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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  November 12, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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cowardice rock. i think you're seeing what might be coming this week from mr. mueller. you see it in his panic there. >> well, barcot summoned it up. the platoon does what's best for the group and that's what we have to do as americans. >> mika, final thoughts. >> our troops are sitting at the border waiting for the caravan. say no more. joe. >> all right. that does it for us this morning. let's go now to stephanie ruhle. >> thanks, mika, thanks, joe. good morning, everyone. i'm stephanie ruhle. i've got to start with the most destructive wildfire in california's history. it is also a deadly one. claiming more than 2 dozen live also at this point. at this hour, hundreds remain unaccounted for. >> we're just waiting to go back. >> we're helpless. we just stand here and see it happen. >> a recount now under way in
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two important races as republicans claim florida's elections are being stolen but they don't have any evidence of that. >> senator nelson is clearly trying to commit fraud to try to win this election. that's all this is. >> and failing america's heroes on this veterans day. tens of thousands of veterans not receiving their gi bill benefits which cover housing and education. some are now facing a threat of being kicked out on to the streets. we begin with wildfires tearing through northern and southern california where more dry and windy weather could make the situation even worse once the sun comes up there. as of right now, 31 people have been comed. this morning, a spokesperson for california's fire department says about 100 people are unaccounted for. that is half the number we had yesterday. wildfires have burned 400 square
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miles and we're not just talking mountains and forests. these fires are burning entire communities to the ground. remember, all of these wildfires, they just started four days ago and they are already among the deadliest in the state's history. in the biggest fire north of sacramento nearly 6,500 homes have been destroyed. 111,000 acres burned. that is just part of the story. in southern california, fire is threatening 57,000 structures near l.a., places like malibu and hidden hills are under full evacuation. even parents of l.a. are being cleared out. more than 8,000 firefighters are trying to keep things from getting worse. for some towns, it's already too late. let's look at the city of paradise, california. it is home to 27,000 people. it's been essentially erased by the wildfire in northern california. nbc's steve patterson is there.
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i've watched your coverage. there's no other way to describe the scene where you are, other than post apocalyptic. how are people coping? >> it's heartbreaking, devastating. people are coming as best they can, knowing that about every manmade structure in this area has been reduced to rubble. it is not hyperbole to say at this point, in this town, just about this entire town has been wiped often the map. we were with a fire captain going door to door trying to estimate on people's homes. he's estimated 10% of homes are still standing. i don't know if you can see it. this is a school, elementary classroom. you can see twisted metal desks sort of charred and left smoldering in the background. this scene is everywhere. everywhere we go. normally you'll find pockets or
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neighborhoods that have gone up and been destroyed. literally every neighborhood we went to is gone, reduced to rubble. we spoke to so many people that have lost their homes that are trying to find out information about their homes. that fire captain, he grew up in this neighborhood. he's being texted by people who can't get into the fire zone, asking him, hey, is my home gone. he has to text them back numerous times saying i'm so sorry for your loss. he's done that about 100 times. there was a woman trapped, trying to drive out, and thought she was going to die but just sheer will had the fort attitude to get out of her car. people terrified of being trapped and insincinerated and
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some cases, they were. >> thank you, steve patterson. think about all those firefighters in that area who are locals, who have lost their homes and they haven't begun to address that, why, because they're fighting to protect all those people in california. now we turn to a handful of midterm races that are still up in the air. this is nearly a week after election day. multiple officials have been working to try to ensure a fair count. but not everyone is content to let the process play out. for instance, in arizona, the president has been alleging corruption, pointing to votes he says come out of nowhere. here's what came out of nowhere. the fact is, there's nothing unusual going on in arizona. the vote counts takes longer because of a high number of mail-in ballots. it takes more time because they have to make sure no one voted by mail and in person. no state officials, republicans
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or otherwise, are complaining about the count. currently the democrat kyrsten sinema leads the republican martha mcsally. in florida, it's the governor. but here's the issue, the governor happens to be running for u.s. senate. as we speak, about half of florida's 67 counties are in the midst of a recount with a deadline of this thursday. but even with the recount barely under way, governor rick scott taking to the air waves, throwing out allegations like this sucker. >> bill nelson's a sore loser. he's been in politics too long, 40 years. he just won't give up and esshe saying if you're not a citizen, the ballot ought to count. that's wrong. >> this morning, the president tweeting that the florida election should be called in favor of rick scott and ron desantis in that large numbers of new ballots showed up out of
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nowhere and many ballots are missing or forged. and an honest count no longer possible. okay, that's a whole lot of information that doesn't have facts backing it up. so let's look at the facts. first, the law mandates a recount when the races are as close as they are now. second, there's simply zero evidence to support allegations of fraud. at this point, neither the state elections division, which the governor runs, say they have found any evidence of voter fraud. perhaps just as important, neither the governor, nor the president, have provided any of these facts. this morning senator nelson released a statement saying, quote, if rick scott wanted to make sure every legal ballot is counted, he would not be suing to try and stop voters from having their legal ballot
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counted as intended. i want to bring in nbc's ali vitale. she's been live for days. i'm not sure she's taken a nap or had a meal. i think she might be doing the recap at this point. this thing is a hot mess and given what the president and rick scott are saying, what are we to believe? >> i think it's important you pointed out what the florida department of law enforcement told me on friday. i've called them again this morning to make sure. they said at that point there was no sign of criminal activity or fraud. they touched base with the secretary of state's office on friday and said they had yet to find any of those things. yes, you're correct in that republicans have not furnished evidence of that. but it's normal after election day for counties to keep counting. they had that saturday noon deadline which already passed. after election day, those counties still keep counting and they go through the votes by
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mail, absentee ballots. the reason that's important to point out is because in places like broward county and palm beach county, they're pretty big counties. when you talk about why it might take them longer to meet this next deadline, the machine recount deadline, that could be one of the reasons why. because they're running them through machines. one of the gop chairman there says he doesn't think they're going to meet that deadline, just because of outdated machines. when you're talking about curing organize counting vote by mail ballots, we talked to the election officer in tallahassee and he explained why that's such an intensive process. >> you have to scan in the ballot, associate that image. automates that. then visually with human eyes look at the signed certificate from the envelope and what we have on the record and either accept it or pass it on to the board.
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if there's any doubt, the staff person will pass it on and we will review it so it's a long arduous process. if you get double or triple the bottom, there's limited resources. so i think they kind of got hit with a wave of ballots. >> when he's talking about broward count, he said they might have gotten hit with a wave. for why that might have taken them longer. before that first canvassing deadline, but also why it might be an issue going forward. there is going to be a lawsuit that is on this signature matching issue because the nelson legal team is arguing that yes, after all these long hours, the folks who are counting might be tired. also untrained eyes as far as handwriting expertise. we're expecting to hear more on that issue on wednesday, stephanie. >> my goodness, this thing, i have a feeling, isn't going to be settled on thursday. ali, you better get comfortable
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in tallahassee. now we'll talk georgia because there's a big race there left to be called. the democrat stacy abrams has filed a lawsuit to keep the vote count going. nbc's morgan radford is in marietta right now. where do we go from here? >> so we are here now at the cobb county election headquarters. people are counting the absentee ballots and the ones that came from military and overseas. counting since 8:00 a.m. this morning and they'll count until noon and that's when they'll meet with their board and certify ballots. to keep things in perspective, this is just one of several counties here in georgia who are continuing to count those votes. the big question is which way are those votes going to go? the abrams team says they need just shy of 20,000 votes and
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that's in order to issue a recount. they just need more than 20,000 votes if they want a runoff on december 4th. brian kemp's team says her refusal to concede is a disgrace to democracy. in terms of where we go from here, of course today is a veterans day. some counties are inside and they're counting but the counties have until tuesday to certify their ballots. the state is expected to certify by 5:00 p.m. on wednesday. but abrams team has fired a federal lawsuit and they're asking for the counties to have an additional day and that would give them until wednesday to certify the ballot so georgians are waiting to find out who their next governor is going to be. >> my goodness, thank you, morgan. i have to bring my panel in. matt welch, reason, a libertarian monthly magazine. and my friend tim o'brien, a
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presidential buy og grapher. when you look at the complaining, even if they're not rooted in facts, do they work? >> true, they matter i think eventually diluted their own arguments. to the extent to which they're arguing that arizona is a problem, they're trying to steal votes there. when nobody who is a republican in arizona believes this is a problem. people who have worked on the mccain campaign and other people, jeff flake, people who are not as anti-donald trump as jeff flake. they've said there is no problem, that people are just making this up. that's it is same rhetoric trump used. he said in 2016 there may have been between 3 million and 5 million illegal votes cast -- >> there's the nonsense they pushed. they created a voter fraud coalition that went nowhere. you know what happened to chris coback, he loss his election.
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>> that speaks to something there. there is a limit beyond which certain amount of the public, including the voting public, will say, dude, come on, you're not being serious with this. >> that's too much crazy. tim, you've got the president alleging missing, forged and infected ballots in florida. is this about rick scott or is this about the president simply muddying waters so people will only believe him and a push against fake news? >> definitely the latter. surprise, we find a conspiracy theory that the president which willingly embrace and feast upon. this is the heart and soul of his presidency is about paranoia and fear. he is trying constantly to keep people off balance about process so he can be the final arbiter about what is true or not. of the three elections now being recounted, three states, georgia is probably the state that had
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the most evidence of abuses that should be explored. it's interesting the president is targeting florida and not saying a word about what happened in georgia. and georgia had clear evidence of voter suppression. clear evidence of conflicts of interest with kemp in that race, but the president hasn't said a word about that, surprise, surprise, again, because he'll embrace a party and the people who trickle down. >> a lot of words about the wildfires in california. matt, that's your home state. and the president over the weekend, maybe early saturday morning, tweeted this, there's no reason for these massive deadly and costly forest fires in california except that forest management is so poor. billions of dollars are given each year with so many lives lost. all because of gross mismanagement of the forest. remedy now or no more federal
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reserve payments. first, wildfires don't just start in forests. and much of their forests are under federal control, not state control. so what in the world is going on here right? the president making no mention of climate change when we're coming off one of the hottest records and the rainy season hasn't started yet. we're 3 to 4 inches below where we're supposed to be. >> it seems there's good victims and bad victims. he's already said according to reporting this morning he's thinking about blocking off further aid -- or disaster relief to puerto rico because he is accuse, without any evidence, that this aide is being divertled to pay off debt relief -- >> yes, misuse of funds, no evidence. >> california is a bad victim so let's go after them. he said there's no reason for california to have these devastating fires. california had devastating fires before there were about 5,000 humans living in california. california is a fire ecology. you have steep mountains,
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droughts, winds. every october, every november, since time in memorial, there have been fires in california. there's a question about how you manage state forests. those are interesting questions to be talked about, not right now necessarily. you're talking about federal disaster release. talking about what we can do to deal and mitigate these fires in the moment instead of going after and blame victims at this point. >> the other part of this story is, it is an excellent to the 8,000 firefighters working open the front lines and the tens of thousands of people who have been evacuated. especially if he considers himself this law and order, red-blooded guy? over the weekend, he does not goal pay his respects to our soldiers at a cemetery. he insults our firefighters. aren't there a whole lot of people in his base who are going to be crushed by these statements?
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>> that's one of the interesting phenomenons about trump. he portrays himself as the hero of the middle class, the workingmen and women of america. but when push comes to shove, act like a leader who's out there defending their interest in practice, not just in wordings. you see this time and again. we're on veterans day. the president has not visited troops overseas yet during his entire presidency. the president has not gone on to the ground to california to stand by p side by side with the firefighters. >> how about the troops in texas who he has sent down there to protect us against the caravan? >> the situation on the southern board are could be a morale time bomb. you've got troops with an unclear message that are waiting ago threat that trump has defined but no one really believed is a threat. they don't have batteries to
6:19 am
charge their phones. they're sleeping on tents on the ground. they won't be home for thanksgiving. once again, a president who want to washington who was supposed to go there as a business man who knew how to make things work is falling down on the job when it comes to simple process. >> gentlemen, please stick around. a lot to cover in this hour. coming up, growing criticism of president trump's actions or lack of action during the trip to paris to mark 100 years since the end of the first world war. first, tensions high following midterms and this country feeling more divided than ever. it's not the case. as "saturday night live" points out, there's a lot of things we can agree on. ♪ we all hate wet jeans ♪ we all hate bees that follow us around ♪ ♪ we hate it even more when it's gone ♪ >> come on, man. to geico.
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welcome back. president trump is back at the white house today, after spending the weekend in paris with world leaders commemorating the end of world war i. the president is facing mounting criticism over his decision not to attend a caeremony on saturday. citing the weather as a reason. seems to overshadow the event trump showed up to on sunday where he joked with a war
6:24 am
veteran about getting soaked in the rain. >> frank devita. thank you, frank. thank you very much. you look so comfortable up there under shelter as we're getting drenched. you're very smart people. >> my goodness. roberto costa, national political reporter for the post, my dear friend. he's the moderator of washington week on pbs. take me inside the white house. the president bailing on saturday's event. was it poor planning? i mean, the weather? i'm sure they could have organized a motorcade in time. >> stephanie, when you look at this trip, you see a president who's isolated not only in terms of logistics and planning for these events but isolated ideologically and politically with the macron speech about nationalism and many western european leaders railing against the rise of nationalism.
6:25 am
not only in the united states e. you have a president trusting away from that consensus. >> walk me through his late arrival on sunday. white house is saying it was security concerns but there were lots of other world leaders marching in the streets. was this the plan all along? i cannot figure out who is supporting the president's actions or inactions here. >> when you talk to the white house, it is really the president whose dictating the way these things flow in terms of the political and diplomatic theater. the white house is maintaining that there were security concerns. but the image of other world leaders walking without the american president at their side, the white house continues to maintain it was because of security, but there is a takeaway for the world that the president is operating on his own in terms of the event
6:26 am
planning and, as i said politically this is someone who's not taking an extra step to show the world he's in so solidarity with them in spirit. he came to the event to celebrate veterans. but there is this schism that exists and it's apparent to all the for press that you read, to the foreign leaders, that this american president is really there not only to celebrate veterans but to press for his own national interest and to push them around. >> he's also not walking arm in arm with facts. this morning in a whole bunch of tweets the president said over the weekend he confronted world leaders but how unfair it is the u.s. is spending billions when it comes to military protection and the great privilege of using hundreds of billions on trade. he's conflating two issues. who in this administration is standing with the president here, saying right on?
6:27 am
i don't mean sarah sanders and her office who are scrambling to come up with explanations for this nonsense. >> very few people, stephanie. you think about the members of the cabinet, secretary mattis and others, they do not share their own president's transactional view of foreign policy. they speak in different tones. especially european alliance for the u.s. this is a president who is dictating foreign ministpolicy own. it's not as others who are part of his administration. >> i'm pretty sure there is no himmenal with these verses. all right, bob, thank you for joining me. i want to bring in now somebody who can really help us understand the president and all that he did on the world stage this weekend, former ambassador to iraq, north korea, poland and
6:28 am
macedonia, ambassador chris hill. please help me because i don't understand this, ambassador. the president of france made a very clear rebuke of nationalism. >> patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. by saying our interests first who cares about the others, we erase what a nation holds dearest. what gives us life. what makes it great and what is essential, its moral values. >> we know there's a far right rise in france and germany as well. walk us through the strategy of thought who want to stop the rise of nationalism in their countries. >> people with a sense of history, empathy, understand what the end of world war i meant. horrific war. but followed by a horrific
6:29 am
period of nationalism that descended once again into a world war. this is really in many respects the origin of the european union to make it impossible for france and germany to ever fight again. what was significant about the president's decision not to go to bella wood. this was an event, a battle fought by u.s. marines. it will be remembered for a thousand years. far longer than donald trump will be remembered. this was a time when u.s. troops, u.s. marines went and plugged a hole in a battle line against a resurgeant germany in the summer of 1918. we have a president who has no gr idea of the historical cop text of this kind of gathering. as the french president understood, it was to prevent the onslaught of nationalism that led to another horrific
6:30 am
war. the president, yes, he has a lack of empathy, but he has a complete lack of any context to anything he does joef seas. without putting too fine a point on it, this came at the conclusion of a very bad week for him where the aftermath of the elections. i think he was simply emotionally exhausted. >> no doubt, he was emotionally exhausted. we should remind our audience while we have seen the alt right in the last week defend the president, calling himself a nationalist, saying this is the left wing media conflating things, there you have emmanuel macron, clearly stating nationalism and patriotism are, in fact, the opposites. let's talk about trump and putin. both arrived late to sunday's event. putin gives the president a thumbs up as he arrives. >> again, i think these are two leaders who are perceived as
6:31 am
trying to tear apart the world order. president trump has continued to double down on the idea that there's good in president putin and he's someone we can somehow work with to address problems. these are two people who are kind of on the outs. president putin has his own share of political problems within russia, just as president trump does. so i think there's a kind of -- the two bad boys of the occasion are kind of trying to buck each other up. they did have a short meeting. i think the real meeting will be at the g-20 when the major industrialized countries get together and argentina. not a lot of substance there but it was kind of noticeable that the two of them were on the outs while everyone else is in the mood and understanding the events that they're commemorating. >> and honoring veterans, something we can agree upon.
6:32 am
thank you, i really appreciate your insights. all right, coming up, tens of thousands of veterans are not getting their gi benefits. why? because of an i.t. issue. now some could be facing using their homes because of an i.t. issue, money they're owed. (chime)
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it's veterans day. the department of veterans affairs is struggling to administer gi bill benefit payments including those covering education and housing. the delays are caused by a series of i.t. glitches that are leaving veterans high and dry. the backlog created after trump signed a bill expanding benefits for these veterans. more than 82,000 are waiting for their housing payments. with only a few weeks left in the school semester, it might be too late for some of them. joining me now, our guest who spoke to one young veteran who is now basically homeless. let's remind everyone, last
6:37 am
night, almost 40,000 vets were homeless. think about that every day. tell us about this story and specifically this vet, shelly roundtree, the vet you spoke to. >> yes, he served in afghanistan and he came back and his hope was to get back to a sense of normalcy, enter civilian life. that's watt gi bill does, allow them to enter civilian life again. he's close to graduating now. getting a marketing degree. but then his gi bill payments stopped coming for the semester so he lost his apparentment and he's now living on his sister's couch and all of his belongings are in a storage facility now that he can't afford anymore. >> walk me through it because he's not a one-off case. we have thousands of veterans across the country waiting to get paid. what in the world is going on with this backlog?
6:38 am
an i.t. issue? come on, now. >> after trump signed the forever gi bill, which is supported open both sides of the aisle, it extends benefits forever, it would expire after 15 years. the problem is in that bill it also canninged how housing was grated. it was calculated based on where you're going to school rather than where you live. that little change, that zip code, essentially caused this massive explosion where these enrollments were just delayed. >> there's no emergency funding being paid to these vets? i know they'll have a hearing next week in the house to investigate the matter. that ain't going to change life for shelly in the next week if all of his belongings are auctioned off. >> there's a hardship line you can be added to. the problem is, there's so many hardships that line has now become so long as well. so now veterans are confused whether they should call in, go to the hardship line, which
6:39 am
could extend the delay for them even further. and really the va's having trouble communicating these issues to them so vets don't know what they should be doing. >> the president can communicate through twitter. he knows how to do that to help our veterans. >> the president is a business man who campaigned on the promise he would cut wasteful government and make the remaining government work for his constituents. that's not happening here. there are jobs that have been unfilled. he oversaw a generous expansion of g i benefits but didn't embed a process behind them to make sure they could be properly delivered. this isn't partisan politics or ideology. it's about managing a process. he overseas the federal government. the reality is, he doesn't care about minutia. he lacks the patience and
6:40 am
discipline. he appreciates a grand jury. then he doesn't follow up. you're seeing all this come home to roost in a very ugly way. >> the va problems are bo he moth. you've got a new va secretary. what do you make of this? >> i invite us to depersonalize this. >> yes, it's not trump -- >> recognize that everything that doesn't work well in government bureaucracy doesn't work well, extra bad, in the va. >> isn't that sick? >> it's more sick because these are people who we made promises too and in this individualized -- >> but we got that corporate tax cut done. >> it is a difficult problem. one of the things the government does work, this is notorious going back years, is i.t. notorious in the federal governments and always has been. >> obamacare. >> there's so many different ways this doesn't work. the delivery of health benefits
6:41 am
during the administration's really came to light. a slow building problem for a really long time. so we have to find ways to deal with this huge bureaucracy. bureaucracy's create their own problems. you need some kind of fresh outsider. the promise over the va, we have yet to see things. >> please help them, please. great reporting. share that story. everyone watching, please share that story. coming up, elections, they have consequences. gearing up for some of the being ans they plan to take when they get control of the house in january. minimums and fees. they seem to be the very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with
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6:46 am
we almost went into a depression in 2008. so first of all, we've got to be concerned about the big financial institutions of america. >> joining me now, chief financial correspondent and author of the edge newsletter my friend felix salmon. a lot of this has nothing to do with president trump. what can we expect to see out of the house financial services committee come january? >> we're going to see housing, farm aid, fannie and freddie. there's going to be a lot of just blocking and tackling democratic talking points. they're obviously not going to pass any legislation because they don't have the senate, they don't have the white house. but as far as the press is concerned in the media, we're going to pay attention to, frankly, is going to be the deutsche bank stuff, the penas a
6:47 am
subpoenas and -- >> deutsche bank, where i, full disclosure, worked for eight years of my life. maxine waters called deutsche, which is the one bank that did banking services for both president trump's personal business as well as the kushner family. she said deutsch is the biggest money laundering bank in the world. can you elaborate on what she means? >> so deutsche was of course a $10 billion scandal in russia. that's what she's referring to. it might be possible, like, danish banks, which have done more money laundering. deutsche bank in terms of the actual signs it's paid for money laundering. and of course it has multitudalness connections with the trump organization and the kushner family and it's all very
6:48 am
murky. >> do you think multi-tudalness is actually a word? >> it could be. >> i'm going to start using it and support you in the fact -- >> thank you, we're going to create a new word. >> let's talk about the multi-tudiness of the branches of government. one-third is now controlled by democrats. can they get anything done? they don't have as much power as we think they do. >> can they take what they're calling the t-shirt cannon of subpoenas and just shower all of washington, d.c. in subpoenas? yes, they can do that. maxine waters knows how the system works. she knows how to fire these things where they will blow i and do the most damage. >> the t-shirt cannon of subpoenas. do you know i love t-shirt cannons? we're like desperately reaching for the t-shirts.
6:49 am
t-shirts that you never wear. always like a size xl. the one the 76ers is called big berth bertha. felix, thank you. the t-shirt cannon of subpoenas. only with alex. when we come back, the house of cards, you know, the tv show known for its outrageous accounts of what's going on in the white house, but here's the one thing that the trump presidency has taught us, truth can be stranger than fiction. one of the show's biggest breakout stars weighs in. here we go.
6:50 am
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are you in good hands? the american oligarchs out there, they are coming for us. they are trying to strip me of my constitutional power are. we've been entwined for decades. we deserve to go our separate ways. >> i'm not going to be told what to do anymore, not by you or any man ever again. >> what do you feel most? >> her. >> extreme divisiveness, and investigation into the president, and a rise of women
6:54 am
like never before. the his series house "house of has always mirrored the actual white house, but with all the news sir voundiurrounding the c administration, have we gotten to a place that even the producers of the hit netflix drama couldn't script? i spoke to michael kelly about the parallels between "house of cards" and the world as we know it. >> and walk us through this. you are on a fictional show. but if you actually the sat down for a script read, for a table read with a narrative that we are seeing in real life, would you believe it? >> no. i think for the first time maybe we've been outdone by the current administration and the world of crazy, you know. you can't imagine some of the things that are happening. but it is funny, because like on our show, there are no real life
6:55 am
consequences. it is fun, it is entertaining. and you watch it and the president does something insane and no one gets hurt in real life, you know. where that is the problem with the fair legal on our show and the current administration in my opinion. >> and i know you don't believe that the president has unified the country, but do you think that there are some situations that have been a positive? >> yeah. they are hard to find, you know. i do believe that as a country we need to come together on the opoid issue. so he is trying to do something with that. i can get behind him on some things. i will be going to the white house correspondents di s dinne the first time since he took office. i think that it is important for a lot of us to go back and stand up for our friends in the press and say that we have back. that is what that night is about, it is not about the president. so, yeah, i think that there are ways that we can come together.
6:56 am
i'm going to step forward and do that. >> since president trump won, people across the country are engaged. wherever you go, people want to talk politics. >> and that is what i encourage. i come from the south. i spent a lot of time growing up in georgia. i have a lot of friends on the other side of the aisle. and the most encouraging thing you can do is have conversation. just talk to each other about issues. and you can agree to disagree, but make sure that both sides are informed. >> this season of house is centered around women's empowerment and women were just elected in record numbers in real life this week. talk about the rise of women and the role it has played in the show. you have the president and the all female cabinet, but that wasn't really a choice, that was a whole lot of issues, whether it was kevin spacey or the "me too" movement and now we have all these women who just won.
6:57 am
what does it all mean? >> first of all, it is the greatest parallel from our show to real life politics. i've said it before publicly, i think that we'd be in a lot better place with women running just about everything. they take their time with things before they jump to a decision. i don't think that it is any coincidence that we have this happening in our country now. and i don't think that the parallel between our show and real life is any coincidence. this is where we are going as a country, as a people. we are realizing that women are just -- they have a good handle on thing. i trust everything with my wife a lot better than i trust it with myself. >> and veterans day is also spoken us. i know that you are a huge supporter of veterans. why is it so important to you? >> for me, you know, i did the long road home and i also did generation kill. i spent time with these people. i have great respect for them. these are people who you and i have the freedom to come here
6:58 am
and say whatever we want about anything because these people are out there fighting for that freedom for us. and whether you agree with what our military is doing, once they have been assigned that mission, that is what they are doing and you have to support them. and you know, we have -- here is another example. like the president could be doing something about the insane suicide rate we have with our veterans. it is insanity that we can't come together and do better for our military when these people come home. sure we support them when they are there, what thanes when they come home? thatted a justment period, having talked to my friends in the military, it is the hardest thing. we need to do better as a country to help these people when they come home. >> michael, thank you so much. "house of cards" will be hotter than ever. kelly. and no matter what, there is always good news somewhere and we think good news rule.
6:59 am
today we head to the great white north, canada, where these two children could not be happier living in a winter wonderland. these two refugee children arrived in canada in early november just in time to see the first snowfall. how about that beautiful image. don't worry, kids, there is much more where that came from. this is canada. you'll get a lot more snow. that wraps up this hour. i'll see you again at 1:00 p.m. coming up, more news with hallie jackson. and in washington it is feeling a lot like 2000 all over again. nearly a week after election day, it is not over yet with recounts, lawsuits, accusations of fraud piling up in florida. and two other statewide races. we'll take you to the room where it is happening for the latest against the recount deadline. and then a reality check of whether republican claims of
7:00 am
widespread voter fraud hold up. and also house dems are supposedly loading the subpoena cannon. new numbers on what they are digging in on and whether the white house is really ready for all of it or some of it or even less. plus -- >> i was able to call my husband and i'm crying historically and i said nick, i'm going to die. i can't get out of my car, it is on fire. i'm going to die. and he says don't die, run. >> that emotional story of a nurse evacuating patients as a wildfire burned the edges of her california hospital only to face a life or death situation of her own. 31 people dead, more than 200 people missing with fires whipping both ends of the state. experts now being brought into search for victims. we're live on the ground. our team is set up and ready to go and we start with the deadline in florida, where more than 8.2 milli


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