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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  November 19, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PST

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school. >> remember, michael bloomberg has done so much for johns hopkins. he's invested a ton into the university which i think is the best university. i'm a little bias. >> a big boom for baltimore. >> low and middle income kids having the opportunity to go to that school. >> imagine in the people who get accepted, who get the go, are simply the best candidates. >> amazing. >> thank you much. we're talking much more about that and bunch of other things. the week starts off with a sound off as the president nixes the idea of sitting down with robert mueller. how it's all setting up a new showdown with democrats. the president also on attack against another american war hero. why he's going after the navy seal behind the bin laden raid and how that admiral is responding this morning. the democrat already maybe icing out the crowded 2020 field. why a new report says everybody
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is waiting on beto o'rourke. our team is set up and ready go on this monday. we want to start at the white house. we're told the questions will be delivered latest thursday. it's sit down interview with bob mueller, that's where the president seems to be drawing the line. >> there's going to be no sit down interview and nothing written or in person on obstruction. >> i would say probably. probably. i can change my mind but probably. >> no interview? >> i think we have wasted enough time on this witch hunt. the answer is probably. we're finished. >> my colleague geoff ben amphetamibennett at
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the white house. >> reporter: we have been talking about this for almost a year. now it appears the moment is upon us. the president seems to be ruling out a one-on-one sit down with robert mueller. i ask the senior white house official, kellyanne conway about what gives might the president be feeling newly emboldened now that there's a perceived ally in charge of the investigation. here is her response. >> the president seems to be ruling out a sit down interview. does he feel like he has more leverage? >> it has everything to do with the fact that the president continues to say what he's said all along which is there's no russia collusion. he and about 30 plus others have been asked to produce information whether that's written information or come in for an oral interview under oath. we could fnot have been more compliant. >> reporter: she says it doesn't rise to that level.
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they believe if the president were to sit down, he might open himself up to a perjury trap. as legal experts point out, if the witness tells the truth, there's no such thing as falling prey to a perjury trap. as for the written ons anss, we don't know what the questions are about but we fwhee the answers won't be about. the president says his legal team is advising him not to answer questions. it's also true those questions are probably where the president is most vulnerable. his decision to fire james comey, his decision to pressure jeff sessions. it appears as though the special counsel team won't get the president on the record in terms of those questions. >> geoff, i'll see you in a bit. joining me now is msnbc national security analyst, former fbi
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official. frank, geoff said something interest. he said the president has been talking for a year. he was singing a real different tune. let me play the evolution of the president's comments when it comes to sitting down with robert mueller. >> would you like to testify with robert mueller? >> thank you. >> you would like to, sir? >> i would love to speak. nobody wants to speak more than me. against my lawyers because most lawyers never speak. >> i've always wanted to do an interview because there's been no collusion. >> that was then. this is now. what changed? >> well, a couple of things changed. as the questions came in from
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the special counsel's officer, the legal team at the white house learned more and more about what bob mueller has. i think that's one the day to convince the president to not respond to questions regarding obstruction. to stick to his guns about only written responses. he does this at his own peril. i find it mildly amusing the president announced we are finished. it doesn't matter if the president thinks we're finished. it matters if bob mueller thinks they're finished. mob mueller's not finished. if you refuse to answer questions about obstruction, you're refusing to simply state i didn't intend to obstruct. if you can't say i didn't intend to, you're losing a softball question. he does this at his own peril. announcing he's finished is at his own peril.
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mueller will say you refused. we're moving on without you. >> how mueller wraps things up with the president answering questions. it's your contention, he will say fine, got it, check mark. mover on. >> absolutely. much of this is window dressing for the public's perception. mueller was playing this game with the public perception of i have to allow my target, let's call the president a target, chance to respond. he has chosen the route of written responses. he's chosen not to obstruction and that's it. i'll tell the public you had your shot. you didn't have your chance. we're done. that's what's going on. >> there is also the person of when we talk about his change. there's somebody new who is overseeing the peshl counsspeci investigation. the president was asked about whittaker and his response is interesting. i know you saw it but i want to play it for folks. >> it's going to be up to him.
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i think he's very well aware politically. i think he's astute politically. he's a very smart person. a very respected person. he's going to do what's right. >> you overrule if he decides to curtail? >> i would not get involved. >> is the president getting good advice from the people around him right now based on that response? >> this is all part of the dance. no question matt whittaker being acting attorney general adds another element of how does the president put this issue behind him. how does director mueller complete his probe, his overview and get this report out there and get this behind him. it seems we're getting in deeper now. at the enof td of the day, whilm not a lawyer, it seems special counsel mueller can compel the president to testify in person. the law is not perfectly clear as i understand it but there's precedent in that regard. >> nancy.
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>> i also just think the white house has been totally on the defensive this whole time about this. the people who have been running the russia special investigation, that lawyer team has changed. the white house former top attorney gave mueller more than 30 hours of interviews. the white house is not entirely sure what he told them. they are a bit out of their depth in terms of understand whunderstanding what mueller knows. >> there's also the question of what can congress do. what is going to happen on the ere end of pennsylvania evidence. the result should be released. here is how congressman gawdy responded. >> i spent two years battling with elijah who want to keep lots of things secret and battling with adam schiff babou the dossier. if they have this new found embrace of transparency, that's
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good but it would be new found. >> trey gowdy has been all over the map on this. occasionally he will be tough on the president and he will give him some cover. this is him givingsaying we done this go public. the fact we would go through this process and not have a public disclosure. if this is the route that republicans will go down, if this is going to be their talking point now, that's a significant development in this case. i think it would be just the latest post-election sign this is turning for whatever reason that is, whether it's whittaker, it seems to be turning. >> that's the backdrop what aaron laid out. he's got one word on his mind and it's not republicans. it's bipartisanship. he's saying he wants to strike quick deal with nancy pelosi and working with democrats could
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help keep investigations of his conduct at bay is that a realistic possibilities. >> i don't see it that way. on your program i've said a few months ago, i agreed with him. his point was you need to embrace this special counsel. get it resolved and move on. that's the only way, i think, he can have the kind of atmosphere to achieve some type of bipartisanship and govern the country. that's what majority of the people want to see. >> always a pleasure having you at the table. i want you two to hang out for a couple of minutes. we have a couple more minutes including the king of saudi arabia speaking this morning while u.s. intelligence gets ready to release damming report on the death of jamal khashoggi. they have determined the saudi crown prince ordered the killing and why president trump seems to be casting doubt on his what
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my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. president trump says the final u.s. intelligence report on the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi will probably be out as soon as today or maybe tomorrow. here's a spoiler. the cia has concluded the saudi
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crown prince ordered the assassination. the president seems to be levering wleve leaving wiggle room even after getting audio. a audio he didn't listen to. >> i don't want to hear the tape. no reason. >> why don't you want to hear it? >> because it's a suffering tape. it's a terrible tape. i've been fully briefed on it. there's no reason for me to hear it. i said to the people, should i? they said you shouldn't. i know everything that went on without having to hear it. >> what happened? >> it was very violent, vicious and terrible. >> the saudi king gave his first major salespeoppeech and he mad mention of the controversy surrounding his son. >> walk us through what we're
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expecting to see in this report and the dilemma this poses for the administration. >> we don't know how much evidence they will make public but based on the president's own kmebt -- comments, they will make some assertion of what happened. the cia has boxed the president by allowing some of this to come out. information has made its way into the press suggesting the cia does think crown prince mbs ordered this. as the president, secretary of state, bolton and others try to cast a bit of doubt on that and muddy the waters, there's going to be a question of who do you listen to and how much co complicity does the president listen to. >> here is what the president told chris wallace about who he listens to. >> i don't know. who can really know. i can say this, he's got many
7:17 am
people now that say he had no knowledge. he told me that he had nothing to do with it. he told me that maybe five times at different points. >> what if he's lying? do you just live with it because you need him? >> will anybody really know? >> frank, what's your response to that? would anybody really know? >> wow. we're living in a world where there's no truth apparently at the white house level. their refusal -- their consistent refusal to embrace the intelligence community whose job it is to seek the truth and present the truth unvarnished to the white house is incredibly disturbing. the other thing we're seeing that's disturbing is a possible rift developing between the state department and the cia. this is a leak, by the way. i want to get to that in a second. cia asserting there's no other
7:18 am
conclusion but the crown prince is behind this. state department saying we don't have a conclusion. that is indicative of a problem inside the beltway within the intelligence community. the other thing i'm focused on is we're all talking about this because a classified cia assess ment has gotten out. why is that happen and why is it consistently? it's because there's people within the administration who get these reports, are worried the president will not act on the truth and feel compelled to leak it. that's why we're talking about that and this is a problem. >> that's exactly what you're writing about. the idea there's there schism between the president and his community. he says the president's defense is how he deflects questions about russia's interference by saying that president putin denies it when he's asked too.
7:19 am
>> it's extremely telling in that clip we just saw the president keeps referring to the denials from the saudis about this. then almost in the same breathe is asked about the intelligence community's report and he says how can you ever really know. will anybody ever really know? intelligence isn't imprecise business. we're not having trials. >> there's very not often 100% certainty. >> if you have to require 100% certainty in other words rder t some way, you're never going to hold anybody accountable. we're not going to have 100% precision on this. the fact the president is demanding that and that seems to be his talking point suggests this is not going anywhere. >> the president saying he's declining to listen to that audio tape. far be it from me to say whether the president should or should not but the decision to not listen to it has consequences. one of those is that you can't go and say, can we ever really
7:20 am
know? i don't know. if there's anybody, what appears to be the most clear cut evidence of what happened in the consulate and the president is declining to avail himself of then he can't cast doubt. i don't know. we're never really going to know. >> this is a president who has been persuaded when he sees visceral and emotion maal image. the kids killed in air strike. that seemed to be persuasive to the president. that gut punch, whether you're seeing it or hearing it and this this instance he's choosing to no to. >> the administration has staked so much on the relationship with saudi arabia. the president is talking about these arms deals although the figure he cites is much higher than the money we made from it. they position saudi arabia as a key ally particularly for jared kushner. they are making the calculation that the life of jamal khashoggi is not as important as the
7:21 am
relationship with saudi arabia. >> thanks for coming on. next, the president's newest interview involves a new attack against an american hero. the admiral who oversaw the capture of one of the world's worst terrorists. why the commander in chief went there and what it says about the president's relationship with military. we're having that conversation, next. we're having that conversation, next people tell me all the time i have the craziest job, the riskiest job. the consequences underwater can escalate quickly. the next thing i know, she swam off with the camera. it's like, hey, thats mine! i want to keep doing what i love. that's the retirement plan. with my annuity i know there's a guarantee. annuities can provide protected income for life.
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rjts we' . we're back. nearly 1,000 people are still unaccounted for after the relentless wildfires in california that killed at least 80 people. president trump checking out the damage there over the weekend and pinning the blame on forest management. here's what he said. >> i was watching the firemen the other day and they were raking areas. they were raking areas. you wouldn't have the fires. >> what about the argument it's climate change? it's drier. it's hotter and that's contributing to it. >> maybe it contributes a little bit. the big problem we have is management. >> as of this morning officials say the flames are 65% contained. michael bloomberg is donating 1.8 billion dollar to his al ma
7:26 am
mater. his goal is to make sure they can help low and middle income students graduate without debt. a new york times op-ed he writes america is at its best when we reward people based on the quality of their work, not the size of their pocketbook. condoleezza rice denying she's a contender for a coaching job. the news comes after espn reported the brouwns wanted to interview rice for a head coaching job after the team's gm said he would consider hiring women. dorsey saying rice is a great leader who possesses the highest possible character but she's not on the list. the commander who over saw the raid that killed bin laden is not backing off what he said about president trump even afterthe president went after him this weekend. >> bill mcraven, retired
7:27 am
admiral, navy seal, 37 years, former head of u.s. special operations. >> hillary clinton fan. >> who led the operations, commanded the operations that took down hussein and killed bin laden. says your sentiment is the greatest threat to democracy in his life. >> he's a hillary clinton backer and an obama backer. frankly -- >> he was a navy seal. >> wouldn't it been nice if we got bin laden a lot sooner than that. >> you heard chris wallace say call the attacks the greatest threat to american democracy and now he says he stands by those comments. he tells cnn i did not back hillary clinton or anyone else. i'm fan of president obama and president george w. bush. both of whom i worked for. i admire all presidents regardless of their political party who uphold the dignity of the office and use the office to bring the nation together in challenging times.
7:28 am
at the white house just within the last hour or so kellyanne conway was asked to clarify who the president holds responsible for not catching bin laden faster. >> i haven't had that conversation with him. we're happy that bin laden trash heap of history. no president should not respect -- he's been able to do anything from more deeply respecting and better resourcing the military. >> correcting herself to osama bin laden, not obama bin laden. hans, let me start with you. anything, any reaction from the pentagon, your sources there about what the president said so far? >> officially there won't be a reaction because they don't want to be in a position where they are challenging their commander in chief. it does put a lot of senior military officials in a difficult position and i would point today as one reason why we
7:29 am
don't have more on camera briefings here at the pentagon. every time the president says something controversial, how much you want to couch it, it puts his senior officials in difficult positions. we with say do you agree and that's a very difficult position for guys like jim mattis to be in because in many ways the president's comments are indefensible. there's many people inside this building that have great respect for all he did in his special forces community. they don't want to be in a position to choose publicly between their boss and their friend. >> kevin. >> yes. hans the right. there's two stories that are involved in this. one is the history of the treatment of president and the press. that's how he got involved in this conversation. >> now it's a whole different story. >> the other is the way he treats the generals including some like bill.
7:30 am
you cannot find a former official more revered than bill. he's a legend. nobody is safe in his cross hairs when you cross the president. >> president trump has been in office for 66 d8 days. he's spent 200 days at trump properties. he's spent zero days visiting troops. he was asked about that with chris wallace. here is what he said. >> i think you will see that happen. there are things that are being planned. we don't want to talk about it because of obviously because of security reasons and everything else. there are things that are planned. i was very much opposed to the war in iraq. i've had an unbelievable busy schedule. i will be doing it. >> can you talk about the importance of a presidential visit to these areas. >> they are important, some for the troops but thaw are
7:31 am
important for drawing attention to the war that you're visiting. keeping it in the spotlight. explaining to american people what you're doing there. sending a message to congress, your allies who are partners in the fight. to the host nation. there's lots of reasons to do it. it's not just the pop in photo op. the president said why it doesn't go, is it a security reason. officials don't stay overnight when they go to some place like afghanistan anymore. it's not just that. it's his decision to stay away from those wars especially in things he's not so crazy about. >> i'm going to put you on the spot with some apologies to you. about three minutes ago, the president, i just got his tweet in front of me. he said of course we should have captured bin laden long before we did. he says i pointed him out in my book. we paid pakistans billions of dollars and they never told us
7:32 am
he was live there and dot, department of transportation. instant analysis there if you can. >> it sounds like the president is trying to clean up his public fight and shift the attention to the cia. mcraven's group did the kill order. he was in charge of special operations. he executed that mission and took out bin laden. it was the intelligence community's job to find him. the cia working with dni, remember a lot of these intelligence communities were reorganized in response to anything else. it almost sounds like he's going back to blaming this on bill clinton who had his chance back in '98 for response to those embassy bombings. i think we have to wait for the dot, dot, dot. as always here when they see dot, dot, dot, you see a lot of senior officials looking at the president's twitter feed wondering what's next. >> thanks to the both of you for that conversation. i appreciate it.
7:33 am
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good evening. for only the third time in history the house judicial area committee held hearings on whether the president of the united states should be impeached. >> that was 20 years ago today. tom brokaw covering the drama that ripped the entire world. now they are putting that front and squarely center again. kate snow joining us now. hi, kate. >> good to see you. monica will recollectlewinsky s. for the first time we heard her account of how a white house intern ended up with a relationship with the president. how it developed and what it meant to her. >> he motioned me in. i was on the precipice of the rabbit hole. >> reporter: in a new docu series marking the 20th anniversary of the affair that captivated the world. >> i blurted out, you know i have a crush on you. >> reporter: revealing how her
7:38 am
physical relationship with bill clinton unfolded when he summoned her into a office for what started out as an innocent chat. >> he laughed and smiled and asked me if i wanted to go into the back office and i did. it was dark and he eventually asked me if he could kiss me and i said yes. >> reporter: lewinsky says later that evening she was the only person left in the office. >> he came back in an he said if you want to me me in the back study in ten minutes, you can. i did. it became more intimate from there. >> reporter: their encounters did not happen in the oval office but in clinton's personal office. lewinsky says those encounters with the president blossomed into a relationship. >> at that point he was in touch or i saw him almost weekly. not every time i spent with him
7:39 am
in the white house had a sexual component to it. we talked about how our days were. >> reporter: the power imbalance was palpable. >> i haed no way to reach him. if he called me, i couldn't call him back. i was completely in his mercy. >> reporter: it would lead to one of the greatest scandals in modern history. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> reporter: and to clinton's impeachment. former independent counsel ken starr spoke before the sjudiciay committee. >> the president's relationship was transformed. it was transformed into an unlawful effort to thwart the judicial process. >> reporter: paula jones describes being summoned to a hotel room when clinton was
7:40 am
governor of arkansas expecting a meeting. clinton exposed himself and asked her to engage in a sexual act. >> i wasn't think about it. i thought there's no way -- i didn't even think about it so it didn't cross my mind he would do something like that. >> bill clinton has denied jones' allegation. bill clinton's office has had no comment on this whole project. >> kate, thank you. we want to get to some breaking news about president's appointment of matt whittaker. we know it's controversial. there's been questions about now garrett is on capitol hill with word of a lawsuit being filed. what's up? >> reporter: that's right. controversial we knew but three democratic senators on the judiciary committee are saying the appointment is unconstitutional. the three senators filed suit there morning in federal court
7:41 am
arguing that matt whittaker is a constitutional nobody. his role as chief of staff while a high ranking role is not senate confirmed. that would make him acting in any capacity as the acting attorney general also unconstitutional. the constitution says these high ranking positions in the cabinet have to be approved by the senate. the their argument is even in an acting role, even when he's time limited, the acting attorney general should not be able to exercise those powers as attorney general. they argue the idea he's chief of staff while that might sound impressive on paper, constitutionally doesn't mean anything. he could be the head of the hr department as a high ranking person but that doesn't make them constitutionally qualified for the role. these three senators working with two outside groups here filing this lawsuit saying if matt whittaker wants to be the attorney general, if donald trump wants him to be the attorney general, he needs to be confirmed by the u.s. senate
7:42 am
before he can exercise those powers. >> not to get into some super intense nitty gritty, but we're going to do it. this resolves around this thing called the federal vacancy reform act. pete williams who is our legal expert here at nbc news has written about this in anticipation of potential legal questions coming up. here is the deal. there's three ways under this vacancy's act that somebody can end up appointed to a position. you can designate the deputy to take over, which the president did not do. you can either pick somebody nominated by the president and confirm for a different job which matt whittaker doesn't fit because he was senate confirmed or by naming someone serving in a senior position for 90 days. that is where whittaker fits in. he's a senior person. he's been there 90 days. there's a separate federal law
7:43 am
that specifies spervcifically f an attorney general then the deputy attorney general comes in. there's this question about which law takes precedence. that's where this legal concern and this legal question comes in. are you still awake? did i put you to sleep? are you there? i know you have been writing about this. >> the short answer to what will happen now is the people who argue this is not going to work, that it's illegal, are making more of an aspirational case. they believe the constitution requires this person to be confirmed. if you look at how the law has been carried out over the last several deca decades going back supreme court case in 1898, it seems to be pretty clear according to legal expert who is have studied appointment law. that's because the acting attorney general acting positions are not considered to be what's known as a principal officer. a principal officer must be
7:44 am
confirmed but if it's not considered a principal office, they will be okay. i think this is unlikely to skdskd succeed. >> congress is out for the holiday week. we do have the statement from his office. >> reporter: that's right. none of the senators are here. we'll be on the hunt. i think it will be mostly me a and the statues today. >> thank you very much for that breaking news. after the break, waiting for beto. the new political report on how beto o'rourke is freezing others out. why there's so much buzz for a guy who just lost his election two weeks ago. nbc news calling more house races for democratic candidates. our count has democrats gaining 37 seats in the house. three races still undecided.
7:45 am
that number goes along national gains including 7 governorships and hundreds of seats in state legislatures. they did fall short down south. races in florida and georgia now over. republicans ending upkeeping the governor's mansions in both those states and picking up a senate seat in florida. hello!
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one of the most high profile democratic darlings of the 2018 sickle didn't pull it off earlier this month but a lot of folks have their eyes on beto o'rourke. they are waiting eagerly to see if he will jump into the presidential race. several in iowa have asked to call if he was running because they are not wanting to sign onto other presidential campaigns until they know whether beto is going. what good progressive democratic wouldn't want to work for him. it completely changes the game if beto runs and he should run. he's barack obama but white. you've been writing about beto. what's the deal? is this like too much beto
7:50 am
mania? is this legit? >> i do think it is legit that he what he does. he is one of those people who i think would be in the top tier if he does decide to run. which is somewhat remarkable. i mean, he's been in congress for only a couple of years. he lost -- >> wait a second. let me put the remarkable into context. we got a little fun stat. the last person to go from the house to the presidency was james garfield in 1880. yes, it would be extraordinary if beto ended up in the white house. >> it would. i think that's a testament to the type of campaign that he ran, and also a testament to how wide open this contest is, that a candidate can run an inspiring campaign in texas and immediately be talked about as a top tier presidential contender even though he lost.
7:51 am
i think he occupies a big amount of space. everybody is sort of waiting to see what he does. >> there's also a money factor. he raised a ton of main. if o'roarke is giving any donors pause, it's because his fundraising came from a senate contest not a presidential campaign. does he have the money power to go up against a joe biden who has been doing this for a lot of years? >> yes. or others. i think what was so remarkable to democrats and donors was beto o'roarke managed to do this in texas which has been such a red state. he lost to ted cruz, but the margin of the loss was much smaller than people anticipated and he raised a ton of membership. people are looking for a good foil for donald trump, and they're casting a wide net. >> and there's a real big
7:52 am
spectrum on the political sphere when it comes to democrats when they think what could win against donald trump. sherrod brown talked about what to do running against trump. >> i won my election because i talk about the dignity of work. whether i run or not, i'm hopeful that narrative and message begins to be part of that narrative among my colleagues who want to be president and who have dreamed of it for longer than i have. >> aaron? >> the fact that we're talking about sherrod brown running and beto o'roarke running suggestions this is going to be a huge field. i think it's tempting to break this down from the progressives and somebody like brown who is more of a populist, maybe more moderate. it's going to be a free for all. i don't think this is going to break down neatly along lines in a lot of the same ways the
7:53 am
republican race didn't break down along the lines we expected it to. if you're beto o'roarke, i'm not sure you're looking at it making a strategic decision beyond saying look at what i did. i came close in texas. closer than any other democrat. he's going to have a seat at the table the moment he runs. >> i talked to a democratic strategist over the weekend. i was like it's so early. this person made the point democrats are being recruited to work on campaigns. maybe it's not that early. these campaigns as they're looking to see whether they run, as these people are testing the waters, need people and staff around. what's your sense of where that is at this moment? >> that's exactly right. i mean, the field is going to be so large that a good campaign staffers are going to be in high demand. i mean, there's only a certain numb of people that are being recruited, and so because there's so many candidates, i think that is one of the hot discussions right now, trying to scoop up good people who just
7:54 am
worked on good campaigns. it's an opportunity, i think, for rising democratic staffers who just came off of an election where they won a lot of house races and those type of people are being recruited right now. >> matt, thank you. nancy, aaron, stick around for sources say right after the break along with today's big picture. picture. tresiba® reaso. now i'm doing more to lower my a1c. once daily tresiba® controls blood sugar for 24 hours for powerful a1c reduction. tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur. tell your prescriber about all medicines you take and all your medical conditions. taking tzds with insulins like tresiba® may cause serious side effects like heart failure.
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7:57 am
time for sources say. aaron, what are you working on? >> i'm keeping an eye on exactly
7:58 am
what matthew whittaker's position on the investigation is. the justice department has made quotes that haven't been forceful in saying he's taking oversight. with f we look at what lindsey graham said last week in an interview, he said that whittaker -- or mueller would be reporting to whittaker and rosenstein. the justice department has not said that whittaker is going to be the be all end all here. we don't know how this is going to work. i think a lot of the things like what the senate democrats are doing right now is in the service of pushing this toward a situation which may rosenstein has some authority over this. it's not a done deal yet. it's possible that he is going to take over the whole thing. we don't know. >> nancy, you're working on a different story. more internationally story ahead of the g-20? >> yeah. that's something i'm closely the watching. the president has been meeting with pompeo, john bolton, and the ambassador to china terry
7:59 am
brandstad to talk about how he's going to approach this meeting with the chinese president and the g-20. it's going to be interesting to watch this discussion involvevo. >> i will be at the g-20. i'll see you there end of next week as i travel with my president as part of my other job. nancy and aaron, love having you on. thank you very much. we want to wrap up with the big picture. for it we're heading to dublin. you might ask okay, here's a picture. why are women holding up lace panti panties? because it comes after a 27-year-old man was acquitted, found not of rape. in the trial his defense lawyer showed jurors the 17-year-old victim's thong as proof of her consent. as you might imagine, that created a outcry. one irish lawmaker showed off a lace panty in parliament saying we've seen clothes used to discredit women who have the
8:00 am
bravery to go court. the photographer here would love to hear your thoughts on facebook, snap chat and twitter. for now, more with craig melvin. >> yeah. i'm here. good to see you. >> i didn't know. i was guessing. hopefully it's you. >> good to see you, my friend. craig melvin here in new york city. 2020 vision. president trump in a new interview taking aim at some of his favorite targets. the mueller probe, hillary clinton, he also says don't blame the midterm losses on him. his name wasn't on the ballot despite saying the opposite during the campaign. are we getting a preview of his reelection play book? also blame game. facebook's exsecurity chief admitting they made a big mistake in handling russian hacking. his chilling warning about giving facebook the power to fix things. and suing the sellers. a massive lawsuit


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