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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  November 3, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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president trump in full mode fear attack, hoping for a big reward at thes ballot box. >> trying to flood into our country on your dollar. the democrats want to invite caravan after car aadvantage, a republican congress means more jobs and let crime. >> all i'm doing is just telling the truth. what can i say? shamelessly lying, just making stuff up. can barack obama making the
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closing argument a winner for a blue wave? meanwhile, early voting reaches historic levels, just as the president contemplates a potential republican defeat. >> i say don't worry about it, i'll figure it out. let's get to what's happening out there. 60-plus hours and counting until the polls officially open on tuesday. right now it's crunch time. rallies and coast to coast. in florida, one of the most watched races. that is within the margin of error. just this hour, gillum is rallies his hour. nels is not leading gop governor rick scott by two percentage
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points. looking at georgia there, an equally tight race, and he spoke with my college joy reid. >> they said we were spending too much money on infrastructure, but the fundamental belief i have is it's an organizing opportunity. it's not just about my election, but building the capacity for voters who are often overlooked to have their voices heard. telling supporter to protect what they have accomplished. i don't know that our georgia familiar has had more at stake than they do this year. we are in a fight for our future right here, right now for the next few days.
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we have road warriors in place. we begin this hour in texas where the senate race remains competitive. garrett haake joins us from houston. what are you seeing there in houston? normally we like to be in the mix of things, but this is not a rally. ted cruz is sitting down with his wife, his mother and with the first lady of texas for an event the campaign bills as a women for cruz event. it's essential a roundtable having a discussion about both the backgrounds of these women and how they view politics. part of the reason is what we've been talking about for weeks now, the importance of these suburban female voters. especially in places like this. the cruz campaign has to find a way to make sure these women
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vote for him in a campaign that's been dwyer, at least from this side as a bit more negative. by painting him as too liberal. cruz talks about o'rourke's position on health care. take a listen. >> other 'bama care is a partial takeover. it doesn't work, causes everyone to -- and the solution is to take it over. his solution is full-on socialized medicine. they are locked in a battle to turn out here in the state of texas, absolutely critical.
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>> okay. from the round table of republican women, thank you so much, garrett haake. what are you hearing from the voters there? >> alex, he's actually on stage right now. but this morning we spent time at a polk county station, and unless you're in the panhandle where some of those storm impact areas might have longer days, but the republicans are still leading democrats. and they really pushing for democrats to try to close that gap, so we'll start to see come monday what that looked like. it's higher than it was, but the president is rallies republicans
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to keep voting and turn out on tuesday. he'll by here later tonight. he's inserted himself in a big way. listen. >> i think he's helped it to be honest with you. >> i would have vote the for republican anyway, but i think he's helped solidify everything overall. in some pardons to me he's good on, you know, not take stuff from other cunning, but it's things he's doing from home. >> um, no, not real ly i've bee a democrat for a while, so no, he had no weighing in on it.
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voters know that they are inextricably linked. ron desantis has made some similar attack lines like we heard from president trump. we're hearing some of those things, so we'll see more from that tonight from them, but for voters who already like trump, that is a great thing. for those who might be independent, if he can still bring that over the finish line, alex. >> ali, we'll let you get back in there. thank you so much from lakeland, florida. mariana, a good day to you. i floe you've been monitoring the latino vote. what can you tell us?
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>> when you look at the latino vote, one of the key constituencies is the this is a heart of the he -- a very competitive raid they are getting their coffees, and geld ready for a caravan that will be taking people to the -- >> i'm here with nicole, and while i sip this coffee, how many puerto ricans has your organization registered. what are the main halling culturally to get this commune to turn out. up until now, no one cause
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speaking to so the faces they are seeing at the doors were not the face that we would relate to. the language was not the language, and the other challenge is, of course, explaining the system. it's completely different to what puerto ricketo is used to. so that is something that has been a big challenge, but a good one in a way that we have been able to convey the conversations with them in a way to say this makes an impact, your vote can change of balance of a country. >> reporter: thank you so much, nicole. evacuees who have permanently moved to florida, we're talking about 50,000 or more.
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as we're looking at the competent 'tis challenges, every vote counts. >> alex? >> after you give nicole a high-five for registers that many voters, major props to her. joining me now, anna maria cox, and john harwood, with a welcome to both of you. regarding your latest article, you say that -- talk about both of them and whether or not it's a working strategy. >> well, you've got, alex, a republican coalition that is dependent for votes on working-class whites, more than they have been in the past, and is dependent on money to pay for their campaigns on affluent people who care about an
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entirely different set of issues. what republicans are trying to do is convey the message that your taxes will go up, the council of economic advisers put out a report and likening democratic policies to those, but for those working-class white voters who we have seen with a high sense of racial resentment against the way the country is changing culturally, demographically. suggesting that it poses a danger to for people within the united states. that's what he's going with.
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>> the up might be in a worse shape if the economy wasn't as strong. so many of those people that donald trump is trying to motivate to go vote on behalf of his party are people who are not achieving huge benefits from the tax come. they are people who may have gone a tax cut. so he's got to look at other issues. >> a little difference at the top here. we heard the many acknowledges that -- but here's what the vice president had to say. >> i think we're going to expand or majority in the united states senate and i think we'll hold our republican majority, but that being said, there is
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certainly common ground, areas that we can work. what is he basing his house comments on. is there common ground anywhere with democrats? >> i don't think so. it should be an hear of common ground, but i think it's being so divisive t. in the way he talks about his enemies. i also don't see them holding the house. i even think the senate is more in play than people realize. >> i mean, the number the new voters, the difference between in terms of how excited they are? i think there's a lot of uncertainty on tuesday.
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if democrats do take the house, there's not going to be a lot they work with the president on. >> minnesota like a lot of other parts of the midwest, the big cities are blue, and then the reverse target, it goes purple and then red. in the purple suburbs where the president gained some ground in 2016, he did better in the state than anyone thought he would do. in part that was a massive turnout in the rural parts of the state, and with some more conservative voters voting for him and depressed turnout in the cities, i think you'll see the opposite happen this year. i know that early voting in the twin cities has now surpassed early voting in 2016, which bodes really well go all the democrats on the ticket. as you know, we have actually
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two senate seats up right now as well as a governorship and attorney general. so that's good news for everybody. i think it's pretty bad news for trump. >> we're also hearing a bit more from president obama, though not referring to him by name. >> i'm assuming people must get upset when he see people spending all their time vilifying, people, calling them enemies of the people and then suddenly concerned about civility. there are people -- -- i'm assuming that they recognize that a president doesn't get to
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decide on his own who is an american citizen and who is not? >> i hope the president maintains his voice the next couple days. is this what it's going to take for democrats to punch back at president trump and do you think it will work? >> we have a lot of close races. i think democrats are pretty likely to win the house. i also agree with her that prospects are somewhat more bullish in the senate than has been widely estimated, but you have a whole lot of close races. they could go either way. you do have a bit of a late breeze toward the democrats, which suggests the possibly that they could fall, but what you see from president obama, one, he's the biggest start in the on party on but he has, i think, been nursing a lot of frustration at the dishonesty and the incompetent of the
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president, who succeeded him, and i think he -- when i watched him yesterday give those remarks, i think he was feeling very free and enjoying the idea to say what he really thought, and clearly democrats loved it, and -- but, you know, we do have this split between conservative areas where moth of the senate races have been taking place in the big metropolitan areas, upstate suburbs, where a lot of this is house races will be decided. so you could have a split verdict. this latest pea which is titled "the tragedy of ted cruz" and indeed article you've talked about you always had a soft spot for the senator, but when you last sat down for the interview, you were disappointed. talk about this. why? >> my soft spot has to do --
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probably it's because i'm a huge bleeding heart liberal, like i could only have a soft spot for ted cruz ironically enough. but we have things in common. i'm a huge nerd, he is a huge nerd. we both line science fiction, and there's a part of me who feels badly for cruz, because he does get mocked not just for his beliefs, but because he's kind of funny-looking, awkward, not good at dealing with humans. i have some of that myself. some of my best friends are that way. so i really wanted to find something perhaps that we shared beyond simply, you know, science fiction and "star trek" references. i couldn't. i think the tragedy of ted cruz is there's not much left of him. he is so ambitious and so disciplined, he's created his
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own caricature of himself, and he's rather hollow. i think it must be hard to be ted cruz, but of course the real tragedy of ted cruz is not his interior life, it's actually the policies he employments. to me the greatest irony of this piece is i went out of my way to try to find humanity in him, and he doesn't do any of that for the people he legislates about. you showed the roundtable he was doing with suburban women. those women are not a constituency he has an ease why is relationship with, in part because he's incredibly harsh on social issues. you know, he favored the zero-tolerance policy at the border. he's incredibly conservative when it comes to lgbtx rights, and those are issue that is women don't like to hear that stuff from him. i also think they're going to be
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bothered by the fact that he stood by while the president mocked his wife. i don't think there's a lot of suburban women looking at ted cruz and thinking maybe. i think they're happy to vote for beto. yoon texas will turn blue anytime seen, but i think beto has provided an alternative that is literally more attractive, but also emotionally more attractive. >> anna marie, do you think that beo will win the race? >> i think he has a much better shot than what the guest estimates have been. the turnout has been -- you've probably seen the same numbers, turnout among young people is up 500%, where older people it's up around 95%. they're just see turnout and enthusiasm in ways they haven't before. i know that beto actually
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turn it number two, if you're in the 53,000 list yesterday, they have to be allowed to cast a ballot. voter suppression only works if we let it work. >> and stacy abrams was reacting to two rulings. joining me now judi brown, the executive director of the advancement project, and antonio french. with a welcome to you both. first your reaction to the rulings against voter suppression efforts. >> such a victory for the right to vote yesterday in georgia,
10:28 am
both in the absentee ballot case, but also in the case around registration. brian kemp as secretary of states, gets to write the rules for the election he's running in. we had a petition to recuse yourself. how do you have integrity in an election where you're trying to make it harder for them to register, to vote and easier to get kicked off the rolls. you know, the people will not be turned around, by the way, as much as they are trying voter suppression, folks are sticking in there, and they will vote and participate in this election. >> yeah, this was a situation where even a misplaced hiven between two names if it were not in the exact correct place i
10:29 am
think she's absolutely -- and in fact some of these activities we've seen might have the opposite effect of what some of the republicans have intent the, and so hopefully we'll see people come out in trong numbers. i'm looking forward to those turnout wedding. voters in the state of florida are deciding whether to automatically restore the votings rights the felons. it would not include anyone convicted of murder or felony sex crimes. how consequential will this be? >> it is huge. there are 1.4 million people in the state of florida who would have their rights restored if this actually passed. so that is huge for florida. first of all, they law was passed first in 1868, host-reconstruction in order to
10:30 am
make it harder for newly freed african-americans to vote. this could be a game changer. really because people wants to participate. these are people who have paid their debt to society and want to participate. i'm like forward to heading down to florida so we can get amendment 4 pass. antonio, we want to talk about the crucial race in missouri, the latest polls show mccaskill is in a dead heat. does he have a chance of winning over the undecided voters? >> as the incumbent, it's tough when your opponent is trying to label you as a liberal democrat when in fact claire has a very
10:31 am
moderate democrat, sometimes to the disappointment of some of her democratic base. so the republicans have been successful in getting her to lean towards the right, and that has discouraged a lot of the democratic base, especially in the urban cores in st. louis and kansas city. a lot of the polls reflect likely voters. as you know, it is unlikely voters that have been deciding a lot of election recently. so we're trying to figure out how to get those folks fired up on tuesday. she's making a lot of efforts in the past few days, trying to get people fired much. so it will be a contest. my thanks to you, antonio french, and thank you, judith browne. as the president sends more troops to the u.s./mexico border, actually low latino voter turnout is a big concern in texas. we'll talk about it next. introducing fidelity stock and bond index funds
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democrats are. >> there's a lot more conservatives than liberal. what the o'rourke campaign has had on their side is intensity. the liberals who are in texas are really, really mad. they hate president trump. that anger is dangerous. that anger is mobilizing. they' they'll crawl over broken glass. >> were, the early voting polls here closed on friday, and we saw more people vote in early voting texas than the whole voting period, the date of voting in early voting in 2014,
10:37 am
so texans are fired up. the read is correct, that folks on the left and on the right are fired up. let's not forget that president trump has been firing up the base, as has ted cruz as well. how when this year -- >> so we do see estimates of an interesting in latino voters. we're seeing estimates that voters will be coming occupy in 2018, about a 1 1/2 increase since the last midterm. we do see latinos being targeted, trying to expand the electorate out. even though we have a big chunk, they don't tend to vote in such high numbers.
10:38 am
that's the good news. the bad news is they're not being contacted and mobilized at the rates they would need to be to get them to the polls and numbers. , the association of elected officials and latino decisions recently did a poll in the last two, three weeks that showed that 58% are still not getting contacted by the campaigns. that is worrisome. so i think good work, but still more work to be done. >> are they just unaware of the president's rhetoric on that caravan that's heading that way? wouldn't you think they would have fired them up and got them to the polls? >> i think it makes folks angry, no doubt about that, but the question is, what is the message to mobilize them? you can be angry, but are you also excited? what is the poll? there's the push and the pull factor when it comes to voting. the key is for democrats to give
10:39 am
latino voters and give them something. fueledly the immigration receipt ricks in terms of 15,000 troops broadband sent to our border. president trump talks about a crisis. he is creating a crisis. you know, i have family on the border, i've been done to the border, i keep looking for the crisis and i just don't see one. >> does either party misread the most important thing for latino voters? is it the immigration? is it the economy? is it health care? what is it? >> we see poll after poll, it is health care. latino folks tend to be lower socioeconomic status, they are in need of the subsidies. for example in texas we didn't have the medicaid expansion, so that weighs heavily on the minds of latino. and not to say that immigration doesn't matter, but in a day in/day out, bread and butter issue, health care matters, and that's what beto o'rourke has been campaigning on.
10:40 am
we need to get leaders in washington that will be responsive to your needs, highlighting that cruz has not done that. >> victoria difrancesco, always good to talk with you. >> thank you, alex. blue collar effort to get out the vote. ahh. where are mom and dad? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. love mom and dad' i'm takin' a nap. dude, you just woke up! ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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it's another line today at unlv -- >> early voting in nevada goes ov overtime. with the surge in early voting, steve patterson is in las vegas, trying to get the vote out. walk us through what's happening. steve, good day to you. >> alex, what's happening right now is jimmy kimmel is in the building, farther in the back corner sort of taking pictures with folks, getting everybody excited, and ready to canvass. about 200 strong here at the culinary union. what's happening more broadly is an extreme sense of excitement and engagement like we haven't seen before. sometimes one, two, three hours long lines. early voting is now over. that blows away what happens in
10:45 am
2014. people here realize how important this senate race is between democrat jackie rosen, incumbent dean heller. democrats have set over and over again if there is a path of victory, it has to run to this state. democrats have to win. one of the biggest keys is more than 28% of the state's population is latino. one organization that has a big focus is this culinary union. more than 57,000 strong, 50% of the union is latino, supported by latino families. so that is a huge target that these canvassers will be hitting today. it's a huge focus of this entire race and huge focus of jimmy comle, who just spoke to the crowd. he'll be hitting the streets with them. >> union workers and jimmy kimmel hanging with steve patterson. thank you, from las vegas. will that vote democratic? that is ahead, then the next
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just three days until the mid terms, and the president is making a final round of campaign stops. he's apparently convinced immigration will be a winning issue for the party, but articl says his immigration obsession could backfire. let's bring in peter emerson. he has worked in three democratic administrations, michael singleton and amy tarkanian. good to see you all. michael, we have the political article in which conservative radio host and blogger eric eriksson said you're playing on the margins. do you think he's right? >> no, i think he's absolutely correct. i think for a lot of folks who are going to vote against the kre
10:51 am
president, they are going to be reminded why they are going to vote against the president. while this may help in some extremely tight races, with certain sectors of republican voters. i do think it turns off democrats but i also think it turns ot independence. not only do you see a heightened enthusiasm on the left, you're going to have independence who say this is why i don't support you and the republicans you're campaigning for and they're likely to vote for the democrats. >> peter emerson, what do you think about this? >> i agree. i don't think the president thought that using fear would
10:52 am
mobilize 40% against 60%. rather than tout willing ting t numbers, the economy, jobs numbers, he has fallen back to fear and fear is defined by trump at the moment as immigration. >> there's a new article, amy, and it looks at suburban voters and it also looked at divisions within the gop. it essentially says that mr. trump has written off educated, wealthier whites, particularly women, who recoil from the president's language on race and gender. do you agree with that as is me -- assessment? >> no, not at all. my husband is a congressional candidate in the state of nevada. we've been hearing from a number of democrats and independents who aren't happy with the fact that there are people coming over here, up to the number of
10:53 am
11,000 and wanting to cross here illegally. they don't like that. it is frightening to a number of people on how we're going to handle such an incredible influx. it's not that it's not compassionate and that's what the left likes to throw at us, it's the fact that we are a land of laws and there are democrats and independents who are fed up with this type of rhetoric actually on the left. >>alex, if i -- >> do you ever recoil at, for example, what type of action the military could take if rocks were thrown by those in the caravan as they approach the mexican border? >> sure. unfortunately, we're in a situation where people are testing the president. and, yes, we have seen videos of these individuals unfortunately ruining it for the rest of the well behaved asylum seekers.
10:54 am
they are throwing rocks, they are being violent and it's unacceptable. so if the president has to issue out a very, very strong warning, so be it if that's what it takes and it works great. >> alex, i'm a conservative, i've always been a republican, i've worked with three presidential candidates. i guess my party forgot the words of ronald reagan or forgot the compassionate conservatism from george w. bush. when president obama was in office, there was a term for him "the deporter in chief" because he deported so many individuals. by the time this group of individuals make it to the border, we already know the number is going to be significantly left. do i think people are concerned about making sure we have a secure border? absolutely. i don't think that's a debatable issue. but how you portray those individuals, i think that's what matters and that's what's turning off a lot of people. words do matter, particularly had they're coming from the president of the united states. >> i want to put up the early
10:55 am
voting numbers and show part of what "the wall street journal" is reporting, which shows that the biggest surges are coming from younger voters, and what are your takeaways of the findings so far? >> i think what it indicates is that next tuesday is going to be a lot closer than what a lot of individuals predicted. it's ultimately going to come down to turnout, turnout, turnout, who can target and mobilize their base the most. i will say i would like to keep in mind, alex, i think people should pay a lot of attention to the african-american vote. axios did a story showing 77% of young african-americans that not only are they going to vote but so are their friends. >> what about the early numbers, peter, almost 33 million have voted already. >> historic.
10:56 am
twice the 2014 early voting in arizona, three times, as amy knows, in nevada. i think he's correct, we're not going to actually know. but it does suggest that maybe the chance to redpgain the constitution, the bill of rights and a sense of decency are driving people to the polls in numbers we've never seen. one of the big deciding factors on getting out the vote in campaigns is the weather and right now there's a big issue with weather in the central part of the country. >> thank you all so much. meanwhile presidents former and current out on the campaign trail. at the top of the hour, whose message is winning the day? if you're 65 or older, even if you're healthy, you may be at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia
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look at the time. it's 2:00, which means i am done and david gura takes over. >> i'm david gura. trump on the trail, planning to take the stage in montana as part of a multi-state push to the midterms. how his message is resonating with voters who do not consider themselves part of his base. first lady melania trump taking


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