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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 16, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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just as the last brexit secretary resigned just four months ago. britain's break away may not get through parliament. while the british pound got pounded today. and while just over three months remain, it is possible that this plan to break away is indeed breaking apart. as everyone needs to remember and as a brand-new "the new york times" three-part video series superbly spells out, the russians "end game" is to split us apart. the allied nations that they see as their enemies, the allies, like the u.s. and the u.k. that are currently dealing with divisions from within. that is our broadcast on this thursday night. thank you so very much for being here with us. good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york. thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. new attacks on the mueller probe. president trump is turning his fire of the special counsel, this as we learn new details about mueller's team delaying updates on paul manafort and rick gates. authorities now say more than 600 people are unaccounted for in california. the first winter storm of the season hits the northeast causing huge travel problems and knocking out power for thousands of people. ♪ good morning.
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it's friday november 16th, i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside alex witt. >> we almost didn't make it because of the weather. >> where is bill karins when we need him? so speculation is growing over what has inspired president trump's two days of public tirades against special counsel robert mueller's probe into russian interference in the 2016 election. yesterday trump tweeted universities will someday study what highly conflicted and not senate approved bob mueller and his gang of democrat thugs have done to destroy people. why he is protecting crooked hillary, mccabe, comey and peter s. and all of his friends on the other side. this hours after the president claimed to know the inner workings of the mueller investigation, alleging they have found no collusion. >> this just as the president's lawyer said they were preparing trump's final responses to mueller's written questions,
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which the special counsel submitted weeks ago. the president spent more than four hours meeting with his attorneys monday and 90 minutes again wednesday night, according to people familiar with the sessions telling the "washington post." trump attorney rudy giuliani and others briefed on the questions tell the paper that there are at least two dozen questions, all of which relate to activities and episodes from before trump's election. quote, there are some that create more issues for us legally than others, giuliani said, adding some were unnecessary, some were possible traps and we might consider some as irrelevant. >> the special counsel appears to be at the front of the president's mind as displayed in a transcript of his interview with the daily caller. when asked about matt whittaker, trump quickly shifted to talking about mueller, saying whittaker is just somebody who's very respected. i knew him only as he pertained you know, as he was with jeff sessions.
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you know, this is an investigation that should have never been brought. it should have never been had. it's something that should have never been brought. it's an illegal investigation. and you know it's very interesting because when you talk about not senate confirmed, well, mueller is not senate confirmed. the answer is being compared to trump's may 27 response about the firing of james comey. >> when i decided to just do it, i said to myself, this russia thing with trump and russia is a made-up story. >> we've just learned he is delaying updates on two high ranking members of the president's 2016 campaign team. let's bring in heidi prprzybyla. what's going on? >> in a new filing the special counsel's office asked for a delay in updating a judge about former campaign chairman paul manafort's cooperation in the
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russia investigation, saying they will have more to report in ten days. a status report on manafort was due today, but the mueller team said they will later submit, devo quote, a report that will be of greater assistance in the court's management of this matter. this just days after the special counsel delayed the sentencing of manafort's deputy rick gates, citing his involvement in the probe. with attorneys for gates confirming that gates continues to cooperate with respect to sell ongoing investigations. and accordingly, the parties do not believe it is appropriate to commence the sentencing process at this time. >> timing-wise, what do you make of the news that mueller's team has asked the judge in paul manafort's case they want more time to try to file a status report. what does this signal to you? >> we know that both manafort and flynn were moving steadily toward sentencing. the question here is do they
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want more time because manafort is now cooperating, or do they want more time because they're not getting the information that they want. one thing for sure is that this entire case is escalating. when you look at the crescendo of news including today that julian assange, the wikileaks founder, may be charged. we know that gates has been key in all of this and in a motion that was filed just the other day, he continues to cooperate. we know that roger stone is lawyering up and trying to shift blame by releasing text messages between himself and randy credico, trying to claim that credico was the go between with wikileaks. one thing for sure is that this entire case is escalating. the question is are there already indictments out there that may be sealed that we just don't know about. >> heidi, let me ask you about what has transpired on president's twitter feed. we know he's obviously been
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thinking a lot about it. he's been tweeting nonstop about it. what do you think is behind that? >> clearly anxiety is high. that is the reporting from the white house, that you can draw a direct line between those panicked tweets and the timing of the president's meetings with his lawyers on monday and wednesday in particular. so the question is, do they know something that we don't know? the question is why is it taking so long for this white house to answer those written questions from robert mueller? what is the holdup there? the lawyers certainly have had a lot of time to think this all through and to get mueller those answers. and yet they're not doing it. look, this was a huge compromise for the special counsel, who really would have rather had a one on one interview with the president. and yet we're still not getting answers, which brings me back to what exactly does this white house already know? are there already sealed
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indictments out there that we just can't access, they're not open to the public? >> it's friday before a major holiday. you never know what could happen, right? >> you're right. as heidi mentioned moments ago, a u.s. district court filing in the eastern district of virginia appears that prosecutors have prepared an indictment against wikileaks founder julian assange. while it is not immediately clear what allegations could be connected to the filing, the development have implications for those who publish government secrets. the assistant u.s. attorney urge adjudge to keep the matter sealed, writing, due to the sophistication of the defendant and the publicity rounding the
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case no other procedure is likely to keep confidential the fact that assange has charged. dwyer is assigned to the wikileaks case. people familiar with the matter told the "washington post" that what was disclosed was true, but unintentional. a spokesman for the us attorney's office in the eastern district of virginia said, quote, the court filing was made in error. that was not the intended name for this filing. drifting from politics now and this is difficult, the dramatic rise in the people unaccounted for in northern california's camp fire has skyrocketed. 631 people are now missing, many of them elderly. the jump is from officials going back to the records that were generated during the most intense time of the fire. the death toll has climbed officially to 63. seven more bodies were discovered yesterday. the fire has burned through 140,000 acres and officials say it is about 40% contained.
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public schools across the bay area will be closed today because of really bad air quality. we should also mention that the president is expected to visit california tomorrow. >> that a scary image when you look at that drone footage from above. >> devastate zblo. in maine's second congressional district democrat jarred golden is the apparent winner over republican congressman bruce polliquinn. golden's campaign focused on pollquinn's vote to repeal the affordable care act in a destruct that voted for donald trump in 2016 by more than ten points. democrats now hold all 21 of new england's house seats and 11 of the house seats with maine's susan collins as the lone republican. >> pennsylvania democratic susan
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wild narrowly won a special election. then heading out to california's 39th district, democrat gil has pulled ahead. even though he asked everyone to vote for him, the president has distanced himself from the losses in the house telling the daily caller, i couldn't help too many congressmen because i don't have that much time. the only congressman i went for was andy barr and that was in kentucky. in florida an unprecedented statewide manual recount has been ordered in the hotly contested senate race between republican governor rick scott and democratic incumbent bill nelson. scott leads nelson by about 12,000 votes which is less than
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a quarter of a percent. 67 counties will have until sunday at noon to pour over thousands of ballots rejected by a machine because of overvotes or undervotes. now, with the help of state guidelines the canvassing boards will try to determine how these voters intended to vote. it's not clear how many overvotes and undervotes exist in florida's senate race, but the number could be between 35,000 and 118,000. whether those ballots will count could go a long way in deciding whether senator bill nelson is reelected or if governor scott takes his seat. >> meanwhile, a machine recount produced very little change in florida's race for governor. the results show republican ron desantis still leading democrat andrew gillum by about 33,000 votes. that is enough to avoid a hand
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recount. gillum has not officially conceded. he says, a vote denied is justice denied. the state of florida must count every legally cast vote. there are tens of thousands of votes that have yet to be counted. ron desantis released a statement saying in part, campaigns of ideas must give way to governing and bringing people together to secure florida's future. with the campaign now over, that's where all of my focus will be. still ahead, what mark zuckerberg has to say in response to a bombshell report by the "new york times" about the company failing to combat fake news and russian meddling. plus the latest on the winter storm that walloped the northeast with snow and ice. the northeast with snow and ice.
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commuter chaos yesterday. this was the first snowstorm of the season here in the northeast. the snow, the sleet cut a wide path of misery all the way from missouri through new england while like and icy roads caused several crashes up and down the i-95 corridor. >> i personally would like to skip this next segment, but we're not going to do that. here's the thing. you did say that there's going to be snow, but we can go back to the tape. i think you said something like for those in the new york area by your commute home you'll be fine. >> no, no, no, no, no, no. i never said that. >> i think the word dusting -- i recall the word dusting. >> no, no dusting. i said 1-2 inches in new york city. there would be a burst of heavy snow between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m. >> we got six inches! >>it was supposed to turn to sleet but it was colder than
2:17 am
expected. instead of an haour and a half f heavy snow, it was like 3-4 hours of it. there was about 22 million people in the greater new york city area with stories of nightmares last night. the newton p.a. had over a food. frostburg maryland was nine. it was widespread. the big cities themselves were obviously a little lower than that. d.c. we were thinking you had a chance for about an inch. you were only about an inch and a half. boston 2-3 inches. that was right. philly we had you in the 1-2 inch category. you were 3 1/2. new york city had the 6 1/2 inches of snow and the timing of the rush hour made new york city and connecticut and hartford a lot worse than everywhere else.
2:18 am
here's how we're sitting this morning. it is a million times better. central park is up to 38 degrees. there's been rain for the last six hours. the roads are a hundred times better than it was. still frozen precip much of maine, interior sections of new york city state. as we go throughout the afternoon, we will see clearing out. we'll still get another 3-6 inches of snow in northern new england. at least the sidewalks and roads will improve pretty rapidly during the day today. we'll give you the weekend forecast coming up. there's a little more snow for the northern plains but not here, not in the northeast. >> can i just say my line producer bart, he parked his car in harlem and walked across the -- >> that's dedication. he gets employee of the day. >> it's certainly not going to be you bill with yesterday's forecast. >> i love you, bill, for the record. i'm just saying -- >> we all learn from our
2:19 am
experiences. switching gears for a moment, facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg is claiming ignorance on the heel's of the new york time's latest bombshell piece that zeroed in on efforts to suppress data breaches ahead of the 2016 election. zuckerberg defended the social media site as innocent saying that, quote, to suggest that we weren't interested in knowing the truth or that we wanted to hide what we knew or that we wanted to prevent investigations is simply untrue. zuckerberg claims he learned of facebook's work with defining public affairs and has since cut ties with them. facebook worked with definers to spin anti-semitic narratives against some of its critics like george soros. it also claims that cheryl sandberg was the brains behind the decision although zuckerberg said she was not involved. in the wake of the times report
2:20 am
zuckerberg established an independent body that would oversee facebook's content and manage editorial decisions going forward. marsha fudge is upping her rhetoric against nancy pelosi as she considers whether to challenge the democratic leader for speaker. >> she also was the person who over the last eight years lost seats. it's one thing to give people credit for winning if you also make them responsible for losing. >> fudge also took more shots in an interview with the huffington post. the ohio democrat says she agrees with people who think pelosi is an elitist. fudge also brought up the factor of race, saying my concern about the caucus is the same concern i have about the country. just as there is this undertone of racism in the country, there's also that in our caucus. fudge then slammed pelosi for not endorsing climb clyburn in
2:21 am
the race for majority whip, saying quote, she wants our endorsemen endorsements? who has she endorsed. the chairman of the congressional black caucus was less decisive. >> what are your thoughts on the pelosi race, again, sir? >> i don't have thoughts on it. i think nancy would be a great speaker, i really do. i think marsha would be a great speaker. i'm not anti-pelosi, but whatever marsha does, i'm very pro marsha. >> pelosi said, quote, i say to everybody, come on in, the water's warm. two teams vying for the playoffs duke it out on the gridiron and what prompted this amazing offer from heinz. (pirate girl) ahoy!!!!! (excited squeal, giggling/panting) gotcha! (man) ah! (girl) nooooooooooooo! (man) nooooo!
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welcome back. time now for sports and the start of week 11 in th 1 in the. seahawks hosting the packers. aaron rodgers tossed two first half touchdowns and finishes with 332 yards in the game. rodgers could not lead the packers on a scoring drive worth more than a field goal in the second half, while the seahawks were also unable to score in the third quarter, but added ten points in the fourth including this laser go-ahead touchdown
2:25 am
pass to dixon from wilson. seattle's defense from there, they do their job. the seahawks hang onto win 27-24. some new inspiration for kansas rookie quarterback patrick mahomes. he has a chance to break the single season touchdown record of 55. leading the chiefs to 9-1, he's tossed 31 touchdown this is season. he's learned a new profile in espn magazine. mahomes loves putting catsup on steak. not if you ask the heinz catsup company. they have offered the quarterback a lifetime supply if he can give 57 touchdowns this season. >> it's okay to put catsup on a
2:26 am
burger. why is it not okay on steak? >> because steak meat is better quality than burger meat. >> that's what i was going to say. >> he's just grumpy this morning. >> not at all. it's a lengitimate question. i have a legitimate question about the burger heinz meat combo relationship. well, whatever. hopefully he gets the record and heinz for the rest of his life. >> 57 touchdowns would be awesome. still ahead, republicans are battling it out over robert mueller. what top gop senators have to say about a bipartisan bill to protect the special counsel's investigation. saudi arabia appears to shift the story about jamal kashoggi's killing. what the country is now saying about the incident. ng what the country is now saying about the incident
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt alongside ayman mohyeldin. it is the bottom of the hour. the senate republicans seem increasingly divided over whether there should be a vote on the bipartisan bill to protect special counsel robert mueller. republican senator jeff flake is vowing to block judicial nominees from being voted on after senate majority leader mitch mcconnell blocked flake and democratic senator chris coons' mueller bill from being voted on by the senate. now chuck grassley is throwing his support behind flake's push. and one of their judiciary committee colleagues is reiterating his support for a vote. >> i think it's legitimate that
2:31 am
the bill be brought up. i don't think it's going to do any good or any harm. if it satisfy -- it would satisfy me if it became law because i voted for it. i'm not going to be in the fore front with flake advocating that the leader do so-and-so, but i wouldn't do anything to stop it. >> as to the legislation, i actually supported it because i wrote it. i think it would be good for the country. we'll leave it up to mitch and the leadership as to how to take that but i hope they step up. >> senator graham spoke out yesterday on acting attorney general matt whittaker and his prior comments criticizing the mueller investigation amid fears that whittaker may try to shut down the probe. watch this. >> he was paan opinion journali. he can have any opinion he wants. he understands that his job now is to fit into the regular order of house special counsel reports
2:32 am
to the department of justice. i have every confidence he will do that professionally. as to the mueller investigation, i'm confident it is not in jeopardy. i talked to the president last night. >> a federal judge is refusing to toss out the case by robert mueller against a russian businessman helping to fund moscow's efforts to meddle in the 2016 election. the judge ruled against firm concord management and consulting which had been seeking to have the indictment against it dismissedismissed. the company is accused of using an extensive social media campaign to up influence the election. in their 31-page opinion, the judge who president trump appointed to the u.s. district court of d.c. last year rejected concord's claim. she says prosecutors properly charged the business with trying to obstruct the functions of the u.s. government. concord is owned by a russian
2:33 am
businessman known as putin's chef due to his close ties to the russian president. president trump broods over a lukewarm response to his border wall funding request. republican leaders are scrambling to avoid a partial government shutdown at all costs. they expressed concern over trump's non-committal reaction to a potential shut down. richard shelby said trump didn't say i'm going to keep the government open. he says i think maybe trump agreed but wasn't entirely sure. president trump's staff has warned him he may not get the full amount for the wall. government funding is set to expire on december 7th which could trigger a partial shutdown if the president and congress does not act before then. another member of the trump administration is facing questions over their spending
2:34 am
practices and could face pressure from lawmakers over that matter as well. joining us once again with more on that, nbc news national political reporter heidi przybyla. >> remember when epa secretary scott pruitt lost his job last summer? it was over questions about how much he was spending on his personal detail. it turns out that security costs for another cabinet secretary make that figure look small by comparison. the nbc news has learned that education secretary betsy devos receives round-the-clock protection from the u.s. marshal service. she's the only cabinet member to do so. the cost so far has been $12 million with an additional 7.7 million projected through 2019. that's a total of nearly $20 million paid for by taxpayers
2:35 am
for devos's personal security. she was granted the protection in 2017 a few days after she was heckled and blocked by a handful of protesters outside a washington, d.c. public middle school. it's not clear who requested the protection for devos. a spokeswoman for the education department said devos did not personally request the heightened security. she said it should be obvious that the threats devos faces are significant. devos's predecessors in the job did not receive anything close to this level of protection. house democrats say once they retake the majority, they'll scrutinize agency spending that has gone unexamined under republican control and will see if any of that spending on betsy devos's security detail comes under review.
2:36 am
>> 12 million this year, 7 million next year -- >> it's 12 million for the first two fiscal years and 7.7 for the next two. >> that's extraordinary. when you look at those kinds of numbers, you've got to think that someone's got to be looking in more detail into this kind of thing. >> i also wonder why it's not the secret service and why it's the u.s. marshals. >> do you think there will be investigations now? >> all good questions. it's important to point out here, guys, that somebody approved this even though nbc news was unable to determine who it was. betsy devos says it wasn't her office. it is a significant amount of money that no other cabinet secretary not only current but past -- i was only able to be
2:37 am
identify one who was a previous drug czar. switching gears right now heading overseas saudi arabia has once again changed its story regarding the killing of jamal kashoggi. at least the sixth time the kingdom has done so since the murder took place on october 2nd. yesterday saudi arabia's prosecutor released the findings of its initial investigation claiming a 15-member team was put together to take kashoggi from istanbul using persuasion or force adding that they were only there to remove evidence in case force had to be used. the team worked with a local collaborator to secure a safe house to hold kashoggi, but after deciding moving him there would be impossible, the team
2:38 am
leader ordered the killing, which saudi arabia now claims was done by injecting him with a large amount of a drug according to the report. his body was then dismembered and disposed of. 11 unnamed suspects have been indicted and saudi authorities are seeking the death penalty for five of them. >> using the magnitsky act the u.s. treasury yesterday sanctioned 17 saudi officials over the killing. one of those officials who was one of crown prince salman's top aide and who was part of the planning and execution of the operation, said, quote, do you think i made decisions without guidance? i'm an employee and a faithful executor of the orders of my lord the king and the crown prince. the prosecutor claims mbs had no knowledge of the operation. a bipartisan group of senators introduced legislation that would suspend weapons sales to
2:39 am
saudi arabia. president trump wanted to depo deport -- two senior u.s. officials and two other individual briefed on the request tell nbc news that last month the administration asked federal law enforcement agencies to examine ways of removing the turkish clerk from this u.s. including directives from the doj to reopen his extradition case. it's all part of an attempt to persuade erdogan to ease pressure on the saudi arabian government. president erdogan has accused him of being a terrorist who helped plan the 2016 coup attempt. the state department says there is no relation between the
2:40 am
kashoggi situation and that of gulan. yesterday a multitude of prime minister theresa may's cabinet members resigned in protest of a fragile brexit deal struck between graeat britain ad the eu including direction secretary dominick rob. another of may's cabinet ministers has rejected may's offer to make him the next brexit secretary. the deal still needs passage from parliament, which is far from guaranteed. the british pound plunged yesterday following the news. we'll have a live report from london in just a few minutes with more on that. also the british ambassador to the united states will be jo joining "morning joe" in just a bit. alexandria ocasio-cortez squared off with veteran party members where the two sides are divided when it comes to
2:41 am
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find out more and get out of line today. ing ing a fight broke out du meeting of democrats over climate change. alexandria ocasio-cortez and other newly elected members argued with members for the creation of a special panel for climate change. new jersey congressman frank palone backed by a number of other committee members slammed the creation of the new climate panel according to multiple sources in the room palone argued others could take on the issue aggressively. ocasio-cortez pushed back and said they ran on the issue and needed to create the committee. ocasio-cortez pushed for a green new deal pushing back at nancy pelosi's office.
2:45 am
ocasio-cortez refuted the claims that she clashed with palone tweeting that she did not have direct interaction with him. palone declined to comment on the meeting but said it would delay what progressives are trying to achieve. >> making a name for herself already. >> and she's document eing it a on instagram. nbc meteorologist bill karins, you are back. we don't need to look forward at the disaster that was yesterday. we're just going to look forward. >> we're going to forgive you for yesterday. >> timing is everything. the transition in the forecast from snow to sleet is one of the most defect thiifficult things. in new york city it didn't happen when it was expected to. that's why the snowfall totals went from 2 to 6. a lot of people had nightmare travel scenarios in southern new
2:46 am
england from all the way down into maryland too. this was the scene in so many places. for whatever reason, the temperature of the roads and the type of snow, it just packed down perfectly to make it just so slick and slippery. so many people could not get uphills, any hills whatsoever. and people got stuck and were running out of gas. just a nightmare. it's a lot better now. it wasn't the hugest amount of snow. it was the timing during the mid-morning all the way through the late afternoon and evening rush hour. hartford had 7, new york city 6. if i show you those numbers and tell you it's the middle of winter, you'd say minor event, but the timing made it horrendous. temperatures have warmed up but it's still snowing pretty good, 24 in binghamton. additional snowfall, the pink is 4-6 inches.
2:47 am
maine gets hammered. today's forecast will clear it out, we'll warm it up a little bit in those arias thireas that the snow. over the weekend it's dry. but then another cold blast is coming down. it starts today in the plains. by sunday it's in the great lakes. by monday it's in the east. there's no big warmup in sight. it looks like we're locked into wa a winter pattern. still ahead with much more on the chaos surrounding brexit as the british pound is getting hammered, we'll have that. while facebook's leadership tries to get control of the latest crisis to hit the company y (bright electronic music) - [announcer] powerful cleaning. that's what you expect from shark, and our newest robot vacuum is no exception. from floors to carpets, it tackles all kinds of debris, even pet hair, with ease.
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welcome back. facebook's leadership is speaking out over a new report depicting how the company ignored and tried to conceal russia's interference with the 2016 election. what all are mark zuckerberg and cheryl sandberg saying on this matter? >> good morning. the "new york times" came out with this report that cheryl sandberg not only ignored, but concealed with russia's
2:51 am
interference on their platform. cheryl acknowledged that she and mark zuckerberg were too slow to respond to this russian interference, but she insists that she did not stand in the way personally, that these allegations are just plain wrong. this, of course, is not the first time in recent weeks, in recent months that facebook has come under pressure. so one thing is clear from this, that the scrutiny on this tech giant remain s fierce. alex. >> okay. thank you for that. >> let me ask you about something making headlines in london, really now all around the world. the british pound tumbling after a series of resignations rocked he theresa may and its government hours after revealing her brexit agreement. what can we expect to see out of london today financially? >> tilt has been an extraordinary week here in terms of the politics and the market moves we've seen on the back of these brexit developments.
2:52 am
yesterday, sterling plunged. it had its worst day since october 2016 on news that theresa may was facing resignations from key party members on the back of this deal. now, today we are seeing signs of stabilization in the pound. it's holding about a 1.28 level. so the markets are reacting positively to this so far. uk stocks have rebounded to this situation. certainly one to keep an eye on. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, axios has a look at this morning's one big hinge. and coming up on "morning joe," the president goes on the offensive against the special counsel. >> and anxiety reportedly grows in the white house over the belief that the russia probe may be coming to an end. "morning joe" is just moments away. ♪
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2:56 am
d.c. with a look at axios, the man himself, jonathan swan. jonathan, good to have you with us on this friday morning. what is axios' one big thing? >> we're calling it the conservative comfort trap. conservative mania, this is something that we've been noticing for the some time. conservative media pose a surprising risk to trump. while fox news opinion shows and other outlets provide unstintingly glowing coverage about this, the interviews that he does often open him up to some of his more substantial risks. he let's down his guard, he's in his comfort zone and he says ill advised things. we saw that again this week with the daily caller in the oval office. a reporter from the daily caller threw trump a seemingly harmless question about mat matt
2:57 am
whitaker. if whitaker goes through a senate nomination, democrats are going to bring this up as evidence that trump links his appointment to the mueller investigation. we've seen it time and between. >> jonathan, how do you gauge the reaction or the reaction to the president when he does these interviews? is he helping himself or is he hurting himself because he's trying to reach the base, right? but like you said, this is on the record so this can be used against him. >> it's all well and good to reach the base, but when you make connections like this -- and i could list other examples. you had -- it's not just trump. it's his advisers. so you had rudy giuliani early last year where he went on judge jenean, the friendliest program he could ever do and he traced the origin of the travel ban to trump asking him to figure it out to how the to make the
2:58 am
muslim ban legal. rudy giuliani ended up having to do a court filing to walk that back because his commenced became the subject of the lawsuit. this is not theoretical or academic or even, you know, the realm of opinion journalism. these are stone-cold legal facts. >> let's switch gears for a moment, jonathan. i want to ask you about a new pugh research out about the study of post millennials. what does that show? >> yeah. so this is interesting. my colleague reported on this. it very starkly lays out the shifting demographics of america. and it has a study on the post millennial generation, 6 to 21-year-olds. almost half of them are hispanic, african-american and asian. compare that to early boomers, which was up in the 80%. gen xers is in the 70s. it's a changing country and it's changing much more rapidly thth
2:59 am
demographers predicted. >> and that changes what.some. >> we're seeing younger people support abortion rights, they tend to be more liberal immigration, gay rights. it's a changing issue set and has obvious electoral ramifications. it's worth noting we saw in this election the highest youth turnout we've seen since '94. so younger people are substantiating to get more engaged in the process. it has obvious political ramifications. >> and i wonder, as well, if the geographic distribution of them remains on the coast or if they have moved into the more traditional red states. i guess we don't know that yet? >> i don't know that from this study, but we are very -- as a country, very clustered. >> and it certainly raises, puts more pressure on the census which in and of itself has become a big issue for this
3:00 am
administration and whether or not they should be the question of of are you a u.s. citizen or not. >> and then there's the question of what millennials want. they want the ease with which to vote. many are pushing to have it be something you can do on your phone. >> before we let you go, what is something you're tracking or looking forward to in the weeks ahead with this administration? what are you keeping an eye out for? >> i'm paying very close attention. i'm trying to understand what the conversation between trump and president xi will look like at the g20. and honestly, i don't think trump yet knows what that will look like. so that's a very.consequential conversation given the trade war. >> as well as that meeting with putin if that takes place. >> we already have a.m. axios. it's already out there. thank you. >> that does it for us. "morning joe" starts right now. >> good morning


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