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tv   Headliners  MSNBC  November 11, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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putin has gotten in trump. >> he got what he wanted. and he was never held fully to account. >> vladimir putin emerged from the wreckage determined to put russia back in the center of the international universe. and he's done that. first lady michelle obama. >> official obama has returned to the spotlight. >> when she lifts her voice people listen. >> from her humble roots in chicago. >> michelle is south side. to the core. >> girl from the south side can blk first lady. all things are possible. >> her journey em bodied the american dream. >> you know there's no other choice. other than barack obama. >> there was no going back.
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a new day had dawned. she was like no other first lady. >> let's move. >> she challenged uz to move. >> full of spirit of grace. forced to walk a tight rope. >> there were emotions she wasn't allowed to have. >> in her new book the former mom in chief doesn't hold back. >> the reviews call it surprisingly candid. >> one of the most revered public figures not just in america. but in the world. she's destined to be remembered as one of the nations most beloved first ladies. >> i knew she was a rock star. she's not one to be in the
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shadow. she wasn't in the president's shadow. >> i wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. and i watch my daughters two beautiful intelligence young black women, playing with their dogs on the white house lawn. >> she does represent that notion that if you're true to yourself you can succeed. in this country. it maybe hard. you can succeed. >> after leaving the white house, michelle obama stepped away from the spotlight. >> michelle took some time after leaving 1,600 pennsylvania avenue to figure out what she would do. what role she would pay. what responsibility she felt. >> she and the former president signed a join multi-million dollar deal to where i books. and produce a range of programs for netflix. every so often she emerged for
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speaking engagements to remind supporters that the fight for change isn't over yet. >> but. in the lead up to the 2018 november midterm. michelle returned to the national stage. >> i was in las vegas. which was her first big speech. it was a little bit like getting the band back together. >> i'm here today to talk about why voting matters. >> when she lifts her voice people listen. there's core questions of values and what we expect in leaders she's suited to speak to. >> i'm sick of the chaos. and the nastiness. of our politics. >> she's talking more about what it feels like to be living in this time. >> it's exhausting. and frankly it's depressing. >> she's not overtly political. in what she's saying. she's not coming straight out
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and going after a republican or going after donald trump. >> how did this working mother from modest beginning evolve into an american icon? >> i'm not a unicorn. there are millions of kids lilk me. out there. and it's just a shame that sometimes people will see me and they will only see my color. we are all just people. you know. >> to figure out what michelle is doing, at any point in her professional career, it's a valuable to look back. to the world she grew up in in chicago. >> i was born and raised here on the south side in south shore. i am who i am today because of this community.
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>> michelle obama story in chicago is so familiar to so many african americans. her grandparents came to seek fortune and get away from the racism of the south. >> she's south side to the core. she represents both the hope and dreams and struggles. and of the community in a beautiful way. >> michelle lavaughn born in chicago in 1964. the same year the nations landmark civil rights act was passed. while there was racial strife in cities across the u.s., michelle south shore neighborhood on chicago south side was a peaceful, hopeful place. >> when we were growing up in the 60s and 70s, it was ewe t b utopia. no drugs or guns. it takes a village. everyone knew everyone. affirmative action had taken place. there were opportunities for
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black people to move up. >> michelle's parents. were a formidable presence in the neighborhood. >> as for my dad. he worked as a pump operator at the city water plant. >> he battled ms. he rarely missed a day of work. >> every day without fail. i watched my father struggle on crutches. to slowly make his way across the apartment. out the door to work. without complaint or self-pity. or regret. >> the robin sons lived in a one bedroom apartment on the second floor of a relative home. the space was tight. as was the family's bond. leona leonard grew up with michelle and her brother craig. >> they had a strong sense of self-. and fortified that sense of self-. so they could walk out in the
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world and not be blown over by all the adversity that came at them. >> my parents didn't have a will the of money. they never went to college. they had an unwaivering believe in the power of education. so they always pushed me and my brothers to do whatever it took to succeed in school. >> mary ann stayed mostly at home. when michelle and her older brother were growing up. she taught craig how to read. she later said that michelle didn't think sh needed her mothers help. learning how to read. those guys had to study. they had a time to study. it was discipline. i didn't have any discipline. >> michelle's efforts paid off she was accepted at whitney m. yupg. the city's first integrated high school for the top students. >> she was in the choir. she was in the student
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government. she was good at sports and decided she didn't want to be defined by sports. >> in 1979 michelle watched her older brother, craig. become a local basketball star. the secretary of education under president obama played with craig many high school. >> i saw older brother who adored his younger sister and a sister who looked up to her big brother. >> when craig was recruited to play for princeton. official was determined to follow him. >> she likes to tell the story. if he can go there of course i can. she thought she was as smart as he was. >> school advisers thought otherwise. >> her guidance counsellor said don't fool yourself. don't think you can get in. one thing about michelle is it's never wise to tell her she can't do something. she'll set out harder to do it. and she went for it.
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we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. high school senior michelle proved her guidance counsellors wrong. and was accepted to princeton in 1981. she struggled to find her way in the rarefied and largely white world of the ivy league. >> i went from the south side of chicago to princeton university. and princeton felt intimidating. some of the doubters were seeping in my head. i thought maybe i'm not good enough. >> rather than accept her status as outsider. she game active at the multi-klture center on campus. her sophomore year she was a mentor for incoming freshman to
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help them adjust to life at princeton. one new student. now the state of alabama's first african american congresswoman. and in walks this tall elegant woman from the south side of chicago. her big thing was that you belong here. she said that more than once to me. it was reassuring. >> michelle graduated with honors and a degree in socialology. she grappled with what to do next. >> she was looking to sort of accide explore the connection between community kp law. she was grounded many public service. >> she set her sights on harvard law school. >> her mentor said everything michelle did and thought about everything she wrote about were essentially reflections on race and gender and had to keep doors
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open going forward. >> after law school, michelle was recruited by some of the nations most pres to the best of my knowledge yous law firms and chicago beckoned. two senior partners at a top law firm. remember when michelle started working for them. >> when you meet her, even back then, michelle was a winning person. you knew she was a smart as they come. we certainly were thrilled to have her. >> michelle did very well. she wanted to be part of the if i were firms life and helped to volunteer the summer program. >> the firm was abuzz about this fabulous first year student from harvard. black man. articulate. yeah right, sure. he's not all that. a black man that can talk straight. >> the firm was largely white. they wanted it to be seen as a progressive place. a welcoming place. a place where a star such as barack obama could be happy.
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they introduced him to michelle. >> it made complete sense to have michelle be his summer adviser. we thought hfs quite extraordinary. she was terrific. they took it from there. >> his first day he came and he was late. so i thought he's weird and he's trifling. so when he showed up i thought okay well he's cute. >> she was his mentor. and he wanted to date her. she thought it was kind of like uncouth to be dating the young man in the office. >> my wife and i are fans of spike lees movies. do the the right thing was playing at the theater. we went and to our surprise we were getting some popcorn we spotted michelle and barack. together. and we didn't know this at the time. it was their first date.
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>> he was charming and funny. and engaging and down to earth. he was really a surprise. >> i think that they made a really great couple. and michelle grounded him in a way. that i hadn't seen before. >> after that summer, barack returned to harvard to finish law school. while michelle continued at the firm. they maintained a long distance relationship. and until a family tragedy brought them together. in 1991, her dad passed away. due to complications from ms. >> barack went back to support her. to be at the funeral. and he said that as he was being buried he realized michelle was essential to his life and he would look after her. >> barack graduated and returned to chicago. to be with michelle. and as their relationship deepened, both of the harvard law grads decided to make career moves. determined to pursue his passion.
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barack turned down a good offer from sidly and austin. >> when he came to me and said i love you guys and the work. and i'd be happy. but i can't take the job. i said why. he said i think i'm going to go into politics. he said i'm taking michelle with me. i said you know good rotten worthless piece of -- hold it. we're getting married. i said that's different. >> a year later in the fall of 1992, michelle became michelle obama. in a ceremony pre-virgsided by couples pastor. a figure who would stir up controversy for the obamas in the years ahead. she launched a new career in public service. in the mayors office and a chapter of a mentoring organization called public allies. >> you can go back to her work there. in chicago.
7:18 pm
where she was really started and ran a program that was all about mentoring and spro deucing young people to public service. >> it was during this time that barack won a seat in the illinois state senate. but it didn't feel like a win for michelle. the couple had a new baby girl. malia. and his job had his commuting three hours from chicago to springfield. >> my thoughts were are you nuts? just get a job. make some money. this politics stuff is crazy. >> she's looking at the bank account and saying is this going to be our future? >> the money was tight and the couple welcomed their second child. sasha. he uponered a new idea. a long shot for senate. >> running against a democratic candidate who spends $29 million. and his friend incolliding michelle were skeptical this was
7:19 pm
a good idea. >> in time, michelle came around. >> i took my wife hat off and put on the citizen hat and thought i would want to see what politics could be like with somebody like him in it. he would be one of the giants. >> to help support her family, michelle left public allies for a higher paying position at the university of chicago. director of public out reach. her husband's 204 illinois senate race heated up. >> enough talk. >> she joined the effort. helping baa rag win the state march primary. a landslide victory that made waves across the country. >> the 42 year-old contender for a u.s. senate seat was seen as the rising star of the democratic party. michelle a fiercely private woman, seemed reluctant to put herself front and center. >> she's smarter than me.
7:20 pm
she's tougher than me. and clearly she's better looking than i am. >> the young senate candidate from illinois. was a surprise choice to give the keynote speech at the democratic national convention. >> michelle watched as her husband made history. >> the hope of slaves sitting around a fire singing freedom songs. the hope of immigrants setting out for distant shores. the hope of a skinny kid with a funny name. who believes america has a place for him too. >> what did you think? >> i was incredibly proud. and i'm tough on him. all i have to say he didn't screw it up. good job. >> it was a huge moment. and once he gave that speech, he was suddenly propelled into the stratosphere. >> one young man with an unlikely background owned this convention last night and the
7:21 pm
town. barack obama. >> the sky seemed to be the limit. coming up. >> i know my heart. we can get this right. >> she ended uptaking on the nickname in the campaign the closer. she would meet with iowaens undecided and get them to commit. ns undecided and get them to commit. ns undecided and get them to commit. copd makes it hard to breathe. so, to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way, with anoro."
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barack obama! four months after his speech. at the 2004 democratic national convention, barack obama was elected to the u.s. senate. by an overwhelming majority. michelle promoted to vice president of the university of chicago hospital. the obama's careers and family life were soaring. with the nation at war, and economy faltering. senator obama began eyeing a much big r role for himself. he turned to a political strategist. david pluf. >> we started talking about running for the president. the day after the 2006 midterm. where would michelle obama come down on the question. >> michelle was wary of politics
7:25 pm
and knew a run for president would turn their lives upside down. >> she wanted to know how this was going to work. practically. logistically for the family. >> she cuts to the chase. and wants to know exactly what's our strategy. could we really put together a campaign that wouldn't embarrass us? >> facing off against clinton. michelle knew that barack was the under dog. >> before blessing her husband's long shot run. she issued him an ultimatum. one she shared with her former boss. >> what are you thinking about this? she said well, i have a few things on my mind about it. obviously. but the first i told him if you're going to do this, you'll stop smoking. >> by january of 2008. michelle had fully committed to the decision to run for president. >> the campaign staff has been
7:26 pm
just really good about being cog any san we're a family. >> he believed and they believed they could bring the true selves and authentic selves to the role. >> the reason why i'm substantial doubting here today is that if he cares half as much for this country as he does about his own children. we're going to be just fine. >> i have spent my entire adult life as a professional and mother. juggling and balancing so many different hats and personalities that i sort of add one more. okay. i can do that too. i get up in the morning and get on a plane after getting the girls ready. do a series of events and go home. before the girls go to bed. >> early in the campaign she had to figure it out on her own. she didn't have a big staff. she didn't have a full-time
7:27 pm
speech writer. she went on the stump and told stories about barack. and herself. >> there's the barack obama who lives in my house. that guy is not as impressive. he's still has trouble putting the bread up and putting his socks in the dirty clothes. >> she's telling funny stories. about him. really humanizing him for people. and helping them to see though he might be a skinny guy with a funny name, he's michelle obama's husband. >> not everyone found her stump speech refreshing. >> barack obama is not that impressive according to his wife. hostility. >> it wasn't this very polished political speak. some people did read that as she was making jokes at his expense. >> the criticism didn't stop michelle and barack's surging
7:28 pm
popularity. >> the last seven days itch speaking five times a day. i'm not the candidate. but i am doing it because i know in my heart that we can get this right. >> she ended uptaking on the nickname in the campaign the closer. she would meet with five or six undecided and get them to commit. >> they notched primary wins the news and the opposition hung on their every word. during the speech in wisconsin, michelle gave barack's rivals a chance to pounce. >> let me tell you something for the first time in my adult lifetime, i'm really proud of my country. >> that's not what i would have said. >> 15 word had the republican opposition questioning michelle's patriotism. >> i'm proud of my country. i don't know about you. if you heard the words earlier. >> some conservative and
7:29 pm
characterize michelle as an angry black woman. >> she never ret it get to her that much. she put her game face on. it had to hurt. >> as a black woman under that spotlight, the there were certain emotions she wasn't allowed to have. such as frustration. or aggravation. it needed to be under this umbrella of a pleasant smile. >> add to this a story from abc news that revealed sermons given by the obama pastor. the man who married them in chicago. the reverend wright jr. >> when it came to treating the citizens of african decent fair le. america failed. not god bless america. damn america. >> the association with the reverend threatened to derail the obama's under dog campaign. >> whenever we had a tough moment. her approach wouldn't be that's too bad. it's like what do we do to fix it.
7:30 pm
>> the team decided barack needed to explain himself to the american public. >> barack obama makes the most important speech of his campaign. >> it took place in philadelphia. the subject was race. >> we cannot solve the challenges of our time. unless we solve them together. >> that was a high wire moment. in speaking to michelle after ward she said that was the proudest she had been the entire campaign. >> the speech put the campaign back on track. and helped obama clench the democratic nomination for president. but the victory was over shadowed by a simple gesture. a fist bump. that pushed criticism to a new level. when it happened most people throughout the country could relate. and then on fox news. >> a fist bump. a pound? a terrorist fist jab? >> and it becomes a scandal. during the campaign. >> they began to paint the
7:31 pm
obama's as radical figures. >> i have that cover of the new yorker. with her and the after row looking like angela davis. thinking to myself if only the american public could know that michelle obama that i know. >> fist bump. >> on the view, she responded to her critics. >> what is your answer to these attacks? >> well, i take them in stride. it's a part of the process. we're not new to politics. but let me tell you of course i'm proud of my country. >> everything started to be geared towards being reemergence of michelle at the national convention in denver in summer 2008. >> we listen to our hopes instead of fears. in this great country where a girl from the south side of chicago can go to college and law school. the son of a single mother from hawaii can go to the white house.
7:32 pm
>> her speech in 2008 was a home run. people who saw it thought they knew him better and liked him better and understood him. >> let's stand together to elect barack obama. president of the united states of america. >> for the next two months they fought hard against the republican opponent. john mccain. then election night. >> from tears to cheers and high emotion. america elects its first african american president. >> from chicago south side michelle's incredible journey had taken her to the white house. >> because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment. change has come to america. >> and you see the family on this enormous stage. then the camera is pan to the crowd.
7:33 pm
and there's just this diverse array of people. in grant park. there was no going back. a new day had dawned. coming up. >> michelle obama talked about feeling the pressure of being the first african american first lady and often feeling like there was no room for error. here we go. discover.
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7:37 pm
macron delivered a message about the dangers of nationalism. now back to headliners. michelle obama. i barack obama do solemnly swear. >> a historic day for america. the nations 44th president on january 20, 2009. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> on their first day at first family. they managed to be glamorous. and yet simultaneous really seem like the pretty ordinary american family. >> i thought the american people got an incredible deal. they got two for the price of one. >> i think part of her desire was to simply under score the fact that this is what an
7:38 pm
american family looks like. >> i will never forget that winter morning as i watched oufr girls just seven and 10 years old pile into the black suv sz with the big men with guns. i saw their little faces pressed up against the window. and the only thing i could think was, what have we done? >> i can't over state how focussed she was on how to make the transition okay for my girls. they'll be under one of the most intense spotlights you can imagine. >> hi. >> of course. >> first on her agenda. to make the private quarters feel like their hide park home. to help she brought in sam cast. a professional chef. and close friend from chicago. >> i was like big brother sam. when we got there we worked the mor formalities. the butlers serve in tuxes.
7:39 pm
which of course they did. also what? there's little kids. we don't need them in tuxes for a tuesday dinner. we stripped that back. and from the daily experience. >> michelle turned to her mother for help. >> mary is part of the family. she moved to d.c. and helped raise the girls. talk about family tightness and togetherness and strength of family that was extraordinary and tangible. >> after michelle was swept into the east wing on pledges of change. many americans had high expect tass for the first lady. >> people asked her what will you be doing as first lady. they thought she was going to be a sort of secondary leader. coming out of the east wing. and she said she was going to be mom in chief. >> some women particularly in feminist circles hear her say that and their heads explode.
7:40 pm
>> michelle obama talked about feeling the pressure of being the first african american first lady. and often feeling like there was no room for error. >> a few mornts into the job she pressed her staff in the east wing to get busy. >> she tasked us early on i want real impact. do not bring me anything that looks good. this is about impact. >> she said there's one person elected to the building. if we're not doing something in the east wing that is value added to the president. then why are we doing it? >> with the affordable care act through congress. michelle hatched an idea with sam. >> so if you're serious about trying to produce a better health care system. you should really focus on the health of children. >> the first lady was determined to do something. about the nations soaring rate of childhood obesity. >> are you ready to get to work?
7:41 pm
all right. get up and get shovels. >> she began creating an official white house garden. >> every time we did an event she wanted to make sure there was kids involved. break ground and plant. every season they came back to harvest and cook together. >> a small first step in launching her first big initiative. >> let's move! >> trying to make health and well being a topic people cared about. and got excited about. was a huge culture challenge. we had to do it in a way that was fun. that was warm and welcoming. and not preaching. >> unlike any first lady before her, she was able to harness the power of celebrity. pop culture and social media to spread the message. >> she launches let's move. beyonce creates a song and a dance number. that is in support of the first lady work.
7:42 pm
>> it was also to leverage her own celebrity. as the bully pulpit of bully pulpit. >> jimmy fallon doing a olympics for the let's move. in the white house. in a union tard he wore. it was weird. it got the message across. >> she chose television shows having good times with ellen. on her daytime show. >> all of those things put her in peoples living room. day after day. >> she was living her values. and letting the world see that. and it changed perception. >> not everyone was in favor of the effort to remove junk food from schools. some conservative media accused the first lady of wanting to turn america into a nanny state. >> we don't need the federal
7:43 pm
government applying projecting the standards upon us and michelle obama is so like the dutchess when she speaks. >> some attacks got personal. >> it doesn't look like michelle obama follows her diet ri advice. we hear she's eating ribs. >> there were political cartoons. and memes that painted her as ape like. racist things. >> she appeared stoic. she admitted the hits were hurtful. >> what she's done her whole life is look past the nay sayers and brush it off. to be certain of what you were doing and the goal. and keep towards it. >> the first term gave her the experience to help her tackle all that lay ahead. >> coming up. michelle obama speaks out. >> it has shaken me to my core in way i couldn't have predicted. (music throughout)
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as her husband won the second term with her own approval ratings skyrocketing. she exuded a growing sense of kcin her role. >> i watched her get increasingly comfortable. with her own ability to be in the space. and command it. also more importantly how to use it. >> magazines like vogue. lotted her as an icon of style. >> she wanted young african american girls to look at the cover of vogue and see someone who looked like them. she understood that it was more than just a fashion photo sfwl just days after the inaugural celebration kicked off the term. a tragedy in chicago jolted the white house. >> we had news that a young high school student here at mlk high
7:48 pm
school on the south side had been dilled while swinging in the swings in a park. it later came out she in the marching band had performed at the inauguration. right before that happened. >> michelle and her staff attended the memorial service in chicago. >> this was a little michelle. a little young african american teen girl from the south side doing great in school. big dreams. michelle was lucky enough to live out her dreams. the girl wasn't. >> the safe and stable south side of michelle's youth. has largely been replaced by despair. and violence. >> there have been so many tragedies in chicago. that felt more direct to us. >> so we then went to the visit harper high school. which at the time had been the high school that experienced 21 or 22 gang related shootings. >> her constant message was i
7:49 pm
grew up around the corner from here. education is the path for me. and it can be for you. and a young girl stood on her chair. weeping and shouting to her. saying do you hear what she's saying. we are like her and we can be like her. >> the experience helped inspire the east wing next big initiative. reach higher. >> this day is the day you all can celebrate another step toward achieving your american dream. yeah. >> the reach higher initiative was the most impactful things she did on a human level. to let teens across the country thing guess what? the first lady can be the first this in her family with a brother to go to college. i can do that too. >> maybe like me, along the way somebody told you you would never make it to this day. and you simply weren't college
7:50 pm
material. well, this day is for the doubters. and the haters too. >> i remember people would sometimes burst into tears and say, i got through school because you were my inspiration. and those are moments that's kind of not just fueled mrs. obama but fueled all of us. >> throughout her second time as her celebrity continued to grow, her initiatives went global. >> right now 62 million girls are not in school. and what's important to know is that these are our girls. they deserve the same chances to get an education as my daughters and your daughters and all of our children. [ cheers ] >> whether she was live on stage or taping an episode of cbs's late night with james cordon, michelle was connecting. >> my message to kids here is don't take your education for
7:51 pm
granted. >> weighed great song with him. this is for my girls and missy elliott jumping in. >> ♪ put your hands up high >> after seven years as first lady, michelle used her star power to campaign vigorously for her husband's former rival, hillary clinton. >> in this election there is only one person who i trust with that responsibility, only one person who i believe is truly qualified to be president of the united states, and that is our friend, hillary clinton. [ cheers ] >> at stake, nothing less than the obama's legacy. coming up, an emotional goodbye. >> being your first lady has been the greatest honor of my life, and i hope i've made you proud.
7:52 pm
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7:54 pm
first lady of these united states, michelle obama. >> with just six months left as america's first lady, michelle
7:55 pm
obama would turn to the campaign trail where she fought hard for the democratic front-runner, hillary clinton. >> at that point in time we had a pretty stark choice between two visions of what the country could be. >> one of the messages that she delivered on behalf of hillary clinton to these audiences was that if you don't vote for her, you're voting to elect donald trump. >> after the leaked "access hollywood" tape, people wondered if michelle would address the controversy. >> it has shiny me to my core in a way that i couldn't have predicted. this is not something that we can ignore. >> she called on women and voters to say enough is enough. >> the polls had hillary as a shoo in to become the nation's 45th president but on election night, a very different outcome toop took shape. >> let's all be frank. we got it long. >> despite the allegations of
7:56 pm
sexual assault against him, trump won 42% of the female vote. after the stunning upset, michelle spoke candidly during a televised interview with oprah winfrey. >> everything, the election, was all about hope. do you think this administration achieved that? >> yes. i do. now we're feeling what not having hope feels like. >> president elect trump was quick to respond. >> michelle obama said yesterday that there's no hope. but i assume she was talking about the past, no the the future. >> her willingness to speak her mind prompted an outcry for michelle obama to run for president herself in 2020. >> to many democrats in the 2016 campaign, she was the moral voice of the party. >> when they go low, we go high. [ cheers ] >> as michelle obama's time in the white house came to a close in 2016, she delivered her last speech to some of her most loyal
7:57 pm
supporters. >> i can't think of no better way to end my time as first lady than celebrating with all of you. so i want to close the day by simply saying thank you. being your first lady has been the greatest honor of my life. and i hope i've made you proud. [ cheers and applause ] >> there's a sort of very formal day that tapes, so the new president and the first lady come over, they meet the chief usher. they tea. she said she felt emotional in terms of saying goodbye to the staff, but she was worried about shedding a tear knowing if the cameras caught that that someone would say she was crying because of the new administration. so she was very steely throughout and had already made clear that she's ready for this new phase. >> michelle left the public eye
7:58 pm
and stayed in washington to see sasha through high school. michelle continued her work behind the scenes. >> help us welcome former first lady michelle obama. >> 22 months citizen obama emerged. >> i made a commit to girls around the world when i was in the white house that i would not walk away from this issue when i left. and this is my fulfillment of that promise through the obama foundation. . >> while michelle's supporters would still love to see her run for president in 2020, she said she has a different mission. >> politics is just not my thing. this is how i want to work in the world. i want to work on positive issues with girls around the world. >> michelle's goals today are
7:59 pm
identical to her goals when she started public allies in chicago. her platform is wildly larger, but her goals are to empower, her goals are to create opportunity, her goals are to help educate. >> the former first lady's new memoir called becomi"becoming" promises stories from her life like the one she shared about her fertility struggles. >> i felt like i tailed because i didn't know how common miscarriages were because we don't talk about it. >> in other excerpts she wrote candidly about the birther conspiracy which she said was, quote, deliberately many meant to stir up the wing nuts and the cooks, putting her own family at risk. for a famously guarded first lady, she persevered through it all. >> there's going to be a lot of lessons for all of us about how to handle challenge, how to handle triumph, how to still be
8:00 pm
yourself. >> she's a great example of what's possible when you believe in yourself, when you believe in your community, when you believe in the power of people. if a girl from the south side can become first lady, all things are possible in this great country. she was a person out of a '40s film noir movie. >> with a history to match. >> she was a stunner physically. she was able to say jump and the men would say how high. >> married to a wealthy lawyer. >> he always said she has this hold over me. >> but there was someone she seemed even closer to. >> they bought matching


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