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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  February 10, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PST

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and add wifi pro for a low price. comcast business. beyond fast. well, that does it for me. "a.m. joy" starts now. >> the building of trump tower was the true art of the deal. saving money was key. chapter one, hire the cheapest demolition contractor you can find though he has little experience. trump hired william casiggi whose principle business was window washing. william hired the polish brigade, more than 200 immigrants with no working papers who were paid one-third the union rate and worked under difficult conditions. >> good morning. welcome to "a.m. joy." the clip you saw is from the 1991 documentary, trump, what's the deal? describing what's been reported
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in the "new york times," the trump tower, the crown jewel of trump's sprawling empire. its name em blazened in gold was built on the backs of polish workers, many underpaid, overworked and undocumented. it was from the same marbled skyscraper that donald trump would launch his presidential bid and promise to build a wall peppering his speech and many others after with the anti-immigrant rhetoric that electrified his base. >> when mexico sends its people, they are not sending their best. they are bringing drugs. they are bringing clubs. they're rapists. >> you wouldn't believe how bad these people are. these aren't people. these are animals. >> we have some bad hombres here and we are going to get them out. >> tolerance for illegal immigration is not compassionate. it is actually very cruel. >> trump is still selling the
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illegal immigrants boogeyman. ramping it up even more as he gears up for the 2020 election, backed by the relentless drum beat of anti-immigrant rhetoric on fox news. a "the washington post" report enforces what the 1991 documentary revealed -- that donald trump's disdain for undocumented labor is and always was a lie. in fact, he's used undocumented labor for decades to make himself rich. "the washington post" has uncovered a long-running pipeline of undocumented workers who helped to build and maintain trump's golf club in bedminister, new jersey. one of the workers saying, quote, this golf course was built by illegals. joining me now, fernando amandi, host of strange days. michelle goldberg, columnist for "new york times." and natasha behrtran of the
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atlantic. fernand, this incredible reporting from "the washington post." it's not like we didn't know donald trump has used undocumented workers for decades. but this was essentially an entire town in costa rica that pop lates his bed minister golf club. they say the people who employed them knew they were undocumented. it's blatant hypocrisy. >> we need to start thinking of this in a different way. the question of the hypocrisy lays bare that this is no longer an issue of good faith. it really hasn't been for a good time. frankly, no issue that donald trump is about -- >> i don't think we have your mic. do we have it? i don't think so. we'll come back to you and get your microphone to work. let me go to maria theresa. i will read a little bit. the washington post spoke with 16 men and women from costa rica and other latin american
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countries including six who said they were employed at the trump national tower. garro worked in maintenance at the golf course for years before returning. this quote, my whole town practically lived there. this is blatant. donald trump is telling the base he agrees with them about undocumented immigrants, has the same disdain for them his base has, but he doesn't. he's using them and these employees say their whole town was basically employed by him. >> joy, anybody who goes into any agricultural industry, construction industry i would say that what he's describing
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there and the article describes not just the trump industry but the agriculture industry, the wine industry, parts of hollywood, all of them rely on undocumented labor. the crux of the issue isn't whether or not we like them enough because there is disdain for the worker but whether or not they should have the rights of individuals, of humans. the president has basically dehumanized the individuals. he definitely wants their labor in order to make his capital. that's where the hypocrisy lies is the disdain for a worker and trying to dehumanize them so they don't have rights, so they are completely marginalized in the country, so they are in the shadows so they cannot claim their rights and also when they are abused. >> the story we played at the top of the broadcast is a documentary made about trump in the 1990s, the building of his empire in trump tower. it surprised me this was not a talking point during the campaign.
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these weren't undocumented workers from central america, latin america, they were mostly from poland and they were paid very low wages, threatened if they tried to complain they would be reported to immigration, mistreated in blatant ways, but the bottom line and the connection between them and the costa rican workers is low pay. at mar-a-lago, people working from the same countries donald trump called s-hole countries but they don't make a lot of money and they don't have any rights. in trump world are they hearing the stories? in any way are they breaking through or are they still of the opinion or of the belief that donald trump would never use this kind of labor himself? >> the reaction that trump and his family are having is just to fire these people outright. so the backlash to the articles has had an unintended consequence of these people have worked for the trump family for
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decades, many of them. now because of all of the people who are rightfully speaking out about the experience they have had they are being summarily fired. in terms of mistreatment and the pattern that's gone on over the last few decades of trump's real estate empire that's a subject of an investigation in new jersey. the bedminster golf club, the new jersey attorney general launched an investigation into whether or not they were mistreating undocumented employees and whether or not they committed immigration -- fraud by hiring these people in the first place. this is yet another investigation that the president has to worry about. but in trump world the hypocrisy has never seemed to bother his supporters. if we were going to be concerned about his hypocrisy when he said buy american constantly during the campaign and had a week dedicated to buying american products and highlighting products in every state, you know, it would have seemed problematic since most of his clothing line, vodka brand have
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been made in china, bangladesh, vietnam. the hypocrisy has always been there. another area where it's present is in the e-verify system which his own properties haven't imposed though last year he said he wanted to make it mandatory across the nation. this is not an area where we expect consistency from him. the talking points are continually appealing to his base. that's all that matters. >> michelle goldberg, i believe the piece found only three of donald trump's 11 properties use e-verify. they could use it if they want. he's in the hospitality business. e-verify is mainly used in hospitality and agriculture. trump's mar-a-lago club in florida where we are today, was seeking to hire 78 foreign workers. they asked permission to hire the 78 workers to serve as cooks, waiters and housekeepers
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during this current winter's season. so he's seeking to hire foreign labor. he's always saying he wants to use american labor. donald trump once advocated a huge financial penalty for those who employ undocumented immigrants saying they should face a huge financial penalty and that it could go beyond a financial penalty. but he himself has not paid such a penalty. >> my sense is that we have known throughout his presidency that he's been trying to get permission to bring people in to work for noncompetitive wages. my guess is the reason this doesn't penetrate with his base to all of our immense frustration and indignation is that it doesn't really matter to a lot of his followers, the details of hiring illegal
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immigrants. he expresses contempt for them. they are perfectly willing to have them as exploited employees. the question is whether they start to assert themselves as members of the body politic. as long as he's able to be the person who wants to maintain strict racial hierarchies in this country, i think a lot of his supporters will forgive him for exploiting people that frankly a lot of them deserve to be exploited. >> that's the point. i think that's kind of the point. when you have heard the complaints about undocumented immigrants in the past from republicans, it quickly follows on, then they are going to vote illegally, vote for democrats. >> you know, that's the big fear. i go back to the point i was trying to make that we have to look past the issue of hypocrisy and bad faith and something more
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sinister. donald trump doesn't believe -- i think he's so dogged on this issue simply because it is another way to divide americans to try and unfold this move forward at the obama administration. the immigration is a wedge issue not just in the united states, around the world. it is interesting to see other people trying to utilize immigration to destroy western democracies around the world. it is no surprise to me that the president continues to show utter hypocrisy on an issue he doesn't personally care about but has political resonance. >> maria theresa, i want to stress that one of the other outcomes is for donald trump's base he has to make demonstrations. you have towns like nogales in arizona where they are putting up concertina wire, making the place look like a prison knowing it isn't needed.
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the township wasn't consulted. the mayor, city council say you are making our town look like a prison for a display. el paso is one of the safest places in america. immigration is seamless. people go back and forth across the border. they'll pretend these places are hell holes. it has real implications for the people that live there. >> let's be clear. what he's trying to do is define who is american. it has everything to do with who he wants to participate in the democracy. by trying to scapegoat workers coming to the country undocumented but trying to make a livelihood that they are directly benefitting from is just the beginning of he starts with undocumented. he started a denaturalzation task force. if you are a naturalized citizen a task force will see if they
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can pull your citizenship. that's obscene. when you go to el paso specifically this is what the president should be worried about. in 2014 el paso has one of the lowest participation voters in the country. literally less than 20% participate in their election. only 82,000 people cast a ballot. in 2018, 205,000 el paso citizens cast a ballot. he's recognizing that in his town that's normally not political, he's coming into the territory and trying to make them feel less american to feel they are vulnerable to an increased hostile country. they are going to the ballot box. >> what maria theresa described sounds long-term untenable. if people are made to feel de-americanized under threat of losing naturalization.
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if wire is being put up all the way to the ground, that's dangerous if someone has a child or dog that goes near the fencing. it isn't needed. it's there as a demonstration project so it can be on fox news and they can be seen to be keeping them out. people could be hurt. this could have consequences. they seem really dire. this feels untenable. >> right. and we have to remember the president wants to send troops to the southern border to do nothing. there is no crisis there. there is video of the soldiers standing around. this has consequences in terms of federal workers who are now on the brink of another shutdown because the president is insisting on building this wall which, you know, members of his own party have broken with him on this. it remains to be seen. talks have apparently stalled.
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but this is yet another example of how his impetuousness and desire to divide people on this issue is going to perhaps affect american workers, ironically. more than a million people who work for the federal government who might have to go without pay for another month. so it's not only affecting, you know, the way that latinos see themselves in this country. it has been impact on the trajectory of real at-home american workers. >> people should care if the president of the united states is doing this. it's like a show he's putting on that has real world consequences. another shutdown would be devastating for the federal workers who have been through hell. the idea that they would do it again for something roger stone made up as a device for trump to remember what to say at rallies, these things aren't real. that's frightening to people.
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they aren't real policies donald trump cares about. he's doing it to demonstrate to ann coulter that he has these beliefs. the panel will join us throughout the show. natasha, enjoy your sunday. coming up, elizabeth warren has been in the race for fewer than 24 hours and the backlash is in full effect. that's next. backlash is in full effect. that's next.
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this is not just a government issue. schools can be bold and entrepreneurial. look at purdue. it's incredible what's happened here. this can be scaled. under president daniels the cost of education here will be less expensive in nominal dollars in 2020 than it was in 2012. congratulations. you have to clap for that. [ applause ] >> former starbucks ceo howard schultz had to ask his audience to clap twice at a speech at purdue university this week. part of his going exploration of a possible presidential run. uncomfortably reminiscent of jeb bush. schultz responded to criticism his running as an independent could guarantee donald trump a second term. >> respectfully, here's my
7:21 am
response to that. trump must not serve a second term. i also believe there are millions of republicans who do not want to re-elect donald trump. given the choice between him and a far left democrat, i believe trump would win re-election. >> joining me now is bill burton, communications adviser to howard schultz and former deputy white house press secretary for president barack obama. bill, good to see you. >> a heck of a start to the segment, joy. good to see you. >> you, too. i started it that way because to be blunt with you, bill, there doesn't seem to be a boom lit of native enthusiasm, an organic cry and hue to have howard schultz become president of the united states. am i wrong? >> i think if you look at the people who he is appealing to -- the exhausted majority in the center of the country, they are a little tougher to organize by definition.
7:22 am
they're not people who belong to organized political parties. it is a different thing he's trying to do. we have gotten a lot of enthusiastic response but not in the beltway where you might be. >> let's go through that. cnn has done a poll, favorable or unfavorable opinion of your potential candidate howard schultz. favorable is 13%. unfavorable is 22%. never heard of, 46%. not unusually for someone without high name i.d. would you vote for schultz if he ran? not very or somewhat likely, 20%. not too or not at all likely 66%. let's talk about your polling. the big concern is i heard about what howard schultz is doing. even your own polling finds if he were to run he would re-elect donald trump. he would almost certainly re-elect donald trump. here's a little bit for the daily intelligence.
7:23 am
perhaps in an effort to push back from the data -- this is your polling -- schultz's team released partial internal polling data. somewhat suspiciously the data didn't show the information the respondents were given to support him. the bottom line figure showed schultz drawing a whopping 17% of the national vote in a three-way race with trump and either kamala harris or elizabeth warren. the same figures showed trump beating both democrats 33 to 32%. schultz's own polling indicates he would lose badly and throw the race to trump. the independent polling is worse than that. how do you argue against the fact that your own polling shows the results of a howard schultz run for president would be a second term for donald trump? >> joy, we are two weeks into this conversation. there is a different way to look at the numbers which i think your viewers ought to consider. you used two words we ought to pay attention to -- certainly and guarantee. i think that anyone who thought
7:24 am
donald trump couldn't be elected president ought to be reflective about the fact that there are things we don't know about this political moment. on those polls specifically though think about the fact that a guy who had almost no name recognition just two weeks ago, suddenly over 50% of americans know he's running for president. one in five americans think it would be a good idea if he were. >> that means four in five -- bill, that means four in five -- >> we are two weeks in. >> four in five thinks he wouldn't. again, would howard schultz prefer a second trump term to an elizabeth warren or kamala harris presidency? would he rather have trump again? >> howard schultz will do everything he can to stop donald trump. >> except for not run for president. it looks like your own polling would re-elect trump. >> joy, we are two weeks in. i don't think you can look at the poll and say this is what it looks like in november 2020. you have to look at the poll and
7:25 am
think this is where we are two weeks into the conversation about a guy most americans didn't know about. as they find out about his record at starbucks and the fact he got part-time employees health care, gave them access to investment, got them free college tuition, all of the things they are starting to learn and an ideology that takes the best ideas from both sides and leads from the center, as they learn more it is picking up steam. >> let me ask you this question, bill. if, a year from now or say in the summer of 2020, polling -- internal and external -- showed that howard schultz would re-elect donald trump by running for president, would he still run? >> howard schultz will do nothing to help donald trump win re-election. he will only get into the race if he thinks he's gone to the country, there is support for the idea that we can lead from not just the far right, not just the far left but from a center where most americans are. if there is a path to 270 electoral votes he'll get it.
7:26 am
that's the only way. >> let me ask you another question. there was a pretty well read book, "new york times" bestseller that talks about the arrogance of the billionaire class in feeling they are entitled to essentially run the world and that they alone can fix the world. donald trump ran on a similar platform. as a billionaire he alone can fix it. what do you say to people who think there is arrogance to howard schultz that i'm a billionaire and i ought to be your leader. >> give him a shot. in the segment where you impo pe him not to run. >> i'm not imploring him to do anything. >> he came up from public housing to make his way through college, ran a company that was very successful that looked out for workers, that took care of the communities it was in, took care of people who supplied even the coffee beans to the company. now has this idea that maybe this is a moment in america where we are so divided in our
7:27 am
politics but so united in the things we agree on like immigration, health care, a wide range of issues that maybe now there is a new way. i don't think he should be disqualified because he lived the american dream. anybody ought to have a chance -- >> who said that? no one said that. you are essentially saying because most people who run for president have some political experience with the exception of donald trump. donald trump stood for the proposition we should run america like a business. you're saying howard schultz has the same idea that we should run the country like a business. >> that's not right. >> businesses have a different ethos. if they have to lay off workers they do it. the country isn't a business. you are saying just being successful in business qualifies a person to be president of the united states. is that what you are arguing? >> that's absolutely not what i said. what i said was look at his record, hear his story, listen to what he's learned along the way. he doesn't believe just because he was able to build this global
7:28 am
company that has over 3 million people who worked there that he's qualified to be president. he does think he has an understanding of the global community, of the issues people are facing and has been able to act on them aggressively. every time he had a chance to make a good decision, he did. starbucks spends more money on health care for employees than on coffee. he was committed to making sure part-time employees had health care even through the tough times for the company. he knows that running a government is different from running a company. you've got to make different decisions. the ones he made in a company were the right ones. if he were to run for president he would work on behalf of the american people making tough decisions to get the economy on the right track for all americans. >> let's talk about the economy for a second. one of the things howard schultz made clear is he thinks the idea of universal health care is somehow un-american though medicare is universal health care that he should be on at his age. he's made it clear he wants his
7:29 am
taxes to remain low as a very rich man. how does that connect with the majority of americans who are now starting to see their -- do their taxes realizing the big tax cut that helped howard schultz didn't help them. how can he justify the idea that just because he's really rich he should get deep tax cuts but the average american shouldn't be able to access universal health care? >> joy, what are you referring to when you said he wants to keep his taxes low? >> he made it clear he doesn't believe that taxes on people of his means should be increased. he wants to keep his tax cuts. he's said it over and over again. >> that's absolutely false. >> oh, he doesn't want to keep the tax cuts? >> if you look to the speech he gave a couple of days ago in indiana which you referenced at the top of this he said people like himself should pay more tax taxes. >> that's good to know. >> middle class americans should keep taxes low. >> would he accept the idea of a wealth tax which is what elizabeth warren is proposing? >> here's the issue with what
7:30 am
elizabeth warren is proposing. i watched the speech yesterday. there was a lot of energy there. i think she's someone that people can feel proud supporting, of course. she's led a good strong career. this idea of a wealth tax is bumper sticker policy. it would raise $2.75 trillion over the course of ten years which is a drop in the bucket when you consider that medicare for all costs $32 trillion. >> hold on a second. are you saying the problem with the wealth tax is it's not raising enough? only $2.7 trillion then maybe the wealth tax should be higher? >> what i'm saying is it's not a solution to the problem. >> what would be the solution? if he's saying it's un-american to have a wealth tax or un-american to have universal health care i'm not sure how that connects him with the broad majority of americans who think exactly the opposite. >> health care is an issue that's been very important to howard schultz over the course
7:31 am
of his career. as i pointed out at starbucks it was a center piece of what he was able to do as ceo. what he thinks in terms of taxes is we need a comprehensive solution that looks across the board at how you make the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share making sure you are leaving the ladder of opportunity up for middle class americans and americans who aren't doing well so everybody can succeed in our country. >> you haven't answered my question. does he accept the idea that he and other people of his means they have to pay more taxes? >> he said it in the speech. i mentioned it a couple minutes ago. he said it in a speech. that's a cheap shot on the billionaires. what he was saying -- >> why is it a cheap shot? calling him a billionaire? >> yeah. what the term billionaire, it's f too narrow. >> isn't he a billionaire? it's not a cheap shot. it's just a description of what he is. he is a billionaire. >> no, joy.
7:32 am
just to rewind, i appreciate this opportunity to have the conversation. just to rewind you said he doesn't want to be called a billionaire. he is a billionaire. the point he was making there if you play the full context is the term billionaire is too narrow for the point that billionaires, corporations, wealthy individuals have too much power and influence in washington. >> you don't think they do. >> i'm sorry? >> you don't think billionaires and corporations have too much power in washington. >> he's saying think do have too much power. he's saying we have to restore power to the american people and those people who have amassed too much power ought to see it dispersed so the american people have a stronger voice. >> i just want to -- can we play the sound bite to clarify for those who didn't hear it. do we have the sound bite, producers? okay. let's play it. >> the moniker of billionaire is the catchphrase. i would rephrase that and say
7:33 am
people of means have been able to leverage their wealth and their interest in ways that are unfair. i think that speaks to the inequality. it also directly speaks to the special interests that are paid for by people of wealth and corporations who are looking for influence. >> so just want to clarify that. >> i appreciate that. >> he's not objecting to being called a billionaire because it sounds like he wants to rephrase it as people of means, not billionaires. >> the whole point he was making was that people of means, billionaires, the special interests have too much power. if you just say billionaire you are not talking about the whole problem. it's a culture in washington that strips the american people of the power they deserve. >> i think on that a lot of people would agree. bill burton, i appreciate you
7:34 am
being here. thank you for the time. >> thanks, joy. coming up, donald trump invokes genocide to attack elizabeth warren. vokes genocidek elizabeth warren let's be honest. every insurance company tells you they can save you money. save up to 10% when you bundle with esurance.
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covered by medicare and most major insurers. this is the fight of our lives. the fight to build an america where dreams are possible and an america that works for everyone. that is why i stand here today to declare that i am a candidate
7:42 am
for president of the united states of america. >> even before senator elizabeth warren began her speech launching her presidential bid the trump campaign was on the attack releasing a statement accusing elizabeth warren of being a fraud over her past claims of native american ancestry for which she has apologized. then just a few hours later on twitter, donald trump took it to a whole new low once again calling warren pocahontas and saying, see you on the campaign trail -- all caps -- liz. an apparent reference to the trail of tears, one of the forced relocation of native americans that killed an estimated 15,000 indigenous people in the 1930s. maria theresa kumar and melissa goldberg with me as well as rebecca nagel of cherokee nation. there was a tweet, continuing
7:43 am
the pocahontas stuff and a tweet from donald trump, jr. someone responded to donald trump's tweet by saying -- and this is horrific -- the native american genocide continues with another murder by the president to which don, jr., responds, savage, love my president. rebecca, what do you make of the whole area of attack that the president, his supporters are launching on elizabeth warren using the native american y genocide as a joke? >> i think if average people are already sick of the 2020 coverage, imagine how native and cherokee people feel. we are looking at another two years of stuff like this. but for the trail of tears for cherokee people what happened to us during our removal is we were rounded up and put into s
7:44 am
stockades at gun point. people were going about their lives when soldiers took them by guns to stockades and we were forced to walk from our homeland to present day oklahoma. between the camps and that walk a quarter of our population died. this happened to many tribes. most tribes had their own trail of tears story. so the other southeastern tribes, the seminoles, chocktaws and others that came from what we call the united states, so it's not a joking matter. it's not a light matter. it's completely inappropriate for trump and his son to mock it. it is also inappropriate for elizabeth warren to appropriate
7:45 am
it. for her to say she has this heritage, and to say her ancestors went through this and we know they did not. the voters deserve a better choice than candidate that would mock genocide and a candidate that would appropriate it. >> it's important to say members of the cherokee nation, indigenous people can be angry about both. this isn't a partisan decision that you can only be angry at one of the two. >> yeah. >> the donald trump attack on elizabeth warren using these tropes, the native people can be just as upset as they are about warren. >> it goes back to the different forms of racism that we face. so, you know, there is the genocide and the wholesale annihilation of our people. then on the other hand what we
7:46 am
see constantly is the appropriation of our culture by people who claim to appreciate it. so people who appropriate our clothing, our dress, our ceremonies. that also belittles us as native people. i actually think trump and warren are emblematic of the two sides of the coin of racism against native people in the united states. when i criticize warren people come at me and say, well, trump is so much worse. i think that's a false dichotomy. both sides of the coin are wrong. mocking genocide isn't worse than appropriating it. both are wrong. >> michelle, the defense -- and it's important for rebecca to make these points. the defense of donald trump based on a trope about him that he doesn't know any better. he's just a 72-year-old man who
7:47 am
doesn't know anything about being president. he's still learning about american history at 72 years of age. brit hume in defending donald trump and mocking jamal smith's criticism of him for referencing the trail of tears says, oh, yes, because trump is noted for his knowledge of 19th century american history vis-a-vis the native population, geez. as if trump doesn't know who andrew jackson is. jackson being the architect of the trail of tears. donald trump made being andrew jackson's fan a part of his persona. he's called andrew jackson his hero. he famously stood the navajo code talkers under a portrait of jackson while calling elizabeth warren pocahontas. here is donald trump talking about andrew jackson at a celebration of his birthday in 2017. >> it was during the revolution
7:48 am
that jackson first confronted and denied an arrogant elite. does that sound familiar to you? i wonder why they keep talking about trump and jackson, jackson and trump. i know the feeling, andrew. >> michelle, is this the soft bigotry that trump is innocent of knowledge of his favorite president? >> it's more that the best you can say for trump, the sort of only affirmative defense of trump is that he's historically ignorant about the one president who he claims to model himself after. that's sort of the best case you can make for trump. clearly he knows what the trail of tears is. at least enough to reference it in a nasty tweet. i also want to respond to something that rebecca nagle said. full disclosure, my husband has been consulting for elizabeth
7:49 am
warren. but we are not the same people, same person although we are not like the conways. you wouldn't work for somebody if we didn't both support what she stood for. i want to say elizabeth warren did, in fact, have a native american ancestor and grew up believing this was part of her heritage and identified with it. i think she was mistaken and she obviously shouldn't have identified herself as native american on that bar application, but this was kind of part of -- if you watch the video that's gotten her in so much trouble her conservative brothers also say this was the story of our family that we grew up hearing. to me that's very different from this president that's basically sneering at genocide or using it as a sort of laugh line on twitter. >> let me let rebecca quickly respond to that. >> yeah. so that's completely false. warren has zero cherokee
7:50 am
ancestry. genealogists in 2012 did her genealogy. that's what cherokee genealogists do when someone claims to be cherokee. whoancestry. who warren family is, is not a mystery. her ancestors that she claims are the cherokee people as on the census of white and actual cherokee people were not on the census at all. >> let me ask you this. >> the other thing that we checked and this is really important for people to understand. cherokee people are one of the most well documented people in the world. we are right up there with royalty because we endured genocide. when our land was being removed,
7:51 am
all these moments, every living cherokee would document it. cherokee went looking up warren's family tree and crossed reference of their roles and looked for them. they're not there. there is no evidence that she has a single cherokee ancestor. the only evidence she has is this brief science of a dna test which you can't use to lay claim on any tribes or relationship to any tribes. people don't know that. the average american citizen does not know that. she benefited from that confusion. she needs to apologize to set the record straight. she's still allowing people to believe this myth about cherokee identity. >> let me ask you this question, rebecca, this goes to michelle you can correct me if i am
7:52 am
wrong. is the question whether or not elizabeth warren was intending to somehow harm or you know use the cherokee community in some way which you know putting on the form could indicate or whether or not she was responding to something she was told by her family. i have patience for warren making those claims early on. she has been approached by cherokee people for the past six years of strong evidence of the story she told is not true and she continues to tell it. >> she's a u.s. lawmaker who's running for president. if there is any body of people of whom should hold accountable for the impact of their action and not intention, certainly it is people in the u.s. senate or who are president whose actions will have huge impact on the daily life of americans. she needs to be responsible for
7:53 am
than anybody for the impact of her action. i will say too that stories about great, great cherokee grandmas, it is always grandmas and you would think a few hung years ago our tribe was 100% women. her great grandma or somebody is cherokee, those stories are common among white people especially in oklahoma. twice as many people marked down that they are cherokee and eligible to register in the three cherokee tribe. that's nearly half a million people. warren is alone in this but that does not make it any more right of this myth of having a great, great cherokee grandma that something that a lot of white people claim, it does not mean they get to claim that just because they were told growing up. >> you know one of the kind of
7:54 am
out growth s of the trump era, e are having some of these really important conversations about identity and about race and confronting some of the demons that lurks in the history of the united states. this is one of them. the question of you know why are there so many people of latino ancestors in the country in the parts of the united states that used to be mexico. we are starting to confront a lot of these things. at the end of the day, it is not just about donald trump that we are confronting them. >> exactly right. after barack obama was president, everybody said that we were pro-racial country and we thought the wounds were healing. in fact, we are littered with scabs and the president knows how to peal back those scabs. we are having thoughtful conversations. the reason why we are having these thoughtful conversations is we americans do not know our
7:55 am
history. our history is not taught to the american children in the classroom. we scratch our heads when we find stories of native americans being native and slaughtered. we cringed when we learn that mexican-americans denied of water fountains. we do not have fair representation in front of the newsroom where people can use the power of their voice to explain the individuals why america is changing so quickly. we have a president that not only talks about a trail of tears as if it is some sort of joke. in it he says okay, we are ta talking about nazism. there is no two sides of a story, there is depression and individuals that have been heard. well, no, that's not the case, we are not telling people the
7:56 am
story. for latinos, for example, 99% of their grandchildren are speaking english because we are losing language in our country. we are being irresponsible telling the american public how our country is changing and what our roots are. how can we address this so we can be unified as a nation going forward. trump does not expect us to have the hard conversations. >> absolutely. these are important conversations. people don't even know that part of the history. i think this is really important to have these conversations. they'll be back in our next hour. rebecca, welcome to the show and thank you so much, we love to have you back in person next time. thank you for jumping on the phone with us. more "am joy" after the break. alright, up and down, never side to side, shaquem. you got it? come on, get back. quem, you a second behind your brother, stay focused.
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8:00 am
the border city of el paso, texas, used to have extremely high rates of violent crime, now immediately upon its building with a powerful barrier in place, el paso, is one of the safest cities in our country. simply put, walls work and walls save lives. >> good morning, welcome to "am joy." donald trump's reality show is
8:01 am
pulling out all the stops to convince that there is real crisis at the border. on monday, he'll hold a rally for a border wall in el paso, texas. that rally will compete head to head with possible 2020 beto o'rourke who'll appear at a counter rally in march a mile away. along with the rally, trump will sit down with fox news i' ancho. the actor is setting to take place in four days away. yes, donald trump is threatening to shutdown the government unless you the taxpayer fund the vanity project that he promised mexico would pay for. tiffany cross and gabe sherman
8:02 am
of "vanity fair." tiffany cross, el paso is not a city that's under sieged from undocumented migrant. it just is not. i have a picture couof it right here. this is the chart. this is showing the crime over the years in el paso going down. here is a statement from the sheriff of el paso and he says, quote, "it is sad to hear president trump making falsehoods of el paso, el paso is one of the safest cities in the nation, el paso was a city long before any wall was built." you have been on fox news. how does that earth keep up with fiction of violence when even the sheriff -- they can't go to a live shot with the sheriff to
8:03 am
backup their claims. >> that clip that you showed of the president speaking at the state of the union address, one of my favorite moment was congresswoman veronica escobar, she was one of the first to represent texas in congress, you can hear she says no mami. are you kidding me? she's representing el paso, this is ridiculous. i have been on fox news before. the problem is he's going on having audience who have no interest of truths or facts. a real sea of ignorant who has no type of curiosity about any of these things and they'll take the president's words even if it destroys the country they claim to solve so much or devastate children they claim to protect. the data you just showed violent crimes in el paso went down from
8:04 am
1983 to 2006. the data does not support his claim. there was a peak violent after 2008 which was wind base constructing a barrier between the border. there is nothing supporting this president's lies. it is a bunch of people who have no interest, they are facts and verses. this is how he's able to get away with this time and time again. >> tiffany has referenced veronica escobar who's the congresswoman who represents this area, el paso. this is her talking and i believe it may be her, torres and cindy hoyer. take a listen. >> it is frustrating to know that we are being painted as a dangerous place meant to be controlled. >> we also know that we need an agency that'll continuously adapt to changing threats and circumstances. that's why you have to look at
8:05 am
the border on a mile by mile basis. >> it is a mix of policies that'll make our communities safe, our border secure. >> and torres is another congresswoman. >> i wonder how, if all the people are speaking. i guess we can stay in the close universe of fox news and never listen to what these people are saying. if the people are from texas including republican members of congress are saying this is not true. there is no crisis. how does the president go to el paso and stage an event to make a thing that's not true looking real? >> just as fox news deciding they'll have a tea party, it is all fabricated. that's what we have to make sure that we are clear. full disclosure, my family is from el paso on my husband's side. we go to el paso all the time.
8:06 am
it is the most restless place. they don't understand what's happening. they have learned how to work very well with people across the border. people come to work and go to school and come back. it is literally one of the safest places we can imagine. tiffany cross is kinder to the little translation of what escobar said. she basically says a four-letter word and it went viral. to give you an idea what the president is steering up for pockets, it is his own base. he's also bringing in this different type of patriotism that we have not seen. that's participation at the polls. during the last midterm election, el paso itself has one of the lowest propensity in the country. in the last selection, in the
8:07 am
midterm selection, when he was trying to pitch this idea that this is a dangerous place. they are the ones that are dealing with this president who's separating families. their shelters are overwhelmed and community are overwhelmed. they are not saying no one is welcome here. they're trying to piece everything together, the president what he has done is given them the opportunity not only to an incredible woman like congresswoman escobar who's a judge by profession. almost over 240,000 el pasons say not on our watch. speaking ill truth of a community. let's not forget, el paso is very much a conservative state. what he's doing across the state has created this type of awakening that we have not seen.
8:08 am
el paso and texas should not be on the electoral map as a toss upstate but it is absolutely is because he's spreading false claim. in our state, we know how to identify and work with immigrants as well. they are apart of our community and families. we are going to draw that line. >> you know that's an interesting point. gabe, i want to come to you on this. i don't know who's left working in the white house that's not related to donald trump directly? at this point, is there anyone who can explain to him that fiction he's putting forward and he and fox news are self reenforcing of the horrible crisis. the real effect of that, that texans are reacquainting themselves of imminent domain. arizona now has one democratic senator, officials are saying
8:09 am
stop putting wire in our community and making us look like a prison. there is physical demonstration being made of this fiction that donald trump is paying tax money. you written donald trump is hated at this point. >> the state of union left trump stoked and some of his staff are miserable. white house communications director bill shine has tol told -- what is going on? is anyone explaining to him that he's turning red states purple with this fiction? >> the problem is no one can get through to this president at this point. as i and others have reported, this is a family-run business. donald trump is running the west wing very much he did like the
8:10 am
26th floor at the trump organization where it was him, his daughter and ivanka trump and his sons. i know there is people flowing in and out but it is the wind of one man. there is no effort inside the white house to push back against this president. i think that's leading to frustration by a lot of senior officials and republicans close to the white house. i think just you know going back to some of the points made earlier in the block, i look at it differently. i look at this trip to el paso and his interview with laura ingraham as a sign that trump is worried about his base. unlike sean hannity, laura ingraham is one of the few fox hosts when trump waivered on the wall who really called him out. definitely called him out. this is really trump's effort to sell this idea that he's going to get this steel barrier slaps or whatever you want to call it. trump is trying to convince his base, the fact that he's not
8:11 am
going to get a 2,000 mile wall is still a victory. whether or not the base goes with him on that yet to be seen. he's trying to move the gold post and laura ingraham and her audience is very much apart of that. >> tiffany, it feels like you know the point at which a parent promises a child a unicorn were now at a point trying to buy a pony and trying to fix a fake horn to them. the thing that you can't have and the expectation of you need to give it to me. it seems i am pockmpossible the risk this again. here is mulvaney, here he is on "meet the press" talking about a potential, another shutdown. >> we can't definitively rule out a government shutdown. >> you absolutely can't and here is why. the democrats prevailed and the
8:12 am
hard core left wing prevailed, it was a congresswoman who put out about $0 from dhs. let's say the hard core left wing prevailed this negotiation and put a bill on the president's desormeak $0. how does he sign that? >> you follow the going on d.c., calling it the democratic party does not sound a good way to get democrats to do anything you want. can you imagine republicans going along with shutting the government again. >> let me remind people that mick mulvaney himself calling the idea of the border wall is chi childish. mulvaney, you sound ridiculous.
8:13 am
we all remember his words before. tomorrow night the viewers will see two white supremacists talking to another white supremacist of donald trump. the fact they are to go to these two people to sell the idea shows who his basis comprised of. >> we are running out of time. everybody don't move. trump's tiny inauguration crowd. (clapping) every day, visionaries are creating the future. ( ♪ ) so, every day, we put our latest technology and vast expertise to work. ( ♪ ) the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, affordably and on-time.
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rick dearborn was running day-to-day at the transition. no restrictions on their purview. bob mueller has a task. it is russia interference and potential collusion for the 2016 election. >> trump's inaugural committee is facing more scrutiny over how they spent and raised millions of dollars during the transition. federal prosecutors subpoenaed the committee on monday requesting a wide array of documents on donors and finances and vendors. on friday, the public is dropping new reporting that the
8:18 am
inauguration committee may have grossly over paid at space at trump's washington hotel to $75,000 a day. dave sherman is back. joining me now casey michelle and joy vance. casey, i am going to come to you first. the trump inauguration spent $170 million. we are going to put up a little graphic here, $26 million for a firm and we'll try to explain who this is, someone named wolkoff. unused hotel rooms and $10,000 for makeup and $2 million for advertising and $40 million unaccounted for. just to compare that with past inauguration, george w. bush's costs $40 million and barack obama $53 million and his
8:19 am
reelect costs $54 million. all of those less than what have of what donald trump raised. this is odd. >> there are a couple of explanations handout there. none of them make the trump organization itself -- a few point we have to keep in mind. this is unlike anything we have seen in the inauguration. this is double of what the obama administration spent in 2009. beyond that, the 2017 inauguration was not really as lavish. if you remember back, the inauguration itself, there were not many people at hands. we have on the one hand a staggering amount of money and we don't have enough obvious things that's spent on and on the third, we also have the trump hotel involvement in this.
8:20 am
the inauguration committee had an estimate they're going to spend $175,000 per night at the trump hotel assort of four nights totaling $700,000. that did not include catering. i stayed at a couple in my day, i never spent that much money. there is only one explanation, that this administration as we have seen time and time again looking for any reason or every reason to be able to line the pockets of those trump organization and includes his families as we are seeing the president himself. >> the unused hotel rooms are getting $6.4 million stands out. >> gabe, i want to play for you gregg jenkins. he headed george w. bush's inaugural committee and he was
8:21 am
on v"velshi and ruhle" on tuesday. >> we had three times as many staff staffers as they did. in today's dollars, i think what we come out of $54 million. quite a bit less than what the trump inaugural committee raised. i can't imagine where that money went, it did not go to staff or events. >> is there any explanation in your reporting on where all this money went through and what happened with the $40 million that seems to be unaccounted for at all. >> the old adage, follow the money is now what everyone both in the press core and law enforcement is doing. you know clearly this seems to be the most benign explanation that there is sloppy accounting. the most kind of nefarious explanation is that this was basically a money laundering
8:22 am
scheme where money flows into the transition team and was dispersed to trump family members or owned companies, tafs w it was a way for donors and all sorts of people who wanted influence with this new white house. we should put this in to historical concept. donald trump's father and others have reported basically creating phony invoices and phony companies to justify rent increases on his new york city rental property. this is not a new thing of the trump's world where you create a reason to spend money. >> here is an interesting piece
8:23 am
from "propublica" report. the memo outlined how colony, the company found from tom barrett exploiting his connection to donald trump. is this now yet another vein of potential inquiry to be blunt for the mueller probe? >> if you are a prosecutor, all your senses are tingling when you read through this. there is so much potential criminality, it is important to say that's potential. that's conduct that needs to be investiga investigat investigated. we know not only mueller is looking at the inauguration but both of those u.s. attorneys have investigations opened and it is everything ranging from the eastern district where they are using men or people who were not eligible to make contributions or making them through people that's worse. this is looking at foreign
8:24 am
donations because foreigners can't donate and out right corruption and channin channell money. that will have to be thoroughly investigated and you don't lose $20 million in an inauguration and this starts to look like an inauguration that's a metaphor for the whole administration. it is all about paying a lot more and getting a lot less. >> casey, there is an article on "vanity fair," the headline is i am disgusted behind the scene of tru trump's $107 million inauguration. now taped conversations revealing wilkoff's concern of
8:25 am
how money is being spent and the involvement of the trump's family and people in charge, rick gates, who pleaded guilty or cooperating with robert mueller and tom barrett. are we looking at the idea that the idea that the wall receiving $26 million may be the next avenue of investigation for the sdny and mueller? >> it certainly seem that way. we have special counsel offi's e looking into this but the southern and eastern district in new york as well subpoenaing these documents and looking through where that money went and whether or not it went to companies or vendors related to his president or family or close friends. it is not a surprise that some of the names we have seen coming out related to the inauguration realization are names we have seen elsewhere from the inauguration. i also think worth keeping in mind that the trump's family itself, the children have gone
8:26 am
out of the way time and again trying to distance themselves from the inauguration especially from its planning and financing but as we saw in that "vanity fair" piece, wilkoff not only voiced her concerns about that type of financing but cc ivanka trump herself on some of those e-mails making it seemed like ivanka is far more involved as she led on. >> very interesting in this article, for the first time another trump is named that we have not heard before according to this "vanity fair" article of wilkoff, this is very interesting. gables sherman, casey michel. thank you very much. >> up next, senator klobachar is
8:27 am
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8:30 am
hey everyone, i am amy klobachar, i got a little announcement to make. bundle up, meet me at boone island on sunday february 10th.
8:31 am
>> amy klobachar is expected to announce her run for the 2020 nomination this afternoon in minneapolis. she's a former prosecutor and corporate attorney who was reelected to her third senate term by a staggering 24-point margin. ali vitali is in line awaiting for her. you are stanning out through 11 degrees temperature, itch have say thank you for being outside. let's talk about this announcement that you expect to look like today. >> reporter: in that video she's smiling a lot and here we are seeing signs "amy for america." we got her speech from later today. in that she's trying to make this little of the road pitch for unity and she's going to point to the fact that she's a daughter of a teacher and granddaughter of a minor, making
8:32 am
that working class and middle class pitch, some of the strike that strategists i have been talking to seem they could occupy that same lane. klobachar is someone who has done well in counties where trump did well in 2016. she did win her reelection just last year. she rose to prominence gaining the national attention for that pretty tense line of questioning she had with justice kavanaugh for his hearing. as she makes that pitch, she does have that notarity that she's coming to the field with. it is going to be interesting to see how she differentiates herself from policies in a progressive field as democrats are trying to figure out what's the best way being electable in a primary and against trump. >> she may struggle even if she's able to appeal to white working class voters.
8:33 am
>> reporter: i am not sure if that's where they are at so far. when you look at some place like minnesota, the proximity for iowa can't be under stated. that's a place where she's going to play very hard. she's not alone in that. while other candidates looking at south carolina or california which has a moved up place on the calendar here. klobachar is looking towards iowa and new hampshire. people like kamala harris are folks people are talking about where they can pick up voters of color and iowa and new hampshire is going to be what's the right progressive pitch to match the voters there. they have been waiting for a long time. if you look at iowa and the way bernie sanders succeeded there, that's still fresh in the mind of democratic voters that i have talked to. i am saying their candidates and beginning of all these primary and caucus states.
8:34 am
>> we are almost out of time. is there any response from the campaign waiting of her staff? >> i did talk to a woodby campaign here, she's a demanding boss. she's blunt and direct. i imagine if she's asked about that if there is any kind of media, we are seeing that being with the evidence flow in announcement. really what i imagine her response is going to be that maybe a gender thing that former staffers are taking at her with, in the huffington post that she's a tough boss and staffers going so far saying worse than that. >> all the women have to be nice. she knows that. >> reporter: exactly. >> ali vitali, thank you very much. go warm up. virginia governor, ralph northam's first interview since his black face scandal.
8:35 am
that's next. ack face scandal that's next. (vo) the only network to win in all four major awards is the one more people rely on. choose america's most reliable network on the best device: iphone. get iphone xr on us when you buy another. shaquem get in here. take your razor, yup. alright, up and down, never side to side, shaquem. you got it? come on, get back. quem, you a second behind your brother, stay focused. can't nobody beat you, can't nobody beat you. hard work baby, it gonna pay off. you got this. with the one hundred and forty-first pick,
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8:38 am
did you ever think about resigning when the drum beat became so lie? by the way, they're still beating for you to step down. >> i don't live in a vacuum, yes, i have heard it and it has been a difficult week. again, i am fine. it is mainly difficult for virginia and this country. yes, i have thought about resigning but i have thought about what virginia needs rad
8:39 am
radioright nradiight now. i think i am in a position where i can take virginia to the next level. >> governor ralph northam since the racist yearbook racial controversy, he has no fear in stepping down and insisted he'll take on virginia. >> thank you guys for being here. michelle, i will start with you. i am going to play another clip of this. we have seen all three top constitutional offices in virginia have all been embroiled in scandal. it is interesting enough it is becoming lieutenant governor who is facing the most intent call to step down over these sexual abuse allegations which he denied. here is ralph northam being asked if his lieutenant governor should resign? >> if these accusations determined to be true, i don't think he won't have any options but to resign. >> do you think you will resign?
8:40 am
>> that's a decision he needs to make. >> i want the truth to come out. i certainly support an investigation and again these accusations are very serious and we need to get to the bottom of it. >> and i should note just to read real quick before i go to michelle, the statement from justice fairfax, i did not sexually assault anyone else. our american values don't work when it is convenient. they must be applied at the most difficult time. a former federal prosecutor, i dedicated my life to the law and due process. i call on all appropriate and authorities including the fbi to investigate fully and thoroughly of the allegations against me by miss watson and dr. tyson. i ask all three of us to be respected during this process. >> your thought, michelle? >> it is a nightmare.
8:41 am
there is a grotesque -- this graphic photograph, even though given the facts of the case and extremely serious accusations against him, he should resign. these two women certainly believed them and you know although he's entitled to due process, i think there is a question, he's entitled to due process as a legal matter, as a criminal manner. whether he's enticed to due process to hold a position of power. this whole thing is a disaster because there are a number of liberal values that are intention here. there is zero tolerance for racism. there is zero tolerance for sexual assault. the fact that there is something proverse if all of this ends up
8:42 am
with power given to unelected republicans. i think there is recent polling that shows the majority of african-americans don't want northam to step down. my sense is it is partly maybe because they're more cynical about what politicians generally so i am less smohocked by what emerged of northam. who has the potential to lose, it is often going to be the most marginalized which tends to include people of color. >> that is a point, tiffany. there was a strategist earlier saying his hope is to hang on and flip the state. there is an off year in virginia and republicans can sit back and wait to take over the state. there is this political
8:43 am
calculation going in and we can put the poll backup. virginians overall, should northam step down, 47% and 47% also said should not. >> virginia has serious political issues going on and an important tax issue going on right now. look, i am not a virginia voter so my opinion matters less. it is up to the people of virginia whether they want northam to step down. i echo michelle's point, there is few african-american across the country but in virginia, were so surprised that a white politician was in a black face at some point.
8:44 am
coincidence takes a lot of planning. i think it is something that the top throw democrats are embroiled in scandal right now and the state could potentially fall to a republican who was elected by pulling his name out of a hat. i also want to make a point where i do find it interesting in the case of the governor northam and herring, we have factual evidence. we have seen the yearbook picture and we have seen northam, with the case of justin fairfax, there is an accusation. i have to say i believe in due process. i think these women are certainly credible. they deserve to be heard. i would never deny her right to be heard and present her case. i find it interesting that people are quick and ill wiforgd moving on with governor northam. if these are proven to be true and found credible by an
8:45 am
independent counsel, by all mean, i should be the first in line for him to step down. we just have accusations here, i was consistent with the kavanaugh's case. i want to hear from justice kavanaugh and dr. ford. >> let me go to a different studio, thank you for being flexible. it is complicated. you have northam commenting on herring as well and to tiffany's point, these are things that are known that they are admitted to or at least there is pictorial evidence of and for the fairfax case, it is an unknown. put on your democratic strategi strategist's hat for a moment. is it better for democrats to sacrifice all three of these positions and allow republicans
8:46 am
to open up a potential of turning over the state or is it purely political here to hang on control of virginia. >> no, i think the democrats has an obligation to fulfill the will of what the voters of virginia says. they want democrats control in the stage. to michelle's point earlier, this is a nightmare. think how much compounded this nightmare had been. there is one silver lining here. had governor northam resigns during that contentious weekend, we could be talking about another governor there. joy, there is a solution here, number one, i think ralph northam should contemplate right now doing two more acts. the first is to wait for fairfax to resign. i think he should resign and he
8:47 am
must. i don't think the democratic party can take a duo standard in this case when you have credible allegation against rape. upon that resignation, why not governor northam as his first step appointing lieutenant governor douglas and upon that passa passage, northam should resign and that way you have a governor who no one would question his credentials or even better yet, why not appoint a woman? none of this problem would have happened had there been a woman. put this mess back to bed. this is a distraction not just for virginia but the democratic party and the country and it is untanable to continue.
8:48 am
>> fernand, thank you very much. michelle. thank you tiffany cross. have a great rest of your day. fernand and michelle will be back. l be back that's why esurance makes it simple. just take some pics. [picture noises] go to sleep. wake up. grab a bite. maybe some racquetball. and boom - your money's on the way so you can get back on the road fast. well, not that fast. the editor had to make it fit in 30 seconds. it's pretty tricky actually trying to ... and ... tagline. when insurance is simple, it's surprisingly painless.
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what a morning it has been. now it is time to ask my panel, who won the week. back with me with michell miche goldberg, who won the week? she laid out this quick lightning round kind of questioning, kind of quickly laid out why our campaign finance system is so broken and so corrupt in a way that was really accessible and demonstrated the scope of her political talent. there is the fact that the green new deal which you know a year ago was something mostly talked about or this version of it was something talked about by ahead of democratic socialists and
8:53 am
people on the left with little power, she has now put it squarely in the center of the political debate and most of the democratic candidate for president have signed onto it. >> here is a reverse of owning the left that everything she says freaks the left out. who won the week? >> so i would say hands down speaker pelosi, not only she was able to own the state of the union. she gave everybody a response to the disparaging clap that the world heard over. she was also able to demonstrate that the president went into her house, threatened her and said you can't have peace legislation if we have war investigation. and in less than 24 hours she said we are going to have whitaker testify, we are going to pass hr 1 and hearing on hr-1. we are going to have hearings on
8:54 am
family separations and we are going to continue down this path because speaker pelosi's house, she can chew gum and walk at the same time. >> also, she introduced the pelosi clap. when you give that look like oh, baby. yeah, that was also introduced. >> can you top that mr. mia, mr. 305, to that mr. fernand. i was going with jong dinkle. 305 until i die. miami zone, jeff bezos, won the week an extraordinary publication accusing the national enquirer and ami blackmail extortion.
8:55 am
i think this week is going to look back at what jeff did and basically challenges to president trump and suggesting saudi arabia and a foreign government will involve in a hack of tech. that's why i think he won the week. >> you are trying to blackmail the richest man on earth, really? >> who's going to fire me. he's like who's going to check me because i am the richist. the attorney for ami was on the sunday show this morning trying to defend it. those were all good answers and sound and reasoning behind them. the correct answer is kind of the two ladies. democratic women won the week. they just did between the women applauding for themselves at the
8:56 am
state of the union which donald trump interpreted as applauding for him. he missed it and did not understand what they were clapping for. yes, aoc just continuing to own the other side and freaking him out and gaining a new deal to be a serious thing. that's very important. there you go. the women applauding for themselves and not donald trump and the pelosi clap. you all did a great job. i am going to give a nice pelosi clap to each of you. all of you have been amazing. you got to get the face right. thank you guys so much. fernand and michelle and maria. more "am joy" after the break. leave bleeding gums behind with parodontax toothpaste. tailored recommendations, tax-efficient investing strategies, and a dedicated advisor to help you grow and protect your wealth.
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comcast business. beyond fast. that's our show for today. thanks so much for watching. "am joy" will be back. up next, alice, that is latest. i am like on this coffee. it is everything. >> well, you know me and coffee, it is like this really bad addiction. i love your nancy pelosi clap because you got that face right, too. >> that was awesome. >> you got to do it. >> thank you my friend. a good day from all of you, i am alex witt, welcome to "weekend with alex witt." new fear the government could be heading to another government shutdown in less than five days. lawmakers have been trying to agree on a border security


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