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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 13, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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do i say about you? >> and the affair. monica lewinski opens up in a new interview about the scandal that nearly brought down a presidency. >> you know, i was in love with bill at the time. and so i just felt really responsible. >> good day. i'm kasie hunt in for andrea mitchell, and we will begin this hour with breaking news and msnbc exclusive report. the chief white house correspondent hallie jackson is joining with us the breaking news. and what are you reporting? >> hey, kasie, a couple of things about the future of chief of staff kelly. and this is unreported details of the clashes with the first lady melania trump and this is a source of tensions that sources have talked to myself, and kristen welker and courtney lee and others have been working on
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the story and also conflicts that he has had with the deputy national security adviser which is now an issue. >> and she works for ambassador john bolton. >> yes, and there was a blow up between john kelly and john bolton in the west wing, and the tension tensions of the two men have been flaring. the issues with melania trump and again, this is stuff that we are reporting out now stem with the travel and the staffing issues essentially and some of the logistical issues and some of the east wing concerns actually ess calated to the le of the president according to the seven sources we have been talking. to and melania trump raised concerns about the requests to promote some of her top aids that had been denied and the requests languished for months, and kelly said not enough available positions, and the president was upset when he heard about this, and according to the sources he directed kelly to say, i don't need this junk.
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and he used -- >> and marital spat there. >> and i don't need this junk, and there were tensions there that something that have been some of the things that have learned about and context here, rig right? these continuing tensions now between john kelly and these folks inside of the white house have put kelly's job on the line. and there is increasing speculation, and particularly in the last couple of weeks that he is going to be departing the white house, and questions here, who could replace him? and several of the sources are telling us that nick ayers who is the vice president's chief of staff could be one of the folks to whom the white house has reached out. we know that based on the reporting that the white house has actively reached out to others for that job. and the white house is not commenting for this story. and they are also not pushing back to us at least of today and the first lady's office has a statement, and they are saying that they are, there is a good relationship and a very positive working relationship and the
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east wing is focused on the east wing when they need to work with the west wing, they ey can. and so the first lady's office stay thing out of the way. >> and is isn't there a deal that john kelly had announced a deal -- >> yes sh, he announced it. the president has asked me to stay the on until 2020 and that something that we will do, and we are learning that is increasingly untenable position, and given the role of kelly and the tensions coming up now between the key figures, and melania trump in a lot of ways, she does her own thing, and we have seen it in the past and independent operator, but behind the scene, she is obviously talking to her husband about these issues, and getting on the wrong side of the first lady has not been working out welle for the previous chief of staffs. >> and the same for ronald reagan's chief of staffs who got on the wrong side of nancy reagan reagan. >> and bringing in the co-chair of the election administration,
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and obviously, talking about a slightly different topic than we originally imagined when we brought you on, but as somebody who has spent time in the west wing, and you are familiar, and those of us in the obama administration remember a smoother running machine than president trump's has been, and what is it about a personality conflict of someone who is close to the president, and in this case, first lady and a staff member that makes so it difficult to navigate? >> well, it is not difficult to navigate. if there is a problem, it is because there is a confusion about the roles and expectations. it is sort of all of the time that i was in the white house, and you mentioned the reagan episode and obviously, i was not there for that, but it did not work out terribly well or tensions there, and wa what i have seen is that the chiefs of staffs who understand the first ladies and the first ladies who understand the different functions of the east and the west wing, and if things are out of control, maybe the
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combustible element here is donald trump. >> perhaps. what do you know about kind of the interaction and the job of the chief of staff is supposed to do, and how would you grade john kelly's role in that role? >> i have been asked what is it like to be a lawyer for donald trump, and i have to say, what would it be like to be the chief of staff for john kelly, because donald trump does not play by the rules and inexperienced about the process, and rules, and i know what i know from the public media sources, but i not imagine the challenge to instill discipline in a president who are resists discipline and order at every turn. >> but that is not chief of staff kelly's role, because he was going to cut down and the tweets and get things in line, but that is not what he saw, he thought that he would manage some of the staffing issues and things underneath the president, and what we are seeing now in this tenure, he is now involved in the power struggles with people likebolten, and the
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head of the national security adviser, and from our reporting, the first lady does not have a problem with him. >> she was not getting what she wanted. >> and that is a concern when it has reached the level of the president, and according to the sources and they said one thing to do in john kelly, it will be melania trum the a he -- trump the issues with her, and this has ar risen, and john kelly said, hey, i'm around for a couple of year, and it would be a stunning development if he was, and the time is looking much, much sooner than that. >> and we have with us, msnbc contributor jeremy peters, political reporter at "the new york times." and jeremy, i want to bring you in on this question of who might replace john kelly, because you, like i have, i have covered nick ayers who is right now serving and has served mike pence, and he is a very ambitious
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operative, and what do you know about him, and what does it say about the white house that he might be the person who is stepping into this role. >> well, i think that it is saying that president trump doesn't have a terribly deep bench around him right now. i mean, he has not really engendered the kind of loyalty that other presidents have when they come into office. and people want to serve them. if anything, you have seen people fleeing this administration in droves. and one common misperception, kasie, is that president trump only hires people who are loyal to him, and this is the fact or the characteristic that he is looking for the most in his staff. well shg, on the superficial le yes, but on the vast majority of people in the administration, they don't see any sense of loyalty to this president, because of how e a rattic the behavior is, and because of how
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some people have explained it to me, he is a a weird guy and not my words, but people in the white house have been using about him. and so he just doesn't have the respect of the people who work for him, and whoever steps into the role, eventually when john kelly leaves and we assume it is some point, but we don't know when, i think that we need to stop assuming or guessing that he is going to change the president's behavior as a hallie pointed out, that was never going to be john kelly's role, and it is not going to be frankly any chief of staff to president trump's role. >> i would say anybody in america or around the world could change his behavior, and hallie, wasn't there one point when we talked about it a couple of months ago that the speculation that the white house would operate without a chief of staff. >> that is the reporting that the president was musing and pointing to people like lbj, and they don't have a chief of staff and why do i need one, and what
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i have heard from sources more recently is that the president understands that somebody has to do it. and now he effectively defactor is his own chief of staff and own chief mes sen jeshgs and communicator and making the decisions, because that is how he ran the business and the west wing. when it comes to for example nick ayers, he is somebody who has work and tried to keep a little bit of the low profile, but the work to develop a relationship with president trump and with those in the west wing even while working for vice president pence, the two of them huddling, the president and nick ayers here, huddling on election night at the party, the reception that the white house held and that sparked speculation about what is the discussion about and what are they talking about and i am told the it ist not directly h related to this, but other things relate nod the election night, but it is a sign that the ayers is somebody who feels comfortable having that c conversation with donald trump. >> and what is the conversation with jared kushner and ivanka trump?
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>> well, that is a big question, because we know that jared kushner and ivanka have been people who have worked to shape perhaps if president's thinking when it comes to staffers who are close with them. by all accounts the fact that ayers is considered here is a sign that the two of them are not totally opposed to it, or you would have heard it quashed much sooner. >> bob, what would it have been like to work inside of the white house without a chief of staff, what wrouould you lose? >> coherence and focus and somebody who has a chief of staff and a defactor chief of staff, and president kennedy did not, and bobby kennedy was in all intents and purposes his chief of staff, and we can see who lyndon johnson depend ed upon, and it is not just going to run itself the west wing, and the president is not an uber adm
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administrator who runs the shop, but it is a shop to run to support the president, and somebody has to see that it does so. >> and to make sure they do. and jeremy peters, you are saying that people are not lining up to work for president trump and not anybody necessarily close to him, and do we believe that going the change if it is clear that the president is running for re-election, and perhaps if he does get re-elected and do you think that you are going to be seeing so many of these conservatives and trying to stay the outside of the president 's orbit? >> i think it is kind of the lindsey graham scenario as i would describe it. somebody who keeps him at the arm's length and criticizes him when he needs to, and when the president simply goes too far, and somebody who also knows how to keep the president close and to talk to him just enough and in just the right way to have some type of influence. you are not always going to be able to change his mind, but shape his thinking a little bit. i don't think that there are any
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republicans who are writing trump off yet, and most are operating under the assumption that he is running for ree ek shu -- re-election, and that not a fate de compli, and many are saying that the 2020 is barreling ahead here, but some of the people who i know who know the president very well, they just don't believe it to be a sealed deal. >> joining us now is nbc news white house correspondent geoff bennett on the north lawn, and we wanted to get to you to talk about the questions around the homeland security secretary kirstjen neilson who is an ally and friend of john kelly who is rumored to leave. >> yes, and these two stories dovetail, because the only thing standing in the way of president trump firing his homeland security is john kelly who is a long time champion of kirstjen neilson's position.
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but behind the scenes the president and nielsen is untenable. he questions her loyalty and views her as a bush loyalist, and the president feels that she is more personally loyal to john kelly than she is to president trump given the personal relati relationship and the fact that john kelly was the predecessor at dhs and there are new reports that nielsen could be eyeing the exits as early as this week, but a source familiar with the president's thinking put it to me, there is nothing new about the fact that donald trump is fed up with the homeland security secretary, and one source put it to me that he views her as the embodiment of everything wrong at the border, and he has been frustrated with her inability to really put in place some of the policies he has in mind for shoring up security at the border and some of the policies have been described to me as impractical if not downright illegal. and is so it is a matter of when
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and not if kirsten the nielsen leaves this edadministration, casey zi. -- kasie. >> and it is notable what happened after the no tolerance at the border, and she went out to be if public face for him. >> and for the president the issues are much deeper than that, and publicly as recently as last month he comes out to praise her in the moments of the natural disaster and doing the tours and she is with him, he goes out of the way to say nice things about her, and privately, it is a story that is running de deeper, and she is by far the biggest defender in the west wing, but for those with of who cocover -- cover the west wing, know it is a matter of time. and cory lewendowski talked about pam bondi and other people who have views that have a
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hard-line view as the president does. >> and could have a hard time being confirmed. >> yes. >> and so, now, the late toast the florida recount. stay with us on "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. let's put down roots. let's build something. let's do the thing that you do. let's do the thing that changes the shape of everything... that pushes us forward and keeps us going. let's do the work. you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. discover.o.
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hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. we are also tracking all of the action in florida where the state officials are up against a thursday deadline to recount the two biggest races, governor and
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senate, and the lawyers for both sides are fighting it out in court, and the republicans in both races are trying to proceed as if they have won. there is one race which has been decided in arizona where republican martha mcsally conceded to krysten sinema make making her the first woman to be elected to the senate and the first democrat in 30 years. it is another blow to president trump whose persistent attacks on jeff flake push ed the republican to retirement and put the seat in play. and joining me now is garrett haake, and ali vitale in tallahassee and so i want to start with you, and this deadline is coming up fast. >> well, it is coming up fast, kasie. and this story is coming up fast. you mention ned that the republicans are acting like the race is already won, and that is true. rick scott is going to d.c. for tomorrow with new member events on the hill, and i ra ran into
9:20 am
ron desantis in tallahassee and he said that his race would end not only with this machine count, and mandated by law, but he is here setting up the transition offices what he said to me last night. but in the recount, i wanted to mention in leon county here in tall the has si, they have 6,000 votes left to count, and this is what the recount process should look like, and you can see it in the machines behind me, and they are reloading the particular machine, but two boxes that the ballots are spit out into once they are fed into, and if you are going to the left, these are the races with the votes in, and they are clear who they are vote to, but if it is sped out to right, those are the over/under votes around the things that come back to the hand recount that should be triggered on thursday. and so another piece in court tomorrow, and let es presue what we might hear about tomorrow the. this is the idea of the
9:21 am
signature matching coming to play for the provisional ballots and the vote by mail, and we got the take a look at the ballots here at the county center and the board of elections, and what they look like, and they will say there are discrepancies, and certainly in some cases, there are, but in many of the ballots that we saw and i got a look at i it is clear which scignsignat did and which ones didn't. so this is something that we will be hearing about tomorrow, because in federal court, the nelson team, have filed to get new standards of the matching criteria is and that is something that you will be hearing about a lot tomorrow and the rest of the week, kasie. >> jeremy, you have written about this, and looking at what is at stake for republicans in florida ands tas ticks they are using framing it as, you know, rick scott has come out to say, that nelson is committing fraud.
9:22 am
>> right. rampant fraud. exactly, so the republicans are treating this, kasie, much as they did the 2000 presidential recount in that they see it as an extension of the campaign, and there is no reason to tamp down on the rett are rick and to lett this play out in court, so you have to fight it on multiple fronts, and this is not just in the courts, themselves, but in the court of public opinion where you have to the aim to discredit the recount efforts, and this is what you have seen from the republicans across the board whether it is coming from rick scott or lindsey graham or cory gardner or any number of the republican surrogates that they have put out there who coincidentally of course are going to be, not coincidentally, but i mean, going to be rick scott's colleague if he should sit in the senate when they are sworn in, in january. so this is really a campaign. the question is whether or not democrats are as effective, because in 2000, during the
9:23 am
recount, they were not. they were a little bit are resonant, and they did not want to fight it in the public field, and there is a wide spread belief that because the republicans did not hit back aggressively enough, they, the outcome could have been different. >> and bob bower, you are an attorney with incredibly deep experience, and what do you see the there? >> well, i don't see it the same way in 2000 as jeremy does, but it is on the votes count and all of the eligible voting counted and the only reason that the recount stop and george bush became president is because the united states supreme court intervene and stopped the recount. so the litigating strategy which is one of liberalizing the franchise and making sure that the fundamental principle that we have, that eligible votes should count and we should be care careful to honor the intended
9:24 am
voters -- >> that is the most expansive one. >> and governed by law and governed by legal principles to be sure, and whereas on the other side and what we saw then and now is an attack on the system that is vulnerable to fraud, and tremendous danger in counting the votes, and ineligible voters will be counted into the pile. in that sense, it is a repeat of the same struggle of the competing visions of how to treat the close elections in the electoral process. >> and i want to go to because it is much different than florida. and so for martha mcsally as others were taking a pugnacious view to the vote counting, and you have pointed out she may be resurfacing sooner than we with may expect, no? >> it is almost a senatorial concession seat, and it is jon
9:25 am
kyl, the once former and arizona senator appointed to fill john mccain's seat, and kyl has said that it is not a long term position for him, and up to the the governor the make another appointment to that seat up until the next election, and mcsally is widely rumored to be someone who could fit in that job. it is entirely possible that we will see both sinema and mcsally here. and mcsally in arizona had a john mccainesque are reputation, the military background and her own maverick-y streak if you will, and she tableed it to run to the right in a difficult three-way primary in a arizona and stayed to the right to keep the trump white house on her side, and i will leave it to the smarter people than me to make that broader argument, because then sinema was able to are run
9:26 am
as the more moderate. >> and now it seems that you have more breaking news and lawsuit? >> yes sh, the top nelson lawye tweeted they had sued florida in federal court to make sure that the guidelines for voter intent do not -- and without reading too much into this, and what this is going to be om coing down to with folks here in leon county and strategists in the state who saw 2000, intent is clear, and the tag goes to the voter f. there is an intention to the vote is and for a candidate, usually the canvassing boards deciding the intention of the voter will say this is in this case the tie gos to the voter and pretty clear where the intention s and few is situations to determine it. and this is another one with the mounting legal challenges. >> and the tie to the runner. okay. coming up, state of emergency.
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the wildfires are blazing out of control in california and now the deadliest in state history. a live report of the camp fires from california. insurance that won't replace the full value of your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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i literally watched from it go from that little bit of the stack to this the engulfing the whole mountain, cresting and everything. i watched explosions go up, and i have seen at least two firenados and you can hear the people coming down the skyway saying that it is like midnight, driving through the midnight blackness and then driving through the tunnels of fire. >> an evacuee of the camp fire describing the apocalyptic scene on the ground, and where the most destructive blaze in the state's history is now the deadliest. and we are joined by steve patterson at chico, california, miles from where the fires are burning. steve, you have been talking to the survivor, and what are they telling you about the horrible experiences? >> oh, caskasikasie, this is catastrophic, and death toll is 44 across the state and 42 in this fire, and they have pulled
9:32 am
out 13 more bodies in the town of paradise nearly wiped off of the map. you wanted to talk about survivors and just about every story that we have heard and talking to everybody who we have talked about is either heartbreaking or harrowing. and the survivor s wis will tel one of two things, they have also just about everything. their homes, basically, if they have gotten out of paradise, it is with the clothes on their back, and maybe they were a able to the grab a photo album or one of the pets or maybe nothing. and second, just how harrowing this is. everybody that we spoke to will tell you that the they thought at some point in that ordeal if they were in paradise, they thought they were going to die. some of the most harrowing sites that you are going to see are the cars that are lined up left on the road serving the tombs in many case s fs for the people w got caught in the firestorm and they were insen rated on the road. in fact, teams of cadaver dogs with the archaeologists now
9:33 am
picking through the remains to be able to identify what may be a body at this point. there are still maybe 100 or 200 people still missing, and families concerned are calling in, in incredible amounts and that is work that is being done in a paradise. the firefighters are pushing the fire back, and about 130,000 ac acres and it sounds big, and it is, but it is now burning in the valleys and the hillsides and the rural areas a wway from the city setters and so that is work to continue here, and good news there, but it is heartbreaking and horrific. back to you. >> let's hope that the positive trends continue. steve patterson in chico, california. thank you. and coming up, legal trouble, and white matt whitaker's appointment to acting attorney general may face a battle in court. battle in court. ♪
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after president trump dismissed jeff sessions and made matt whitaker the new acting attorney general, critics have questioned if that appointment was constitutional. and today, the state of maryland is expected to ask a federal judge to declare that the deputy attorney rod rosenstein should be the acting a.g.
9:38 am
joining me to talk about this is pete william, and also, harry litman who was the ag in the clinton edadministration. and so, pete, clarity of how this is to play out? >> they have filed this challenge to an existing lawsuit and i will come back to that in a second, but they are saying that the appointment of matt whitaker as the acting attorney general is illegal and violates a statue and also violating the constitution, and the statutory argument goes like this. the president used a vacancy reform act to give him three options according to that law to fill a job like this, and the third option is the one he chose picking someone who is a senior official already at that department who has been on the job at least 90 days and makes a certain amount of money on the pay skill and is a senior person. maryland says that law is trumped if you pardon the expression, and that law is oovershadowed, if you will by a
9:39 am
separate federal statute saying that when there sis a van vacany in the office of the deputy attorney general, the as ssista would step in, and there are statutory reasons why this is true, and there is a rule in the statutory interpretations that says a more statutory existence takes over a more general one. they say that the appointments clause of the constitution says that anybody serving in a cabinet level job like this has to be presidential ly nominate and confirmed by the senate and they say that the president could have chosen anybody else in the government who has been through a senate hearing and been confirmed by the senate such as the deputy attorney general and other senior officials at the department, and the secretary of transportation or whatever, and by not choosing such a person, he violated the constitution. and so those are the arguments and now i will promise what i said at the beginning. this is not a case about obama care that is against a number of
9:40 am
federal officials including jeff sessions, and now maryland says that you have to take him off and put the attorney general on, and that should be rod rosenstein and not matt whitaker. >> interesting. mr. litman, can you walk us through the importance of that senate confirmation and the importance of the roles that he has made about the mueller investigation that he now oversees. >> two points. pete nails it exactly, and it is a very intricate argument involving a couple of the statutes and the constitution. the basic constitutional argument is that the senate has a right to weigh in, in order to give its input to the sort of the political judgment of the incoming attorney general. and it is very salient here, because whitaker has expressed some really wacky views, and the notion is that you want a politically accountable body, and he is not politically accountable, and he has never the been confirmed to pass some
9:41 am
kind of judgment on whether this person should be the chief federal law enforcement officer of the country. now, one thing that is a little bit tricky about the suit though is that it is exactly as pete says in the context of obama care, but all that is happening here is that the substitution of sessions of whitaker for sessions. that happens everyday when there's a turnover in the administration or the officials move on, and it seems to me like a probably dubious occasion for the district court to weigh in on such a weighty constitutional matter. there is a real possibility that he will not be, and she will not look at the merits and just say, that is not where we take up this consequential constitutional issue. >> all right. harry litman and nbc's pete williams. thank you. >> you bet. and now coming up "in her
9:42 am
own words" monica lewinski openly discusses her affair with bill clinton after 20 years. that is next on "andrea mitchell" only here on msnbc. managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority.
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9:46 am
andy mcclarity, former white house chief of staff for president clinton. and so we are reporting that the main tension is between melania trump and the chief of staff's office. and so there were instances when the offices were not treated as equal male-dominated counterparts and promotions were deny after months of request. do you think that you would have been fired after laura bush didn't want you there? >> and the you serf at the pleasure of the president, and some of it comes from the first lady and the first family, and yes, if it is not working, it is not working, but i don't like to speculate on what the rumor mill is saying, and i don't know whether he is in or out, but he does serve at the pleasure and he should say thank you for yesterday even if he is out of the door the i da.
9:47 am
i don't know the right answer, but if it is tension, it is tension and only the president and john kelly can be the ones to really talk about it, and yes, the first lady or the first family would probably have a lot of influence with the president. he is serving at the pleasure of the president, and that is the way that the job is and he should accept it, and say thank you for yesterday, because yesterday is fabulous and a remarkable experience to be the president's chief of staff and it is a privilege even if you don't serve for long. >> mack mcclaritty and what typ of drama is this? >> well, the "telenovela" continues in the trump white house. maybe it is good for ratings, but not for the government. the turnover, of this administration, truly it is breathtaking, and it is cumulative. i follow along exactly what andy said about the speculation of whether chief kelly is in or
9:48 am
out, and time will judge that, but it is cumulative in the sense that you had one chapter where the drama was pretty high, and general kelly thought that he would step now, and now the perhaps head of homeland security secretary nielsen is close to him, and changes at the nsc from day one with general flynn, and general mcmaster after him, and that is a big dynamic change, and all of it leads to turmoil, and just drama as you noted, and that is not quite the way to get things done in my view. >> andy card, speculation earlier in the year of the president perhaps pushing forward without a chief of staff at all, because he himself has taken on so many roles as chief communiqcator and other things. do you see it as a tenable situation for any white house? >> well, no, i don't. i honestly believe that somebody has to be there to keep the
9:49 am
trains running on time. the chief of staff has three responsibilities, and there is a professor at harvard who wrote a book about it and it is called the care and feeding of the president. and that is the huge part of the responsibility. the president can't take care of himself and he does not want to schedule when air force one shows up or when the planes and the trains and the automobiles run, and that a ig be part of the job and another is the policy formulation, and the president plays the ultimate role nit, but there should be penultimate role played by the chief of staff and the organization of the white house, and how to the communicate to tell the staff what to do and when to get it done and how to get it done and make sure that the president is getting good information and not skewed information and not where somebody has the thumb on the scale, but where the president can make presidential decisions rather than having somebody else make them in the white house, and that is the job of the chief of staff, and he needs somebody to do that oen if he believe hes can be his own chief of staff, and jimmy carter tried it, and
9:50 am
it did not work. >> thank you, both for your insights. appreciate it. monica lewinski is opening nup a rare interview to recounting a devastatinging moment of her past as part new series. >> there was a point for me somewhere in the first several hours where i would be hysterically crying and then i would just shut down. and in the shut you period, i remember looking out the window. and thinking that the only way to fix this was to kill myself, was to jump out the window. and i felt terrible. i was scared. i just mortified and afraid of what this was going to do to my family. you know, i still was in love with bill at the time.
9:51 am
so i just -- i felt really responsible. >> joining me now, nbc national correspondent kate snow and "washington post" white house correspondent ann guerin who covered the lewinsky scandal. kate, you have spoken today with the filmmakers. what have you learned from them about why monica lewinsky is doing this now? >> i spoke with the executive director of this docu-series. she says the reason they wanted to do this now diis distance. she said, i thought i knew everything about the scandal. she said going back and looking at it now, all these years later, and really digging in and talking to a lot of people about what happened back then, she felt she learned from doing that and says she thervegs the audience will too. they talk to, casey, over 50
9:52 am
people. not just lewinsky but lawyers, republicans, democrats, people who served in the white house. not the clintons themselves. they declined to participate. pretty much a lot of other people who were surrounding all of this at the time. i think it's going to be interesting, too, for a younger audience to learn about a part of history. and one other thing to note, everyone they talked to was not paid. people were asking me, was monica lewinsky paid. she was not paid for the interview. >> interesting. we have another trip of monica lewinsky that was released. let's look. >> it's not as if it didn't register with me that he was the president. i think in one way the moment we were actually in the back office for the first time, the truth is that i think it meant for to me
9:53 am
that someone who other people deseared desired me. however wrong it was, however misguided, for whom i was at that very moment 22 years old. that is how it felt. >> one of the things i thought was so interesting, also a piece in "vanity fair," and she pointed out this is called the clibten affair instead of being called the monica lewinsky scandal. such an interesting distinction. the way that the cultural posture towards monica lewinsky has shifted in the me too movement just seems so striking. >> yes, i was not covering the white house at the time, i actually covered the white house right after the impeachment trial ended. but it sounds sort of antique and maybe possibly disrespectful
9:54 am
now to mention. we all referred to the ring of television trucks in front of the federal courthouse in washington as monica beach. i don't think that would happen now. you referred to the me too movement and the different lens through which we view this episode. one of the things that may make this documentary series and her essay particularly timely and important. next month is the 20th anniversary of the house impeachment trial. seems amazing to think that 20 years have gone by. she's a hash tag, right, she will always be monica lewinsky, the intern who has had an affair with the president. she's had a whole life since then. >> well, she also pointed out that bill clinton has done all
9:55 am
kinds of interviews over the last years where he hasn't been asked this. >> i asked if you ever apoll squeezed and you said you have. >> i have. >> but you didn't apologize to her? >> i have not talked to her. >> do you feel like you own her an apology? >> no, i do not. i've never talked to her. but i did say publicly on more than one occasion that i was sorry. that's very different. the apology was public. >> kate snow, this is something monica has seized on. >> she addressed it in the piece that was covered this morning. she feels the biggest question is not did he apologize to me but what's more important to me is whether i believe i'm owed an apology. bill clinton should want to
9:56 am
apologize. i talked to someone who's close to monica who said this has been a year for her. she's been working on this project and digging through her own past. i think this project will reveal a lot of details of their relationship we probably haven't heard before. >> kate snow, ann guerin, thank you. the clinton affair on a&e. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
9:57 am
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and that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." remember follow on twitter @mitchellreports. turn in to kasie d.c. here now, ali velshi and stephanie ruhle for velshi and ruehl. >> thank you, have a great afternoon. good afternoon. >> it is tuesday, november 13th. if to good to be back with you. >> not one but two in a search for a second headquarters labeled hq 2. >> this is an year that is going to see a very big economic boom. 25,000 jobs with an average salary of $150,000. >> housing costs will increase. >> i question whether