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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  November 2, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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so they did not even pretend to pay for these tax cuts and of course deficits shot up. that's what happened. except just two weeks ago the republican leader in congress said, you know, now that we have gotten our tax cuts passed we are very disturbed with the deficit. we need to bring them down. we are going to have to cut programs like medicare and medicaid and social security. hey, don't take my word for it. look it up. that's what he said. in fact, look up everything i say today, because i promise you, i believe in a fact-based campaign. the point is that cutting medicare and social security and medicaid to pay for tax cuts for
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folks like rick scott does not sound like fighting for a little guy to me. you want somebody -- you know, actually i think -- hold on a second. there's an interesting observation i want to make. why is it that -- hold on, hold on, hold on. why is it -- why is it that the folks that won the last election are so mad all the time?
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it's an interesting question. i mean, like, when i won the presidency at least my side felt pretty good. you know, i don't know why -- it tells you something interesting. that even the folks who are in charge are still mad. because they're getting ginned up to be mad. that's the mind set. so you want somebody who's actually going to work for working people? andrew gillum's somebody. he's going work for working people.
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andrew's mom is right here. that's where he got his good looks from. andrew was raised by a construction worker, a school bus driver. had to work his way up the hard way to become mayor of tallahassee. he knows the promise in this country, so he's not going to work for people who had it handed to them. he's going to work for the people that had to work their way up to fight the way his parents did. for families. andrew has lived the american dream, and if you give him your vote, he'll fight to make sure every child in florida has the same chance that this state and this country gave him.
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let's talk about health care for a second. eight years ago, democrats passed the affordable care act. that law helps cover almost 1.6 million people just here in florida. that law made it illegal for the first time for insurers to discriminate against folks who had a preexisting condition. and by the way, for the young people here, you might not think about preexisting conditions but when you get to be 57 -- because insurance companies, they could categorize all kind of things as preexisting conditions. if you had asthma, you might not get insurance, or it might be
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expensive. if you had cancer they might not give you insurance. just being a woman was considered a preexisting condition because they would charge women more than men for insurance. which, when you think about it, makes absolutely no sense because the condition women have is the power to give birth to us. and it seems to me you wouldn't want to charge somebody more for bringing us into the world. that's just my opinion. so we put in a law that says, no, you got to charge women the same at men. you can't discriminate based on preexisting conditions. and -- okay. that's great. so, and by the way, on that vote, not a single republican
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joined us. not one. zero. nada. zilch. none. goose egg. none. none of them supported us. now suddenly it's election season and what happens? you got republicans out there saying, oh, well, we will protect preexisting conditions. trust us. let's look at the record. andrew's opponent was in congress and voted to sabotage or repeal the aca and protections for people with preexisting conditions every chance he got. bill's opponent rick scott -- don't boo. vote.
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so bill's opponent is literally suing the government to overturn preexisting protections as we speak. when i was president, republicans voted more than a dozen times to get rid of protections for people with preexisting conditions. last year, they fell one vote short. one vote. if they win this tuesday, they'll finally succeed. if they keep control of congress you better believe they're coming after your health care. florida, we can't let rick scott become the deciding vote for your preexisting conditions protections. in all of his time in office, rick scott could have expanded medicaid and covered 800,000 for floridians with health care. 800,000.
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those are families. rick desantis wouldn't even try. but if you want change, andrew gillum will expand medicaid coverage if you vote for him and if you vote for a democratic state legislature to help him. your vote could give 800,000 floridians just like that, the security of health care coverage. democrats aren't going to let republicans gut your preexisting conditions protections. at democrats want going let republicans to gut your medicare to pay for your tax cuts. they're going to protect your care period. but here's the main point i want to make, florida. if republicans thought their tax cut for billionaires was popular, they would be campaigning on it.
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you don't hear a peep out of them. this was their main act in congress. they have not mentioned it in a single ad. if they thought their endless sabotage to take away your votes with us popular, they would be campaigning on it. you don't hear a peep from them on that. in fact, right at election time, suddenly republicans are saying they're going protect your preexisting conditions when they literally have been doing the opposite. that's some kind of chutzpah. let's call it what it is. it's a laugh. it's a lie. they're lying to you. a former republican congressman david jolly just cast his vote. he voted for andrew gillum.
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he said the reason's simple. it's because i've served with ryan desantis. that should tell you something. if someone served with me in my party, voted for the other guy, i would feel bad. i don't imagine congressman jolly and mayor gillum agree on a lot, but maybe they, just like all of us, agree that there are some things bigger than politics. and that's on the ballot right now. what kind of politics do we want? do we want a politics where people are yelling at each other and making lewd gestures in front of the children?
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mnh-mnh. can't do that in front of mamas. look, throughout human history politicians have made promises that turned out to be harder than they expected and they pump up the good things they did, downplayed the stuff that didn't work out. tried to put a positive -- they tried to put a positive -- they tried to put a positive -- we are okay. they tried to put a positive spin on things. it's not just politicians, by the way that do that. y'all do that too. you know, sometimes -- maybe this doesn't happen with you and your wife, but sometimes i'm at home and i'm doing the dishes and i say, honey, i did the dishes. michelle says that's the first time in a month you did dishes. don't brag about it. i'm putting a positive spin on things. then she asks me, what did you do wrong? otherwise you wouldn't be doing the dishes. we all try to put a positive
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spin on things. but what we have not seen the way we are seeing right now is politicians just blatantly, repeatedly, baldly, shame les s lying. just making stuff up. that's what they're doing now all the time. by the way, it's not the first time. they do this every election cycle. try to terrify folks. and then the election comes and probl problem suddenly magicallien extraishes. you never hear about it again. in 2010 they said bill and i were setting up death panels to kill your grandma. remember that? in 2014 they said, obama's going to kill all of us. shut the borders. in 2016 it was hillary's
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e-mails. they were all wound up about that. and the mainstream press picked up on it -- this is terrible. you know they don't care about that. if they did, they would be worried about the current president talking on his cell phone while the chinese are listening in. they don't care about it. they said it to get folks angry and ginned up. now in 2018 they're telling you the existential threat to america is a bunch of poor refugees a thousand miles away. they're even taking our brave troops away from their families for a political stunt at the border. and the men and women of our military deserve better than that.
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so there's just constant fear mongering to distract from the record. now the administration suddenly says, we are doubling down on our outdated cuba policy. which all that does is hurt families and entrepreneurs who are trying to open up the cuban economy. we need to get back to politics for the cuban people. that's what bill believes in. that's what andrew believes in. the point is, florida, they make stuff up, but the problem is, too often we fall for it. too often we fall for the distractions. you know, you -- y'all remember peanuts right? maybe some of you are tuning. charlie bruin and lucy with the football. she would say, go ahead i'm holding it. you can kick it and charlie
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brown would say okay, and then she would pull the ball away and he would fall on his back, but he kept on doing it every time. don't be charlie brown. don't fall for the okie doke. don't be bamboozled. don't be hood winked. because when you get distracted, while you're distracted with all this stuff they're making up, they're also robbing you blind. it will be like, look, look, look over there. and then they're giving tax cuts to billionaires. look over there -- they're letting polluters poison your air and water. they will absolutely take health care away from millions the first chance they get while you are distracted with stuff that is not true.
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it's like the con where a door to toor salesman says you need a security system while his buddy sneaks in the back and steals your stuff. it's not just the practical effect of policy. when words stop meaning something, when truth doesn't matter, when people can just lie with abandon, democracy can't work. in our own lives, in our marriages, in our families, if consistently the people we are dealing with can't believe what we say, if our children see that it doesn't matter that you actually accomplish things, all you do is just make stuff up,
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whenever it's expedient, society doesn't work. democracy does not work. and that's what's happening at the highest levels. and the only check on that behavior is you. the only check on that behavior is you and your vote. and on tuesday you can vote for a politics that's decent and honest and lawful and tries to do right by people. if you're a democrat, you better be voting. for andrew gillum and bill nelson and the whole ticket. if you're not a democrat, you should still be voting for them. because it shouldn't be democratic or republican to say,
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we don't just lie with impunity. shouldn't be democratic or republican to say, we don't just punish our political opponents, trying to use the justice system that we don't threaten the freedom of the press because they say something we don't like. it shouldn't be democratic or republican to say, we are not going to target certain groups based on what they look like or how they pray. it shouldn't be democratic or republican to know that climate change is real and threatens our futures and our kids' futures and florida is going to see some of the worst effects of climate change unless we change course right now. i know republicans may think that governments should only perform a few functions but one of those functions should be
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taking care of folks after a hurricane in puerto rico. i know that there are conservatives who think we should be fiscally prudent. there's nothing responsible about trillion dollar deficits. i know there are conservatives who are compassionate and must think there's nothing compassionate about ripping immigrant children from the arms of their mothers at the border. i'm assuming that they recognize that a president doesn't get to decide on his own wheno's an american citizen and who's not. that's not how the constitution of the united states works.
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that's not how the bill of rights works. that's not how our democracy works. people who think -- it's twrong spend eight years trying to take away peoples' health care and then spend the final days pretending your mother teresa or florence nightinggale. i'm assuming people must get upset when they see people spending all their time vilifying others, calling them enemies of the people and then suddenly pretending they're concerned about civility. and we don't need more mealy mouth elected officials who same or similar circumstance oh, well, i'm very concerned. or, i'm terribly vexed by this bad behavior. but there's nothing i can do
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about it. we need leaders who will actually stand up for what's right, regardless of party. leaders who represent the best of the american spirit like andrew gillum and bill nelson. patriots who will stand up for everyone. whose fundamental rights are at stake. our neighbor's health care. somebody else's kids getting bullied. who will stand up if they see their gay friend getting harassed. who will stand up for the god given freedom to worship without fear. that's what all of us need to stand up for. with clarity and patriotism and purpose. the values that bind us to your fellow citizens, no at matter w we are, no matter what we look
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like, that's what americans do. that's what america is. that's what andrew gillum believes. that's what bill nelson believes. that's what you believe. a better vision of america. and that's where i'm hopeful, florida. i'm hopeful that we will cut through the lies, block out the noise, and remember who we are and who we are called to be. i'm hopeful that out of this political darkness i see a great awakening of citizenship all across the country. i can't tell you how encouraged i have been to see so many people getting involved for the first time. for the first time in a havery long time.
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marching and organizing and registering people to vote. these incredible inspiring parkland students. i i don't want usually wear bracelets, but -- i saw some of the families backstage trying to transform unspeakable grief into a better world. young veterans of iraq and afghanistan, record numbers of women who are running for office. you know we need more women. it's a movement of citizens who maybe never had much interest in politics but they said, oh, this time it's different. this time it's too important to sit down. they're lacing up those marching shoes. they're grabbing a clipboard
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because they believe in an america that's better. that's kinder. and looks out for one another. the anti-dote to government by a powerful few is government by the energized organized many. the antidote to a government based on the politics of division is a government based on the sense that we are in it together. that's what this moment is about. andive and i have to tell you, florida, one election won't fix everything. sometimes i hear young people especially saying, you know, well, i don't know. all politicians are the same. nothing changes. you know what? it's true that one election is not suddenly going eliminate
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poverty in this country. one election won't eliminate racism or sexism or home phobia. one election will not suddenly give everybody health care all at once. or insure that every child in florida gets the kind of education they deserve. it's not going to happen in just one election, but it will be a start. it will be a start. it will make things better. and when you start down that path of making things better, momentum starts to build. and then it gets even better and it gets even better. so don't just sit back. if you don't like what's going on right now, don't just
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campaign. don't get anxious and freaked out. don't throw up your hands in despair. don't boo. don't hashtag. vote! when you vote for an attorney general and state reps, they will are the power to protect your voting rights and make sure our criminal justice system treats everybody fairly. when you vote, you have to pow tore make sure we strengthen laws that protect women in the workplace from harassment. and discrimination and make sure they're paid the same at men for doing the same job. when you vote, you have to power to make it easier for a college student to afford college. and harder for a disturbed person to shoot up places where our kids learn and where our
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seniors gather to worship. when you vote, you have to power to make sure family keeps its health insurance. you could save somebody's life. that power rests in your hands. and if you get involved, if you knock on some doors, if you talk with some of your slightly friends, you get some souls to the polls. if you turn out on tuesday to vote for this whole incredible florida ticket, i promise you something powerful happens. change starts to happen. hope starts to happen. and with each new step we take in the direction of fairness and justice, equality and
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opportunity, that hope spreads. it starts rippling. it enters into each of us. we get a sense of what is possible. and we remind ourselves of the better angels of our nature. it's up to you. let's make history happen right here in florida. let's get to work. let's go vote. god bless you, miami. god bless you, florida. god bless the united states of america. ♪ president barack obama embracing senator bill nelson of florida and andrew gillum, the mayor of tallahassee who's running for governor of florida who's holding hands with them now after a long, more than half
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an hour speech in which he had the crowds riled up. he had a few hecklers in there too. in many cases he stopped, addressed them, told them to go support the at das he wants to support instead of being there in miami. president obama wrapping up a rally as you know. yesterday -- he has been doing this every day and will continue to in the days leading up to the elections four days away. four days away from the midterm elections and it's president versus president on the campaign trail. former president barack obama in miami. florida is not his only stop of the day. he heads to atlanta tonight to campaign for georgia democratic gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams who's hoping to become the state's first female governor. president trump speaking moments ago before he headed to west
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virginia for a rally. he heads to indiana tonight. both sides will help decide who controls the senate next year. election day isn't until tuesday, but more than 30 million americans have already cast their ballots. this is huge. that number with four days will toeft go exceeds the total nationwide early vote from 2014, which was just over 21 million people. lock at that -- four days to go and we are already that much further than we were in the last midterms. the nbc road warriors are with the former and current presidents in states that will determine the power on capitol hill. let's continue with the president's visit to the sunshine state, florida. he stressed why it's important for people to get out and vote this tuesday. >> this tuesday might be the most important election of our lifetimes. politicians will always say that, but this time it's actually true. the stakes really are that high.
12:31 pm
the consequences of any of us staying home really are more dangerous, because america's at a cross roads. >> here's what it looks like in florida's critical races. the real clear politics average gives gillum a slight lead to succeed term governor rick scott. that is within the margin of error. rick scott, the outgoing governor and he's trying to end bill nelson's term in the senate. the polls give nelson a similar j extra, a two point advantage, again, with the margin of of error. that was vintage obama, mariana. >> in full force ali. i hope you can hear me. it is incredibly loud here in
12:32 pm
florida. we heard president obama put it blatantly to voters like you said, this is about a crossroads in our nation and what kind of future these voters want. in terms of the issues he emphasized health care and really defended his -- health care. obama also touched on local issues, ali like foreign policy with cuba and also the hurricane maria response in puerto rico. he even mentioned the migrant caravan saying in his view, our troops are being sent to the border for what he called a political stunt. the former president spoke for over 40 minutes before this crowd, the ali. his voice is hoarse. this is the sixth major democratic event he headlined since october and he did his effort to encourage people to
12:33 pm
turn out for andrew gillum and bill nelson. this is alison over here. let me go grab her. alison is from parkland, florida. thanks so much. >> a little crazy right now. >> what was the biggest takeaway for isn't it true. >> boy, did i need that. i needed renewed faith and hope, and everyone coming together. i mean, there are so many issues. they're all equally as important. as a mother and parent in parkland, gun control and reform is extremely important to me, but the basics -- clean air, clean water, truth, facts, science. these basic things we are really fighting for them now. it was sach zwroi listen to both of them, gillum and obama. >> thank you for being with us. ali, also really important is the figure of andrew gillum. a lot of people in the crowd
12:34 pm
telling me he has that obama magic in there view. andrew gillum is the first major candidate from any party who is african-american, which has huge in the state of florida and he is the democrats' best chance at winning back the governor's mansion in two decades. >> thank you, mariana, where president obama is campaigning for andrew gillum and bill nelson. i want to play more of what president obama said moments ago at the rally in miami in that campaign. >> in four days, florida, you can reject that kind of politics. in four days, you can be a check on that kind of behavior. in four days you can choose a bigger, more prosperous, more generous vision of america.
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an america where love and hope conquer hate. an america where we the people, whatever we look like, whoever we love, however we choose to pray, however our ancestors came here, we can come together to shape our country's course. that's what andrew gillum stands for. that's what bill nelson stands for. i'm hoping that's what you stand for. that's what you can do when you vote on tuesday. >> all right, joining me now is the chairman of the democratic national committee, tom perez, who's there in florida. tom, can you hear me? i know it's loud where you are. >> yes, i can. >> good to see you. thank you for joining us. we are looking at the early
12:36 pm
voting numbers across the igs that. 29,339,000 versus last midterm election. the total for last midterm election was about 21 million. we are at 29 million and still have three days to go. what do you make of those early numbers? how do you think that breaks? >> well, at the moment i feel very good. you look at early voting numbers across the country -- i was looking in texas and georgia and you see democratic increases in millennial voters. it was something like 400% or 500% in those two states. i think millennial voters are democratic voters. we have more work to do. one thing that's abundantly clear to me, we are the opportunity to win. we are poised to win in places we have never won in years but we have a ton of dead heat
12:37 pm
races. that's where the president was here today. we have to bring it home. less than 100 hours until the most important election of our lifetime. with of to get out and vote. this is indeed the election of our lifetime. people waited five hours to get in here. the energy is electric. that will translate into turnout. >> you were the former energy secretary of the united states. the president was talking about how there were more jobs created in the last 21 days of his administration compared first 20 months of this administration. donald trump has a job's report that says employment rate staying the same. if we had a 5% unemployment rate we would have been excited about that. why a meaning their wage were higher. why are we not seeing that?
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>> the answer to that is pretty simple. the answer is wage growth. how people feel is more than simply what the unemployment rate is. if you're working two or three jobs because you're making minimum wage, that's not middle class security. that's what we are seeing. corporate rates are soaring and paychecks are flat. when you incorporate into this the effort to undo the affordable care act, the effort to undo preexisting conditions -- the cost of medications skyrocketed and republicans are doing nothing about it. the fact that made carry and medicaid and social security are on the chopping block -- people have a lot of angst because they know what republicans are trying to do. i'm glad there are more jobs being created. i'm proud of what the obama administration did, but we have a lot more to do and they're tone deaf. they're hemorrhaging on the
12:39 pm
health care issue. they're wrong on it. it's the number one issue in america and that's why they're trying to change the subject. that's why i'm thrilled about, you know numbers that are moving in the right direction, consistent with what the obama administration did. americans are not better off when you get a raise by a dollar and your cost of living goes up $3. it's simple aritmatic. >> as i mentioned at the top of the hour, competing for air time with president obama, president trump. he's campaigning for republican candidates today and will be out in west virginia this evening. he made a bit of news, we'll tell you what it is next. it's great. mm-hmm. yeah, and when you move in, geico could help you save on renters' insurance! man 1: (behind wall) yep, geico helped me with renters insurance, too! um... the walls seem a bit thin... man 2: (behind wall) they are! and craig practices the accordion every night!
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all right, well, former president obama campaigns in the south, his successor is barnstorming west virginia and indiana. the president, the current president, tends to make dozens of false or misleading claims during these types of events. the "the washington post" claims -- look at this. take a look at this. the president of the united states, donald trump made at least 6,420 false or misleading claims between jan 20, 2017 this day he became president and this
12:44 pm
past tuesday. that's 30 false or misleading claims -- some people might call them lies -- per day. the bulk come in his rallies. he made the most at a rally at an event in johnson city, tennessee on october 1st. west virginia is one of the most pro-trump states in the nation. republicans see it as a prime pickup opportunity in the senate. the president won the state by nearly 44 points. that's his largest margin and is still very popular in the state. a morning consult poll found the president as a 62% approval rating. i may not translate into a victory for the senate race. the real politics coverage giving joe manchin a 9% lead over patrick morrissey. when mitt romney won the state
12:45 pm
with 62% of the vote, manchin was reelected with 40% of the vote. makes for an interesting political climate in west virginia. in hunting don, west virginia is president is going to hold a rally. joe manchin has built himself a brand in a very deep red state. what are the republicans thinking about how they can make a dent in that and possibly unseat him? >> embrace donald trump as forcefully as you can, that seems to be patrick morrissey's attempt in west virginia. the hangar where we are is one of the smaller ones we have been to. huntington, west virginia, not that big of a spot, but people have been bused in from downtown huntington. rocking out to the sweet beat of journey. president trump made remarks to
12:46 pm
the reporters before he came here on the south lawn. this has become his location for the de facto news conferences over the roar of marine one waiting to lift off and he answered question about his final closing argument days away from the elections, which is not necessarily the jobs numbers which were stronger than expected, but he was asked a lot about his immigration push. that migrant caravan that's 900 miles from the u.s. border. here's what the president had to say. >> mr. president are you really okay with the u.s. military firing on -- >> they won't have to fire. what i don't want is i don't want people throwing rocks. it's turned out -- it was just non announced by homeland security, in certain areas they have over 300 people they know are trouble. what they did to the mexican
12:47 pm
military is a disgrace. they hit them with rocks. some were very seriously injured and they were throwing rocks in their face. they do that to us, they're going to be arrested. i didn't say shoot. but they do that with us, they're going to be arrested for a long time. >> who's going to arrest them? >> i.c.e. and border patrol is there with the military. [ inaudible question ] >> which are you talking about? who? [ inaudible question ] >> you know who's going to determine that? the support of the united states. the supreme court will determine that. >> mr. president, can you clarify your statement? when you said you're going arrest people, you're not advocating shooting people? >> no, no, no.
12:48 pm
but if our soldiers or border patrol or i.c.e. are going to be hit in the face with rocks we are going to arrest those people. that doesn't mean shoot them. but we are going arrest those people quickly and for a long period of time. >> mr. president -- [ inaudible question ] >> everything we are doing is totally legal. it's all going through the courts. but we have one of the few systems where instead of telling people you can't come in, we take them in, have to bring them through a court system. it's the most ridiculous system in the world. it's obsolete, but that's not the problem. the problem is, it's a stupid system and it doesn't work and the democrats and the republicans could change it immediately. we could do it in one day. we could have it fixed but the democrats don't want to do it because they're playing politics. and actually i think it's very bad politics because the people
12:49 pm
of this country know what's going on better than they do. and you know what? we could fix our immigration system in one day if we could sit down with them, but they don't want to do it because they want open border and open borders bring crime. they want those people coming up by the thousands -- and you know, honestly, they always have come up. they want them to pour into our country. in the group -- you just saw the report that came out. you have a lot of bad people. you have people who are criminals who have records. we could fix the system so easily, but we need democrat votes or vote all republican. if we had more republicans it would be fixed immediately. >> similar to a 1951 convention on refugees.
12:50 pm
there are a lot of legal mind who the there would be something illegal about arresting these people. there is a court system. 2/3 of refugees in the united states don't trying to convince everybody that a system is broken that may not be broken is just sort of piling on to some of those pieces of misinformation he's been feeding his base. >> ali, we've seen -- you can call what you just heard there a bit of a dress rehearsal for what i expect we'll hear here in west virginia and later on tonight in indiana when the president travels there. you correctly note there are significant legal challenges the president will face if -- if he goes through with some of what he's talking about. and that's still a big question. for example, on this claim the president says he's going to -- this executive order the president says he'll sign denying asylum automatically to migrants who try to cross the border between ports of entry, he hasn't signed that executive order. the white house has not told us why that has not happened yet. the president says he'll sign it
12:51 pm
next week but again, there are people who point to the timing of this and say, here we are, four days before the midterms. the president's critics have said we believe he's fear mongering in their words, trying to essentially stoke fear to get republicans to vote, and the president is not backing away from his immigration message, although he is, it seems, back away from that startling statement he made in the roosevelt room yesterday about treating rocks, being thrown by migrants, as essentially firearms, ali. so more of that, i expect, from president trump later. and i am told by one white house source that the president is basically going to take a victory lap on those jobs numbers that came out earlier today, as you know. that is something the white house certainly wants to highlight. the question is, is that the message the president wants to highlight when he gets out here to these rallies. let me make one more note here. you asked in the beginning of this discussion about west virginia and how the republican cabinet in this race, who is
12:52 pm
trailing in some polls by a little bit, is trying to win over more people in this state. the president trump won handily. the democrat here, joe manchin, red state dem. he's doing the best trying to build the bridges to president trump and give the message to the people here in west virginia that, hey, i can work with this president. look how i voted on brett kavanaugh, for example. we can get along knowing how popular president trump is here. his eighth time here in this state, ali. >> suitable theme music for you, tina turner, simply the best. i think "don't stop believing" is a little ironic for a president who lies on average 30 times a day. but irony is what makes -- >> heck of a soundtrack. >> one of the best. hallie best is our best chief white house correspondent in addition to just being the best. in the middle of a wild few weeks of headlines, including an historic midterm election. the worst attack in u.s. history on the jewish community and more than a dozen bombs sent to top
12:53 pm
democratic political figures. two days ago, a federal court judge in washington, d.c., ordered the release of a 44-year-old report on watergate. it's hard to imagine that there are still things we don't know about watergate and nixon. but these 60-odd pages are so important they could be of interest to special counsel robert mueller. they are a template of sorts for how to indict a president. nixon is also the focus of a new movie out tonight, by the way, on the history channel called "watergate." it's the first movie to walk all the way through president nixon's election to his ultimate downfall. >> how much money do you need? >> i would say a million dollars over the next two years. >> you could get a million dollars. you could get it in cash. i know where it can be gotten. >> uh-huh.
12:54 pm
>> what if it starts breaking and they find a criminal case against the holdman, dean, a mitchell, an ehrlichman. some people are going to have to go to jail. you go to jail? >> that's right. >> i can't see how a legal case can be made against you. >> obstruction of justice. >> watching that seems to be what i'm going to be doing tonight. i'm joined by the director. he also directed the academy award-winning "inside job" and i'm joined by our friend liz holtzsman. liz is featured in the film because she was on the house judiciary committee and voted to impeach president nixon. she's also one of only a handful of people who saw that grand jury report before it was public. thank you to both of you. charles, thanks for making that film. you've made some of the most important films of our time. this is long. this is four hours, right? more than four hours? and you still left stuff out.
12:55 pm
>> the point was to show people that watergate happened over a long period of time and there were a lot of things that led to it. >> certainly was one point. i also cared a lot about showing how the american system works or should work in a situation where there's a constitutional crisis and a president who has abused power. >> what do you -- what's the point you're trying to make other than the fact you've done things that just document history. you bear witness. is there some point as it relates to today that you were hoping to get across in the film? >> well, there are many enormous and important similarities between what happened then and what may happen now, especially if the democrats get control of the house and/or the mueller investigation results in possible criminal charges. or finds an impeachable offense. so i wanted people to think hard about it and to learn about how this country functions under those circumstances. >> liz holtzman, it was when republicans decided in congress
12:56 pm
to actually take action that richard nixon was an albatross around their necks. as you just saw from the conversation with hallie, republicans in congress are having trouble with that. that may all change next week if democrats win the house. but that's the turning point when congress says we're on to you. >> but what made congress say that? the american people drew the trigger. they said, you know, we're not a banana republic. the president of the united states wants to fire the special prosecutor, wants to stop an investigation into the president and his top aides. we're not going to let that happen. we're going to let the chips fall where they may. we're a country of laws. when the american people screamed out for congressional action, congress took action. we did it in a way that was bipartisan so ultimately the republicans put country over party and said we're going to follow the facts wherever they take us and obey the rule of law. >> republican members of congress put the country before party.
12:57 pm
charles, i appreciate that you appreciate how much we love having liz holtzman in on these discussions because of her background which we don't get to talk about every time we talk to you. i want to take a piece out of the film of liz during the hearings. >> but they hadn't reckoned with elizabeth holtzman. >> the president discussed the matter of paying hunt ten separate times in a conversation on march 21st with dean and holdman and the last time the president discussed it he said, and i quote, that's why, for your immediate thing you've got no choice with hunt but the 120 or whatever it is, right? would you agree that that's a buy time thing? you better damn well get that done but fast. for christ's sake, get it done. some find ambiguities in that conversation. i don't. >> liz, the house judiciary committee had an important role to play then. you were on it.
12:58 pm
and today. what ends up happening? what will -- what does it look like to you if democrats regain control of the house? >> first of all, everybody should watch this movie that charles made "watergate." it's a fabulous movie. it provides a road map for how our constitution and rule of law system works. what will happen if the democrats take control. in my opinion what should happen, we don't start the impeachment effort as a gotcha. we're democrats in control. we're going to get the president. the american people said, you've got to do something. >> you have to investigate. >> you have to investigate. we started with that. nobody knew what a high crime misdemeanor was. nobody knew what the rules of the road were of an impeachment process. you started very carefully. very fairly and in a bipartisan manner and we let the facts speak for themselves and they were overwhelming. in the end, even before the smoking gun tape came out which showed president nixon actually ordering the fbi -- the cia to top the fbi investigation,
12:59 pm
ordering one of his aides to do that there was an overwhelming majority in the house judiciary committee for impeach with republicans because they put country over party. and so did some democrats, too, in the sense that we had southern democrats on that committee who also were very -- in very pro-nixon districts and they said let the chips fall where they may politically. i have to do the right thing. >> charles, i have 20 seconds. do you have faith that congress than put country over party today. >> much less, but i am not despairing, either. i think there's still hope. >> charles ferguson, thank you for making this film. the director of "watergate -- inside job and other films. it arizona tonight on the history channel. former congresswoman liz holtman. she voted to impeach president nixon. thanks to both of you. that wraps up this hour and this busy week for me. thank you for watching.
1:00 pm
"deadline white house" with nicolle wallace starts now. >> it's 4:00 in new york. on tuesday night we'll have the answer to this question -- are attacks on immigrants racist dog whistles and efforts to stoke fear effective as a closing message. donald trump, a self-described master of branding, is doing his best to brand the gop as all in on nationalism and xenophobia. and new reporting in "the new york times" today suggests that strategy concocted and deployed by president trump may cost republicans control of the house. in republican-leaning districts that include diverse populations from bulwarks of sunbelt conservativism to well man cured communities outside philadelphia and minneapolis, the house is in danger of losing its majority because mr. trump's racially tinged nationalism has alienated these voters who once made up a dependable


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