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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 31, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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producer, joel oglesby, and, we are in a immigrant-rich area in miami and one that i am proud wesley, the grandson of the s to support. it is one that we support immigration, and people here don't want to see illegal segment producer there, and you can see vivie, daughter of our immigration. but this strategy that the produc producer. and last but not least, my wife president is employing and more and more politicians are lindsey and daughter sidney won't speak to me because of employing by the year is a look that instagram post. but keep an eye out for me because i will be showing off my son's cost tomb which is also a dinosaur. and i will see you tomorrow on of a way to increase border security and prevent the human "today." and right now, it is andrea sm smuggling and drug smuggling and mitchell. provide a path for dreamers for those who have been in the >> craig, you were so fun. country illegally for some time, and now, experts in both and that is what we should be talking about. parties including kellyanne the president should be focused on uniting the country and not dividing the country. >> paul ryepian and chuck conway's husband says he cant grassley agree with you, and so where does this put the not reverse the constitution by executive order. >> the values transcend these republican party as you try to reach out to broader
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kinds of the incivil moments and constituency, and frankly the la look to the founders and the tee the know and hispanic vot values and not in really horrible, horrible way of>> a b? voters? >> it means that after the lame duck session and once the 116th the republican leaders sprit congress begins, we have to work harder than ever to build a with controversial steve king compromise. we led a discharge process the over his support for white house the force the immigration supremists, including his or issue, and lot of progress was made. we got a majority of the are thele c-- including saying that republicanss on the record to support border security and a his for the ctoor the -- historo path to citizenship for 2 million young immigrants brought to country as children. some progress was made, but we need to produce some results republican party would be nazis. and also, this -- he here. >> you can board a flight this is clearly the issue that most divides the country, and the only way to start healing through the tsa and yet, you the country's politic the, and the society more broadly is if we show that the government, can't get into the polling that the political leadership is precinct down the road from you. capable of producing compromise of yielding outcomes that allow both sides to claim win, and >> and goodday, i'm andrea where policy outcomes for the country,
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president trump's closing and we should do more the secure argument is an all-out the border in the the country, and we should also provide an anti-immigration message and the six-stop campaign blitz. opportunity for the young immigrants brought to our country as children to secure their future here. first, the caravan which is still 1,000 mile s away from th >> yeah, you are talking about the dreamers as well, of course, and the president has blamed u.s., and twitter barrage of the that on the democrats, but thugs and gang members in the clearly there was an agreement that then walked away. destitute group of travelers. so i am wondering what you think and then pivoting to another of the fellow congressman steve king and now the head of the republican campaign committee controversial issue where he is coming out gaiagainst what stev king has said in support of vowing to sidestep congress to white supremacists. the ban birthright citizenship >> his comments and his with a executive order. actionses are disgusting. and look, i know nothing about and that has other republicans his opponent andrea, but i will including house speaker paul tell you this, i would never ryan and others george conway, the husband to white house cast a ballot for someone like steve king. >> even if it meant that is the counselor kellyanne conwa wawco one seat that leads to losing the control of the house of representatives? >> my principles are more important than any of that. and joining me is kristen welker i would never cast a ballot for someone like steve king. >> your opponent debbie powell
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and patty murray. is rating that it is now a toss-up race. what do you say to her, and why is this designed to rally the should people vote for you over base? >> yes, it is to rally the base, andrea, and that is what he is her, and we have invited her to come on the program as well. >> this is always a swing focused on right now, and not the reaching out to independents and ton decided voters and the district, andrea, and this race is always tough. calculation is to get out the i didn't expect anything core supporters and then his goal obviously is to hold on to differently this year, but this the senate and to hold onto the is what i would say to her and to everyone in our country. all of these issues that we care about whether it is immigration, house, although, base moind conversations with the officials the environment, the national here working on thele campaign, they say it is looking increasingly unlikely something debt, the economy, if we are that they are more and more going to make real progress in acknowledging, andrea, we hind the scenes. but president trump up and this country, republicans and tweeting about that caravan democrats need to meet in the today and then the announcement middle. we need to heal our society. about the birthright citizenship more partisanship is not the antidote to what is happening in reversal, and we asked press secretary sarah sanders who told the country. dialogue, more cooperation, and him that he could do this with a stroke of a pen with an compromise is what we need more executive order, and she did not of. my opponent has iran hard left campaign. my opponent is out there saying that we need to have a wave in the election, and i agree that
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have an answer. but she pushed back against paul we need a wave of honest decent ryan, the speaker of the house people who not ma t matter the saying they do have scholars who say that it could happen, but not a time of when it could happen, but this is aimed at the will hold the president accountable and the colleagues accountable to do right by the days of the midterms of getting american people f. our society continues to deteriorate, and the politics continue to out to base. >> and linda chavez, the fact is that you have this remarkable disintegrating, it won'tt matter who wins the election, because joint column about the obama nothing is going to be done, and years and george conway is that is the problem in the country that the political system is not yielding to married to kelley anne conway, solutions that the american and this is posted a half hour people need. >> republican congressman, thank you very much. after she had spoken stay safe out there on the campaign trail, and of course, as we have said that we have affirmatively if there is a dispute of whether theplies andd reached out to debbie powell and we have yet to hear from that campaign, and we hope she will by the supreme court, but others join us as well. thank you, sir. and coming up we will check with the road warriors right say it is completely settled law, and that is what senator here on "andrea mitchell grassley said. reports" on msnbc. >> well, there is no question that the president can try to excuse me... winner! that's a win. get congress to amend the but it's not the only reason i switched. constitution, and the 14th amendment.
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>> that is a long process. >> yes, 2/3 of both houses and hi! geico has licensed agents who i can reach 24/7. 2/3 of the state legislatures, great savings and round the clock service? and it is not going to happen, but the idea that you can with a now that's a win-win. winner. winner. stroke of the pen change the yay me! oh, hi! good luck. constitution should strike fear in the hearts of the switch to geico®. it's a win-win. conservatives, because this is the abuse of the executive power that we have been fighting for years. everybody was upset when president obama decided through the executive order to grant status to children brought here as immigrants to extend to their parents as well. those supportive of the policy were so upset about it. so this is red meat no the base, and u -- meat to the base, and this is immigration as a issue to help him in the midterm election. >> this is wvlk with paul ryan,
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the outgoing speaker of the house, and listen to this. >> you cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive o order. we didn't like it when obama tried to change immigration law via the executive action, and we as conver sr. vatives, we believe in the constitution. what do you look for i want free access to research. yep, td ameritrade's got that. you know, the conservative -- free access to every platform. yeah, that too. i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. i'm a believer in following the yes, absolutely. plain text of the constitution, do you just say yes to everything? and i think in this case, the hm. well i say no to kale. 14th amendment speaks for mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, itself. >> and so do you think that the but that seems like a lot of work. no hidden fees. no platform fees. trump is going to put justices no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price. td ameritrade. ♪ on the court in the light of justice scalia, and to say that he would have declared this the dead on arrival is an understatement, and just to hold up justice scalia against the
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president is certainly being slapped down against constitutional scholars on both sides? >> it is, andrea, but the president is undeterred, and he is absolutely going to talk about that and this caravan tonight out on thele campaign trail. he is about to embark on the 11-stop tour. he is going to be stopping first i am a techie dad.n. in the big battleground state of florida and obviously competitive governor's race that you were talking about and the i believe the best technology should feel effortless. senate race, and so he is going to be focused on that. and then he is not going to be like magic. stopping through election day, at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools because he believes that the immigration is a convincing closing argument, and again, that simplify your experience. this is really aimed at coming my name is mike, full circle, and this is how he i'm in product development at comcast. launched the campaign by stoking the fears of the immigration, we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. and he believes it is going to be working in the midterms again. he is going to be in florida, west virginia, montana, georgia and indiana before election day and i will be out there with him
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in a lot of the stops. >> i know that you will be and have been as well, our road warrior from the white house lawn. thank you very much, kristen welker, and linda chavez, thank you as always. joining us is florida congressman carlos ka bcabello, than constitution. and president trump is heading to florida tonight as he begin answer eight-state final push to motivate his supporters. we have our road warriors out on in florida with also kasie hunt, and also we have our colleague
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in florida. and so, let's go out to you. >> as you can see, andrea, many of the folks are going inside and we are talking about what issues matter to them this year, and immigration is one of the key issues they have been talking to us about which is interesting, because it is one of the issues that president trump has been using to close tout election pitch with. we are here with one tof the voters in the line. and catherine, we were talking a little bit earlier about why you are here, and you got here at 6:00 a.m., and what is the most important of the election? >> well, first of all, i'm a republican, and i follow donald trump and i believe in all of his values and what the foresight is for the united states of america, and i am hoping to keep the republican party strong so we can continue to go into 2020.
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>> reporter: so this is in favor of trump's re-election for you? >> yes. and desantis, we want to keep the republicans strong to keep our morals and the ideas strong and what we see for the united states. i was at his rally two years ago in naples, when he was running for president, and this is two years' old and very proud of it. i am here again to support him. that is what is the strongest thing, and also i did a paper voting, and of course, i don't trust george soros who has funded all of the voting machine, and so i believe it is corrupt, and so i feel more confide confident with with the paper voting which has been done. >> thank you very much. andrea, here the president is going to be making a closing pitch on the closing immigration, and also democrats. one he is talking about a lot is andrew gillum, and when we spoke to andrew gillum last night i
9:11 am
said is your time better spent punching back at the president or talking to the voters in florida and he said he would punch back at theches back at h >> and the woman is misinformed, because they are state machines run by the state official, and george soros has absolutely nothing to do with it. steve patterson, you are in one of the key battlegrounds in california where the democrats are trying to unflip the seat, and have orange county institution, and dave error bro rbacher and regardless, he has been a part of politics for 30 years. and many people here say he has
9:12 am
not faced a true challenger until now. he is in a fight and one is his alignment of donald trump and that is a very republican area of orange county, but it is not necessarily trump country, and many of these people are nixonians and ra reaganites and the president is not poll iing here. and, too, the changing demographic, because it is a lot more progressive and younger. and three, it is the darnedest things that dana says. many point to the support and sympathy for russia and look at that as troubling, but not his opponent republican turned demt krat harley rouda is looking to defeat him saying that he has only introduced a couple of pieces of legislation in his entire on the ur, and so we caught up with him to ask him about the final push. >> reporter: how do you get through the last few days?
9:13 am
>> well, i am not nervous, because i have have been fortunate to build up businesses to 10,000 people, and so i know what is it like to make payrolls and sign personal guarantees and know what itt is like to get the businesses through, and the t u thousands of families that are impacted by the decisions that you make, and so i know what we are doing here and i believe that we will win. the voters will speak their mind on november 6th, and we will live with whatever that decision is. >> and to be fair, there is quite a few number of supporters from rohrbacher, and so this is as close to a dead heat as you can get, andrea. >> one of the late nights by any time zone out there in california. and kasie hunt, you are following a contentious battle with claire mccaskill in missouri facing a tight race. >> that is right, andrea, and the race of her life. she lucked out with some of the
9:14 am
opponent she's has ran against before, but she is a fiercely independent candidate herself, and that is how she sells herself, and her personality has stood out in the senate which has helped her as well, but this time, it could be tougher for her with the rural areas of the state very much supportive of president trump. still a big question of the democratic enthusiasm, and we have been here in kansas city, missouri, who say that it is more important because donald trump is in the white house. this is is what one of them have to say. >> reporter: what is the top issue that you are worried about in this election? >> corruption, and health scare another big one. and i have a sister who is extremely sick, and without the h help of the government, she wouldn't be around. so it is imperative for my family to have good health care.
9:15 am
>> reporter: do you believe there is more urgency to vote this time around because of president trump? >> yes. >> reporter: do you feel it among your friends that you are talk talking to here in kansas city? >> yes, a absolutely. >> and so of course, claire mccaskill is going to have to make sure that the voters are going to be out to vote for her and the moderates who may have voted for her in the past. >> that is one of the big races who could gain or lose control. thank you so much, kasie hunt. good luck out there. and meanwhile, cnn political reporter mark mur are -- mark my is going to join us now and talk about some of the key races. >> the case that kasie is talking about, the missouri race is 50-50 due to the democratic enthusiasm and the are republican nature of missouri, and in this recent polling, the polls have claire mckas cal
9:16 am
barely inching ahead. and that is going to bring us to tennessee, and the nbc/maris poll has marcia blackman ahead of phil bredesen, and this is a close can race n. september we had bredesen ahead just barely. and then to arizona, the maris poll has kirsten cinema ahead of martha mcsally. this is a tight contest. then in texas, quinnipiac has ted cruz slightly ahead of beto oo'rourke, and then finally in florida, where it is going to be very close in the senate contest and having democrat bill nelson at 47%, and rick scott at 46%, and according to the university of north florida, this is a tight race. >> and is this where president trump going there, and he could
9:17 am
add more stops, and is that going to the make a difference? >> the enthusiasm is sky high, but what is important in florida, is that the early voting is happening, and as we saw that in the 2016 election, by election day, 70% of the ballots had been cast in florida, and i would expect that to play out as well. florida is the epicenter, and to me, if you are going to spot any democratic wave and if they can win in the senate contest as well as gubernatorial, that is a good night for them. >> we are looking at new park to see what the millennials will do that and new polling data says that 59% of new voters did not know who their congressman was. so talk about 30% of them saying they will vote or strongly interested in voting, but if they don't know who their congress representative is six days out, are they really going to vote? >> well, that is a big mystery, and the millennial vote is a wild card. note in the poll that we ended
9:18 am
up having, one-third of the millennials say they will vote and it is not a lot, but the number that you cited is jaw-dropping, but in to 12014, half of the number of millennials voted. so if we see the millennials turn out, and half of the enthusiasm is that the millennials are more enthused, that is good news for democrats, and the democrats are a whole lot more enthuse, but bif it lo like 2014. >> okay. coming up, the smear campaign and why the fbi is looking into a possible scheme targeting robert mueller. yu a juggling all the things we do is a challenge. but hey, it's a fun challenge. and our tempur-pedic helps us make it all work. it gives us the best night's sleep ever. i recommend my tempur-pedic to everybody.
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special counsel robert mueller is dealing with a bizarre incident of his own. an apparent scam trying to discredit him before his office produces more indictments before the campaign season breaks. and mueller's office says that they have asked the fbi to investigate where women were offered cash to smear him with false claims of sexual harassment. joining us is tim delaney, and
9:23 am
also, a presidentials historian looking at the the broader campaign issues this week. first, ken, to you sh, this stre case. you have a vermont law professor telling nbc news that she was offered payment if she would talk about sexual harassment to wob mueller, and she reported it for the mueller office, because she had never mett him. >> this is a bizarre story, and campaign ongoing to discredit robert mueller and is it a campaign to generate news coverage or real campaign to get women to accuse mueller of sexual misconduct, but as you said, this law professor jennifer taub says she are received an e-mail from sure-fire intelligence to offer her money about encounters with robert mueller, and she has never had any encounters with robert mueller, and she reported it to the special counsel and others have made reports, but the special counsel said on the
9:24 am
record and they rarely talk on the record, but that they had referred the allegations to the fbi about claims of women to discredit robert mooueller. and this man jack burkman says he is going to be bringing forth a person accusing robert mueller. and a buy yog iographer has loop into the career, and said not a hint, not a hint of misconduct with women in the past and decorated vietnam combat veteran, and so we do have to look at this seriously though, because there is this ongoing movement to discredit him. >> and now, ken, where are we as a country if people are organizing smear campaigns to tear down somebody who would be in normal times an icon, and the long-the time fbi leader, you know, combat veteran, i mean, a
9:25 am
stellar career in public service? >> well, we are in a political equivalent of the thunderdome, and remember the mad max movie where it is just madness and conflict at every way, and the higher brow of saying that is that we are in the hobbsian analogy. people have been digging for dirt, and water thegate in many ways the underlying crimes were trying to figure out if someone had done something wrong, and if they had not done something wrong, plant evidence that they had. so there is some precedent for this. but there is really less precedent for the veracity of this, and the direct attack on and off ser,icer who embodies t
9:26 am
law. and the trickery and the term rat-x that we knew about in watergate. this is different, because mueller is a official officer, independent special counsel seeking as best we can in a fallen world to find the truth about incredibly complicated matters. it is the measure to some extent to state the obvious that the administration, and the administration's ale lies, and whoever was behind this are clearly worried. they are trying to kill the mets sen jer before we get the message. >> now, there is a shot in one of the pictures that we showed of bob mueller sitting with judge william webster, one of the former fbi and cia director to write an op-ed and i have never known him to write a piece like this and i have known him
9:27 am
for 30 or 40 years with the op-ed saying "keep your hands off of bob mueller" in the washington post and the new york time s to just tell you how the republican establishment is really appalled by this as well. but we have not heard people speaking out from the congressional leaders certainly. >> well, when the history is written, the role of the republican establishment such as it is, and i would maybe even strike establishment, and say right-minded republicans who as you noeknow even better than i will say one thing off camera and off of the record, but say very different things when they know that the base for the leader of the base president trump is listening. there is a massive cognitive dissonance about what people believe privately is going on and what they are willing to the say publicly in order to the take on the president. john kennedy once said that the reason of the "profiles in
9:28 am
courage" was one volume and a fairly short book. the "profiles in courage" in this the era would almost get to the newspaper story, but maybe not even that. >> and you wrote the biography of bush 41 and when you think of george herbert walker bush and not discounting 1988 and some of the campaign tactics that were use and lee atwater and in 1992 and elsewhere, there was a level of respect for what is proper in politics, and political discourse discourse. >> absolutely. on the other side of the campaign, governor michael dukakis fired his campaign manager john sasso for leaking damaging information. i think about joe biden. and so, it is almost as if we
9:29 am
are talking about thermopoly when we talk about that the era and not the sentimentalize it at all. the redemptive thing about george h.w. bush and so many american politicians is that many of them would do a lot of unattractive things to get power. to me, the test is once you have amassed that power, do you use it for the good of the country or continue the use it for your own good, and in president bush's case, at every point when he amassed power, he did things against his political interest that one might not have guessed from the campaign. that is the nature of the reality. i was chasing president bush around once about these issues, tough campaigns and opposing the civil rights act in 1964, and he said, wonderfully, politics is not a pure undertaking, not if you want to win, it is not. but what you want is at the end
9:30 am
of the day for people to say that taken all in all, you put the country first. >> a fair point to end on. thank you so much, jon meachum. it is u always such a treatt to have you with us. >> thank you, andrea. and voter suppression, and what is being done to ensure that the ballots are being counted. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. stay with us. the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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it allows you to choose any doctor, who accepts medicare patients... and these are the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. whew! call or go online and find out more. i feel that there is some
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irony in, you know, the extra hurdle to be added on our peo e people, the first people of this country and having to prove your citizenship. we ask all of the time, name a documented instance of voter fraud and we have yet to hear an answer, and so hiding behind the issue of voter fraud is becoming an excuse for voter suppression. >> and carlos ortiz spoke to voters in north dakota, one of the several state where is the voter restrictions are being challenged by activists. they are helping to have an estimated 5 million american natives to secure can an i.d. to vote after the supreme court upheld a controversial law requiring thom have an i.d. with a current street address which violates most of the native americans who live on reservations, and don't have street addresses.
9:35 am
and when heidi heitkamp's election depended on the support of the american natives. joining us is a representative from the legal defense fund. and this is an instance of where certain minorities are being exclue exclud excluded. and we are seeing that in georgia, the famed campaign forgovernor against stacy abrams and the secretary the of state is initiating these perfect match laws. >> yes, and a few days ago, former president jimmy carter who has observed elections all over the world has written a letter asking him to recuse himself in this election in which he is a candidate. there are thousands of ballots
9:36 am
that have been languished by the side, and matching the exact match in georgia as well. but it is not the only place. we filed a suit in waller, texas, to challenge for prairie view a&m, the historically black college where there are nearly 8,000 students, most of whom are eligible to vote, and we are inching towards fairness and we learned just before i came here that the secretary of state has asked the election judge in waller to allow the early voting to continue there for the prairie view students there for the end of the week and waiting for the answer there. and so you the north dakota litigation, and the texas litigation, and litigation happening in georgia as well. this is very, very tense period. and you know, andrea, this is all of the new normal was ushered in 2013 when the supreme court decided the shelby county case, and not where we are s
9:37 am
seeing the voter suppression, but the clear requirements, because lift iing that has metastasized the kind of voter suppression that we used to only see in the deep south states that were really the focus of the clearance, and we are seeing it metastasize all over the country. >> and correct me if i am wrong, but prairie view is decided by the u.s. supreme court in the landmark cases of 1979. >> yes. >> and this is the law since that college students were residents of where they are going to school can vote where they go to school? >> well, they can vote, but what we are challenging is that ensuring that they have the same early voting opportunities as other voters in waller county. this is the minute level at which you have to deal with the voter suppression now, and even when you get to point where the ballot can be cast, the opportunity to have the same amount of time to have the same access to the polls as others can be shifted in important
9:38 am
ways. you have heard about the kansas place, and another place where there is litigation and in dodge city, the officials moved the polling place outside of the city limits and a mile away from the closest bus station and dodge city with a large latino populati population. so we are looking at the very interesting and ingenious ways off suppressing the vote that don't go to canceling the ballot entirely, but restricting the access to the ballot the deeply undernine the ability of the minority voters to participate in the political process. >> i want to add in north dakota, there is an issue of whether people were told whether they had to be using the blue or the black ink. >> it is something that john lewis would know about from his days where understanding tests were used and people had to guess the amount of bubbles in a soap bar. we are seeing a return to things that we thought that were a part of the past.
9:39 am
this is why we have to lean in so heavily, and so much litigation happening this week. i don't want to leave, andrea, without people understanding how important it is to go out the vote. sometimes people hear bt the voter suppression, and discouraging them from feeling like their vote is going to count. but it is critical that you come out the early vote if you can in the places that have the early voting, but certainlile come out on election day, and i stood in line one hour and 15 minutes to vote this week, and i a thought that every minute was worth it. it is important to give that message as well. >> the president has tweeted against paul ryan's criticism of the birthright citizenship, and he is saying that paul ryan should worry about holding the majority rather than giving opinions about birthright
9:40 am
citizenship, something he knows nothing about. our new republican majority will work on this, closing the immigration loopholes and securing our border. >> yes, by executive order he could change a provision in the united states constitution that was placed there deliberately to ensure that african-americans were citizens in this country, and birthright it citizenship i feature of the country that changed the american landscape and to think that he could etch say, and that the president of the united states could say anything so patently unu true by executive order he could negate a clear and part of the constitution, that is how far he has gone down to thinking that he is more king than president. so we want people to understand that you may have to waitt in line. my tip is to read all of the ballot questions this weekend, and read online and read all of
9:41 am
the ballot constitutional questions there, and those are the things that take long to read and hold up the line. and prepare yourself before you go into the booth, and know what you are voting for. don't just vote for the senator that you want, or the mayor that you want or the governor, but vote for the sheriff and the local judge, and the district attorney, and vote for those people who are going to be controlling your lives in a democratic process. we have to do it. we have failed in that in the past. we want to vote in every race. so prepare yourselves this weekend and everyone should be taking time this sunday and puts a side an hour and half to prepare yourself to exercise responsibly the obligation the participate and vote. >> thank you very much. and remember what john lewis and thousands first commercial wireless phone call. we were both working on that first network that would eventually become verizon's. that call opened the door to the billions of mobile calls that we've all made since.
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and time to go back on the road with our road warriors this time to minnesota in suburban minneapolis. democrats are hoping to flip a seat that's historically red by electing dean phillips. kevin tibbles is talking to voters in plymouth, minnesota. hey, kevin. >> reporter: hey, andrea.
9:46 am
welcome to our conversation this afternoon here in the dunn brothers coffee shop in plymouth, minnesota. i'm here with ann gavin wlchlt's interesting about this particular 3rd district is that it could flip this time. ann has told us she voted for the republican candidate in the past. that seems to have changed this time out. who are you voting for and why? >> this time i'm voting for dean phillips. he is new on the scene and i voted for eric paulsen three times. first three times he was elected i voted for him. >> reporter: if you vote for someone three times you must believe in the policies. why are you changing? >> well, i thought i believed in his policies because he said he was a moderate but looking into the voting record he was shockingly conservative and very disappointing. >> reporter: here we are in minnesota. nice country. it's got to take something to change your mind. what are the issues that have perhaps disappointed you at least turned you in the other
9:47 am
direction? >> one of the obvious, major ones is environment. eric has said he doesn't know if climate change is real. and come on. i mean, everyone knows it's real. why would he be saying that? if he wasn't just going along with the republican platform. >> reporter: $10 million plus has been spent in this area. does that -- do you welcome $10 million being spent? >> no. phillips is one of the things i love about phillips is running on a platform to keep the pac money out of elections. and what $10 million does is it's spent on negative ads that only confuse voters. >> reporter: andrea, here where it is minnesota nice, attack ads don't seem to go down too well. back to you. >> thank you so much. we all know about minnesota nice. we'll see what happens in that district. thank you. we'll be right back. thank you, kevin. business loans for eligible card members up to fifty thousand dollars,
9:48 am
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and that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports. "from our family to yours, a happy halloween. all members of the junior amr team. and here's ali velshi and stephanie ruhle. >> those are great earrings. what are they? >> how about that? just a little skeletons for halloween. >> we love this. >> what are you wearing? >> we are also members of the junior amr team and didn't wish
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you a happy birthday and belated birthday to you. >> and you on monday, sir. >> it was more than his birthday. it was a velshi extravaganza. >> and today's stephanie ruhle's favorite holiday of the year and all celebrating. have a great rest of your afternoon. >> you, too. >> good afternoon, everyone. happy halloween. i'm ali velshi. >> i'm stephanie ruhle. it is halloween! wednesday, october 31st. >> let's get spookier. >> let's get smarter.
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