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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  November 11, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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p.m. you can reach out to me anytime on social media. you know where to find me. time to hand it to reverend al sharpton and "politicsnation." good evening and welcome to "politicsnation." tonig tonight's lead, it's been five days since election day. the drama in florida, georgia and elsewhere is just as high as a week ago. in florida, all 67 of its counties are on the clock. more than 8 million ballots to machine count in the next four days in a statewide recount that has brought out protesters from both camps. and it's getting ugly, folks.
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meanwhile next door in georgia, stacy abraham is refusing to bow to pressure for brian kemp to concede in the state's race for governor saying that thousands of provisional ballots. president trump returns to washington with just six weeks before a historic democrat majority in the house starts flexing his muscles and later i'll talk about that with democratic national committee chair, tom perez, about where the party expects to start. joining me now, american family radio host stacy washington, as i understand indicated talk show host and author, bill press, and "new york times" columnist and msnbc contributor, michelle goldberg. let me start with you, michelle.
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we are looking at a recount in florida. we're looking at what's going on in arizona. it's still the standoff in georgia. we do not know if stacy abrams will get the runoff election based on whatever the percentage ends up being. so we are in really up in down where the governors races are, even if the mississippi runoff produces a democrat, the majority will be republican in the senate. >> i think that democrats' chances of taking the senate given the way the map was, given the number of seats they were defending, the number of seats they were defending in otherwise red states was always a hugely uphill battle. it's strange how the narrative
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about this midterm has really taken a while to gel. there was this initial sense tuesday night and wednesday morning that it had been disappointing for democrats. >> reinforced by the president's press conference. >> right he has an audacity to claim that was a vote of confidence for him. but you start to see both the number of seats turning, you see the republican party being wiped out in the northeast and in southern california. and then you're seeing democrats picking up states, picking up seats in texas, places like oklahoma, south carolina, all over the country. some of the more noxious republican congressman have been knocked off, dave brat, dana rorn balker. i think this ongoing confusion and ongoing eternal occurrence
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of recounting ballots broward county is obscuring the fact of a blue wave. >> there was a blue wave. there is no question about that. you even saw in many suburban districts that had been republican and had been supportive of president trump, they voted in democrats to congress. >> you know, a blue wave, i would call it a blue trickle. we're talking about the changeover of 27 seats as opposed to 63. even 35. >> wait a minute. >> just a second. >> even 35. >> just a second. we can have different opinions. we can't have different facts. 35 to 40 seats may turn over was the biggest turnover since 1974 with watergate. that's not a trickle. >> not at all, not at all. you saw larger seats turn over in the year, the first
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shellacking of barack obama's, over 50 seats, 63 for clinton. this has happened before. this is not a historic number of seats turned over. the bigger issue here is that the house can investigate and investigate and investigate, but that only works to their detriment. look what happened to the republicans when they decided investigating bill clinton was more important than pushing an agenda. they were punished brutally at the polls the next go around. >> but your prediction as a republican is they're going to investigate. >> i love the interruptions. i would love to finish my thought. >> you can absolutely finish your thought, but i'm going to question you as you think. what i'm saying about your last thought is that you can legislate and investigate. that's not all they're going to do, stacy. >> but they have. they want to see president trump's tax returns which don't help americans. >> americans want to see that.
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>> sure, they want to see that instead of seeing the house democrats work with the senate on handling the opioid crisis. 55,000 americans are dying from those. >> bill, i think -- i watched -- >> i don't think they're going to rise to the occasion. >> i think that they can do both. we'll see whether they rise to the occasion. bill, the fact is the democrats have said he's not going to be passing out subpoenas like handle candy. he's going to be very judicious. it's ironic that republicans would talk about investigate and investigate when you're dealing with that's all they did with hillary clinton and e-mails. it's almost comical for them to talk about not investigating when we went through all of that
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of hillary clinton. she wasn't even the president. >> yeah, if you want to talk about excessive hearings, i have one word, bengals. al gore used to say denial is not just a river in egypt. that is classic denial about what happened on tuesday. it was a massive win for democrats across the board, picking up 37 seats in the house, 7 governorships, seven state legislative chambers, and 372 state legislative seats. i mean, that is a blue wave. plus picking up arizona and nevada. we could still win mississippi in the senate, mississippi and florida. governorships in florida and georgia, i mean, come on, that's like donald trump, delusional to say it's anything other than a big win a big night for
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democrats. >> i wish you would make your points without ad hominem attacks. >> i'm saying your wrong. >> but you can't say i'm delusional. >> the other point is, democrats are going to be terrible, they hate donald trump, look, the job of congress is to appropriate the money and to exercise oversight over the federal agencies. congress will do its job. they'll do it responsibly, they'll do it carefully, and, yes, congressman cummings said he's not going to throw subpoenas like candy, but he'll use them when he has to. the way to start is the appointment of matt whitaker, unqualified and illegal appointment, is acting attorney general. >> we're going to get to that. michelle, you clearly have pointed out here the big win going back to when you look at
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the governors races and what's happened with state legislators as well as the congress. we haven't seen anything like this since watergate. >> because republicans cleaned up in 2010 when it was time for redistricting, republicans had a massive advantage in the house. i remember last year there were a lot of people saying democrats are not going to be able to do it. they need something approaching a super majority because these districts have been drawn specifically to perpetuate republican rule. so democrats, if you look at the percentage of the vote that democrats got the margin of the vote, it was at least as big as the big 2010 wave for republicans. they just didn't get as many seats because they've allowed the deck to be stacked against them. and one consequence of this election is that next time it
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might not be so stacked against them because there's going to be another round of restricting in 2020. they've gotten these governors, and so they'll be able to make the maps a little bit fairer going forward. >> stacy, i share with you, i hope, the democrats do something for the people and investigate at the same time. certainly you coming from a party that did do benghazi, i'm sure you're not afraid of that? >> i'm not afraid of anything. i don't think there's been any wrong doing. the issue i have is like the mueller investigation which has stretched on and cost millions of dollars of taxpayer funds and yielded no russian collusion, we're going to see more of these investigations into things that really don't have any bearing on how americans live their lives.
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you keep saying i come from this party. i'm a fourth generation military veteran. i'm an american. i have concerns that affect all americans. what i'm looking for is for the house of representatives to do what they're constitutionally mandated to do while keeping in mind they're going to opposite the president. there's nothing wrong with that. but the idea that somehow because i'm a republican i don't want any oversight over the president or that i don't think anything should be investigated is absolutely patently false and i never said that. >> great, we're on the same page, i appreciate that thought. >> i don't think we're on the same page. >> i thank you for your service to the country and i share with you, i hope they take care of the american people. we're all americans on this panel, stacy. up next, democratic party just had its biggest house gains in 44 years. they now have a plan on how to retake the senate and the white
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house, maybe. we'll be right back.
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my next guest says president trump's firing of attorney general jeff sessions, quote, doesn't pass the smell test. his words. and he warns that we could witness a, quote, constitutional
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crisis if the now acting attorney general impedes on special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. now that democrats have gained back control of the house, will they protect mueller's work from political interference? joining me now is the chair of the democratic national committee, tom perez. mr. chairman, how will the democrats make sure that there is no impeding of the mueller investigation as they take care of other items that they ran and were able to regain the house on like health care, criminal justice reform, like climate change legislation. how can they do that? >> i think you correctly pointed out with your previous panel, rev, that democrats can walk and chew gum. we can make sure we protect coverage for people with preexisting conditions. we can make sure that we are fighting to protect medicare, medicaid, and social security,
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fighting for dreamers, fighting for all those issues and in the oversight context, making sure that robert mueller can do his job. and i hope that's not just democrats. we heard from time to time over the last two years from republicans saying that we're going to protect this investigation. i think lindsey graham at one point said there would be hell to pay if mueller got fired. i haven't heard that recently, but i hope that republicans who aren't leaving congress in the next six weeks are going to stand up in the next year with democrats because this isn't about right versus left. this is about right versus wrong. i starred at the justice department in 1989. i had 13 years at the clinton administration. when somebody leaves the ag role, the historic practice under republicans and democrats
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is to ensure that a senate-confirmed person is in the driver's seat as attorney general. that has been the practice and it's a sound practice. and in this case, it was violated and it seems to me that it was violated because they want to shove the deputy attorney general aside so that they can wreak havoc on this investigation. there's no other reasonable explanation. and then you hear the president saying i never knew the guy when we know he did know the guy and met with the guy. it doesn't pass the smell test. that's why we need oversight. and oversight doesn't supplant all the other important work to protect health care, to protect medicare, medicaid, and social security, to bring down the costs of prescription drugs, to fight for good education, and criminal justice reform, all those things. we can and must walk and chew gum. >> i think it's clear. i mean, we're gathering in washington this week on this.
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there are many issues people want to see the democrats move forward, but it is a little unsettling to act as though, therefore, we should deal with investigating with our obvious questions about what's going on in terms of the attorney general and other matters. i mean, it begs the question that if the president was attacking his own attorney general because he recused himself on this investigation, and you look at the guy coming in, particularly since this person has not been brought before senate committee hearing for confirmation. >> absolutely. i think the american people, they want to make sure their members of congress here voted -- were going to fighting for protection for people with preexisting conditions, all those conditions we discussed. but i also think the american
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people want guard rails in washington. there are no guard rails. the party of lincoln is officially dead. it's the party of trump. checks and balances is what the founding fathers envisioned, and there have been no checks and balances in this congress. they have been lap dogs for this president, and we need that oversight. i'm a proud marylander. cummings is a spectacular congressman. he will be fair and he will be firm. that is exactly what we need. we need to be looking at these issues. whether it's the judiciary committee or the oversight committee. this is a constitutional crisis. this isn't about right versus left, this is about right versus wrong. >> tom, do you feel that there is hope that it will still be democratic victories in arizona and in florida and possibly even georgia if it gets to a runoff? >> we still have a fighting chance everywhere.
2:21 pm
in arizona i feel quite confident not only in sinema, but there's a race for secretary of state that is not a as talked about. we were behind, but there's about 200,000 votes left to be counted, at least from what i read most recently. they're mostly in maricopa county. i think we were about 2,000 votes behind at the last count. i think we're going to win that seat. that's critically important. we have people down in georgia and florida, every vote must be counted. and the problem with georgia is that brian kemp has no credibility down there because he is the fox guarding the hen house. he said all the ballots were counted and then quite literally yesterday they announced that there were another 5,500, 5,800 ballots that hadn't been counted and stacy abrams won the overwhelming majority of those votes. so we have to count every vote.
2:22 pm
there is so much going down, down in florida and we're actively engaged there. this is why the secretary of state races are so important. we now control the majority of state attorney generals as a result of this election. that's a very, very important -- >> sounds like a blue wave to me. i'm going to have to leave it there. dnc chairman tom perez. let's bring in former chair of the dnc and former virginia koerch terry mccol lof, you have been in the trenches of the democratic party for a long time. you've seen big victories and big defeats. how do you assess what happened this week in the midterm elections 2018? >> listen, if i would have said the day before -- i think we'll end up with 40 house seats, netting 70 governorships and
2:23 pm
seven knew chambers, you wouldn't believe me. this was a huge win for the democratic party. i traveled to 22 states campaigning the last couple months, big effort trying to make sure we win governorships. we have governors in michigan, illinois, wisconsin, now in kansas, nevada, new mexico, in maine for the redistricting in 2021. we got clobbered in 2010 and then they used that in 2011 to redraw maps all over the country. 2020 will be a new census. we have democratic governors in these key states and it will also help us. i as governor had a record number of vetoes. horrible anti-environment, pro-gun, and anti-voting rights. you now will have governors in these states that will veto that horrible legislation and lead
2:24 pm
with new, exciting things. i'm proud i restored more felon rights than any other governor in american history. the change we see in the state is critical. and then to have the congress to be a check on president trump. every day it is something new with him. here we are on veterans day. rev, think about this. he went all the way over to france. all the leaders went to the respective cemeteries. and the president of the united states, because i guess it was raining, decided that he wouldn't not go. that is a disgrace to our military. it is a disgrace to our country. and this is why tuesday night was such a big night for america, not for democrats, for america. we got to bring prestige back and honor, and we got to stop this craziness. >> the president of france, macron, took a real tack on nationalism and really talked about how dangerous that is in
2:25 pm
these times. with trump sitting there. and many of us have said that the nationalism that he has advocated sounds a lot like comfort to white nationalism. in fact, david duke, the former grand dragon of the kkk congratulated the president and embraced it. does that not fall in line what you said about how we look to the world when you have the french president denouncing nationalism right there with the president that attacked a reporter for even raising the question this week? >> it's europe, it's a relationship with canada, he's gone after canada on the tariffs. we have a trade surplus with canada. i don't think the president actually knew that. the issues we now have in asia with china. so this is -- >> calling african nations s-holes. >> yeah, shocking.
2:26 pm
don't forget nationalism was the reason world war i got started. the president got a thumbs up from putin. our president unfortunately because of the things he has said and he has done, we are in america unfortunately used to be the global leader and we're now held in disdain. now we need to come back. the good news under our great leadership of our virginia governor, we're going to win the house and senate in '19 and then get the senate and the house. i do believe that the 92 million people who did not vote in 2016 woke up the next day and said holy cow, how did this happen. and they came out in virginia in '17 and '18 across the country. they're going to continue to come out. people are going to come on ut and exercise their right to vote. but on the other side they're going to deny and suppress folks. wepgtd
2:27 pm
we got to stand up. >> you mentioned '19 and '20. are you going to run for president in 2020? are you seriously considering it? >> i would say yes, i'm seriously considering it. i'm going to do what everybody else is, take a look at it. i have five children scattered throughout the world. when they come back over the holidays is if you have to have a family discussion and i will do that. listen, you got to see if you can really make a difference. voters want someone who's real, authentic, and what you'll be able to do for me. in virginia we had a great record. i brought people all together and we were able to transform our commonwealth to the number one state in america on cyber and data. hundreds of thousands of new jobs, created $20 billion of new capital. people in virginia know and knew
2:28 pm
what i stood for. virginia is open and welcoming to everyone. so i'll spend the time looking at it. i think we have a lot of great candidates running. the more, the merrier. it's good for the democratic process and let's get your message out there. >> sounds like a campaign ad to me. but we'll wait for the family meeting. thank you. up next, thousahow the grin stole christmas, aka, the election down in georgia. next week i'll be in washington, d.c., for the annual legislative and policy conference. we call it from demonstration to legislation. this coming tuesday and wednesday on capitol hill in washington, d.c., we have convened 100 activists from around the country for the first post-midterm election meeting with members of the congress and the prospective 2020 candidates
2:29 pm
and potential house speaker candidates about their legislative agenda. go register. it's free. we'll be right back.
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now for this week's gotcha. georgia secretary of state brian kemp ran against democrat stacy abrams for georgia's gubernatorial seat in tuesday's midterm elections, and it was hardly a fair race. from the onset there were concerns about mr. kemp's integrity. for months he refused to resign from a position that allowed him to oversee the very election he was running in. resigning just two days after the election when all the damage was done. and while in office, he purged over 53,000 predominantly african-american voters from voting rosters, closed hundreds of polling sites in high-poverty areas, and because of his strict voter i.d. laws, many has to use provisional ballots that have
2:34 pm
yet to be counted. but the hardest part of his campaign hand be kemp accused her of cheating just days before the election. now, brian kemp, i know your election took place in the south, so you think it's okay to employ southern strategy, even with all your attempts to suppress the votes and even every abuse of our office, your win is still in question. do you know what that means? do you know what that tells me? it's the same thing that civil rights community knew when they were fighting for adequate voting rights in 1965, that no one can stop people committed to progress. so as they say in the streets of brooklyn where i'm from, you either get down or lay down, brian kemp. i gotcha.
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welcome back to "politicsnation." so we know that florida is in the midst of a statewide recount triggered by razor-thin margins in broward county, the most diverse county in the state. yet despite that diversity, one group of newly enfranchised voters will not factor into this cycle of recounts because on tuesday more than 1 million nonviolent former felons had
2:39 pm
their voting rights restored by a state constitutional amendment, a voting rights water shed come too late for florida's drama, but with major implications. for the state's electoral future and its jim crow past. joining me is msnbc's national correspondent, trymaine lee, who was in florida and covered amendment for its passage. this is something that i came to be passionate about, and it will really change if we go back in and register and get these exfelons registered. it could change florida politics going forward. >> it really could. when you think about the last despicable vestiges of jim crow to keep the formerly enslaved
2:40 pm
people, when you think of 1.4 million people, the last time rick scott won the governorship in 2014, he won by less than 70,000 votes. as we've seen with women and black folks in this country, it may take a few terms to get folks who have never enjoyed access finally into the process. >> one of the things i said touring the skmurcchurches and g people to vote on this is that you got to now go back and register them. we've got to go back. whether they vote republican or democrat, they must be enfranchised because how do you restore them if you don't restore them to full citizenship. >> how much access to they get to reentry services because they're dealing with transportation issues. if you're an hourly wage worker, can you get time off to go vote.
2:41 pm
lifestyle, so in terms of organizing, they're going to have to penetrate into those communities and make sure the other pieces of their lives are put back together. >> let me ask you how do you see this recount in florida? do you have any feel at all about where this may go with broward county being as diverse as it is. it is a key factor, but they're doing a statewide recount. any feelings at all? >> it's so early, but we know that when people's backs are against the wall, they hunker down. we're seeing a fight not just over florida but this wave that's sweeping across the country. so who knows which way it will go. but one thing that is interesting, we talk about the recount in the broader electorate. 50/50. when it came to amendment 4, the amendment that allows felons finally the right to vote, 65%
2:42 pm
of the voting people voted on behalf of them. so as we get closer and we're scrutinizing this race, so much to be seen but we're getting there. >> you were in georgia as well. any kind of feel for where does stacy abrams fight may go with kemp? >> it's not looking good for stacy abrams. it's a tall hurdle to overcome. one thing i did notice in talking to young people, spending sometime on the campus of spellman and moore house, and clark house, the trifecta, they were fired up. but they see funny business and shenanigans. they say what they believe is voter suppression efforts, not the least of which, voter i.d., another hurdle to cross. when you think about democracy and people engaging in the process, especially those young people who determine the future,
2:43 pm
will they be inspired enough to continue or will this actually work in terms of stifling their voice? >> trymaine lee, thank you very much. always good to see you. up next, how acting attorney general matt whitaker could affect the outcome of the russia probe. undred year storm should happen every five hundred years, right? fact is, there have been twenty-six in the last decade. allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner. and if a flying object damages your car, you can snap a photo and get your claim processed in hours, not days. plus, allstate can pay your claim in minutes. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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welcome back. with the new acting attorney general matt whitaker refusing to recuse himself from overseeing special counsel robert mueller's russia probe, the incoming house judiciary committee chairman is vowing to protect the investigation now saying the committee would wield its subpoena power if necessary. but will they be enough? joining me again, talk radio host stacy washington and bill press and "new york times" columnist michelle goldberg. now, we saw, michelle, the former attorney general now jeff sessions recuse himself. if you have mr. whitaker, who took very public positions against the mueller
2:48 pm
investigation in graphic terms, why would it not be within the norm of a conversation about this that people say why would he not renews himself if he himself has publicly went out as an advocate about this investigation? >> this whole thing is completely outrageous, banana republican gambit where you have this person who is both even more of an i had log than jeff sessions, completely compromised, has spouted all sorts of conspiracy theories with regards to the mueller probe, has only been put into this position as an act of obstruction of justice to impede the mueller probe and protect the president. i mean, the whole thing is a sick farce, and part of the problem, part of the cries sis our country is nobody is holding various branches of government accountable for just following the law. we're not even sure that this
2:49 pm
appointment, and there's a lot of smart legal minds including kellyanne conway's husband who think this appointment is unconstitutional because he hasn't been senate confirmed for this role. >> stacy, you said in the first segment you were on today in this show that you're not afraid of anything. why, then, would the republican administration of donald trump appear to be afraid of putting someone there that would be objective, that certainly would not have a record of public statements against an ongoing investigation that has reaped indictments and reaped people that have turned over and said i will cooperate and there is clearly something there they have the basis to cooperate with? >> first off, the indictments are for the majority of them are for actions that occurred before these people ever knew donald
2:50 pm
trump, we're talking about wire fraud with manafort. the russians who were indicted will never be prosecuted. they're the true source of interest in this. we would love to speak to them, and so the idea that somehow those indictments and the president is a little bit of a stretch. but when you're talking about -- >> i don't think i said that. >> great. more interruptions. >> i'm only clarifying what you said. you're so sensitive. but you're misquoting what i said. they didn't misquote me. >> no, i'm not misquoting you. >> there have been indictments and there have been people that said they're going to cooperate. but go ahead. >> right. yeah. and those people are cooperating which is perfectly fine. i don't think that impugns the president's credibility on the mueller probe which is supposed to be about him clueding wiollu the russians. the idea that any person that is put over the investigation in an oversight capability, unless they're a die in the wool
2:51 pm
democrat who publicly endorsed hillary cl hillary clinton that they can't provide oversight is ridiculous. we should be able to see him as acting a.g. with no problems. is he mute, he can't speak to that? there are to other checks and balances in the system? i disagree. it's fine for whitaker to come onboard and replace sessions who has resigned. it is fine for him to oversee the probe. not one administration official from the trump cabinet, any of them, has said they're going to end are impede this investigation. they're through until the final report. the president has said he has not colluded. he is on the record, all the officials are on the record. there's been no collusion. so let's see what the report says. let mueller finish his work. >> bill, let many he say -- let me ask you. i think, again, we can have different opinions. the fact is that there are people that have said that they have told the mueller
2:52 pm
investigators that there were meetings that they were in. mueller is investigating the president but investigating whether there was russian interference in the election. so i know the whole debating technique of narrowing down and distorting what i said. no one said -- >> i didn't distort anything that you said. >> no one said anything that this was only the president. i think the american people, bill, have the right to know whether the russians in any way interfered with the elections whether the president was involved or the people in his cabinet or campaign staff. >> absolutely. there is one other factor that -- that we're not paying enough attention to which is the constitution of the united states. according to constitutional scholars including george conway, the husband of kellyanne conway, top presidential adviser, that an attorney
2:53 pm
general, the person leading the department of justice article two, section two, clause two must be confirm by the united states senate. so the question is not whether mark whitaker is biassed. we know that he is. it's not against the investigation. it's not whether or not he's biassed against the justice department and the supreme court. we know he is. it's not just or whether or not he was part of some failed business that was shut down by the ftv just last year. we know he was. the question is not whether he is republican or democrat. the question is he there constitutionally? legally? and constitutional scholars say no. >> now, as we understand it, there are various people including mr. manafort and cohen and the others either with the
2:54 pm
mueller investigators or southern district new york. and it is around the whole contention that the mueller investigation started. we can assume they told them something in order to arrange for a deal that would be signed off by judges. mine, with he don't have convictions there yet. we have indictments in some that unrelated. no judge is going to say go ahead and move forward. >> right. >> and just to correct the record, some of paul manafort's crimes were committed during or after the time he was leading trump's presidential campaign. the idea that this appointment wasn't made to impede this investigation, i mean, it's so proposterous that it's almost insulting that we're even sitting here debating it. i mean there is no other reason that you would put this
2:55 pm
unqualified person who's part of a scam company that cheated veterans out of life savings and is currently under investigation, you choose him to be interim basis the most important law enforcement officer in the country? his only qualification is he has spoken out consistently against the mueller investigation. >> i have to leave it there. thank you, stacy washington, bill press and michelle goldberg. up next, my final thoughts. the community doesn't just have small businesses, it is small businesses.
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veterans day, we salute veterans that risked to protect this country. whether we agreed with the wars that they engaged in or not, we ought to be grateful for those that went on the front line. and fought for this country. but we also need to remember that there were those that went even beyond what was expected, many african-americans fought in world war i as i watched the world war i commemorations in france, let's not forget they were fighting when they had to sit on the back of buses when they got home, or their children couldn't go to certain schools because it was before brown versus the board of education. they're super patriots along with other patriots and let us
3:00 pm
have a country that we no longer send people to battle. that does it for me. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here next weekend. saturday and sunday at 5:00 p.m. eastern. up next, "meet the press" with chuck todd. this sunday, political realignment. democrats take back the house. >> taking our voice to washington. >> republicans hold the senate. >> tonight is a victory for the people of texas. >> and president trump gloats about republicans who shunned his support and lost. >> mia love gave me no love, and she lost. too bad. sorry about that, mia. >> democrats grabbed the suburbs, republicans tightened their hold on rural counties. what this realignment could mean for 2020.


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