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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  September 10, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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he says oh, these are unnamed sources, but these are not unnamed incidents. the book opening with gary ko koern, the chief economic adviser in the white house lifting a document from the president's desk. he tells an associate, i have to protect the country. what doud concludes in the end is that president trump can't testify, because he can't tell the truth. >> were you shocked by what you uncovered in this book? >> well, i've never seen an instance when the president is so detached from the reality of what's going on. >> you have john kelly, the white house chief of staff calling the president idiot, saying we're in crazy town. that's a quote. john kelly now says that never happened. i didn't say it. jim mattis, another person quoted as saying the president's understanding is like a fifth or sixth grader. he comes out and says i didn't say it. are they lying?
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>> they are not telling the truth. >> we have "the new york times" op ed. >> i don't have any suspects. >> did you think this might be someone i also have talked to? >> no. i didn't, because the people i talked to, i insisted be very specific about the incidents. >> this anonymous, who is it? >> i have no idea. you should be named, blamed and shamed for not having the courage to come forward. >> should all top officials take a lie detecter test and would you agree to take one? >> i would agree to take it in a heart beat. >> we want to begin with this important news about this network and one of the most powerful executive in the entertainment industry. long time cbs chairman les moonves was forced to resign. the announcement was after reports of seven new sexual misconduct and assault allegations against moonves. >> he took my whole career. he appeared naked. he picked me up and threw me
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against the wall. >> there was a progression of this board of this company being reluctant to act. and that was at the heart of what made these women come forward. >> all right. the pressure is mounting for president trump. the, quote, fine tuned machine is creeking under the stress, and there's a list of problems trump is facing while trying to run the problem. first the med terms are coming. according to the polls the democrats are poised to take control back of the house. number two, trump associates, two trump associates are facing prison sentences. michael cohen for paying off women to keep them quiet before the election and former campaign manager paul manafort on unrelated tax fraud charges. another two men who know a lot about trump's financial secrets have been granted immunity in the cohen investigation. long-time friend david pecker helped cohen bury negative trump stories in 2016 and trump organization cfo allen wieslberg who has been working for the company since the 1970s also
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granted immunity. then there's trump's growing distrust of the white house counsel don mcgann. he's spent reportedly 30 hours cooperating with the mueller investigation and is leaving the administration soon. that leaves one counsel person to deal with subpoenas and possible impeachment proceedings starting next year. trump is dealing with the negative media reports. bob woodward's book comes out tomorrow. axios reports trump is furious with gary cohn and rob porter, both featured in the book in detail. it's possible he publicly attacks those who this weekend, and it comes in the new york times purportedly from a senior official in the trump administration, the op ed. you combine this with the staffs at the white house and it's
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stoking trump's paranoia about the deep state. and even his own party members are criticizing him. >> it's pretty clear that this white house is a reality show, soap opera presidency. the drama is the drama of omarosa and cohen and manafort and the drama of the woodward quotes and the drama of the op eds. >> i hope more will come out publicly and the congress will more publicly condemn statements like the president made on twitter on monday about going after his enemies. >> i just think the president has no appreciation, no real appreciation for the democratic institutions and values that have made this nation great. >> i think that the precedence continuing -- president's continuing public humiliation of the attorney general is deeply
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inappropriate. >> trump's not acting like someone who is under intense pressure. in fact, he tweeted this morning the white house is a smooth-running machine. we're making some of the biggest and most important deals in our country's history with more to come. >> you could say he's not acting like he's under pressure or he's acting exactly like he's under pressure, backed into a corner and lashing out. joining us now, kristen welker and "the washington post" david maranis. christen, bob woodward said in an exclusive interview with the "today" show, he has never seen a president so detached from the reality of what's really going on. and surprise, surprise, president trump is coming out swinging. walk us through -- it's amazing to say who has more credibility here, but the president continuing to beat on bob woodward. does the general public forget or discount this man's credibility when the president just keeps swinging at him and basically equating him to an
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omarosa or michael wolf? >> i think it's a great question. and you saw bob woodward defending his reporting on "today," the fact that she's spoken with more than a hundred current and former staffers. he has recordings of all of his interviews, and he really stressed his methodology during that interview with savannah guthrie. you're right. president trump lashing out. he was clearing watching infuriated by all of it. one of his tweets, the woodward book is a joke. just another assault against me in a barrage of assaults using unnamed and anonymous sources. many have said the quotes by them like the book are fiction. dems can't stand losing. i'll write the real book. now, he was asked specifically about the fact that a number of top staffers have denied their quotes, and he said they're not being truthful, effectively. can i tell you over the weekend some senior officials at the white house urging the president to let the woodward book into,
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let that scathing op ed go. they say it's fuelling the flames, but the president did take a break over the weekend of tweeting about this. but again, this morning, he's back at it. also important to point out, he is tweeting about the economy, making the comment that he has a so-called magic wand, he says when it comes to economic growth. so it's clear he's sort of struggling with the two dueling narratives, but the white house, his officials and advisers say focus on the economy. that's what voters want to hear about heading into the midterm. >> there's lots of people saying they didn't say these things and they want the president to move on. probably because they know they did and woodward has them on tape, but ali mentioned it earlier, rob porter and gary cohn are front and center of the book. their portions are detailed and rough on the president. >> i think there have been some denials. i think there are denials all around. although, i don't know that
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we've gotten an actual statement specifically from rob porter. i haven't seen that. but, again, bottom line here is you have all of these interviews according to woodward, on tape, and remember, woodward also produced that paper, that document that gary cohn allegedly took off of the president's desk, and that's what i think is really getting under the president's skin. this idea that his advisers and his staffers are taking actions to thwart him in their opinions, according to bob woodward's book to protect the president from this country. i think that's what's really frustrating the president, infuriating him and fueling him to lash out in this way. >> david, the president said today that woodward is a liar. you've tweeted that you would bet your life on woodward's reliability. let's just talk a little about how you think woodward developed his sources and why you are willing to trust woodward in a way that maybe you don't care as much for omarosa's book or
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michael wolf's book. >> well, let me say first of all that of all the reporters in the world, bob woodward is the one who needs the least vouching for. but nonetheless, he says it's a war on truth, and i agree with him. and in that war i'm on his side. i have worked for and with bob woodward for 41 years. i've learned so much from him. every reporter at the post knows that bob woodward's famous phrase is get the documents. his second lesson is go back again and again interview someone. the more you know, the more they will tell you. i've watched him do that for four decades. i know that in the 30 floor of his house in georgetown there are file cabinets full of every conversation he's ever had whether they're tape recorded or not. he takes notes even when i talk to him. after he'll go home and take notes and put knit a file cabinet. >> he does that after you talk
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to him? >> after anybody talks to him. he's got file cabinets full of any information that might at some point be valuable to him. so, yes -- >> david, give us a history lesson. when bob woodward was doing his extraordinary water gate reporting realtime, did america believe him? because we are living in a time when president trump has spent an extraordinary amount of time painting all of the press with the same brush. enemy of the people. fake news. fake news. was bob woodward believed back then? >> it was bob woodward and carl bernstein. they were metro reporters on the washington post. they were relatively new to it and they were out there on an island along for quite a while before anyone else was reporting what they were. so it took a while, but as bob said, our editor in that period, ben bradley would say the truth eventually emerges, and it did, but there was a long time when they were out there alone, and
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it took the truth a while to emerge. >> christian, it has been by my count, two and a half weeks without a white house briefing. >> ali, pretty stunning. we are hoping for one our fingers and toes are crossed they'll add one to the schedule today. the question why, it's not exactly clear. we know that obviously there's a new communications director in bill shine. of course, the former fox news executive, and there's a sense and a feeling within the administration that they want to as much as possible allow this president to drive the headlines and the narrative coming out of this white house. and so that's why you saw last week, for example, there was one day when he opened up a number of his public events to reporters so they could ask him questions, but without a briefing, you don't have that robust sort of back and forth followup questions the entire press corps asking questions at
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the same time. we're hoping we get one today. in addition to everything we're talking about right now, you talked about and listed other critical issues that this white house is facing. >> david, one message that bob woodward has, his take away from writing the book is wake up, people. pay attention to the danger that is before you. he calls the book "fear". do you believe he is going to be successful in relaying that message inside circles, powerful circles in washington? do you think republicans are going to take action, action beyond saying in private circles, man, this dude is crazy? >> well, you know, stephanie, that's been the question for more than a year. when is the republican establishment going to wake up or do what they need to do to protect the country from president trump? so whether it seems that in the last few weeks with bob's book as a central part of that, that there might be some movement in that direction, but i think that
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all of this really points to the fact that there are two things that are the most important, still, and those are the midterm elections and the mueller investigation. >> all right. kristen welker, thank you, david, thank you as well. david is a washington post associate editor. >> do you think this time it's different, whether it's bob's book or the op ed? >> it's hard to know whether there's a straw that breaks the camel's back in this. i think bob waoodward brings credibility to the story. but i think people are entrenched this their positions. >> i wonder if it's credibility with an audience who already supported those views and had these thoughts? >> i think it's only people on the margins. if you're not so fully entrenched in trump's camp and the resistance, you're somewhere in the middle wondering about what you're supposed to do in the election, this informs your viewing. but that's a smaller and smaller group in the middle.
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>> margins decide elections. a closer look at trump's mounting legal troubles. he's agreed to give up his right to millions in damages against guess who, stormy daniels. his former campaign adviser, george papadopoulos says he may have led the special counsel to investigate collusion, and mike pence says he would sit for an interview with robert mueller. it's all closing in. >> first, we're tracking three hurricanes lined up in the atlantic along with two other systems in the eastern pacific. there are hurricanes all over the place. the great us concern right now is a category 3 hurricane florence. that's expected to make land fall along the united states east coast this week. we have just received a brand new forecast. we're going to bring you the latest coming up this hour. you're watching "vel shi and ruhle" live on msnbc. (burke) that's what we call a huge drag.
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welcome back to this monday's edition of "velshi and ruhle". the president is facing mounting legal issues. papadopoulos says the trump campaign was fully aware of his efforts to arrange a meeting between then candidate trump and russian president vladimir putin. that's a big meeting for a coffee boy to put together. papadopoulos also says his testimony may have led to
8:19 am
special counsel to investigate collusion. he was sentenced on friday to 14 days in jail as part of robert mueller's russia investigation. >> then there's mike pence saying he's more than willing to sit down for an interview with mueller and his team of investigators. and the president's former lawyer, michael cohen is offering to tear up stormy daniels' nondisclosure agreement. she signed it agreeing to keep her affair with the president quiet. cohen is asking for the $130,000 in hush money to be returned. in exchange, he'll tear up the agreement. michael avenatti is saying no deal. >> can i mention mike pence says he didn't and there's no way anyone in his office, he believes, 100% wrote the op ed, yet he hasn't asked anyone. >> that's a good point. danny cevallos is here with us. george papadopoulos is saying something that contradicts what jeff sessions told congress about -- under oath, by the way -- about this meeting with
8:20 am
russians. >> anyone who testifies under oath who lies is committing a form of perjury. right? a very serious crime. but i would say here if i were to put on my defense hat for a minute and say if i'm attorney general sessions, my response would be well, these are the words of a liar. and not just a liar, but a convicted liar, and not just a convicted liar, but the only thing he was convicted of was lying. so yes, those are some compelling words and papadopoulos waffled a little bit. he said my recollection is different, and in that sense, it's inconsistent with the attorney general sessions, but very compelling words from papadopoulos. >> all right. let's talk stormy daniels and the nda. her attorney, michael avenatti says it is not enough. he wants an admission from cohen and the president that this was a vital of campaign finance laws. good luck. good bless. that ain't never happening. >> i want free ice cream in the mail. that's essentially what avenatti is asking for here.
8:21 am
listen, i hate to say i told you so. i actually like to say it, but months ago i and many other legal analysts said one of the things they should do is scrap the agreement, this nondisclosure agreement. that's the thing that's keeping them in the litigation. recently by conceding that there is no agreement, the next argument is going to be there is no reason to keep trump or anyone else other than michael cohen in this case. the only reason michael cohen stays in is because of the allegations of defamation. those arguably have nothing to do with trump. if you're on the trump team, the next move is to say because we agree, you can talk about whatever you like, we're out of this case. no deposition, no discovery. >> no depositions is the issue. avenatti has been hanging his hat on the idea that we can get trump -- >> i said if you sit president trump down for a deposition, that would be the end of his presidency. especially under the withering examination of michael avenatti. i think that would be a real problem. >> can avenatti do anything
8:22 am
about it if trump does away with the nda? >> he can get more press. >> i'll say this. i don't initially see any way michael avenatti can maintain a case against a defendant who concedes every material in the case. >> vice president pence says he would be willing to sit down with mueller. is that a new develop. >> it is. however, we know pence sent his lawyer to talk to mueller previously. it's inconsistent with his position before, but it's certainly not a surprise because we know that mueller would certainly want to talk to him, would certainly want to talk to trump, and that mike pence's approach can only be i will sit down and talk with the mueller team. otherwise everyone is going to wonder what it is he has to hide. >> right. mike pence seems to be better than the president at not making something continue. say it and see what happens next. >> danny, thanks a million. he's a criminal defense attorney and legal analyst. >> all right. one of the most powerful men in
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television, i'm not talking about ali, someone else, is out. the long-time ceo -- >> when i think about the most powerful men in television, i naturally think about you. >> how about we don't conflate me into the story. >> good point. ali has nothing to do with this. i'm sorry. les moonves relined after facing multiple allegations. i'm super sorry. i can't believe i conflated the two. of sexual misconduct. why his fall from power is such a big deal. you're watching "velshi and ruhle". i'm ken jacobus, i'm the owner of good start packaging. we distribute environmentally-friendly packaging for restaurants. and we've grown substantially. so i switched to the spark cash card from capital one.
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welcome back. another uber powerful man in the entertainment industry is out. les moonves is stepping down as chair and ceo of cbs facing new allegations of sexual misconduct. last month the new yorker reported accusations from a total of six women who said man ves sexually harassed them from the 80s to the 2000s. last night publications about six more women ranging from forced oral sex to exposing himself, even violence and
8:28 am
retaliation. nbc has not confirmed the reporting. cbs says the network takes these allegations very seriously. our board of directors is conducting a thorough investigation of these matters which is ongoing. moonves denies the accusations saying, quote, untrue allegations from decades ago are now being made against me that are not consistent with who i am. i am deeply saddened to be leaving the company. as part of his exit, cbs says moonves and the network will donate $20 million to organizations that support the #metoo movement and equality for women. cbs says it will come out of any severance after an investigation. let's look at how powerful this man was in hollywood. in 1993 he became president of warner brothers television where he developed megahits like er and friends. moonves went to cbs in 1995 and was named president and ceo in
8:29 am
'98. he built cbs into a power house launching some of the biggest hits, survivor, csi, two and a half men and the big bang theory. moonves annual pay package is worth almost $70 million. he's worth about $700 million according to forbes. >> joining us now special correspondent for "vanity fair" who has been writing about this. to the point about how much money he makes and how much he's worth, there had been talks about his departure being in negotiation for weeks and that he was up for a potential payout of somewhere between 120 to $200 million. >> what happened to that. >> poof. it's basically evaporated. don't forget when the ronan pharaoh first allegations came out, he made clear he was -- when he was told no he pulled back, and then a lot of the allegations hadn't occurred when he was ceo of cbs.
8:30 am
he had just recently signed a new 80-page contract which clearly defined the reasons he could be fired for cause or alternatively if he left for good reason, if he was fired for cause, he gets nothing. if he leaves for good reason, he gets $180, 20 $0 million. until yesterday's bomb shell which was even more explicit, plus you didn't mention my article which was of his own diabetes doctor even worse, some would say, i think that has sort of sent everything into a complete sense of turmoil and chaos. >> walk us through that. your reporting between moonves and a female doctor. >> yes. unb unbeknownst by everybody, les moonves has had diabetes. i don't know if that's a discloseable information. in september of 1999 when he was ceo of cbs television, he went to see her one morning at 7:00 a.m., and she was told --
8:31 am
>> this is his diabetes doctor. >> this is his diabetes at the ucla medical center. a highly regarded diabetes doctor who who is now at usc. he made two unwanted advances and in the subsequently she wrote an article in a medical journal in may where she didn't say his name but i was told that it was, of course, him, that's basically been confirmed, and she said that he went beyond that after she said no in a very sort of unpleasant way that we don't want to talk about in television. >> could she not say or do anything at the time? >> well, two things happened. first j she reported it to the ucla medical center. they advised her according to her own writing of this incident in may of 2018, that they advised her to not report this criminal event. he had more powerful lawyers and to leave it alone. she wanted a note in his file to
8:32 am
make sure he never did this to anybody again. it's not clear. i asked ucla, is there a note in the file about it. they didn't respond to those specific questions. >> there is a -- there was a criminal complaint that was filed last year and the police -- while finding it credible q a different one, they said the statute of limitations had expired. does he have any criminal exposure? >> i'm not a criminal attorney. i don't even play one on tv. i don't know. >> what has he said about your piece? >> all he said -- he made a statement to us. he denied the sexual allegations, the rather graphic sexual allegation made. he did say he made essentially the unwanted passes and once he was rebuffed he didn't pursue it any further. there's a disagreement there. the doctor also wrote in her article he called back the next
8:33 am
day and apologized and said he has a problem with women. she said you do. you should never be alone with a woman again. >> was he married at the time? >> yes, he was. >> all right, then. >> but not to his current wife. >> thank you for your reporting on this. bill is a special correspondent with a new story out you should see yesterday about this incident with the doctor. thank you. >> thank you. all right. up next, we're two months from the midterms. what's the important issue to voters? the economy. while the economy is booming many middle class households are not feeling the effects of it, and how that disconnect effects votes is something we'll discuss. first a record breaking 10 0 women could be in the house of representatives next term. according to new analysis between 30 and 40 new women some of them on your screen right now, could be elected this fall. surpassing the report of 24 in 1992. maybe this will be the year of the woman. you're watching "velshi and roou".
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♪ one look at you and i can't disguise ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ i feel the magic between you and i ♪ ♪ i've got hungry eyes ♪ now i've got you in my sights ♪ applebee's new 3-course meal starting at $11.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. welcome back. here are the top stories we're watching right now. we received a new update on a dangerous hurricane florence. it's a category 3 hurricane producing winds more than 150 miles per hour with higher gusts. florence is expected to make land fall along with u.s. east coast thursday or friday as a powerful major hurricane.
8:38 am
nearly 30 navy ships in norfolk, virginia have been ordered to relocate snchblt. three u.s. officials tell nbc news north korea has escalated efforts to conceal nuclear activity. new intelligence shows the country has built structures to hide at least one warhead facility. this information comes as north korea marked the 70th anniversary with a military parade with no ballistic missiles. >> normally they're part of the parade. the trump administration says syria is planning a gas attack in the rebel held province of idlib. b bay shar al a -- u.s. military officials are preparing options for president trump. the trump administration will close the diplomatic office of the pal line liberation organization in washington. the plo secretary general said earlier today it has been informed of the decision by a u.s. official.
8:39 am
national security adviser john bolton is expected to announce the move during a speech to the federalist society republicans are hoping a strong economy will carry them to victory. instead, they may be defeated in several key races. >> and despite polling numbers that show voters do care about economic issues, we are not hearing all that much from republican candidates running in the 2018 midterms. >> two-thirds of americans, 67%, say the economy is a very important issue ahead of the midterm elections this fall. even more than hot button issues like immigration or abortion. that's according to new polling from the economist. >> our economic policy can be summed up in three very simple but beautiful words. jobs, jobs, jobs. >> and while president trump and the gop are happy to take credit for a historically low unemployment and a booming economy, more than half of americans, 51%, say the
8:40 am
direction of the country is off on the right track. so where's the disconnect with voters? worker pay, for one. wanes continue to stagnate. rising just 2.7% over the past year. not enough to offset the cost of living increases over the same period. in fact, middle class households earn less today. adjusting for inflation, than they did decades ago. despite economic that's forecasted to top 3% this year. booming economy or not, many voters struggle to make ends meet. >> thanks to our tariffs, idle factories through the our nation are roaring book to life. >> another disconnect is the president's trade agenda. his tit for tat tariffs could do real damage to u.s. agriculture and manufacturing. for now it's just a concern for voters but a real one. finally there's a disconnect on taxes. republicans promised their tax cuts would give back to the
8:41 am
middle class when the real beneficiaries have been corporations. instead of using the tax win falls to boost pay, they have shelled out $300 billion to finance stock buybacks. unfortunately that's not the kind of economic gain that candidates can run on. republicans should be owning the economy going into these midterms. instead, they're playing defense. >> yeah. it's kind of weird. right? the numbers are generally strong. they're specifically not strong for certain groups. that's the same as it was before the election. if you came in from mars, you'd see good economic growth. wages that have increased. unemployment is low. there are pockets not benefits. it's not improved under this president. >> it's those pockets that led to president trump. barack obama's last state of the union address, he talked about the booming economy and said anyone that says we are not on on the rise is peddling lies.
8:42 am
that led to these huge parts of the country -- think about people who lost their homes in sub prime and worked in the auto industry, and i don't mean the auto executives. >> or manufacturing. >> yes. they said yeah, i get it. the tech industry has rocked it. the obama administration loved tech ceos. people in cities did well. the market did well. but the rest of the country didn't. that hasn't changed under president trump, and it's noteworthy that people who are running in the midterms are not running on the economy. the people who talk about it for republicans are in comfortable seats. >> right. and the tax cuts have benefitted a particular segment of the society which we said they would when we studied this in the days going up to it. that's not something they can run on. >> it takes time for trickle down economics to trickle down. the argument was -- >> or others will argue it never does trickle down. >> the argument was we are going to see wage increases. and you're seeing a slight wage increase, but this idea that companies were going to get a
8:43 am
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president trump seems once again confused by how tariffs work tweeting this weekend about chinese auto tariffs. he claimed the escalating trade war will help bring ford production back to the united states. in a statement ford made it clear it would not be profitable for it to build the ford active in the united states. in fact, the decision to cancel imports of the new compact models assembled in china is a direct result of tariffs imposed in the current trade war. ford is not only keeping the production overseas. it's pulling foreign-made models from the american market. but that's not all. the president also complained about uneven auto tariffs between the u.s. and china. his claim is that u.s. cars exported to china are subject to 25% tariffs. while cars imported from china see a 2 % tariff. he keeps asking if this is fair.
8:48 am
first, is this even true? once again, he's wrong on several counts. first, all american auto exports are now getting hit with an additional tariff. it's not just the 25%. it's getting -- it starts with a 15% tariff. it has a 25% additional tariff which translates into a whopping 40% tariff on each car exported to china from the united states. substantially more than the 15% tariff the chinese had been imposing before the latest trade battles. meanwhile america charges 2.5% on goods coming into the united states, and an additional 25% on auto imports from china adding to a 27 1/2% tax on each chinese import coming into the united states which explains why ford is halting imports of its focus models. joining us now is our auto and airline reporter phil labeau. if the president doesn't
8:49 am
understand the cause and effect of tariffs, how do we think he's going to solve this problem? >> good question. i know within the auto industry, this is the reason that you rarely hear from auto executives. why? because they're worried the minute they say something, it will be misconstrued or that they become a target for the trump administration. so as a result, you rarely hear from auto executives. i would say the last year and a half has been one where you get a lot of when you reach out to talk to the companies, a lot of look, we can't really talk. here's what's going on. you understand our position. and it's made for an interesting way to cover the industry over the last year and a half. >> let's talk steel and aluminum tariffs. it's hitting gm and fiat chrysler. walk us through how this will effect consumers. >> it will effect the bottom line in terms of what consumers are paying. we don't know to what degree. it's taking some time for the
8:50 am
full cost of more expensive aluminum and steal to go through. it's not just the panels on a vehicle that are being impacted here. it's the aluminum and steel that goes it's the aluminum and steel that goes into thousands of components. then the automakers have to make a decision. see as a result it's too early to know exactly how much prices will rise, but the expectation is, yes, prices are going to go up because of higher raw commodity prices. the president it's not going to be as quickly as he says he could do it. that's a huge threat, particularly for generation motors, fiat, chrysler, toyota,
8:51 am
honda. it they all have a huge presence up in canada. canada is the number two country after mexico in terms of vehicles we import from another country. so it would be devastating if we were to see tariffs slapped on vehicles built in canada and brought into the u.s. >> thanks very much, phil lebeau, c nrlebea lebeau. just moments ago the family of botham gene was gunned down in his own apartment. harriet ann jacobs was the first woman to talk about -- hid in a crawl space for seven
8:52 am
years. >> jacobs escaped in 1842 and went north to join her daughter, a servant whose father was a u.s. congressman, samuel sawyer. in 1853, jacobs began sending anonymous letters to the new york tribune discussing the widespread abuse of enslaved women and women's attempts to protect one another. >> her auto biography was published under a pseudonym in 1891. >> if you have a monumental american, you can tweet us at velshi & reuhl. complicated relationship with milk? pour on the lactaid, 100% real milk, just without that annoying lactose. mmm, that's good. the nation's largest senior-living referral service.
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simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. . welcome back to velshi & reuhl. a heart breaking story of the family after the bizarre shooting death of botham jean. >> dallas police officer amber guyger said she mistook his apartment for her own and found him and opened fire. she's now charged with manslaughter and being held on $300,000 bond. >> miguel, what did we learn at the news conference and what did his family have to say? >> reporter: his family has yet to speak, that's a press conference that will be coming up any moment now.
8:57 am
i can tell you the district attorney did speak about 30 minutes ago, and while the police department did make the arrest for manslaughter against amber guyger, the official charges that will eventually go to a grand jury will go to her office. she said they had a spirited conversation with the texas rangers. it would seem as though she was implying that the district attorney certainly wanted aggressive charges. those charges may not come for some time. she says her investigators are still gathering evidence on this case, but she made it very clear that she will bring justice to the jean family. >> this police officer went to an apartment in an apartment complex that was not her on and the man inside ended up dead.
8:58 am
>> she was not on active duty, right? >> reporter: she had just finished a 12 to 14-hour shift, the family did not provide any answers, all we know for a fact is that this officer amber guyger had gotten off a 12 or 14-hour shift. she entered an apartment that was not hers, as you guys asked, was she able to get into the apartment, was she able to struggle with the lock, how did she come in contact with the victim botham jean, and investigators say they don't want to release any details so as to jeopardize their case. we do know she did shoot her service weapon at least twice, the victim was shot in the west, and paramedics worked on him as
8:59 am
they tried to save his life, they could not. officer guyger was then take on into custody and she was released on manslaughter charges. but not more was told to us by the district attorney. >> what can you tell us about jean's life? >> he was a class president at his university in arkansas, he was well loved. the mayor said that he was the kind of citizen that we would all want to be our neighbor, to be our friend, unfortunately, at just 26 years old, his life was cut short, his mother and his wife were at the press conference, they did not speak, but we are hoping they will talk to us later on today. >> thank you very much miguel. >> an absolutely tragic story. thanks for watching this hour of velshi & reuhl. >> i will join you again at 9:00
9:00 am
a.m. tomorrow. check the two of us out an social media, connect to @vel i @velshiandreuhl. the president strikes back at bob woodward after the "today" show interview, after the president calling woodward liar and an operative after woodward gives a reality check. >> i have never seen an instant when the president is so detached from the reality of what's going on. show and tell. president trump says north korea did not roll out any nuclear missiles in a nuclear parade. but exclusive video shows that does not mean kim jong-un has stopped producing nukes. >> reports show that they are amassing


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