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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  January 11, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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the country and more wall they felt that was raicism and creating the idea that everybody on the other side of the border is a criminal and they're coming here to hurt you and not necessarily and coming here to look for a better life. the wall is border security and no wall is open border. they don't want that. >> you cover the election. lindsey graham was among the republican candidate. >> lindsey graham says if donald trump is elected president for the republican party, he's going to ruin the republican party. that's a paraphrase. >> things have changed katy tur. >> it is remarkable of the turn around. i am fascinated to have covered it. i am going to be fascinated talking to these lawmakers years down the road and asking them what in their mind changed and how they feel about this looking backward. >> may i ask you a question? do you find it unbelievable?
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>> i do. >> you should write a book about it. >> it is really friday. >> we should go out and buy a book. >> i will see you back in an hour. >> there you go. >> ali velshi and stephanie ruhle. thank you, guys. it is day 21 of the government shutdown. tomorrow will be the longest in our nation's history. today 800,000 federal employees are starting to miss their paychecks. getting pay stubs with zero where their net pay should be. >> we have mortgage, car loan, cell phone, electric and gas and utilities. are you going to pay for medication or are you going to pay for laundry detergent? >> i have an 11-year-old and she asked me, daddy will you ever get paid again? >> i understand it is bigger than my paycheck but it is my paycheck. >> i will be hurting after two paychecks. the shutdown took many federal
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workers by surprise and it is lasting longer than most expected. that's left furloughed employees stuck at home seeping through garages and possessions and personal treasures to sell. nine federal departments have been impacted. the list includes agencies who services you may rely onto keep you safe. right now luggage and aircraft inspections are delayed because of employees are either furloughed or working without pay. the fbi were an estimated 5,000 agen agents, analysts and lawyers in charge of security are also furloughed. fema is responding to future disasters and hundreds of contractors were ordered to stop working. federal clean ups at super fund site have been suspended and low income senior citizens at affordable housing will have to fend for themselves after hud was forced to freeze the funding
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they needed to make home repairs. now some farmers in trump's country has had enough as loans and services they have relied on have been delayed. we told you yesterday two unions during the trump administration. today we can add oanother. the big question we are asking today, what are federal employees not getting paid today supposed to do? joining me our ali bertali and tammy leitner in florida. guys, we want to talk to people who are affected by this. ali, what are you hearing? >> reporter: katy, we keep on talking about the 800,000
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furloughed workers. as they consider what this shutdown means to them, i spent talking to daryl floyd and his wife isn't cynthia. i am going to let daryl explain to you. take a listen. >> if you don't have a job, you are not going to get along. then that's going to put pile-ups and expenses on each other. >> you know if you can't pay the bills then you will have financial charges and you know credito creditors, they may not accept it. so what's going on? especially with me and my wife sometimes trying to work in that situation. >> what's your situation? >> she has cancer. so -- >> so that puts extra strain on an already tough situation. >> one income, you really don't have income and you are hoping
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the shutdown ends. >> reporter: and katy, we talked to daryl and cynthia last night at here home in wood bridge, this morning they left for arkansas where cynthia is going to get a stem cell transplant. the issue is how long are they planning for? they want the government to reopen. the problem is they don't know are they budgeting for groceries for weeks or months? this could go on for months as the president has warned. what am i planning for at this point so they are down in little rock and they're going through what cynthia needs through her cancer treatment and see where they stand as they get back to virginia. ali vitali. thank you. morgan, you are talking to a furloughed faa worker, what are you hearing from him? >> reporter: he faced government shutdowns before but none of them have ever been like this.
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his savings should last him for about a month. he was a pilot in the navy for ten years and wanted to serve in the country in the faa. he may have to go back into active duties in order to make ends meet going forward. he's one of those 3,000 inspectors impacted to this. he's currently at home and his co-workers are here working without pay and expecting pilot credentials and making sure it is safe to go up in the air. as i ask him to describe what this shutdown means for people doing his job, this is what he had to say. >> as an aviation safety inspector, we have a lot of job tasks. one is investigation and enforcement. it is kind of like if you take all the chp officers off the highway and expect california citizens to drive the speed limit, we would hope for it to happen but the airlines are
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regulating themselves. everyday that goes on, the aerospace is getting more dangerous. >> reporter: you know when we talk about this, a lot of people say this is a government's job. curtis tells me this is a calling saying that even though he's not getting paid and sitting at home, he would rather be here and not getting paid and working because he would have peace of mind that this job is adequately done. to make matter worse, he and his partner supposed to close on a house this week. now they may not be able to. >> morgan, thank you. tammy leitner. it is not just federal workers directly but also contractors. what did they say? >> reporter: that's right katy, there are about 700 contract workers in this town. they face a challenge because there is no guarantee they're going to get paid when this is over. one family, leroy smith and his
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wife judy. paying the mortgage and car payments but they also have a special set of challenges. judy smith she suffers from seizures and she needs expensive medication to cover these seizures. it costs about $20,000 that insurance normally takes care. without a job, you don't have insurance and that's $20,000 they can't afford. this is a tough thing to talk about because they live paycheck to paycheck. but, he open up to us and talk about it. let's listen to what he had to say. i get the sense this is pretty tough for you to talk about. >> yeah, a little bit. >> yeah, it is. you are a proud guy. >> yes. he does not like having to say that he can't do a thing especially not for me.
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he does not like having to say i can't get my wife medicines or provide what my wife needs. it tears him up inside. >> what's your biggest concerns in the days moving forward, leroy? >> they should just keep their head above water, i guess. we'll find something. >> what do you do not being able to work and not knowing when this is going to end? >> um -- i guess you try to find a new job. >> is that what you are going to do? >> yeah, probably. >> more than likely. >> find something else to pay the bills? >> yes. temporarily. >> reporter: this month there are certain prescriptions she's actually not feeling because times are tough and so this government shutdown literally is
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a matter of life and death for this family. the stories, the three of you are telling, we have to remind everyone they are three stories of many hundreds of thousands of folks who are seriously worried about what's going to happen next. the president has said all these employees will eventually get paid and they'll be happy but as tammy just pointed out, a lot of them are contract employees will not get that pay. ali vitali and tammy leitner and morgan, thank you to the network. welcome as well. joining us, our traffic controller association, mick, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> all of these furloughed employees and those working without pay will eventually get paid and they'll be happy. what's your response? well, i am glad that we'll get
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paid. we knew those who were going to work each and everyday were going to get paid. the ones who were furloughed of the 3,000 that we represent, there was no guarantee they're going to get paid. they're sitting at home and wondering any paychecks are going to come in. >> the fact that there will be a paycheck coming in, will you be happy if it will take another week or two or month or two. there is no end date incite right now for this government shutdown. >> that's the main concern that we have is that we don't know when it is going to happen. at least now we know it will happen. but when we heard months or years or that's going to be way too much of a burden for our people. >> what happens when air traffic controller are not getting paid. >> today was the first day, paychecks went out today. everybody got zeros. we learned that yesterday
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officially happened. it becomes demoralizing. the moral in all the facilities nationwide hit rock bottom. this concern, there is some serious conversation that you have to have at home that makes them big financial uncertainty of knowing when you will get paid. >> there is a lot of folks who have been impacted by this shutdown and what's going on in washington. but a lot of those folks are people who get on planes and is there a reason to be worried about the moral of the people behind the scenes were doing the job to make sure those planes land safely and take off safely. >> the 20,000 people that we represent, they're on my watch kind of people. just yesterday there was an emergency with the aircraft flying in boston center.
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those guys quickly reacted professionally and he was able to land safely. it has not affected safety in that way. what's going on with your family? >> my wife at logan airport, he's going to work but not getting paid. unfurloughed. we just had a baby about a year ago. she took nine months off without pay. we don't have a paid maternity parental leave. she took -- we dipped in all of our savings and she just got back to work in late august and early september. she's pregnant again and new at the end of march. she's going to go back out and leave without pay. it is a struggle. >> how are you going to make ends meet? what are you doing? >> well, we are trying to push through. we do have a little bit of
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savings left that we can get through the month of january. but, we are starting to make decisions, do the kids not have to go to their dance lessons or do we need to sell a vehicle or motorcycle. things of that nature. there are some major decisions that has to happen. >> i heard people going through their stuff, maybe not as big as cars selling off something like that but going in and looking through their books and their you know their garages to find any little thing they cancel for a few extra dollars. do you think that's sort of thing is is exaggerated or is that the kind of thing that folks will have to do. >> i don't think it is. i think the concern at least from the traffic controller is people are going to start to retire. we are at a 30-year low in staffing. about 18% of all of our members are eligible retired.
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you start not paying them and they can start walking out the door tomorrow. >> that's the point i was wondering about. if you are not getting paid and these are jobs. i remember there was a crisis a few years back that there were not enough people and it seems to stabilize and something like this, i wonder if it has a knock off effect where people don't want to go to work and don't want to be there and don't feel like it is worth being there any longer and if there will be. if there is a risk in the future of something slipping through the cracks. >> well, there is absolute going to be an effect in our staffing. our staffing at a 30-year low that continues to decrease each and every year. if we continue to not get paid, 18% of our members that are eligible to retire will walk out the door. you can hear it across the
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country. two paychecks, i am not coming in. we have employees in hartford, connecticut that just quit, brand new employees and decided this is not for me. i am not going to go to work without getting paid. >> there is a lawsuit right now by the union representing air traffic controller suing the trump administration. >> that's correct. >> we filed the lawsuit today in d.c. we are looking for a temporary restraining order so we can start paying our people. it is a violation of the fifth amendment of the united states, they seized our salary without due process. >> mike ck devine, good luck to your family. congratulations on the little one that's coming your way. >> congressman from iowa is asking an unbelievable question.
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my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. after pleading guilty to lying to congress, michael cohen, is going back before congress. he'll testify before the house over sight and government reform committee on february 7th before he reports to prison to begin
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his three-year sentence. the committee may not get all its questions answered. cohen said yesterday he'll give a full account of his time working for donald trump. probably won't be talking about russia. the special counsel's team has already indicated some areas including interactions with russia that would most likely be off limit. joining me, natasha and our came whaley, she's a professor of school of law. if michael cohen can't get to the area that hinder mueller's investigation, what is he likely to be telling this committee tomorrow or on february 7th? >> i imagine focus on the
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election. i think that's why republicans are so concerned now about the fact that michael cohen is going to be testifying publicly. this is a huge step for the committee to be taking and just having retaken power and holding the president accountable and interviewing people who have worked with him for years and years and discovering more how he did things and whether or not there were other women or campaign finance violations, you have jim jordan and mark meadows who are coming out saying michael cohen is a liar. how can we trust him? it is important to remember that we have tapes. michael cohen released an audio of him discussing these pay offs with the president with then candidate donald trump weeks before the election.
11:23 am
the idea he's lacking credibility, that's true. we have to be aware of the fact that it is likely he'll have more tapes if he has that one. >> any chance we'll hear those tapes on february 7th? >> it is possible. there is speculations that we'll bring tapes with him. he wasn'ts to prove that he's credible and bring to the table credibility that he made against this president, number one, he's not unfit for office over the trump organization is someone who should not be in charge. why did he continue to work to trump if he thought he was violating the law or was not fit to be president and working on his campaign and etcetera, now cohen wants a chance to stick it to the president and using h is opportunity to get the defense >> let's listen to lenny davis on why his credibility is in better shape today than it was
11:24 am
the last time he testified before congress. let's listen. >> the only time michael has admitted to lying was lying on mr. trump's behalf and not for michael cohen's benefit but at the time even consulting at the white house on the lie of the moscow tower and that trump was involved in those discussions. >> presumably, kim, he's not going to be lying or benefit the president, there is no reason for him to be lying any longer? >> yes, the argument is he lied at the president. he did pay off behalf of the president. if he does lie, he knows he can get prosecuted again like mr. mueller did. in addition there is a possibility that if he helicoptcontinues to cooperate as a whole, he can seek a reduction. at the made clear publicly that
11:25 am
he really cares at this point about doing what's best for his family and he suffers tremendously. what's interesting about this is it is going to be one of the most critical moment in the entire process, february 7th because not only are we seeing one of a branch of the government roaring back to life in terms of doing the over sight functions, we'll see this person actually playing on mr. trump's turf. that's he's going to speak directly to the american public. he speaks in language that people understand. the russia stuff is so complicated. i think a lot of people just kind of checked out and overwhelmed and the chaos is scary. he's just going to tell his story about what it is like in a sopranos way or work for a man like this. the question will come how will the president topple? will it topple through indictment or impeachment or resignation. it is hard to say.
11:26 am
i think this moment sort of the american, the play that's unfolding of this stage is pivotal. >> i think for a number of reasons, i think it is unstainable. it is unsustainable. he lied repeatedly and corruptive. this is about border security but we are not going to pay tsa coast guards. we have a situation, a constitutional crisis in our midst that if the republicans allow this to go forward, that's a national emergency then we have too much power in this
11:27 am
president. >> natasha bertrand and kim whaley, thank you so much. will the president use vital disaster funding to get his wall?
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behind the scenes, the white house is exploring potential sources of government money to redirect to the southern border including taking billions from disaster relief funds originally set aside, the recovery efforts in puerto rico, california, north carolina florida a, flori elsewhe elsewhere. joining me our correspondent and our peter baker, he's also an msnbc political analyst and our political recoporter. >> peter, what is the white house doing and what do they think they can get away with in order to redirect funding to the
11:32 am
wall? there are laws in the book that allow presidents to reallocate funds that have not been spent on public projects particularly military construction project. it has not been used in this particular way before. if he were to go forward, there may be a court challenge, we don't know which way it will go. there is some president there is a sense of laws in the book. i am hearing more these days are republicans questioning whether this is a good idea. you know you heard marco rubio saying listen if you can do this for a border wall, democrats can come in and decide that climate change is a national emergency and suddenly they're taking proactive you knunilateral acti we should worry about separation of powers. the president has kind of put off making this declaration. there are people inside the white house like jared kushner
11:33 am
who offered cautionary words saying similar things to who rubio says. >> did the republicans think climate change is not an emergency? >> to enhance your power to create policies without the approval of congress. it is the same question as the border wall. you have a policy dispute and you call it a crisis in order to justify assertion and authorities and power otherwise that you would not have. what's good for the goose is good for the garlander. >> there are republicans out there including lindsey graham that the president should declare a national emergency. that's his only way out of the impasse. that's how he'll get federal workers back to work. peter as you heard, there are republicans that are uncomfortable. which side is going to win out on this. republicans who think the president should do this and who
11:34 am
think it is kind of a bad idea. i think graham actually falls into the category. it speaks to how log jammed this whole process is. republicans are starting to realize that speaker pelosi means what she says when he says the president is not going to get border wall security here. both sides are deep into this stalemate here, they need an external event to break them lose. i heard republicans say in the same breath that they don't necessarily think the national emergency route is a good idea but that it may be the last sort of least worse option for president trump to take it at this point because it may break the law jam enough that both houses may agree something to reopen the government. the president may sign. if this thing does get tangled up, it blames the court for why this is not getting done and why the government would then be reopened.
11:35 am
because of the proceed power grabbed nature of it but there is increasing realization that they're not going to be able to solve this legislatively and shake things loose. >> it is interesting that republicans may compare democrats trying to declare a national emergency for climate change. what's going on with the border wall? this administration in a climate report basically called it a crisis. >> right. >> the u.n. has called it a crisis. that's the sort of thing that you would imagine have less of it. it just seems weird to me to talk about a bofrder wall and climate change as equal policy debates. >> each of them is polarizing to a segment of the population. the reason marco rubio used that example because he knew that republicans will be a gasp at
11:36 am
this idea. i think a better example of that, a fixed drawn fox news, who made the comparison to the democrats spending a lot of money on transgender bathrooms. that's around the button of what marco rubio is trying to get more in directly. i think the fascinating issue here is and to garret's reporting that all this comes down to the win of donald trump. that's why it is interesting for matt yates as we saw speaking out for "fox and friends" host. changing president trump's mind moving forward or can they change his mind on this as well? >> what happens if lindsey graham proves to be the minority here or if he's not the minority that there is enough discomfort out there peter baker for the president to not do this, where does that leave him? what's going to happen? >> it is a great question.
11:37 am
it does not seem to be an obvious solution sort of this national emergency which is why they were gravitating towards this deadlock. most of this legislative dispute hinders around issues that can be pfinesse. this is now become both these parties. nancy pelosi says it is immoral to build the wall, $5 billion or $2 billion. president trump says it is vital to protect our country to have these walls. this is not an easily resolved middle ground compromises. there needs to be some external factor that would change things and we don't see what it would be other than this national crisis. >> i feel like i am taking a latin class right now. do they see any way that they
11:38 am
canyon compromise with the president or give them some money for a wall but force through any number of issues that they have wanted to force through in the past eight years. talking about daca or talking about legal pathway to sh citizenship for those who already crossed the border. anything that they can put up any wish list that they can use to try to get more winds on their side and we are left a little bit for this wall. >> it is interesting. that's the framing that republicans have been putting on this. the president wants $5 billion for a wall. why not give him $1 billion and ask for all of these other things. there are two obstacles for that. democrats have been saying since the beginning that they see the wall is just as powerful, except from the other side. they see it as immoral. any amount of wall money speaks
11:39 am
to that saying immorality that $5 million would speak to. that would seem to limit the ability to do that. if you think it is immoral at $5 billion, it is immoral at $5 billion. and second it is a complete lack of trust among democrats. they had deals to put daca on the table with the wall in the past. that fell through on the president's win. democrats don't want to do down that road again. >> we came to our c-block. gentlemen. >> i mixed it up. garret, peter and phillip bum, thank you very much. >> our congressman says he does not get why white nationalism is so offensive. unbelievable is next. (avo) when a nasty cold won't
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let you sleep, try new nyquil severe with vicks vapocool. (acapella) whoa! (avo) and vaporize it. (acapella) ahhhh! (acapella) shhhh! (avo) new nyquil severe with vicks vapocool. the vaporizing, nighttime, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine. he sits on the prestigious house judiciary committee, he was the coach chair of ted cruz's presidential campaign. white nationalists loved him and he seems to love them too. king says white nationalists and white supremists and western civilizati civilization, how did that language becomes so offensive?
11:44 am
he tries to defend himself. >> i condemn anyone that support this evil and bigoted ideology. >> king openly stated that no group have done more to advance the human race than white people. quote. where did any other subgroup of people contribute to civilization? 2015, he tweeted this cartoon of president obama wearing a turbin promoting the right wing conspiracy that obama is a muslim. for everyone who's a valedictorian, there is another 100 out there that weighs 130 pounds and they got calves of cantaloupes because they are hauling marijuana across the
11:45 am
desert. there is more. king's kmecomments are nothing . condemn the comment, defend the man and defend the man. reacting to this unique's controversy, steve scalise, criticized king's language. he backtracks slightly. i think it is offensive trying to legitimatize those terms. it is important that he rejects that kind of evil. i disagree with steve's statements as they have been characterized and that's how i understand them. senator tim scott, the only republican in the senate wrote in the washington post quote ", some of the party wonder why
11:46 am
republicans are constantly accused of racism." jeb bush calls for primary challenge for a primary challenge to the congressman. house minority leader kevin mccartney says steve's language is reckless and wrong and has no place in our society. here lies a problem for mccartney and the gop. steve king's language may have play no place in society but as of now, it does have a place on the house floor. representing the republican party. and as long as some in leadership are willing to treat him or condemn his language as they continue to court his vote on legislation. steve king and his racism is here to stay. we'll be right back. in h
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call the number on the screen now or visit the u.s. is starting to withdraw from syria. at a concern for operational security, we will not discuss specific time lines, locations,
11:51 am
or troop's movements. also not discussing a specific time line. and national security advisor john bolten who told hugh hewitt this morning that he left military conversations on going in turkey in week so everyone feels comfortable with how it is going to happen. joining me now is richard engle, what is going on? >> well, this has been one of the most chaotic and confusing troop withdrawals in modern history. in december president trump said that mission was accomplished, that u.s. troops would be leaving syria. there was about 2,000 special forces in syria working with a british ally led force.
11:52 am
president trump said they are leaving and they will be leaving within 30 days. a lot of people in the region including the u.s. military were deep lis disturbed by that and since then there has been a lot of back and forth, when will they will leaving, will they all be leaving? put in place to make sure the force is not wiped out by turkey, that isis will continue to be confronted. and the military came out with a vague statement saying our deliberate withdraw has begun, only equipment at this stage will be leaving. u.s. troops usually around 2,000 are still staying in the country. their numbers may inhave the very short term go up, but only going up so that the indication
11:53 am
coming clearly from the military this morning, the only clear thing perhaps in all of this is that the process is now under way, it is now starting, with some nonessential equipment being taken out. >> so can you make sense of what we have been hearing from the administration? on one hand the president demanded a 30 day writhdrawal. then he seemed to extend it. and then john bolten also said there would be no withdraw unless preconditions were met by turkey that they wouldn't harm the kurds fighting alongside u.s. troops. where does that stand? well there is really no clarity about the long-term u.s. policy for syria. that has been the problem here. there are enormous consequences to pulling u.s. forces out of
11:54 am
syria abruptly. for one the fight against isis is not over. isis still has a pocket of territory in syria, and two, what about these kurdish allies. they have been alongside loyal partners for four years now. they have proven to be the best partner that the u.s. found in the entire global war on televisi terrorism, and u.s. military commanders are concerned if they leave abruptly isis could come back and the kurds could be wiped out. we still don't have clear answers, it could probably happen with airstraks after u.s. troops leave, and no guarantees as to what will happen to the kurds that are making accommodations with the assad
11:55 am
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one more thing before we go, the president's signature issues are at risk as well. furlough as at the epa have frozen efforts to roll back
11:59 am
obama era plans. and if the shut down continues through the end of the month, an estimates 152 americans die every day from opioids. the president said failing to end the crisis is not an option. the shut down related key economic debt on the plan. american farmers are currently blocked from applying from aide to recoup losses. the application deadline will be extended after the shut down ends. and the s.e.c. can't get paper work for companies going public.
12:00 pm
that will wrap things up for me. a ali velshi. >> only in the best way. >> i like it. i like that it is accentuates -- >> i embrace horizontal stripes. >> do you? >> yeah, and polka dots with checks. a lot of stuff going on here. ali and i are both very tired today and it is nowhere close to end i ending. mr. president, declare a national emergency now. those are not my words now, that comes from lindsey graham on twitter, nine hours from now.


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