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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  August 21, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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langevin, writing off his support today. we will see what speaker pelosi does when congress comes back from summer recess. that does it for "the beat." we have a big show tomorrow night 6:00 eastern. hope to see you then. right now, it's "hardball with chris matthews. >> something's rotten and it ain't denmark. let's play hardball. good evening, i'm chris matthews. watch as president trump is picking a fight with a loyal american ally for no apparent reason. he's cancelled a state visit to denmark, insulted its prime minister and thrown an historic relationship into chaos. all of this because denpark rejected his bizarre territorial ambition to buy greenland, which is an autonomous danish territory. this is real. this is not a reality show,
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ladies and gentlemen. this is our president making clear that greenland is not for sail. the prime minister says they are in an absurd discussion. that's where the discussion ends. sounds like a grownup over there. two weeks later he cancelled his plans snubbing the prime minister and the queen of denmark who issued the formal invitation. last night, the president wrote, based on prime minister's frederiksens comments that she would have no interest in discussing the purchase of greenland, i will be postponing -- this is bugsy siegl saying if you don't sell it to me i'm going to get you. after blindsiding with his cancellation. he went further today and called the danish prime minister nasty. >> i look forward to going, but i thought that the prime minister's statement that it was
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absurd, that was it was an absurd idea was nasty. i thought it was an inappropriate statement. all they had to do is say, no, we'd rather not do that. or we'd rather not talk about it. don't say what an absurd idea that is. because she's not talking to me. excuse me, she's not talking to me, she's talking to the united states of america. you don't talk to the united states that way. at least under me. >> picking a fight with denmark, he scrambled a close relationship both countries have enjoyed for a long, long time. denmark is a devoted u.s. ally that has shown an incredible love for this country of ours. it's one of the few things overseas that celebrates american independence on the fourth of july. they celebrate our independence. i've known this for years. more bizarre is that trump scrapped the trip after downplaying his differences with denmark on sunday when he said the prospect of buying greenland
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wasn't even a top concern of his. >> well, i'll talk to them a little bit. it's not number one on the burner, i'll tell you that. we're looking at it. it's not number one on the burner. i can certainly talk about it. but not, not top on the list. >> well, trump's sudden decision also appeared to blindside the u.s. ambassador to denmark who tweeted, denmark is ready for the president. just hours before trump cancelled his trip. now that the president deepening the rift further by publicly accuses denmark of spinning too little on self-defense to nato. he says the country is paying way short for the military protection provided. sorry. i'm joined by the "new york times" columnist michelle goldberg, tim o'brien, national political reporter for nbc news, and white house correspondent pbs news hour. boy, we have a heavy weight group to talk about a light weight conversation. this is embarrassing.
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michelle, i don't know how you can make a column out of this, it's so small. denmark is a good country. it's pro american as -- it would like we dream of any country like our country. now this guy like bugsy siegl walks by like in a movie, i like that house, i want to buy your house. >> right. let's also remember -- >> this is a country that has suffered you know disproportion fat casualties supporting america in the various wars in the middle east. >> and he stuck to the nazis. >> this whole thing is so preposterous. look, i said earlier, this is kind of, if you propose this as a worst case scenario for what the trump administration would unfold three years ago, people wouldn't have believed you. right. this was this infan tile win. this completely absurd proposition that you are going to buy this sovereign territory. for what reason has never been made clear. this is just the kind of autocratic flight of fancy that he has now decided to use to
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throw american foreign policy into chaos and what he's doing besides bullying this country that has historically been an ally, in part, i think because he can't tolerate countries led by women and particularly can't tolerate women who say no to him. he's also put the world on notice that you are to humor, even his most ridiculous autocratic pronouncements, you have to take them seriously or he's going to use the full weight of the american government and american power to get revenge. and everyone who is tolerating this, everyone in the republican party, everyone in the foreign policy establishment in the state department, who keeps on acting as if we have a president, as if we have a functioning foreign policy, as if this country, as if he has not just taken you know american credibility built over decade and set it on fire is being you know to use the word that trump likes to use, disloyal, i think, to this country.
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>> my god. after accusing jewish people yesterday of being -- he's throwing out this crazy talk. anyway, a danish prime minister said today she was disappointed and surprised the president decided to can sell the visit to our country. the former prime minister called it deeply insulting to the people of greenland and denmark. danish lawmakers says no autonomous parts of our country are for sale. alaska? please show some respect. a former finance minister, it's like, i don't know what to say. denmark used to own the virgin islands. are they going to ask for a resale? what is? it's crazy talk? >> i mean, look. there is nothing wrong with looking at a huge piece of land in the world and saying -- >> if you are a real estate tycoon. >> i would love to have that piece of land. denmark is not selling reminds me if somebody calls me and says, i'd love to buy your house. this happens sometimes, somebody calls, says, i'd love to buy your house. this is like you're turning it
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down and they're going to spray paint your house with epithets of your children and leaving grenades on your lawn. the behavior is incredible. you know i don't think the rest of the world is looking at trump and thinking to themselves, you know, we're worried that trump is going to treat us this way. i think they're looking at the united states and laughing at us. >> tim, at the same time he's treating a pretty nice little country. i don't mean to be condescending. it's a nice small country. they cause us no trouble. in fact, they are devoted about our values. i have been reading how they celebrate the fourth of july over there. then he's trying to get russia, one of the ogre powers of the world back into the g7. everything is upsidedown. this has been -- this is fastian. we're going to be the worst people in the world to get something. what are we getting out of the worst people in the world? what are we getting out of trump? >> there is a faustian bargain. it's on the voter's side who elected him and the politicians who continue to enable him.
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remember, this is a day in which not only this farce about greenland continued, but, he embraced descriptions of himself as god and as the king. >> i forgot and the jews. >> and self-described as he said i am the chosen one. and what we're losing in the midst of this bonkers behavior, the this is what the president has been for 70 years. this is not inconsistent with who he is. he has done these outlandish things highs entire life. but when it comes right now to foreign policy and what he's doing in greenland, in the wake of this kind of behavior, he's not focused on kashmir. he's not focused on iran. he is not focused on north korea. he is not focused on a failing nation state in venezuela. and i think what's unusual about this moment compared to past moments, is i think that you see trump moving almost into full panic mode. i think he is feeling the reality that the economy is
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spraying around the edges. he has farmers in the mid-west who are upset about the costs of his trade war. he cannot control the outcome of those things. he had been branded a racist after weeks and weeks of fauxmenting racist division because he is a racist and he's not able to control that label. and i think you are going to see more of this. i think what's particularly worrisome on the international stage is whether this bleeds into him taking actions against north korea or iran or another country in order to shore himself up. >> wag the dog. as i mentioned at the same time, he's snubbing a close ally. trump is again calling to be reinstated to the group of seven. russia used to be a member. their invasion of crimea got them injected back if 2014. he says president obama is to blame. >> it's come up, should we put russia back in? we spend a lot of time talking about russia at those meetings. and they're not there.
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i think it would be a good thing if russia were there. they were taken out because putin outsmartd on crimea on the red line on other things, totally outsmarted obama. obama was upset. they took them out. i think russia should be a part of it because we're looking for world peace. >> you know, sometimes he acts like they do have something on him. like they got picture, movies, they got something. why is he their agent? why is he working for russia again? >> obviously, the white house would say, take issue with that, steven. >> what is he doing right there? i got the tape. he's out there. >> of course, what his two favorite topics which meshed together on the white house lawn out there was obama and russia. all this stuff with denmark, the reason i'm dock this is obama let people disrespect america. i need to somehow get america's respect back up around the world. you talk to his supporters. at least the people respect us
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again. when you listen to his statements or the music at his rallies, at least i'm an american, at least i'm flee free. there is this theme i'm the chosen one, i'm the person who can fix all of your problems. when if reality we've seen i have been talking to foreign policy expert 's, people are on edge nobody knows how to deal with president trump, nobody understands his foreign policy. >> i want to follow this up with you and the others, if i were president, i think about rarely, this does occur to me. you go to bed you are worried about kashmir and india and pakistan going to another war, which is not going to end well. you think about what's going on with russia and the inf treaty gone. the fact that we have no deal with iran now, nuclear weapons. all these things are up in the aired and you could well lose the pretty to the heart of donald trump to a woman. it is possible he could lose to elizabeth warren, it's very possible. he's miserable. so what is he doing? he engages in these stupid
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frisbee games, fighting with the danes, the danish prime minister is now among the many people who the president, most of them women has accused of being nasty. look at this, that list includes, a lot of women here. nancy pelosi's nasty. meghan markle is nasty. kamela harris, the mayor of san juan, ted cruz, marco rubio and hillary clinton. michelle, he's got a lot of nasties on his list. i think that's projection. >> i think he's a misogynist. we'll e we' we've all known that. he gets incensed like i said before, when a woman says no to him or when he feels he is being humiliated and laughered at by women. in effect he is getting laughered at by women all over the world, women leaders in scandinavia, in germany, every kind of everywhere there are women in power, they are laughing at this ridiculous
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example of male bluster run amuck. >> you can also look for women to be the first women to flee the republican party and supporting donald trump if a recession actually happens. you talk to women republicans, they have very, very already on edge with the president and i can see them saying, you know what, i don't have to put up with this. >> we got the numbers yesterday. >> and it's not just -- >> 32% deficit among women as opposed to a 13% deficit before. >> yeah. >> it's not just the suburban college educated women we saw. you are seeing non-college educated women who are a part of that, non-college educated white women a part of that trump base in 2016 running away from him. >> i want the two women to respond. the first woman something to be done. it hasn't been done yet. we don't know how it happened, what type of situation. this situation we are in now with a president who is troubling to a lot of people. mostly women. troubling to people. may help create the opportunity
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for women to win the president seat. normally there wouldn't be one there. this guy may be the enabler as weird as it seems. he's so awful. >> it goes back to that ris crock joke george bush celebrated the african-american atmosphere that ushered in the barack obama for being president. donald trump for all the flaws, he is really i think laid bare some of the flaws of america. laid bare what people think of women. laid bare what people think of black people, laid bare what people are telling their neighbors to go back to their country if they don't agree with that. i think that swell could usher in democrats electing a woman president. >> michelle, he's not a great advertisement for male leadership, is he? >> there is a term in business called the glass cliff. right. which is that women are sometimes brought into companies when they have been so poorly run that kind of they're finally willing to take a chance on a him who.
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>> that could be what happens in 2020. i mean, i certainly hope so. >> yeah, my daughter has been running a company out west. i should mention. i never talk about it. that's what she's doing. now she will be mad at me. thank you. my guests are sticking with us. way over the heads of what we are talking about, which is trump. you guys as a group are way overhead. coming up, president trump's whiplash on guns, here he goes again. >> with background checks, we are dealing with democrats. we are dealing with republicans. we are dealing with the nra. we are dealing with gun owners. we are dealing with everybody. i think we will have something, hopefully, that's meaningful. >> well, he says he wants to get something done on background checks right. after one phone call with the nra wayne lapierre, he retreats and starts parodying there flashing points. after attacking jewish points after what trump calls their disloyalty for israel he
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what happened to the strong appetite for background checks? >> oh, i have an appetite for background checks. we will be doing background checks. we're working with democrats. we're working with republicans. we already have strong background checks. but we will be filling in some of the lop holes as we call them. >> huh, loopholes as we call them. that was president trump today once again defending himself from what one trump administration described as the president's messy and confusing, an administration official, background checks for gun purchases. on the wakes of shootings in el paso and dayton, his statements have gone from one end of that spectrum to the other. >> there is a great appetite and
4:20 pm
i mean a very strong appetite for background checks and i think we can bring up background checks like we've never had before. >> there are things we can do, but we already have very serious background checks. we have strong background checks. >> look, the nra has taken a tough stance. i understand it. it's a slippery slope. >> that leads to a lot of bad things. i don't agree with it. >> i'm concerned that no matter what we agreed ed to, when we get there i'm concerned the democrats will say, oh, well, we now want this, and we want and you know it's a slippery slope. >> you know, tim, in the old cowboy movies, they were politically incorrect i'm sure by today's standards, you have some guys, probably a hollywood writer say you pale face speak in two different direction at the same time or double talk. what's changed with the president's comments? the president spoke to nra chief
4:21 pm
exec live wayne lapierre a couple times this past week. he denied they included talking about background checks and take him off the table. watch him trying to get out of it. >> no, i didn't say anything about it. we had a great talk with wayne yesterday. didn't say anything ab about that we talked about concepts, wayne agrees things have to be done also. >> wayne, my friend, my wayne. taking a line from nra talking points, the president has changed his focus not only on the gun or guns, but on the person pulling the trigger now. people shoot people, guns don't, saying the priority should be a mental helpth. back with me now, tim, this double talk, it is four tongue stuff. one day he says, he waits when we have a calamity, a horror, within the first five or six days, he talks like the average american. i'm concerned about this, we got to do something. as time fades and other issues arise he sees an opening to get
4:22 pm
away, gradually after three or four weeks, i don't know anything about back checks. we already have them. >> let's not call it four tongue, chris, let's call it lying. that's what it is. what it is leading to is a really tragic public policy disaster. poll after poll shows that 90% of americans would prefer to see strict gun control enacted. >> that that's not even, that is not annied logical issue -- an ideological issue. it's about public safety and smart legislation and it's not hatching because the senate, the oval office, and the nra are captive of the money that rolls through the gun manufacturers into washington. and that's been true for a very long time now. just a year ago, the president stood oval office with senior gop leadership and accused them all of be
4:23 pm
wasn't. said it was time to enact background checks in the wake of the parkland shootings and within two days, chris cox, the head of the nra made a visit to the white house. trump flip-floppered. the only difference this time is it took two weeks instead of two days. we now have this long list of epic tragic public shootings, from sandy hook to the present and it's just clear that mitch mcconnell, the president, the nra and gun manufacturers are if lockstep. we're not going to get changed. >> you made several attempts today on the south lawn, let's watch you in action and trump whatever he's doing. action and whatever he's doing. . >> i did. i went to the hospitals. i will tell you this. i went to the hospitals. it was totally falsely reported. it was totally falsely reported. . >> frankly, you want to know the truth? they love their president and nobody wrote that. nobody wrote that.
4:24 pm
you didn't write the truth. the "new york times" doesn't like to write the truth. but they love, they totally love our country and they do love our president. nobody would meet with me. not only did they meet with me, they were pouring out of the room. >> what do you make of this? he is very consoling for a few days. and then. >> he doesn't want to acknowledge that he is being led by the nra to come up with a stamp on gun legislation. it's essentially ignoring the will and the wants of people who have been impacted by mass shootings. i was thinking about on the lawn. you are talking to wayne lapierre wants. why don't you call those people up from the hospital and ask them what they want. the people i talked to want universal background checks. these people say we own guns. we understand the second amendment. we want people to fought privately sell or buy guns on facebook or online without a background check. so the president i think he didn't want to answer the
4:25 pm
question, obviously, repeatedly put the question to him. i think what we see is the president not wanting to acknowledge that he is being led by the nra right now. >> you know when you go to a convenience store, you are under 21, they ask for your i.d. we have restrictions, you are allowed to drink. there are restrictions. have you the right to drink, booze, whatever you want. it's a right, drink what you want, eat what you want. but there are laws about access to it that have to deal with public safety. like we don't want 17-year-old kids or 18-year-old kids driving around drunk. why don't we think of guns that way, it's a right. you got to be 21 to get one. licensed to have a rifle at home. >> i think most people do think of guns that way. but, look, i mean, i also want to pause for a second on how dejen rat it is for the president to sit there and boast falsely at that, that the victims of mass shootings love him. but beyond that, you know, i think that public safety is not
4:26 pm
just a concern for this man. what he cares about is keeping together the remains of his base because he has nothing else to offer the majority of people in this country who voted against him and has never supported him. the nra has never been as weak as it is right now. it's under multiple investigations. it's faced with all sorts of financial scandals. it's losing lots of money. if ever there was a time a president could stand up to the nra and do something that has pretty much consensus support in american politics. it would be now. donald trump is never going to be able to do that. he is never going to put the interests and safety of the american people above his short-term political calculations. >> okay. next two years. there there be any gun legislation next year? >> i don't think so. >> i think it's telling when the president talked to people who ran for their life. i spoke to anthony reynolds in ohio who was 10 feet away from
4:27 pm
won with an assault rifle and watched people lose their life. he was forever changed. he said i will be moving for gun legislation. the president went to the hospital and took away they love him and nothing about gun legislation. >> political platforms mean something. take a look at the republican platform. state 2nd amendment belief. it's almost religion. by the way, they're not going to do nothing. thank you. great panel. up next, president trump is not backing down on his message to jewish voters. you vote for a democrat, you're disloyal. i don't know if you noticed the history of this trope and what he is talking like. it's awful the way he talks about this. today he was asked to clarify the remark only making thing worse. here's what he had to say. well, next on "hardball." o say. well, next on "hardball. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need. your turn to keep watch, limu. wake me up if you see anything.
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well, back to hardball. president trump is doubling down on his comments yesterday, the jewish people who vote for democrats are being disloyal to israel. here's what he had to say this morning. >> in my opinion, you vote for a democrat. you are being very disloyal to jewish people and you are being very disloyal to israel and only weak people would say anything other than that. other than that. . >> i haven't heard anybody say that, just the opposite. i think that if you vote for a democrat, you are very, very
4:32 pm
disloyal to israel and to the jewish people. >> i'd say so, yes. >> isn't that anti-semitic to say it? . >> no, no, no, it's only in your head. >> it's not just that reporter said, the anti-deaf mission league jonathan green blat tweeted this anti-commit i semitic trope has been used to persecute jews for centuries, and they say they're inappropriate, unwelcome and downright dangerous. the president has jewish defenders. matt brooks, today told the washington post trump was talking about being true to yourself. wow. there are a lot of toties out there. he thankd conspiracy theorist wayne allen, root, for saying on his show, jewish people in israel love trump like he's the second coming of god, the messia. they said he's the greatest president for jews.
4:33 pm
american jewish voters voted overwhelmingly for hillary clinton and the most recent elections. jennifer reuben says there is a reason for that she wrote in the washington post, these americans voted opposition of racism in all forums. the concern for the poor and a irreference for the rule of law. jennifer reuben joins me now. here is your chance to say it on tv. your reaction when you heard trump talk about disloyalty among jewish people who vote democrat. most of them do vote democrat. >> azzurri dig lus as this person is, as insane as he is, it still hits american jews hard. right in the gut. this has been the accusation for 2,000 years. and this has been what every nation state has used against the jews, accusing them of being a fifth column. it is the most base. the most destructive allegation he can make. six weeks i will have you know from the anniversary of the pittsburgh shooting in which crazy people out there adopt
4:34 pm
this notion that yous are alien, yous are disloyal, jews are doing something to america and wound up slaughtering 11 people. so as much as we would like to sort of wash our hands of it or say this is just trump being trump. it is very disconcerting. it is very sad and troubling for the jewish community and, of course this is one of many communities that he's gone after like this. >> put your analyst hat on. what is he up to? >> he is up to two things. one, he is trying to help his come padre netanyahu by creating culture war there like there is a culture war there. taking the war between himself and to congress women to israel and therefore putting his and bb's relationship as one. he thinks that itself going to help bb in some fashion. the other thing that's going on is he is constantly stirring up his evangelical base. they are nuts over israel.
4:35 pm
we can talk another time where that is. >> they are biblical notions. >> by saying this, he is asking those evangelicals to say, eh, those rotten jews. we don't care about israel. >> that democrat cares about us. therefore, he is with them. he actually splits the evangelical and jewish pro israel alliance. he damages the bipartisan alliance that we have between democrats, republicans, very strong selling congress if support of israel, which is essential for israel survival. he splits the evangelical and jewish communities by accusing jews of being disloyal. so it's like a triple bang shot for this guy. >> the president took the opportunity to criticize the squad. the four women, progressives, ilhan omar and rashid tlaib, those comments question israel after they were blocked from entering israel. >> aoc plus 4 or plus 3. if you look at what they say, they, what they, are they are so
4:36 pm
bad for israel. they are so bad for jewish people. you take a look at the horrible anti-semitic statements that they've made. you take a look at what they want to do to israel. the democrats have to own it. around i say this, anybody that votes for a democrat, they're voting for that. that's the face of your party and that's very bad for israel. >> okay. let's talk about politics. let's step away from the awful tribal aspect of this. that's what he's playing to. >> that his trick, his trick is to identify the democratic party with the squad. >> right. >> now the squad is on the progressive left. a part of the democratic coalition. they are not reflective. you and i know this on all issues. >> on israel. >> they do not reflect the average. they're not speaking for chuck schumer or anybody else or pelosi or the leadership. so that game. >> yes. and you know this has become a game. this is the instrumental use of anti-semitism that he uses it as a way to make the other side
4:37 pm
look bad to provoke distinction within the democrat alliance and by the way, remember how concerned liz cheney was and kevin mccarthy was about the squad's views on israel? we haven't heard boo out of them. so i think those people are the last people we want to hear about from anti-semitism in the future. this is about politics, creating distinction within the democratic party. this is about unifying the republican base, particularly the evangelical base as if to say, well, only anti-smites are democrats. only bad people are democrats. therefore, we got to stick together. we know what's best for israel. which, of course, is the most condescending anti-israel thing to say. doesn't israeli need to decide on its own? do they need a call from the president of the united states to decide who they will let in or let out? frankly -- >> see i will answer the question. which is the way you said it. ever since i've covered politics in the early '50s, the republican party has always found somebody ethnic from somewhere they can turn into the
4:38 pm
bad guy. somebody a little bizarre, a little different than the average american. somebody from palestinian territory. somebody from sudan, somewhere that that. oh, that's the democrats. whether it's mary what's his name from brooklyn, the guy, the communist member way back in the '40s, or it's anybody. tip o'neal, teddy kennedy. oh, that's the democratic party. that's how they carry the middle. >> right. unfortunately, for them, fortunately for the rest of the country, it has very limited value. they did that with nancy pelosi and women voted democratic overwhelmingly. >> she's pa lefty. not by that stand. jennifer reuben, it's great to have you on. up next, a search for an incredible challenger, trump continues. the republican, one former governor is headed to new hampshire next month. a popular governor, the one from ohio. kasich. he's going to take a look at things, he says. that's coming up next. wat you are watching "hardball." h you are watching "hardball.
4:39 pm
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welcome back to "hardball." president trump, actually republicans, joe walsh, mark sanford, bill weld, john kasich and jeff flake have more than their afilliaition in common. because according to washington post, they're all either thinking about challenging president trump for the republican presidential nomination next year or in weld's case, they're already running. we lost the former tea party from illinois tells "the washington post" he is thinking of running now. describing trump as a bully and he's a coward. somebody has to punch him in the face every single day. i guess he wants to do it. the government dismisses them on a quicked soic mission that ends up nowhere. over a string of recent polls showing president trump's weakness against some democratic challengers, these guys see a chance to at least make a statement next year. according to "post," the anti-trump movementment, is feeling new urgency to mount a
4:43 pm
credible opposition to trump before it's too late. they're getting some help from people who know the president. just yesterday, anthony scaramucci announced he would create a super pac with a goal to dismantle trump by running advertisements attacking him. here's the former white house community indications director discussing what he hopes to accomplish. >> he also knows that the, you know, look at the end of the day, you know, you know, i can grab ahold of five, six, 8% of the people that know he's nuts and possibly move them. and so that's what we'll be working on over the next 15 months. >> the mucc talks like a regular person at least. according to a new morning consult, politico poll voters would pin an economic recession on trump and 49% of his own pace would name him at least partially responsible for an economic downturn. that's not the only bad news for president trump in that poll. two of the democrats he likes to
4:44 pm
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welcome back to "hardball." more than half the presidential contenders were in iowa, there they are, speaking at the iowa labor convention. former vice president joe biden and bernie sanders are right now on head-to-head matchups with the president and doing quite
4:48 pm
well. biden up by 7. sanders up by 5. every other democrat is either tied with the president or trails them in this poll. they are all close. the campaign director for the american progress action fund. a republican politico consultant. you first, your side of the fence here. i wonder if anybody is going to win any primaries against trump on the republican side. anybody you see getting in there. whether sanford or bill weld or actually anybody, john kasich is going into new hampshire. what's up? >> they have been up. i think scaramucci made a very good point. if you can suppress at least 5, 6, to 7% of the republican vote. >> suppress in general? >> suppress by going toward another individual. one of the kasich or someone else. you certainly would decrease trump's odds significantly. >> how? >> how? >> how would numbers in the primary affect the generals? >> chris, if one runs as an independent person. >> that's different. i'm asking you -- >> the primaries -- >> that's how they hurt him.
4:49 pm
>> i don't think they hurt him because his approval rating is just so high. i think the economy would have to continue to struggle the way we are seeing it now. as you stated, 42% blame bit hartial i on him. if that's, in a primary dynamics will potentially change. if not, i think you could see a republican run as an independent. >> hold on, even running as an independent, if a republican votes for someone other than trump in a primary i think it's high likelihood they still wouldn't want to go back to frump if a general. so shaving offer that 5, 6, 7% definitely could be a spoiler. i like a spoiler. >> this is not where i wanted it to go. our producers wants to go. you opened up an interesting question here. there is one big guy out there that can make noise in the debates. >> you are talking plume berg? >> he would get if because he's got the power and the willingness to spend the money. the theory i hear from smart
4:50 pm
people, mostly democrats, if he gets in this race and splits the anti-trump vote, trump could win. >> that's exactly right. that's why i think he made the right call back in february when he said i'm hands off on this. i'mvote, trump can win. >> that's right. i think he made the right call in february and said i'm hands off on this. he will pull more on the democratic side. that's not the type of spoiler democrats need versus a scaramucci spoiler. >> say the emperor has no clothes, having an incredible republican like that getting on shows and saying there's sog tainted about this guy and something about dealing with the devil if we put this guy back in, does that hurt him in the general? a word against him? >> i don't think so. >> 29% say they will vote for him. 29% are with him to the death. >> i know bill wells, he's great
4:51 pm
guy. you need a republican like a kasich, someone who has run before who has been able to build somewhat of a coalition in key states that could hurt trump. we talked about the slim margins in 2016. you shave away those numbers again. >> he has been performing poorly in 2016. remember, 10,000 votes, those are not significant margins. >> the president is answering questions for almost an hour on the south lawn. tell me what you think about this sanity question. watch this performance by the president today. >> i want guns to be in the hands of people that are mentally stable and those people i want them to easily be able to get a gun. >> 100 people a day die from guns. do you see that as a public health emergency? >> i do, i do. i do. they die for a lot of other
4:52 pm
reasons, too. they do. we have great mental illness. i am the chosen one to the usa. president obama had separation. i am the one that brought them together. we are looking at birthright citizenship very seriously. >> what do you think? what's his mental state here? talking about birthrights. >> less on the mental state and more on his efforts to be master of deflection. while he's out there saying that we're not talking about what's happening to coal workers' whose pension is in limbo. >> you think he does the cra craziziness on purpose? i am the chosen one? >> look, to her point, we're not talking about farmers in ohio. >> you think he gets up in the morning and says, i will create a crazy agenda today. >> what he says, i will quote the guy on fox news about the king of israel. he starts the day with chaos to
4:53 pm
deflect from the reality of americans. >> if we look at trump from the totality since he's been elected, every time the cycle is moving away negative against him he will tweet something or change it completely against the narrative. he is the king of deflection. we buy it. >> tell me why you disagree, chris? >> i think the guy is scared and gets up in the morning realizing he could lose the election to a woman and sees how good a campaign elizabeth warren is running and studidies numbers le nobody. he could be humiliated in history. it's possible. it scares him. if that's his own doing, chris. >> you agree with me or don't agree with me?
4:54 pm
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4:58 pm
donald trump thrives on conspiracy theorys. he rides them like a surfer rides waves, crashing towards the shore and racing out to catch the next one. first came the birther conspiracy, how barack obama's pregnant mother headed over to kenya to have him over there so she could announce his birth back in hawaii and get him elected president. it's the pipe dream of a lunatic. then came this crazy charge ted cruz's father helped kill kennedy. why not, every nut case has a conspiracy theory. he keeps jumping on wave after wave of looney tune. take a look. >> trump comes along and said, birth certificate. he gave a birth certificate. whether or not that was a
4:59 pm
certificate, because a lot of people question it, i certainly question it. i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down, and i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to oswald's being shot. the whole thing is ridiculous. >> i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged, i have to be honest. >> when you look at the people who are registered, dead, illegal in two states and in some cases maybe three states, we have a lot to look into. >> no, russia did not help me get elected. >> it is incredible a deep state where they don't even look at her. isn't that incredible? >> thousands cheered as the twin towers came down. any election supplements he doesn't like is part of a deep cosmic fix. even the dead rise up to vote
5:00 pm
against him and russia had nothing to do with 2016. that's right. he's the one who sees the world as it is. he's the one who sees the monster behind the door. it's the rest of us who don't. he's the sane one. the person who believes all of this is sitting in the oval office, as he likes to say, calling the shots. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. all in with chris hayes starts right now. >> tonight on "all in." >> excuse me, somebody had to do it. i am the chosen one. >> the president anoints himself on trade, endorses the idea he's quote the second coming of god and attacks jewish voters in america for being disloyal to israel. >> no, it's only in your head, only anti-semitic in your head.