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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 6, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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new york. america. president trump spent the final hours leading up to today's vote campaigning across the country, leaning on false messages about immigration and voter fraud. >> it could be an unprecedented day as democrats look to wrestle back control of congress from republicans. ♪ good morning, everyone. it is tuesday november 6th. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside frances rivera. polling places across nine
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states open in one hour. the stakes, control of state houses, congress. and here are the numbers. in the senate, democrats need a gain of two seats to win control. in that claimer they received some very good news in a quinnipiac poll of new jersey where bob menendez gained momentum to open up a 15-point lead against the republican. democrats need to gain 23 seats to take control. the cook report says 75 kp15 se held by republican are toss-ups. republican governors in ear
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iowa democratic candidate fred hubble is at 46% two points ahead of republican governor kim reynolds at 44%. over to oklahoma sooners poll which has the republican just three points ahead of democrat drew edmundson. >> we could know by it went if all the talk of a democratic wave is real or as the "new york times" points out, the other option, a district by district battle for control of the house that could go into the early morning hours or even take weeks to be resolved. meanwhile, president trump hit three states in his final days of campaigning, ohio, indiana and missouri. in indiana, the president campaigned with his daughter ivanka and kellyanne conway. and for the first time this
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midterm season, white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders in missouri, rush limbaugh introduced the president while sean hannity and judge janine of fox news addressed the crowd. >> the message featured familiar themes from the caravan to brett kavanaugh. he also continued to dodge blame in advance of potential republican losses. >> democrats produce mobs. republicans produce jobs. democrats are inviting caravan aftercare van -- isn't that nice -- of illegal aliens to flood into our country and overwhelm your communities. we're building the wall. no, we're building the wall. don't worry about it. we've already started. although barbwire looks like
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it's going to be very effective too, with soldiers standing in front of it. everybody said brett kavanaugh. i didn't know who he was. this woman came out and said she made up the story. and they got to look at the other ones also, folks, because take a look at the other ones, folks. my last stop is here. i think for one reason, for one reason, and i have to say it, because this is the home of rush limbaugh. if we don't do so well tomorrow, they will put me on the ticket. if we do great tomorrow, they will say he had nothing to do with it, he was not on the ticket. >> so we are covering some of the most closely watched race this is morning.
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there is obviously a key senate race taking place today in arizona. bring us up to speed on how the final hours played out there, which way it looks like it's going to break. >> reporter: yeah. good morning, you guys. the rhetoric was not quite the same here in arizona as what you just heard from the president last night. at the same time martha mcsally, the republican in this race made the decision to stand by this white house and buy the republican messaging. she had donald trump on the campaign trail just two weeks ago, mike pence was here, don junior was her earlier this week. chr just last night here on the steps behind us martha mcsally took shots at kristen sinema.
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she used to be much more on the left, but since entering congress back in 2012 has gone very much down the road as sort of a blue dog democrat. we've had conversation es with folks, republicans and independents, and we have had countless conversations with individuals that suggested they are frustrated at martha mcsally's lack of independence from president trump. and they say they believe that kirsten sinema will be sort of in the mold of the late john mccain. >> the state governor race between andrew gillum and ron desantis. it has been nasty.
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how did both make their final pitch? >> reporter: they were out until the wee hours of the morning campaigning. andrew gillum was in tallahassee having a midnight rally with some heavy hitters there. he had rap star sean combs performing. we were at an event yesterday for ron detan tiesantis, he had rubio by his side trying to do what they can to get that last minute push before election day. this race is so tight. the latest poll has a slight advantage for gillum. he is up four points at 50% to desantis at 46. there is a slight opening there, but still this race is neck and neck. it has been from the beginning. both of them running brutalizing campaign ads against each other, spending millions of dollars. this race a top priority for the
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white house. >> let me ask you about that senate race. a lot of people watching it closely between bill nelson and republican rick scott. what are the big policy differences between these two guys? rick scott was a popular governor. bill nelson sometimes criticized for being too quiet, i guess, in the senate. what was the final push like from these two gentlemen? >> reporter: that same poll has the exact same differential in the spread. it's actually 50-46, the democrat bill nelson leading rick scott, which is an interesting thick to have them mirror each other. the main thing is the support donald trump has thrown behind rick scott. he has made multiple trips here. at several of these rallies they really take aim at nelson for his attendance, not being able
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to show up to things. and donald trump saying, look, i've never heard from the guy. rick scott, i hear from all the time. >> katie beck live in orlando this morning. thanks, katy. let's bring in betsy woodruff. what are some of the close races that you're going to be looking at that can be indicative of how the big picture plays out? >> two of the most interesting races are florida and georgia. you saw marco rubio earlier campaigning with republican congressman ron desantis who's challenging andrew gillum for that spot. one thing interesting about rubio's presence is early in the election cycle he made clear he would not be campaigning with rick scott against bill nelson, because rubio says he and nelson
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have a very effective working relationship and he didn't want to participate in efforts to ourself nelson. that type of bipartisan comity is rare in washington these days. that's why this gubernatorial race is so important. it gives us a chance to test the political capital of marco rubio, who likely has presidential aspirations down the road. of course the georgia gubernatorial race is huge. the republican is up but national democrats have had their eye on georgia for years and years now as the state grows increasingly diverse. this year may be the tipping point for democrats. we'll find out in about 12 hours or so. >> i want to talk to you about these reports that the trump administration is ready to shake things up when it comes to staff
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overhaul after the midterms. what timeline are we looking at here and what does that mean for the justice officials that have been singled out by trump already? >> the timeline is very fuzzy. it's unlikely the senate flips but were tonight to be a huge night for democrats it's possible. i think it's likely trump would push out attorney general jeff sessions so he could get a new attorney general confirmed while republicans control that chamber. it's not super likely based on the public polls that democrats will seize control of the senate. a name that has been batted around is defense secretary james mattis. the president complained about him in an interview a couple weeks ago, suggested he's a democrat, which my understanding is that's not accurate. he's not a particularly partisan guy. but the president's been telegraphing he's a little
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annoyed with mattis. but he's one of the cabinet members with the broadest and most enthusiastic support in washington. >> he's often referred to as the only adult in the room sometimes on big national and foreign policy issues. still ahead, president trump spend his last day on the campaign trail warning about the threat of voter fraud, despite the lack of evidence. in georgia the democratic candidate blast her opponent's last minute hacking probe as a witch hunt. cancer ... it's very personal.
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. welcome back. without providing any evidence, president trump is once again warning of voter fraud ahead of today's election. he tweeted yesterday, law enforcement has been strongly
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notified to watch closely for any illegal voting which may take place in tuesday's election or early voting. anyone caught will be subject to the max criminal penalties allowed by law. >> all you have to do is go around, take a look what's happened over the years and you'll see. there are a lot of people, a lot of people, my opinion and based on proof, that try and get in illegally and actually vote illegally. we just want to let them know that there will be prosecutions at the highest level. >> as we speak, democrats are openly encouraging millions of illegal aliens to break our laws, violate our borders and overrun our country. and they want to sign them up for free welfare, free health care, free education and most importantly, the right to vote. they want them to vote. >> so one of the most closely watched races in this country will be under increased scrutiny today as the democratic
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candidate in georgia's gubernatorial race accuses her republican opponent of carrying out a witch hunt with these allegations of election hacking. abrams said kemp was using his power as secretary of state to conduct an investigation into his baseless claims. >> this is a desperate attempt by brian kemp to cover up his bad actions and abuse of power. he has yet to fix the problem or notify the citizens of georgia that their information may be vulnerable. once again, for the third time he has put our voters at risk and he's refused to take responsibility. >> now, as secretary of state, kemp oversees the integrity of the state's elections but has repeatedly been accused by democrats and civil rights groups of trying to influence the results. he announced he was investigating the state's democratic party over an attempted hack of the voter registration system.
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kemp would only say his office found vulnerabilities and wouldn't elaborate on what kind they were or where they were coming from. he also responded to questions over the timing of his announcement. >> i'm not worried about how it looks. i'm doing my job. this is how we would handle any investigation when something like this comes up. i can assure you if i hadn't done anything and the story came out that something was going on, you'd be going, why didn't you act. >> several nonprofits will be out across the state to help protect voting rights. with hoarse voices from cross country rallies barack obama and joe biden hit the campaign trail once again for senator tim kaine and jennifer weather conditions on the thanking them with donuts. >> the character of this country is on the ballot.
2:19 am
who we are is on the ballot. [ applause ] >> what kind of politics we expect is on the ballot. h how we conduct ourselves in public life is on the ballot. how we treat other people is on the ballot. going out there, you're going to make sure that people vote to start making things better. when you do that, then the spirit of america's going to shine. >> biden wrapped a six-day, 13-city, eight-state midterm blitz. biden has traveled to 24 states to support 65 candidates. let's get a quick check on weather to see how all of that plays against the voters going to the polls today. >> good morning. going into yesterday forecast we
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were thinking that we could get some serious storms overnight. that has happened. we've had one fatality in tennessee from an alleged tornado, structure of a house collapsed on the lone resident. there's other injuries in the area too from people in a mobile home. we've had three reports of tornados, one in louisiana, one or two in mississippi and that one in tennessee. now we're still watching strong storms, a tornado watch for northern georgia into areas of extreme eastern portions of tennessee and western north carolina. we're almost done with our severe weather threat. we'll have a little bit this afternoon, but the worst of it is just about over with. there's been a lot of scares. tupelo, mississippi looked to have been hit by a tornado. this is video of the area in the middle of the night where they're just beginning to assess the damage. of course, we also have
2:21 am
thousands of people without power as we go throughout this election day because of these storms too. today we have 3 million people at risk. richmond virginia up through salisbury and dover. washington, d.c. is going to be soggy, philadelphia and new york too. the areas that we're watching is on the east coast. that's where the rainy weather will be, little bit in florida, not too bad. but a lot of our close battleground states have a decent forecast out there. in connecticut it's going to be pouring this afternoon. people waiting in line won't be thrilled. still ahead in the nba ornd conjur man: are unpredictable crohn's symptoms following you everywhere? it's time to take back control with stelara®. for adults with moderately to severely active crohn's disease, stelara® works differently.
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or swelling at the injection site and constipation. these are your days what will each one bring? doesn't matter, as long as you can say... "i am here." talk to your doctor about preventing migraine with aimovig. and be there more. . as the nfl wraps up week nine with the cowboys and the titan titans, let's go to dallas. first touchdown as a cowboy. cooper's debut spoiled with the titans outscoring the cowboys in the second leaving the game tied at halftime. this is marcus mariota, little shovel there. he fumbled away the titans' first two possessions of the game. then he runs one in on his own.
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in the fourth, the titans go onto a 28-14 victory. all is not good in the big d. turning to the nba, let's go to ornlando. the cavs and the mavs tied. >> lets it fly. he drills it! >> fournier drains the game winner. the magic win 102 to 100. brian boyle was diagnosed the cancer last september. he made his return, leading the devils to the postseason and announced that the disease had gone into remission, so now a cancer survivor. to pittsburgh last night as the penguins hosted hockey fights cancer night.
2:26 am
he goes on to score his very first career hat trick, leading the devils to a 5-1 win over the pens. talk about storybook. >> candidabill, cavaliers are struggling without lebron this year. >> isn't that a surprise? >> yesterday was such a dagger. >> that their coach that was fired is sitting on the beach somewhere happy. >> with all the focus on the american pharo midterms, we haven't heard much about the mueller probe recently. to look at me now,
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good to have you back. >> it is election day. nationwide some 35 million ballots have been cast in early voting. democrats need 23 seats to win the senate and 2 seats to win the house. >> election day is finally here. in many ways this is the first
2:31 am
real verdict from america on donald trump's presidency. history is not on his side. remember, with just two exceptions since world war ii, midterms have typically not gone well for the party controlling the white house, but donald trump hopes to be an exception to that. the president pushing that 2016 playbook, hoping to win again, this final push now largely focused on fear. under fire for a controversial campaign commercial, the president shrugging it off, saying he hadn't heard about the uproar over the individual yee he first twe -- video he first tweeted to his fathers. >> a lot of things are offensive. your questions are offensive sometimes. >> the ad initially aired on sunday night football before nbc pulled it due to its, quote, insensitive nature. fox news also stopped running the ad. cnn never did.
2:32 am
critics argue it's all part of the president's fear mongerin i. >> it's not racism. it's just that people have to come into our country legally. otherwise you don't have a country. >> the number of false or misleading things the president has said recently has skyrockets. an average of 30 claims a day up from five last year, according to independent fact checkers. there were multiple protesters who popped up during president trump's rally in indiana. >> this is a disgrace. oh no. are they good ones or bad ones? good or bad? good or bad? that's about the first protester i've seen in a long time.
2:33 am
it's the first time i've seen the cameras like pretzels, boom right up there. they think that's a bad thing for us to have a protester. tomorrow you'll have on television, protests! it was one person. get them out of here, please! get them out! out! go home to mommy. go home to mommy. could we have our law enforcement take them out of here, please? i don't know what it is about indiana, but i'm not surprised. i haven't had one of these happens in a long time and now i have three of them tonight. that's indiana for you. that's indiana. go on back home to mama. >> after attacking democrats in
2:34 am
the final run-up to today's election, president trump told rally goers in indiana last night that he hopes to bring the country together at some point. >> i shouldn't say this, because i want to unite. i do eventually want to unite, but the fact is we're driving them crazy. we're driving them crazy. they don't know what to do. they're going loco, loco! that's all right. hopefully it's going to all come together someday like a beautiful puzzle. >> president trump has penned an op-ed as part of his final midterm push to make the case for republicans to keep control of congress. the piece on fox says that if democrats win, they will take a, quote, giant wrecking ball to your economy and your future. the democrats will pursue economic policies are the exact opposite of the successful policies that republicans have implemented. democratic economic policies will drive our factories
2:35 am
overseas, destroy the american health care system and obliterate american jobs, american wages and american wealth. we have already tried the democratic way and it produced the worst so-called economic recovery on record. why would we ever go back? a strong jobs economy helps working americans lift up the people they love, children, parents, friends and neighbors. a strong jobs economy also means that our government can protect the american people with the strongest military in the world, protect medicare and social security for our seniors, protect americans with preexisting conditions and protect our borders. >> joining us leanne caldwell. let's talk a little bit about the balance of power and how all of this could potentially play out. polls are suggesting that most likely scenario is that democrats win the house, republicans control the senate. is that what you're seeing?
2:36 am
and if that is what plays out, how does the balance of power in washington, d.c. shift for the president? >> good morning. happy election day. what's going to happen tonight? so polling suggests and my sources on both sides suggest that democrats will win control of the house tonight. but i want to put a huge caveat out there that polls can be wrong. without that out there, i'm going to work on the assumption the conventional wisdom that there will be a divided government, that republicans will maintain control of the senate, democrats take back the house. that means it's going to be a lot of gridlock a lot harder to get anything done and it will halt donald trump's agenda. >> do you think that we're
2:37 am
likely to know if there's a blue wave early in the night and what would those indicators be? >> it could be a really long night. there's up to eight races in california that could determine how much democrats win tonight. but there's a lot of clues early on in the night. i'm going to layout a few for you. let's start close to when the polls close on the east coast time, new jersey, there's four races there where democrats could win from republicans. if democrats win all those races, it's going to be a good night for the party. going down to florida, there's up to six races at stake. if democrats win anywhere from 4-6 of those races, it's going to be a great night for democrats. if they don't win those races, it means that republicans could be overperforming. those are some indicators early in the night that will help to us what the night is going to look like. >> i want to bring in political reporter for the daily beast
2:38 am
betsy woodruff. president trump is making his pitch to vote republican, but where in that as we read that do you see those holes poke through? and where do you see those biggest holes? >> one of the biggest ina inaccuracies in the president's closing pitch is that democrats are trying to make america safe for ms-13 and violent gang members. the president has also been arguing that democrats are inviting people to enter the country illegally, that they're trying to incite unlawful behavior on the part of migrants. the reality is that most of the people traveling in the caravan in mexico are coming from incredibly violent countries in central america, guatemala, honduras and el salvador. these are some of the most dangerous places in the world,
2:39 am
with extraordinarily high homicide rates and people for the most part living in poverty. they're not coming to the united states because nancy pelosi invited them to come. they're coming because they're trying to escape place that are extraordinarily dangerous and a significant portion of those people are likely to seek asylum when they get to this country. for trump to suggest that democrats are somehow inciting this voyage just doesn't track with what we know about reality. >> let me ask you about another big story. the mueller investigation has effectively been put on hold since the midterms got underway in ernest. >> mueller and his team are still investigating. but the justice department has sort of an unwritten policy that for a significant chunk of time
2:40 am
prior to elections, investigators and prosecutors don't bring prosecutions that could be politically sensitive. that's likely the explanation for why mueller hasn't brought any new indictments recently. there aren't public indicators as to when his next indictments could come, but there are two areas i've been keeping an eye on. first, obviously roger stone, a long time ally of president trump who is in communication with some of the people in the wikileaks orbit. second, it's possible there could be indictments or additional investigation related to tefts on the part of some gulf countries to influence trump's inner circle during the campaign and the transition period. mueller is very interested in those efforts, particularly on the part of operatives associated with the uae and saudi arabia. we don't know when mueller will bring his next indictments, but those are two areas that could
2:41 am
potentially be the most interesting. trump in his methi -- when sitdowns with vladimir putin and kim jong-un are slated to take place. i landed.
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(music throughout) trump is not sure that his expected meeting with vladimir putin in paris this weekend will happen, although he thinks it may occur later this month at the g20 summit in argentina. president trump is expected to have a second meeting with kim jong-un at some point after the midterms. yesterday he revealed to the crowd what he claims is the
2:45 am
first thing leaders tell him upon meeting him. >> this is the hottest place economically anywhere in the world right now. when i have some wonderful leaders of countries, presidents, prime ministers, kings, queens, some dictators, but we don't mention that, the first thing they say to me is congratulations, mr. president, you have the hottest economic nation anywhere in the world. congratulations. >> all right. so with that note, we will transition over to weather, bring in nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> let's take you through some of the battleground states. overnight we had one fatality from a tornado in tennessee. this area of rain goes in louisiana up through the tennessee valley and the
2:46 am
appalachians. here's our map. this is some of the gubernatorial races. the areas in yellow are the battleground states. let's start where it's going to be raining and snowing. wisconsin is where it's going to be cold enough in the northern portion of the state to see a little bit of a mixture around rice lake. a lot of cities and urban areas will deal with on and off rain today. one of the soggiest this afternoon in connecticut as we go throughout the afternoon hours. people waiting in line, word of advice is go earlier. if you have to wait outside this afternoon, there could be some periods of torrential rain. in georgia, it will get wet everywhere but it's not going to be an all-day rain event like
2:47 am
connecticut. we were talking about florida because we're watching those storms heading toward florida. i think florida is going to have a pretty good turnout today, a lot of warm weather for a lot of the state. i think some of the worst weather today will be in new jersey and connecticut with that soaking rain through the afternoon. it will taper off as we go throughout the evening. >> at least no major severe weather out there. >> by the way, there's 50,000 people without power right now in tennessee because of the storms last night. that's not fun to wake up to. that's why you vote early if you can. still ahead, investors around the world turning their attention to the midterm elections here at home. >> we're going to go overseas to look at what the midterms could mean for global markets. with my bladder leakage, the products i've tried just didn't fit right. they were too loose. it's getting in the way of our camping trips. but with a range of sizes, depend fit-flex is made for me.
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welcome back. president trump continues to warn of negative consequences and implications should democrats pull off a win tonight. cnbc's jamana joins us now live from london. >> thanks for that. the baseline scenario that we're working on right here is what is 60% priced into the markets. that is is a split congress. we're looking at a republican
2:51 am
senate and a democrat house. the implications for markets there would be a slight pullback in the u.s. dollar and perhaps a slight pullback in equities, as well. only because it means the bar for enacting fiscal policy would be a lot higher. for the stocks, though, there could be a potential boom for infrastructure stocks and construction equipment because there's bipartisan support from both sides to enact further measures and any legislation to control can drug pricing could be negative for the pharma companies. another scenario would be where republicans gain control for both of the chambers. that would be very negative for extra bond issues, very negative for fixed income there. perhaps the biggest surprise would be one where the democrats get a full sweep and analysts are saying that could be the most negative outcome for equities only because it means they will repeal some of the tax cuts already in place.
2:52 am
bigger picture, though, i would just tell you, typically into the midterm elections, equities trade heavy. that is not the case this year. the dow is bang on up 3% year to date. this time could be a little different, but certainly all eyes on the composition. back to you guys. >> jamana, thank you. coming up, axios's mike allen has our first look today. and morni"morning joe" coming u after that to paint the picture of what could.happen across the country. >> democratic senator chris van volumen will be joining us, congressman benray luan, matt gorman and former senior adviser to president obama valerie
2:53 am
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election day this morning. joining us from washington with a look at axios' a.m., mike allen, co-founder. mike, we know there are a lot of big things this morning, but what is the big thing? >> happy election day to you. and you're as excited for msnbc acopiesage a election day coverage. the one big thing, trump makes election day great again. who would have thought trump would be a unifier, but here he is. here is a place where voting have been declining, but this year we see an nbcu wall street yurnl poller record excitement about voting across in order
2:57 am
groups, too. everybody wants to vote more than in past midterm elections. we see early voting because early voting is available in more places. but in state after state where there's an early voting record, we're having officials tell us there's a sign of early voters. around the country, the president doing his road show, and you have president obama, unprecedented for a former president for a dozen rallies in 16 days and you have all these celebrities out there including "the dude" from the big leb on owski campaigning. >> we always talk about the midterms not having the same intensity, but this asking has a lot of intensity. who will president obama president obama's presence
2:58 am
benefit the most when all is said and done with these midterms? >> you tell me that and i don't need steve kornacki. that, of course, is the key for tonight. the key is who is more excited by president trump. president trump wanted the to put himself on the ballot, yet he made it about him. and the funny thing is, that is to the delight of both sides. both sides think that is what is giving them their blue wave or their the red wall. >> when it comes to the ads we're seeing, it's record spending when i comes to this cycle. almost $3 billion. >> yeah. and how much was shelled out and where it was mostly coming from. >> you had tv/digital together
2:59 am
$4 billion. and here is a small sign of how big these races are. spending on local tv ads, with that exact pounding that you're talking about there in new york, you're seeing all those new jersey ads. i live and work in virginia where we have a ton of ads. it set a record for a mid material. more than $3 billion, as you mentioned, in tv and radio. and a $900 million in digital. so digital is still small. but our be smart at the very end of this item, for all the bad press, the guff, as my mother would have said, campaigns still spending big with facebook and social media. you cannot match their targeting, their ability to reach specific types of voters. so facebook, google, as big as
3:00 am
ever, despite all their troubles after 2016. >> mike allen, thank you on this big day. sign up for the newsletter at >> that does it for us on this tuesday election morning. "morning joe," everyone,er starts right now. >> today, america votes for congress and statehouses for governors and the senate and maybe just for a check on president trump. voters will cast their ballots for the future and you have a chance to weigh in today and decide on who speaks for you in washington. and whose message should be amplified


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