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tv   Breaking Hate  MSNBC  August 4, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> did you know about the illegal ballot harvesting? >> if you're confident that you won, don't you want to call for another election? >> is america's election system rigged? this is an msnbc special series. >> white lives matter! white lives matter! >> 30 years ago i embraced hate and perpetrated violence. but when i finally wanted to leave america's white power movement, there was no nobody willing to help a confused nazi skinhead like me. >> another 15 seconds. >> today i'm the guy i needed back then. i help people break their hate, atone for their wrongs, and start over again with a clean slate. >> you're tough enough to put it on, you've got to be tough enough to get it taken off. >> i'm what's called a former. someone with street cred who's
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walked in their boots and left that life behind. all across the country, i help extremists disengage before they destroy the lives of others. but sometimes i'm too late. >> tonight a shocking series of discoveries. the fbi found bomb-making materials and radioactive elements they believe could be tied to a neo-nazi group. >> race war down! >> i never say, go out and kill anybody. i said, if you must do it, for god's sake do it right. >> to pull people out of hate in time -- >> tell me what's going on, what's happening? >> you have to first understand how they got pulled in. >> i don't know what this is. >> and that can be dangerous.
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>> i don't know if it's a trap. i don't really know what i'm walking into. >> simply pure, unadulterated destruction. >> may 19th, 2017, in tampa, florida, a story about a bizarre series of crimes unfolded on the nightly news. >> when tampa police arrived, devin arthurs was holding an employee and two customers at gunpoint. >> police responded to the hostage crisis and took 18-year-old devin arthurs into custody. there he confessed to a far worse crime. a double homicide. >> arthurs admitted he killed his two roommates, 22-year-old jeremy himmelman, and 18-year-old andrew wanstuck, who he describes as neo-nazis.
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>> when police arrived at arthurs' apartment, what they found was no ordinary crime scene. inside were neo-nazi decorations, hoards of white supremacist literature, and a framed photograph of oklahoma city bomber, timothy mcveigh. they also found the bodies of jeremy himmel man and an new onuschuck, both shot at close range with a semiautomatic weapon. police had no idea they'd just stumbled on the headquarters of a newly created new owe nazi hate group called atomwaffen. >> it's a terrorist organization, a neo-nazi organization. >> what's it called? >> atomwaffen division. >> arthurs told investigators he had a falling-out with his roommates who he identified as neo-nazis. >> i want to blow up refugee
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ships, they wanted to target blacks. these people, they were not just innocent people. they weren't just like roommates is what i mean. >> inside the apartment, the bomb squad also discovered explosive components, including homemade fuses and even radioactive material. arthurs claimed it belonged to a fourth roommate named brandon russell, a member of the florida national guard and the founder of atomwaffen division. >> brandon's the leader of the organization. i was the senior leader at one point. >> i thought i'd heard the name of just about every hate group in america. but i'd never heard of atomwaffen. what i find about them online is deeply disturbing. powerful propaganda that highlights their shadowy paramilitary organization. even their name is extreme.
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atomwaffen is german for "atomic weapons." and from what i can tell, membership is growing. if i'm going to prevent more kids from falling prey to atomwaffen, i need to find out how they're getting radicalized and recruited in the first place. the grieving family of andrew onuschuck, one of the victims in the tampa killing, offers to help. walt, chris, and daughter emily, who live in an honor, middle-class neighborhood outside of boston, are in a uniquely tragic position. they lost a loved one twice. first to an extremist ideology, then to an extremist bullet. >> from the outside, like my brother was a neo-nazi. and people would message me on facebook, your brother deserved to die. and it's hard to get other people to understand that he was
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in a neo-nazi group but he was still a good kid. people are like, you're delusional, you're trying to cope. no. those two things can coexist. >> i want to understand, you know, who was andrew as a kid? what was the trajectory? can you tell me a little bit about that? >> he was a little loveable, red-lipped kid, always drooling, and so, so cuddly. he was compassionate and he had lots of empathy. ♪ happy birthday >> 15 years later, andrew was a conflicted and lost teenager. >> how can you have these feelings about yous and african-americans and nationalism and on the other side be this loving, compassionate, and passionate person? >> between 2012 and 2016, there was a 600% increase in followers
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of white nationalist movements on twitter. most americans probably don't imagine one of them could be a suburban kid from massachusetts. but they'd be wrong. ♪ happy birthday to you >> andrew was a contradiction. handsome, physically fit, and outdoorsy. but also socially awkward, self-serious, obsessed with military history. all of which isolated him from kids his own age. >> i remember when he was a kid, the kids were really making tun of him one day in the cul-de-sac here. i remember him just stomping off and there was a stove up here, and he was on the stove, sitting there with his arms around his knees. and that picture, you know, kind of sticks with you. >> in 2010, when andrew was 11,
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walt, a lieutenant commander in the united states navy, deployed to iraq for a year. and things took a turn to the worse on the home front. andrew became angry and combative towards his mother and sister. he spent nights ca s camping aln the woods behind their house. and hours isolated in his bedroom. the onuschucks asked me to take a look around andrew's room to see if i could find clues to his descent they might have missed. i discover new numerous warning signs of national socialism. the ideology of the nazi party. and hate paraphernalia that's only visible to an experienced eye. >> so this book in particular, a lot of sim bottle here. first thing i notice is the 1488. it stands for the 14 words, which is the white supremacist mantra of, we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. the 88 there is for the eighth
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letter of the alphabet, double "h" is while hitler. >> i would not know any of that. your son comes downstairs, and i don't know what this is. you know what i mean? >> so this is a nordic rune, that's the tree of life. if i look, i have one that's tattooed on me. that's covered up on me but i have a couple there. there's nordic runes. the band is a norwegian black metal band. the singer went to prison for burning churches. he is very much a national socialist, as is the scene surrounding this band. so here's -- that's what's called a wolf's hook or a wolf's angle. it's an old nazi national socialist symbol for world war ii. everything that i've seen here is a sign that most parents would never know to look for. >> i had no clue about that. >> for the first two years i was involved in the movement, 14 and 15 years old, my parents had no idea. and then one day i was bold enough to come home with a
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shaved head and with a tattoo. my parents said, what? what is this? too late. i see so many kids who had a bright future, who were smart, had the support of a family, and most people think, these are not the kids that get recruited, that go down that path. >> yeah, it's not what you think of. >> they think of broken homes, alcohol, addiction, abuse. and that certainly happens, but i can tell you, this is the bulk of what i see. >> and these days my inbox is flooded with cries for help from people just like the onuschucks who fear they are losing their loved ones to white power extremism. tonight one message stands out. >> christian, i was recently a very publicly outed as a prominent leader of a white nationalist terrorist cell. this isn't a normal skinhead group. it is a cult on steroids with lots of guns. i have two options now.
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taking my wife and destroying my family or get out. i don't know how to do the latter. you are my last option. >> the email was written by an active member of atomwaffen division, the same group andrew onuschuck belonged to. he sounds scared and he wants to talk. ♪ how d ke it ♪ ♪ more, more, more ♪ how do you like it, how do you like it ♪ all you can eat is back. how do you like that? applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. [fa♪mers bell] (burke) a "rock and wreck." seen it. covered it. at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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according to the southern poverty law center, there are now more than 1,000 hate groups currently operating in the united states, but atomwaffen division is one of the least known and most extreme. the videos they post online invoke a kind of american isis. the group celebrates domestic
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terrorism. the man who recently shot and killed 11 jews in a pittsburgh synagogue. >> we're taking on ak-47 fire. every available unit in the city needs to get here now. >> i've never worked with any of their members. but now one of them has reached out. i have a rare chance to learn how this frightening organization, linked to the murders of five people in the last two years, including andrew onus chuck, is radicalizing recruits. >> i see this as really an opportunity to help people who might turn into active shooters or who might be planning a terrorist attack. so this is a critical stage. and hopefully it will stop people from getting killed. any time somebody tells you that they were part of a group that murdered people, that was preparing for a race war, i take
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that seriously. i don't know if it's a trap, i don't know if this guy's genuine. i don't really know what i'm walking into. >> the man who has asked for my help is a leader in atom waffen's ranks. hee has concerns about his identity, so i agree to obscure his face, name, identity. i'll call him richard. >> you reached out to me. what's going on, what's happening? >> well -- i got caught up with what is basically becoming a white nationalist terrorist group. >> how does one become a leader of a cell in atom waffen? >> a leader just means you're basically the first one in a specific area. you don't tell people to do any particular one then or another. it's just a collection of lone wolves with annoy istic views.
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>> how big an organization is this in? >> i don't think they have more than 40 to 50 people. >> 40 to 50 terrorists can cause a lot of damage. >> sure. >> i was watching one of the atomwaffen propaganda videos which to me looked exactly like an isis video. what are people learning how to fire awe took weapons doing that for if they're not prepared for an armed race war? >> that is what they're preparing for. their end game is simply pure, unadulterated destruction. it is a death cult. >> are we going to see the day where they're walking into a school or to a mall or to a government building and opening fire on everybody? >> if they are, they're not going to tell anyone about it until it happens. >> given what richard tells me, you might wonder why anyone would join a group as extreme as
7:18 pm
atomwaffen. andrew oneschuk's family tells me he was a lonely kid who had difficulty finding a group of friends or a community he could truly call his own. >> he didn't pick up on social skews. he couldn't engage in normal conversations. like he could kind of play the game with adults, but with peers he couldn't. >> there are a lot of kids who are struggling who don't tell us what they're going through because they don't want to be seen as broken or odd or strange. >> further isolated. >> yeah, because it's further isolating. what they don't understand is when they gravitate towards these isolationist movements, they're becoming more isolated. >> uh-huh. >> as andrew got older he would spend hours all alone, researching conspiracy theories on the internet. >> you know, sandy hook was a setup. >> right. >> the holocaust didn't happen. >> yeah, or men didn't land on the moon. >> or the vaccines.
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>> are you serious? do you really believe that andrew? it was so frustrating. >> andrew did believe it. and he began advocating his far-right ideologies. his family grew increasingly concerned, spending thousands of dollars on private schools, outdoor leadership programs, and psychologi psychologists. desperately trying to help their son. >> andrew had every resource available. they sacrificed everything. i think every time we talk it's like what can we do for andrew? >> andrew oneschuk was young and idealistic, but socially isolated and confused. ripe for the picking for hate recruiters on the lookout for new blood. but i still need to find out how andrew found atom waffen division. or if they found him.
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>> nobody is born with a swastika flag wrapped around them. nobody is born with an isis flag in their hand. they find that idea ol because it fills some void in them. >> 18-year-old andrew oneschuk was murdered by a member of the white supremacist group he joined, trying to fill that void. the same way i once did. i was physically recruited in an alleyway in chicago. while andrews' path to radicalization happened right here at home. inside his bedroom was a portal into a dangerous world of false facts, deceptive prop band did, and hate. few people understand that the internet itself has the power to radicalize young people, and the crux of this problem lies with platforms like google, reddit, youtube. what has made them so dangerous is their search algorithms.
7:24 pm
if you watch one or two videos, curation technology will continue feeding you similar content not based on factual accuracy, but on popularity. with no reliable guide to help discern what's true and what's not. a person's world view can become poisoned. that's what happened to me. richard tells me it's what happened to him too. >> it started with online activities. you know, just floating around on right boards. there's like a step process where you go from the alt-right and start to get a little bit more extreme. you get your full-fledged national socialists. >> like andrew, richard tells me he's never had many friends.
7:25 pm
he went online in search of a brotherhood he could call his own. >> they unequivocally accept you for who you are and tell you, you are the master race. you are the top dog. and you fall for it. you really do. >> i know exactly how that feels. because it happened to me 30 years ago. >> it was easy for them to put their hooks into me because i was looking for acceptance. and i was willing to do really awful things to just maintain that level of acceptance. >> dat sire to fight for a cause and community is a powerful intox can't for vulnerable people. as a teenager andrew oneschuk found an obscure one half a world away. he became obsessed with a paramilitary group in ukraine called the azof battalion and watched videos of their exploits online. he saw them as freedom fighters
7:26 pm
battling pro-russian separatists. in reality, azof battalion is also an infamous neo-nazi militia. its founding members said the group's mission is to lead the white races of the world in a crusade against semite-led subhumans. and the group has learned to exploit the internet as an international recruitment tool. >> good evening and good morning to our listeners in the u.s. you are listening to -- >> when he was just 16, ukrainian supporters of azof battalion found andrew online and invited him to speak as an expert on their podcast. after andrew died, a journalist gave this recording to the oneschuks. >> today we have a light discussion with andrew. he's an american nationalist who will discuss with me the current overall situation and about the right-wing movement in the usa. >> hello, good morning. >> what is the current state of the nationalist movement in the united states?
7:27 pm
>> if you know about the fbi, which is the internal security police for the united states, they've been doing a lot of work turning different nationalist organizations against each other. >> but do they have any support from the people that allow them to get into the politics of the u.s.? >> there was a change a little bit with donald trump. he's the most far-right politician that we've had in this country in a very long time. and many people have come out in support of him. >> so this is pretty standard recruitment right here. they're empowering him by putting him on these platforms. >> andrew and i both wanted something that we could believe in. i joined the military because i wanted a cause, because i wanted a purpose. andrew kind of now dfloundered e was like, that's not cool enough, i need to do something edgier. >> i think he was intercepted. an adult took that 16-year-old kid and manipulated him. >> twisted him.
7:28 pm
>> absolutely. that's what the influencers do is they find vulnerable people and they promise them paradise. >> yeah. >> azof's interest in a teenager from boston may seem far fetched. but for years i've seen evidence of russian and ukrainian white nationalists recruiting vulnerable americans drawn to their slick propaganda. it's a frightening pattern that's confirmed by multiple sources. including atomwaffen member richard. >> these groups are approaching people to go over to the ukraine and train with the azof battalion. it's not just atomwaffen, it's a lot of white nationalist groups. jews will not replace us! >> at least one member of the an american hate group charged with inciting violence in charlottesville trained in ukraine with azof battalion. this should scare the hell out of everyone. it means white power extremists
7:29 pm
are heading overseas for paramilitary training. to bring that experience home. to kick start an american race war. this is not just a problem for the united states. the new zealand gunman who recently murdered 50 muslims wore an azof battalion patch during the attack. this is the same group that tried to recruit 16-year-oldn drew oneschuk. >> he arranged for a hostel in kiev. he bought a fake passport. and he bought a one-way ticket on lufthansa. >> sleeping bags, everything, ready to go.
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president trump made his first remarks since a pair of deadly mass shootings, saying, quote, hate has no place in our country. the president claimed his administration has already done a lot to deal with the issue, promising a longer statement
7:33 pm
10:00 a.m. eastern on monday. the remarks come after saturday's shooting that killed 20 in el paso, texas, followed by a sunday attack in dayton, ohio that left nine dead. the el paso gunman is in custody, the dayton shooter was killed by police. back to "breaking hate." i've been working with extremists for nearly 20 years. in that time i've noticed a behavior pattern i call cult-hopping. it's when vulnerable people are so desperate to find a sense of identity or purpose that they jump from one extreme group to another. ideology isn't as important as the desire to belong. in andrew ononeschuk's sophomor year of high school, he decided to run away from home and join the neo-nazi azof battalion in ukraine. >> walt's up there talking to
7:34 pm
him and he comes down to the bedroom. he's crying. and i said, what is going on? and he said, chris, you're not even going to believe this, he bought a one-way ticket on luft hans that, he had a fake passport, he bought a fake passport from ireland, $500 it cost him, because he thought his u.s. passport may fail. he arranged for a hostel in kiev. he arranged for a limousine to come to the house and pick him up. he flushed the money into his account and out the same day. i never saw it. he's so smart. >> paypal. >> so he had $250 in cash. >> and plate carrier. >> kevlar plates. >> sleeping bag, everything, ready to go. >> so sad. >> i mean, i know what a "go bag" looks like. >> after the oneschuks discovered andrew's plan, they intervened and talked him out of it. but he remained isolated and disconnected, except for online.
7:35 pm
>> in august of 2016, i started to hear about this kid jeremy. and i was like, hm. this is kind of nice. you know, andrew's fanning out and being social. >> it was just a sigh of relief. and you're hopeful. because the last thing you want is to see your kid sitting there with no friends. before he died he talked to chris. he said, mom, how do you make friends? >> did he say that? >> we went out for dinner together and he's like, mom, tell me -- i had no idea it was that bad. >> yeah. >> so when you look at it, some of the things that were probably warning signs, alarm bells, we may have disregarded because you're like, oh, okay, you know. he's branching out, he's doing
7:36 pm
this. >> andrew and jeremy himmelman developed a strong bond, and the oneschuks tell me he was a good-hearted kid. what they didn't know is that the boys had actually met on a neo-nazi website and were now diving deeper into white nationalism. around this time, racist atomwaffen recruitment posters began popping up on various college campuses. in chicago, florida, virginia, and boston. boston university police posted a video of one of the suspects asking for the public's help. the oneschuks knew immediately it was their son. andrew had finally found a community and a cause to fight for. the atomwaffen division. >> that is something that he had
7:37 pm
hanging in his room? >> this was hanging above this futon. and that was when i knew. i was like, this is real. i was like, how do you think this looks from the outside world? like when i think of evil, this is what it's synonymous with. you're not going to get a job, you're not going to have a future. if this is what you choose, this is it, it's all over. and he was just -- didn't care. >> but emily, who is now preparing to serve in the u.s. military, was growing more concerned. >> i was in my rotc unit. we had an fbi agent come and talk about home-grown violent extremists, hvs. and my best friend's sitting next to me and we look at each other, oh my god, this is my brother. i went up to the agent afterwards and i was like, hey, i don't know what to do, i think this lines up with who my brother is. he's like, well, there's not really anything we can do. here's my card if you need something. and i was like -- >> a response like this just
7:38 pm
begs the question, are violent white supremacist groups like atomwaffen even on the government's radar? >> we've got thousands of analysts focused on the threat from radical islam. but who's looking at the threat within? >> darrell johnson is a former homeland security intelligence expert who drafted a 2009 report cautioning the rise of far-right extremism and how it could lead to bloodshed on america's streets. >> since 2008 we had a combination of first african-american president, which became a recruitment tool for them. but what's really kept this movement going is the fact that there are extremist messages that i once saw on stormfront and other neo-nazi sites has now been mainstreamed. when you have the person in charge of the country talking about these scenes and making them seem normal --
7:39 pm
>> but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides. >> it emboldens those on the fringes. >> i just cannot, cannot understand why we're having such a hard time calling it terrorism. >> the narrative for terrorism is, middle eastern. brown. arab people. so when you say that we have people within our own country who are white and they get radicalized, people dismiss it as the act of a kradsed gunman or a hate crime. >> in 2018, 50 more americans were killed by extremists who all took inspiration from the same far-right websites and the same hate-filled source material. and yet the 2019 rand report confirmed that under the trump administration, funding for homeland security programs to counter domestic extremism was cut by around 70%.
7:40 pm
>> all city units are being sent to an active shooter. >> suspect's talking about all these jews need to die. >> all this leaves a wide-open playing field for white power influencers like atomwaffen's ideological godfather, james mason. a long-time figure in the white power movement who debated his apocalyptic world view on radio programs like this one from 1991. >> advocating murder and terrorism, you're advocating the violent overthrow of the government. >> i'm telling you what's on the way, bob. wouldn't do me any good to advocate anything. it's going to happen on its own. no one, no one can stop it. no one. >> in the apartment where andrew oneschuk was murdered, tampa police found atomwaffen fliers that quoted james mason, proof to me of his influence on that group. >> there was contact with james mason. they're not just believers,
7:41 pm
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talk to your doctor about chantix. nothing exists in a vacuum. and the white power movement is no different. there have always been puppet masters pulling the strings and fueling hatred. when it comes to atomwaffen's influences, one name comes up again and again. james mason. a man whose photos blanket their website. mason was recruited into the american nazi party at 14 years old. in 1980, he began publishing newsletters which were ultimately collected into what became a kind of playbook for
7:45 pm
white supremacists. >> siege, by james mason. >> "siege" calls for the use of violence to jump start a race war. ideas that atomwaffen has adopted as their own. >> white revolution is the only solution! >> i tracked mason down and found him living in denver, not far from the state capitol. and somewhat to my surprise, he agrees to meet me. >> mr. mason. >> christian, how are you? >> i'm good, how are you? >> good. come on in. >> i read mason's writings when i first joined the movement. i never imagined i'd be seated across from him one day, on opposite sides of a deadly conflict. atomwaffen is a group that is inspired by your writings. >> they -- yeah. >> how do you feel that the writings that you wrote, even in the '80s that i remember
7:46 pm
reading -- >> yeah. >> -- are out there today still inspiring people to kill other people? >> well, now wait a minute. i never said go out and kill anybody. i said, if you -- if you or anybody else must do this, for god's sake do it right. >> i found on the that atomwaffen members make pilgrimages to mason's apartment to snap fanboy selfies with their hero. and they're using the internet to make mason's vile ideas relevant to a new generation of racists. but i know from experience that no one is radicalized purely by ideology. everyone has a back story. >> i was hating school. i was turning very, very much inward. i was alienated. i was angry. you put those two together, and look out. now my dad had a private arsenal.
7:47 pm
for each piece he had 1,000 rounds. and i said to myself, well -- if something doesn't change within a few short days, i'm going into that office and settle accounts. >> you're talking about being a school shooter? >> yes. i was going to be the first. i was going to be the first, yeah. >> what stopped you? >> i called party headquarters. >> he's talking about the american nazi party. they invited mason to join, and that diverted his path from school shooter and launched his career as a prop bandist. >> when you discourage one of your follow there's came to you right now, in private, and said, i'm thinking about doing this? would you discourage them -- >> i've had it happen. young people. and i said, don't do it, don't do it, you're valuable, we need you. i had sam woodward here. and if he had run that past me i'd have said, don't do it. >> in january of 2018, atomwaffen samuel woodward stabbed to death a 19-year-old
7:48 pm
jewish college student named blaze bernstein. >> i'd have said, don't do it. >> don't do it, why? >> because you're worth far more. >> what about the person's life who was lost? >> i'm not -- i'm not too concerned about that. i'm not too concerned. >> knowing that there are people like that that are reading your book, that are living out word for word -- >> if you're -- if you've got to do it, make it worthwhile. >> so somebody like james alex fields, who drove his car into a group of people and murdered a woman, you wouldn't condemn -- >> oh, absolutely not, that had to be done. there should have been more. i think somebody should have opened up on that crowd of communists down there and just laid waste to them. >> he should have accounted for 50 or more. now he's doing life. for one. one confused, lost and confused
7:49 pm
white girl who got turned against her own people. >> well, i know heather hires' mother. >> she was victimized by the communists -- >> no, she was victimized by a nazi. that nazi drove his car and murdered her. >> james. >> you've been doing this for 50 years. >> 53. >> 53 years. are you tired? >> no. i've never been more invigorated. most people don't survive. they'll either burn out or they'll go to jail or they'll be killed. but i survived. i survived. >> james mason has survived, by living like a coward. staying in the background while inspiring others to bloody their hands and commit violence. i can't stop him from spreading more propaganda. what i can do is hold him accountable and try to prevent
7:50 pm
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andrew chuck spent much of his short life veering from one radical group to another, searching for a cause and a community he could call his own. first he tried to join azof's battalion but then found atomwaffen online. but putting up hate posters didn't make him a warrior and that's what he really wanted. in autumn of 2016 andrew's search for the right fit took another drastic turn. he flew to paris and enlisted in the french foreign legion. >> the french foreign legion is built-up as this true man's military. >> andrew's fellow legionnaires
7:54 pm
didn't understand why he joined. >> you're a u.s. kid. why don't you join the u.s. military? >> something about what these professional soldiers said had an impact so andrew faked an injury and returned home. >> andrew was a different person when he came back from the legion. there are lessons he learned there that he had to go through it. so he comes back and andrew is apologizing. he said i'm really sorry for what i've put you guys through. and he said i didn't realize that my beliefs would bring me all these negative things. and then he said if you hear me saying something or doing something that's sending me down the wrong road, please tell me because i'd like to fix it. >> i don't know where the people that you've dealt with, if
7:55 pm
there's like this epiphany or this point where it's the tipping point, but atomwaffen had taken a back seat at that point and he was looking at where do i go now? >> andrew decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and sister and enlist in the united states navy. but before signing on he made a fateful choice to accept a summer job in florida with his good friend jeremy himalman. andthality meant sharing an apartment with the old atomwaffen crew. brandon russell and devin arthers. andrew and jeremy's text thread tells me they had mixed feelings about the trip.
7:56 pm
once andrew arrived in tampa tensions began to rise between the roommates. >> we had talked to andrew on wednesday and he said i'm ready to get out of here. devon arthers has converted to islam and he's spouting off all this stuff. >> isis stuff. >> he was listening to jihadist videos. >> andrew was frustrated. he'd only been down there for a week and a half. >> andrew told his parents devon and branden tore down an american flag he had hung on the wall and were using it as a doormat. >> so why don't you get out of there now? he said, no, i signed up for this job for two weeks. >> it was a temp job. >> temp job. devon came in and surprised them and shot both of them. it was like two days, you know,
7:57 pm
a difference in a life was two days. >> two years ago on may 19, 2017, andrew was murdered. after spending a year in a psychiatric facility his alleged killer, devon arthers is in jail awaiting trial and brandon russell, the leader of atomwaffen is serving a 5-year prison sentence convicted on charges of unlawful possession of explosives. recently facebook announced a zero-tolerance policy for white nationalism. google which owns youtube and twitter are also taking steps to limit hateful content. but for andrew it's too late. because of what happened andrew onus chuck will always be different things to different people.
7:58 pm
for some he's a nazi who deserved to die but for others he's remembered as a happy little boy, a brother who planned to serve his country and a hardworking son who will never finish the tree house he was building with his father. when i think about andrew losing his life at 18 years old, it reminds me i didn't leave the white power movement until i was 22. andrew onus chuck will never have the opportunity that i did to become a better man. but the hope is i can get to others and break the hate before it turns deadly. that's my goal with richard. >> are you denouncing what you were part of? >> yeah, i denounce it fully. >> i'm not going to sugar coat it. i don't know that anybody including myself is going to believe you unless you're willing to put in the hard work. >> of course not. >> for richard, the hard work will begin when i set him up with a therapist and family counselor.
7:59 pm
he'll need to confront some deeply held beliefs and make amends for the harm he's caused to his family and the community. are you concerned about your well-being now that you've decided to break from it? >> i'm more concerned for my family than anything else. atomwaffen had so much hatred that they just want to direct it anywhere they can. >> you know, going into this i was skeptical and i still have concerns about whether he's genuine or not. but i could hear in his voice, you know, that he was afraid. he's walking away from people who not only want to violently murder their enemies but are also willing to murder their own. i'm willing to help you. part of what i do is i don't judge. i just help. >> thank you. >> since i started working with richard, i've received e-mails from two more atomwaffen members who want out. i plan on helping them, too.
8:00 pm
i think you need to sit down and talk to somebody about that because -- because the more we push these people away, the closer they come to crossing a line. wow, these binoculars make you feel like you're in a club. it's like a $100,000 feeling for free. it looks really quiet, so does that mean nobody's around? >> technically it hasn't started yet number one and number two, the president is not here. he's in washington. >> this is mar-a-lago, the private resort in palm beach. it's one of many properties and companies that are part of the


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