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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 15, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. andrea mitchell reports starts right now. >> and right now on "andrea mitchell reports" on the attack. the president escalating the smears against bob mueller as one republican and a host of democrats are fighting for legislation to protect the investigation from white house interference. >> i think it is an absolutely necessary and important move to force accountability. >> i think that there is nothing lost by doing it. there is possibly much gained. >> what is your take on senator flake's here to hold up some of the judicial nominee tos force the issue? >> itt is a courageous move.
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i respect it. mad respect. >> saving face -- a bombshell report of "the new york times" reveals how facebook allegedly tried to koucounter attack criticism of its handling of the russian meddling interference in the 2016 campaign. >> what i want to know is in addition to the information in "the new york times" is do they also go after political opponents as in people who work in congress, as in elected officials. >> and search for survivors. the list of those missing in the deadly california wildfires climbs to 297 people. officials say that rebuilding in some places just won't be possible. >> i ral realize that a iiz iizg is gone. all of your memories is gone. your backyard and you can't play
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baseball with your son. >> the human toll is extraordinary and we will get to everything california in a moment. goodday. here in washington, president trump's ainnger exploding at th russian investigation amid indictments may be imminent and that is reflected in a twitter tirade from the president calling the team the total mess and absolutely nut and shouting and screaming and angry and total witch hunt, and falsely claiming that mueller who is a highly respected fbi director fir first appointed by president bush is an obama partisan. and now peter alexander and joyce vance former u.s. attorney and national security analyst clint watts who is a former fbi
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special agent. and peter, what is on the president's mind, because he either knows something or something is about to the happen and this is as fierce as he has been against bob mueller. >> yes, the series of tweets and the tirade as you described it, it is that it is snowing and freezing hail out here, because it does feel like there is a storm brewing inside of the white house, and the basis is not clear. we don't know what the president is referring to or what he may have seen or read over the course of the last several hours that sparked the latest fury from the president. what we do know, and msnbc news has reported that according to one person familiar with the matter, the president's legal team was nearing completion as it is described to us of the the written answers, and the president's written answers to the questions provided by bob mue mueller in the russian investigation, and those answers are expected to be provided and completed as soon as this week. we were told from this source
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familiar with the matter that they would focus on russian interference and not obstruction of justice, but what is striking is that for the two months leading foup the midterms-- lea to the midterms we heard barely anything, and now a week after, we are hearing a ton the about it. >> and the president is only a few blocks from here at the marine barracks on eighth street at cap le toll hill, and they ae not that far from us. he and the first lady are at an event honoring the marines here in washington, as we are watching the pictures, of course, the the live pictures, and joyce vance, we can only infer what is in if president's mind, and maybe it is focusing on the questions and answers submitted by the lawyers, and this is in, change and in place of a real interview. we don't know if mueller is going to push ahead on the other issues and go for the subpoena, and that is a lengthy court battle, but what could be
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prompting this kind of attack? >> you know, andrea, it is a really good question, because there is a lot of speculation that mueller would pick up the public pace of this investigation after the midterms were over, and he obviously did a really good job of respecting doj's traditional policy of not letting active investigations interfere with election, and everything went very quiet in the period leading up to the midterm. we know that it is an investigation that does not leak, but there is still a lot of speculation that there could be indictments later in the week or the next few week, and often prosecutors especially in the white collar cases will have a conversation with potential defendants leading up to their indictment to offer them the chance to turn themselves in. these are not always indictments that lead to the arrests, and so it is possible that there are conversations like that the between people on mueller's team and potential defendants and perhaps somehow word of that has
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bled out to the president. whatever it is, he is on high alert this morning in both the tone and the quantity of the tweets that are very marked departure from the last couple of weeks. >> and we have also had the nbc reporting on the text messages, joyce, between roger stone and a friend about wikileaks, and that is certainly seeming to add fuel to speculation that roger stone, long time close associate for many, many years is one of those being targeted. >> i think that is right. the reporting is that stone has not been interviewed by the mueller team which would give him all of the hall marks of someone who is about to be indicted or at least under consideration for that, and the significance of roger stone is that he is the potential link between russian activity leaking the e-mails and knowledge or even participation by the trump campaign, and we don't know if it is true, but if there is a hookup of the russians and the
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campaign, it would likely be through stone. >> now, all of this, clint, it could very well involve the wikilea wikileaks dump, and whether we know that there is any connection no the trump campaign, and what we know already is that the previous indictments showed that they were russian intelligence officials directly involved in both the intrusions in social media and also connected to the wikileaks. >> what we have seen from the mueller indictments is the basis for establishing a collusion sort of angle on the investigation that you have to lay out what the russian connects are. and we saw it with the two indictments and the troll farm in february and the hackers in july and when you are looking forward now, you are going to be closing the gap between what is the campaign and the russians on the other end. in terms of the tweets, they were preprogrammed last night e designed to come in to start to discredit the mueller investigation and get out in
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front of things, but can the mueller investigation advance right now, because i am not sure from my perspective or the doj and is whitaker in charge or rod rosenstein and move them forward or stalled out or is this a delaying tactic to discredit and push down the mueller investigation to not move forward and that is the basis of in terms of why we have not seen more action coming out of this right now. >> and peter, we have seen the impa impact in terms of the public opinion, and bob mueller and the probe are now under water from the exit poll, and the president has had the impact in calling it a witch hunt repeatedly, and you can see the kinds of the language he is using today and this is prompting now finally some would say jeff flake to say that he will not approve judicial nominees by his own party, and he is an outgoing republican, and retiring partly because of the president going after him, and he knows that he could not survive politically,
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and that kind of re-election, and so he is now saying to mitch mcconnell, he won't approve the judicial nominees until he gets the legislation bi-partisan with chris kooun coons and they have gotten it to the floor. >> and it could be one last stand by the outgoing arizona senator who is going to be replace bade a democratic senator kirsten cinema, and sin sinema, and she will replace him, and obviously a democrat. and also, the conservative website, the daily collar spoke to reporters and posed a question about matt whitaker and the president effectively said that he knew very little about him in the past other than the connection to jeff sessions, but unprompt ed the president said this, as far as i'm concerned
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this is an investigation that never should have been brought and should never have been had. it is something that should not have been brought and it is an illegal investigation. and i bring this up, because when matt whitaker's name was brought up, and in regard to the russian investigation, the first place that he went was to relationship of the russian investigator and not viewing him as the acting a.g. and overseeing the whole administration, but view him mig as the guy who may have the hand on the wheel as it relates to the investigation. >> very, very revealing indeed. and with clint here who is such an expert on social media, and you know, everything that you have written about, and what about facebook? this is extraordinary. it does involve the one person who was trying to blow the whistle or tell facebook that they had a problem with the russian interference is someone who is now a contributor, and consultant here with nbc alex stamos. >> yes, every time they are given the opportunity to have a
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right decision they go into self-preservation mode. what they could are have done is what they have done over the year is that facebook has made a lot of progress, but it is undone about the moral decision of what to do. it looks like they tried to suppress anybody who challenged them. this is a dangerous course of action as well, because anybody who is challenging what is going on in terms of the russian investigation in that platform is going to double down with evidence, and if you don't have the evidence as facebook, you will lose out. so it brings into question, can they self-regulate or not when you see them going after potentially a congressperson, going after the opponents that are out there in the public, and using asentially for them. >> and hit job. >> and a conspiracy of what is called the fake news when the problem itself is fake news is showing tone deafness, and i am not sure how it is going to shake out, and it is a moral problem from facebook whose employees have tried to do the
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at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. facebook is under intense fire following a bombshell
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investigation by "the new york times" detailing how the social media giant allegedly tried to contain the fallout from the 2016 campaign data breaches. a according to "times" they knew about the interference before 2016 and the election and tried to cover it up. with the top executives mark k zuckerberg and sheryl sandberg ignoring the warning signs and trying to seek to the conceal them from the public. they did in fact hire a republican strategy firm that use uses political campaign tactics to falsely accuse george soros to a broad anti-facebook movement. and joining me is the president of george soros' open foundation, and it is good to the talk to you, patrick, and this is a real crisis in your world, and that our world, and you have written overnight a letter to facebook to the executives demanding
9:17 am
explanation, and have you heard anything back from them? >> andrea, thank you so much for having me on, on this critical topic. i did indeed reach out to sheryl sandberg at facebook and she has said she will speak, and i appreciate the prompt response to my inquiry, but there are so many questions about not only george soros, and the open foundation society and the abuse of the name and there are questions about the integrity of the role that facebook played in the democracy and now that we know that they ran this operati operation, we are wondering why they are following the model of vladimir putin, and this is profoundly disturb iing. >> it is also disturbing to the democratic establishment if you will, because these are important people and players, and we know that sheryl sandberg and not just from the writing and the landmark books and her work at facebook and i know her
9:18 am
as well, but i certainly covered her when she was in the administration in the clinton years. so this is a very prominent d democratic figure. >> and i have to say that, andrea, this is much bigger and much more important than that. and it is not about one political party, but it is about the small d democracy. as a new york times investigation ably shows that the company does not take serious the concerns that were raised from americans at every level from congress to americans that are everyday users and now they have compounded that problem by engaging in the systemic attack against the critics who are simply using their first amendment right and against the kcompetitors as wel. they did it in a way that lacked any transparency and any integrity. and andrea, you know that just a few weeks ago george soros was one of those americans and patriotic americans who received
9:19 am
a pipe bomb in his mailbox. that arrived after distortions from the right wing extremists, and from those who have been playing a hidden hand and in laying up conspiracy after conspiracy that the frankly has an anti-semitic taint to it. it is astounding to see that one of the leading corporations in our country, and one of the most powerful voices that we have bloe globally on their platform participated in that behavior as well. so i a appreciate the spirit of your question, but this is not just about sheryl sandberg as an individual or mark zuckerberg as an individual or any partisan lean in leanings they have had, but it profoundly affects all americans. >> we want the follow up with you and mr. soros if he would join us with chersheryl sandberd
9:20 am
any of the others involved in the story, because it is a national and global crisis. >> we would welcome that, andrea, and look forward to future conversations. >> thank you very much patrick gas pard, our former ambassador the south africa in fact. and joining us is senator angus king, and senator, what is your response to what has been revealed by "the new york times"? >> well, it is stunning for sure and no way to run a responsibleb american business. i think that facebook in case is going through or has gone through the classic reaction to a crisis. they have started with denial, anger and then let's see sh, th whole list, bargaining and depression and finally acceptance. they blew it. they underestimated what the russians were doing. they did not see it. they ignored it. i don't think they wanted to to see it at some point, and finally we had a hearing with them as you know with ms.
9:21 am
sandberg a few months ago, and they are coming to accept that they are trying to correct some of the deficiencies, but i wish they had moved faster, understood what was going on, because they were being used certainly by the russians and others to undermine our democracy. >> and there is a statement from facebook that this has been a tough time at facebook and our entire management team has been focused on tackling the issues that we face. while they are hard problems, we are working hard to ensure that people find our products useful and that we protect our community from bad actors. there is a lot of work to be done by congress as well. your colleagues, senator. >> well, this is a real challenge, because i don't believe that the congress is inclined to get into the regulating the internet or a platform for what is the exchange of information. so it is a tricky area, an a new area, and one of the things for example that we can and should do is to require disclosure on
9:22 am
facebook ads just as they are required on television. i believe that disclosure is one of the best antidote tos the misinfmi -- antidotes to misinformation and i don't consider that the sep sorship or heavy regulation. one other thing they proposed to ms. sandberg is to someway alert the users of facebook of the origin and not just the ads, but the news feeds and people can know where it is coming from, and they are starting to do that and that is helpful, and so that the trick is to maintain privacy and people's knowledge of how they are being influenced without congress or the federal government getting into the censorship business when it come tos t comes to the free and open internet. >> and now, the president's
9:23 am
scurriless and false attacks today and the series of tweets really ramped up, and this is as one republican so far and one republican has stood up to demand floor action on the bipartisan protection bill that jeff flake and, you know, senator coons have cohf -author and gotten nowhere, and mitch mcconnell says no need for action on the floor, and do you sense that any of the republican colleagues, and the colleague in maine, and susan collins is certainly in the line of fire here, and anybody is going to join jeff flake with any successful effort that is going to need bipartisan support. >> i hope they will, because this should be a bipartisan issue, and it is a rule of law issue. and senator the mcconnell has n been saying right along, we won't do this because it is not necessary. it is like saying we won't have a fire department until fire starts, and so, it is too late at this point, and it is too the late if overt actions were taken to curtail or derail the mueller
9:24 am
investigation. this is a pretty straight forward bipartisan bill that m simply says that you can't term the nate -- terminate the investigation without just cause, and it is pointed out that leader mcconnell could bring it up on the floor this afternoon and certainly after the thanksgiving, but i frankly don't understand the resistance. this is something where congress should stand up for the independence of this investigation and its importance to the public confidence. and the president keeps say tag he is innocent, and if he is innocent, then why is he firing people and continuing to attack the integrity of this investigation? it is in his best interest for the investigation to continue if indeed it will clear him of any allegation of wrongdoing in the 2016 campaign. but his actions don't sound like somebody who has nothing to fear
9:25 am
from the investigation. >> thank you, senator angus king, and obviously, we will be tracking this chosely. we hope you will come back to report as it is closer. >> certainly. and now, we will talk about the democratic races. today, 97% of employers agree that skills like teamwork,
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yes, there's an election going on and still a final election results continuing to roll in. so far the democrats are expanding the stronghold in california and new jersey overnight, and flipping the republican-held seats and strengthening the democratic margins in the house, and what are the implications for 2020? let's get the inside scoop from two pros. mark salter and kimberly atkins, the bureau chief at "boston herald." thank you, and mark, this is transformational in in teterms o got elect and not just seats flippings but this time, so many women, and the first muslim american women, and so many native american women and military women, and ki think of your old boss john mccain who he
9:30 am
would be thinking of seeing so many former officials in the house, and how will that change? >> well, it is hopefully going to give some people some common shared experience that is more important than politics and facilitate more bipartisanship in congress. >> and in fact, kimberly, from the interviews and the election with a lot of the new members, and particularly i might add some of the women, they have learned leadership, and they have learned all kinds of skills and learned what is important, and they have done serious stuff. >> absolutely. >> and they have been injured in battle battle. >> absolutely. >> and so the pettyness of the caucus fights seems very, you know, unimportant in contrast to their life's experience. >> at least as they are coming in, and once they get to congress, it is quite a unique machine and we will see what happens, but there are people who come from a broad stretch of
9:31 am
the american experience. it is not, and we have seen in recent years this a real frustration with the fact that congress looks like for the most part a bunch of white men who come from the same sort of background, and that is really a big change this year in this electorate, and in the reflective of the voters, and desire of the voter tos move forward. >> and you have been involved with the mccain foundation, and it is a tape that i want to play a clip from the initiative. mavericks needed. >> right. >> spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance cannot be paralyzed by fear. we cannot give up on ourselves and on each other. we stand for truth against falsehood and freedom against tierney and right against injustice and hope against despair. i believe that we must always stand up for it, for if we do
9:32 am
not, who will? >> so mav mavericks are needed. and looking in california and dana rohrabacher and thinking of somebody who has been there for years and years and criticized for being too close to the russians which would be pretty shocking to him. and to the original sponsors in the reagan years when he was a co-warrior like everybody else from that delegation, but, wow, harley rouda is the new member. >> yes, the nation is more divided and you have people who stood closely with president trump like the congressmen, and some of them were able to eke out their victories by staying and really galvanizing the trump base and in other places we are seeing a rejection of that and in places like arizona where the senate race there that you is have both sides are becoming
9:33 am
more entrenched and more divided politically and culturally as well, and that is really setting up the battleline fors 2020 and which side can galvanize the base more, and which candidate will get their own folks out, but how much does it spur other people to the come out. and trump drove up the democratic turnout as much as the other way around. >> and now, there is only one remaining republican in the house delegation and that is chris smith. >> and in arizona typically in the midterms a 7, 7 1/2 advantage, and they don't have that big of advantage in a presidential year and a point or two of that and chrkristeysten took advantage of the independents and ramped up the democratic numbers. >> is mcsally likely to be appointed to john mccain's seat?
9:34 am
>> i think that she made a mus take by endorsing the caravan nonsense and i imagine that she regrets that now, and if she had run like governor doocy who did not embrace trump so closely, might have been a different result. >> thank you. >> and now n california, searching for dozens that are missing. you are watching andrea mitchell reports on msnbc. this food truck
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the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. and turning to the wildfires in the west coast. in northern california, the desperate search is under way for any sign of the missing. officials are putting out a list of almost 300 people who are not accounted for. this is 59 people now have been reported dead as the fire is burning on both ends of the state. steve patterson is in chico, california, whe california, where the volunteers are preparing food for the first responders. steve, we know that there is a nonprofit kitchen and donations. we know that this is a little
9:39 am
bit in part organized by jose andres with who we know from washington and the great work in pu puerto rico, and what is going on out there? >> well, there is no way to say it, andrea, this is a humanitarian crisis and as pure as a humanitarian crisis as you can get. a week later, the situation is dire on the ground and the first responders and the firefighters fighting the fire and combing through ruins looking for the lo lost, and all of those people have to the eat. that is what is happening here. the world central kitchen, and they are make lunch which is looking like sandwiches are about to go out, and off and on, we have been speaking to the the organizers all day and i wanted to talk to a volunteer who has come from somewhere else and dedicated their time, and we have molly maloof. and you a medical doctor in san francisco and what made you come here to dedicate your time to this? >> well, you know, i have to say that the smoke was really bad in san francisco and i was in san francisco last year when there was the fire in napa, and you feel kind of hopeless and
9:40 am
helpless, because there is nothing that you feel like you can do sitting there, and my friend sam said, hey, do you want to help to come feed everybody in chico who are first responders or the volunteers or firemen or national guard and the displaced really. i said, yeah, i would really rather do something with my time that is meaningful, and so coming here is an incredible experience. >> part of what you are doing is making the drops as well. so i can't imagine what you have been seeing. >> totally. >> what are you seeing on the ground? >> places in walmart and elks lodge which is like little s centers to have people coming to shop for new clothe, but it is all donated clothes and a lot of the volunteers at the spots, but people who have literal i h nothing but the clothes on their back, and to see them have a hot meal for the first time in days, and some of them have cried. i have given them hug, and it is super touching. >> thank you, molly, for the work you are doing. this operation has been on the ground since basically this crisis started and it will
9:41 am
continue as this goes on. back to you, andrea. >> steve, thank you so much. and the trump administration now sanctioning 17 saw disincluding a former close adviser to crown prince mohammad bin salman and this is after a top saudi prosecutor demanded the death of five connected with the death of jamal khashoggi. the saudi minister is saying that the crown prince had nothing to do with the washington post contributor's death, and despite the widespread skepticism that the khashoggi murder could have not been done without his knowledge. and now, there are members of the recordings of someone from the killings said tell your boss and believed to be the crown prince that the deed was done. so turkey is in the cat seat here, and the tragedy happening with them and their surveillance, and obviously, the price of revealing the
9:42 am
surveillance is letting people know that they have the goods, and what that i have done is to put mohammad bin salman really on the firing line, and internationally, he has been damaged. maybe he is king and maybe king for life for decades and decades, but he is damaged internationally, but they are also getting something in response from the u.s. your exclusive reporting. >> yes, and according to the reporting that the turks have asked secretary pompeo when he went to meet with president erdogan last month in turkey for the u.s. to extradite this cleric living in pennsylvania who erdogan blames for 2016 coupe attempt, and the turks asked for the extradition of the cleric any time they have any c conversation with any u.s. official, but they made the ask again in the con ttext of the khashoggi murder, because the
9:43 am
u.s. is in the middle of the two of turkey and saudi arabia trying to calm down erdogan and figure out what he is going to be satisfied so he will basically stop leaking the evidence as strategically as he has and stoking the international outrage, and so the u.s. response was the go back to the direct the fbi and the doj to the take another look at gulan, the cleric's extradition case and the message came back to the white house that there was no new evidence and that it had been resolved once the for mall -- formal extradition request was made from turkey in 2016 and so they went to the ohomeland security department to look into the legal status was a green card and the message was that he has not broke n any laws and then
9:44 am
some thought that it was not serious, and now they are furious over it. >> and the white house is contradicting the policy up to now, and certainly, i know that erdogan and biden had a real dust-up over this, and biden said that the our laws are that we cannot extradite him without reason, and this would have to go to court, but now they are seriously considering giving him up to turkey? >> and one tof the options unde discussion between the u.s. and the turks is somehow convincing him to go to south africa. >> no way you could get him to go to another country. >> yes, that is the belief. no way he is going to leaf the u.s., because he would not feel safe, and he feels threatened, but there was a discussion whether he could go to south africa where he has a large following and schools and some of the nonprofits. >> well, we should point out that mike flynn dealing of course with bob mueller, and michael flynn talked about doing this in the transition, because michael flynn was working for
9:45 am
the turkish government in fact for the regime, and that there is no evidence according to galan's attorney that he had anything to do with the coupe, and we have to leave it there, but thank you for the exclusive reporting, carol. and undaunted, a remarkable story from jonestown 40 years ago. you don't want to miss this ahead. you don't want to miss this ahead. an old friend. a new beginning. some welcome relief... or a cause for celebration. ♪ what's inside? ♪ [laughter] possibilities. what we deliver by delivering.
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sunday marks 40 years since 900 americans died in the juggles of central america in what became known as the jonestown massacre. we want to warn you that some of what you are about to see is graphic. it is important. jim jones the leader of an obscure cult called the people's temple brought 900 of his followers from san francisco where he was tied to many people in the political establishment to guyana, and he brought his staff and including a team from nbc news went to the jonestown to investigate reports that people were being held there against their will. the congressman's young staff attorney jackie spear interviewed some of those who wanted to go home. >> now, do i understand you that
9:50 am
you both want to leave jonestown on this date november 8th, 1998? >> yes. >> and what is your wish [ indisconcernible ]. >> on november 18, 1978, the delegation including 15 defectors were trying to leave the country when they were ambushed on the tarmac by the hit team. congressman ryan and four others including don harris and bob brown were killed. and another member of the nbc team was badly injured. he was shot five times at point blank range. meanwhile back in the encampment, jim jones had ork straighted the mass killing
9:51 am
instructing them to drink co kool-aid laced with ecyanide. joining me now is jackie speer. she has written about jonestown and other dramatic events in her consequen c consequential life in a new book. congresswoman, i get emotional just talking to you about this. we talked quite a while earlier today. think back, you were suspicious. you had so many premonitions. you wrote a letter to your parents saying that if something happened to you, that you were sustained by the love that they had raised you with and with a p.s. saying that there was an insurance policy. >> of $1,000 at the credit
9:52 am
union, a life insurance policy. i had premonitions, but i was also a young professional staff member who was a woman in congress, that was new. and there was another staff member from the committee that was going. and i thought if i didn't go, i would be setting women back. and so i made the trip. even though my instincts told me that it was dangerous. >> you told me that the night before this all happened, you were already hearing from people, in fact don harris our damage are a man, te cameraman, tell me what he did as you were listening to jim jones and he was being applauded by the crowd and something seemed off. >> the commotion was unreal. and don was walking around the perimeter of the pavilion. and one of the members of the temple slipped him a note with the names of two people with the words we want to get out.
9:53 am
>> and that is jim jones there with the sunglasses. he was widely known in san francisco. and a lot of members in the state department studented him. >> fingers can be pointed to a lot of different people. certain the stestablishingment looked the other way because it was a church. but there was physical abuse, sexual abuse, taking social security checks, gun running, and then again the state department i think violated its responsibility to protect the american citizens abroad. it did not warrant, it did not protect and it did not investigate. >> tell me what happened when you got to the tarmac. >> i was loading passengers on to each of thedefectors? >> they were all defectors leaving and also members of the press with us. and a tractor trailer followed behind us and then jumped off
9:54 am
the tractor trafiler and starte shooting. many of us were shot. >> and the congressman you saw go down? >> he got shot and i saw him go down. and then i ran to the side of the plane and tried to hide behind the wheel and pretended that i was dead. don harris was shot and killed. and also bob brown. >> and in fact bob brown shot these pictures -- photographed these pictures and was still -- the camera was still rolling when he was shot. >> when he was shot and killed. so it was waiting for the gunshots to stop. meanwhile i got hit and shot five times. and all of a sudden i looked down at my bed and my phone is coming out of my arm and there a huge hole in my leg the size of a football. and the trauma obviously sets in and the shock. but your brain does kind of a funny thing, it sort of ignores
9:55 am
the one side of your body that was so badly wounded. but i thought i was dying. and i said the act of contrition and waited for the lights to go out. >> how did you survive the night in the jungle with no medical aid? >> well, the producer at nbc would come out from the bar that was nearby that most of the survivors were staying at and i was in a tent at that point in time. and he would bring some rum, 150 proof, would give me a couple swigs. and literally that is that you i got throu -- how i got the through the night. >> and you finally got medevacked out. a lot of surgeries. >> over ten. they thought that they would have to amputate because i gang green so bad. >> and you write that this was not the worst thing that happened to you in your life? >> as it turned out 14 years later, my husband was killed in an automobile accident by a
9:56 am
driver who had no brakes. and i was pregnant with our second child and we had a 5 1/2-year-old son. and he was the big breadwinner. so i was three months from personal bankruptcy. so it was very tough. >> jackie speer, every time i see you and see what you do and i keep learning more about what you have been through, and you still have bullets in your body. >> one was doug out aug out and convict. >> thank you very much for your courage. ten years in congress and still counting. we'll be right back. 'll be righ. the greatest wish of all... is one that brings us together. the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with $0 down, $0 due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer.
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a big welcome to our director's new son. congratulations and here is stephanie ruhle. >> thank you so much. that is certainly good news. good afternoon, everyone. i'm stephanie ruhle. ali velshi is off. it is thursday, november 15th, let's get smarter. >> we are hearing from the president again as he escalates his war with robert mueller. he writes universities will some day study what highly conflicted and not senate approved bob mueller and his gang of democrat thugs have done to destroy people. and again attacking the special counsel investigation describing it as a total mess. >> should the american public no b