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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 20, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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♪ before the 2016 election, president trump repeatedly add tack attacked hiblgt for her use of personal e-mail. new reporting that first daughter ivanka trump used a private account to send hundreds of e-mails to government officials last year. plus a shooting inside a chicago hospital after a gunman opened fire at mercy hospital and medical center. and president trump is not backing down from his criticism of retired admiral william mcraven. some gop lawmakers are praising the former navy seal, but the republican national committee is echoing what the president said. ♪
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good morning. it's tuesday, november 20th. house democrats say they are likely to investigate white house advisor and first daughter ivanka trump for using private e-mail to conduct government business. this after her lawyer says an internal review found scores of e-mails about policy and official business with hundreds more related to scheduling, meetings and travel, in possible violation of records law. the microsoft stored personal domain was set up in november of 2016 for ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner, who is also an assistant to the president. the use of personal e-mail was discovered by politico in september of last year. the "new york times" posted images of trump's e-mails. a spokesman for her lawyer said
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review began in september of 2017. quote, while transitioning into government, ms. trump sometimes used her private account almost always for logistics and scheduling concerning her family. sources tell the "washington post" that after his review, trump's attorney forwarded e-mails that he had determined were related to official business to trump's government account, a move he viewed as rectifying any violations of the records law. hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail account and process for determine cing whic e-mails were relevant for the focus of an fbi investigation and president trump's campaign. >> i guarantee you one thing. we're going to be talking about those e-mails every moment of every day. crooked hillary's e-mails. unless hillary gets indicted which in all fairness she should be. how can hillary manage this country when she can't even manage her e-mails? this is the biggest scandal since watergate.
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how about if she's running the country? she can't even run anne mai e-m. she should be in prison. so we're going to get a special prosecutor and we're going to look into it. >> it's awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> well now to that terrifying shooting at a chicago hospital that claimed the lives of a police officer, doctor and a fapharmaceutical assistant. the gunman shot his girlfriend in a hospital parking lot after some sort of verbal altercation. the gunman then ran into the hospital. once officers were on the scene we're told they exchanged gunfire with the suspect. during that time 28-year-old officer was shot and later died.
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>> those officers have responded today saved a lot of lives, because this guy was just shooting. that poor woman got off an elevator, had nothing to do with nothing and he shotter. why? >> city of chicago lost a doctor, a pharmaceutical assistant and police officer, all going about their day, all doing what they love. this tears at the soul of our city. it is the face and the consequence of evil. >> officer jimenez leaves behind a white and three young children. he'd recently finished his probationary period to become a
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full fledged officer. the shooter was also killed. it's unclear if it was self-inflicted. a spokesman tweeted, quote, the cowardly gunman deserves to be nameless. president trump is doubling down on his criticism of retired admiral william mcraven, who over saw the operation that killed osama bin laden. on twitter yesterday the president repeated his belief that the u.s. should have caught bin laden more quickly. of course we should have captured osama bin laden long before we did. we paid pakistan billions of dollars and they never told us he was living there. fools. top officials are hitting back at trump over his criticism of admiral mcraven. >> i think mr. trump may have feelings of inadequacy when it comes to bill mcraven. because i think at his core, donald trump is rather insecure.
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i mean, that's why he inflated the size of his crowds and other types of things. here's mcraven, who has a tremendous record of accomplishment and contributions to national security. so i do think donald trump is a little bit envious maybe. >> everything gets defined in terms of him. the problem with that is that what we see here castigating somebody who's a patriot and not only is a patriot but has spent his entire career raising another generation of patriots. i think castigating somebody like that demonstrates a lack of knowledge about how the world actually works. >> still, the republican national committee is echoing the president's criticism of admiral mcraven. in a tweet from its official gop
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account, worth noting after recent comments, retired admiral william mcraven was reportedly on hillary clinton's short list for vice president in 2016. he's been critical of president trump even dating back to the 2016 campaign. he's hardly a non-political figure. back in 2015, mcraven did voice criticism of president trump's muslim ban, but he was not on hillary clinton's short list for vice president. however, he was considered for a top trump administration job. a "washington post" article written in april of 2017 noted, ahead of the election transition leaders spent two full days culling longer lists of names to between four and six for each key position. respected candidates recommended for national security advisor included retired admiral william mcraven. back in april of 2012 donald trump tweeted admiral mcraven had full operational control of the bin laden investigation.
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>> what's your sense of the kind of legal jeopardy ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner might be in as a result of this reporting? >> it's hard to see there being a particular legal jeopardy at this point, although certainly the irony is obviously there given the way the 2016 presidential campaign played out. more likely, what we're going to see is the house democrats now of course coming into the majority at the oversight and government reform committee most likely taking a look into what ivanka and jared have been using their e-mails for. so it would not surprise me if there is yet another round of congressional hearings about e-mails. but i wouldn't really expect there to be some sort of actual legal repercussions at this juncture. >> you have the white house down
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playing this use of the private e-mail. when also, you have the spokesperson of her lawyer saying, you know what, it's not classified information. it's mostly logistics scheduling here. given the comparisons and the descriptions of irony and even hypocrisy, how does this report reflect on the administration now? >> well, it doesn't necessarily reflect well. and what i would say is there's a really important reason for these laws to be in existence. we want to have in the sort of record of history for the records of what goes on in the white house to be available to researchers, to journalists, to the public. and so even, quote, unquote, logistical e-mails if they're actually about meetings that were not public at the time, that can be important down the
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road. >> thank you. turning now to overnight breaking news. a federal judge has tech rampor blocked the trump administration from barring asylum from migrants who enter the country outside a legal port of entry. trump stated that anyone who crossed the southern border illegally would be ineligible for asylum. that was challenged in the court by the aclu and the center for constitutional rights. a federal judge ruled the policy is likely in violation of federal asylum law. the block remains in effect until december 19th, at which point the court will consider arguments for a permanent order. two days ago trump tweeted that the united states is, quote, ill prepared for this invasion of migrants coming from south america. this is something the president played up extensively on the campaign trail before larging dr
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-- largely dropping the topic after the midterm elections. some of the 5800 active duty troops trump ordered to the border are set to start to come home. jeffrey buchannon tells politico that troops that have mostly completed their mission will be sent home in the coming days, adding they are expected to be finished and sent home by december 15th. lieutenant general buchannon confirmed the military rejected a request from the department of homeland security to have an armed border patrol in case of a violent confrontation. meanwhile, two other presidential campaign trail promises appear to be going by the wayside as well. two white house sources say the white house is not activity pursuing an executive order to end birth right citizenship. trump missed his own november 1st deadline for a middle class tax cut as he promised.
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the white house issues new rules for reporters at news conferences and the white house correspondent's association hits back. plus, the latest on the deadly california wildfires as crews prepare for heavy rain that could both help and hinder efforts to put out the flames. efforts to put out the flames. ♪ ♪
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that's it! this feud just went mobile. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out! you don't even know where i live... hello! see the grinch in theaters by saying "get grinch tickets" into your xfinity x1 voice remote. a guy just dropped this off. he-he-he-he. welcome back. the search continues for the nearly 1,000 people missing in the wake of the deadly camp wildfire. as crews dig through the piles of ash, the weather may present a new problem for the area. nbc news's steve patterson has more from the ground. >> reporter: it's painfully slow work that gets more difficult with each passing day. search crews combing through the ruins of paradise looking for remains of loved ones lost to the fire. >> there are a lot of people that want some answers.
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they are depending on us to find their loved one. >> reporter: with the death toll rising daily, close to a thousand are unaccounted for. >> it's all gone. >> reporter: firefighter paramedic dave smith responded in the first few hours as flames raged through town. the fire personal, smith's sister and nephew barely escaped before their home was consumed. >> it's tough. it's tough. so looking forward and very thankful -- looking forward to thanksgiving getting everybody together. >> reporter: others still desperate to find friends and family. >> that's all i get. let us know you're okay, buddy. >> reporter: with the fire still burning, the holidays will be bittersweet. officials say they're worried that rain in the forecast will complicate search efforts on the ground. it's another race against time for thousands holding out hope their loved ones are still alive. >> really tough next couple of
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days for those families. >> absolutely. let's get a check of your weather with meteorologist bill karins. >> it's a double edged sword. we have been waiting forever to get the rain to start in california for the rainy season. now that it's finally coming of course we're going to get the mud and debris flows where the burn scars are. the air quality has been horrendous because of all the smoke in the air. here's the dip in the jet stream in the west. we'll watch that moving on shore and that will give us some relief. to the snow in the east. we are watching snow from new york through central new england. right off the coast of maine into areas of central main it's snowing pretty god nood now. the cold air is going to follow this little snow event. it's going to be frigid. this is like midwinter type stuff. the duration of this oldest november has been off the charts. this is one of our coldest novembers we've ever seen across
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the entire country. we haven't even gotten to the heart of the cold stuff yet. windchill in green, 10. far fargo is at 3. 19 in cleveland. for thanksgiving morning all of that cold settles in over the northeast. new york city's windchills expected to be 7 degrees come early in the morning. that's unheard of for the parade to have a windchill of 7. caribou, maine, windchill of negative 10. even d.c. is at 19. for today, a pretty nice travel day. areas of northern new england, we talked about your little snow. the rest of the nation is looking pretty good. we will see some showers and storms in florida. on wednesday another great travel day. wednesday is when all that stormy weather comes into the west. your thanksgiving profit, freozn
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turkeys in the northeast. we've got the macy's parade, the criteria for the balloons in the windy conditions, a lot of kids are a little concerned. it's going to be a close call. >> tough conditions there. thanks so much. the white house issued new rules for news conferences that limit journalists' ability to ask follow-up questions. in a statement sarah huckabee sanders outlined the new guidelines. among them, a journalist called upon to ask a question will ask a single question and then will yield the floor to other journalists. at the discretion of the president, follow-up questions may be permitted. when a follow-up has been asked, the questioner will yield the floor. when applicable, physically surrendering the microphone to white house staff for use by the next questioner. failure to abide by any of the
2:20 am
rules may result in suspension or revocation of the journalist's hard pass. sanders added, we would have greatly preferred to continue hosting white house press conferences and relies on a set of understood professional norms and we believe the overwhelming majority of journalists covering the white house share that preference. but given the position taken by cnn, we now feel obligated to replace previously shared practices with explicit rules. the president of the white house correspondent's association responded, the white house correspondent's association had no role in crafting any procedures for future press conferences. for as long as there have been white house press conferences, reporters have asked follow-up questions. we fully expect that tradition will continue. republican senator sinty hyatt-smith accepted a donation from a businessman known for his white supremacist views.
2:21 am
it came just days after a video showing hyde-smith saying she would be on the front row if a supporter invited her to a public hanging. a spokesperson tells nbc news the donation was made online and that it was returned. meanwhile, amid a tough senate runoff in mississippi, hyde-smith and mike espy are set to meet in their first and only debate tonight. senator cory booker was on the university of southern mississippi's campus yesterday and senator kamala harris campaigned in the state over the weekend. new orleans mayor said he spent sunday campaigning for espy in mississippi. president trump will stump for hyde-smith in tupelo and biloxi on the eve of the election.
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2:25 am
monday night football and the third highest scoring total in nfl history. the chiefs are also the first team in league history to score 50 or more points and still lose. patrick mahomes set a record with six touchdown passes although he also had five turnovers in this one. the 14 combined touchdowns are more than the buffalo bills have for the entire season. ouch. let's turn now to major league baseball. the yankees are wasting no time in the off season acquiring james paxton in a trade with the mariners for three prospects there. also heading to seattle is pitcher eric swanson and thompson williams. still ahead nancy pelosi's path to reclaiming the speaker's gavel appears to narrow after a group of democrats announce new opposition. plus, acting attorney
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text "listen5" to 500500 to start your free trial today. ♪ good to be with you. it's the bottom of the hour so let's get you caught up with the morning's top stories. some republicans are hitting back at president trump's criticism of retired admiral william mcraven, a former navy seal who oversaw the 2011 operation that killed osama bin
2:30 am
laden. florida senator marco rubio tweeted yesterday, i don't know if admiral mcraven shares my political views or not, but do i know that few americans have sacrificed or risked more than he has to protect america and the freedoms we enjoy. and paul ryan put out a statement reading in part, admiral mcraven and all members of our military who have served in harm's way have put country before self and we are garatefu for their service. president trump also criticized his chief of staff general john kelly. the president praised kelly's work ethic but added there are certain things that i don't like that he does. republican senator and chairman of the senate judiciary committee chuck grassley admonished the president for those remarks tweeting yesterday, i wish president trump would never discuss publicly any ill feelings he has about his chief of staff general kelly. after all, he was a marine for 47 years, defended our freedoms.
2:31 am
we need to show respect. democrats opposing nancy pelosi as house speaker have finally gone public with that letter they have been talking about for the last several days. instead of the 17 signatures expected the letter was signed by 16 democrats, 11 current members, four incoming members and utah's ben mcadams who has declared victory over republican congresswoman mia love in a race that has not yet been called. democrats are expected to hold 232 seats in the next congress with five races still undecided. if the current math holds, nancy pelosi could afford to lose just 14 democrats. there are members who say they're opposed to another pelosi speakership who have not signed the letter. david just mentioned the race for utah's fourth congressional district. it has flipped once again. salt lake city mayor ben mcadams
2:32 am
the democrat has pulled ahead of republican mia love. mcadams now leads by 739 votes out of more than 269,000 cast. claiming victory last night, mcadams stated we are confident there is no way representative love will retake the lead. love has not conceded and mcadams said he hopes to speak with her later today. with millions of votes left to count, the democrats' margin in the national popular vote continues to climb, now reaching 7.8 percentage points in the house races. as nate silver points out, democrats are on track to have the largest house popular vote margin by either party in a midterm since 1986. the democrat has been declared the apparent winner in new mexico's second congressional district, flipping a seat held by republican steve pierce. an update in california's 21st district where democratic
2:33 am
challenger tj cox has pulled within a,000 votes of republican congressman david valadau. there are still thousands of ballots left to be counted. a new report suggests that president trump's $1.5 billion tax reform package may have backfired on republicans in the midterm elections. the package was supposed to be a selling point for gop lawmakers in contests across the country, but according to the times, the cuts hurt republicans in high tax districts and states like california, new jersey and virginia. a large number of taxpayers in those states use a popular tax break, which the president's law capped at $10,000 per household. that resulted in a tax increase for high earning residents who claim more than $10,000 using
2:34 am
the salt deductions. in orange county at least 40% of taxpayers claim the tax break. meanwhile democratic congressman bill pasqual of new jersey announced they plan to fight to reinstate the full salt deductions. a group of senate democrats have announced a legal challenge of matt whittaker as acting attorney general. they have filed their lawsuit in washington, d.c. they argue the move by the president violates the constitution because whittaker has not been confirmed by the senate. the lawsuit marks the third legal action challenging whittaker's appointment in less than a week. last week separate legal challenges were fired by the state of maryland and at the supreme court. all three are seeking a federal court to rule that deputy attorney general the rod rosenstein is the legal and constitutional successor to former attorney general jeff
2:35 am
sessions. as we talk about these lawsuits here, how far do you expect this fight to go? and what's the imin fact these sui -- impact these fights will have on the acting attorney general's future in the position? >> i think most likely if mr. whittaker stays in his capacity as the acting attorney general long-term, this is really going to have to be one of those fights they may make it all the way up to the supreme court in one form or another. i'm not exactly sure which of the lawsuits may get there, but my colleague todd rugger was reporting on this yesterday. this one that senator blumenthal and the other democratic senators have filed so far seems like it might be the most plausible challenge and that will really matter whether or not trump nominates a successor sooner rather than later, in
2:36 am
which case this all might be short circuited. >> the conversation about nancy pelosi's future was happening before the midterms took place. there have been many democrats pushing back on her bid to be speaker of the house. if they don't want her to be in that role and no one has stepped up to formally challenge nancy pelosi, what are they angling for? what's the game plan here for those democrats? >> you wonder if some of those democrats like seth molten up in massachusetts may be angling for some sort of run for other office, or if they have some sort of other motivation. right now, given the increasing majority that the democrats seem to be having, because we keep having these races that are being called in favor of democrats, it's hard to see nancy pelosi not getting the votes needed on the floor. she is something of a master vote counter, particularly with no clear plan b. so i would really wonder if some
2:37 am
of these critics of pelosi may be looking for something in some sort of role outside of the house of representatives. >> as we head into the holiday and the president heading to florida, what do you expect to hear from him when it comes to the news that we're covering today about his daughter and the use of personal e-mails, knowing this is under the colloid loud irony and the hypocrisy of comparisons with hillary clinton? >> going to one of the other stories you said at the top of this half hour, i wonder why trump is not going -- instead of to mar-a-lago, why he's not going to some combat zone or iraq or afghanistan. that would probably be the easiest way to get this ivanka trump news out of the headlines where to be if he were serving turkey to troops instead of at his resort. >> but as we've heard from him, the distance and the security being an issue why he's not making this trip, among other
2:38 am
things. still ahead, president trump's son-in-law jared kushner makes the case for criminal justice reform. plus, no more funny business at the annual white house correspondent's dinner. why it's nixing the tradition of having a comedian headline the event. bill karins is back with a look at the thanksgiving forecast including some bitter cold weather. including some bir cold weather ♪ ♪
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this is an establishment where i'm welcome. place looks like my ass. book, a life changing journey. he's so expressive. book, the perfect holiday movie. whatever ya do, do it 100%. when ya laugh, laugh. when ya eat, eat like it's ya last meal. that was a good time. welcome back. white house senior advisor and president trump son-in-law jared kushner coauthored a usa today op-ed in a push for criminal justice reform. kushner outlines the trump administration's work with members of congress to lower the rate of recidivism. the pl kushner writes, the bipartisan reforms supported by the president are an important broad based approach that will hopefully benefit not only prisoners but also the american
2:42 am
public. this white house recognizes that fiscal and human costs of criminal activity are unacceptably high. through our efforts to break the cycle of crime and reduce recidivism, we can have people contribute to society rather than be a burden to our great country. the white house correspondent's association is nixing its longstanding tradition of having a comedian headline its dinner. instead ron chernow will host. he is set to speak on the importance of the first amendment. the decision was announced monday following last year's controversial act by comedian michelle wolf. in response to the news, wolf tweeted, the white house correspondent's association are cowards. the media is complicit and i couldn't be prouder. president trump has been absent from the last two annual dinners and it is unclear if he will make an appearance at next
2:43 am
year's event scheduled for april 27th. let's get a check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. is there some good news for thanksgiving week? >> we don't have any big snowstorms. that's the best i can do for you. at least travel is going to be okay. a lot of people heading to the airports today and tomorrow. you're going to be fine. we do have a little bit of snow to deal with for the second time in a week in november the plows and shovels are out from albany all the way through vermont, new hampshire, massachusetts. additional snowfall totals in southern maine around four inches is possible. mostly north of the mass pike we'll call it 1-2 more additional inches. we're just about done and this will end during the day today. behind this the door is wide open for some really cold air to come down from the arctic, back over the hudson bay and into the great lakes. today is like a preview of the cold. 32 in chicago. it's 14 below average.
2:44 am
this next high pressure that comes down from the north, this is the one that has the extreme cold with it. detroit 34. by the time we get to the end of the weekend, philadelphia only 3 31 on thursday. not even above freezing even with sunshine. that's hard to do in november. maine's only going to be about 16 degrees. raleigh only at 46 with sunshine. thanksgiving day, the stormy weather on the west coast, we'll get some snow in areas of utah and western colorado. it's plain cold in the northeast. we're in the 60s thanksgiving day for much of the south. temperatures and windchills in the teens and single digits in the northeast. so the big question is how windy will it be for the macy's parade. the winds are expected to be about 20-35 miles an hour.
2:45 am
if the winds are gusting over 35, they cancel all balloons because of the incident they had a couple of years ago. one of the balloons got loose and hit a light that fell on the crowd. it's going to be a close call. and single digit windchills as we go throughout the beginning of the parade. it's the coldest ever. then if they have to cancel the balloons, that's a double whammy. hopefully they won't. they could lower the balloons if it's windy, but if it's at a certain point, new york city says no. >> they've got to be safe. still ahead, american farmers find little relief in the white house's multibillion dollar bailout amid president trump's trade wars. and global markets are under pressure this morning following the latest selloff to hit wall street. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis. you see clear skin. cosentyx can help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last.
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welcome back. president trump's trade war with china is having a major impact on the american soybean industry. china is by far the biggest buyer of u.s. soybeans, but analysis from the chief international economist at deutsche bank found that soybean exports to china dropped this year. instead china has turned to brazil for soybeans. soybean growing states have begun storing their crop any place they can in hopes of a break through before the crop
2:49 am
spoils. president trump created a bailout to make it up to farmers impacted. yet the department of agriculture says there are long wait periods and other issues. this is the national milk producers federation, saying that dairy farmers are expected to lose $1.5 billion in tariffs and have received only $27 million in aid. this was supposed to make sure farmers were not the victims of this trade policy. i think most agricultural producers feel that the payments have not come close to making up for the damage of the tariffs. stocks dropped sharply yesterday as the biggest and most popular tech shares plunged 20% from their one-year highs. what sparked all this selloff? >> the most recent trigger was essentially a "wall street
2:50 am
journal" report that apple was likely to order less of its new iphone models. if you go back further, we have this drum beat around facebook's management when it comes to privacy privacy and electoral interference issues. that outlook was worse than many investors hoped pore. we saw net flex and apple move sharply lower. another corporate story around asia and europe surrounds nissan and renault. carlos ghosn is now is the center of allegations by tokyo prosecutors that he was under investigation for serious misconduct and misusing company assets. he could be fired as soon as thursday. he's been held by prosecutors in tokyo right now. >> and a brand that everybody knows here, david's bridal,
2:51 am
filed for bankruptcy, promising customers the store will continue to stay open as the company files millions in debt. what more can you tell us about this one? >> it's $400 million worth of debt. the company has been able to refinance a bit of that with critters recently. that will keep doors open at its 00 stores. they're prioritizing customers ahead of that consistently making sure all brides will have access to dresses they have previously ordered. this is a story of increased competition, people ordering lower cost dresses for their big day online and frankly, a consequence of lower marriage rates over there in the u.s. >> all right. thank you so much. still to come, axios has a look at this morning's one big thing. and coming up on "morning joe," the new look at ivanka trump's use of e-mail for
2:52 am
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time now to get a look at axios a.m. joining us from washington is mike allen, co-founder of axo. i know you have the one big thing for us this morning. what is it? >> good morning. the axios one big thing is democrats warn about bragging about their new power. something we tell young journalists is show me, don't tell me. take me there, make me taste it, smell it, and this was advice that these newly powerful house democrats are getting. navigator research, which is giving advice to progressive and democratic leaders, found in polling that if democrats talked about the substance of what they
2:56 am
were finding as they investigated trump rather than the procedure of it, the subpoenas and the letters, that there was much greater support especially among independents and in those vital crossover house districts. >> what do we know at this point, mike, about what this approach is going to be? what they should investigate, how much they should investigate. do they have a strategy at this point for how they're going to probe president trump and his administration? >> they do and it's go, go, go. dozens of scores of targets already you just mentioned. ivanka's e-mail is one that you can add to the list. i've talked to a number of these incoming house democratic chairman and they say that they plan to be very aggressive about going after a long list of complaints that they've had about the trump administration and based on this advice in this progressive blueprint, they say follow the facts rather than talking about what you're going
2:57 am
to do. so dwell on the results and that's the way to keep crossover voters. >> one of the targets you're talking about is going to be acting attorney general matt whitake a whitaker. what is the president saying behind the scenes where no one is listening? >> this is scoop from jonathan swan. the president has been saying behind the scenes that he admires the courage of matt whitaker. lewis was just telling us about that lawsuit from the senate democrats who were saying that he was illegally unconstitutionally appointed. there will continue to be criticism of him. the senate democratic leader chum schumer said there were conflicts of interest and said that his repeated attacks on the mueller investigation disqualified him. why it matters, now matt whitaker is in charge of the
2:58 am
mueller investigation. what we're hearing behind the scenes is the president likes the fact that matt whitaker is standing up to these attacks and the highlighting of his past statements about mueller. the president likes that and he's going to keep him there for a while. our reporting shows the president had likes the acting attorney general status and so may well leave him there for a while. they know it will be tough to confirm anybody else. >> let's talk a bit about that. there are a number of names being floated around of who might fill this position permanently. you have pam bondy, the attorney general in florida reported hadly in the running. you have chris christie who made an appearance at the white house recently. is there any likelihood here that we could see matt whitaker being advanced by the president as a permanent nominee in this position.? >> as a permanent nominee,
2:59 am
there's skiepticism about keepig him around. they know how impact it would be to confirm difficult. to confirm -- i love the chris christie name. there's other conservative lawyers that some republicans wish the president had done in the beginning. but here is a new piece of reporting for you. we're told that the president wants someone who has been around, someone familiar to him. so often this president goes with the comfort food approach, right? he likes people that have been around, that he can chit cat with. we're told rex tillerson, the two of on them never got along, they had bonded in person, but he was someone new, the president didn't know him and it obviously didn't work out. >> where do you see the president when it comes to visiting troops in afghanistan, is he going to mull over that a little bit more? s as you know, a total shame
3:00 am
when it comes to these wars. where do you see that going? >> a lot of people in the white house recognize had this is a mistake. the president signaling over the weekend that he's moving to correct that. of all the hats the president wears, commander in chief one of the most important. this is something that presidents just do. trump doesn't always like to do that, but this someone i guarantee you he'll wind up doing. >> "morning joe" starts right now. >> good morning and welcome to "morning joe." it is tuesday, november 20th. we've got a lot going on, joe. >> boy, do we have a lot. >> apparently the troops are headed home. the trump


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