred gutenberg whose 14-year-old daughter jamie was killed in douglas stoneman tried to reach out, you can see him extengd his hand there trying to shake hands with the judge. he tweeted. just walked up to judge kavanaugh as morning session ended. put out my hand to introduce myself as jamie guttenberg's dad. he pulled his hand back. turned his back to me and i guess he didn't want to deal with gun violence.
2:19 am
guttenberg said he opposes kavanaugh's confirmation due to the nra support for the judge. >> let's turn overseas to syria where reports indicate the offensive on rebel held idlib entered the initial stage, yesterday they bombed two dozen targets in idlib. it comes roughly 24 hours after president trump called on assad, russia and iran not to attack idlib. roughly 3 million live in the praunks they warn of an
2:20 am
impending blood bath. >> a dire situation. the world is watching very closely. all right. when we come back, we will switch gears a bit and we will talk about the u.s. ryder cup. we will tell you who is in and who isn't. plus, serena williams moves one step closer to a date with destiny. we have the highlights in queens, next in sports. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream.
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we're not surprised president trump is not a fan of nike's new ad featuring nfl quarterback colin kaepernick. in an interview with the daily caller, trump sent a terrible message making kaepernick one of the faces of the company's just do it campaign and that there is no reason for it. well, trump also acknowledged nike's right to conduct business saying, quote, it is what this country is the all about. he reminded reporters about the sports apparel nike town store in new york city located in a trump-owned property saying, quote, nike is a tenant of mine. they pay a lot of rent however, cnbc reports the nike town store in new york city the president was referencing is actually closed. all right, let's move to the action on the tennis courts here in new york, where 23 time grand slam champ serena williams moves closer to another title after defeating karolina pliskova to advance to the defending title,
2:24 am
sloan stevens willrepeat. and she will meet serena in the next round, on the men's side, 11th seeded john izner could not stand the heat in yesterday's quarterfinal match. exhausted in four sets by three seed juan martin del potro. he will meet rafael nadal, he defeated domenic thiem, made even more grueling by the intense heat. i think that ended 2:00 morning. it was an epic battle at two play, at the top of their game watch a match there. turning to u.s. pro golf the u.s. ryder team prepares for a clash with europe at the end of this month, jim furyk announced three of his four captains picked yesterday, tiger woods, phil mickelson and bryson dechambeau. woods will be in a playing role at the tournament for the first
2:25 am
time since 2012. >> incredible highlights from the u.s. open. just that embrace between nadal and domenic thiem at the end of their match tells you how grueling of a battle that was. >> it was epic. i was there a couple hours. i had to leave and go home and sleep. >> did you have to get up early? c'mon, that's not an excuse. you had great tickets. still ahead, we seen president trump attack attorney general jeff session on 26th. now journalist bob woodward is detailing the behind the screens insults as well. plus a candidate in massachusetts is hoisted. we will have the stunning details coming up next. l have t details coming up next i landed. i saw my leg did not look right. i was just finishing a ride. i felt this awful pain in my chest. i had a pe blood clot in my lung. i was scared. i had a dvt blood clot. having one really puts you in danger of having another. my doctor and i chose xarelto®. xarelto®. to help keep me protected.
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welcome back, everyone, it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning top stories for you. it's day two of supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh's confirmation hearings after a contentious first day, partisan clashes were kicking off before questions even began. chief white house correspondent halle jackson has all the details for us. proch >> reporter: no delaying the drama, democrats as the hearing starts. >> i extend a warm welcome to judge kavanaugh. >> we believe this hearing should be postponed. >> mr. chairman, i move to adjourn. >> reporter: protests erupted. 70 people ultimately arrested. in the audience the father of a
2:30 am
parkland school shooting victim who says brett kavanaugh brushed him off when he introduced himself the white house says the judge escorted by security didn't know who he was, kavanaugh's opponents plan to pepper him about gun rights and abortion rights rulings and where he stands on investigating a sitting president. democrats furious the white house has not released more documents about kavanaugh's work under former president george w. bush. >> what are we trying to hide? why are we rushing? >> reporter: republicaning deryeing it all as political pastureing. >> still disappointed it's not hillary clinton making this nomination. >> brett kavanaugh doesn't hate women and children, judge kavanaugh doesn't lust after dirty water and stichgy air. >> reporter: if republicans stick together, by the end of the month, judge kavanaugh would end up a justice. >> i'm not a pro prosecution or pro defense judge. i am a pro law judge.
2:31 am
>> our thanks to halle jackson for that report. in bob woodward's new book, the struggle by white house aides to reign in president trump. woodward describes an ad administrative coup d'etat and breakdown of the branch with senior aides plucking papers from the president's desk so he couldn't see them or sign them. chief of staff john kelly said of the president, he's an idiot. it's pointless to try to convention him of anything. he's gone off the rails. we're if crazytown. i don't even know why any of us are here, this is the worst job i had. nbc news says he referred to him as an idiot many times. as an idiot many times
2:32 am
. >> one member of trump's cabinet noticeably ab sent from the sunday shows has been defense secretary jim mattis, something that is addressed in woodward's book. he write, quote -- book he write, quote -- sean mattis finally said, i've killed people for a living. if you call me again,ly [ bleep ] send you to afghanistan, are we clear? the woodward book claims the president finally hurls insults about attorney general jeff sessions. trump told staff secretary rob porter sexes was a quote traitor for recusing himself from overseeing the russia investigation. woodward goes on to write he mocks sessions, he added, this guy is mentally retarded, this dumb southerner, he couldn't even be a one person country
2:33 am
lawyer down in alabama. late last night president trump tweeted, the already discredited woodward book, so many lice and phony sources, has me calling jeff sessions mentally restarta and dumb southerner. i never used those terms on anyone and being southern is a great thing. he made this up to dwiechltd e td divide. woodward's book also reveals an allegedly expletive field screaming match between white house screaming adviser and first daughter ivanka trump and then chief strategist steve bannon, bannon told her you're a [ bleep ] staffer the book claims bannon continues, you walk around this place and act like you're in charge, you're not, you're not on staff.
2:34 am
ivanka shouted back, pooit i'm not a staffer. i'm the first daughter. i'll never be a staffer. it simms from her passing then white house chief of staff reince priebus to get access to her father. other aides had to go through reince priebus. dave, i'm sure you already have your hands on the book. you probably read the whole thing. how are republicans reacting to the president's comments about jeff sessions in woodward's forthcomeing book? >> there has been some pushback, susan collins, bob corker, the usual have defended sessions. some southern senators have been asked what do you make of the way president trump is describing southerners here? there has been some kind of muted pushback. it's interesting in president trump's statement, though, he does say i didn't use these words to describe sessions, but you've seen the kind of language he uses on twitter to attack
2:35 am
sessions. it's not shocking that he would go in that direction. what he did say is being a southerner is a great thing. i wouldn't describe a southerner that way. his base is heavily southern, obviously. and he doesn't wantomy want peo thinking he insults people from the south. don't get him wrong. >> let's switch gears and talk about the senate confirmation of judge kavanaugh. protests inside the room from the democrats as well as some of the protesters there in the room. not holding back, what is behind all of the hostility right now against judge kavanaugh? >> yeah, i think if we take a step back and look at what's about to happen to the supreme court. right, you'll have a strong, young, conservative majority on the court possibly for years and years to come and there's very little democrats being in the minority and without the
2:36 am
filibuster can do about it. and so there is so much frustration there, particularly because they think there should be another liberal justice merritt garland on the court and there should not be these two trump picks now completely changing the balance of the court. you add to that, these documents that they want turned over, the fact that they think this has been a rushed proceeding, you have a really hostile situation on their side of the aisle in these hearings. >> yeah, it seems like as the done deem, at least for judge kavanaugh for now from the political side of things. dave haulelau lawler, thank you much. a stunning upset in massachusetts, democrat ic turnover. ic turnover polls had shown capuano never faced a serious challenge since being elected in 1998 with a big lead.
2:37 am
however, presley led capuano concede the race less than an hour-and-a-half after the polls close, it's the latest in a skring string of primary wins, something she hit on in her victory speech. >> it seems like change is on the way. ours was truly a people power, grass roots campaign, launched just 195 days ago that dear to do what massachusetts democrats aren't supposed to do. >> with no republican on the november ballot in the race, pressley will likely become the first african-american woman to represent massachusetts in congress. the district map will remain in place a panel of federal
2:38 am
journals handed down the decision tuesday, citing insufficient time for the courts do move forward with a redistricting plan before the next congress is seated. the judges found that changing the districts now would quote unduly interfere with the state's machinery and likely confuse voters in depressed turnout. the state panel ruled the current lines were unconstitutional due to partson gerrymandering designed to unfairly favor republican candidates the state can no longer use the map after the 6th. arizona governor deucey will fill john mccain's old seat, jon kyl is one of the most powerful republicans in the chamber serving as minority whip before retiring back in 2013. the senate is expected to swear in kyl later today. in a tweet, cindy mccain says -- -
2:39 am
nbc news' kelly o'donnell reports cindy mccains next steps are to travel the world and hold people accountable for picking on the little guy. still ahead, chicago's mayor reverses course, announcing he won't seek re-election. where rahm emanuel won't run for a third term in office. bill kierans is checking the latest on tropical storm gordon as the system makes its way through the southeast. stay with us. to look at me now,
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to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. . welcome back, everyone, chicago mayor rahm emanuel stepped aside, announcing a tumultuous role reversal. for more than a year he teased a third run an raised $so million for his re-election according to
2:43 am
chicago tribune. >> as much as i love this job and will always love this city and its residents, i decided not to seek re-election. this has been the job of a lifetime. but it is not a job for a life time. you hire us to get things done and pass the torch when you've done our best to do what you hired us to do. >> now, during his tenure, emanuel stabilized the city finances and improved wages and graduation rate. unhis watch, chicago experienced the longest round of closing schools in history and ramping tension between the community members and his support from black voters dramatically declined. he told reporters he was ending his 23 years in politics to begin the next chapter in his life. former president obama says i have been blessed to call rahm my friend. whatever he chooses to do next,
2:44 am
i know he'll continue to make a positive difference. by tuesday evening, as many as 12 candidates have announced their bid for mayor. elections will be held in february. let's get a check on your weather with meteorologist bill kierans. you have an update on the path of the rest of the remains of tropical storm gordon. >> gordon, almost a hurricane landfall overnight from 70 miles to 40. we're not concerned with the wend. we have these feeder bands off the gulf. it's mostly going to be a heavy rain threat throughout this area. we have flash flood warnings in the area and we do have a problem we will deal with as we go throughout the next two days as the rainfall heads into arkansas. right now pensacola to jackson under flash flood warnings up through arkansas and central mississippi. one to three inches is likely. so significant rainfall for this region. we've also had a ton of rain from iowa to wisconsin, still a
2:45 am
lot of steady rain to be dealt with there. how about the heat in the east, 30 million people under a heat advisory from detroit to buffalo, syracuse, all under heat advisories. the temperatures will be similar to yesterday. so this cold front will eventually cool us off. it won't be until friday we see the relief in the east. today philadelphia will feel like 102. syracuse 101. it's like apple picking time in upstate new york. it's rare to have a heat indices this high. west virginia 101 and washington, d.c. and national it will feel like 100. were, those are temperatures in the shade, late in the week, we kahl cool it off. friday, 83, saturday 75, significantly cooler by the time we get to the upcoming weekend, it will feel like it should when we head to the middle of the september. today's forecast, from the southeast to the northeast.
2:46 am
st. louis 93. there is the rain and thunderstorms arriving in chicago. all of our friends are looking at a calm weather scenario, warm with boise at 94. no problems with rain or storms. tomorrow, st. louis, oklahoma, chicago. that's where the delays are possible. >> thank you. still ahead, apple welcomes another american company to the $1 trillion club. details on who has also crossed that evaluation threshhold. plus more to use collin kaepernick as shares follow mixed reactions to the move. es mixed reactions to the move.
2:47 am
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. welcome back. the market kicked off september with a loss as nike shares fell over the mixed reaction to their new ad campaign featuring quarterback colin kaepernick. jomana, bloomberg reporting nike received $43 million in media exposure in the first 24 hours. maybe it was worth the slight hit the stock took. >> reporter: exactly right. come people called to wake up the company. others wanted to set fire to their nike's the reaction is the stock fell 3%. perhaps you say the grand recognition is what they were once was, $2.7 mentions, that is
2:50 am
up from the previous week. according to apex group, marketing firm, they got $43 million of brand recognition. a lot of that actually resonates with el with their mainrez irez -- resonating with the main contributing base. the ratio of buy to sell on the company was 3-1yesterday. people are buying the story. quickly, another $1 trillion company in the u.s. that is amazon. briefly touching the $1 trillion market cap yesterday. some stats. it took apple 38 years to reach that mark but took amazon only 21 years. $72 billion in market cap, which is the equivalent of starbucks in the last seven months. and shutting its doors after years of scandal and multiple indictments against frauding investors.
2:51 am
how did this company stay open so long? >> absolutely, louis. the main question, clearly had to sort out payments to unsecured credd eitorcreditors. losing up to $1 billion in theranos. the president of the company were indicted with charges they were defrauding not just investors but patients, doctors, anyone who participated in the system. they have since settled the s.e.c. allegations but elizabeth holmes may face up to two decades in prison. >> also ayman is here that may want to weigh in on the nike story. >> talking about shares of nike, but also i saw yesterday some of nike's global sales, 65% of it, are outside north america and this is not an issue followed closely outside the u.s., or is it? what's the perspective from london on that? >> interesting, in fact, and
2:52 am
somewhat ironically it is very closely followed. perhaps not so much the nfl, but you had former iranian president ahmadinejad weighing in on the conversation as well. people are watching all over the globe and seem to have a view, but as you say, a big part of their sales come from the international market and also from the younger consumer as well who don't seem to be too affected by the story. >> interesting to see. thank you. >> ahmadinejad, a fan of colin kaepernick. >> finding his voice on twitter. interesting enough, not tweeting in english. thanks, guys. coming up, mike allen, a look at this morning's "one big thing." coming up on "morning joe," more on the new book from bob woodward wood w woodward on president trump raising concerns about his administration and his ability to lead. and going back against the senate judiciary committee in a few hours, brett kavanaugh. following a circus-like day.
2:53 am
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\ ] welcome back. joining us from washington, d.c. with a look at axios a.m., the co-founder mike allen. good to you have with us. i think i have a guess what it is, but what is axios's "one big thing" for us this morning? >> i'm going to vegas with you if you can guess that. axios' "one big thing" is furious trump trapped by woodward tapes. we've been hearing on the show this morning those fascinating excerpts from the book. very little denials. we heard a couple of quotes there from the defense secretary, from the white house chief of staff, but most of the amazing reserve lakeses in this 428-page book have gone unrebutted. a clear reason for that. bob woodward has hundreds of hours of tapes with people who talked with him, all taped with
2:57 am
consent. heard yesterday in one tape that was released that he even talked about the fact on the conversation with the president that it was being taped, and so that makes it very hard for people to deny because they know either they're comments are on tape or the comments about them probably are on tape. >> so let me ask you quickly, what do you hear about the reaction from inside the white house? especially those talking to axios about the release of this book? we know what the public response has been from the white house, but what are you hearing anecdotically behind the scenes? >> number one thing in the white house doing yesterday, guesses sources. i've read all 420 pages and i can tell you that guessing the sources is not hard. so what we have is page after page of almost verbatim conversations with the president by his closest aides, and we have page after page of conversations with president and just one other person, often
2:58 am
that person who has now left the white house, and that everybody whos very little mystery about who that person was. a theme that we see in the book is the president's aides trying to prevent him from acting on instincts, ideas, promises, that they considered downright dangerous. some of the quotes we popped up at axios a.m. this morning that you haven't seen yet are quotes that show how much they try to coddle this president or dumb things down for him. there's one point where they say they gave him a "reader's digest" version of a briefing on hezbollah. a moment where the president is watching tv in his dining room right there next to the oval office and his homeland security and cyber adviser walks in and says, mr. president, can i have a minute when your cyber advisers says can i have a minute, the president said i want to watch "the masters."
2:59 am
>> wow. okay. take their word for it. mike allen, reading axios a.m. in a bit. sign up for the newsletter at that does it for us. "morning joe," everyone, starts right now. omarosa, what's going on? i just saw in the news you're thinking about leaving. what happened? >> general kelly -- general kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted mooe to leave. >> no. nobody even told me about it. they run a big operation but i didn't know it. i didn't know that [ bleep ] dammit. i don't lovie leaving at all. >> sorry we missed the opportunity to talk for the book. >> well i just spoke with kellyanne and she asked me if i got a call. i never got a call. i never got a message. who did you ask about speaking to me? >> well, about six people. you know -- >> well, they don't tell me. >> okay.
3:00 am
a well-oiled machine. nobody talks to him. >> telling the truth. >> says nobody tells him anything. good morning, welcome to "morning joe" on this wednesday september 5th along with joe, willie and me we have national affairs analyst for nbc news and msnbc analyst john heilemann and carol lee is with us. so where to begin? >> well, you may -- wa wos yoha your take away? this book -- >> the woodward book. >> i have to say, even though we knew about it for some time, pretty up close for some time, and other people have been concerned about and most of the republicans on the hill that ever dealt with him know all of this stuff. that said, woodward writing a book about it certainly makes everybody pay closer attention to it and pay more attention to it than, say, they would with the firend


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