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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 2, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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this morning, the president continues his campaign blitz with just four days to go until the midterms. last night he blamed two maniacs for stopping republican momentum. plus oprah winfrey campaigns in georgia for stacey abrams as mike pence vies for the spotlig spotlight. and the president has two new immigration measures but the two could face challenges in court. good to be with you on this
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friday. it is november 2nd. i'm frances rivera alongside louis burgdorf. last night trump complained that the murder of 11 people inside a synagogue and 14 pipe bombed mailed last week have hurt republicans' electoral chances. the president's remark came in the final five minutes of his missouri campaign rally. trump briefly appeared to catch the gravity of his word in the middle of saying them, but nonetheless doubled down. >> i will tell you we have gotten tremendous numbers. tremendous numbers of republicans are going out to vote. now we did have two maniacs stop momentum that was incredible, because for seven days nobody talked about the election. we have to take care of our people and we don't care about momentum when it comes to a
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disgrace like just happened to our country. but it did nevertheless stop a certain momentum. >> democratic senator brian shots said the next president should be a fundamentally decent person. >> the president says birthright citizenship will be exploited by enemies of the united states. >> the democrats want to continue to give automatic birthright citizen shop to every child born to an illegal alien. think of it. you're an enemy of our country. you're a general with war on your mind. you're a dictator who we hate and who's against us, and that dictator has his wife have a baby on american soil.
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congratulations, your son or daughter is now an american citizen. >> and the president is pushing back at accusations that he is racist amid his latest moves on immigration policy. the president suggested it is a sign that democrats are making a last ditch effort to win the midterms. >> well, you know, the word racist is used about every republican that's winning. any time a republican is leading, they take out the r word, the racist word. and i'm not anti-immigrant at all. i'm all for people coming into the country legally and people based on merit. but when you see a caravan pouring up to our country with thousands of people, maybe 10,000 people now, look we're not going to let them come into our country. >> barack obama is set to campaign for stacey abrams in georgia today. the candidate for governor is pulling out the big guns in the closing days of the election. yesterday she had oprah.
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the star actually knocked on doors, urging people to get out and vote. >> hi. [ laughter ] >> oh my god! >> hi, denise. >> hi, oprah. >> how are you? >> i'm wonderful. how are you? >> surprise, surprise. >> i am shocked. >> so i'm canvassing for stacey abrams. >> yes. >> are you voting for her? >> i absolutely am. >> and i want to make it very clear to all the press, everybody, i'm not sure because i'm making some grandstand because i'm thinking about running myself. i don't want to run, okay? i'm not trying to test any waters. don't want to go in those
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waters. i'm here today because of stacey abrams. every single one of us has the same power at the polls. and every single one of us has something that, if done in numbers too big to tamper with, cannot be suppressed and cannot be denied. as our civil rights predecessors used to say, we shall not be moved. for anybody here who has an ancestor who didn't have the right to vote and you are choosing not to vote wherever you are in this state, in this country, you are dishonoring
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your family. you are disrespecting and disregarding their legacy, their suffering and their dreams when you don't vote. so honor your legacy. honor your legacy. honor your right to citizenship in this, which is the greatest country in the world. >> the vice president was also in georgia yesterday stumping for abrams' opponent brian kemp. >> stacey abrams being bankrolled by hollywood liberals, sending their support into the state and some of them come into the state. like i heard oprah is in town today. and i heard will farrell was going door to door the other day. i'd like to remind stacey and oprah and will farrell i'm kind
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of a big deal too. >> i was on oprah the last week of her show. oprah liked me very much. i've always liked oprah. oprah's good, but the woman she's supporting is not qualified to be the governor of georgia by any stretch of the imagination. take a look at her past, take a look at her history. >> abrams who is a yale trained lawyer served in the georgia house of representatives for overing a decade and was the chamber's top democrat for more than half that time. she was the first woman to lead either party in the state's general assembly. technically, that means she has more political experience than the patresident. trump is expected to visit georgia sunday to campaign for her republican opponent brian kemp.
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polls put stacey abrams at 46.9% and brian kemp at 46.7%. texas congressman beto o'rourke pushed back yesterday on president trump's plans for troops at the u.s./mexico border. >> he wants to send more than 5,000 soldiers to this community and other communities at the border, demeaning the sacrifice of more than 20,000 border patrol agents who do an incredibly effective job of keeping the border secure and our communities safe. i want to make sure that we don't give into that paranoia, that we don't submit to that fear. >> o'rourke made the remarks in brownsville, texas. in the finally d days of the campaign o'rourke has hit the issue in an effort to lock
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dmoucdown much needed voters in the region. kristen cinema is neck and neck with martha mcsally. >> president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani voiced his support for john james last night, except he got one part wrong, his name. giuliani did it not once, but twice, tweeting, don james is running for senate in michigan. vote for don james. james responded, quote, thanks randy. as we go into the final days here of campaigning before tuesday, we got both sides
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ramping it up here making their closing arguments. >> good morning. i think what we can exfoekt see in the run-up to tuesday's election is the same message we have seen the president push over the last few days and that is immigration. the president has seemed to take to reiterating what worked for him in the 2016 presidential election campaign. that is stoking the fears of voters. we saw this happen yesterday when the president gave that long and somewhat rambling speech from the roosevelt room in the white house, talking about the caravan, talking about changes he wants to make to migrants who seek asylum in the u.s. and his executive order which he says is forthcoming ending birth right citizenship. i think that is going to be the message that the president continues to push forward as we enter the final days of the campaign. whether that works for some of these vulnerable republicans, particularly in these
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congressional races, we'll have to see on tuesday. >> as the president is driving that message home, you've got these races that are tightening. how prepared is the white house for the possibility of losing the house come tuesday. >> i think that is really the big question, is what president trump will say on wednesday, november 7th, particularly if democrats take back control of the house. the president has made it very clear that he believes that these midterm elections are a referendum on himself. he said to voters, get out there and pretend like i'm on the ballot even though i'm not. he did tell the associated press last month that it will not be his fault if republicans fail to maintain control of the house. all eyes will be on the president to see how he reacts on wednesday if democrats do take back control of the house. i think his critics are expecting him to shift the blame. after facing criticism from fellow republicans for his associations with white
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nationalism, congressman steve king is denying reports linking him to a far right austrian group with historical nazi ties. king said that the recent "washington post" story claiming he met with a european right wing on a holocaust remembrance group's dime is all false. he also got into a heated exchange when a man began questioning him about his ideology. >> this is over if he keeps talking. i'm leaving. >> i think he's given his answer. >> sir -- >> stop it! >> sir, that's it. >> you're done. still ahead, new reporting that in the days after "washington post" columnist jamal kashoggi's disappearance, the saudi crown prince made a call to the white house and discussed the journalist. plus, president trump weighs in on who may soon be replacing
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we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. welcome back. despite the widespread belief that saudi arabian crown prince salman was involved in the killing of jamal kashoggi, the saudis maintain he had no advance knowledge of the operation. that's the part of the kingdom's ever evolving exmplanatioexplan. mbs held a phone call with jared kushner and john bolton. during that conversation, the crown prince reportedly described kashoggi as a dangerous islamist and a member of the muslim brotherhood, an accusation made routinely against kashoggi in recent years by his critics and one the
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columnist repeatedly denied. saudi arabia maintained that kashoggi left the consulate in istanbul on his own shortly after approving. all tthough that explanation ha changed more than half a dozen times. the "washington post" also reports that during the call the crown prince urged kushner and bolton to preserve the u.s u.s./saudi alliance. and kushner, who has cultivated a close relationship with mbs has emphasized the importance of the alliance. in addition, the trump administration has reportedly decided to stand by the crown prince despite widespread international consensus that mbs was involved in some way in kashoggi's murder. that is mainly due to the administration's view that mbs
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is vital to its goals and agenda for the middle east and also due to support the crown prince from certain players in the ably isr. quote, everybody is milking this, everybody is trying to turn this to their advantage and try to get what they can out of it. it's been three and a half weeks since nikki haley announced she's retiring at the end of the year. >> did you offer heather nower the job? >> she's excellent. she's been a supporter for a long time. she's really serious. we have a lot of people that want the job and there are a lot
2:19 am
of really great people. we'll be talking about that next week sometime. >> she worked at fox news. she's also currently the under secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs. let's get a check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, what is the forecast going to be like for the marathon? we know you're running it so it better be good. >> run, walk, jog, crawl, we'll see how that goes. we have active weather heading through the northeast. there will be some travel delays. the leaves are just about at their peak too. i think sunday is going to be probably the best day of the fall. here's the radar. there's some areas of rain heading up into the catskills.
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we have this little squall line. that's a brief downpour pushing through central p.a. by the time we're all done with this mess, this blue is one inch of rain pretty much everywhere from atlantic city north waward. this is at 8:00 a.m. this is that squall line that i was talking about. we'll track that. kind of falls apart a little bit. it's hit and miss from areas about d.c. northward. then a soaking downpour right over the top of philly and new york city into hartford for the evening. if you have evening plans in and around central new england, that's when you're going to get the heaviest rain.
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by the time everyone wakes up saturday morning, it's over the top of boston. just about done in new york. d.c., philly's done. the heavy rain will be exiting early saturday in areas of new england. for today's forecast there's the rain on the east coast, also a chance of showers and storms down here in florida. as far as the weekend, we will be watching that rain exiting on saturday. then on sunday, very beautiful day, northeast, mid atlantic, new storm in the ohio valley. for all the people on the east coast, sunday is your day. still ahead, the latest in the controversy encompassing the university of maryland. for the first time san francisco takes on oakland in the battle of the bay area. a migraine hope to be there... for the good. and not so good.
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san francisco opened the break mullins' third touchdown of the game. san francisco dominates its local rival in this one, 34-3. ouch. let's go to college football and the fallout from an athlete's death earlier this year continues. one day after the university of maryland reversed its decision to reinstate head coach durkin. let's switch gears as the united states continues to dominate in gymnastics. simone biles easily captured her record fourth all around title at the world gymnastics championships in qatar yesterday. congratulations to her. >> you know what the big news is
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there? 24 hours she had kidney stones. she was in the e.r. and still had these victories. still ahead, just four days left until the midterms. plus, president trump pledges an immigration crackdown, but legal experts say his proposals could be met with pushback in federal court. ( ♪ ) ready to juvéderm it? correct age-related volume loss in cheeks with juvéderm voluma xc, add fullness to lips with juvéderm ultra xc and smooth moderate to severe lines around the nose and mouth with juvéderm xc. tell your doctor if you have a history of scarring or are taking medicines that decrease the body's immune response or that can prolong bleeding. common side effects include injection-site redness,
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good to have you back. i'm frances rivera alongside louis burgdorf. with just days to go before the midterms, president trump gave a sharply worded speech yesterday announcing two new immigration policies. using the roosevelt room as his backdrop, the president vowed to hold undocumented immigrants in detention until they could be deported. he also announced a plan to sign an executive order automatically denying asylum to immigrants who try to enter between ports of entry. >> at this very moment, large well-organized caravans are marching toward our southern border. some people call it an invasion. it's like an invasion. they are violently overrun the mexican border two days ago. these are tough people in many
2:31 am
cases, a lot of young men, strong men and a lot of men that maybe we don't want in our country. we have no idea who they are. all we know is they're pretty tough people when they can blast through the mexican military and mexican police. they're pretty tough people. even mexico said, wow, these are tough people, i don't want them in our country. and women don't want them in our country. women want security. you look at what the women are looking for, they want to have security. anybody throwing stones, rocks like they did to mexico and the mexican military, mexican police where they badly hurt police and soldiers of mexico. we will consider that a firearm because there's not much difference when you get hit in the face with a rock, which as you know it was very violent a few days ago. >> the president said yesterday that his proposals are legal but
2:32 am
both would face significant challenges in court. under current law, immigrants are allowed to make a claim for asylum anywhere in the united states no matter how they entered. chuck hagel had this to say last night. >> my reaction in listening to that coming from the commander in chief of our forces, president of the united states, is one of disgust. that's a wanton incitement of unnecessary violence. >> president trump has spent the lead-up to the midterms suggesting the midterms are about him. new reports thought could be a problem for his party. according to the "new york times" the president may prove to be a breaking point in
2:33 am
tuesday's contest for educated, wealthy white republicans, especially women. the parp sper says that rather trying to woo those voters, the president appears to have all but written them off. the president also points out his continued talk at the migrant vary can and birthright citizenship, which this group of voters calls an alarmist tactic. in these final days leading up to the midterms, trump officials have done what the pt president has been unable to, offering a softer pitch that could be a lifeline for those vulnerable republicans. in the past, presidents have
2:34 am
deployed their government leaders as midterm campaign surrogates. this election season, however, appearances by trump's cabinet coordinated in conjunction with the white house have been more frequent. they have raised concerns that the secretary's campaign stop-overs could violate the law prohibiting document officials from engaging in partisan activity. trump cabinet members have made more than 40 appearances for candidates. several cabinet offices declined to discuss the trips or the strategy behind them with the post. the campaigns are in the hectic final four-day push to the midterm elections. in pennsylvania democratic sn r senator has a 15-point lead over
2:35 am
the republican. let's go to tennessee where the cnn poll has republican marsha blackburn at 49% to the democrat's 45%. and the cnn poll of florida gives democratic senator bill nelson the edge against republican governor rick scott, 49-47%. one of the trouble spots for republicans seems to be virginia's 10th congressional district where a poll has democratic state senator jennif jennifer wexton is in the lead.
2:36 am
i want to bring back in supreme court and breaking news reporter for the washington examiner melissa quinn. talk about immigration again. what are the potential immediate hurdles the trump administration faces with this plan? >> it has to be definitely the courts. i think it's important to be clear that we really don't have many details from the president about what this immigration plan will entail. we do know that he does intend to use an executive order to end birthright citizenship. legal experts largely agree that would be a huge abuse of his power and would be likely to be struck down by the nation's courts. in terms of his asylum policies, experts say what the president is proposing would also be a violation of federal immigration laws, which say that migrants seeking and applying for asylum in the u.s. can do so anywhere
2:37 am
when they cross the border. the president said yesterday that migrants seeking asylum must do so at lawful ports of entry. i think it's likely that whatever we see come from the white house next week in terms of this executive order will definitely be challenged in the courts. >> there are also questions about international asylum laws as well. you talked about the legal challenges they're likely to face. at what point do you think we would see it will supreme court weighing in here on that? >> if there were legal challenges i think it could be a little while before the supreme court weighs in. that's if the justices even agree to consider a case. they hear a very small percentage of cases every single term. some of the president's supporter versus notsupport ers have noted that the supreme court has not weighed in on the
2:38 am
specific question of whether birthright citizenship applies to children of illegal immigrants. so that could be a question that the trump administration wants the supreme court to weigh in on. again, whether or not the justices agree to hear such a case and whether or not such an executive order even exists in the first place, we'll have to see. >> we heard from the president yesterday talking about these migrants, even suggesting that these troops fire on them if they throw rocks. you have that kind of tone and also the tone where he said in his messaging yesterday that we have these two maniacs that have slowed down the momentum of republicans. what does that say in these final days when et comes to these republicans and how tight it is? what does that do to their messaging as well in the final push? >> particularly in the senate races for states where presidentially handily won, i think you are going to see
2:39 am
certain candidates latching onto the president's message of immigration. this was a tactic that works for the president in 2016. he is really em mploying that py book again this year. this could be a detriment to vulnerable republicans in tight house races in districts where the president did not win. they may actually try to distance themselves from the president's remarks and really focus on another area that could be beneficial to them and that's the economy. the former president george h.w. bush cast his ballot early yesterday in his home state of texas. bush 41 was captured at the booth flanked by long time friend jim baker, his former secretary of state turned chief of staff and his adopted yellow
2:40 am
has been d labrador service dog. why investigates aors are focused on roger stone. plus, bill karins has a check of the weekend forecast. (burke) that's what we call a huge drag.
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welcome back. former trump campaign members have reportedly thoeld special counsel robert mueller's team that in the lead-up to the 2016 election roger stone pitched himself as a way for the campaign to get information from wikileaks. former campaign chief steve bannon contacted stone after wikileaks founder julian assange appeared in a video message promising documented related to the election. bannon e-mailed stone trying to ask him for days what was the
2:44 am
morning? he relied a load every week going forward. the times says that the e-mail exchange between the two men emphasizes how stone presented himself to trump campaign officials as a channel of information from wikileaks, which was russia's go-to for documents hacked from democrats. bannon spoke with the special counsel on friday. stone published his exchange with bannon, saying that his prediction of a load every week going forward was based on assange's own public announcement hours before. anyone out there participating in the new york marathon this weekend owes a bit of gratitude to bill karins because he's givening ingiving
2:45 am
forecast for this sunday. >> the boston marathon this year was rainy and cold. new york looks fantastic on sunday. if you've been following the leaves, they're way behind schedule. we're finally getting to the peak weekend here from ohio right through pennsylvania, southern new york and southern portions of new england. northern new england, you already passed your peak. a lot of those leaves are going to come down in the rain and wind over the next two days. what have the temperatures go from 70 in new york to 55 on sunday. northern new england goes from 50 to 40s. it will start to feel like fall by the time we get to sunday. it's a very warm muggy morning throughout areas of the northeast. if you like the warm air, appreciate it. this is about the end of the summer time humidity you're going to get. the heaviest rains will be coming up from the carolinas this evening for d.c., philly,
2:46 am
new york eventually by about 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. you're fine in texas today. in chicago we're about 49, 52 tomorrow. that rain exits boston as we go throughout the day. finally for sunday there's your reward day in the northeast after some wet weather out there. for the marathon it hoolooks pe nice, chilly start and a beautiful sunny afternoon. >> next time we see you next week monday, you'll be marathon guy. still ahead one of the most important economic reports set to be released. plus, global markets surge on talks of a possible deal between the u.s. and china. (vo) this is not a video game.
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welcome back. october's job report will be released later this morning. economists are predicting that a potential rise in average hourly earnings might be bad news for the markets. >> yes, so investors are firmly focused on this afternoon's jobs report that is set to come out. analysts are expecting to see
2:50 am
188,000 jobs added in october. if this number does come through, it would mark an acceleration from last month. in terms of hourly wage analysts are expecting to see this decreasing to 0.2% while the unemployment rate is expected to remain steady. this is very important because the federal reserve is closely watching the labor market and determining the interest rate trajectory. this is why investors are firmly focused on this report today. also focussing on rhetoric around trade between the u.s. and china, yesterday we heard from president trump that he had a long and very good conversation with the chinese president, easing some concerns around the trade spat. so certainly keep an eye on any headlines around that. that is giving markets a nice boost today. back to you, lewis. >> and .apple reported fourth
2:51 am
quarter earnings that beat expectations, but shares fell more than 7% following those results. so the question is what is behind the dip? >> so apple now joins the ranks of a lot of major tech companies, disappointing today. so investors here didn't like the shipping estimates for iphone, they didn't like changes to the reporting structure. they did report a strong services number and this includes things like apple pay and other services. so investors certainly divided in terms of how much focus they should give to this services segment and how much they should really -- they really rely on iphone numbers. louis. >> thank you so much. still to come, axios's jonathan swan has a look at this morning's one big thing. and coming up on "morning joe," president trump making his final push in the final day of the elections. the president continues to stoke
2:52 am
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on this last friday mr. election day, we want to take a look the at axios a.m. joining us is reporter jonathan swan. what have you got for the one big thing this morning? >> courtney brown has a really good item on the cracks that are beginning to show in the economy. we are obviously enjoying the tenth year of a booming economy. but when you talk to market watchers, there's a lot of signs that they're seeing in terms of working productivity, laggered business investment and other
2:56 am
signs that the tax cut is not going to sustain. courtney spoke to kevin hassett, one of the president's top economic advisers. the white house hasn't revised down its gdp growth for next year. but economists are expecting it will drop below 3%. the warning signs are there. we did a comprehensive analysis of corporate givings. $180 million was given to congressional candidates. it's slightly wagered towards republicans, but the sector breakdown is actually very
2:57 am
pronounced, oil, gap companies heavily weighted towards republicans. the tech sector is heavily weighted towards democrats. it's a fairley common picture, but the analysis itself is worth paying attention to because it is comprehensive. >> so outside of the money, we got the final push here when it comes to the closing arguments in the coming days. >> this election is a choice between republican results and radical resistance. it's a choice between greatness and gridlock. it's a choice between jobs and mobs. and it's a choice between an economy that is going strong and the democrats who are going crazy. >> all right. so we've heard these contrasts right there in the president's words. what's your take away from that? >> well, the president has
2:58 am
his -- his style is to paint people, countries, companies, whatever he's talking about in black and white. there's no room for nuance. he's blithe about and happy to include the as the enemy a large section of the media and the worst bad people. as he made clear, divisiveness is not a bargain to future. he believes his people want it and he wants to serve that up for him. and he thinks it works for him. we pressed him pretty strongly on the consequences about that rhetoric about enemy of the people. and he was really unphased. he simply didn't care. . >> jonathan, how about all these republicans who are there who are so crucial in these races in the days to come, when you have that kind of tone, when you have him in that rally saying, on
2:59 am
okay, you have these two maniacs who are basically messing up the entire momentum when it comes to the republicans here. what does that do when it comes to their messaging knowing it's so crucial these last few days? >> all republicans are not created equal. so in those deep red states, which are still strongly trump country, missouri and other senate states, it's not going to be such a huge problem. but if you're a republican in the, you know, the illinois suburbs or in some of these swing seats, you know, around the country, carlos cabelo in florida, this is the last thing you want to hear. and that is the danger -- again, this is the thing with trump. he energizes the base, the republican base, but he also energiz energizes independents and democrats. >> we'll see you again this morning on "morning joe." we'll be reading axios a.m. that does it for us on this friday morning.
3:00 am
i'm frances rivera alongside louis burgdorf. "morning joe" starts right now. i would love to get the military out as soon as we can. a lot of money and a lot of money for us. we don't get paid fully for that military which i'll be talking to south korea about. >> we've already dispatched for the border the united states military. and they will do the job. they are setting up right now and they're preparing. >> the cost can of preventing war on the korean peninsula, too much. the cost of an election eve troop build up, that's nothing more than, well, the political farce against migrants. apparently priceless. good morning and welcome to "morning joe." it is friday, november 2nd. with us, we have msnbc contributor mike barnacle. the man who


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