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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 1, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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delano, and also, mommy is a steg saurus, and that is the last time that you will see the pictures, but i promise d my family that you would see them on television, and so there you go. and so thank you for watching this edition of msnbc live and "andrea mitchell reports" starts now. >> i love the dinosaur pictures. stage fright. five days before midterm elections, and stoking violence that does not exist. and also, 20 year ss after a ma named wully horton the helped to decide an election. truth be told, after making thousands of false or misleading statements in his time in office, the president says that he's trying to tell the truth.
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>> i do try. i always want to tell the truth when i can, i tell the truth. and sometimes it turns out that where something happened or there is a difference or a changes but i always like to be truthful. >> and oprah's on. the media mogul is making a rare campaign appearance this hour, and can she help to elect the first african-american governor mired in voter suppression charges. >> and the country depends on it. vote, vote, vote. >> vote! >> oprah is there with our friend maria shriver, and goodday. i'm andrea mitchell, and both of the party fwrings iin -- partie bringing out their star campaigners. president trump is back on the trail tonight, but this hour, it is all about an hour who owns the spotlight. oprah win are fri is campaigning with georgian governor candidate
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stacey abrams. and we join kristen welker, and kasie hunt in with wisconsin where incumbent governor scott walker is in a fight introduced by the trump factor and the avo avoidance of it. and now, we look at voter suppression concerns, and kristen welker, bringing on oprah is a big play by stacey abrams? >> it is the biggest political play, andrea. the queen of talk is going to be here campaigning for stacey abrams the gubernatorial candidate who if she wins will be the first african-american governor. she is set to hold two town halls with abrams, and we are here in mariettet ta, georgia --
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marietta, georgia, about to get under way. this is a diverse crowd, and andrea, they are still filing n but it is a fired up crowd. so far, we have heard chants s "stacey, stacey, stacey" of course which is a nod no the oprah's time she gave a car saying you get a car, you get a car, you get a car. and now sh, oprah does a couple things for this race. one, she is here to energize the vote. she is here at this pivotal time with concerns of voter suppression, but andrea, a number of big names that have come out, and as a matter of fact, the vice president is here today, but for him, oprah winfrey, her power transcends
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politic, and so she is going to energize the women voters and the african-american voters to get out, and she is significant, andrea, but she does not get into politics a lot. you remember that she did endorse candidate obama back in 2006, and that is significant and helped him to energize african-american, and she endorsed hillary clinton, but this is the first major endorsement of the 2018 midterm election elections, and this is going to be significant and make a flash, and it is going to the raise new questions about her own potential political prospect, and there is a lot of buzz if oprah winfrey will throw her hat into the ring after giving that rousing speech at this year's golden globes, and she has closed the the door on it, and said she is not interested, but a new york times profile that came can out of her best friend gayle king yesterday said that she has been pushing her into i it, and trying to get her into
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the race, and making the argument that it is a lot bigger than oprah winfrey and her own desires. so we will be listening closely today, and listening and trying to read the tea leaves to see if oprah is still shutting the door on the 2020 presidential bid. back to you, andrea. >> and she is going to be in decatur, and door knocking and canvassing with stacey abrams and a big move indeed. >> and then in wisconsin, a tighter than expected race with scott walker, and kasie abrams -- excuse me, kasie hunt, he is doing everything he could to avoid talking about donald trump. >> indeed, he was, andrea. i was justs so struck by the difference in how kind of the focus of the rhetoric, and the issues that the politicians, and hone honestly, this is true throughout my trip through the heartland and in iowa and
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missouri and now in wisconsin, but i was in an event with speaker ryan who was on a campaign with scott walker who is facing a tough election of his political career which is saying something considering how much fire he has had through the tenure as governor, but the speaker, scott walker for the most part, and the senate candidate gave her speech, you might have thought that there was no republican president in the white house. his name was barely mentioned. leah buckner did mention him once in passing and calling him the president. but when i asked scott walker in the gaggle with the are reporters and talking about the president, he wanted to talk about anything else. he did not talk about immigration, but said he is focused on the issues here. he has repeatedly said that he is going to protect people with pre-existing condition, and that is how potent the an issue this is in the state.
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and almost every voter that i have talked to republican, democrat or independent has named pre-existing conditions as an issue they are concerned abo about. now, all of the people are voting different ways and some of them voting republican, but t it is something that is really broken through, and you can see it in how the candidates in the swing states like this the one are talk thing about it. it is so striking that the president on one hand is using all of the immigration-related rhetoric right here at the close t to try to motivate his core base of supporters out to poll, and while many of the republicans who are trying to hang on to the seats in places where they perhaps need some democrats and independents to get over the finish line, they sound complete completely differently, andrea. >> and kasie, did paul ryan have any response, because you tried to question him about the president, and slamming him for objecting to president's comments about birthright citizenship, and of course, you can't do it by executive order, and then the president flailing
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him in a race where you are trying the hold on the senate, and how did he respond? >> it is interesting how the definition of conservative a has changed in the republican party. and what paul rye yan said what used to think is constitutional conservativism has changed. we planned to come out to cover the walker's bus tour before this is in the news, and no guarantees of what might happen, but certainly, we found that especially when you come to speaker's home state, he is willing to chat, but that is not the case today there. a clear recognition that anything that he might say would take away from what he is trying to accomplish in helping scott walker here, and also, a return to how he is usually going to handle the conflicts with trump which is to try to minimize them. quite frankly, i was surprised to the hear him go as far as he did on the radio show, because
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members of congress as you know, they are more comfortable on the home turf, but he never was willing to engage in questions like that or spats with the president at the podium at the capital where i cover him everyday. andrea? >> fascinating take, kasie. so glad that you are out there, and kristen welker. and now, let's take a look at the big picture with the nbc political editor charlie cook, and editor of the cook report and mark murray. and what are you looking at? five days out, andle is of the races are so tight, and scott walker and others, and it is really dangerous the predict what is going to happen. >> yes, andrea, we have seen a slew of polls in the last 24 hour, and so many of the races are tight. looking at indiana, and this is the nbc/maris poll that we had and we had incumbent joe donnelly up by three point, and well within the margin of error, and in an important race for democrats in the ability to stave the off any kind of losses in the senate. and also in indiana, we have a
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fox news poll that showed donnelly with a slightly bigger lead, but it is a earliest poll closing times that we will see in the country. we will know how the political winds are blowing when we see the returns in indiana, and also, andrea, talking about the tight races in cnn poll that the had krysten sinem, ahead of representative martha mcsally. and so this is looking to be in an absolute tie here with arizona senate race. and we will also be able to know how the political winds are blowing, because they are almost neutral political winds. >> and mark, looking at the races, so many of them within the margin of error. you could predict the house a little bit more comfortably, but you cannot really be sure of anything right now, and so let's talk about what to look ahead with charlie.
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charlie, which races are you really looking at as the bellwethers to tell you what is going on here? >> well, i always resist picking any one, because each with one has idiosyncratic in its own way. i think that in terms of the house, we will have an early, and we will know relatively early on, a couple of races in virginia that we will be watching, three of them, and there is going to be a couple in new jersey and a couple in pennsylvania and eastern pennsylvania. so we'll be, you know, we will see a little bit what i would say that you are looking the basket of the race, and if you can see a general trend, but we are seeing something, and you know, where you will see something, but you are not sure what you are seeing. this seems to be a little bit of the movement back towards democrat post pittsburgh. now, was it the shooting? was it the president's rather inelegant handling of it?
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what, don't know. i don't think it is anything as big as the kavanaugh fight was moving things towards the republicans, but it looks like it may be a point or two, and as you said a minute ago, there are so many close races that a broad shift one point, half a point or two the points, and that can switch a bunch of the races in the senate that makes all of the difference in the world. >> and we see that pace picking up of the president's rhetoric. the videos that have come out. they are just some of the -- unlike anything that i have ever seen connected to the president, because they are on his twitter feed r, and not some outside group, and they are so fear-inciting, and so we are seeing that as well as the fallout from pittsburgh and some of the other thing, and his own poll numbers coming down, and that could have an impact particularly on the senate race, because they are the bigger national races. mark, a lot will depend as does
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whoever turns out and the fear factor is playing a aing a role >> and one thing, we will see the unprecedented turnout, and that is creating uncertainty, because it is like 2006 and 2010 and 2014 and the other uncertainty is how the president is interjecting, and he making the midterms about him, and normally a george w. bush or barack obama would say, they are local races by individual candidates, and the president is wanting to be absolute front and center. i would say it is not maybe helpful to scott walker as you heard from kasie hunt that scott walker does not want the talk about president trump, but he is making it impossible for people like scott walker and other people on purple and blue turf. >> i wanted to play a little bit of the christian broadcast canning network on air force one when the president was talking
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back with david brody and talking about the so-called blue wave. >> a few days away from the midterms, how are you feeling and what do you think about this so-called blue wave? >> i think that the blue wave is dead frankly and i think that we are doing well. >> yet, they are pulling out everything, and even though he is also creating the narrative that, well, you know, the day after he could always say midte midterms are always for historically for income can bentbent -- income bent, and theumbents that they are doing a press conference at the roosevelt room at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, and we have been waiting on that the all week, and then going out again with the battleground state appearances that the really look like more akey to 2020. >> well, although, yes, comma, but.
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where he is going is key to senate. and it is almost like he is pretending like the house doesn't exist. and i would say that there is more logic in if president's schedule the last couple of weeks than we have seen a really long time. i mean, he is going to red america, and going where he can help, and he is generally staying a wai way from the plac where he would make things worse and also trying to get people to just focus on the senate where the good news is for the republicans and not so much on the house, but we are, and we do seem to be seeing a tiny bit of the movement in the senate, and the problem is that a lot of the campaign s have stopped polling and so i am vaguer than i no normally would be. >> and why was he in ohio? >> well, that is, okay, that is -- okay. governors. >> okay. >> that is the untold story of
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to e llection is the state elections, and from the policy standpoint, the governors are a bigger deal than if the house flips. >> and especially with 2020, an charlie cook, this is your busiest time, and mark murray, i don't know how you find time for any of us. and coming up, the fear factor, and the fear factor that the president is showing a racially-charged video today five days before the midterm, and with we will drill down on that the on "andrea mitchell reports." stay with us on msnbc. looking good! at, we can't guarantee you'll good at that water jet thingy... but we can guarantee the best price on this hotel. or any accommodation, from homes to yurts. booking.yeah
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and with five days to go until the mid temperatures the president is kicking off his final campaign blitz across the country and sparking outrage though after tweeting this racially-charged video blaming the democrats and the migrant caravan for a completely unrelated convicted police murd murder, and a sinister throwback to the willie horton campaign ad that helped to defeat presidential candidate michael dukakis. >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> that is adoin the president's personal twitter account, and joining me is jim massena, and obama deputy chief of staff, and
9:21 am
former spokesman for newt gi gingrich, and susan, you and i covered this, and it is worse. it is worse because of the viral technology, and it is coming from the president himself, and rather than the outsided related group. >> the notorious willie horton ad was from an outside group from the bush campaign, and the bush campaign felt compelled to distance from it, and they put out a different one which with did not use a glaring black man which made the willie horton ad so offensive to many. >> and it was blaming michael dukakis, the governor of massachusetts, who was in jail for murder.
9:22 am
>> yes, and this is allowing this the immigrant the kcome ino the country, and stay here, and then he murdered with two deputy sheriffs in a terrible killing in california, but, there is -- it is, think it is questionable whether it is fair to blame democrats for it. and then it is showing some additional pictures of migrants pushing at the fence and not identified, but tying it to this offense. >> and so it is nothing with the fence here, because they are arguably weeks away. and jim massena, you were deputy chief at the obama white house, and so you know, they are spending money for 15,000 troops at the border, and that is two troops for every possible migrant and they are not all arguably illegal, and many of them might be applying for asylum. >> yes, and look, the facts don't matter here in the trump world. this is is about race-baiting
9:23 am
five days before the election. i agree with both of you, it is the most cynical ad that i have seen since willie horton, but it does not matter, because we will talk about the politics of it. it smacks of the post kavanaugh enthusiasm bump that the republican s has have gotten is largely disa appeared and instead of trump fighting it out local issue by local issue, which is what the scott walkers of the world want the do, and trump is trying to hostage the entire republican narrative and get it to be about immigration reform, and the problem is that if you are in the swing seats, this is the last thing that you want to talk about, right? you want to go back to economy and health care and your message, and just as a straight political move in the close house races in the razor thin, it is smacking of desperation, andrea. >> and he, also, rick tyler, and the first to point it out that the president also tweeted out a
9:24 am
video of his condolence call in pittsburgh. which is similarly inappropriate one could argue, because it is all about him and not the victims of that hideous crime. >> well, it is always about trump, andrea. and first of all, if we are going to misuse the u.s. military, let's send them to puerto rico and help them to rebuild the infrastructure and this is a great 34is use. >> great -- is a great misuse. >> that is a great idea. >> and this is the forgive me if i exaggerate in this trumpian era, but he is going to send all of the troops to the border to stop what is calling the zombie apocalypse and some of the zombies are ms-13 gangs and some from the middle east and some have smallpox, and -- >> leprosy. >> and so this is a ludicrous closing argument that he think s
9:25 am
is a winner, and most of the republicans, and most of the republicans campaigning out there don't. i heard a republican this the morning, scott walker, governor running for wisconsin who is running on obama care. so, they are all running on protecting the pre-existing conditions which is i geuess th singular achievement of obama care, a a tnd the president is completely out of sync with most of the republicans and not all of them. >> and what about ted cruz? you have worked with him in the pa past. is this potent in texas, and could it suppress the la tee the know vote? could it help to re-elect ted cruz? >> no, because the last poll had beto o'rourke within three points of ted cruz, and other polls with wider margin, but it is closer than it should be talked about illegal immigration and work visas, and the texans overwhelmingly support it, and why? because they live in those communities and they see the
9:26 am
immigrantts and the migrants coming over all of time the working in the community. right now, donald trump is trying to deport a woman who was here legally for 20 years from el salvador who owns a business, who has children, two of with which have not been in el salvador since they were ed to lers and the other was born in the united states and this is the party of the family values. >> and this issue did work for george bush in 1988 and help pfl to put dukakis on the defensive and he did not respond well. >> i have not heard that. >> and dukakis had other problems, that is true, but this immigration issue is one that is animating president trump and the base supporter ares from the very beginning of the campaign. so it may help, and it may help the republican campaigns in some of the -- >> it is the opening message when he came down the escalator. and jim massena, if you were a democratic campaign manager, trying to manage some of the campaign, and go up against this, how do you deal with it,
9:27 am
when these videos are viral, and, you know, another whole question that we will talk about and dealing with it as a journalist without promulgating misstatements. >> yes, you, look, avoid it and stay focused on the message. i disagree with susan, who i love, but this video is all about his base there is not a swing voter who is going to change their mind. if you are excited about this, you have decided. and so there is 8% of americans deciding what to do in some of the close elections in the final five days, and i promise you that this video is not going to work on them. what is going to work on them is the economy, pre-existing conditions and the campaign's message. so to your question, if i were the campaign manager there, i would say do more things about the health care and the economy and not talk about this stupid issue the president is trying to raise. >> jim massena, and susan page and rick tyler, thank you all so much. and now, more on how
9:28 am
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the president has been using
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the issue of immigration to try to stoke fears among voter and now he is planning to give a white house speech on the subject. joining me is kelly o'donnell. and we have been talking about the speech behind the scenes all week on what he would say, what do you expect? >> well, one of the things that is notable, and it is a detail that we are trying to figure out what will this actually be is the use of the word speech. we have had multiple white house officials say it is not a speech, but brief remasrks. in washington, there is a subtle difference there, but it is notable, so it suggests that it is not a big comprehensive set of remarks that the president has been planning, but something a perhaps little bit more in the moment where he is talking about illegal immigration, and a border update. we know that the president has a long list of the ish ssues thate front burner for him from sending the u.s. military personnel in great numbers to the border, and also the issue of the asylum-seeking rules and
9:33 am
the human caravan, and we know that the president is going to be making some remasrk, but the fact that they are not calling it a speech is sort of curious in the way that we try to discern what is the president's mission today, and what is he setting out to do. andrea. >> thank you, kelly. chuck todd, nbc's political director and as you can see, oprah is coming out on the stage. chuck, obviously, also moderator of "meet the press" and host of the mtp daily, and chuck, let's talk about this impact, first of a all, and what is oprah trying to do for stacey abrams given with what her opponent, and the secretary of the state in georgia is doing, and all of the char charges of voter suppression. >> and every event is about get the out the vote. and every surrogate is about get o out the vote, and whether it is the democratic or the republican side. and for stacey abrams side it is more of the get out and vote exercise. it is about the turn outthe
9:34 am
margins. if the african-american vote is 30% or more in georgia, it is a recipe for her, and if it is not, and if it is below that and clo closer to 25%, that is how she comes can out short. so asking what oprah is doing there. she is there to get the casual voters that maybe em pa thet toik the left-hand side of the political equation, and to get out and vote. that is -- it is a pretty simple explanation right now when you are five days out. >> and, of course, celebrities don't always work. sometimes they do. and we saw a little bit of taylor swift, but we will hear from oprah for a moment. >> i have earned the right to think for myself. and to vote for myself. and that's why i am a registered independent. because i don't want any party,
9:35 am
and i don't want any partisan influence telling me what decisions i get to make for myself. so i wanted to say to you, nobody paid for me to come here. nobody even asked me to come here. i paid for myself and i approve this message. so i want to say here, as a matter of fact, as i said, i was not asked. i just called stacey up three days ago. yes, i did not know her number and i said, hey sh, you know sty
9:36 am
abrams, and asking everybody. and finally somebody said, i know stacey abrams, and they said, i have her cell number and i said, give it to me. i am going to call her up right now. so i called stacey abrams, and i said, stacey, this is oprah. and you know what she said? she said, girl, lett me pull over to side of the roadto side and i said, that is a good thing, because you should not be talking on the cell phone while you are driving. i said i want to come to georgia to lend my support, and she said, that would be all right. that would be just fine. and i told her, this is why i want to come, stacey, because i have been reading about you. i have been reading about you in the "atlanta journal" in "time" magazine and in "the new york
9:37 am
times" and i have been watching you, and i have been seeing how you handle yourself. i have been watching you in the midst of the onslaught of haters and vitriol that is thrown against you. i have been watching you, and you just keep coming, and keep a coming and keep a coming on. you keep coming on. and not only do you keep a coming on, you keep standing strong for the valle lues that matter to me, and the values that matter to georgians all over this state. you keep it coming on. so i am here today, because stacey abrams cares about the things that matter. she cares about medicaid
9:38 am
expansion. she cares about keeping families together. she cares about environmental protection protection for our children so that they will have clean water and won't be wearing oxygen masks ten years from now. she cares about common sense gun control. she does not want to take the guns away from the people in georgia, because we know that people want to hunt in georgia, but she wants common sense for when others have lost common sense. and she cares about affordable housin housing, and our communities and creating jobs, and the reason that i am a registered independent is because i believe that everybody should have the right to vote their values and
9:39 am
vote your conscioence regardles. i have voted republican, and i have voted democrat, and each time, i have voted for the people that i felt represented my values. so stacey abrams' values are in alignment with the consciousness with which our dem a kra ocracy been founded. and the very foundation of the democracy is to think about other people, and to live our life in service to others. democracy is not just about our individual rights and concerns and our individual protections, but rather it lives and thrives in making sure that everybody is lifted by the community, that everybody is lifted because the baseline is not just what i want
9:40 am
or what i need or what is going to be filling my pocketbook, but recognizing that what is good for everybody is good for us. it is good for us. and stacey abrams gets that. she gets that. she understands, and she will serve the underserved of the state of georgia. because, you see, you see, here'ses the truth. all of us may have been created equal, but if you are woke, if you are woke just a little bit, you got sense enough to know that everybody is not treated equally. the reality is this. the reality is that we see the injustices big and small all around us every single day of our lives, and i know it is easy for a lot of people to feel that you have no power against the injustices, and this what i am
9:41 am
here to tell you that this land was made for you and me. this land was made for you and me. that is not just the song, that's the truth. i will tell you -- i will tell you that we are not powerless. ev every single one of us, every single one of us has the same power at the polls. every single one of us has something that if done in numbers too big to tamper with -- [ applause ] -- then cannot be suppress and cannot be denied. as the civil rights pred secesss used to say, we shall not be moved. so every single one of us has the same power at the polls. we have the ability to go into
9:42 am
the tiny booth or in my neighborhood it is not a booth, but a little stand and every one of us, regardless of the color of our skin, and it does not matter when you are there at the polls. or the god we pray to, it does not matter. who we choose to love, and whether or not we graduated high school or went to college or how much money you have in the bank or whether or not you have a pre-existing condition or whether you are elderly or whether you are not, whether you are development ally disabled, it does not matter at the polls, because we are all equal in power. so on november 6th, on nfsh 6ov 6th, you all got it or you would not be here, but you need to go
9:43 am
out the make sure that everyone has their voice heard on november 6th, and we have an incredible opportunity to make h history, and the inalienable right to make a difference because the one place that we are all equal is at the polls. i am here today, because i know that you are already know that, but i am here to remind you of the power. i am here because i want you to remind others of the power. i want to make it very clear to all of the press, everybody, i am not here because i am making some grandstand about running myse myself. i don't want to run. i am not trying to test any waters. don't want to go into the waters. i am here today because of stacey abrams. i am here today, and i am here
9:44 am
today, because of the men and because of the women who were lynched, who were humiliated, who were discriminated against, and who were suppressed and who were repressed and opressed for the right for the equality at the polls, and i want you to know that their blood has seeped into my dna, and i are refuse to let their sacrifices be in vain. i refuse. i am here today -- [ applause ] -- so let nobody turn it around. you can't let the sacrifices be in vain. i am here today because like a lot of young people, i did not
9:45 am
take voting seriously, until around my mid-20s, and around my mid-20s, i had the privilege of hearing reverend otis moss jr., and -- you all know him? he is a preacher in cleveland, ohio. and i heard him tell the story of his father, of tis moss sr. who right here in georgia's troop county got up in the morning and put on his only suit and his best tie, and he walked six miles to the voting poll location that he was told to go to in lagrange. and when he got there, after walking six miles in his good suit and tie, they said, boy, you have come to wrong place. you have to go to mountville. so he walked another six miles at a mountville, and when he got there, they said, boy, you are at the wrong place, and you need to go to the rosemont school.
9:46 am
and i pictured him walking from dawn to dusk in his suit, his feet tired, and getting to the rosemont school and they said, boy, you are too late. the polls are closed, and he never had a chance to vote. by the time the next election came around, he had died. so when i go to the polls and i cast my ballot, i cast it for a man i never knew. i cast it for otis moss sr. who walked 18 miles one day just for the chance to vote. and when i go into the booth to vote, i cast it for my grandmother who never had a chance to vote, because she died
9:47 am
before the voting rights act. and so when i do stand in the polls i admire what may ya angelou said. i come as one, but i stand for 10,000. for all of those who paid the way that we might have the right to vote. and for anybody here who has an ancestor who didn't have the right to vote, and you are choosing not to vote wherever you are in this the state n this country, you are dishonor iing your family. you are disrespecting and d disregarding their legacy, their suffering and their dreams when you don't vote. so honor your legacy. honor your legacy.
9:48 am
honor your right to citizenship in this which is the greatests country of the world. thet greatest country of the world and the right to vote is like, like the crown we all get to wear. maya used to say, baby, the crown has been paid for, and so put it on the head and wear it. so your crown has beeen paid fo, and the right to vote is your crown. so this is a tight race here in georgia. this is is tight. and there are tight ra races all over the country that depend on all of us giving honor to our greatest democratic right and privilege. so, let your vote make a difference and let your vote count, and let your vote speak for you. if you are a woman, let me just talk to women for a minute. if you a woman, you need to recognize that it has not even been 100 years since we even had the right the vote. since we were considered a piece
9:49 am
of property. you could not even own a piece of property. i love land so much and i thought that if i were born at the turn of the century, i would not have a right to own the land without your father or your husband saying it was so. you didn't have the right to even take care of yourself. so you didn't have a voice and now we do. we as women people, and women people need to stand united and vote our values, vote your values, vote your conscience, and all of the noise, an all of the noise and you can't get a way from it, and turn on the tv, and so much noise and crazy talk, and all of the vitriol in the ads, and you know what, they are designed to confuse and confound you with fear. that is what they have done. they are designed to confound you with fear. they are not designed for people with discernment, and women
9:50 am
people, we have discernment. and when you know the right thing and you influenced by propaganda and fear. so now is the time for discernment. and only when we unite as sisters, and i don't just mean sistahs. i mean sisters. black sisters. brown sisters. white sisters. asian sisters. lgbq sisters. when we all unite, i know for sure a change is going to come. so i'm here today to support a change maker.
9:51 am
she's a woman who dared believe she could change the state of georgia. and she is dynamic. she is so inspired and inspiring. she's bold. she's bold. she's bold. and bodacious. she's a georgia warrior woman. ladies and gentlemen, stacey abrams. ♪ woman to woman >> cha wthat was quite a speech. keeping it local. taking herself out of the picture. >> it's an interesting contrast, you know, when you watch the way the president is sort of -- his closing message. oprah, what she did there, very much trying to sort of determine optimism, i guess, if you will,
9:52 am
trying to be the contrast, better angels versus darker demons, things like that. it was a very -- presents an appealing person. maybe she ought to get a talk show. there's a reason she was a very -- is a very trusted person in america. and she has this way i think of disarming a crowd. i thought her rift right at the gipping i don't want any party to tell me what to do. fascinating message. particularly in a red, you know, light red state like georgia. so, look, she's very good. i know she said she's not running for president, but she's very good on the stump. she'd make a very good candidate. >> and we talked about how celebrities don't always -- aren't always able to transfer. certainly the hollywood celebrities didn't transfer popularity to hillary clinton in 2016. >> she is different.
9:53 am
>> i also thought talking about the voter suppression and also into the whole question of the noise out there. talk about that for a moment. what we're seeing online what we're seeing on the tube, there's an active effort to suppress the vote. the lower court judge refused to lift the injunction but it's gone to the appeals court. >> we may look back at this and say nothing reanimated the georgia electorate like the stories about how these voter registrations have been treated. we may thsay this controversy turned into a benefit, getting people to focus. getting people out there. you know, andrea, you and i do this for a living. by the end of the day, you're going to hear from a president
9:54 am
who will give some remarks that are likely to be very dark, that are likely to match the tone his twitter feed had. then the tone that oprah is trying to strike here, the optimism. it's a striking closing message and a striking split screen today. donald trump and oprah winfrey with two very different messages for america. >> the narrative of anti-semitism. the president said yesterday on the south lawn when a reporter asked what about george sorrows, do you think he's paying for the caravan, well, yes, i don't know, i tonight have the quodon quote, but he suggested it's possible george sorros, there's been so much anti-semitism against sorros. we're seeing all that hate speech.
9:55 am
we had the interview of the woman on the trail lined up for a trump rally in florida yesterday who said she used a paper ballot because she's afraid george sorros paid for the machines and has messed around with the voting machines. >> look, the george sorros boogie man creation started in 2004. i thought "the new york times" did a terrific job, sort of showing how it began, showing its roots in some cases are both international as well as domestic. and it is -- you know, look, the idea of trying to convince people there's a hidden hand that's keeping them down is not a new tactic in american politics. it's not a new tactic in politics around the world, the hidden hand. and george sorros is this hidden hand that the -- you know, it's an echo chamber, it's almost a
9:56 am
daily occurrence now on the prime time of fox and so many opinion shows on fox business. and it has seeped in. what's interesting is how many mainstream republicans just look the other way. and don't realize now 14 of this have created -- have turned into a character assassination of zwro george sorroings. it's troubling when you think about it in its totality. >> chuck, thank you. we'll be watching you every day. meet the press, election day, election night. thanks for being with us today. joining me now is gino or tez jones, a democratic congressional candidate in texas' 23rd candidate running against incumbent will hurd in a predominantly hispanic district next to the border in mexico.
9:57 am
women candidates, women candidates in heavily minority districts such as yours, what do you think the vote will be? will people turn out? what about the efforts to suppress the vote? >> well, we are seeing record turnout here in texas. thank you again for having me on. i was in el paso the other day. i was in peccess and alpine and tomorrow i'll be in choriso springs. the stakes are high. in no small measure, health care is on the ballot. one in six texans is uninsured. it's not lost on me that today is the first day of aca enrollment and there are 600,000 texans that would have access to insurance if we just expand under the aca. so people are e shoushowing up. as we would say in the military, it's four days and a wake up until we can take our country back. >> you're running against a former cia officer, spy against
9:58 am
spy, you could say, and he, will hurd, has been more independent from president trump than some of his cohorts. what is your message? >> well, i think he has a well-krawell well-crafted image. when you actually look at his voting record, look, there's nothing moderate or bipartisan about aiding -- about voting eight times to take away health care protections from people who have pre-existing conditions. there's nothing moderate or bipartisan about voting for a tax plan that gives a $1.9 trillion tax cut to the wealthiest people in this country at the expense and putting at risk people that are -- that rely on social security or medicaid and medicare. and there is certainly nothing moderate or independent about somebody who runs on their national security background, but then has really fallen well short of what we would expect him to do. you can't be outraged on cnn and comb policetplicit in congress.
9:59 am
he voted to not increase election security, funding for election security. he skipped the vote to subpoena the helsinki translator, you know, voted to sell our browsing history without our knowledge, our permission, even though he touts himself as a cybersecurity expert. it's a well crafted image. it's just well short of what we need here in the district. >> thank you for being with us. be safe out there on the campaign trail. we'll be tracking that race and we of course have reefed out to congressman will hurd and we have yet to hear back but we will coup welcome him on the show as well. that does it for us. remember, follow the show online, on facebook and on twitter. here is ali velshi. >> we always have a little concern when a live event takes over the show. but i got to say, having part of your show get taken over by oprah winfrey. >> oprah was my special guest today. >> have a great one, thank you.
10:00 am
good afternoon, i'm ali velshi. >> and i'm stephanie ruhle. it is thursday, november 1st. let's get smarter. more than th24 million american do not need a reminder to vote. they have already done it. that is 10%. >> the president bracing for a democratic surge that could cost republicans the house is largely focusing his attention on keeping the senate in republican hands. >> a vote for democrats is a vote to liquidate america's borders and they got a lot of rough people in those caravans. they are not angels. hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant children are made automatic citizens every year because of this crazy policy. congress has never passed a law requiring birth right citizenship for illegal aliens and the constitution does not -- i say that to the media, does not require it, read it. >> you've got fervent supporters. they love