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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  August 20, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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thank you for joining us at this hour. sometimes there are science early on that something just not -- faded to not go away. in the second term of the george w. bush administration. one of the many found itself to have sped down to the end of. what was a complicated and bad and worsening relationship with the largest country on earth, the population, the country with the fastest growing economy on earth and fast emerging and everyone then as our most important counter part on the globe. george w. bush administration
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had the hardest second term. they had a super rocky relationship with china including a lot of unforced errors on the part of the united states. in 2005, they're trying to recast that important relationship with china and working out disagreements with china. george w. bush white house invited the president of china hu jintao to come visit the white house. it was clear this would not work. it was clear it would be tense from the beginning. i mean in the first instance t chinese wanted hu jintao to get a full state treatment. george w. bush says no, it won't be a state's visit but an official visit, in terms of protocol and poms and
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circumstances. the chinese wanted hu jintao to have dinner at the white house. george w. bush says no, we want you to come but we are not going to giver y you dinner but how at lunch. the bush's administration, disaster rousley botched to the hurricane. it had to be called off the last minute because of katrina and got postponed until months later. april, 2006, they were at last able to do this difficult thing. it then turned out to be a nice day. jintao got his 21 salute and they brought out the drum cord which was a cool thing to see in
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the colonial drum core outfit. quickly things start to go off the rail. you can tell that in part. the archive ap footage summing up that day is slugged with this title. "announcer mis-names china, protester ejected, bush pulls hu's jacket." it is not me naming it. it is how it is named in the ap archive. all in that one day and ceremony, all of those bad things happening. >> start with announcer mis-names china. >> the national anthem followed by the national anthem of the united states of america. >> national anthem of the
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republic of china sounds like he's almost right. he's missing the important word. he should have been introducing the people of republic of china. if you drop the people and say the republic of china, that means you are introducing the national anthem of taiwan. so on this delicate and sensitive occasion, the white hou house's announcer is announcing the president of china is standing there while we play the national anthem of taiwan. that's what the republic of china is if you don't say people republic of china. that may not be an important point of the george w. bush's house. that was a tough way to start. here he is. the president of taiwan, oh, god, not taiwan. oh -- also, what was the other strange thing the ap put in the headline?
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>> a bush pulls hu's jacket. the two leaders shake hand and stood side by side. it is less of a pull but a yank. george w. bush reaches out and pinches the arm of his jacket and yanks him back. >> hu jintao looks at him like really, you are pulling me back by my jacket? okay. this was already a lot of protocol. the chinese were asking a lot more of visual display and respects. a lot of focus on the chinese side and making sure everybody knew the appropriate respect is being paid to their president. the real problem that day turned
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out to be this other thing. >> promote the growth of constructed of u.s. relations in the 21st century. >> that's the chinese president speaking chinese. he pauses after a few lines for the english language translator could repeat what he said in english. it is a formal occasion. this woman starts screaming her guts out in the middle of h hu jintao's speech. she was very close to them. one of the things i was quite amazed by this footage is how the photo journalist who were up there on the platform with her, they got their long lenses out trying to get a close-upshot of hu and bush. once this woman interrupts the
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whole proceedings and she goes on and on and screaming in chinese and english and it is not ending and taking over this event. hu stops speaking and bush says to him, go ahead, you are okay. photographers realized they are facing the wrong direction. it is on the platform where they are all standing. they all turned in place trying to start photographing this woman who's taken over the event. they got these big photo lens on their camera. it is hard to photograph somebody who was an inch and a half away from you. but, it was just this crazy moment. this woman's interruption of that super serious, super tense white house event, it was really something. part of what made it so memorable is that high tone of her voice which was piercing, that made it hard to understand what she was saying.
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a combination of her high voice and she's really hollering and the fact that she was speaking in a couple of different languages and hu was speaking in chinese and there is an english translation over him. nbc news later quoted her saying in english, screaming out "president bush stop him from killing and persecuting" nbc also quoted a mandarin speaking, what she screamed in mandarin, "your time is over and evil people will die early." >> nbc nightly news led with the story of the disruption of that event that night on the network news. >> this was considered to the president of a major embarrassment and it came on a day where it was tightly scripted down to the last detail. >> the atmosphere was formal for hu jintao's first visit to the white house. the setting was secure.
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when president hu began to make his remark, there was a rare disruption. the protester us identified as a reporter working for a newspaper linked to the spiritual group falun gong. the outburst was a major embarrassment to the chinese leader. she was arrested and charged with disorderly misconduct and attempted to intimidate a foreign official. this happens back in april of 2006. we are able to obtain a criminal complaint. the affidavit that accompanied the complaint tells you how seriously u.s. authorities took this as a potential manner on april 20th, 2006 at 9:57 a.m.
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the defendant wen wang, threatened and harassed a foreign official. president hu was given a public speech and members of the white house. miss wang began to yell at president hu in a loud voice in two-minutes. she was standing at the press platform across from president hu. the words that miss wang yelled had been translated and it goes on and on. charges not just disorderly conduct but attempted to intimidate a foreign official while he was acting in his official capacity. serious charges brought against this woman who was arrested at the white house that day. she went on and on and yelling for three minutes. they got her out of there.
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she reportedly spent the night in jail after they haul her out. with that said, ultimately, a couple of months prosecutors did a deal with her, those charges did great dropped. the first visit of the chinese president to the george w. bush white house. it was considered to be a huge bust. there was no agreement on any kind. china did not budge on any thing that the bush's house asked him to move on. president bush endsed ed up apologizing to president hu. the woman arrested for protesting that day, she brought a foil lawsuit to try to support her allegation that the camera man who ended her disruption by grabbing her around the neck and shoulder and covering up her mouth. she says he was applying pressure points to her before he
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covered her mouth. she says that camera man grabbed her while she was yelling was an employee of china state's television. she filed a foil lawsuit to the white house to find out if that's who he was. that foil lawsuit was not successful. the allegation itself added more fuel to the chinese. the prospect that it has been a chinese state camera man, quieting this woman in order to prevent the chinese president from continuing to be yelled on at a formal speech. it was all bad. it got worse when the white house explained defensively that there was no way they could have seen this coming. the woman who was arrested for disruption was as reporter. she covered other white house
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events and there was no red flags about her whatsoever. that same woman got herself in a similar event at hu jintao where she screamed at him and heckled him, too. >> five years later. the white house apparently did not know that when they gave her a one-day pass to cover this as well. >> a remarkable moment in the george w. bush presidency and white house security and protocol. the woman was credential to be there because she was affiliated with the news outlet. she was affiliated with the newspaper called the "epic times." that woman had been screaming at the chinese president about was the chinese government persecutions of people who are
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parishioners of the falun gong. falon gong was outlawed by the chinese government in 1999. their members suffered brutal suppression in the hands of china and including allegations of murders and torture of their members. the chinese relentlessly denounced this group as some sort of dangerous colts that must be suppressed. when you think of this fight between the chinese government, the colt part ult part has been along in the world press by the founder of that religious group telling reporters about how he believes he possesses the ability to fly and he also said he could levitate through walls. and also, naturally the end times are near.
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so the year after the chinese government banned falun gong in china, which led to remarkable and scary allegations of serious, serious persecutions by the chinese government. a cheer after they outlawed it. practitioners of that religious movement found an english newspaper in the united states. it is called "epoch times." you have often seen it in free newspapers stands and you definitely seen falun gong protesters and anywhere in the western world. this is a protest movement against the chinese government that popped its head up in the united states, sometimes to break and nearly catastrophic effect including the faithful day in 2006 on the white house south lawn. but, this religious movement and conflict with the chinese government and that newspaper promoting the interest of this
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chinese religious seconds. it has been a china's story. much more than ever been a u.s. story. occasionally like on the white house south lawn that day. occasionally they have a lot of big protests. it is a story that had not been seen by our own government. well, nbc news has a scoop out today about that group, about how that paper, the "tepoch times" had transformed itself a lot in the trump error. the single largest organization that had spent more money on facebook ads promoting donald trum trump's election is the donald trump reelection campaign. the organization that's second
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on this is this falun gong newspaper. the "epoch times." >> the small new york based news outlet spent $1.5 million on pro-trump advertisements. more than any organization outside the trump campaign itself and more than most democratic presidential candidates have spent on their own campaigns. so why is this little special interest newspaper becoming the biggest online booster of donald trump's reelection other than donald trump's reelection campaign itself? >> well, it is apparently they're new business model. here, for example, a list of special offers showing you what you get when you subscribe to "the epoch times."
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>> you better believe they're all for the good. you got this love note thing about how wonderful donald trump is. that's one of the presents you will get if you subscribe to this newspaper. the other thing you will get is a large poster so you can put it up your wall and track the conspiracy at home. the conspiracy in this case being something about donald trump saving america from democratic pedophiles and something sally yates and john mccain and donna brazil. that's part of your $34 gift if you subscribe to the paper. >> look at that button below and subscribe it for $1. that way you can experience real
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news delivered to your doorsteps and experience the real american values. >> this whole shift towards trump and specifically trump conspiracy theorist has been a financial transformation for this, you know, little corner of those china's niche protest news outlets. it is paying off for them. before 2016, "the epoch times" stayed out of politics. it has doubled "the epoch times" revenue. when it comes to their revenue, what seems to be driving things are the epic media group online under a new tang dynasty.
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their youtube channel is all stuff like this. why it is not a conspiracy theory. handsome picture of donald trump. and also, why drug epic was engineered by deep states? and how the deep state funds caravan and chaos in the united states. this is a new one. 13 bloodlines. the newspaper that's until recently promoted the interest of the chinese religious movement is now whole hog on board, entities of the all around the bench pro-trump conspiracy stuff. literally about drinking the blood of sacrificed children and the persistent terrifying
9:21 pm
bloodline and alongside all protrpr pro-trump stuff. like how ted bundy was gloomed by the deep state for politics but he branched off being a serial killer. and as you may expect naturally, there is some 9/11 stuff. >> the people did not die in 9/11. they landed and they were resuscitated and at that point, you get brought into underground bases and you spend the rest of your life working and you will never see aboveground again. that's where most likely these people of 9/11 went. >> if you may think it sounds crazy. it is only because the lizard
9:22 pm
people is blocking your vision. you know what i mean. it is easy and sometimes fun to like you know trace american conspiracy stuff around the ragged edges of the media. this media entity, from which i showed you all that stuff. it is the largest source of paid pro-trump content on facebook other than the trump reelection campaign. their pro-trump on facebook is larger than any facebook effort made by democratic candidate at all. the epoch group is doing all of
9:23 pm
this. they're all doing this and promoting them since they're getting the kind of promotion they want, too. this is as big as it gets in pro-trump media now. the people in 9/11 still living underground city or slaves to hillary clinton or something, something. >> abc news today, trump, qanon and i mpending judgment day. >> stay with us. judgment day. >> stay with us.
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nbc news has the biggest scoop of president trump's reelection campaign right now. "the epoch times" has been a niche paper of a break away chinese religious sect.
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now, they're promoting trump more than any other non-trump entities online. ask me about mike flynn. how did that transformation happen? and why did the trump white house embrace it sthenthusiast c enthusiastically. >> thank you for being with us tonight. i can barely keep up with it. >> thanks, i keep on watching it for months and it keeps ongoing and going. >> i know about "the epoch times" and i know they had this very strange cameo role the
9:29 pm
white house protested in 2006 that i was covering. i was not aware of the whole transformation they went through. did you know what started it? >> it just happened for a couple of years. in 2016, they decided to hire a bunch of american journalists that were not associated with the falun gong. that was the beginning of it. they put them in a little room and say make our website. you are going a sports and crime. basic journalism. they're all very new and they're required to do a lot of articles. they start to have a specific point of view. they're an ultra conservative religious movement, it is
9:30 pm
anti-homosexuals. >> and everyone evangelicn evan close to trump and this group shares a lot with evangelicals. they pitch their wagon to trump and it really paid off. when trump was elected, whoa, we got a person in the white house who's talking tough to china but let's go ahead and go for it. they hired a republican strategist, we want to be closer to the government in general. they got them interviews and started wrangling people like candace owen and mark medals. come and sit and have an interview and they did. that put them on the stage the conservative stage as well. >> is the trump's era, they decided let's not be the
9:31 pm
newspapers that's associated with the falun gong conservative movement anymore. >> they're looking for saviors and help take down china. trump is the closest one that we have are talking tough on china. really they they he may be the savior they have been looking for. they see him as a key component in whatever battle is to come against communist china. >> the battle to come is po apocalypse. >> a lot of the online only content, the youtube content specifically produced by the epoch media group. i have a lot of experience looking at conspiracy and crazy
9:32 pm
stuff, online they're over the edge and back zararound and the come back and laugh at themselves. that's the same media group as "the epoch times." >> and one is the dance performance show that we see. >> right. >> so you may see museum articles and that spy gate sort of conspiracy waiting. >> it is not a conspiracy. >> that's where the ndtv really pushed forward it. we are not associated with ndtv. we are different. google it. epoch media group, google it. they are linked together. they switched and moved over. >> we experience it culturally as well as the trump era poll
9:33 pm
tiiti politics . those things are being sold as two sides are the same. >> in public you disassociate yourself from that. su they come to rallies and the same thing, yes, i am sure all those republicans that sat down for "the epoch times" don't want to get associated with it but they'll take the eye ball. >> remarkable reporting. thank you very much brandy understanding that i have a feeling you will shake with a whole bunch of new stuff. it is great to have you here. all right, we'll be right back. stay with us. t, we'll be right k stay with us -and...that's your basic three-point turn. -[ scoffs ] if you say so.
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the 2020 democratic presidential field is big. over the summer, the democratic party had two debates and each debate needed two separate nights to get each of the 20 qualifying candidates a place on stage. the next debate which is next month. the democratic party raised the stakes for qualifying. they up the polling threshold and up the fund raising threshold. they required candidates to qualify on both counts, both on polling and fund raising instead of making it either/or like it was for the first two. there is a week and day left to qualify for the next debate in september. one more candidate has made it
9:38 pm
as of today. julian castro. he met the polling requirement. he's at 2%. secretary castro is the last qualifier for the next debate. that means there will be ten candidates on stage. these ten you see on your screen right here. if it is just those ten that means we'll have a single night of the debate. i got to tell you with eight days left to qualify for the next debate. there are a few other candidates who are still close to manking it. tom steyers had hit the number. gabbard needs two more polls to get into the debate. the deadline to qualify is wednesday of next week. we ask the democratic party for any information on how they were planning to structure a two-part
9:39 pm
debate if they need to do another one of those. they're not say whing what thei plans are for that. julian castro is in as of today. this froliking giant democratic field rolls on in the election season that took surprising terms today. that news is next. stay with us. terms today. that news is next. stay with us and the 12-hour pain-relieving strength of aleve that dares to last into the morning. so you feel refreshed. aleve pm. there's a better choice. and this is me now! i got liberty mutual. they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. then i won the lottery, got hair plugs, and started working out. and so can you!
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9:43 pm
front runner in the polls. him today making the central case for the presidency for the democratic nomination that he's the best qualified candidate in the race and that he's therefore the sewurest bet the democrats have for beating donald trump. >> team biden just launched their first ad in iowa specifically. this makes him the second top state candidate after going after trump. as a front runner there, a lot of attention being paid there. here is him up today on the air way for the first time in the great state of iowa. >> we know in our bones this election is different. the stakes higher, the threat is more serious. we have to beat donald trump. all the polls agreed joe biden
9:44 pm
is the strongest democrat to do the job. no one is more qualified. for eight years president obama and vice president biden were administered america could be proud of. our allies can trust and our kids can look up to. they passed the affordable care act and protecting 100 million americans with preexisting conditions. joe biden is running for president with a plan for america's future to build on obamacare and not scrap it. to lead the world on climate. to rebuild our alliances. most of all, restore the soul of the nation battled by an erratic president. i am joe biden, and i approve this message. >> joe biden's first iowa tv ad as you see there. a general election message in a 20-way primary fight. but here is why i think it is
9:45 pm
worth knowing that's up in the iowa air way right now. this is a fight to win the nomination. this is a fight among democrats about what democratic voters want. it is fascinating already. it is fascinating through the whole and next year. while the 2020 candidates continue to fight that out among themselves in terms of who should be the standard for the democratic party and what they should stand right now. the fight among democratic voters have a lot of different contours. we are seeing not just a fight inside the democratic party but among democratic candidate. we are seeing down ticket versions of that fight. should. not have seen it yet but that's next. stay with us. ld that's next. stay with us let's be honest, you need insurance.
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9:50 pm
progressive group, indivisible siding with the republicans. we are not as used to seeing it from liberals. josh gottheimer calls themselves the problem solver caucus. the only problem they saw is how to write donald trump another blank check to terrorize immigrant families. a bill that immigration groups working at the border says would hurt than help. no guard rails and no oversight and no protection for children.
9:51 pm
ability pass a bill passed with mostly republican votes. instead of fighting for the safety of well-being immigrant children. josh fought to endanger their lives. josh gottheimer is not a problem solver, but he's the problem. >> you see what i mean? republicans who are seen as insufficiently hard liner. we are not seeing that sort of thing from digital groups. that's the digital ad being run. their stated mission is to defeat the trump's agenda. this is a real fight and real stakes. all of them are fighting among
9:52 pm
themselves to win the nomination. they're trying to start the general election against trump right now simultaneously. joining me now is karin karine jean-pierre. thank you so much for being here, karine. >> thank you, rachel. very kind. >> well, i would not say it if i did not mean it. >> let me ask you, joe biden's ad and alongside of the invisible ad. i wonder how you see these different currents of the progressive politics and democratic politics running alongside each other. >> we are seeing two different things happening. you see the front runner on the presidential democratic side who's essentially you know running a general election campaign because he's a no quantity, right?
9:53 pm
he's saying you know me. i stood with barack obama for eight years and i can beat donald trump. there is a poll that came out that says one of the most important factors that is voters want to see is somebody that can beat donald trump. that's what biden is doing. that ad was not a bio ad. usually the first ad is a bio ad, hey, let me remind you who i stood next to for eight years and then i can beat donald trump. that's very different and it shows that democrats are really going with their head and not with their heart which is unusual. for a democratic presidential kind of primary and so this is just where we are because we are not living in normal times and we are seeing that play out with the front runner. i think what's happening with
9:54 pm
indivisible is critical. you have to hold democrats accountable. >> gottheimer is in the cross hair because they grew up -- >> somebody is talking in my ears. >> whoever that's working -- >> i can't hear you. >> this is an audio problem that i swear we'll fix. we'll be right back, stay with us. l fix. we'll be right back, stay with us
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karine jean-pierre was waxing eloquent and poetic and a gremlin took over the control room and got between us and cut-off the audio. i am so sorry, i don't know what happened but it is currently fixed. you are back now and everything is okay. >> i am back. >> i am very sorry. i owe you. >> what you were talking about was the interactions of these two politics. this general election politicking that's happening on the presidential side. people campaigning as the best candidate to beat trump because that's the important thing. democrats are having real policies fight among themselves
9:58 pm
about whether or not moderates should be held accountable for things they do cooperatively with republicans. how do you think they are interacting with each other? >> you don't have one strategy. there is no one democratic strategy because like you said, you have progressives and people in the middle and they are bumping heads right now. here is the thing, i think at the end o f the day af the day this to people all the time. when it comes to democrats, you can talk about healthcare and expanding aca, at the end of the day, they all want the same thing, right? they all want to beat donald trump and they all want to when it comes to healthcare expand healthcare and make it more affordable. it is kind of interesting in a way as well because they're not that far apart from each other. we are talking about the ad. the point i was trying to make
9:59 pm
with indivisible. you also have to not just fight on the issue but hold people accountable. you have to. that's why indivisible is trying to do and with the problem solver caucus and what he did with the important deal and blew it up so that now there is no humanitarian kind of process after what we are seeing at the border and so i think that's what they are doing is holding these folks accountable. the progressive side has a power now to do that. it is important to do that. we can't let that go especially in the time that we are, such abnormal time with this president. >> the democratic party trying to show they can do both of these things at once. they can have a general election and the inside party discussion about what the party stands for. kari kari
10:00 pm
karine jean-pierre. >> thank you for being here. >> that's going to do it for us. if it is a gremlin sitting here on screen, when it is time for my show o'donnell starts right now. good evening, lawrence. >> good evening, rachel. as expected by me, a star was born last night on "the last word," the other rachel. >> she can be rachel number one. it's okay. >> no, no, no, she is now officially our second favorite rachel. she is the political science professor who has predicted the democrats will get a minimum of 278 electoral votes, which is a winning margin, in the next election was with us last night. you know, she was the last guest. you know what happens, rachel, as the hours goes on, the minutes are creeping into the final segment. she didn't get as much time as she deserves. still, she was and this is proof