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tv   First Look  MSNBC  January 31, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PST

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and that's our broadcast on a wednesday night. in new york. this morning some record low temperatures are slamming parts of the midwest, at least eight l deaths are being blamed on the frigid weather so far. >> in new intersprufview it is the justice department to decide,000 handle robert mueller's report. lawmakers on both sides of b the aisle are trying to strike a deal on border security. buter the president is warning n will be a waste of time if there's no money for a wall. good morning. thursday, january 31.
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we begin with that deadly blast of arctic weather. there have been eight possible weather related deaths across the midwest since saturday. among the latest yesterday the y university of iowa says 18-year-old student gerald belts was found unresponsive outside a campus building early wednesday morning where the temperature was 20 degreesth below and the w wind chill around 50 below. investigation there in iowa city isow ongoing. meanwhile schools are closed in chicago again today. u.s. postal service is suspending delivery in several midwestern states for a second straight day. we'll get right to nbc meteorologist bill karins. neither wind, snow or sleet -- the postal service not delivering. >> five minutesot of exposed sk is too much. day three of this epic historic outbreak. negative 70 wind chill in eli, minnesota. that's incredibly
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so this morning we still have about over 100 some million people that are underneath these wind chillrn warnings and advisories combined. allwa the way from fargo to northerny portions of maine dom through richmond and roanoke. total number 121 million people. so oneil in three is being impacted byis this huge arctic outbreak. wind chill values yesterday at this time we had the negative 60 and chicago negative 52.ti negative 40 in chicago. not like you've improved that much. they still cancelled schools. negative 16 in new york city. forecast for the6 wind chills,s told you how cold it is now. as we head home from school and work temperature are single digits onra i-95, chicago negate 7. an improvement. i'll tell you about huge warm up. some areas it will feel 100 degrees warmer on sunday than yesterday. president trump is weighing in on bob mueller's ongoing investigation. in a new oval office interview
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with thefi daily caller the president said he'll leave decisions on how to handle mueller's report to the justice department. when asked whether he would sign off the president said they will have to make their decision within the justice department. they willwi make their decisions to whatir to do. trump said he had not spoken to matthew whitaker about the impending end of the mueller investigation declaring flatly i never spoke to him about that. i would say that after almost two yearsth it certainly should be. the president also weighed in on the recent w raid of long time ally roger stone's he was asked by the daily caller about the force that was used in the raid and whether it was appropriate for the fbi to do that in a white collar case. the president said quote i q thought it was very unusual, you know, iua stayed out of that whe situation because there was no collusion. the president went on to say this. there was nothing done wrong and frankly i could have weighed in early, i could have ended it bun
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let it run its course. i'm speaking for a lot of people who were disappointed to see that gopo down that way. federal prosecutors accused the russians of using discovery information from the special counsel's office to discredit the o ongoing investigation int moscow's election interference. it concerns concord management, a company owned by a close associate of vladimir putin. it's one of three entities the special counsel's office accuses of masterminding interfering in the 2016 athletic. ale twitter account called hackg redstone provide information on a website that contained files that the special counsel's office said it provided in the n discovery process. the nonsensitive material was altered and released as part of a disinformation campaign. thea website was linked back t russia. filings to explain why mueller is opposed to sharing sensitive evidence within the accused
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russians. joining us from washington, world news editor for axios. dave, good morning to you. hope you're staying warm this morning to say the least. as we well know the president has repeatedly said moscow is not a s threat to the u.s. but know now mueller's findings yesterday appear to prove otherwise. what is russia hoping to gain from meddling in this ongoing investigation? >> forg russia this is all abo muddying the waters, spreading confusion and division. i do think we have a situation here where when mueller comes back with something there will be a big chunk of the country f that says it's fake news or it was a witch00 or the democrats do worse. i think that's the kind of thing that the russians are trying to encourage here. theyo don't want this to be viewed as an impartial investigation. they want to it be viewed as something that's drummed up against president trump and against russia and spreading this kind of fear of russia and so this information kind of further that cause.
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>> let's go back to that wide ranging winterview that daily caller did with the president. he'll leaving robert mueller's finding up to m the justice department, leave itth up to th whether or not they will make thisr public. but he's been pretty outspoken. what do you make of the latest comment from president. >> he said a whole lot of things about the o doj and about the mueller investigationou in particular. we know that he is furious that this investigation began in the first place. we know he's made changes at the department of justice with this mind.tigation in soat now he says he'll leave itp toe' them when the report is finalized. i think that could be a legal strategy and i think it could be something that he, you know, says something quite different about going forward. so, this will be something that maybe the department of justice will view as encouraging for now but i'mou not sure it will be a final decision. >> he's saying he will leave it up to them. i think we'll hear about it on
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twitter. i think we can all agree on that. we'll talk to you again in just a little bit. democrats involved in the process of tryinglv to strike a deal on border security in a bid to avoid yet another government shutdown. they made their opening offer in ther talks. house democrats unveiled an initial plan that would not provide any moneyha for preside trump's border wall yet democrats signaled ultimately everything is on the table, including border barriers demanded by fortunate. lawmakers on bothy sides are showing signsde of, flexible on the matter in a bid to strike a compromise and avoid another government shutdown.vo ahead of the democrats offer the president warned in a moment tweet lawmakers would be wasting their time if their plan did nod include money for his wall. members of the negotiations leadership aides tell nbc news that the 17 lawmakers working on a dale must have a plan by
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monday, february 11th. >> president trump warns that negotiating a border deal, nancy pelosi suggests the president stay out of the process of es getting a deal. >> itt think the conference can reach a good result left to its own devices without interference from anybody else. i havebo confidence in the appropriateors. >> president stay out? >> he should sign the bill. >> all right. again with this oval office interview president trump criticizedpr former house speak paul ryan. he said ryan promised to secure wall funding while republicans controlled both f houses in exchange for the president's signature on the 2018 omnibus spending bubill. trump said paul told me in the strongest of terms please sign this, if you sign this we'll give you the wall. humanitarian crisis, trafficking drugs, you know, everything,
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people, criminals, gangs. we need the wall. then we went lame duck. the president went on to say once he went lame duck it was an exercise in waving to people. pointing to economic global pressures and mild inflation as a reason to keep rates steady, the dow climbed above 25,000. prompted cheers from the president. even thoughom former texas congressman beto o'rourke has not officially decided to run for president it hasn't stopped
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his h fellow democrats from criticizing him. they say o'rourke should have shared some of the money he raised with fellow democrats. new york start it kirsten gillibrand expressed those xp thoughts through her first swing through iowa privately calling o'rourke selfish. an aide to senator gillibrand disputed the characterization of that conversation.on amid speculation whether he will or won't, beto o'rourke is keeping a low profile and decliningof to do any skbrer vis until he's madey a decision abt thee upcoming presidential election. >> some democrats declared their 2020 foe. they are nervous that howard schultz might poach democratic voters. here's what schultz's adviser said about those chances yesterday on msnbc.
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>> the election is two years away. he has said unequivocally he won't be a spoiler in the race. if at some point in the future if he goes out and meets the american people, if it's the case it's a legitimate three way race he'll make a decision at the appropriate time to be a candidate or notti to be a candidate. >> still ahead thousands of venezuelans have been taking to the streetta demanding an end t nicolas maduro's presidency. another look at the freezing cold temperatures across the country andac what we can expec as we head into the weekend. meteorologist bill karins will join us once again for that coming up. sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough
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right now. >> i haven't heard that. i heard many people saying it was colder in cleveland than northern alaska. i've heard many things about comparisons to antarctica which is silly because it's the summer season down there. here that 3:00 snow squall i promised you yesterday in new york city. >> unbelievable. >> about 15 minutes. pretty much the equivalent of a summer time thunderstorm. instead it was in the winter time. blinding snow. thankfully the road temperatures weren't too bad, not too many accidents. some were reported. let's get into it. now this is the coldest of this arctic outbreak in the northeast. not like yesterday. the coldest temperatures are in the midwest. yesterday was negative 23 in chicago. that was the fifth coldest day, fifth coldest lowest temperature we had. we dropped to negative 21. we're close. all-time record, low it's safe. we won't get down negative 27
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but hit negative 23, negative 24 before the sun goes to work. others areas are colder. negative 40, that's not the wind chill. that's the actual temperature in international falls, negative 40. minneapolis is at negative 23. the all-time record low for minneapolis is negative 41. we're not even close to that. negative numbers in columbus and pittsburgh, new york city is at 4 right now. burlington is at 1. when you factor in the wind chills in the northeast where it's breezy that's where it feels negative teens. today's forecast with the sunshine, decent recovery after a frigid morning, winds will be lighter this afternoon. chicago, a little snow returning. temperatures do jump up a little bit to zero. be a welcomed relief. the really big february thaw starts on friday in areas from texas through the northern plains and then it will head through great lakes and ohio valley and finally the northeast by super bowl sunday. on friday rapid city, 53
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degrees. on saturday st. louis jumps to 62. you were justin negative numbers. your temperatures will jump about 80 degrees in about three days. super bowl sunday finally we get that warmth in chicago, d.c. right around 53 degrees. so, yeah, we paid the price. >> how will atlanta be on super bowl sunday? >> atlanta is like 59. no problems whatsoever. >> here's the problem with the squall. my 2-year-old wanted to go outside. i said aren't you cold and watch mickey mouse? he said no. >> bill karins promising a squall. thank you very much. >> he said three. >> thank you, bill. president trump taking to twitter to weigh in on the crisis in venezuela writing today spoke with interim president to congratulate him on his historic assumption of the presidency and reinforce strong
2:18 am
united states support for venezuela's fight to regain its democracy. large protest in venezuela against maduro. fight for freedom has begun. yesterday tens of thousands of people took to the streets protesting nicolas maduro's reign and demand he stepped down. the imterrify rim president made an appearance at a university. u.s. and more than two dozen other countries including canada, australia and most in the region have recognized him as interim president while russia, turkey, bolivia and cuba remain staunch supporters of maduro. contractors linked to the kremlin are in venezuela to protect maduro. maduro believes trump has placed an assassination order against him and in a video uploaded to
2:19 am
social media maduro claims trump is orchestrating a coup to steal venezuela's oil and intervention would lead to a vietnam worse than they can imagine. comments made by virginia governor have late term abortion have drawn heat from prominent republicans across the country. during a radio interview yesterday the democratic governor and pediatric neurologist defended efforts to lift restrictions on third trimester abortions using a hypothetical situation using a severely deformed newborn. >> in this particular example, if a some more in labor i can tell you exactly what would happen. the infant would be delivered. the infant would be kept comfortable. the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and family desired and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother. >> so president trump said the comments were terrible and said
2:20 am
they called for his resignation. republicans had mischaracterized his statements for political gain. existing virginia state law already provides for abortions throughout the third trimester if three doctors certify a woman's health would be substantially impacted. maker of oxycontin explored expanding into the market of treatment of opioid addiction. according to a 274-page redacted civil complaint filed by the state of massachusetts against the company. executives had discussed how the sales of opioids like oxycontin and addiction are naturally linked. the company should expand across the pain and addiction spectrum. the complaint alleges that a member of the billionaire family that owns perdue joined the
2:21 am
discussion and urged staff in an e-mail to give immediate attention to the business opportune. the company respond in a statement saying the state of massachusetts is seeking to vilify perdue by taking out of context snippets from documents, adding the complaint is riddled with inaccurate allegations. still ahead as we inch closer to super bowl sunday everybody seems to have an opinion about the patriots quarterback tom brady but one critic had to learn the hard way to keep his opinions to himself. that story is up next in sports. . i have three little kids. my baby's seven years old. i can't have cancer. we really wanted a cancer team. so we thought that we would travel to cancer treatment centers of america and see what they had to offer. one of the things that we loved about ctca was that there is no one option, they give you a series of options, and you do what's best for you.
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only by olay. welcome back. time now for sports where we begin with nfl commissioner roger goodell, finally breaking his silence. admitting officials missed that call in the nfc championship game. he should have done this a long time ago. he actually admits it may have cost the saints a trip to the super bowl. >> it's a play that should be called. we're going to make sure that we do everything possible to address the issues going forward and see if there are improvements to be made to instant replay or anything else. i tuned emotion. it's important as commissioner, and all of our staff which several of us have done is to hear that emotion, whether it's frustration, disappointment, anger. >> as for addressing the actual issue, espn reports the league will consider implementing
2:25 am
limited coaches challenges for judgment calls. that could help avoid similar incidents in the future. finally there are plenty of people rooting against the patriots. this sunday for all sorts of reasons. but a producer at a local news station in pittsburgh learned the hard way to keep personal grievances off the air. after being fired for naming new england quarterback tom brady as a known cheater. what? how could they do that? in a graphic during a broadcast on monday afternoon. the story jumps up memories of yet another patriots scandal that dates back to brady's first-ever championship tainted during new england super bowl xxxvi victory. marshall talk accused the team of illegally film the rams walk through before the super bowl.
2:26 am
not to be confused those of course, with the 2007 spygate scandal where a patriots assistance was caught videotaping the new york jets defensive -- >> comprehensive history there. got that arm thing. what's going on with that. >> you're really into that. you seem like you really like talking about it. >> i'm not bitter. >> stay tuned for the hour long special. >> can you believe they got that. the power of the control room. everybody behind you. >> no one here would ever do that. >> i think they would. >> bill, thank you. >> love you guys. coming up it's president trump versus the intelligence community just days after the intel agency issued an assessment about global threats. the president is accusing his own officials of being naive. >> the taiwanese electronics giant that promised to bring thousands of factory jobs to the midwest is reversing course. what it means to president trump
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welcome back. i'm yasmin vossoughian. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. president trump scheduled to receive an intelligence briefing this afternoon just one day after he blasted the nation's spy chiefs on the heels of them contradicting his rosy claims about the top threats america is facing and either dispelling or remaining silent on ones the
2:31 am
president is tweeting. on wednesday he tweet this. the intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naif when it comes to the dangers of iran. they are wrong. when i became president iran was making trouble all over the middle east and beyond. the source of potential danger and conflict they are testing rockets last week and more and are coming very close to the edge. economy is now crashing which is the only thing olding them back. be careful of iran, perhaps intelligence should go back to school. in an interview six months ago trump said he was confident in the people he's rebuking like gina haskell and dan coats. watch this. >> i can only say that i do have confidence in our intelligence agencies as currently constituted. i think that dan coats is excellent. i think that gina is excellent. i think we have excellent people
2:32 am
in the agencies. and when they tell me something it means a lot. >> plus our democratic senate minority leader chuck schumer sent a letter to dan coats writing in part i applaud you for being clear eyed about the threats we face but can you not allow the president's ill-advised and unwarranted comments to stand. continuing i believe it's incumbent on you director wray and haskell to insist on an immediate meeting with the president to educate him about the facts. and press upon him how critically spoirt for h-- impor it is for him to join you. he's putting you and your colleagues in an untenable situation and hurting the national interest in the process. you must find a way to make that clear to him.
2:33 am
>> and john thune criticized the president. i don't know how many times you can say this, but i prefer the president would stay off twitter. particularly with regard to these important national security issues where you've got people who are experts and have the background and are professionals. the gop named their house intelligence committee members. the committee can take votes and end a delay that may have cost robert mueller to act on potential leads in his investigation. democrats vowed they would officially provide mueller with more than 50 witness interview transcripts a move that republicans voted down in september when they were in majority. democratic members said they had reason to believe certain witnesses lied. something that's already led mueller to bring charges against trump allies. investigators might be able to move quickly since it's likely muellerer and his team already
2:34 am
had access to the committee's transcripts two sources familiar with the matter tells nbc news. back in december the intelligence committee agreed to release roger stone's transcript. >> undocumented worker who worked for president trump's golf club new jersey is going to attend next week's stein. "the washington post" was first to report that victoria morales who publicly disclosed her immigration status was invited by bonnie watson-coleman. her office and morales' attorney confirmed her plans to attends. in december morales told the "new york times" she had been working for trump's golf club for more than five years illegally. this as the trump organization faces criticism, of course, for its failure to check the work
2:35 am
status of its employees. as the president calls illegal immigration a national crisis and demands funding for a southern border wall. dave, yesterday we saw the first meeting of this conference committee on homeland security, meeting on capitol hill, 17 members gathering together from the house and senate. seemed democrats came to that unwilling to talk about wall funding. where does that leave republicans if that's the salvo from the democratic side? >> right. the big picture is the same. trump says i won't sign anything without funding for a physical barrier. democrats say we won't give you that funding. if this bipartisan group can't reach a deal there's three option. one is that recognizes break ranks with trump. one is trump declares a national emergency to get funding for that wall and throws it to the courts. the last one we get another government shutdown. i think mitch mcconnell is really hoping this bipartisan group comes back with something
2:36 am
he can get past through the senate. >> mitch mcconnell is vocal he doesn't want to see another government shutdown. he doesn't think they are effective. what are they doing behind-the-scenes. what are republicans doing behind-the-scenes to ensure we don't head into another government shutdown? >> right. so mcconnell says he'll sign basically just about anything that trump will approve and can pass both houses of congress. he's willing to go broad which is a compromise that includes some sort of funding for a barrier on the border and maybe also protections for dreamers, other things that democrats are looking for. you can go narrow something that just kind of keeps us ticking forward and keeps the government open. he said he'll sign just about anything. obviously we had months to come to a compromise last time and didn't. they have a shorter period of time here. >> i want to get your observations of senator mitch mcconnell. during the course of the shutdown he was absence for a large part of it.
2:37 am
i see pieces this morning about the role he's playing now what he may be willing to accept. >> yes. so it's interesting, right, because he's been very clear this time around that he does not want another government shutdown. last time he did stand by trump, you know, he said we'll do it your way. we'll try to get wall. they didn't, you know, succeed the last time around so maybe he has a bit more sway with trump here. but, again, you know, if trump keeps saying i'm not signing anything that doesn't include wall that puts mcconnell in a tough spot. thank you. still ahead, everybody, former members of the trump administration find a lucrative life after leaving. how they cash in on their post-white house careers. >> bill karins is back with the latest on the deadly cold gripping much of the nation and the warm up that he promises is on the way. way
2:38 am
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we get the latest now on the dangerously cold temperatures with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> good morning once again. we're looking at some of the incredible temperatures from yesterday. negative 48 was the lowest temperature recorded in the country yesterday in minnesota. lowest wind chill was also in minnesota at negative 70. so that's where the heart of it is. still extremely cold in minnesota. negative 40 in international falls. fargo is at negative 43. chick very dangerous. schools are cancelled throughout, all throughout that region. even seeing schools that were cancelled in areas of new york. lake-effect snow bands and negative 21 temperature of buffalo. binghampton and burlington. closest we've been in new york city, hartford, boston and providence. short-lived. once the sun gets up winds will die off and a lot better as people head home than when you step out the door. it doesn't go that far to the south. this arctic air went from
2:42 am
minnesota to the northeast. it's cold in the south but not that bad. snow through the ohio valley. this blue shows you two inches of snow. transition from the really cold stuff to warmer air. from chicago late today, indianapolis tonight, early tomorrow morning, leave a little snow in columbus, pittsburgh also could cause a little bit of school delays and also slippery conditions for you. today's fork it improves a lot later this afternoon in area of the northeast. no problem in atlanta. get ready for is super bowl. in the west is where the active weather will be. los angeles could have heavy rain. let's talk about the upcoming forecast. some areas that had negative 60 wind chill are going to feel in the 40s and 50s by the weekend. that's 100 degree temperature feels like change in four days. doesn't happen very often. as we go through friday big storm comes into the west in california. have to watch out for
2:43 am
possibility of flooding especially in those areas with burn scars. snow i talked about. by the time we get to saturday, everything is calm in the east. little bit of rain. big storm in the west, significant rainfall in california, some mountain snow in idaho. temperatures really begin to warm up saturday in areas of the midwest and then on sunday everyone is much warmer. omaha goes up to almost 60 degrees. mid-40s as far north as minneapolis. this time of the year very rare. close to record highs as we broke all the record lows. this has been a winter whiplash and now we're ready for our february thaw. >> very confusing. >> i'm ready for it. former u.n. ambassador nikki haley got a highly lucrative post-government career. she is getting $200,000 plus a private jet for speaking engagements. that dollar amount puts her in the same price league as former
2:44 am
presidents and former secretary of state hillary clinton. also appears to be far more than what other former members of this administration asked for. with the going rate, mcmaster an john kelly to be in ranges at least half of what nikki haley is charging. still ahead market get a big boost as the federal reserve promises a more patient approach to raising interest rates. >> why the company behind a new facility is shifting away from blue collar jobs. aaaah! (mom) nooooo... (dad) nooooo... (son) nooooo... (avo) quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent than the leading ordinary brand. [son loudly clears throat] [mom sighs] [mom and dad laugh] (avo) bounty, the quicker picker upper.
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in president trump's bid to bring manufacturing jobs back to the u.s., foxconn is reconsidering plans to make lcds at it's wisconsin facility. but now it will mostly be a research and development center. the plant was supposed to bring in an influx of blue collar factory jobs to the region. thanks in part to the billions in tax incentives foxconn received. but instead stacked by scientists and engineers. the move is being condemned by some as a bait and switch move by the company. in a statement foxconn said it remains committed to wisconsin in the creation of 13,000 jobs as promised but the company added that because the global market environment exist when the project was announced in 2017 has shifted quote, this has
2:48 am
necessitated the adjustment of plans for all projects. president trump announced the deal with foxconn in a white house ceremony back in 2017 and visited the facility the following year. president trump has frequently mentioned the company proudly pointing to the project as a sign of a resurgence in american manufacturing. george a "usa today" analysis of the president's statements president trump mentioned foxconn's plan to build a plant in wisconsin more than two dozen times in the past six months. the president hasn't commented on the company's latest decision, in a statement the white house said in part it would be disappointed by any reductions to the initial investment. this came as the white house kicked off two days of face-to-face trade talks with chinese officials in a bid to the end trade war. after a dismal december markets are poised to end january on a high note after breaking 25,000 points yesterday on news that the federal reserve was pressing pause on future
2:49 am
interest rate hikes. bill, good to see you this morning. what's prompted the fed to change its tune here? >> reporter: it's a turn around from what we saw back in december. powell saying the case for raising rates has weakened and he would need to see a need for further rate hikes. some analysts pointing to the fact that the fed is focusing more on financial market activity than the underlying economic data. we've seen volatility in the markets as well a that correction to u.s. stocks late last year. some analysts said talking about the u.s.-china trade spat as a significant factor. another interesting story for those watching the tech space involves three silicone valley giants. facebook, apple and google involved in the story. on tuesday apple disabled a facebook developed app from its iphone platform.
2:50 am
yesterday google pulled a similar type of app from the iphone platform. both of these companies acknowledge that they broke the rules on this particular type of platform designed for inhouse developers only by paying use toers download these apps so they could monitor their digital behavior. very story there out of silicone valley.
2:51 am
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welcome back, everybody. joining us from washington, nicholas johnson. nick, good morning to you. talk to us about axios' "1 big thing" today. >> you may be familiar with deep fakes. they're indistinguishable from real videos. they've been called the end of truth and a great threat to democracy. congress is finally starting to take action on that, to criminalize the malicious use of these. other members of congress, mark warner and adam schiff are
2:56 am
planning private hearings, trying to figure how these thing can be combatted as they spread false information. >> there are some free speech grounds. >> there's an issue with civil libertarians, they criminalize these things. once they've found it, it's too late. once they go viral, they're seen by millions of people and once you figure out it's not true, the cat is out of the bag. they need a.i. that can work in realtime and flag them as false but that's a long ways away.
2:57 am
>> alexandria ocasio-cortez may be releasingspecifics on a new green deal, but we're expecting legislation coming from her possibly next week that will lay specifics about it. >> and tell us about her and ed markey. >> he's a member of the old guard, been in the house and senate and been a leader on these issues. there's been tension, she's only been in congress a month and they're already talking about a bill she wants to introduce. elizabeth warren and kamala
2:58 am
harris have supported these proposals already. >> tell us about the shutdown. >> we are about two weeks away from another shutdown and we haven't seen anything about it. we've got two weeks to go, which is plenty of time but it's sneaking up on us. >> you look at who compromised this committee. give us a sense of the optimism in that room and on capitol hill -- >> if there's optimism. >> they always think they can get a deal done. so far it's mostly for show. a statement one used is just to touch glove, see where the or
2:59 am
side is. >> nicholas johnson, thank you very much. as always, we'll be reading axios a.m. in just a little while. >> that does for us or this thursday morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside david gura. "morning show" starts right now. >> there is nobody more concerned about the cia than donald trump. maybe you haven't gotten the backing that you've wand. you're going to say, mr. president, please, we don't need that much backing. >> that was donald trump on -- >> i remember watching that, being horrified and thinking is this as weird as it gets? >> no. >> what is a quaint moment from
3:00 am
the -- kind of like watching "happy days" in '75. the basement of your house was kind of normal from where we are toda today. >> i thought yesterday was absolutely staggering in his tweets and beyond. >> it is clarifying, isn't it? >> frightening. >> people need to stop saying that donald trump is taking a different position than all of his intel chiefs and from the united states military, from the cia director, from the nsi, from the fbi director, from all the directors that he himself slkd, all republicans, we need to stop saying donald trump is taking a position different from them


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