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tv   MSNBC Live With Richard Lui  MSNBC  November 10, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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and that wraps up this hour on msnbc. i'm keir simmons. the quite brilliant frances rivera picks up our coverage. >> always great to have you with us. hello, everyone.
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i'm in for richard lui at msnbc headquarters in new york. we begin in florida where in a matter of moments we are expecting to hear from government democratic candidate for governor adam gillum. he's expected to address the statewide rekou widwide recounty the secretary of state. the results of the recount due no later than 3 p.m. on november 15th. the latest numbers have gillum within .14% of ron desantis. good afternoon. >> reporter: we are about to hear from andrew gillum.
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we're officially in recount mode. we hit the first of the thresholds we've been talking about all week, that .5% margin in three statewide races here. the place we are right now we're going to be talking about the governor's race, which is at about that .4%. that's an automatic machinery count. in the senate race it's much closer, about 15,000 votes separating bill nelson and rick scott. we're waiting if that's going to a hand recount, which we expect it will on thursday after the machine does its whole recount. andrew gillum conceded on tuesday night. he's not expected to unconcede. that's not binding, he really could. he's repeatedly saying he's urging all votes be cast. >> have you heard anything on the other side as we await to hear from andrew gillum when it comes to desantis and what's
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coming out of that camp, being so positive saying they know there was a victory and now there's a recount? >> they have been quiet. things going on in this race is so different than what's going on in the senate race. we're getting a one-minute warning here from the gillum folks. we're hearing they're monitoring the legal battles going on from the desantis campaign. we're hearing from andrew gill gillum because he's in a position to say, no, we don't want a recount but that's not what we're expecting him to say. we're expecting him to say they want a recount and see what happens on thursday. in broward you've seen a lot of excitement there. our colleague ron allen has been doing a great job of covering
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all of the protests down there. that's one of the counties under scrutiny because rick scott has really singled her out. democrats aren't all that necessarily that pleased with the job she's been doing either. in a conference call yesterday, we asked if we expected the governor would basically take her down from that position. they said that's not really the plan as of right now. certainly all of those canvasses were able to get to the secretary of state's office by today's deadline. that's a pretty good sign of moving it along on the timeline we've been expecting. >> and andrew gillum going to speak to the media about this recount. talk a little bit about the process knowing what has to happen between now and that deadline on thursday for the secretary of state there in florida in getting this recount going. >> reporter: this is actually pretty straight forward in terms of the fact that the 67 counties are going to begin the machinery counts. that has to be done by thursday at i believe it's 3:00.
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that's kind of the next deadline we have in this entire process. it could get longer based on legal challenges and certainly people who have been through these recounts before in florida said that's something we should prepare for. not only, these expensive but they're long legal battles. here's the mayor. >> good afternoon, everyone. and thank you, once again first to you all but importantly to all of the volunteers and supporters who have been there with me and for me in this campaign every single step of the way. it has been, quite honest, the honor of my life to serve as a candidate for governor in the state of florida and for 21 months to have competed all across the state, including areas where people did not
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expect to us show up. since the last time we spoke on election night, an evening where i operated with the best information that was available to me, and since that time more information has come in, more information has become available around the votes, around the votes that are still outstanding and really for our need to ensure in this process that every vote be counted. what has changed in that period of time is something familiar to all of our press, which is we've learned in various parts of the state that there are still votes that are outstanding. there is even still in parts of the state some uncertainty around the total number of votes that are remaining to be cast. and you'll hear more about some of that from our lawyer, who will dig into a few more of those details. but i also have to say what has also changed since election night have been the chorus of
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voices from the president of the united states, the junior senator of the state of florida and the governor of the state of florida. a chorus calling for the ending of the counting in this process. now, what is their excuse for that? the best i could tell i'm not sure. what i do know is that we don't just get the opportunity to stop counting votes because we don't like the direction in which the vote tally is heading. that is not democratic, and that certainly is not the american way. and, america, we count every vote regardless of what the outcome may be. they've even used my own words on the evening of election night, in some cases to justify ending the count. well, let me say clearly i am replacing my words of concession with an uncompromised and
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unapologetic call that we count every single vote, that we count every vote. and i say this recognizing that my fate in this may or may not change. what i do know is that every single floridian who took time to go out and to cast their vote, to participate in this process deserve the comfort of knowing that in a democratic society and in this process every vote will be counted. i've got to imagine that if the shoe were on the other foot of my opponents, not one of them would seek a different outcome. not one of them would stand in the way of counting every vote. and i would ask them in this process as it goes forward that they stand in solidarity, all of us as candidates and as leaders in our own respective parties to ensure that every vote be counted. the outcome of this election will have consequences beyond
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who winces and ws and who loses. how we handle this election and this process will have reverberations for democracy for an entire generation of voters. you see, voter suppression is not only a barricade or in people blocking the entrances of a voting place. it's not even in debate about what forms of i.d. are acceptable. hunters' licenses over a student identification card. but the truth is that voter suppression can show up in that first-time voter, the one who entered this process so enthusiastic and so excited about the ability to go out there and to participate in the democratic process, to let their voices be heard, only to hear their president, their governor, their united states senator throw out claims of unsubstantiated claims of fraud and calls and chorusses to stop the counting of the votes.
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voter intimidation also exists in that hard working man or woman who got up and frankly every day get up to go out there and work on somebody else's job in order to provide for a living for themselves and for their families, who either by convenience, by choice or by necessity decided that they would complete a mail-in ballot to mail in that ballot only to find that the "w" in their signature today didn't look like the "w" in their signature yesterday, their votes were thrown out. that's not the democratic way and not the democratic process we've come to know. we traveled all across the street in the primary process. we went to red areas, and to blue areas and to purple areas of this state, and i fought hard for every single vote that we
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got. i fought hard even for the votes that i didn't get, and in this process, i am fully committed to seeing every one of those votes counted, whether they voted for me or whether they voted for my opponent because that's what we do in a democrat being pric pro democratic society. i'm determined in these next several days to use every opportunity within my power to ensure that there is a fair counting of every single vote. today a state-mandated machin y machine recount will comment. our team has organized a cadre of hundreds of volunteers and lawyers to spread out all across the state of california to ensure a fair and accurate count in this process. finally, i want folks to remember what this election is about. we're here because we want to
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make sure that the right that is guaranteed to all of us in our constitution and certainly in our statutes is protected and that it is maintained. while this has obviously been a difficult election process for all of us who have run, this process is not over until every single vote is counted. to that end, i want to myself issue a call to my supporters and those who didn't support me, who may be supporters of other candidates that the kind of violence and vitriol and bullying that we're seeing at some of these early precincts and these counting locations, in broward and in palm beach county, and in other parts of the state, as these recounts commence, i would strongly urge that we all demonstrate the highest level of dignity and restraint. we can be for our candidates, we can be for our causes without,
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in my opinion, resulting to moving toward any physical form of violence, using heated, racist rhetoric or seeking to divide our communities any further than how we have already been divided. i am prepared to accept whatever the outcome is of this election, so long as every single vote in this process is counted. and to that end, our attorney, barry richard, who is here today, will answer some questions about the specifics along the way over the next couple of weeks that this process will take. i've got great, great, great confidence in attorney barry richard. he is someone who i know not only loves this state as much as i do, he loves this country as much as i do and he is as committed a patriot and is as committed to seeing every vote counted as we are.
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finally, i just want to issue a final thank you. over the next, couple of days i'll do everything within my power and i will use my voice in ways that i think try to lift this debate that attempts to raise us out of the tribalism that sometimes tends to take hold. i'll every day remind my supporters what this is about and i think it's incumbent upon all of us, all of candidates who remain in this now recount process that we will compel people toward our better angels as we do what is right and what is in the best interests of the people of our state and the people of our country, and that is to reassure hope in the democratic process, not to undermine it and certainly not to shred it. with that i want to yield the podium to my attorney, mr. barry richard. >> all right, we are breaking away from the words of andrew
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gillum in florida, now that we have a recount in motion. andrew gillum saying he is replacing his word with a count for every vote. i want to bring in now steve shale, the former florida state director for barack obama's 2008 presidential campaign and also emily tisch-sussman from the center of american progress and rick tyler, an msnbc analyst. rick, your thoughts on the words that came out of andrew gillum here saying, yeah, i know i conceded the other day but now i'm pulling it back. >> concessions don't matter. the legal vote counts. he seems to be making a very reasoned call. this issimple.
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it's all within the margin of error. that recount needs to be orderly and transparent. protests don't help. unsubstantiated claims of fraud don't help. what would help is if the county officia officials, especially in broward county, would allow the press, particularly the wire services, to form a pool, pool reporters to go in and to be able to observe the entire process. that should also apply to the state and national parties for these recounts. and also the lawyers for all the campaigns who are involved. those are the people who should be involved. it should be a transparent process. everybody should see exactly how the recounts in each of these counties are conducted and that should solve the problem. we don't knee protesters, we don't need unsubstantiated claims of fraud. we need an orderly process. >> that process is going to come
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with the lawsuits and the proceed years we'dures we're se knew. given that we have the date of thursday the 15th, with all this on the side as we heard from gillum saying we need to calm the violence, the heated racist rhetoric that's dividing this community. but again, the business at hand is to count and see who is going to get the wider margin and who is going to get that win, that check. >> first of all, rick is exactly right. the process is pretty easy at this point. you've got 8 million ballots, they're run through the machines very orderly. they'll separate out the votes they can't vote, meaning there's not a vote registering from the machine or a vote that looks like someone voted for two people. that runs fairly orderly. rick is right. let the process play itself out.
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we don't need claims of fraud that are unsubstantiated. the more we keep this thing on the level, the more confidence everyone will have in the va eventual outcome. >> you have governor scott suing broward county calling for the florida county of law enforcement to vinvestigate. they said we don't find anythin. again, people are saying let's just count, let's be fair in this process. >> i think what we're dancing around is that the fact that it's being called unfair is coming from the president of the united states. he's worried where there are outcomes to be determined in florida, in georgia, in arizona, it's starting from the president and moving through the
12:19 pm
republican party. not counting votes and preventing people from voting is nothing new to the modern day republican party or even the republican party of the past, but the fact that it's coming from the president to try to cast doubt from the beginning of the process when votes haven't even all been counted already. they're not saying let's start over. that your saying let's count the votes that have already been voted. the fact that he's trying to cast doubt on it from the beginning is really a huge problem. i think what we've seen of the people who have won in these races all over the country is there is basically no republican party left except the party of trump. the fact that everyone is ready to stand behind him and get behind these calls from the beginning, i'm not surprised there's protests. i'm glad rick and others think it's not a good direction for people to go in but this is what he's calling for. they're worried that a democrat is going to fairly win an election and they're trying to cast doubt on it from the beginning. >> we heard from the president. he's busy in france. he tweeted "trying to steal two
12:20 pm
big elections in florida, we are watching closely." how might that add a different dynamic to this already complicated situation? >> well, it's hard to say. the president has systematically tried to undermine the institutions of our government, most notably the justice department. that has a substantial negative impact on people's trust in their institutions. i think casting doubt on the elections process is potentially the worst thing could you do. if the people do not trust the elections process, they n we ar very close to anarchy. and i don't think all republicans are trying to cheat ballots and democrats, there are plenty examples of democrats being accused of the same. i don't think that's helpful. this is all under the law. we can have a transparent process, we can have the president have a role here and look and observe the process and
12:21 pm
report it out. there's clearly some incompetence going on in broward -- miami dade in 2000. but here in broward, they have not solved their problems. this is what causes people to have the excuse to go out because they can't seem to get the ballots counted in a timely way that give people confidence in the process. >> we know the history. the debacle of 2000, the whole hanging chad, is it poked through, is it not? and here we are again talking about florida. now we're beginning at the stages of this machinery count. how did we end up here? >> well, listen, it's frustrating, i'll agree with rick. we went through this in 2000. dade county has actually become a model. they learned their lesson in 20 2000. i was joking on twitter that
12:22 pm
night. they're as bad as a bad quarterback in the nfl when this comes to counting votes. it's ridiculous. i hope come being out of this process the state is going to standardize some of these procedures. rick is right, the lack of transparency, particularly out of broward county, has created the conspiracy theories. doesn't help that people like graham are jumping on them. >> certainly keeping these people as we're looking outside coming in, making their voices heard and their messages known. >> thank you so much for sticking around. >> thank you. >> still to come, one of the president's least favorite words, recusal. why some of saying his new nies pick for acting attorney general should do just that. torney genel should do just that. the new lincoln mkc. connecting the world inside, with the world outside.
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from coast to coast, activists are rallying support for the russia investigation. administrators are increasingly worried that president trump's new appointee could put an end to the russia probe, as contradicting statements from whitaker are beginning to surface. take a listen to him admitting the russians interfered in the election process only to walk back those comments three months later. >> there was interference by the russians into the election. >> the left is trying to sow
12:27 pm
this theory that the russians interfered with the u.s. election, which is false, they did not have any impact in the election. >> with me is josh letterman and craig unger, author of "house of trump, house of putin." the question i'm hearing over and over again, why whitaker? you have the business dealings that are in question, you have him criticizing the russia probe. now you have the senate majority leader saying the whole mueller investigation is not under threat as far as the believe of mcconnell. what do you expect here when it comes to action on the mueller investigation? >> all we can do is draw on his own words in the past being some of which you just played. there have been a lot of other times that matthew whitaker has weighed in not only on the issue of whether russia interfered in the election and whether the
12:28 pm
trump campaign colluded with it but also about the existence of the special counsel itself and the crease of the special counsel under the previous attorney general should have happened, whether he is able to serve as special counsel. we know he said it was fishy and made other claims that the investigation really shouldn't be continuing. so the question here really is if you have someone that has been that outspoken, both in public and ostensibly in private about the merits of the special counsel and about the outcome of the investigation, what he expects is at the end of that, then how can it be that you could expect that person to then objectively and neutrally oversee that same investigation? and that's why we hear democrats calling for recusal. >> and the reason why president trump may have put him there to begin with, craig. that also comes into play what the president knew about him, the extent of of the relationship. here's the president claiming he didn't know whitaker just one
12:29 pm
month after saying otherwise. let's listen to that. >> i can tell you matt whitaker's a great guy. i know matt whitaker. >> i don't know matt whitaker. i didn't speak to matt whitaker about it. i don't know matt whitaker. in all fairness to matt whitaker, who again i didn't know -- >> that's four times, craig, saying i didn't know him after we heard on fox news earlier. what can you tell us about the president's relationship about matt whitaker? >> it's prove that the president is a master of the weapon of distraction. whitaker, it seems like he was auditioning to be the fox guarding the hen house. there was a report today saying he was feeding information from the justice department to the president and to general kelly and sometimes to the president himself. and when you look at what whitaker has said, he said there's a red line and we shouldn't look at the president's business transactions. well, that's exactly where we
12:30 pm
should be looking. and i have found cases of money laundering going back to 1984 with members of the russia mafia meeting with donald trump, buying five condos at a time, and the state attorney general of new york saying that is a case of money laundering. and that continues through decades again and again. it's important to know also that the russian mafia is a state actor. i interviewed the head of counterintelligence of the k.g.b. about this. they report to the k.g.b. they sayhare information with russian intelligence and they are there in the home of the president of the united states. that's a serious problem. >> that's where you have growing opposition to this appointment. democrats are saying we're using that word recusal but there's also kellyanne conway's own household, we heard from her husband, who are calling
12:31 pm
whitaker's appointment here unconstitutional since the president forced jeff sessions to resign and whitaker has not been confirmed by the senate. they say it is illegal, it means that anything mr. whitaker does or try to do in that position is invalid. what do you make of that assessment? is it legal for the president to appoint whitaker as session's successor here? >> it is illegal, and there are three main problems with the appointment of whitaker as acting attorney general. first of all, just as neal catoff, former acting solicitor general and george conway, husband of kellyanne conway, have jointly concluded, this violates the appointment clause of the constitution. why? because the attorney general is a principal officer who respond directly to the president. so that's why that person has to be confirmed and there has to be the checks and balances of
12:32 pm
advice and consent by the senate. i maintain it's not a legal appointment. i join mr. conway and neal cattial in that opinion. secondary, whether he's p prejudged there's no russian collusion or he's sitting on the board of a company that the fbi is actively investigating, that's number two. and we saw reported last night by vox and today by "the washington post," it looks like while he was jeff sessions' chief of staff, he was making these surreptitious trips to the white house to give the president information. that is watergatesque type of
12:33 pm
probl problem. if he's whispering sweet nothings in the ear of the president, that makes him disqualified three times over. >> how would it happen when it comes to disqualifying, as far as limiting his power, removing him from his post? what can congress do when it comes to that? >> it's a little unclear. certainly democrats, particularly in the senate, are looking at whether there are ways they can act -- basically they'd have to sue the administration over this appointment by bringing up some of the legal issues that were just mentioned. but the real concern here is that any type of litigation over this, any process to try to stop this is going to take a while and wind its way through the courts. in the meantime there are serious concerns about what could take place that could be detrimental to the investigation. for example, since whitaker is now overseeing it, can he go to special counsel robert mueller
12:34 pm
and say i'm your boss, you need to brief me on everything and where you're at and then can he go right back to the white house and fill in them on everything that special counsel mueller knows this that would be quite problematic. what about documents that exist right now that could possibly be eliminated or destroyed in this interim process that's why you see democratic lawmakers in both chambers of congress writing to the administration saying don't get rid of any documents, put everything on hold, protect the investigation while we continue to fight this out. >> we look at this week with so much happening. we had the midterms on tuesday, sessions is out, wednesday the national tragedy with the shooting in thousand oaks and so much going on. you kind of touched on this earlier with the president and the timing of now saying, yup, he's going to make this announcement that matthew whitaker is going to be the acting a.g. we also got lame duck when it comes to the session here going on. so what actually can be taken
12:35 pm
away given that -- and i think you called him the distractor in chief? >> what can be taken away from this is it seems transparent that the president made this appointment for one reason and one reason only, and that is whitaker was -- is highly critical of the mueller investigation and has gone on record as saying perhaps there should be a financial stranglehold put on the investigation to slowly put it out of its misery. listen, if the president all along had been saying, you know, jeff sessions has just not implemented the administration's immigration policy, so that's why i'm so upset with him, he has said nothing of the sort. he has incessantly complained that jeff sessions didn't protect him, is not his attorney general, is letting mueller run amuck. at the moment he thought the time was right, he took somebody that either he knows really well or he's never met before, depending on which statements from the president you credit, and he installs him.
12:36 pm
why? it's obviously to get at the mueller probe. i predict at the end of the day whitaker's tenure as acting attorney general may be even shorter than scaramucci's tenure was as the white house communications director. >> mitch mcconnell talking about that saying he's only going to be there a temporary, short time. the president will appoint somebody else, who knows that will be, whether it's chris christie or somebody else. >> chris, in terms of the mueller investigation and him writing his report, what are you expecting to see? >> i think there will be a lot on money laundering. adam schiff has said as much. i have gone through files on the russian mafia, you see so many people living at trump property. who would think it's such high
12:37 pm
crime areas when you're paying that much for a condo. you realize that is a very, very serious national security breach. >> of course the question also if the president is going to meet with robert mueller, if he's going to answer written questions, something he said before departing to paris, he hasn't thought about it. thanks to all of you. >> still to come, a community in crisis. thousand oaks, california california dealing with a rapidly spreading wildfire just days after a mass shooting. and president trump in paris today slamming the french president's calls for a european army. european army (avo) life doesn't give you many
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some breaking news out of california. the death toll for those devastating wildfires continues to rise. 11 people are now dead, 6,000 homes have been destroyed and thousands have been evacuated. kathy park is in los angeles, california. she brings us the very latest. >> reporter: frances, good afternoon. we are following two major fires burning on both ends of the state. we'll begin here in southern california. the big headlining fire is the woolsey fire burning tens of
12:42 pm
thousands of acres. 200,000 people had to evacuate and the entire city of malibu had to evacuate and pepper dianne university. moving on to northern california now where we're also monitoring the camp fire, it has now become the state's most destructive wildfire in the state's history, charring more than 6,700 structures. i was in the community of paradise, about two hours north of sacramento. it was devastating to see the destruction left behind. residents had a matter of minutes to flee the fast-moving flames. some people even had to abandon their cars. the situation is very dynamic still in northern california. fortunately the containment number is up about 20% but officials are closely monitoring the northeast winds, which are now threatening the city of oroville. in both of these fires in northern and southern california, fire officials are
12:43 pm
saying that the dry conditions, as well as these strong winds, are only make the the fire fight even more challenging. >> kathy, thank you. >> among the communities affected by the devastating wildfires, thousand oaks, california, where just a few days ago tragedy struck inside the borderline bar & grill, where a gunman opened fire killing 12 people. thousand oaks mayor, andy fox, addressed the dual tragedies. >> just 48 hours ago our city experienced a tragedy that had national implications in the mass shooting with the loss of life of 13 individuals and here we are a few hours later talking about another crisis in thousand oaks. tonight we're tackilking about serious fire situation but thankfully we have not lost a single life. i want to thank the sheriff's department, allied law enforcement agencies, the fire
12:44 pm
service, who has done once again a tremendous job in very difficult circumstances. >> both ventura county foundation has set up two founds impacted by the mass shooting and the woolsey wildfires. the iconic hollywood set "western town" was home to the "x-files," "dukes of hazard" and "west world." >> still to come, the president abroad. president trump getting criticized on day one for cancelling a planned trip. r cancelling a planned trip. make a smart choice.
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president trump is overseas today amid new tensions with a close ally. the president joining other world leaders gathering in paris to celebrate the 100 years anniversary of the end of war war i. just as the president arrived in france, he slapped france's president macron, saying the french president's comment was very insulting. the president refuses to visit the cemetery of fallen soldiers because of bad weather is drawing reactions here. >> reporter: it is drawing a
12:49 pm
sharp reaction. the optics have been difficult for this president and the white house because of that reaction. the white house is saying because of the weather, it was raining here, it was overcast, they needed to cancel that helicopter ride over to the cemetery due to bad weather, essentially saying it wasn't safe. it was about a two-hour drive. it would be long for the president to take a two-hour drive. however, president macron and president merkel did go to another memorial for those who gave their lives to war war i. let me read you some of the reaction. this comes from a foreign policy expert here in france who advised president macron when he was a candidate, he tweeted out a view of the weather in paris which was supposed to have deterred donald trump for paying respects to the brave soldiers who gave their lives, nothing a
12:50 pm
cycle can't handle, let alone a presidential helo. and this from the president of france, tweeting out a picture of himself and the german chancellor of that other memorial with one word, united, of course in english. that is something that's preopened the white house a bit today. they have tried to down play it and say, look, bottom line, the president's safety and security comes first. he is at a dinner with a number of world leaders. the focus is on that this evening. as you pointed out, this entire trip started with a controversy, the fact that president trump tweeted out very insulting at president macron after he suggested as you said that europe build its own military. both leaders, president trump and president macron tried to tamp down tensions. president macron said of course it should make sense that europe invest in the military.
12:51 pm
and president trump has of course called on his allied nations to contribute their fair share when it comes to military spending. really publicly trying to down play in tensions, even despite the fact that they're clearly s simmer behinding scenes. >> makes you wonder what direction their relationship will take. another dynamic when it comes to another world leader and the president. talk about president trump potentially having that informal meeting and talk with vladimir putin who's also in paris this weekend. what more do we know about that? >> reporter: that's the other key story line that we're following here, frances. you're absolutely right. this is significant. this is the first time president trump and president putin will have interaction since the controversial summit they had over the summer. remember, that was when president trump seemed to believe president putin's denials that he interfered in the 2016 u.s. election over his own intelligence community. of course once he was back in
12:52 pm
the united states, he walked back those words, so this is going to be the first time that they're in the same place at the same time. the white house has said there's no formal meeting scheduled. however, we know they're going to be at dinner together tonight. we know they're going to be having lunch tomorrow. how robust of a discussion will they have. that's the question we're trying to answer. we'll watch it very closely. >> we'll hear from you if and when that happens, kristen k welker, good to have you. >> i want to bring in msnbc contributor, christopher dickey. great to have you here. how do you see that decision by president trump to skip the cemetery visit and how is it being received by our allies around the world? >> reporter: well, it doesn't look very good at all. i mean, it looks like tremendous disrespect to the u.s. marines who died there more than a thousand died there in a
12:53 pm
ferocious battle in world war i, and it's ironic because you have john kelly, and you have general mattis, two marine four star generals in the administration, you would think that the president would honor them by doing this. the whole impression that this gives is that the president was lazy about it, that he just didn't feel like he wanted to go, and in fact, if you watch his interaction with macron, and you look at that bizarre tweet as he was landing, it's pretty clear he doesn't really want to be here. this is not his kind of show. when he was here on july 14th, last year, bastille day, it was all about him, he thought, all that big parade, everything going on. this is not all about him. there are lots and lots and lots of other leaders and in fact, diplomats here were telling me months ago that they thought it was a very strange choice of his to come here because he wasn't going to be the center of attention, and he doesn't like that. he wanted his big parade in washington.
12:54 pm
but he didn't get it. now he's here and he's not happy about it. he seems to be pet eulant and doing basically nothing all afternoon. >> given what we have heard as he's landing, touching down here, what exactly was the message that macron was trying to send that in saying that, you know, suggesting that they build up europe's defenses, even against the united states? >> well, that isn't quite what he said, in fact. that's based on an interview that he gave on french radio on tuesday. if trump were going to react to that he had a lot of time to find out what actually was said. it seemed to be one of those sort of off the cuff things where he saw a report somewhere, a badly reported report, i might add, that seemed to say that the french, or macron was getting ready to go to war with the
12:55 pm
united states. that wasn't at all the case. what macron said was that there were a lot of cyber attacks going on that target europe, and europe needed to be able to respond to them, whether they came from russia or china or even from the u.s. he was talking about cyber attacks, about hacking. that was one issue. the second issue was europe needs a stronger army of its own. it needs to put more money into its army, which is exactly what president trump is forever saying, and he said, macron said, the reason it needs to do that is because of the threat posed by russia, which is increasingly aggressive right on europe's borders. now, those two things were conflated in some of the reports and trump apparently without asking any of his diplomats or anybody that had ever looked at the original report tweeted out this thing that said he was insulted by macron. i mean, it's completely irresponsible. >> and now we may see a relationship that may be jeopardized at this point. who knows what turn it will
12:56 pm
take. but when it comes to that, when it comes to president trump and the status here, we have when it comes to our allies and our partner nationings, has that sts been lost with president trump, we're saying petulant and he's tweeting this, how is that with the other allies? >> reporter: look, the basic impression of trump is that he is ignorant and irrational. that's the impression, but he's also the president of the united states, so the question is how do you deal with that, and there's an increasingly uncomfortable conviction by many people in europe now, many heads of state, and diplomats and government officials that, in fact, trump may be reelected and they'll have to deal with him until 2024, so they are always puzzling about how to do that. we saw that president macron did his best to flirt with him,
12:57 pm
practically, to try and win him over, to be the trump whisperer, to try and bring him into some kind of rational view but that didn't work. now they really don't know what to do. >> not reciprocated when it comes to the touch on the leg as we saw there. a fight to the finish in florida, a statewide recount as new numbers could change the outcome of major races in the midterms. outcome of major races in the midterms we've been helping you prepare and invest for retirement since day one. why would we leave now? because i'm retired now. so? we're voya. we stay with you to and through retirement... with solutions to help provide income throughout. so you'll still be here to help me make smart choices? well, with your finances that is. we had nothing to do with that, uh, tie. or the suit. or the shirt. voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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