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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  May 6, 2019 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> kimberly and shannon, thank you for being with us. appreciate it. headed to the white house. see you on this network and over on nbc nbc news. lots of news to talk about. >> so much ahead. a busy morning, msnbc news headquarters in new york. i'm yasmin vossoughian. craig melvin is on assignment. president trump's former attorney michael cohen spoke in the last hour as he heads to prison. watching live pictures for his arrival in otisville, new york, where he starts a three-year sentence for crimes including campaign finance violations. plus, breaking news in the markets. the dow down hundreds of points after the president threatens to hike tariffs on goods and imports from chine in. live in london and windsor as buckingham palace kwk welcom new royal. it's a boy to harry and duchess markle. michael cohen left his
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apartment a short time ago. he must report to the federal corrections facility in otisville, new york, by 2:00 p.m. cohen's fellow inmates include founder of the fire festival billy mcfarland and mike the situation sorrentino from "jersey shore." the big question for cohen, whether federal prosecutors in new york are done with him. today he says he still has tales to tell. >> -- there still remains much to be told, and i look forward to the day that i can share the truth. >> and nbc's kathy park is outside otisville, prison, two hours northwest of new york city. chuck rosenberg, an msnbc contributor and seener fbi official and host of the legal podcast "the oath." outside the prison there, walk us through what is in store for cohen as he arrived in otisville later today. >> reporter: sure. we did the map and are expecting
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him around the noon hour when you consider the fact that otisville is about 70 miles northwest of new york city. hopefully he doesn't hit road blocks but has to surrender before 2:00 today. so behind me here is two-mile drive, the entrance to the prirz prison. he will travel this path and leave his old life behind and begin a new one as an inmate. we had the opportunity to speak with former case manager of otisville, and he actually told us that today, day one, initially he'll come in here. he will be screened and then put into the medium security prison which is also at this location where he will be processed and later transferred to the minimum security camp. the way it was described to me is he will be held in a two-man cube. imagine cinder blocks are about waist high and he'll be there for the three-year sentence or if he gets good behavior,
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perhaps that time will be reduced, but everything about his life will be controlled. he will wake up at 6:00 a.m. lights off 11:30 p.m., and in between he will be told when to eat, when he can work and they have this thing called leisure time. the opportunity to go outside. there's a tennis court on this site as well as a basketball court. he can do that during certain hours of the day. really, he's going to lose any semblance of the life he used to have. >> we heard michael cohen obviously say he has his truth to tell. not getting much more information outside of his new york city apartment earlier this morning, but we know that prosecutors are done with him, from what we understand. is there nor information? they did a search of his apartment, his offices. lanny davis, michael cohen's attorney said michael cohen has more information to tell about the president. what more work can they do with michael cohen at this point? >> right. so theoretically, yasmin, they might need him for something else. they might stumble across
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another scheme or might remember something that's helpful to them. you framed it correctly. by and large, they're done with him. there's a rule in the federal rules of criminal procedure that would permit prosecutors within a year of michael cohen's sentencing to go back to the court and ask for a reduction. seems unlikely here. >> also we know mueller referred 14 potential crimes for investigation, chuck. what's next for federal prosecutors here? >> yeah. an important point. in the adeppendix to the report mueller laid out 14 cases ongoing. 12 of which redacted. we don't know what those cases are, but we can, i think, safely assume that many of them are in the southern district of new york, and will touch on things that michael cohen might know about. the trump foundation, inaugural committee and maybe members of the trump family. again, a theoretical possibility he could still be valuable, and there is a theoretical
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possibility that he could get some consideration for it. but more likely than not, he'll spend the next three years of his life minus credit for good behavior in otisville, new york. >> so, chuck, is it fair to say prosecutors prison over the next three years for more information? >> sure. i did it many times. talked to someone incarcerated more often, and asked federal prosecutors to bring that to us. they do it all the time. transport inmates from the institution in which they're incarcerated to the grand jury or to court to meet with prosecutors. absolutely they could meet with him. whether or not they decide they need him is up to prosecutors. >> thank you both. coming back in a moment. i want to get on capitol hill, congressional testimony pap short time ago the house judiciary committee said it will
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hold a contempt voted wednesday to compel attorney general bill barr to testify. also, president trump now wants barr to prevent bob mueller from testifying before congress. his comments on twitter sunday, a total flip, of course, from previous statements. the president now saying bob mueller should not testify. no re-dos for the dems. nbc news without correspondent geoff bennett joins me for a rare new york visit. holding down the fort. appreciate it and glad to have you in person on-set with us. start with this contempt move. what are you hearing? >> house democrats taking theirs first step. a committee vote wednesday at 10:00 a.m. and a vote of approval would head to the full house for consideration likely sometime later this month. this entire process, this entire drawn-out process, is all aimed at forcing, compelling, the ag to comply. because democrats say they
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didn't rely on the unredacted copy of the mueller report to do the investigative work they want to do. they want the full unredacted document and all underlying evidence. all of robert mueller of work product into abuses of power and public corruption. that sort of thing. the view from democrats. republicans say, the view from the ranking member, collins, this entire act is completely disingenuous, because they're already negotiating with the doj. to start a comp tempt process is not a good thing to be doing. contempt process. the lack of compliance from the doj really hinders their constitutional oversight activities. >> talk about the president's tweet as well, and which he's saying, making it about he does not want bob mueller to testify. obviously we heard he's open to mueller testifies, bob barr. whether or not he'll change his mind now that he's likely get a directive from twitter, from the
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president? can the president keep bob mueller from testifying at this point? >> hate to answer your question with a question, but we don't know yet. i'm going to do it. if barr interprets that tweet as a direct order, then we have a huge legal question into whether or not executive privilege covers a member of the executive branch. in this case mueller. >> because bob mueller is not a private citizen. >> and still enemployeed by the doj. whether that covers someone into an investigation essentially about the president. the president is flipping. friday said heeding fine. deferred to the ag. he'd be fine with it. don't take my word for it. it's all on tape. take a look. >> mr. president, should mueller testify, would you like to see him testify? >> i don't know. that's up to our attorney general. >> what about bob mueller? should he be allowed to testify? >> i've already said publicly i have no objection to him. >> will you allow him to testify? >> i have no objection to bob mueller personally testifying.
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>> the view from the white house, put more information, testimony into the public realm it's not a good look for president trump. he wants to cut things off as they stand. >> hearing may 15th, a possible testimony date for bob mueller. you worked alongside bob mueller. at this point especially when we heard words like "snitty" referred to his letter from the attorney general, how do you expect bob mueller to perform, to testify, if he were to come before congress on may 15th? if he is asked a pointed question whether or not he believes the president obstructed justice, do you believe bob mueller will answer that question? >> i think he'll play it straight down the middle, point to his report and cite to things he's already written. bob mueller does not color outside the lines. if he does testify, i imagine it would be, he would adhere closely to what he wrote. let me also say this -- yasmin, i think it's important. if bob mueller is a private citizen he's free to testify but not free to disclose things that otherwise can't be disclosed.
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so classified information, grand jury information, still would have to be kept confidential. just as i'm free to talk on your show this morning, and i appreciate you having me, but i can't disclose those types of things ever, and so mueller will be cabined one way or another in what he is permitted to say. >> for congressional democrats better off getting bob mueller to testify still working for the doj versus when he rolls back and become as private citizen? >> i imagine his testimony would be roughly the same either way. again, bob mueller has been the same bob mueller for more than seven decades now. he's not going to change dramatically. he's careful, he's cautious, he's smart, and he's a man of tremendous integrity. whether it's department of justice employee bob mueller or private citizen bob mueller he'll stick to what he wrote and adhere closely to the rules that govern his testimony. >> thank you both very much. appreciate it. more breaking news. this time on wall street. markets down more than 200
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points. looks like 231. comes, of course, as president trump's latest threat to hike tariffs on goods imported from china. joining me now, msnbc host stephanie ruhle on all this. steph, wall street has been mostly non-reactive to the president's tweet so far. we saw a lot around christmastime. seems now markets are reacting more. r why? >> over the weekend we saw a markedly different tone from the president with regard to china and the trade talks. truth is, it sort of confirmed the gut feeling investors have had for quite some time. that negotiations with china were not actually going well. the president has said, we got this. we're all set. remember, he said that two days before the midterms, because he wanted to see the market go up. listen, we're about to pen a great deal. we knew it wasn't true. last several months say getting closer and closer. for him to take a turn yesterday was a big deal. not enormous.
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down 231. we were done more. warren buffett said woke up a 1% chance there would not be a positive trade negotiation. today you woke up believes there's a 10% chance. 1 to 10, markets should move. remember, the market has done extraordinarily well. if you want to believe the president or larry ckudlow, they're making the argument this is part of the president's negotiating tactics. i don't believe investmenters buy that, but the market is doing well because the u.s. economy is. >> are we making a mountain out of a molehill? >> we're not. market moved in two directions. they go up and they go down. it is bad news when the president says we're not making progress on our trade deal with china. because if we don't make progress there, there's lots of other trade deals out there. a global slowdown is the biggest risk to markets. >> if you see a global slowdown in china it could reverberate back to the united states. >> and that's a big calling card for the president come 2020. if his economy slows down.
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>> listen, the president said he's a market man and the tariff man. he needs to make a decision which one does he want to be. >> all right. stephanie ruhle, thanks. the baby news, everybody. we have more breaking news out of buckingham palace. the duchess of sussex meghan markle gave birth to her first child, a baby boy. and her husband prince harry, and joining me now nbc news keir simmons. good news amidst all of the crazy news this morning. give it to us. what do you know? >> reporter: hey yasmin. great to forget and go to lighter news. a newborn baby boy for harry and meghan. 7 pounds, 3 ounces. born this morning at just after 5:00 -- or 5:26 in the morning uk time. so that's just after midnight on the east coast. the announcement as you would expect for this royal couple made on instagram as well as the
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statement from buckingham palace. the instagram post just saying, "it's a boy." and then a few hours later we had prince harry himself walking out, with honestly, i think, the biggest smile in britain. >> i'm very excited to announce that meghan and myself had a baby boy early this morning. a very healthy boy. mother and baby are doing incredibly well. it's been the most amazing experience i could ever have possibly imagined. still thinking about names. yeah. the baby's a little bit overdue so we've had a little bit of time to think about it, but, yeah. we're still -- that's the next thing. >> reporter: so no names yet bu we do know the queen is here at windsor castle. she was informed. the duke of edin boro was informed, harry's dad, prince charles and his wife informed.
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harry's brother william and kate told also as were members of diana's fae. we're told the baby has been born. meanwhile, doria, meghan's mom, is here with them now. they have the people they love around them for this, just really special moment for this royal couple. >> i've got to say, the statement from harry, incredibly endearing. quickly, keir, do you know if meghan markle had a home birth? i know that's what she wanted. >> reporter: we don't know. we do know that the statement said that doria is there at frogmore cottage, which is across windsor castle behind me there, but they aren't telling us yet what, where it happened or the details, and obviously we don't have a photograph yet either. they have made pretty clear they want to spend private time before they make announcements, and as we know we're not going to see meghan walk out with the baby in the way we have done, at hospital, with others, other royal couples. you know, we'll see what we
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learn as the days go by, but i suspect they will manage the news, harry's very good at doing that. >> nbc's keir simmons. incredibly important private time. we all know. thank you, keir. good talking to you. coming up, everybody, president trump sending a message to iran ordering an aircraft carrier strike to the persian gulf. the big question, why now. and 2020 senator cory booker, a new plan on violence and sparking a debate on the 2020 presidential trail. should prisoners have a right to vote? hearing from prisoners who are already voting. we'll be right back. ady vot we'll be right back. ip? >> tech: they wanted it fixed fast so they brought it to us. >> mom: hi. >> tech: with our in-shop chip repair service, we can fix it the same day... guaranteed. plus with most insurance a safelite chip repair is no cost to you. >> mom: really? drive safely. all right. ♪ acoustic music >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace.
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all right. turn now to literally a world of problems for president trump. a blunt military warning to iran just the latest show of force there in addition to sending a carrier group to the middle east. president trump reportedly planning to announce a new round of sanctions as well. elsewhere, the president putting global market on edge after new china tariffs threats. he must also deal with huge threats from north korea and a recent surge in israeli/palestinian violence. so much going on around the world now. who is on set? nbc news foreign global correspondent richard engel to help explain everything, if we can. >> i don't know if i can do that. where you want to start? >> start with iran and why they sent the carrier? what is the reasoning. >> what are they saying and the what's the reasoning and do they
8:21 am
overlap? so the administration now john bolton and others unnamed officials say that a very specific reason is that there was an imminent threat from iran to attack u.s. interests in the region, and the "new york times" reported a short while ago those interests are in iraq. so it would be a threat from iran to attack u.s. troops or u.s. interests in iraq, and that this aircraft carrier and its accompanying warships are going there in order to prevent that from happening. now, we also here at nbc news have a bunch of people looking into this story and hearing it's somewhat more generalized than that. that it could be to attack u.s. interests in the persian gulf. or iraq. so that it makes it sound a lot less imminent and a lot less specific. if there is this concern that u.s. troops more or less somewhere in the region could be attacked, then i think it raises
8:22 am
a larger question. okay. so then what is this aircraft group going there? is it to deal with a specific threat? which doesn't seem that specific, according to our reporting thu ining thus for, or some other reason? potentially to -- >> go with what you just brought up. initially we heard the carrier left virginia april 1st headed towards san diego. the idea maybe a stopover of some sort. but now this idea this could be a provocation to provoke iran. have iran sort of walk into a conflict? >> that's the way already the iranians, we've also reached out to -- they are perceiving it. i don't know about spinning it. they think a trap is being set for them and are not taking the bait. they are playing it down. they are not issues any kind of imflamer to statements. we're going to burn the ship, they are taking it very, very cautiously, because what they think is happening is that the
8:23 am
united states is trying to pick some sort of fight, and is doing a provocative action, floating this flotilla right near iran with the hopes according to the iranian interpretation it will incense them and start some kind of shoot-out. >> i remember about a month or so ago foreign minister shareef says this is about the bs. benjamin netanyahu, john bolton and mbs. these are all obviously allies and one that works for trump specifically, john bolton. what are you thinking about that? >> so the foreign minister of iran, czs is making a case of conspiracy against iran. by the way, he's not alone in saying this. a lot of foreign policy experts think he's very right on this and that you have israel, that is against iran.
8:24 am
particularly benjamin netanyahu. whose political future is secure now that he squeaked by and got in through elections. and the leader of saudi arabia, the de facto leader, the crown prince, all arguing for regime change in iran and arguing to push back iran, and all of them are close to president trump with mbs being a trusted ally. netanyahu, an ally if not a close friend, and bolton being the national security advisers. >> while i have you here, quickly touch on north korea because we have rocket testing in north korea overed weekend. a short-range missile. not the long-range missile in which the president talked about on numerous occasions and kim jong-un. what do you make of the fact the president brushed it off? >> also significant considering iran now the focus of attention. the u.s. sending weapons and fire power into the region in order to prevent some relatively
8:25 am
non-specific threat at this stage, while iran -- while north korea is continuing to carry out military tests and is not really getting any kind of pushback from the administration. so, you know, it also shows priorities. it shows where the president and this administration's focus and interests are right now, and they seem to be lined up against iran. the three bs. >> nbc's richard engel. thanks. and coming up, senator kamala harris fights to regain the 2020 spotlight. facing questions about electability head-on. we'll be right back. k. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression.
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welcome back. democratic candidate senator kamala harris looking to build momentum and raise her profile above the pack of nearly 20 announced candidates for her party's nomenations. last night spoke before a packed house at the ncaa freedom dinner detroit addressing the crowd on issues from electability to voter suppression. nbc news road warrior is live in michigan and national political reporter for the associated
8:30 am
press, and welcome to you both. on what issues is the senator speaking about at this point in the campaign? >> reporter: good morning, yasmin. essentially over the last two years, take a step back. really the conversation has largely been within the potential democratic prime marry, how does a democratic nominee win back particularly those white voters that a lot of them that voted democrat in the past shifted over to donald trump in 2016? what kamala did last night, refocus attention and say the midwest electorate is more than that white voting population. comes down to look where we are. dearborn, michigan. wayne county, the same county detroit is in. michigan as a whole, donald trump won it by just 11,000 joet votes. the state turnout was big, the diverse vote dropped by 26%.
8:31 am
kamala harris touched on a lot of subjects at the dinner, one voter suppression. a governor stacey abrams and a governor dillham if not voter suppression and took that issue on head-on last night. >> so the truth is we need a new voting rights act, and in that act we need to have a country with automatic vote registration, election day as a national holiday, and we need to fight back against those republicans who suppress our constitutional rights to vote. >> reporter: yasmin, much talk about bernie sanders and joe biden and mayor pete boos gieg, kamala harris encouraged that crowd as well as the broader conversation around the democratic primary to hone in and focus on these communities of color and these voters.
8:32 am
she said ultimately costs the likes of democratic gubernatorial candidates the election in florida and georgia just this last november. yasmin? >> she's obviously focusing on these communities which obviously it's incredibly important running for democratic, running for president for 2020, but also talking about the electability issue, it seems, on the campaign trail. take a listen to what she has to say there. >> the conversation too often suggests certain voters will only vote for certain candidates regardless of whether their ideas will lift up all our families. and it is short-sighted. it's wrong, and the voters deserve better. >> and oftentimes the word electability is used to describe a female candidate or minority candidate.
8:33 am
both of which kamala harris encapsulates. what is her strategy here? >> you're absolutely right. her strategy, remind people that she is just as qualified. the point vaughn is making, voters and communities of color in parts of the midwest and other parts of the country that are being overing whoed by some of these candidates. the other thing about that construct flexibility we all know is often times it is rooted in who's won previously. one of the arguments kamala harris is also making just because someone who does not look like her necessarily hasn't won doesn't mean that that person can't win in the future. driving that home. a huge -- the naacp full of black women, activists, hopes to be a network is support she can tap into because it's early in the race. >> and joe biden and bernie sanders sitting on top of the
8:34 am
polls. elizabeth warren meanwhile shaping the policy debate and mayor pete buttigieg of south bend, illinois, remains underdog. some are awaiting harris' second act. what is her second act? what does that look like? >> i spoke with several of kamala's senior advisers and see the next phase of the campaign, end of the first fund-raising quarter and goes to the first democratic debate in june. she needs to continue rolling out ideas's why you saw the speech we saw in detroit, talking about electability. see more policy rollouts coming as well. needs to raise money. do that at high-dollar fund-raisers and cultivating the grass roots. a great list and third needs to keep up a sustained presence on the campaign trail. states like iowa, south carolina, ohio, neff nevvada an looking at michigan. introduce herself to new voters. in the campaign for the long
8:35 am
haul. something they stressed in every conversation i have. not just looking at the four early states. trying to build a campaign that can really go the distance. >> vaughn what are you hearing from voters? excitement surrounding kamala harris right now? >> reporter: this is, as was said, her first stop. two more stops here today. kamala harris is just over here at a local coffee shop engaging in that conversation, and one of the voters here, she was telling me what she is looking for is somebody that represents somebody like her. she is muslim. she said she is a woman who own as coffee shop. own as business here, and she said for her, part of that construct of what midwest electorate is includes somebody like her, and she said she's eager, said actually the mug she was carrying said "lady boss" on it. she said when she saw kamala harris she said he's a lady boss too. that conversation will continue over the next ten months and i believe we'll have a lot more kamala harris stops over that
8:36 am
time period. >> thank you so much. appreciate you guys. i want to bring in now former white house deputy chief of staff under president obama and campaign manager for president obama's 2012 re-election campaign. jim, thanks for joining us. talk about electability talking about just before, auv times used to describe a woman and candidate that is a minority. is this still the case? thissed idea of electability? >> i don't think so, no. if you look at the last democrat to win the presidency in the last 20 years it's an african-american man. right? too often electability is code for "white male." especially in this race. that's silly. if you look at the women in the race, klobuchar, warren, kamala, et cetera. none have ever lost a race. look at men in the race, biden, beto, mayor pete, bernie, they've all lost at least one race here.
8:37 am
look at the 2018 election. the seats in the house, 24 seats picked up were women. this electability thing is changing and it's, i think democrats are waiting to see who they think is most electable. waiting to see somebody that can move them. the way you win the presidency is both by -- >> can i ask you to stand by one second? just got word michael cohen is arriving at otisville prison right now where he's going to spend the next three years at. we mentioned earlier, he had a press conference, a very short one to say the least, outside his apartment on upper side new york city and then headed to otisville prison will he'll spend really the next three years and is arriving there now. we knew it was about an hour and 50-minute drive. arrived right on time. we heard he would possibly have a press conference outside of otisville prison but i don't necessarily think that's going to happen now. do we have kathy park on hand, guys, to go to her? kathy? not yet.
8:38 am
all right. jim, come back to you as we await more images from michael cohen as he's arriving in otisville and the prison there. circle back to this idea of electability, jim. going back to jim, guys? okay. let's -- stick with this michael cohen image here. arriving in otisville. the prison. we have kathy park, who's been standing by for us outside of the prison. kathy, talk us through what you're seen oh far as michael cohen has been arriving? >> reporter: yes. that's right. well, he was supposed to turn himself in around 2:00 this afternoon. and he left his park avenue apartment i would say around 10:00, and he is here right as expected. he was stopped briefly here on two-mile drive, but it looks like he's making his way to the prison right now. we told that once he arrives on location, he will begin the
8:39 am
processing phase. screened, taken to the medium security prison where that processing will begin. medical screenings and other things like that, other tests, that could take a couple of hours and eventually transferred to the minimum security camp. that is where he'll be spending the rest of his three years. we spoke with a case manager who has worked at this location for many years, a former case manager, and he told us that really despite the labels out there calling this america's, one of america's cushiest prisons it's really not the case. he'll be away from this family. everything is controlled. at 6:00, what time he has to wake up. lights off at 11:30. he's going get a work detail. told when to eat, when he can sleep, when he can have quote/unquote leisure time, but he'll have those opportunities. there are probably aerials you saw of the facility there. there is a tennis court, a basketball court so there tr opportunities to see that as well.
8:40 am
when he gets in to the location, but, really, he is leaving behind the lap of luxury here to become an inmate, day one as a prisoner. >> incredible, kathy, to think about. talk to me about the energy right now outside of the prison, the press you're seeing out there as well. if you think about it, michael cohen is a former attorney for the president of the united states. he's about to spend the next three years in prison. spoke to a friend of his donny deutsch on the air friday night talking to me about the fact michael cohen is incredibly emotional right now and thinking about leaving his family behind and what he is about to, what he is about to experience over the next three years of his life in prison. we know we have heard from his attorney over and over again, lanny davis. talked about the fact michael cohen still has information to share on the president which he reiterated this morning outside of his apartment in new york. what is the reaction outside the prison as michael cohen is
8:41 am
taking that two-mile long drive on to prison grounds? >> reporter: yeah. you can probably see the sea of media behind me. i mean, we've been waiting here several hours. cameras camped out of this park avenue apartment overnight waiting for him to come out. speculation he might dip out a little early. also i guess, we weren't sure if he was actually going to -- all kind of to be determined, but interestingly enough, over the weekend on saturday he was walking around manhattan. he was followed by several cameras. at one point shaking hands with folks stopping him. one woman said i love you, michael. he said thank you, stopped to pose for a photo. but then moments later he actually snapped at a photographer saying you know, you can't do this to my family. so kind of a mix of emotions we saw in that brief moment there as cameras followed him as he was enjoying the last moments of freedom, but, yeah.
8:42 am
this is the beginning. this is a new life for him, and this long wait is finally over as he begins the check-in process as an inmate. >> kathy, stand by. joining me now, this moment has been coming for michael cohen, tom, to say the least. i was mentioning the fact i talked to donny deutsch friday night, who is a close, personal friend of michael cohen and he talked about the fact he is very emotional throughout this entire process and was actually set to report prison earlier than may 6th. again, pushed back because of the fact he had more information he wanted to provide to prosecutors or had more information he wanted to provide to congress as well. seems like now his time is here. just to put things in perspective for us, tom, this is the former attorney to the president of the united states. the sitting president of the united states, who is going to spend the next three years of his life in jail because of the work that he did alongside the president. >> yeah. it's a pretty historical moment. a pretty historic occurrence
8:43 am
that's happening here today. the reason michael cohen's attorneys, what they told the court, the reason they wanted to delay testimony is because he had just had some surgery, and it was going to be better for him to rehab here in new york city versus something that would occur at the prison site. michael cohen has been telling everybody, donny and nearly anybody close to him that will speak, speak with cohen that he is trying to provide information to prosecutors, been trying to provide information to congress, but i checked the court docket last night and this morning, and there's no indication at all of any sort of a 5k letter or downward reduction memo spelling out what michael cohen has been providing them and providing significant assistance to federal prosecutors here in new york. where they would ask for cohen to do less time and would appeal to the judge to do less time in this case. that has not come into play at all. so it's unclear what, if any, really relevant information michael cohen has provided to
8:44 am
prosecutors, post-sentencing. so now, the lower end of guidelines. own three years as he's stepping out of his car so he did not get as much as could have been given to him. he did get credit for cooperating with the special counsel's office when he pleaded guilty in charged related to that office's prosecution. it will be interesting to see what happens here over the next few weeks. >> we talked about, a meeting earlier today, he had to report to prison at 2:00 p.m. and decided to show um two hours earlier than he necessarily had to be there, but speaking about what he may or may not be able to provide further for prosecutors and also congress as well, i mean, the conversation throughout has been much of, was this a hail mary effort on behalf of michael cohen and his attorney to get anymore time extensions from having to report to prison? and do we actually think that michael cohen has anything else that prosecutors would be interested in providing? >> i think at this point, given the amount of evidence that federal prosecutors were able to
8:45 am
get from cohen, in the course of their search warrant, the course of getting all his emails. they found i think 12 devices able to get and reconstructed the shredder, and documents that went through the shredder. they were able to go through that and kind of, be able to reconstruct all that and i think they pretty much everything they're going to get, and at this point have had enough meetings with him. the special counsel's office had enough meetings with him, if there was more information, if he was still providing significant cooperation i don't think we'd be looking at this image right now and prosecutors in new york were clear in this case putting on a sentencing memorandum he did not provide them with full kaupcooperation. conversations continued after that. has that changed the calculus as far as prosecutors in new york? today, there's no indication of that.
8:46 am
if he had been providing significant cooperation, helping in serious cases going forward, like i said, i don't think we'd show helicopter shots of him arriving at the prison now. >> saw michael cohen reporting to prison for the next three years of his life in otisville, new york. thank you for joining me on this breaking news. i want to turn back to jim messina, former white house deputy of staff under president obama. talking about electability and 2020 candidates and talking about cory booker. a new plan with gun control. last night unveil aed a new pla to curb gun violence map 14-point plan one of the most progressive gun control measures die a democrat seeking the nomination. a plan that my question is, is a gun plan a must-have for a democratic candidate? >> absolutely. the democratic primary, an issue
8:47 am
democrats care very deeply ab's we are beset by gun violence across the country and it's an issue i call one of the litmus tests. are you good on guns? can you put together a plan that affects people and makes this people be reduced and go away? also an issue that democrats won in 2018. suburban swing voter, women suburban swing voters who care very deeply about this. and in the general election, an issue good for us. booker is very smart to get in front of this and one of these issues if you're not good on this you'll have problems in the democratic primary. >> jim messina, thank you so much and thanks for standing by on the breaking news with michael cohen. appreciate it. the news is fluid. got to go to it when it comes to us. appreciate it. jim, thanks again. bring up this birth announcement, everybody. we see there, a shot of the easel of the birth announcement of harry and meghan markle's baby as we see right there. this is the official birth
8:48 am
announcement of their young boy who was born 7 pounds, 3 ounces. he will be the seventh in line to the throne, and unlike all three of william and kate's children and indeed when diana gave birth to william and harry, we won't see meghan leave the hospital as we did with them. we see the official birth announcement walked out there as for any royal babies born moments ago. incredible sight to see and a very private moment for that family and we certainly wish them the best and are awaiting the name, which i do not believe is on the birth announcement. just the time, it seems, when the baby was born. congratulations to them, in this very incredible time for them and their family. coming up, everybody, a murderer says he has every right to vote from prison. a grieving family asks, why? >> i would you allow someone that's commit add murder of a man's life the privilege to vote when my son couldn't vote? when my son couldn't vote?
8:49 am
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8:53 am
what are you in here for? >> i'm here for murder. >> and the entire time, he has been a registered voter. >> i voted every year there was an election. >> you voted in every election. >> nationwide, only two states allow prisoners to vote, vermont and maine where felons never lose the right to vote even while incarcerated. here inside maine state prison baits is the president of a special naacp chapter that he leads with his vice president also convicted of murder. >> doing what i did, i know i deserve to serve time for that. >> together they help register other inmates to vote. >> what is this green for? >> that's the voter registration application form. >> with more than 2 million people behind bars, the u.s. has the highest prison population in the world, a potential voting block bigger than the entire state of new mexico. >> there is so much life happening outside of these
8:54 am
walls. why do you think it is important to vote from within these walls? >> because we are just as much a part of this country as anyone outside these walls. because we are incarcerated doesn't mean we should lose our right to vote because when i leave the facility i'm a citizen still. >> it's an issue getting attention from the cell block to the 2020 campaign trail. >> i think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy, yes, even for terrible people. >> let terrorists in prison vote. i don't think so. >> for diane and jim, the issue hits close tor to home. >> it was a ring on his finger. >> their 25-year-old son was murdered in 1989. the man convicted of killing him is currently serving 30 years in a maine prison, scheduled to get out just after the next presidential election. if you had a message to your lawmakers about this right to vote here, what would you say to
8:55 am
them? >> the only thing i would say to them is my son didn't get a choo chance to vote. why would you allow someone who committed a murder to vote? >> it's not much you can say to the family as to why this person should vote. the answer i would give is that you have to -- if that person comes back to society, you want to have a changed person, not the the person who committed a heinous crime. >> a person who says he is still a citizen even if it is behind bars. >> it is something that was interesting is that naacp chapter registered about 230 registrants back in the last election and they had record turnout with 300 registered voters in 2008 when barack obama first won. they also said there is a common misperception that if you extended the right to felons across the country that they would vote for one party assumingly for the democrats.
8:56 am
they said not the case if main street prison is any indication he said as many if not more than half voted republican and for president trump in the last election. >> that was great work. thank you so much. coming up, in our next hour andrea talks to former state department insider about president trump deploying a carrier strike group to send a message to iran. a carrier strike group to send a message to iran. ...this... man 1: ...this is my body of proof. man 2: proof of less joint pain... woman 3: ...and clearer skin. man 3: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 4: ...with humira. woman 5: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number one prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. (avo): humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,
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9:00 am
candidate pete buttigieg is on a campaign swing and craig melvin is not here because he is there to interview him. you can watch their conversation tomorrow morning on "today" and here at 11:00 a.m. eastern on msnbc. that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. andrea mitchell reports starts recognize now. >> right now, constitutional show down. the attorney general refuses today to deliver the unredacted mueller report to house democrats by their deadline. and they get ready to rumble by threatening to hold him in contempt. >> we'll see the members of the judiciary committee debating on this issue of holding the attorney general in contempt of congress. it is a rare and can be a very serious penalty. war drums. the trump administration sends a military message to iran after what the white house claims is new intelligence of an iranian-backed threat to u.s. forces in the region. >> john bolten and


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