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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 12, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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plus, the death toll is climbing in california as two major wildfires blaze across the state. dozens of bodies have been found in cars and homes as firefighters battle the catastrophic flames. tensions are high as candidates in florida dig in for a fight. ♪
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we begin in paris where world leaders gathered over the weekend to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of world war i. president trump did not attend several of the major events. on saturday the president and first lady for scheduled to visit a cemetery. however, the commander in chief cancelled that visit, citing the weather as the reason. he did speak, though, at a different american cemetery on sunday and had this message for a world war ii veteran in attendance. >> frank devita. thank you, frank. you look so comfortable up there under shelter as we're getting drenched. you're very smart people. >> the weather didn't stop other
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world leaders from paying their respects including canada's justin trudeau who paid tribute to the canadian troops who lost their lives at a battlefield in northeastern france. trump also skipped the paris peace forum, opting to fly home inste instead. yesterday as other world leaders walked shoulder to shoulder, president trump decided to go alone. russia's putin also went separately. president macron took square aim at his american counterpart. >> translator: as the very opposite of the selfishness of a nation which only looks after its own interests because patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. by saying who cares about the
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others, we erase what a nation holds dearest, its moral values. to ruin this hope by giving into the fascination for withdrawal and isolationism, violence and domination would be a grave error that future generations would very rightly make us responsible for. now to california where crews are working around the clock to contain those deadly wildfires that continue to burn out of control. the largest among them is in northern california and is known as the campfire. it has wiped out the entire city of paradise. officials found five bodies inside a home and one in a vehicle, bringing the number of killed so far to 29. more than 200 people remain unaccounted for. in southern california, there's the hill fire. that's mostly contained along with the still ragining woosley
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fire. the fire is burning from malibu to thousand oaks, a city that is still reeling from wednesday's deadly mass shooting. two people have lost their lives in the fight there so far. crews were also battling a new blaze in southern california overnight. the university fire above cal state san bernardino was being whipped up by the erratic santa ana winds. the county has made progress in getting that fire under control. just to recap the numbers across the state, 31 deaths so far, 228 people unaccounted for, 150,000 people displaced, 400 square miles scorched including 177 homes in southern california. some 8,000 crews are battling the fires with more resources still arriving from out of state. >> president trump's reaction had enraged firefighters. trump tweeted, there is no reason for these massive deadly
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and costly forest fires in california except that forest management is poor. billions of dollars are given each year with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forest. remedy now or no more fed payments. the president of the california professional firefighters responded in a statement, writing, the president's message attacking california and threatening to withhold aid to the victims is ill-informed, ill-timed and demeaning to those who are suffering as well as the men and women on the front lines. when asked to respond, a spokesman for california governor jerry brown said, our focus is on the californians impacted by these fires and the firefighters and first responders working around the clock to save people and property. a recount is now underway for florida's senate and gubernatorial races. republican ron desantis leads by
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about 30,000 votes. the associated press is retracting its call in that race. the a.p. had previously declared desantis as the winner over democrat andrew gillum. now gillum has withdrawn his concession. >> i am replacing my words of concession with an uncompromised and unapologetic call that we count every single vote. we count every vote. i say this recognizing that my fate in this may or may not change. >> now, florida's 67 election departments have until thursday to recount more than 8.2 million ballots. broward was supposed to begin its recount yesterday at 7:00 a.m. glitches with the machines delayed the start for several hours. in order to make thursday's deadline, broward has to count about 6900 ballots per hour. yesterday's delay puts the county about 25,000 ballots
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behind that pace. president trump weighed in over the weekend, tweeting, trying to steal two big elections in florida, we are watching closely. governor rick scott who's ahead by fewer than 13,000 votes is accusing senator bill nelson of trying to commit fraud. >> senator nelson is clearly trying to commit fraud to try to win this election. that's all this is. >> i want to pick up on that. you're accusing bill nelson of trying to commit fraud? >> his lawyer said that a non-citizen should vote. that's one. number two, he's gone to trial and said that fraudulent ballots should be counted. ballots have already been thrown out because they were not done properly. he said those should be counted. >> you think the senator himself is committing fraud? >> well, it's his team. >> now to arizona with more ballots counted there yesterday, the campaign team of democrat kyrsten sinema says her lead is
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insurmountab insurmountable. she's ahead of the republican by more than 32,000 votes. president trump wants a do-over, tweeting friday,just out in arizona, signatures don't match, electoral corruption, call for a new election. we must protect our democracy. on saturday a press release from the national republican senatorial committee claimed fraud. now look at the question mare copa county election official who's been using his position to cook the books for kyrsten sinema. corey gardener could not back up that claim with evidence, instead pointing to the county's different laws governing elections. >> is there any evidence to support that the election officials are cooking the books? >> well, i think what we've seen in arizona is an attempt to make sure, like in florida, that
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we're treating everybody equally under the law. there had been concern that a process was being used to determine signatures or validation of ballots that differed from places in other parts of the state. >> where's the evidence that anybody was cooking the books? >> well, we had evidence that people were treating ballots differently. >> so in the georgia governor's race, the counting of 5500 provisional and mail-in ballots shrank the lead of brian kemp. the abrams camp filed a lawsuit on sunday to prevent counties from rejecting provisional ballot. the kemp campaign says it is mathematically impossible for abrams to win at this point. joining us now from washington, d.c. is daniel litman. good to have you with us on this monday morning.
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a very busy week on many political fronts. you now have some top republicans, including the president, who are claiming once again voter fraud without any evidence. do these claims have any merit? >> when you talk to the experts, they really don't. remember, president trump set up that voter fraud commission that he had to disband because it was marred by kind of weirdness on its own end. so when you talk to people in florida, they're raising concerns about ballots not being counted. so there was absentee ballots that were delayed and not counted. there was a good mother jones piece today about someone because their signature did not match and it was totally her ballot. that's not getting counted. that's what democrats are saying in florida. >> well, the president managed to tweet about the controversy, saying watching closely, while he was in paris over the
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weekend. a trip there, a visit that came with a lot of tension and controversy there, even the moment he was landing with that tweet against macron. then you have some controversial comments by fellow world leaders in europe as well. overall, now that he's back here, how is that trip being received? >> it didn't seem to get received very well, because trump expected it to be a success for him, kind of a rare bright spot after the midterms didn't go to his liking a few days ago. but he didn't push his white house hard enough to actually get him to the main cemetery ceremony on saturday. and you had the extraordinary sight of macron basically publicly rebuking him right in front of his face, talking about the pearils of nationalism. of course he didn't have to say trump's name, but all those 80 world leaders, that's what they were thinking, that this was
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criticizing trump. and trump looked -- he was grimacing at macron's speech, kind of a reversal when they were kind of broing it up. >> comes on the heels of the president calling himself and doubling down that he is a nationalist, even in that combative press conference last week. still ahead, new details on donald trump's reported involvement in hush money payments meant to keep his alleged affairs quiet before the 2016 election. with nancy pelosi set to become house speaker once again, she is weighing in on whether democrats are try to impeach president trump.
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i am a techie dad.n. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. welcome back. there's new reporting that as a presidential candidate, donald trump was involved in or briefed on nearly every step of the hush money payments made to adult
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film star stormy daniels and karen mcdougal. trump directed phone calls and meetings with michael cohen and others. the "wall street journal" reports that as a presidential candidate in august of 2015, donald trump huddled with a long time friend and media executive david pecker in his trump tower office and made a request. according to people familiar with the meeting, he asked what can you do to help my campaign? mr. pecker offered to use his national enquirer tack llo e ery the silence of women. he worried that accepting reb e
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reimbursement from trump. in a sear yesterday video surfaced of a republican senator from mississippi cheerfully saying that she would attend a public hanging if a supporter invited her. cindy hyde-smith made the comment while praising a supporter in tupelo on november 2nd. >> as you can imagine, the video footage went viral and hyde-smith said, in a comment i referred to accepting an invitation to a speaking engagement. in referencing the one who invited me, i used an exaggerated expression of regard and any attempt to turn this into a negative connotation is
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ridiculous. mike espy called hyde-smith's comments reprehensible. public hangings were commonly used to terrorize african-americans for a century. in fact, mississippi had 581 documented lynchings between 1882 and 1968. as you wake up this morning, you need the hat, the gloves, the scarf? >> very active weather week ahead. first, let's start in southern california because it's going to be another dangerous day today. so we have 21 million people at risk of red flag warnings from northern california all the way through the mountains and southern california, a little sliver here near the arizona-nevada border. all this horrendous stuff in california and now it's the rainy season. wind gusts of 50-75 miles an
2:19 am
hour today. this is another scary day for firefighters out there. for the blades that have already formed, they could flare up. or any new fires could spread rapidly. we're at extreme fire danger here. that's the story to watch today. we'll cross our fingers that no new blazes form and the ones that are out there don't grow rapidly. the other story is this huge rain event from alabama and georgia all the way through northeast texas. that's heading into the carolinas. this is snow this morning from amarillo. it will start snowing shortly in oklahoma city. it's already snowing in wichita. the rain forecast has 2-3 inches of rain today and tonight from the southeast into the mid atlantic. that will sneak up into the northeast later on tonight. and about 1-2 inches of snow possible oklahoma to missouri. tomorrow, we have a little snowstorm for you in western new york, the adirondacks. if anyone has ski plans for thanksgiving weekend in northern
2:20 am
new england, this is gold. on friday we could do it again with two snowstorms in northern new england in one week. >> wow. >> it's that time of year. >> we're getting there. >> the tree on the plaza is already up. >> it's the holiday season. still ahead, the latest on the drama down in houston as the rockets' season fails to launch and all the highlights from a wild day around the nfl. all the details next in sports. back in a moment. ♪
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wide open and a touchdown! >> ingram sprinting ahead. touchdown! >> across the 40, one man to beat, still going. chub will take this all the way, 92 yards for a touchdown! >> here they come. they get it out to gordon. gordon breaks the tackle. he'll have a first down. he's good a head of steam. gordon is going to outrace everybody to the end zone for
2:24 am
the touchdown! >> handoff with some room. mccoy inside the 10, 5 and he is in, touchdown! >> second down, about 23 to go. aaron rodgers, deep. adams wide open. look at the cut, the move into the end zone. touchdown! i need to talk to one of our editors. we didn't have any patriots highlights in there. patriots lost, by the way. as a jets fan, that's the only solace i have. these are some of the biggest scoring plays from around the nfl yesterday. now for last night, eagles hosting the cowboys on sunday night football. too philadelphia where the super bowl champion eagles have a little bit of trouble winning at home. they fell for the third time in a row at lincoln financial field. philly scores its first touchdown. at the end of the third, that ties the game at 13-13.
2:25 am
he finds the end zone again. two ezekiel elliott touchdowns. the cowboys hold off the eagles to earn a 27-20 victory. let's go to the nba. lebron james at the free throw line trailing the hawks by one and the clock is winding down. >> even if he makes it, the worst thing that can happen -- they get it back. it's stripped. lebron dunks it! >> that had to be fun. nice. lebron's go-ahead slam gives them 26 points on the night. they come away with a 107-106 win. has to be so far his signature
2:26 am
moment. he's had game winners before. i don't know about game-winning slam putbacks. >> it could have gone either way for the lakers, but every win for them right now, they're really struggling out there. it's still early in the season. >> they won two in a row. >> it's not the show time that everybody is expecting from lebron and the gang out there. >> that's not the team they have, though. they're the bruisers. >> they'll get there. we'll find out what happened to the patriots highlights. >> yeah, what happened? we'll work on that. still ahead, president trump tells the press he doesn't know matthew whittaker, the man he picked to replace attorney general jeff sessions, but that doesn't seem to match what he said last month. plus, a congressman. elect gets an apology on "saturday night live." mitzi: psoriatic arthritis tries to get in my way? watch me. ( ♪ )
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welcome back. the fbi is reportedly investigating a company at which acting attorney general matt whittaker previously served as a member on its advisory board. citing an alleged victim and others familiar with the investigation, the bureau carrying out a probe of world patent marketing over allegations it scammed customers out of millions of dollars. the court document says that whittaker served on the company's advisory board and
2:31 am
also appeared in promotional materials. the investigation is being handled in part by the miami office of the fbi. whittaker oversees the fbi. justice department guidelines would require whittaker to avoid any involvement in the case. whittaker has said he is not aware of any fraudulent activity. meanwhile, the "new york times" is reporting that people close to president trump believe he tapped whittaker to lead the justice department in part to contain the fallout from robert mueller's russia probe. the paper says that white house aides and other people close o e the president expect that whittaker will curb the investigation and will not allow trump to be subpoenaed. president trump on friday worked to distance himself from whittaker. watch this. >> well, matt whittaker -- i don't know matt whittaker. matt whittaker worked for jeff sessions and he was always
2:32 am
extremely highly thought of and he still is. but i didn't know matt whittaker. >> very adamant there. i don't know matt whittaker. >> the president reiterated his claim of not knowing matt whittaker again on friday in a series of tweets while also praising him. it was similar to the praise the president gave him last month during an interview that challenges his own claim of not knowing matt whittaker. >> i can tell you matt whittaker is a great guy. i mean, i know matt whittaker. the lawmaker expectsays he to call matt whittaker as that panel's first witness, saying he would grill the acting attorney general over protecting robert mueller's russia probe. >> the very first thing, obviously, is to protect the mueller investigation. the president's dismissal of attorney general sessions and his appointment of whittaker, who's a complete political
2:33 am
lackey is a real threat to the integrity of that investigation. that investigation is of utmost importance in making sure that we adhere to the rule of law and that the administration is held accountable. we will certainly hold hearings on that. our very first witness after january 3rd, we will subpoena mr. whittaker. >> now to nancy pelosi who's in line to potentially be the next speaker of the house. she's addressing one of the lingering questions as democrats gear up for control, impeachment. pelosi says that while she doesn't want to impeach the president, he add-- she adds wh mueller might think is indictable could be impeachable. you have to have evidence of the connection. the democrat poised to lead investigations into trump says he will use subpoenas sparingly.
2:34 am
during an interview cummings was asked if he was ready to go to war with president trump if democrats decide to open investigations. here's what he had to say. >> i'm not going to war with anyone. what i am going to do is do what the american people said they wanted us to do through this election. even in trump country, they basically are saying we want transparency, we want honesty and integrity. i'm not going to be handing out subpoenas like somebody's handing out candy on halloween. i take this as a lawyer and as an officer of the court. i take subpoenas very seriously and i plan to, if i have to use them, they will be used in a methodical way. >> cummings has recently shed a light on what house democrats are interested in probing, including scott pruitt's potential ethics violations and
2:35 am
questions over jared kushner's security clearance. >> when it comes to matthew whittaker, besides the recusal, besides the constitutionality of appointing him, you've got this fbi probe of that company linked to him. what level of his position is in jeopardy at this point given all of that? >> i think even without his involvement in that company, he didn't seem like he was going to be a permanent pick for this job. there's also questions of whether he can be if he's already acting as acting attorney general. so i think he probably wants to not have too long of a stint, because his name is in the bad headlines until trump picks a new person. but he has a number of other things on his plate. we had an iowa state senator write in politico magazine yesterday how he was the target of a witch hunt led by matt
2:36 am
whittaker when matt was the u.s. attorney in iowa. and a jury basically cleared him within 35 minutes. you have bloomberg reporting this morning that matt is not going to cut the mueller investigation's budget, which everyone had worried that he would. >> also word out there that given temporary, the names who would be a.g. chris christie, trey gowdy. >> i wonder if mueller would delay his investigation until matt whittaker leaves that position of acting attorney general. let me ask you this quickly about how the democrats in all of this are beginning to prepare for possible investigations into the trump administration. you heard elijah cummings saying he's not going to be handing out subpoenas like candy on halloween night. but how is the rest of the leadership preparing? >> they're already leaking what they're going to pursue.
2:37 am
they're going to look at that at&t merger, see if there was any political interference. they're going to look at the trump properties. i think the broader point is that democrats are worried that they could over-investigate. where's the positive agenda they're talking about, jobs, health care, you don't want that to get lost amongst all the subpoenas. >> thank you. as we discussed this hour, this past weekend was the 100th anniversary of the end of world war i. world leaders including president trump marked the occasion with a visit to paris. kelly o'donnell has the details. >> reporter: a century after a hard fought peace. dozens of leaders gathered in paris to show that the world remembers the great war. president trump, who had missed a visit to an american cemetery saturday when poor weather grounded his helicopter, teased about the inclement weather when
2:38 am
he visited another american memorial. >> you look so comfortable up there under shelter as we're getting drenched. you're very smart people. >> reporter: 1565 americans from both world wars rest here. the president stood alone to pay his respects and praise the historic partnership with france. >> we fought well together. you could not fight better than we fought together. >> reporter: but for all the expressions of unity, the host, french president emanuel macron, delivered a pointed message about the lessons of world war i, an admonition that appeared aimed at president trump, who calls himself a nationalist. >> translator: nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. by saying our interests first, who cares about the others. >> president trump and vladimir putin exchanged greetings at the ceremony and had the opportunity for conversation at a luncheon.
2:39 am
the russian president did an interview here and said he and president trump agreed to the french request that leaders not hold separate meetings that could detract from the occasion. they have more time planned in the not too distant future. both leaders are going to argentina in a few weeks for the g20 summit. there are some new tensions on the agenda, including the int intermediate range nuclear missile treaty. the president is beginning his monday back at the white house. still ahead, the controversy surrounding one of president trump's picks for the medal of freedom. plus the congressman-elect and war veteran mocked by pete davidson on "saturday night
2:40 am
live" gets some revenge. we'll check back in with bill karins for our forecast. (burke) fender-biter.
2:41 am
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juvéderm it. talk to your doctor about the juvéderm collection of fillers. davi pete davidson took time to apologize on this week's show. >> i mean this from the bottom of hi hearmy heart. if any good came of this, the left and the right finally came together to agree on something, that i'm a [ bleep ]. >> you think? sshl, there seriously, there's a lot of lessons to learn here, that americans can forgive one
2:44 am
another. never forget the sacrifices made by those past and present and never forget the heros lost on 9/11, like pete's father. >> never forget. >> it was a touching moment and certainly something this country would learn from at large. >> especially the description that pete davidson gave himself. president trump announced on saturday the seiven recipients next week of the presidential medal of freedom, elvis presley, baby ruth and antonin scalia. the white house failed to mention that she contributed at least $87 million to gop candidates in the midterms. this includes $28 million given to a super pac intended to elect gop candidates to congress.
2:45 am
let's switch gears and bring in bill karins for a quick check on your weather forecast. >> by now everyone has seen the pictures from southern california and the fires. we had a little bit of a break with the wind over the weekend. now we're going to see the winds cranking back up today and tomorrow. the potential is there. high wind warnings in effect for southern california, seven million people at risk. winds could gust 50-75 miles an hour. extreme fire conditions possible from the mountain areas south side of san diego, santa ana and los angeles. this is the area of greatest concern. this is for today and tomorrow. the other story is this huge storm in the southern half of the country. we have a brand new tornado watch in effect for southern
2:46 am
louisiana. a couple supercell thunderstorms coming on shown. it's snowing in oklahoma and also through kansas. here's the week ahead forecast. today that heavy rain pushes through georgia. a lot of airport delays possible in atlanta, right through the carolinas. the rain arrives in d.c. late today. you should be fine getting home. on wednesday everything kind of calms down. here comes the next storm right behind it as rain returns to the southeast. thursday is going to be a mess in the mid atlantic. friday snow in the high elevations of the northeast and rain down at the coast. we'll have to watch that storm closely. it looks like it actually could be maybe even more than an inconvenience. it may be a plowable snow. >> here we go. still ahead, oil prices get a boost amid the recent skid thanks to new actions by saudi arabia. and alibaba smashes records
2:47 am
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this has come as a big surprise it was a few months ago that that extra barrels sow that has taken that away. the second is u.s., saudi and russia pump at record amounts. with very seen the oil drop 20% from the recent highs. that is a picture for the energy complex. there is company news for you. german software company sap announced they're -- they will be buying a company for $8 billion in cash. the ceo compared the potential impact of combining the two to facebook's acquisition of instagram. so big story there. sap shares are down 4% on the
2:51 am
news. >> let's talk about alibaba. they racked in i think -- racking up about $31 billion in sales in just a 24-hour period alone in their shopping event. what helped to fuel the record-setting day? do the math. it's almost more than a billion dollar an hours. >> exactly. that eclipses last year's record of $25 billion. just to give you a stat, in the first 1:25, $1 billion worth of sales went through. a lot of that was in back of the consumer goods as you imagine. the best-selling mobile phone was apple. it wasn't the chinese brands. it was actually apple. that is obviously a good sign for that company. it's been under a lot of scrutiny because of the sales exposure to china. one thing i should tell you is that alibaba shares have not seen much support in. they're still down 16%. how much do you have to sell for the share price to go up?
2:52 am
>> what is the company doing if they're selling $30 bill but still can't get a stock bounce? all right. a pleasure. thank you. >> still to come, axios has a look at this morning's one big thing. and coming up in "morning joe," president trump gets pushback on the world stage. >> more at the pointed comments aimed at the president from one u.s. ally. the president faces backlash for bowing out of an event honoring american troops killed in world war i. >> with a record number of women heading to congress, congresswoman elect talib, one of the first muslim women elected to congress both join the conversation. "morning joe" is adjustment moments away. i landed.
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2:56 am
what is the one big thing? >> yeah. we're looking at the hell that awaits donald trump come january when house democrats take control. and we have one aide saying they loaded up a subpoena cannon. it's going to be directed at the white house by our talley that we were working on overnight, it looks like there is 85 different possible targets that democrats will go after related to trump and to his administration. and why this matters is this is going to dominate the next two years. most democrats that you talk to privately say it almost undoubtedly leads to impeachment proceedings against a president and several different fights over subpoenas and over congressional power that can land before the supreme court. >> we already heard nancy pelosi weighing in when it comes to the i word, impeachment there. i want to play sound from congressman anita lowy, incoming chair of the appropriations committee talking with their colleague and we'll talk about it. >> should the majority look into
2:57 am
these issues related to president trump that has come up? the space force? >> yes. >> james comey's firing? >> yes. >> the travel ban? >> yes. >> the family separation policy? >> absolutely. >> hurricane relief in puerto rico. >> oh, it was absolutely inadequate. >> house staff use of personal e-mail? >> oh, for sure. >> the president's business dealings abroad? >> absolutely. and i want to see his tax return. >> all right. so would nancy pelosi give as many yeses, absolutelies, for sures as we heard? >> i think she would be much more careful in public in terms of saying, well, we're going to do this slow and methodical, we'll see where the facts lead. there is no democrat that we're talking to behind the scenes that doesn't think that this is going to be a hot mess that ultimately does lead to impeachment f you're nancy pelosi, what she's -- the reason she's cautious in public is she saw what happened when republicans were overzealous in going after bill clinton for impeachment proceedings. it really hurt them as a
2:58 am
political party. it hurt their standing in congress, became a distraction and ultimately they didn't get what they wanted to get in terms of trying to remove clinton from office. so she's trying to balance this. she wants to make sure they can do some things legislatively. the pressure is going to be so intense from her. chairman -- but then also from outside forces like tom stir and democratic activists who have been waiting for two years to actually have power to do more than just talk about trump. but actually try to punish him. >> interesting to hear the tone of the president when mentioning nancy pelosi. >> yeah. how it flipped. >> right? >> a whole shift on that tone. >> let me ask you really quickly about your colleague. i know he has new reporting on the president and puerto rico. what did he find out? >> yeah. it's a great scoop by swan looking at how the president doesn't want to provide any more funding for relief for puerto rico. in fact, in private and sort of vented that he wants to pull old funding back which is him
2:59 am
blowing off steam. i think it speaks to the seriousness and his team meeting with congressional appropriators saying no more money for puerto rico. democrats there, they're going to fight for more spending and obviously to have power now once they run the appropriations committee. but this is -- it's also interesting because you saw the president's tweets over the week about the -- the awful deadly fires in california where he's sort of critiquing it in real time as opposed to just saying both in puerto rico and l.a., it's terrible. people lost their lives and homes and futures and you're looking to the president to say okay what are the things with he can do from the federal government perspective? >> all right, jim, thank you for being with us this morning. we'll, of course, be reading axios a.m. in a little while. you can sign up for the newsletter at >> that does it for us on this monday morning. "morning joe" starts right now.
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[ speaking foreign language ] >> desire. hamburger and fries. [ speaking foreign language ] >> coca-cola. and -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> i think we'll quote congressman while we're here. the president's european vacation was as bad as the


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