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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 9, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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♪ grieving after tragedy, the nation is once again mourning the lives lost by another mass shooting. this morning we're learning details about the 12 victims killed when a gunman opened fire in a california bar. governor rick scott files suit, accusing election officials in two south florida counties of fraudulently mishandling ballots. and new reporting that president trump is mulling whether to give written answers to robert mueller shortly after he replaced the one person who's now overseeing the russia investigation. ♪ good morning, everyone.
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it's friday, november 9th. we are learning more about the victims of that horrific mass shooting inside a southern california bar yesterday. a vigil was held for the 12 people killed when a gunman walked into the borderline bar and grill in thousand oaks, california, on college night and open opened fire. justin meek just graduated from california university back in may. also 18-year-old pepperdine university freshman elaine mowry. and a navy seal and a survive of the las vegas shooting that killed 58 people at the route 91 harvest festival. >> my son was in las vegas with a lot of his friends and he came home. he didn't come home last night. i don't want prayers, i don't want thoughts. i want gun control and i hope to god nobody else sends me any more prayers.
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i want gun control. no more guns! >> there's also 22-year-old baseball coach cody kaufman, whose dad spent all day yesterday trying to track down his son and then got the heartbreaking news. >> my firstborn son. only he and i know how much i love, how much i miss -- oh god, this is so -- oh son, i love you so much. oh heavenly father, just please. >> painful. >> he can't even breathe he's in so much pain there. there was also the hero cop in all of this. 54-year-old ron heelus rushed to the scene and died from the injuries he received after taking on that shooter in a gun battle, a 29-year veteran of the
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police department, was just about to retire and was among the first officers on the scene. people lined the streets yesterday to pay their respects as a hearse carrying his body from the hospital to the medical examiner's office. as for the suspect, he's been identified as 28-year-old former marine ian david long, who officials say had been experiencing emotional issues after serving a tour in afghanistan as a machine gunner. we are told police were called to him home earlier this year where he lived with his mom, this for a domestic dispute. he was deemed not to be a threat by a team of mental health specialists who met with him. we're also told he was the victim of an assault at a local bar in thousand oaks. a motive for yesterday's shooting has not been determined. this is america's 307th mass shooting this year. it came on the 311th day of the
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year. >> that is unbelievable. the nra is now at war with doctors who consider gun violence a public health issue. the day before yesterday's mass shooting the nra tweeted, quote, someone should tell self-important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane. they included a link to the nra's lobbying arm. doctors across twitter soon hit back, including one of the authors of the piece, defending their right to speak out. the cdc came out with a new report that showed that gun deaths rose in 2015 after years of decline. switching gears into politics. in florida, the state that brought the 2000 presidential election to a crawl, the races now for senate and governor both appear to be headed for a recount. returns coming in from broward county have pushed democrats
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closer to their republican opponents. in the race for senate, just over 15,000 votes now separate rick scott and bill nelson. the difference is less than a quarter of a point. under florida law, a margin smaller than half a point automatically triggers a machine recount. we believe at the end of the day senator nelson is going to be declared the winner and returned to the u.s. senate. in broward county more than 22,000 people voted for a governor candidate but didn't vote for a senator candidate. the senate race was at the bottom left corner away from the races that got more votes. >> with his lead appearing to shrink, governor rick scott has filed a lawsuit against both the broward county supervisor of
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elections and also the palm beach county supervisor of elections, accusing the officials in both counties of rampant fraud and has ordered florida's department of law enforcement to investigate. >> we've all seen the incompetence and irregular teii in vote tabulations for years. i will not sit idly by while unethical liberals try to steal this election. every day since the election the left wing activists in broward county have been coming up with more and more ballots out of nowhere. we all know what is going on. every person in florida knows exactly what is happening. their goal is to keep mysteriously finding more votes until they get the election they want. >> and donald trump tweeted, law enforcement is look into another big corruption scandal having to do with the election in broward
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and palm beach. marco rubio vote, democrat lawyers are descending on florida to change the results of the election and broward is where they plan to do it. the president's lawyer rudy giuliani is pointing the blame at hillary clinton, writing hillary's lawyers trying to steal florida election. they are still counting or creating ballots just in democratic broward or palm beach. >> and the florida governor's race appears to be heading for a machine recount. right now democrat andrew gillum trails ron desantis by less than half a percentage point. the tallahassee mayor conceded on tuesday night but had this to say yesterday. >> i would be dishonest if i didn't say that this wasn't hard.
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this is extremely hard. but you know what? the fight for progress, the fight for change, the fight for what it is we want is hard. that just means that you've got to, again, stiffen your spine and square your shoulders to the task. i'm prepared to do that. we've been prepared to do that all along the way and we're continuing that fight today. let's count every vote and let's bring it home. >> federal judges yesterday heard an appeal from a former aide to trump advisor roger stone regarding the mueller investigation. andrew miller resisted the subpoena for the grand jury in an effort to create a little challenge to mueller's authority. he said he has a level of power far exceeding that of a typical federal prosecutor. the lawyer also argued that mueller has, quote, free rein and can indict without consulting the acting attorney general. however, that was challenged by
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deputy solicitor general. he says that the semifinal actiy general can ask the special counsel for explanations of any investigatory steps. he's aware of what we're doing. he also added that while there is day to day independence, the team must report any major developments up the chain of command, adding, quote, it is not the case that the special counsel is off wandering in a pharo free floating environment and can decide when to report. as for the president and his lael te legal team, they continue to responder whether or not to give written answers to robert mueller. rudy giuliani says the team has prepped answers for trump to review but they don't know yet
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if they will send them to mueller. giuliani says they hope to make a decision sometime next week after the president returns from paris, which ironically includes a meeting with vladimir putin. so far the president's team and mueller's investigators have not come to a resolution on whether trump will answer questions resulting to his time in the white house, including those relating to his firing of james comey. >> joining us from washington, d.c., politico's daniel litman. great to have you with us on this friday. with the midterms barely behind us, we're starting to hear more about the russia investigation. it seems everyone's finally coming back to that including rudy giuliani. he's now claiming that the president close to meeting with
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the special counsel. what is the investigation's future look like if, in fact, a sitdown with the president and bob mueller happens or does not happen? >> we've been hearing from rudy giuliani and other trump lawyers that they were going to sit down with mueller for months. so it kind of feels like deja vu. they've been trying to string mueller along for a long time. i think mueller has to decide whether he wants to get played like this or whether he has to move to subpoena and basically give the president one last opportunity or he's going to court to try to force his testimony. and with matt whittaker as the acting a.g., it seems like he should probably move faster rather than later, because in june the money kind of runs out and then you have to have it reappropriated. >> we talked about florida early on in the show and we're going to get some more on the election
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results later on. the fact that the house has flipped to the dems and even in georgia newt gingrich's told city has gone democratic. there's that, yet the republicans picked up in the senate. what's the take-away here? >> i think with seven governorships that democrats gained with over 300 state legislative seats which are very important in terms of redistricting and drawing the maps for congressional districts. you know, stamped the losses in the senate. sinema is up by a view votes in arizona. i think the big picture is trump has a lot to fear in 2020 with losing the suburbs. so democrats can take places like colorado and virginia as basically safe for 2020 in terms of the presidential -- but ohio and florida are really tough
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with republican governors probably going to be there in 2020. that makes it much harder for democrats to win that year. >> and you know everyone's already starting to think about 2020. never too soon. still ahead, we have the very latest on several other close election results, including chrkristeyrsten sinem. and stacey abrams is not ready to concede just yet. s is t ready to concede just yet. green book is the feel good movie of the year.
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. welcome back, everyone. we're following a major swing from election night. this is in arizona's u.s. senate race as democrat kyrsten sinema takes the lead separated by the republican by just 9600 votes.
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sinema's lead expanded to half a percentage point last night after being down nearly a point at the start of the day. there are still about a half a million ballots to be counted. both sides are staying confident. the only thing certain this morning is that the contests will be stretching into sometime next week. arizona republican leaders were in court thursday morning to challenge the counting of early ballots. now, arizona republicans want the court to set a deadline to end the process, regardless of whether all ballots are actually resolved and included. this let cindy mccain, the widow of late senator john mccain to
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tweet out saying i am one of those mail-in ballots. i was under the impression my vote was always counted. yesterday a judge rules that the county should continue contacting voters and set another hearing for this afternoon. the race for florida's governor is still raging on. democrat stacey abrams has no plans of conceding just yet. she's hopeful that the remaining provisional ballots and other votes not yet recorded could push the race into a runoff. abrams' campaign would need an additional 25,000 votes to meet that threshold. her legal team has started filing lawsuits across the state to help with its cause. brian kemp announced that fewer than 22,000 provisional ballots remained which would shatter
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abrams' chances to trigger a runoff. let's get a check of the weather now. we have meteorologist michelle gross m grossman with us this morning. >> we're looking at the coldest air for some of us and even snow for some of us as we go throughout the next few days. the jet stream has dipped so far down to the south, typically this is up to the north. it has dipped down and it's allowing cold air even into the southern plains. look at these temperatures, many spots well below freezing. 21 degrees below average for minneapolis, st. louis, 36, even dallas 53. this socold air will move off t the east. 48 degrees in new york city, even colder on sunday. many parents out there slivhiveg
2:20 am
at their kids games this weekend. this is going to set the stage for some freezing temperatures. so freeze watches, freeze warning in place. that's where you see the pink. also setting the stage for some snow in spots. you can see this is the current radar, the purple right there, that's the snow falling. good news for all those snow lovers along the great lakes. we're going to see some pretty considerable snow over the weekend and some rain along the east coast. it's time for the winter coats to come out. >> it's november. it's all right. >> you can get a latte tomorrow, stay in bed, watch a movie. >> i feel like summer wasn't as hot as its should have been t s >> were you in new york? >> yeah. i live here. still ahead, bad news for notre dame fans. and the steelers and panthers score again and again and again.
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time now for sports. bear with me, i'm losing my voice, folks. let's go to the start of week ten of the nfl with the steelers hosting the panthers on thursday night football. the pittsburgh team wasted no time getting to business as carolina scores on its opening
2:24 am
drive with a 20-yard reception by christian mccaffrey. the steelers would quickly answer tying the score. they follow that up with a pick six on the panthers' next possession. a strong show of pittsburgh's defense, which sacked carolina's quarterback cam newton five times in the game. combined, the teams set a new nfl record, scoring three touchdowns in a span of just 23 seconds. the old record was 26. only the steelers would keep that pace up. carolina safety eric reid is ejected for unnecessary roughness after that blatant late hit on the sliding ben roethlisberger. ouch. the steelers qb would toss another two touchdowns after that, finishing with a total of five touchdowns overall and 3 3
2:25 am
in the air as pittsburgh defeats the panthers 52-21. if the steelers need another boost to their offense following that route, team owner art rooney says he expected le'veon bell will make his return next week, though his word seem more hi like speculation as he added the team hopes to talk with the player this weekend. bell reportedly removed pittsburgh steelers from his bion twittbio on twitter yesterday. notre dame's perfect season and a spot in the college football playoff along with it could be in jeopardy on saturday. the fighting irish's quarterback ian book will not play against florida state because of a rib injury suffered in last week's win over northwestern. >> hope he gets better. >> especially because notre dame
2:26 am
is having such an amazing season and a lot of it is attributed to him. still ahead, what we're learning this morning about the man president trump has picked to replace attorney general jeff sessions and his past comments about russian meddling. nationwide protests break out in support of special counsel robert mueller. k out in support of special counsel robert mueller
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it is the bottom of the hour. we're going to start you off with the morning's top stories. the man tapped by president trump as acting attorney general apparently disputes russia's role in interfering in the 2016 election. new audio released by the group the democratic coalition features matthew whittaker making claims that there was no collusion between the russians and the trump campaign. >> the truth is there was no collusion with the russians and the trump campaign. there was interference by the russians into the election, but that is not the collusion with the campaign. that's where the left seems to be just combining those two issues. the last thing they want right now is the truth to come out and the fact that there's not a single piece of evidence that demonstrates that the trump campaign had any illegal or even improper relationships with russians. it's that simple. >> the left is trying to sow this theory that essentially
2:31 am
russians interfered with the u.s. election, which has been proven false. they did not have any impact in the election and that has been very clear from the obama administration. >> despite whittaker's claims that american intelligence agencies have repeatedly said that russia did in fact interfere in the presidential election. meanwhile, despite growing calls for him to recuse himself from overseeing mueller's russia probe, whittaker apparently has no plans to do so. the "washington post" reports that whittaker won't take himself out of that position, going onto say that those sources also don't believe whittaker would approve any subpoena of president trump as part of the investigation. the papers goes on to say that ethics officials at the justice department are likely to review whittaker's previous work for potential personal or financial conflicts. -- claim that president
2:32 am
trump's decision to name whittaker as acting a.g. is unconstitutional. the two say that a principal officer must be confirmed by the senate. katyal will be on "morning joe." the lawmakers likely to head the house intel committee is suggesting that democrats are in fact interested in hearing from jeff sessions about his forced resignation. congressman adam schiff raised the possibility of sessions testifying on that matter. he says on this particular question of what led up to his firing or what information he may have have of obstruction of justice will be of interest to not only our committee and the judiciary committee and others as well. multiple protests erupted across the country yesterday in support of special counsel robert mueller a day after the president fired jeff sessions and hand picked the acting
2:33 am
attorney general to oversee the investigation. some are seeing that as a sign that the president intends to either end or impede mueller's work. thousands took to the streets here in new york city, stretching about a dozen city blocks in a march from times square to union square. in virginia people marched holding banners reading, no one is above the law, protect the investigation. they also came out in kansas city. even in birmingham, alabama there were demonstrations. corey, great to have you with us. appreciate you coming up so early for us. let's talk a little bit about what, if anything, lawmakers can do to protect bob mueller. is there something that can be done? right now it's difficult to
2:34 am
envision with congress being controlled by the republicans. but post january when you have a democratic house and a republican senate, can anything be done? . i think there is. there's a protect mueller bill that's been voted out with bipartisan support out of the senate judiciary committee. that would guarantee that mueller could not be fired even by the acting a.g. without cause, without good cause. so a purely political reason wouldn't be a reason to bring the matter to court and we'd have an external branch checking the presidency and the a.g. >> that would have to be signed by the president. he's unlikely to do that for that to take effect? >> that's right. this is a bipartisan concern, i think. the a.g. is supposed to be independent and certainly the investigation as a matter of law. my hope is that senators like flam flake and graham might muster enough to have a veto proof majority.
2:35 am
>> so we've heard trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani saying that they're almost ready perhaps with written comments for questions to commit to, something they may have had the question submitted even earlier in the summer. but in terms of sessions being gone, how does this affect the mueller probe? >> well, the worry about the acting a.g. is that he's not independent in the way that you would want an attorney general to be. he's made statements like the one that we began this segment with that suggest he's already made up his mind about the russia probe. that suggests he's got a conflict. it also suggests as this op-ed suggests by george conway and neil katyal -- >> a lot of questions on this one. >> lots. you just gave us a bunch more questions to ask. thank you so much, corey.
2:36 am
>> thanks for having me. mean whiwhile the democrati wave in the house continues to grow. the latest numbers show that democrats won the popular vote in the house by 5.9 percentage points and could grow by as much as 7%. the cook political report's dave wasserman breaks it all down. in 2016/2010 the party riding the wave won an average of 57% of s ttoss-ups, 19% of opposite leans and 9% of opposite likely races. quote, in the house this was a wave. yesterday republican congressman karen handel conceded in the
2:37 am
district once held by newt gingrich. handel was defeated by loose si mcbath, a former light attendant, breast cancer survivor and a gun control advocate whose teenage son jordan davis was shot and killed in 2012 following a dispute over music at a gas station. >> house republicans are reacting to these comments from the president who mocked them at the white house on wednesday. take a listen. >> you had some that decided to let's stay away, let's stay away. they did very poorly. i'm not sure that i should be happy or sad, but i feel just fine about it. carlos curbela. >> donald trump stated that had i been more aligned with him, i may have won. let's check.
2:38 am
my colleag he included a shrugging emoji there. >> mia love. i saw mia love. she'd call me all the time to help her with a hostage situation. being held hostage in venezuela. but mia love gave me no love and she lost. too bad. sorry about that, mia. >> love's campaign manager dave hanson revealed yesterday that the president had actually recorded a robocall for the congresswoman saying it went out on election day to a few thousand people identified as strong trump supporters who had not yet voted. republican sources describe the call as long and rambling, almost a minute and a half and unusual harsh toward democrat
2:39 am
ben mcadams. love could still beat mcadams but thursdays return expanded the democrat lead to over 7,000 votes. the rules published by the justice department and homeland security yesterday will make it harder for immigrants to claim asylum if they are caught crossing the border between designated ports of entry. a senior trump administration official said that president trump has the legal authority to take this action, citing sections of immigration law that allow the president discretion over who is admitted into the u.s. the administration used that same language to support its travel ban in court. the officials say the plan is to force more immigrant who is wish to claim asylum to do so at designated ports of entry. they say many of those trying to seek asylum have chosen to cross the border illegally after wa waiting for days in mexico due to the pressure of getting in at
2:40 am
those points. now as justice brett kavanagh attended a formal ceremony welcoming him to the supreme court yesterday, lawyers for christine ford -- his emotional denial led to one of the most contentious confirmations in decades. ford's lawyer told npr her client is still working to get her life back on track, moving at least four times, hiring private security detail and being unable to return to her teaching position due to ongoing threats six weeks after coming forward. since her testimony, supporters have raised more than $800,000 on dr. ford's behalf and they've sent her thank you cards through her university. katz told npr dr. ford plans to
2:41 am
donate any funds not used on security to support organizations devoted to trauma survivors. president trump's weekend meeting with vice president seems to be at least back on. the latest on a potential sitdown in paris with the russian leader days after trump said that the sitdown was actually scrapped. plus, another check on your chilly weekend forecast. we've got a blast of cold air. a.
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nothing worth losing sleep over, because we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ welcome back, everyone. it turns out president trump is meeting with vladimir putin this weekend after all. maybe, we should say. the president and vladimir putin will both be in paris for a celebration marking 100 years since the end of world war i. on monday, trump said he was, quote, not sure if it would happen, addi ining on wednesdayt he is coming back from france, quote, very quickly and that
2:45 am
there isn't time set aside for that meeting. the kremlin maintains the two will be meeting for a short working lunch on sunday. trump implied on monday he will meet with him in argentina while the kremlin has said trump and putin will have a, quote, long and substantive meeting. meanwhile t me you'd think at that level at the world stage, these things would have been hammered out. >> you'd think. the right hand's not talking to the left. let's find tout weather. we know michelle has us covered on that. we know it's going to be cold and he's already complaining. >> i know. maybe you'll be the lucky one that puts on the winter coat from last year and finds 20 bucks. >> definitely not in my house.
2:46 am
>> let's talk about the weather then. we're talking about very cold air in place, and we're also talking about a developing storm system. these two combined will set the stage for some lake-effect snow and heavy rain. 5:00 later on this evening we are going to have a very slow commute. unfortunately we're having heavy rain and that will slow down your drive time and even delays at some airports. this will move to the north affecting new england, bringing some snow there. by saturday we're going to see winds coming around that area of low pressure, bringing that cold air over the great lakes and bringing some pretty heavy snow along the great lakes. i love this graphic. it really tells the story. you have that cold air coming through today, also tomorrow into sunday over those warmer waters. that's where you're going to see this heavy snowfall. it's not until these lakes freeze over that lake-effect snow machine turns off.
2:47 am
up to 8 inches in some spots. >> i'm texting with my friend in tokyo. she's watching us live. >> oh nice. >> hey. still ahead, we're going to have another round of store closures and it tries to cut its losses amid bankruptcy. plus google overhauls sexual misconduct policy after employ walkout. s sexual misconduct policy after employ walkout. - [narrator] if you want serious cleaning with a cord-free vacuum, you need a shark. because only shark's cord-free lineup has duo-clean technology so you can deep clean carpets and give hard floors a polished look. and with two swappable batteries at maximum suction, our shark ion f80 gives you more run time than the dyson v10 absolute. and now shark takes cord-free beyond stick vacuums by introducing a full upright model. shark ion cord-free vacuums available in stick and upright.
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welcome back. one week after the "new york times" report revealed million dollar payouts to employees accused of misconduct and a world wide employ a worldwide payout, google's c he o responded with changes to the company's sexual whats harassment policies. let's go to juliana. we have some changes coming. s what's happening? >> this was an issue that we highlighted last week. more than 20,000 google employees walked out in protest of the company's handling of sexual harassment claims. we have heard google has come back and changed a number of their policies. one, they're no longer going to force arbitration around claims of sexual harassment. two, they're going to highlight the number of claims and the intashted rates of sexual harassment in an internal investigations report and thirdly, they're going to try to
2:51 am
crackdown on alcohol consumption which is something that was cited in a lot of these claims. so some real change happening at google. i want to highlight a story we've been following closely, as well. sears has announced they're closing another 40 stores. had is in addition to the 142 unprofitable stores they are planning to close toward the end of the year. sears has been in the focus quite a lot amid the bankruptcy filing, so more bad news there for sears. back to you. >> listen, juliana, let me get a quick take on something close to my heart. pringles hit a home run after its thanksgiving day flavor sold out. for those that are grossed out, what are the chances they may be able to get another one of those cans? >> for those of you you who
2:52 am
aren't grossed out, i'm mott sure i'm in that camp, but you may have a chance to secure a can of these pringles on ebay. so keep an eye out there. it's really for the bra brave hearted among us. >> i love pringles. i don't know if i would go so far as to eat turkey in a can pringles. >> the packaging is cute, i guess. >> thanks, juliana. coming up next, a look at this morning's one big thing. and coming up on "morning joe," a number of high profile elections still undecided. candidates are digging in as legal challenges begin to mount. we get a live report from arizona on the senate race that's still too close to call. plus, president trump aps pick for acting attorney general facing increased scrutiny over his previous comments criticizing robert mueller's
2:53 am
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joining us now from washington with a look at the one big thing, fridays with swan. the one big thing from axios this morning is? lay it on us. >> pressures are mounting on matt whitacre. we have the political pressures, which is substantial. obviously, the top democrats are calling him to recuse himself from the mueller investigation. that was very early as soon as trump announced the appointment because of past comments. and i've seen that you played some of them o air that he's made. but there is a growing body of legal opinion that the appointment itself is
2:57 am
unconstitutional. you mentioned the george conway op-ed in the "new york times." it's actually broader than that. there are prominent conservative lawyers, bush-era lawyers like john bellinger who agree with this interpret, that the constitution requires that he be senate confirmed. so those two pressures are really recruit nicing for him. >> we're going to have more on that with neal. so we've heard the legal arguments, that this is not constitutional or unconstitutional. but does the president have any argument that whitacre's appointment is actually legal? >> yeah.
2:58 am
so the justice department spokes woman argues that under the vacancy act that his appointment is perfectly within the president's legal rights. but, of course, lawyers like george conway say you can have your vacancies act, but it's superseded by the constitution. there are arguments that whether he was a principal officer or not. but the president himself and the white house have not offered an opinion on that. we reached out to them yesterday. it's only the justice department that's justice phied the appointment. >> i know you guys are breaking down the midterms still. tell us what you're finding here. >> so as we dig further into the data, there is no clear narrative from these mitt terms. we've now grafted out our data
2:59 am
wizards and we compared it to 2016. the blue seats have become bluer. clinton seats were won by bigger margins by democrats. even in deep, red rural areas, republican seats were won by slimmer margins. so if you look at the graph, basically everything has migrated to the left. >> that's a wrap right now until we get in our inbox, our fabulous axios newsletter. thank you, jonathan swan. we'll see you on "morning joe" in just a little bit. any of you who want to sign up for the newsletter,s as well, th and do it. >> "morning joe," everyone, starts right now. >> i guess i always thought 1968 would be the most memorable years of my career, the deaths of robert kennedy and martin luther king, the democratic national convention in chicago,
3:00 am
of course, but 1989, think about what we have witnessed this year on the joyful side of the ledger. tiananmen square. the democracy movement is not yet dead. and then what has been going on on the communist world on both sides of this wall climax what has happened here tonight. the wall effectively has come down. and i mean physically, as well. that's a chunk of the berlin wall. men and women atop the wall tonight, hammer and chisel, taking it down symbolically because, realistically, it has taken down by the people in the last eight hours or so. they are crossing this wall, east to west and west to east. they are being joined once again as one, as freedom loving people, and no law can stand in their way. it's a night to remember. >>


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