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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 20, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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kiss her daughter goodnight. >> reporter: that's all for this edition of "dateline." we'll see you again sunday at a republican congressman calls for impeachment. michigan representative justin amash is breaking ranks with members of his own party, accusing president trump of impeachable conduct and the president is hitting back. >> plus, south bend mayor and 200 candidate pete buttigieg takes on president trump and a couple of prominent fox news hosts at a fox news town hall. >> and the president sends a warning to tehran tweeting if it wants to fine the united states it will be, quote, the official end of iran. good morning, everybody.
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it is monday, may 20th, i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside with geoff bennett. congressman justin amash posted his principal conclusions to social media writing, one, attorney general bill barr has deliberately misrepresented mueller's report, president trump has engaged in impeachable conduct, flee partisanship has eroded our system of checks and balances, 4, few members of congress have read the report. in comparing barr's principal conclusions, congressional testimony and other statements to mueller's report, it is clear that barr intended to confuse
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the public. >> quote, never a fan of justin amash, a total lightweight who opposes me and some of our great republican ideas and policies just for the sake of getting his name out there through verse at this -- controversy, the president said he if he actually read the mueller report composed by 18 angry dems, there was nevertheless strong on no collusion and ultimately no obstruction. >> kevin mccarthy took on amash. watch this. you.
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>> got to understand justin amash. he's been in congress quite some time. i think he's only ever asked one question in all the committees he's ever been in. he votes more with nancy pelosi nan he ever did with me. he had a very hard time winning in the last election. i wonder maybe he wants some type of exit strategy. it's very disturbing. this is exactly what you would expect from justin. he never supported the president and i think he's just looking for attention. >> while amash sfreekfrequentlys apart, his votes have lined up with trump more than not. he's voted with trump more than 61% of the time. he has high life time ratings from conservative groups, 99% with the club for growth, 94% from americans for prosperity and rated 86% by heritage action
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for america. >> following public filings late last week that show former national security adviser michael flynn told the special counsel's office that people tied to president trump and congress tried to obstruct the russia probe, the president is passing the blame for appointing flynn to his cabinet. quote, it now seems that general flynn was under investigation long before it was common knowledge. it would have been impossible for me to know this but if that was the case and with me being one of the two people who would become president, why was i not told so that i could make a change? as the new york city writes, trump was first warned about flynn two days after the election when trump met in the oval office with president obama who cautioned his successor not to give flynn a senior post on his national security team and flynn himself told the transition team's lawyers don mcgahn weeks before inauguration that he was under federal investigation for paid lobbying work he did secretly for turkey while he was working on the presidential campaign.
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>> during a fox news town hall last night, 2020 presidential candidate mayor pete buttigieg slammed two of the network's most prominent hosts for divisive comments they've made on air. watch this. >> especially when you see a goes on with opinion hosts, you have tucker carlson saying immigrants make america dirty and laura ingram comparing children in detention camps in cages comparing them to summer camps, there's a reason why people have to think twice and swallow hard before participating in this media ecosystem. >> president trump weighed in saying fox is losing more and more wrong side from covering the dems and they just want in. they forgot the people who got them there. brett hume defended the event saying say this for buttigieg,
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he's willing to be questioned by chris wallace, something you've barely done since being president and covering the candidates of both parties is part of the job of a news channel. i think he could substantially improve his game when it comes to helping shape the character of the country. i think young people as well people around the world look at the president of the united states and say does he exhibit the qualities we would want to emulate, qualities of humility, of honesty, integrity and those are things where i think there's been some call where the president has distanced himself from some of the best qualities of the human character. >> the fight for abortion rights could be taken up by the supreme court as soon as today but it won't be for extremely restrictive measures recently passed in states like alabama and georgia. instead the conservative-stacked
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court may announce l it will hear three provisions indiana abortion laws. if the court decides to take up this case, it could begin the process of slowly chipping away ter constitutional right to abortion established in roe v. wade rather than to overturn it outright. president trump weighed over the weekend solidifying his pro-life stance with the caveats of rape, incest and protecting the live of t -- life of the mother. he tweeted "the radical left with late-term abortion and worse is imploding on this issue. we must stick together and win for life in 2020. >> a republican missouri lawmaker has apologized for using the term consensual rape
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during an abortion debate. here's how he described his experience handling rape cases as a 30-year police department veteran. >> let's just say someone goes out and they have -- or they're raped or sexual assaulted one night after a college party. most of my rapes were not the gentlemen jumping out of the bushes that nobody had ever met. most of them were date rapes or consensual rapes, which were all terrible. >> he later told "the washington post" he believes there is no such thing as consensual thing adding that in his decades of law enforcement he always took the testimony of rape victims seriously. >> in an interview on friday, mcdaniel said she would have personal lip preferred if the law included exception for rape or incest but acknowledged the
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broad spectrum of views of abortion within her party. >> joining us, julia manchester. let's talk about the supreme court potentially taking up an abortion rights case as soon as today. what could this mean for the future of roe v. wade? >> i think this means it could chips away at the law that legalizes abortion. this past week we've seen in missouri and alabama more extreme bans banning at six or eight weeks and not including exception for rich and incest. we're seeing quite a bit of conservatives, whether they're rnc chairwoman mcdaniel or televangelist pat robertson speaking out about that saying that the law goes too far. i think conservatives on the spr supreme court, whether it's
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brett kavanaugh, i think it's the stance a lot of conservatives are going to be looking to take. i think republicans take a very major political risk and this is something that president trump based off of his tweet yesterday very much understands. going the extreme route, not allowing abortion in cases of rape or incest, life of the mother at such a short period look six or eight weeks, that could potentially alienate voters, especially white, college educated women that have been over the past couple of years drifting away from the republican party toward the democratic party. so it's interesting to see this kind of all play out. however, i think republicans are very concerned about the situations in alabama and missouri. >> julie, let's turn to mayor pete buttigieg's town hall last night. within moment that suck out is
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when the crowd gave him a standing ovation. what did you make of that? >> i thought it was remarkable. there was obviously a big crowd, i believe the host chris wallace remarked at how big of a crowd it was, one of the biggest. i think he said in fox news town hall history. it was a very remarkable moment. it's important that buttigieg was talking about fox news opinion hosts. however these opinion hosts very much have the president's ear and very much have a say in what kind of policy platforms he's really pushing because we know about the revolving door between the white house and fobs nex ne. as i saw this as kind of a direct shot at the president or his communications channels. whether it be laura ingram, tucker carlson or sean hannity. >> what do you make of other candidates choosing not to go on
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fo fox news for these town halls? >> with elizabeth warren i want necessarily surprised. they are obviously going after very different bases. i think pete buttigieg could be trying to bring in more of a moderate, less progressive base, whereas warren's very progress of base was very happy with her deciding not to go on fox news, doing that town hall and very much praised the decision. however, i think there has been some concern over the i guess decision not to do fox news town halls from warren or reportedly kamala harris. it's interesting, bernie sanders decided not -- did a fox news town hall last month and we see that him and warren are kind of vying for that same progressive base. however, that progressive base exists in swing states such as pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan and even though they may be progressive voters, they may still watch fox news. at the end of the day, fox news is a very high lie watched
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network across the country and it's good exposure. so if these candidates are looking to maybe sway more voters to their side, i mean, it's worth looking at whether to do that town hall. >> julie manchester, we'll talk to you again in a little bit. >> still ahead, new reports deutsche bank concerns. >> and graduating students at moorehouse college get a big surprise from this year's commencement speaker this those stories and much more when we come right back. ies and much mo come right back. here's one you guys will like.
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kushner. after transactions, quote, set off alerts in a computer system designed to detect elicit activity, deutsche bank staff recommended they be reported to the federal government's financial crime units but top executives rejected that advice. the "times oup" reports the nat of the transactions was not clear. some of it involved money flowing back and forth with overseas entities and individuals which bank employees considers suspicious. a kushner companies statement calls any allegations made up and completely false. a statement from deutsche bank reads "we have increased our anti-financial crime staff and enhanced our controls in recent years and take compliance very seriously.
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. >> president trump appears to be ready to issue pardons for multiple service members accused of war crimes. the trump administration has made expedited requests to pardon the troops. it comes weeks after the president pardoned a lieutenant of killing an iraqi in an interrogation. one of the requests is for edward gallagher, a navy seal who is set to face charges of indiscriminately killing unarmed civilians and killing a teen-age captive with a knife while deployed in iraq. and it includes a blackwater security contractor found guilty of shooting and killing dozens of unarmed iraqis and an army
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green beret accused of killing unarmed snipers. >> let's switch gears here. a unique program in boston is trying to reduce crime in the city by getting gang members off the streets and into the classroom. but the new initiative is to the entirely without controversy. steve patterson has the story. >> giovanni morris is doing something he never could have imagined a few years ago. he's in college. he's enrolled at boston's bunker hill community college hoping to one day work with at-risk kids. surprising because this former gang member spent time behind bars. >> i used to do stupid stuff. >> reporter: now morris and dozens more caught in a cycle of violence and poverty are part of a program called boston
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uncornered, focused on getting them off of the streets and into the classroom by paying them to do it. >> we pay young people $400 a week, about $20,000 per year to give them the tonight to make the choices they believe and we know they want to make. >> reporter: i think you're going to have people watching i. >> you need a way to get out of the crew and activities you're involved in. >> reporter: the stipend continues until they pass their graduation exams or get into college. >> i really got tired of going to funeral.
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>> reporter: he was shot ten times and spent 11 years behind bars. now he's working to change lives. >> do you feel like you're making a difference here? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the goal for this bold initiative ash gang-free boston in five years. >> i'm doing this for my family and people who said i couldn't do it. >> reporter: for guys like morris, it's an opportunity for a rare change. do you ever think people would be referring to you for college grads? >> it sounds like winning the lottery. >> reporter: a winning idea and hope for a brighter future. >> thanks to steve patterson for that report. still ahead, the defending champ saw his lead evaporate but hangs on at bethpage black. and leonard saves toronto in game three. details next in sports. game three details next in sports
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welcome back. time for sports and the final round of the pga championship. brooks koepka nearly blew it with four straight bogeys in the back nine that shrank his advantage to one until dustin johnson let him off the hook with two of his own on number 16 and 17. koepka would go on to hoist the wannamaker trophy for the second consecutive year after shooting a final round 74 to win the tournament by two.
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johnson has finished second at each of golf's major championshi championships. johnson has previously finished number two at the u.s. open and british open as well. >> let's turn to the nba playoffs where the golden state warriors are now a win away from another nba finals appearance following a victory that gave them a 3-0 series lead against the trail blazers. last night the raptors refused to make it easy for the bucks. the first basket marked toronto's first lead of the game after the opening minutes. quite a game. >> still ahead, joe biden officially kicks off his 2020 campaign with a rally in philadelphia and casts himself
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as the candidate that can unify the nation. >> plus, amid rising tensions, president trump issues a strong warning to tehran quoting, if iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of iran. we're back in a minute. mite
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the most inspiring minds, the most compelling stories, the best place to listen. to start your free 30-day trial, text listen5 to 500500 today. ♪ welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside geoff bennett. it is the bottom of the hour. former vice president joe biden kicking off his 2020
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presidential campaign saturday with a rally in the heart of philadelphia. biden spoke to the crowd of thousands about party unity, as well as continuing his push to look beyond the crowded democratic primary field and towards the general election fight against the president. >> i know some of the really smart folks say democrats don't want to hear about unity. they say democrats are so angry that the angrier a candidate can be the better the chance he or she has to win the democrat bei ic nomination. well, i don't believe it. i believe the democrat wants to unify the nation. that's what our party has always been about. the single most important thing we have to accomplish to get this done, the single most important thing we have to accomplish is defeat donald trump. >> today senator kamala harris is set to release a plan that aims to lessen the disparity in
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pay between men and women. yesterday harris rallied more than 4,000 fired up supporters in losses will for what was described as an organizing event in the battle for california's over 400 delegates to the democratic national convention. here's senator harris previewing today's announcement. >> in america today women for the same work, for the equal work on average make 80 cents on the dollar. black women make 61 cents on the dollar. latinas make 53 cents on the dollar and this has got to end! [ cheers and applause ] tomorrow i am going to announce the first ever national priority on closing that pay gap and holding corporations accountable for transparency and closing
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that gap and you will see the announcement tomorrow. there will be penalties if they don't. >> on "meet the press" over the weekend, u.s. senator and 2020 candidate bernie sanders argued that it's not good enough to just defeat donald trump in 2020. but democrats have to take on issues such as climate change as well. watch this. >> we have got to defeat donald trump who, in my view, is the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country. if we're talking, for example, about climate change, what the scientists tell us is that we have 12 years before irreparable damage is done to this planet. beating trump is not good enough. you have to beat the fossil fuel industry. you have to take on all of those forces of the status quo who do not want to move in country to energy efficiency and sustainable energies. >> reporting for the "new york times" finds in the 2020 presidential election, both
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parties agree that voters are focusing more on cultural issues and it could cut against president trump. in a private memo that was sent to the house democratic campaign committee this month, democratic pollsters found app overriding issue with swing voters in a series of six focus groups. as we saw in the 2018 cycle, swing voter complaints about trump are dominated by his style and personality, not his agenda or policies. the pollsters after speaking with voters across three states, maine, michigan and california. most participants expressed real concern about trump's tweeting, name calling, staff turnovers, distortions of the truth, et cetera, even when asking about his agenda or priorities. virtually no one volunteered the aca repeal fights or the gop tax bill. at a panel for republican donors recently in washington, mr. trump's campaign manager
1:34 am
said if the lebs was about policy, republicans would win, but if it was about personalities, they might lose. that's according to two attendees who said it was an unmistakable reference to the president's behavior. >> in an echo of his past threats aimed at north korea, president trump is threaten the the total destruction of iran, tweeting "if iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of iran. never threaten the united states again." the president addressed it on fox news and while speaking in front of realtors in washington, d.c. >> i'm not somebody who wants to go into war. war hurts economies and kills people, most importantly. i want to invade, if i have to, economically. >> dealing with iran, they put out so many false messages that iran is confused. that might be a good thing. they put out fake news, these people right back here, they put
1:35 am
out messages that i'm angry with my people. i'm not angry with them. mike pompeo's doing a great job, bolton's doing a great job. they make it sound like it's a conflict. the good news, i was thinking today, i said, gee, what must our adversaries think and then i look and think it's probably a good thing. >> there are vast differences in opinion regarding the threat level that should be raised based on the intelligence the u.s. has on iran. republican senator tom cotton, a member of the armed services and intelligence committees says the intel shows there are multiple credible, serious threats that have picked up the pace over the last couple of weeks. however, democratic congressman who, a member of the house armed service committee says, quote, i get the same intel as cotton. he is greatly exaggerating the situation to spur us to war. doesn't fall for it. we are receiving the same intel as senator cotton.
1:36 am
"the wall street journal" reports it appears intelligence suggests the u.s., iran misread each other, stoking tensions. >> saudi arabia says it does not want to go to war with iran but will defend itself against tehran as needed. that comes after sabotage. there has been no claim of responsibility so far but the state department is implying that an iranian proxy militia
1:37 am
force is to blame for that. joining us once again for washington reporter for "the hi hill," julia manchester. the president well said if iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of iran but he's saying publicly he doesn't necessarily want to go to war with iran. asked at the white house on friday if we were going to go to iran he said "hopefully not", which was not reassuring to say the least. talk to me. >> this rhetoric wasn't new. the president seems to ratchet up all of this rhetoric and bring both sides of some sort of a conflict to a brink and then it seems to tone down a little bit. we've seen over the course of this week this roller coaster with iran with this ratcheted up rhetoric and then both side are
1:38 am
trying to de-escalate things. you hear a lot of lawmakers expressing concern about the president's rhetoric and the intelligence that the administration is getting. we know that lawmakers are going to be briefed on this issue this week. however, for congress this is extremely important because they ultimately control the purse strings on whoever the u.s. officially goes to war with. so at a time when both ends of, you know, pennsylvania avenue, capitol hill and the white house, there's so much tension between these two entys,ies eshs at arm conflict with iran is making a lot of lawmakers nervous and the president's rhetoric is adding to that tension. >> let's circle back to joe biden's kickoff rally this weekend in philadelphia. how do you think it going over given that he continues to lead the polls? >> i think vice president joe
1:39 am
biden's rally was very successful. pennsylvania flipped from blue to red in 2016. i think joe biden is trying to differentiate himself from the president, trying to bring a message of unity, offering policy proposals and vowing not to go after his other democratic opponents. but the biggest takeaway i took from this rally and i think from vice president biden's entire campaign is that he's is running like he's in a general election almost and he's currently in a primary. we see that the biden campaign, even though they're in the primary, their heads appear to be way farther ahead than the other democrats. i think that's something that biden will continue to do in order to stay ahead in the polls and bring more attention from other voters and iowa and new hampshire ahead of those primaries. >> how do you think that's going to fare in the primary field, that joe biden is one of the only candidates that has said on that platform we need to defeat
1:40 am
drf donald trump, that is our number one priority. >> what's so interesting about this democrat being primary field is that so many different candidates are almost running just to promote a platform. now, obviously kamala harris, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren are running on a range of platforms. however, i think joe biden when saying our top priority is to defeat trump really the nail on the head pore for a lot of democratic voters. whether democratic votes are like him or not, he rallies them up and he's a motivator to get them to the polls because he's so highly unpopular among democratic voters. i think that was something that biden, it was was good for him to do. we'll have to see how it fares in the debates when we talk about policy. >> julia manchester, thanks for your time. >> impeachment talk once again heating up on capitol hill.
1:41 am
it's because of a republican congressman is breaking ranks, becoming the party's first lawmaker to accuse president trump of impeachable conduct. matt bradley has the details. >> reporter: the president firing back, slamming the first republican lawmaker to call for his impeachment, calling congressman justin amash a total lightweight, accusing him of courting publicity, if he actually read the biased mueller report, he would see it was nevertheless strong on no collusion and ultimately no on strubs. but amash said he had read the report. he argued special counsel robert mueller's report into russian interference documented impeachable conduct by the president and accused attorney general william barr having deliberately represented the report when he summarized it in march and said the president's pattern of behavior meets the
1:42 am
threshold for impeachment and he accused his fellow republicans of not having read the report. amash is a member of the freedom caucus, always blazed his own trail. mitt romney said amash reached a different conclusion than he did on impeachment. >> i respect him but i believe to make a case for obstruction of justice, you just don't have the elements that are evidence to this document. >> reporter: but amash still standing apart from his body. speaker nancy pelosi has signalled she may now be open to impeachment as a means of forcing administration officials to comply with the subpoenas of the since house committees vetting mr. trump's conduct. the white house is stone walling attempts bip watts to hear from some witnesses or receive documents related to the investigation. geoff? >> an update on jimmy carter's
1:43 am
health following hip replacement surgery. >> and a billionaire investors says he'll pay pai off graduating college students' loans. students' loans.
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documents related to the documents related to the
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welcome back. nearly 400 graduating seniors at my alma mater, morehouse college, will leave school debt free thanks to a commencement speaker to deviated from remarks to promise to pay their student loans. >> on behalf of the eight generations of my family who have been in this country, we're going to put a little fuel in your bus. this is my class, 2019. [ cheers and applause ] and my family is making a grant to eliminate their student
1:47 am
loans. >> investor robert f. smith had already announced a $1.5 million donation toward school scholarships before promising to take on the class of 2019's student loans which drew stunned looks and cheers from student and faculty. it's hard to estimate the exact cost, but it could total up to $40 million. morehouse says it the largest single gift to the college. and here's the thing, smith could have donated this money and gotten a couple of buildings in his name, but he has this transformational act of philanthropy. >> this could change every within of those students' lives. >> i'm interested to watch the trajectory of these guys over the next 10, 15 years to see how their life might be defined and changed by not having the student debt. >> and it also a pay it forward.
1:48 am
when you're graduating and you have so much student loan debt, you're starring in the negative and then you have to make your way out of it. this alleviates that. think about the opportunities you have to go to graduate school, law school, medical school. you could tell the crowd was surprised. they were like did we just hear you right? >> the school says they had no advanced notice this was going to happen and people close to smith said they also didn't know he was going to do that. >> he just outdid every graduation speaker, by the way. >> let's get a economic now on your weather with meteorologist bill karins. >> reporter: it will be a dangerous day today. already some schools are cancelled for the day today. they know the severe weather is
1:49 am
coming. they don't want to have the kids in the classroom when this weather comes through texas and colorado. at 2 a.m., the storm prediction center increased this area to a high risk of severe weather. we haven't had this happen in two years. it's a big deal and it dangerous. this area in the pink here, we're going to get tornadoes, strong tornadoes on the ground for a long time. when that happens, it's just a matter what's in their way. if it's a town, the town gets destroyed. if it's open farm field, we get lucky and don't get that damage. so 19 approximately people total are at risk of thievese storms. this area in pink here is at
1:50 am
most at risk. oklahoma city is at moderate risk but just to your west is where we expect the biggest storms. may get hail and damaging winds. it's not going to be until late this afternoon that we're going to see the possibility of tornadoes. there's going to be hundreds, maybe thousands of storm chas s chasers, there could be helicopters flying from oklahoma city. >> let's hope everybody stays safe. >> despite his best efforts, former president jimmy carter did not return to his sunday school lessons yesterday. he had undergone hip replacement surgery after falling from husband home. the 94-year-old underestimated the amount of recovery time he would need but has been progressing well as he continues to rest at home. >> we wish him the best. still ahead, what president trump is saying about ongoing
1:51 am
trade war with china and how tariffs are impacting major u.s. companies. >> another shake-up within the department of homeland security was apparently blocked by the agency's acting secretary. agency's acting secretary.
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1:53 am
welcome back. we are learning more about the devastating effects president trump's trade war with china is having on america's economy.
1:54 am
deere and company says it is scaling back production at some major north american plants and has significantly cut its full-year profit forecast. meanwhile walmart says it is increasing prices to u.s. shoppers due to the tariffs and according to goldman sachs, tariffs have fallen entirely on american businesses and household, which cost consumers $1.4 billion a month last year. trump continues to insist china is paying those duties. >> you have 25% tariffs on $250 billion and they're paying it. believe me, so many people say our people pay. they'll pay a little bit but it's worth it. it real it's really worth it. >> we pretty much had a deal, it was a strong deal and i told president xi, who is somebody i like a lot but he's for us and i'm for us. i said this can't be a 50/50
1:55 am
deal, you're so far ahead from presidents that april loud to you get away, this can't be a 50/50 deal. we had very strong deal, a good deal and at the end they changed it. and i said that's okay, we're going to tariff their products. >> reporter: what's yournd ga e game on this trade dispute? would you be happy if it was just about the trade? how important is the technology and all of this? >> a lot of people won't be happy with this answer but i'm happy now, we're taking in billions now. >> politico reports that less than a year after steve wynn was accused of sexually harassing or assaulting female employees over a decade-long period, he gave more than $248,000 to the republican national convention and $150,000 to the national republican senatorial committee in april, according to two people familiar with the contributions.
1:56 am
wynn, a long-time republican party donor resigned from his post as rnc finance chairman and chairman of wynn resorts in 2018 following a flood of accusations, which he has staunchly denied. rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniels said none of the investigations have supported that wynn broke the law. a new shake-up within dhs last week. officials tell "the washington post," president trump's senior adviser stephen miller tried to engineer a shake-up. the closed-door clash flared over the fate of mark morgan, new director of immigration and customs enforcement.
1:57 am
with morgan eager to move into the top job, miller urged to have morgan installed instead. he told senior white house officials that he, not miller was in charge of the department. three homeland security officials tell the post mcelhinney prevailed in the dispute and morgan is expected to take over as acting ice director. >> coming up, the latest on a potential spoupreme court fight coming up next. l spoupreme court coming up next a republican
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calls for impeachment. justin. amash accuses president trump of impeachable conduct and the president is hitting back. >> south bend mayor pete


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