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tv   The Vote Americas Future  MSNBC  November 3, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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hi there, i'm stephanie ruhle, tonight we are 58 hours away from the first tuesday polypings, and both parties crafting their closing messages. for the president and his republicans, it is migrants and money. >> america now has the best economy in the history of our country, highest jobs, the best jobs, the best employment number ever, the best unemployment numbers ever. you saw these caravans, very
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tough young people. very tough. criminals in some cases. >> democrats are talking health care and hope. >> i want a leader who stands up for other people's health care, even if they've got health care. >> we can either focus on the president's hate, his bigotry and his nativism. >> we have to make it clear that we democrats, we chose hope over fear. >> but your vote is bigger than the names on the ballot. remember that, propositions on everything from marijuana to medicaid expansion could make drastic changes in every day life across america. if you don't like things out there, you have the chance to change them. vote. the candidates have been out in full force for hours today, making their final pitches to the voters all over the nation. here's a look at pensacola florida right at this moment where president trump is on his second rally of the day, he's
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stumping for ron desantis, who is locked in a tight race with andrew gillum. i want to give you a quick look at exactly where we stand right now. as of today, almost 33 million votes have been counted as early or absentee nationwide, according to data and analyzed by nbc news. that blows away the past total number of early ballots cast during the 2014 midterms, which was a little more than 21 million. that is what every american should do, get out there and vote. let's get you to our nbc road warriors who are spread out across the country. vonn hilliard is in phoenix, arizona. what are voters telling you, besides the fact they're most likely going to vote for a woman? >> reporter: that's the only
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option they've got in this race, stephanie, you have kirstin and martha. this is the place of barry goldwater, john mccain. it's a democrat who's running, trying to take that mantle from john mccain as the maverick. she's been on the airwaves since the spring. when you look at the numbers this state, there's 1.2 million independents. over the last 24 hours, we've been talking to voters here, this is just down the road. it was interesting, republicans and independents a great number of them are telling us they intend to vote for the democrat. i'm going to introduce you to two of them right here. the first woman you're going to hear from is an independent. this is what they told us. >> who did you vote for? >> cinema. >> cinema? >> the democrat? >> yes. >> do you usually vote democrat? >> no. >> are you republican?
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>> yes. >> but not -- >> i'm changing. >> why? >> to the democratic party, i believe in their platform and agenda. >> raise taxes and spend more money. the republican party is not the same as it used to be. >> you used to consider yourself republican? >> yes. >> consider yourself independent now. there's a lot of people in arizona, that's why this is close. how did that happen? why is that the case? >> the republicans have lost their way. the republican party is a joke as that are as i'm concerned. they want to repeal health care, but they don't have any replacement for it, and they talk about that too. they have no immigration strategy except to put great fear in people. >> martha is the first female fighter pilot in this country. she in this campaign has made the decision to stand with donald trump here on the campaign trail. she joined mike pence on the trail as well as don junior two days ago. she voted for the health care repeal bill, that would have
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weakened protections for those with pre-existing conditions and she's stood firmly behind this administration. as you heard from those two, prompts them to go and vote for kirstin cinema p.m. standing with donald trump is the reason one woman is voting for martha mcsally. >> who am i voting for? >> mcsally. >> why? >> because i'm voting republican. >> do you support the president? >> i do, yes. >> and in your mind, does she become an extension of that? >> yes. >> the rhetoric has been heated and things are intense. do you think there's more the republican party could do to bring that down? >> well, yeah. yeah, they -- better communication probably. >> it's not going to stop you from voting, though? >> no. >> for martha mcsally or supporting the president even? >> correct. >> the question is, how many individuals that identify as republican and independent is
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kirstin cinema, who's trying to run as the john mccain candidate able to pull over from martha mcsally. stephanie? >> let's head to vegas, steve patterson is there talking to voters. democrats have a chance there, to take back the senate if they flip the seat. talk to me about how tense it is on the ground. >> good evening from the strip, in a state where you may be able to say that tense is an understatement. that's because this race for senate, is razor thin between jackie rosen and dean heller. as we've been saying for a long time. heller is the only gop senator running for re-election in a state that went for hillary clinton. in 2016. that means that this is a prime target for the democrats, which means you better believe this is a huge day for getting out the vote. we spent the day with the culinary union here in nevada.
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that's 57,000 members strong, all supporting rosen, more than 200 went out canvassing every corner of vegas. we went from neighborhood to neighborhood to neighborhood. and they were whipped up as you mentioned, by the support of jimmy kimmel, who said he's been sporting his friend rosen for a long time. he's here for the democrats cornerstone argument in this state, which is health care. here's what he's saying about why he's here and what he believes in. >> we know the story with your son, does that play a big role in why you're here, pre-existing conditions in health care, seems to be a huge topic this year? can you talk about that? >> the idea that americans would be unable to get health insurance because of a pre-existing condition makes absolutely no sense to me. and i think it makes absolutely no sense to most of america. i think it makes sense to most republicans. and the idea that these people like dean heller are claiming to be protecting that, and doing
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the exact opposite and people are accepting that is nonsensical to me, and i wantsed to come here to do whatever i can do to put a point on that. because it's -- that's not what's going on. they don't care about your health conditions. they don't care about lifetime caps. and jackie rosen does. that's why i'm here, to support jackie. >> reporter: also important to note, early voting wrapped up last night, the early returns look good for the democrats, they built a sizable firewall here in clark county, the state's largest county. it's very early, in vegas, it's anybody's game. >> i have to bring my panel in, it's an excellent one on this saturday night. steve israel of new york, is also the former chair of the dccc. steve schmidt flew in just for you on this special night. and bilkoen made his way here. thank you so much. special correspondent for vanity
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fair, and the author of "why wall street matters." president trump has been campaigning nonstop. he has been on an absolute media blitz for weeks now. and a week ago, i would say, man, he's dominating all of the attention. but in the last week, whether it's the obama or the oprah effect. democrats have definitely picked up steam. are you happy with how they're doing on the campaign? >> president trump has been the best recruiter, the best fund-raiser, the best candidate that the democratic party has ever had. we want him out more. when i chaired the dccc, intensity comes in waves, the story of this midterm is this. the first wave of intensity was with democrats, then after kavanaugh and as a result of the caravan, the second wave of intense ity is with republicans. the third wave is breaking now, that is with independents. they come to their conclusions in the last weekend.
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what you're seeing now, is that independents are breaking intensely for democrats, because the fear mongering, the caravan, the president's statements, the very tree ole, that backfires with moderate suburban voters, that's why i'm going to go out on a limb and tell you, the democrats are going to pick up a net of mid-30s notice house of representatives. i think this has backfired on president trump and the republicans. >> it's a referendum on trump, the whole election, only one of two things will result from it. this will be a repudiation of trumpism or it will be a validation of it. there's no in between. donald trump closes this election with his most audacious and brazen lie yet. the made up invasion of america from a kacaravan as he calls itf migrants and refugees, 1,000 miles away, who are coming north, he has deployed active duty assets of the united states military, including the 82nd
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airborne, 4th infantry division, taking them out of their training cycle. there's never been a president who has abused the u.s. military for a partisan purpose like he has, for a show, for a stunt. >> does that change anyone's vote? >> i think it changes independent votes who are sick of the incitement, in a week where cnn gets a bomb sent to it, he follows on by saying, well, violence in the country is as a result and causal to criticism of me. and let me just say something about the military here last, is that these units that have been deployed over and over and over and over again for 16 years of war in iraq and afghanistan, these men and women in these units. how many thanksgivings have they missed, how many christmases, birthdays, thanksgiving football games and christmas pageants and anniversaries to be down there on that border doing nonsense for this stunt. and i think that it is one of the many reasons why after two
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years of donald trump on the stage, it will be repudiated. >> take me into the sort of see bannon/donald trump strategy game. if this migrant caravan invasion is a huge mistake, who is it working for? even if every person on that caravan made their way into the united states and took jobs and went to school and the hospital, that's not actually going to impact many of our lives. why did they -- why would they decide to do this? >> it's a bad strategy, stephanie, it's a terrible strategy. i don't know why he's doing it, he's gambling. it's going to backfire big time. his best asset in my opinion, is the economy, and he's not talking about it. he mentioned it today for the first time in weeks. i think it was very clear now steve schmidt as usual is absolutely correct. this is a referendum on donald trump, i think the american people have said, the gloves are off, we know who this guy is
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now, it's not a mystery any more. maybe it was a mystery two years ago, we know exactly who it is, and we want a check on his behavior. and at least the house of representatives going to the democrats is going to give us a start on the check of his behavior. >> we heard weeks ago it was going to be about kavanaugh and the caravan. and that did create this red wave. how can the president capitalize on fear when he's the guy in office. you're saying, look at the bad things that are happening, i'm going to change it. this guy runs the show. >> american politics is degenerated to the point where there's very little sway. he invites as a tribal leader would, his faction pitting them against the other tribe. he's come to the conclusion in the tightly divided country that we have, that his stoking of a cold civil war, his reinvention
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of the public party as a white ethnonationalist party. when he says i'm a nationalist, that has a specific meaning from the people who celebrate out there, from david duke and the white nationalist elements. he has remade the republican party. the party that came into being talking about free soil, and free men, has become a party of identity, of white identity during these two years of trump. so his entire message is about incitement, fear, it's trying to tell them that your way of life, your country, it's being stolen from you, he scapegoats, he invii insights and puts himself in the position of the avenger, the protector. though there are 35% of the country that have great fidelity to him and are lock, stock and barrel sold on all the b.s., it's not enough. there are more people in opposition, and those people
5:15 pm
include all the democrats, a majority of the independents and a very substantial share of republican voters, chiefly women in suburbs. >> but he's not going to lose his base, that 35% base loves him. he's picked up in the last year corporate america, and rich people, who don't have signs in front of their houses saying go trump. when they quietly go to the ballot box, they will vote for him. and they didn't vote for him last time. >> first, every midterm election is fundamentally a referendum on the president. no president's party has picked up seats in any midterm election, since 1865 with three exceptions. and so it's always a referendum on the president. the president's party always loses seats. here was the miscalculation, they believed that by playing the fear card, by insighting voters, that moderate voters would break for them. they would maintain their base and pick up those independents. it backfired.
5:16 pm
the president has held steady with republican voters. he was at 89% with republican voters on inauguration day, he's at 88% now. the biggest erosion that this president has experienced is with independent voters. and that's why you're seeing this intensity, this energy moving to democrats now, they have abandoned this president, and they have committed to democrats. >> coming into the final weekend, all these senate races are starting to tighten back up. the kavanaugh effect dissipating, as we've seen trump's behavior over the last two weeks. >> i'm lucky you gentlemen are sticking around for the hour. this is an important evening, i'm glad you're tuned in. hurricane maria, you remember it, it forced tens of thousands of puerto ricans to flee the island and move to the mainland. you know what the mainland is? the usa. they could have a huge impact on tuesday's election, especially in florida. better known as the sunshine state. insurance that won't replace
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>> we came to florida to look for better living. >> donald trump has undercounted the death toll. shortly after the incident he threw out paper towels into the crowd. how do you feel about the way the trump administration has responded. >> we feel bad about it, we are u.s. citizens and we need to be treated like ones. >> what about the idea that you
5:21 pm
have a young son, and he gets to see his parents voting and participating. >> i think it will be great for him to see us go in and vote. he would get what other children from puerto rico couldn't get. the information, that knowledge that he's having now. it's what we need. >> in the context of the history of florida, we have a cuban community that was the go to community to handle the latino vote. we're seeing an influx that that dynamic is shifting. >> how many puerto ricans have we seen coming into this area. and how many have you been able to register? >> we've been receiving the reports of the influx since hurricane maria, the number is
5:22 pm
75,000. >> we have registered 27,000 as of now. >> the reporting of hurricane maria has been negative. >> they are demanding respect that they are american citizens. the only way to demand the respect is to vote. >> when people learn to vote here, we're going to be a strong powerful house. we change the future of this state, and also the future of the country. those 27 congressional seats can be influenced by a lot of puerto ricans. >> tremaine joins me now. we talked about the huge amount of people voting early, we know 4 million votes have been cast in florida. any indication of the puerto rican vote thus far? >> so far, it's not so clear. what organizers on the ground
5:23 pm
say, is folks are enraged and energized. they're enraged of the disrespect they felt from donald trump. when i talk to people who survived maria, they talked about what it was like to survive the storm, and then to come here and be treated as second class citizens. when in fact they are american citizens. puerto ricans are the fastest growing group in florida, they haven't always been. >> what are some other simm lay layerities they have. >> they get here, they're ready and willing to work hard. but it's housing. second is education. the kids are struggling.
5:24 pm
nor them to piece together a better life for themselves, it's housing and education for their children. >> tremaine, thank you so much. up next, the economy bill was talking about it, and the midterms, we're going to break down why the current economy might not be helping everyone. before we go, a story that is going to get overshadowed by this week's election. the fda has just approved an opiod ten times more powerful than fentanyl for wider use in health care settings. ignoring harsh criticism from its advisers, that the new drug would lead to more deaths in the opiod crisis. a crisis that has claimed the lives of more than 49,000 americans last year alone. we're going to focus on this today, tomorrow and until something changes. checkout is at 4pm.
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you knew if i showed up on a saturday night, i would be talking money. republicans are hoping a strong economy will carry them to victory in a series of crucial house and senate races across the country. 2/3 of americans consider the economy and jobs a very important issue. a more important issue than hot button things like immigration or gun policy. while president trump and the gop are happy to take credit for
5:29 pm
a historically low unemployment rate. they call it a booming economy, a recent poll from gallop shows 64% of voters say they have not seen an increase in their take home pay. where's the disconnect. wages are just starting to rise after years of stag nation up 3.1% over the last year, here's the issue. cost of living increases are eating that up. much like the criticism of the obama era economy, it is not a booming economy for everyone. republicans promise that their tax cuts would mean raises and more money trickling down to the middle class. companies are using those tax windfalls to finance massive stock buybacks that only benefit shareholders. the president's recent promise, his new one he just came out with, the new middle class tax cut, it doesn't exist, it's nowhere to be seen. more than half of americans polled, that's 51% say the tax cuts have not helped them
5:30 pm
financially. republicans and president trump should be focusing on the economy, if you look at his big beautiful data, but instead, it's this. >> caravan of caravan of illegal aliens to flood into your communities. depleting our resources and overwhelming our nation. we don't want that. the choice in this election could not be more simple. a republican congress means more jobs, and less crime. a democrat congress means more crime and less jobs. it's very simple, right? >> all right, joining our panel, josh brown. josh, i have to go to you first, if you looked at the data, gdp, that is what you would think republicans and president trump would be all over but to me, trump's economy looks a lot like
5:31 pm
obama's economy. and in the obama financial recovery, that big portion of america who didn't recover since the financial crisis, they were mad. that led rise to this forgotten trump voter. president trump showed up at one of his rallies today, talking about the tax cuts and the great economy, he would get laughed out of the building. those people's lives haven't improved at all. >> i think the economy is very good, and i also agree that it's a continuing of what we've been experiencing for years prior. i find it shocking that he's not talking about the economy. but maybe one reason is what you said. that audience is not at the shareholder class, and the shareholder class is disproportionately benefited. 80% of the stock markets, owned by 20% of people. when you think about some of the things that are now going to start to hit, from wage inflation to layoffs at plants because the global supply chain has been impacted.
5:32 pm
it's not the case at this moment. >> does it mean he's picked up the shareholder class as a new part of his base? he serves his base with the immigration -- >> i won't say it outloud. >> fighting the same fight he did, inciting fear on the campaign trail. he's picked up the shareholder class, and they're not saying they're voting for trump, but they could vote for him this time. >> well, i think when you look at the shareholder class as a class, the demographics of that class would suggest when we look at the he totality of the polling, they're not single issue voters, they're not responding to the dow jones average, they're not looking at the portfolios, there are other issues that are weighing in. where trump is attributing support is from college educated republican women in the suburbs who were part of that class. now, trump, when he goes to
5:33 pm
these rallies, the reality is, the economic crisis in 2008, '12, '16 also in '20, but this election also, is what these voters see as politics defined by a lateral line, with the people above that line, that there's one set of rules for them. there's a different set of rules for everybody else. the people below the line. what they're saddled with on that tax cut are deficits approaching a trillion a year. interest rates rising, gas 3r50is prices rises. the dislocation of jobs. and so for all of it, the idea -- and i think we'll hear a lot about it, is there a crisis in capitalism where the people who are benefiting from liberal markets, open markets, the trading system are a small percentage at the top. >> steve, what you are plying us with are facts. and what trump is, an
5:34 pm
extraordinary salesman. president trump stood on that campaign trail railing against goldman sachs and then he surrounded himself with former goldman sachs partners in the white house. while steve may be right, consumer confidence, business confidence big and small are up, and president trump sells a great story to these people. >> yes, he does. he says he was going to drain the swamp. the swamp has never been more murky. i think there are elements of the economy that are doing better, that are stronger. if you're talking about debt and defic deficits, he's exploded them. if you're talking about income equality, it's growing more severe. here's the strategic issue. i talk to my former colleagues in congress who are republicans every single day. why isn't he talking about the economy? why hasn't he been talking about this economy? he should be litigating this economy. he should be doing it in every speech, he should be doing it every day, here's why he doesn't. because he can't help himself. those words caravan and fear and
5:35 pm
fake news, they are just sewn into his cheeks, he cannot stop saying those words. my guess is, if he did stay disciplined on the economy, maybe some of those independent voters who are breaking for democrats would be breaking for him this weekend. >> when he talks about the economy, it's in folk tales and things that are -- he literally in front of an audience said u.s. steel is going to open six plants in the next year, the actual number is zero. when you're a publicly traded company when you're making a change to the company, you have to file your intentions. >> if the economy is what the president should talk up, he's making it up. saying that there's a middle class tax cut coming, when congress isn't even in session. even after this election, there
5:36 pm
is no means to pay for a middle class tax cut. if the president had wanted to give corporations a smaller tax cut, he could have fed them and done a middle class tax cut. at this point you know that's not happening, just like they're not in talks with china before tuesday on a trade deal. that was a flat out lie that by 10:00 a.m. yesterday, you had seen white house officials saying, oh, no, we're not going to -- >> he added a trillion and a half dollars to the national debt. i think he's going to be losing the shareholder class, because -- he had the shareholder class in 2017. the shareholder class is uninterested in him at the moment. >> why? because they got what they wanted? >> think got what they wanted. 35% down to 21%. they got that, thank you very much. the stock market in 2018 has done nothing. it reached a high in january, it reached another small little high in august or something. now, it's absolutely -- >> you don't think they lost the small business owner?
5:37 pm
>> small business -- >> i don't think he's lost them. >> what has the small business owner gotten from him? >> deregulation. >> some medium sized banks have gotten deregulation, small businesses have not gotten the kind of deregulation. >> the majority of small businesses in america are owned by aging white men, let's put that on the table. >> he may have already had -- >> confidence is soaring, continues to soar, even though their hiring costs are going to go up. >> and their tariffs are going to go up. >> i don't think he's lost that audience. >> that's a different audience than the shareholder class, who i think -- i think wall street has no interest in this guy. i think, yes, some hedge fund managers may like him, some private equity guys may like him. the cost of money is so cheap. i think wall street has said, hey, our clients got the tax cut that they wanted, 35 to 21. beyond that, the stock price reflected that going into 2018,
5:38 pm
and in 2018 has done nothing, we're done with this guy, he's an embarrassment to us. he doesn't know what they're doing on tariffs. i think he's lost all those people. >> if he stokes a trade war going into 19 and 20. you look at the cancellations and soybean orders that are gone as they dissipate. the reason he can't stop talking about immigration and these other issues, he's george wallace with a queen's accent. that is what he cares about. he doesn't care about the economy. you think he -- you think he cares about economic growth for working class people? this is a guy who went to pittsburgh and talked about in pittsburgh, about how well he was treated or not. >> people having money in their pockets matters more to voters than immigration does. >> well, maybe, it doesn't -- >> it doesn't stir up the same emotion. >> it doesn't stir up the same emotion. >> and who has money in their pockets, by the way.
5:39 pm
>> 42% of the country doesn't have $400 available for an emergency. >> we're going into a midterm election. if you are living on the iron range in northern minnesota, in a congressional district that's competitive, you love president trump because he gave you tariffs on imported steel. but if you're living closer to the twin cities and you're a soy farmer, you're voting against president trump in this midterm because of what's happened to soy. you have to not talk about a macro economy, but the impact of a localized economy in these midterm elections. >> we have to leave it there. for workers out there, there are more companies that use aluminum and steel than companies who produce aluminum and steel. if you want to think about workers, there's a lot more in the first camp. one voting block expected to go red on tuesday. why younger evangelicals may not be guaranteed to vote republican come tuesday.
5:40 pm
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discover.o. i like your card, but i'm absolutely not paying an annual fee. discover has no annual fees. really? yeah. we just don't believe in them. oh nice. you would not believe how long i've been rehearsing that. no annual fee on any card. only from discover. they're going to show up for me. nobody's done more for christians, evangelicals or frankly religion than i have. we know they're happy with me. >> that is one of the biggest
5:44 pm
questions just three days ahead of the midterms, will evangelicals show up and who will they show up for. donald trump won 80% of the white evangelical vote. will they vote republican when trump is not on the ballot? here to weigh-in, my friend peter wainer. former speech writer for president trump. and a self-described former i n evangelical supporter. he's had huge support from the evangelical community. will those evangelicals show up in droves again for him this tuesday? >> yeah, unfortunately, i suspect a lot of them will. certainly the older evangelicals will. you're seeing a loosening, a detachment from the commitment to the republican party, that's going to take a lot of years to
5:45 pm
play itself out, there's no question there is a generational divide. look, the strongest base that donald trump has in the republican party are white evangelicals, i wish that weren't the case, because i think it is a tremendously discrediting thing for christians and white evangelicals. they do argue he's delivered on the courts. i think that has come at a tremendous cost. i think donald trump embodies an anti-christian ethic. i use that phrase carefully, not cavalierly. i think the core of donald trump, his crudity, annihilation of truth appeals to bigotry and the darkest impulses of the country are really anethetical to evangelicals. i think it's going to leave a
5:46 pm
crimson stain on them. >> will something change that? will anything change that? for example, last week in pittsburgh, could that have any impact on voters going-forward? i want to share with you an editor at the new york times and a pittsburgh native. i wanted to show you what she had to say last night. >> he love the fact that the embassy was moved to jerusalem. a move i supported. i hope this week, that american jews have woken up to the price of that bargain. they have traded policies they like for the values that have sustained the jewish people and frankly this country forever. >> she's talking about the jewish community but making that same point you were making moments ago. is there a breaking point? >> yeah, i wrote a beautiful column on what happened at the tree of life synagogue. i think there will be a breaking point. i suspect it may not be this
5:47 pm
year and it may not be 2020. with younger evangelicals, something's happen. i had coffee with a 25-year-old white evangelical, he's not going to vote for trump. they're more liberal on some issues, same sex marriage, the environment and immigration. more than that, there is a real revulsion to the style and approach of the white evangel evangelical leadership much i any the younger evangelicals see that, and they can't really believe that these people are speaking for the christian faith. and so i think over time, this is kind of a poison time release capsule. i think over time, the younger evangelicals are going to loosen their -- the other thing i would say is, evangelicals is a share of the population is just
5:48 pm
getting smaller, ten years ago, it was 25%, today it's 15%. and for the age group of 18 to 29 it's 8%. they're becoming less of a factor in the electorate. >> i wonder with all of this rhetoric that we hear so often. how would this white evangelical community treat jesus today? peter, thank you so much. i highly recommend we mentioned young evangelical voters, there's an amazing piece in the new york times right now, about how split they are, and really confused with their establishment, with their upbringing with their church, given the way they see the world in 2018. remember, for everyone, decency and civility must come first. up next, from marijuana to medicaid expansion. ballot initiatives have become a motivating force pushing to the
5:49 pm
polls. what actually impacts our lives every day? .
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welcome back, i'm stephanie ruhle. when voters head to the polls on tuesday, it will not just be about the candidates. a total of 155 measures are on the ballot. in 15 states, redirecting,
5:53 pm
voting requirements, ballot access, campaign finance and ethics have been decided. four states that went for trump will be voting on marijuana measures. two states will vote on raising the minimum wage. in idaho, montana, nebraska and utah, medicaid expansion will be on the ballot. what ballot issues are you watching? >> i'm interested in all these marijuana initiatives. >> personally? >> i think it should be -- i can't think of a stupider thing for this country to spend $60 billion a year on than the war on marijuana, and the disproportionate imprisonment of african-americans. all of these minimum wage initiatives have passed, even in republican states going back over the last couple elections. medicaid expansion as you see, in rural areas, hospitals being
5:54 pm
shut down, all of these issues are driving turnout from a specific portion of the democratic electorate, in that initiative mix should work pretty well from a turnout perspective for democrats in all of these states. >> fda approving an opiod stronger than fentanyl and we're still debating weed. think about that. >> the reason that congress is so polarized is because of gerrymandering. districts drawn to protect the left or right, there's four states that would take the politics out of redirecting. have independent commissions. that would create districts that are more toward the center that would incentivize compromise. it's one of the more important reforms we have. four states will decide whether to approve those reforms. >> aren't you worry about how the center has been hollowed out? >> of course. it pushes politics to the right and the left. we live in a country
5:55 pm
substantially -- my old boss, arnold schwarzenegger is very involved in all of these initiatives, redirecting reform, if you live in a country where the politicians pick the voters as opposed to the voters picking the politicians, you get what you get here. redirecting reforms -- >> politicians -- >> if you draw these district lines fairly. the congressman when he was the chairperson at the dccc. i spent a part of my career at the nrcc. if you're a part of the committees, you draw the lines in a way it advantages your party. the science and technology that's involved in this is extraordinary. it's important to understand because it blows apart the middle of your electorate. >> even your super educated voter doesn't pay attention to this, like an elected official would. >> most members of congress do not fear a general election opponent. they fear a primary from the far right, the far left, that's
5:56 pm
what's cleving congress, that ends when you have fair districts. we're going to see this tuesday, will the voters in these four states decide to end the engineering of partisan districts and give the power back to people. >> tuesday, the most important thing everyone watching can do is vote. pick up your friend, a neighbor, your mother, your father, your sister, everyone must vote. congressman, steve, thank you so much for joining me on this important night. i'm stephanie ruhle, you can catch me every weekday morning at 9:00, and then again at 1:00 with ali velshi. coming up, a very special edition of the last word with lawrence o'donnell. you'll be excited, captain "sully" sullenberger will be here. rger will be here of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen?
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this tuesday might be the most important election of our lifeti lifetime. >> a blue wave equals a crime wave. >> donald trump is trying to scare us about ourselves, it's not going to work. >> they have a lot of rough people in those caravans, they are not angels. >> we democrats, we choose hope over fear. >> and decency and commence and good will can win out over bad. >> we are not powerless, every single one of us has the same power at the polls. >> i'm just asking you


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