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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  August 25, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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good evening, and welcome to "politicsnation." tonight's lead, racial report card. when president trump was in france trying to make good with foreign leaders, new polling suggests that here at home, deep splits persist in the age of trump.
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not least of which being along racial lines. surprise? according to a brand-new nbc/"wall street journal" poll out today, six in ten americans say there is either a lot or at least some tension between people of different races in their state. the same share, 60%, say that race relations in the united states are either fairly bad or very bad. though that's down from 70% in 2017 and a high of 74% just before the 2016 election. but before he tries to take credit for that modest dip, more than half of the country, 56% of americans, say that race relations have gotten worse since the election of president trump. 33% say that race relations have stayed about the same. only 10% say they've improved.
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but race is just one fault line showing cracks in 2019 because also painting a groommy picture about where we are, 75% of americans say they feel angry because our political system seems to only be working for the insiders with money and power. like those on wall street or in washington. that's in quotes, by the way. i guess the swamp isn't draining fast enough even for trump voters. hence my question tonight, with this new poll casting the american public as anxious and angry, what does it mean for our incumbent president as he faces challenges from his own party and even his own former staffers? joining me now, christina greer, associate professor of political science at fordham university,
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noah rothman, associate editor at "commentary" magazine and an msnbc contributor, and tanzania vega who hosts "the takeaway" on national public radio. let me start with you, noah. what does this poll mean politically when you see that the nation is both angry, feel that it's tilted toward the guys on wall street and washington, and when you see the racial divide and over half of those polled say the president is a cause of it. >> well, the most troubling thing for me is from the perspective of national comity is the notion that americans perceive race relations to have declined, whether or not the president's prospects are advanced by that is immaterial to the true scope of american relations, that's the last thing that's going to persist beyond this presidency. for donald trump the troubling aspect of this poll is his brand
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is slipping away from him. his brand was i'm going to be this outsider who's going to shake up washington, fix it, in the way that would be most amenable to my constituents who are perceived, themselves, to be underserved by washington. i'm going to be the guy who can do this, nobody else can do it. and if he's lost that brand, spent four years in office now, he lost the ability to convince the public that i, and i alone, could come in here and shake up this classified structure, and then what is his pitch to the electoral goite going to be in ? continue doing what i'm doing? simply failed to serve the way they elected him to serve. >> doesn't that hit him in the political gut? he's going to drain the swamp and you have most americans feeling that they're angry because washington and wall street, that is the swamp. >> i think we've seen -- we know that this is a president that says one thing and then does another. right? he says he was going to drain the swamp. yet the majority of his
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appointments are either unfilled, people have stepped down or they've been filled by people who have a direct almost antagonistic relationship with the department that they head. and so we've seen this happen over and over again with the president. i think going back to the poll, 2016 and 2017, those were years when we saw charlottesville. >> right. >> with the comments that there were very good people on both sides. we saw the death of philando castile, very public killings of black americans caught on video, so protests of black lives matter. so this idea that the president is going tbe hurt by this, i wonder by whom. we can't ignore the fact these have been consistent racial elements that have shown up throughout the years. >> well, i think that the answer may be, christina, people keep saying that he's playing to his base which is limited because he's not ever gotten to 50% in favorable polling, favorable rating in polling. but isn't the political danger,
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talking politics now, that he would energize a turnout from others that may not have turned out before, and he end up being the real energy for the democratic party because they act like that people are going to go to sleep on the other side when there are people now that are saying, i'm going to vote, i don't care who the nominee is, against him. >> right. and so with trump, though, we know his base is not going anywhere, so we -- we know who they are. we know that they are unbothered by any racist, sexist, homophobic attacks that this president unleashes on whomever. whether it's on twitter or in person. and so as we move closer to the election, though, what democrats have to understand is it's those people that they keep chasing who they think they know, but they're not too sure. people who keep hiding behind this economic anxiety or whatever it may be. and those people aren't just poor americans. they're poor. they're middle class and upper-class americans so what is the vision of the democratic party and the democratic nominee
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to try and help articulate where the next four years could go. because as of now, we know that trump does have enough of a coalition, not just the base, but he has enough middle class and upper class white americans, especially, who think that possibly the i.c.e. raids are a little too much but that's not enough for them not to vote for him. as long as the economy, whatever it -- however it's framed by trump, they're willing to actually still vote for him, his policies, and the people in his administration. >> but isn't the fact, noah, that we are seeing experts, economists, saying the economy's slipping, we may even be heading toward a recession. we see donald trump having the rhetoric of trade wars and actual move on certain things with china, then he's over in france doing the moonwalk away from what he said, michael jackson moonwalk, for those that are younger and don't know what i'm talking about, i mean, if
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the economy is not something he can use, then does he -- going to christina's point, then does he not have trouble even making them tolerate some of the other things that they're willing to look the other way because they are directly affected in the pocketbook? >> he certainly might, but i do agree with christinchristina. i don't think the base is going anywhere. i don't think that there's any -- >> but the question is how big is the base? >> right. so we're talking about a relatively -- not -- perhaps it can make up a plurality of an electoral in really bad -- with a bad democratic nominee, it's possible, but it is a small sliver of the electorate. however, i don't think that donald trump actually wants to campaign on the economy. he doesn't spend a lot of time talking about it. it's sort of -- it slipped into remarks on the teleprompter and every once in a while he'll tweet about it. what really gets him energized are the grievances, are his frustrations with people who say mean things about him in the press or foreign leaders who don't pay sufficient respect for him. that's what he likes to talk about. so if the economy were no longer
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a factor that he was feeling like he had to press it, then i think he'd be liberated to do exactly what he's doing now, only more of it. >> but isn't that a danger for his campaign for re-election? if his life, if the thing he's most comfortable with is taking shots at people attacking people that he thinks said something that he doesn't like and many of us have -- by the way, i hope he tweets on me again because he just helps, you know, get you a whole lot of social media attention you can always use. isn't the danger, though, that you can't run a disciplined, targ targeted, campaign with a campaign -- with a candidate that is clearly dealing in personal grievances rather than dealing with what the voters may want to hear and they really don't care if you've been off d offended or insulted by what somebody said. >> absolutely. i think part of the argument, the economic argument has been
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my 401(k) is doing okay so then i'm okay with what the president is doing, the economy is strong. i don't think that's going to hold if we're heading into a recessi recession. we just saw the president's volatility affect the markets yet again last week. >> right. >> if that continues to hold, world leaders are concerned we could be headed -- >> we called the fed chair an enemy. >> right. >> this language -- >> how do you call the fed chair an enemy? >> this language is not going to translate to the national debate stage if, in fact, the president does end up on a debate stage. this language is not going to translate to the pockets of the american people. we have to also keep in mind that when we talk about economic anxiety, we're often talking about middle class white americans. we're forgetting about the fact that this president has taken direct aim at latino communities. >> right. >> at women, women's health and reproductive health and also black americans. in your poll, the pessimism was pretty high among women, black americans and latino americans. these are folks that also would come out to the polls, the
2:11 pm
democrats are really hoping will come out and show up to the polls to see if that will make a difference. >> talking about whether he's in a debate, speaking of trump and in trouble, last week on this show, i spoke with former republican congresswoman joe walsh of illinois, a trump critic and a tea party person. i asked him whether he'd challenge the president in a primary. take a listen. are you open to running, yourself? are you considering challenging this president as a candidate? >> i haven't ruled anything out. i'm not trying to be coy or cute. i haven't ruled anything out. i know what needs to be done to beat him. >> well, guess what, earlier today he made the announcement that he's running for president. he then railed against the president to my colleague, kendis gibson. watch. >> running against a guy who's unfit to be president. i'm running against a guy who lies every time he opens his mouth. he's a narcissist like we've
2:12 pm
never seen. he's a sexual predator. all he cares about is himself. he's cruel. he wakes up every morning and sends a tweet out insulting average americans. i mean, this is above the issues and it's above me. he's unfit. >> christina, when you hear a tea party former congressman saying he lies every time he opens his mouth and he's a sexual predator, and this is a guy to the right of trump, will that have impact? he probably will not get anywhere near the nomination, but will it have impact on trump's base? >> no. i think that we have seen that that base is unmoved and part of the problem, though, is the democrats are too busy chasing people who have left the party, maybe one election cycle, maybe two election cycles and instead of going to your point, which is instead of cultivating frustrated women, voters of color, bringing in new latinos to the electoral process, because we still know that there's some gaps and some divides between asian-americans and latinos, the way they could
2:13 pm
show up at the polls. instead of focusing on that strategy, it seems as though far too many candidates are saying if we could only get the white middle class worker back from the coal factory or from pennsylvania or ohio instead of going into places where there are so in communities that can be mobilized, it might take a little bit more effort. it might take a little bit of creativity and thought process behind it. >> a little effort, period. i mean, we only saw -- >> it's possible. >> -- the democrats lose in '16, michigan, with 11,000 votes, i know 3 churches they could have gotten that from if they only went. isn't the fear not the democrats going after the white middle class that left but energizing those that are narnlg rtural ba people, voters for them, that they never really went oafter i a serious way? >> well, i don't think resurrecting the obama coalition is a bad bet for democrats and that's essentially joe biden's pitch. it's not i'm going to remake the electorate from the ground up, i'm going to get you the perfectly distributed fewer than 100,000 votes in pennsylvania,
2:14 pm
wisconsin, and michigan that you lost in 2016. that's it. that's what i'm going to do for you. and so far, that's a really successful message. republicans are going to do everything they possibly can to keep joe walsh away from this president, but he is pretty well calibrated as a radio host, himself, to get under the president's skin and get him to ask some questions that republicans need answers. monmouth university came out with a poll this week saying the re-elect for donald trump among republicans is 79%. that means there's at least a fifth of the registered republican -- self-identified republican electorate that is underserved by this president. that is a humongous market. >> a fifth. >> that is going to be served by somebody, joe walsh, mark sanford, bill weld, somebody is going to come out of the woodwork and serve the marketplace, you cannot suppress it. republicans need to look in the mirror and say what is the president not delivering? joe walsh says donald trump is a racial arsonist, allowing the deficit to explode and we have an insolvency crisis that's going to hit in the end of the next decade, things republican
2:15 pm
used to talked about a lot, republicans are receptive to this message. nobody is doing that to you, it's donald trump who is doing this to himself. >> as we see this kind of scenario, the person that is really helping to energize the democratic base is donald trump. i think that because several polls say not only joe biden, joe biden way ahead, but there are three or four of the leading democratic candidates that could beat donald trump if the election was to be right now. >> another thing i think we hg e to think about is since president obama we've seen extreme gerrymandering in this country. >> right. >> we've seen extreme voter suppression and also the electoral college is really where people are placing their bets so if we don't examine that and include that as part of the conversation and we just focus on which voters are willing to sway one way versus another, we lose a lot of the context that's necessary to understand the republican strategy going into 2020. >> so the democrats, christina, should be concentrating on turnout in those areas and protecting the vote.
2:16 pm
one of the things i've said, nonpartisan, is that you have to deal with voter suppression. and this president talks about voter fraud. had a committee that it was disbaned. the democrats need to deal with gerrymandering. need to deal with moving sites that we saw in georgia. to make sure that as this turnout they want comes out that they can actually vote. >> exactly. so i think what we're speaking about, the institution on structural issues that are undergirding our democratic process, small "d" democratic process. also in the shadow of all this is russian interference. we can't pretend -- >> which mueller says is still going on. >> it's going on in local municipalities across the country. so as people focus on michigan and wisconsin, you know, there are two counties in florida where the mueller report and various reports have said, you know, they were interfered with by foreign entities. so we know 2016 was real. we know 2018 was real. so why are we going to pretend that russians would not come in and sort of stir the pot,
2:17 pm
whether it's on social media or whether it's actually tampering with our actual infrastructure of our voting people? >> you're not suggesting russians would like to help mr. trump? >> no, not mr. trump. >> even though they want him back in the g7, make it g8. thank you for being with us this week. i want to now turn to in this week since the racially charged mass shooting, in el paso, we've seen a rash of arrests of gun owners plotting similar crimes. coming up, we'll take a look back at the week of hate and what many of these thwarted schemes have in common. be right back. so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ ♪
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in the aftermath of the racially motivated mass shooting in el paso earlier this month, many conservatives have been on the defensive in denying the rising documented global threat of white supremacist terror. what they have ignored is that in the three weeks since that attack, more than two dozen people have been arrested over threats to commit mass attacks. several of them reported to have co-signed white supremacist ideology. several of them at least parroting president trump's own comments about minorities over the last four years.
2:22 pm
now, of course, every domestic terror threat cannot be directly traced to white supremacy or president trump's rhetoric, but as we christen this franchise, a week in hate, i want to draw the deniers' attention to a few of the staggering numbers of threats that do. less than a wroeek after el pas august t8th to be exact, authorities raided a home of a las vegas man who plotted to attack a synagogue finding plot-making materials and attack plans on a gay bar and alleged evidence with neo nazis to trigger a race car according to prosecutors. less than a week after that a connecticut man was arrested for trying to import large-capacity rifle magazines from out of state tipping off authorities
2:23 pm
who unearthed weapons, body armor and history of online ranks against blacks and transgender people. some even appearing to threaten the fbi, itself. among his greatest hits, a facebook riff in solidarity with president trump's alleged comments about s-hole countries. 24 hours later in ohio, the home of another white nationalist was raided by the fbi after he allegedly made violent threats against a jewish community center. three years after attending the unite the right rally that made charlottesville, virginia, a shorthand for racist violence. once again, authorities found multiple rifles along with anti-semitic propaganda. and that same day in seattle, a maryland neo nazi was arrested for allegedly harassing a
2:24 pm
hispanic woman online, to have her kidnapped, tortured and killed. one of his messages to the woman proclaiming, quote, i thank god every day president donald trump is president and that he will launch a racial war and crusade. now, note the common denominators in all these cases. guns, hate, and unacceptably too often our president whose initial condemnation of white supremacy after el paso seems to have vanished since he's busy tweeting co-conspirators and conspirators and questioning the loyalty of jewish-americans who don't do what he wants. that is where we end this week in hate. the same place that far too much of it is starting from. we'll be right back. r too much of it is starting from we'll be right back.
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in my opinion, you vote for a democrat, you're being very disloyal to jewish people and you're being very disloyal to israel. >> this week, the president took aim at yet another ungrateful f
2:29 pm
minority group. this time it was jewish-americans saying multiple times that any of them who votes democrat is being, quote, disloyal. trump doubled down on these sentiments after calling three democratic congresswomen of the so-called squad anti-semites. trump's strategy here will not be a winning one and it's clear that jewish-americans have zero loyalty to that coming from the president. according to a 2018 gallup poll, just 26% of jewish-american voters say they approve of the job trump is doing in office. a similar story is told by nbc news exit poll numbers from 2016 which found that same voting bloc supported hillary clinton over trump by 3-1. joining me now is the director of religious action center of reform judaism, rabbi jonah.
2:30 pm
thank you for being with me, rabbi. >> good to see you, reverend al, how are you doing? >> fine. how did you react when you heard the president making this statement that jews are being disloyal if they vote for the democrats and doubling down on it? >> it was very distressing, reverend al. it was a serious es of commentst were reckless and dangerous. they feed a centuries-old anti-semitic trope, anti-jewish image of the jewish person as not a real citizen of the country they live in or not belonging to the community they reside in and what we know, reverend al, over the centuries that anti-semitic trope has been used to justify violence against the jewish people culminating, of course, in the holocaust. it was primary to the nazi ideology that jews were other. they weren't real germans. they didn't belong. so it was very distressing to see the president of the united states call into question jewish
2:31 pm
loyalty. >> and the question of loyalty, you took the next question i was going to raise right there. disloyal. i mean, the suggestion of that in and of itself was very dangerous. >> that's right, reverend al. of course, we know that bigoted rhetoric turns into violent action. right? we're still in the one-year period of mourning of the tree of life synagogue shooting and the synagogue of poway where our jewish family was gunned down by white supremacists and so the fact that the president's rhetoric feeds these stereotypes and these tropes that give comfort and sanction to white supremacists is very dangerous and very troubling. >> the fact that we had the tree of life, we had the synagogue in california, i mean, these are times that we would expect the president not to even raise anything near a stereotype that would suggest disloyalty and it
2:32 pm
seems that he at best is incense ti insensitive to the climate that he's in and what he's suggesting here because clearly people are not a monolith whether they vote republican, democrat, whatever their religious belief, their race, their nationality. the suggestion they're monolith in and of itself is bigoted. >> that's right, and i think, reverend al, this wasn't just a dangerous, you know, dangerous words for the jewish community, it's an attack on democracy because no elected official should tell any faith group or people of no faith for whom to vote and a vote is a test of loyalty. in fact, you probably know that jewish-americans vote as republicans, they vote as democrats. >> right. >> jewish-americans vote as liberals and conservatives. they vote their values and their interests and they should and elected officials ought not tell any ethic minority or religious minority who to vote for as a loyalty test. >> and people can agree and d
2:33 pm
disagree. just a year before last we called for a thousand ministers march. >> that's right. >> you brought 300 rabbis and you and i marched together. >> we did. >> in washington with martin luther king iii trying to show we've not always agreed but that we stand together for civil and human rights. that's what you would expect a president to do, not try to play on our divided or try and divide us, i should say, but we tried to stand together and it was a very effective march, but the tone of this president in these last lee marks was startling even to me. >> well, it's very important that you raise the solidarity question because what is dangerous here is when any minority, black people, brown people, jewish people, muslim people, anybody that doesn't look like that stereotype of what a real american looks like, so, remember, the president, you know, just a couple years ago talked about a judge who was an american citizen but called him
2:34 pm
a mexican judge. >> right. >> i worry that too often we allow groups to be oathered. jews, muslims, brown folk, black folk. it's really important in this climate of white supremacy and white nationalism that we stand for an america that's multiracial, multireligious, muslims, jews, black, white, brown, everybody, come together for the america we believe in. >> all right. thank you for fbeing with us. your continued work as you and i have tried to work together against -- we've not always agreed and we've not always saw each other's ways as the ways that was best way to go, as i spoke at your conference. i've had some growing to do and all of us have, but we cannot tolerate this. thank you, rabbi. >> thanks, rev. coming up, the doctor who blew the whistle on the water crisis in flint, michigan, says the situation in newark, new
2:35 pm
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we all remember the crisis in flint, michigan, where the city's water supply was contaminated with lead. well, fast forward five years the problem's beginning and to this day the water still hasn't been declared safe to drink by local officials. flint isn't the only american
2:39 pm
city that's had tainted drinking water. according to the epa, multiple cities in the last few years have been afflicted. including ft. wayne, indiana, green bay, wisconsin, pittsburgh, pennsylvania, portland, oregon, and providence, rhode island. but all those pale in comparison to the lead levels found in new jersey's most popular city, newark, sometimes referred to as the next flint. newark's studies measured filtered water at more than three times the limit of federal government says is -- residents have been ordered to only drink bottled water. in fact, i was there on the ground earlier today lending a hand to the community passing out water bottles to those in need. in recent weeks, the governor of new jersey, phil murphy, has said he will not declare a state of emergency despite a lack of access to safe drinking water. when we come back, i'll talk to governor murphy and newark's
2:40 pm
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welcome back to "politicsnation." joining me to discuss the evolving water crisis in newark, new jersey, governor phil murphy and mayor of newark, ras baraka. let me start with you, governor. i was in newark today. the mayor came by. i asked him not to talk because i didn't want to get into the controversies. i want to deal with solving and helping the people of the city and the mayor, you deal with getting water to people. >> yep. >> where are we now, what is the way we're going to see our coming out of this from a state point of view? then i want the mayor from the city. >> i would say that the mayor has shown great leadership here. we're trying to get the following balance right. exercising an abundance of caution on the one hand. particularly for pregnant women, women who are nursing, little kids, the elderly. and mandating that if they got a lead line in their home that they got to use bottled water for drinking and cooking.
2:45 pm
but on the other hand, this was based on three tests, three households, a few weeks ago. so there's a much more aggressive and broader testing going on as we speak, into the hundreds. we probably won't know the results for a couple, three more weeks. >> so you're testing hundreds of homes. >> you betcha. with the epa, our department of environmental protection and the mayor's outstanding team working together. at that point, again, matter of weeks, we'll have a much better handle. were these filters faulty, was it just those three homes? is it the chemical that's been going through the pipes to seal those pipes? is that working? it looks like it is. we'll have a lot more information at that point to put the long-term game plan in place. >> mayor baraka, the fear and stress that people are living under for those weeks not knowing if it contaminates them. >> right. >> i met a young lady whose son
2:46 pm
had a high level of lead found. mi i mean, how do you deal with what is going forward right now for the next fe weeks while this testing is going on? >> so, one, we have to make sure people know the facts because there's a lot of things that are being said that's totally incorrect. actually, 18,000 lead service lines in the city, about 15,000 lead service lines or homes that are affected by this, you know. obviously, people who do not live in those homes are still afraid because of the things that have been said. the source water does not have lead in it at all. there's no lead in our source water. >> there's no lead in the source water. >> none. there never has been lead in our source water. the water goes from the reservoir to the main, into lead service lines in people's homes. the issue they have lead service lines and the lead leeches from pipes and gets into the water because our corrosion control stopped working some time ago. the epa told us. and our outside engineer. in the meantime, as the governor said, we've been -- we've given
2:47 pm
out 38,000 or so filters, 31,000 replacement cartridges. we injected already a new corrosion control in may that's been showing some impact. we tested three filters because we were trying to test the corrosion control to see if it was actually getting into the pipes, coating the pipes. we tested three pi ee eed three. two in the north, one in the south, one in the west. based on those data points, which are very small data points, we decided to give out water as a precautionary measure until we test more filters, you know -- >> "new york times," a story, they say it was bungled, that people knew in your administration. >> right. >> earlier and did nothing. how do you respond to that? >> i mean, they're entitled to their opinion, just not entitled to the facts, right? so the facts are in 2016 we came forward and said there was lead exceedances in the schools,
2:48 pm
right, because of lead fixtures, old sinks, lead in faucets. they changed it. the state required us to double down on testing around an entire state. we doubled down, had our first exceedance in 2017. >> the allegation you sent out a notice there was no problem is not true? >> not true at all. as a matter of fact, what we were doing was making a distinction because it's not clear as it wasn't clear even here that there is no lead in the source water, but, in fact, those who have lead service lines. so what we were saying was that the source water is okay. if you have a lead service line, then ryou have a problem. you want to educate people who actually have this problem so they can begin being vigilant about helping us get rid of the problem for them and not panic the people who are not in this but enlist them to actually help us to help those who actually have problem. >> there's a lot of panic out there and let me ask you this and i want the governor to respond. if you find that any of these allegations that there were people that dropped the ball in your administration, are you
2:49 pm
going to openly hold them accountable? >> sure. absolutely. but, you know, we went through this over and over and over again. you know, the lead -- we got oversight by the dep, oversight by the epa. if they thought that a year and a half ago, they would have said something then. we have been dealing with this for a year and a half. this didn't just show up yesterday. >> governor, same question. >> let me say this, reverend. importantly, we mentioned flint earlier. flint's source had lead. that's a huge difference with newa newark. second point is, certainly, if somebody bungled something, they need to be held accountable. thirdly, one of the other steps the mayor has taken with our strong support is a multiyear process to replace these lead service lines. so you basically deal with this either by replacing the lines which is the long-term fix, or in the meantime, running these chemicals through that prevent the leeching. we -- i think we believe the federal government at the end of
2:50 pm
the day is going to have to step up. folks need to -- you listed a bunch of cities on there. this isn't just a newark or new jersey problem. this is an american water infrastructure challenge and the federal government, congress, leading the way, to come up a big >> why wouldn't you call a state of emergency? >> you call it if you've exhausted all of your resources, whether it's newark's esexcounty or the state's. there's no benefit we get from doing that, that we can't right now control. agon let's see how the tsing works out over the next several weeks. we'll have a much better sense off a game plan then but there's no need, unour judgment, to call a state of emergency. >> govern, it seems to me that these cities seem to be strangely urban cities, large
2:51 pm
minority populations. ium krr not a conspiracy theorist but i'm looking at flint, newark, the list. what are we looking at in terms of why this led situation, whether it's the sauce or fillers, as unyour case, why are we seeing that people get it right other places and seemingly don't get it right in certain urban centers? >> i think it's the old infrastructure unthese sitacy. newark is 350 years or older. they're very, old, old infrastructure, old housing. so most of the led are from old homes, led dust. that is because of the old infrastructure unthese houses and there are suburban towns and rural towns that actually are witnesses led exceed nances entheir water as well.
2:52 pm
>> the mawer sat beside me and it was fill would with mayors from urban and suburban and rural communities. >> expungement. you made moves and you know this is very important. tell me what exactly you're doing. >> so the legislature it sent us a bill. we sent it back friday strengthening it meaningfully. we've got national action network, the naacp, black issues, convention all supporting this. huge steps towards automatic clean slate expchgment. hugesteps towards closing loopholes so for instance making sure that sexual assault is not subject to expungement. sealing of marijuana convictions from the state forward which is a huge deal. meaning it would never show up on one's record and if it happened in the past, a very clear process towards getting that expunged from the
2:53 pm
past. a huge historic step forward. i'm hoping the legislature will say this is stronger and tall rr support that. >> i thank both of you for can coming. i know you have a big press conference in the morning dealing with a lot of these issues and i thank you for sharing with our national viewers where you are the governor and mayor. up next my final thoughts. stay with us. stay with us (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7 and maintained it. oh! under 7? (announcer) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? (announcer) a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? (announcer) ozempic® should not be the first medicine for treating diabetes, or for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis.
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had the poll came out talking about the racial divide in this country, some said to me see, reverend al, you were right. 56% say the president mod it worse. well, i don't want to be right. i want us to get it right. it's not about taking political poinlts now and taking shots at ooch otherer.
2:58 pm
we have people that are armed and dangerous that are moving in a very deadly way that are going to effect the lives off blacks and luteatinos and jews and whi if we don't really stop and do a reality check, all of us. i've grown and learned to say you can learn to realize you can say things and will have unintended consequences, which is why you grow, you say wait, i should have handled that differently. but you don't walk away from it, mr. president and you don't act like just because you think people are picking on you that your words don't have impact. you've grown, you learn and you begin to understand that cannot have a climate that we are having in this country. k
2:59 pm
we don't all have to agree. we can disagree vehemently but we must make it clear as we've shown tonight with the pictures of the rabbis and we can disagree without being disagreeable. but when you have people that are armed and that are committed to do things based object people's race, religion, sexual orientation and gender, all of us in a public position lected or not need to say wait a minute. three weeks after el paso and dayton, ohio no move towards dealing with these weapons and even a background check. come on. we're a better country than that. let's prove it, not just say it. that does it for me. next wookd. next weekend, thanks for tuning in.
3:00 pm
i'll be back next saturday at 5:00 p.m. eastern. up next "meet the press" with chuck todd. ♪ this sunday trade war and the economy another escalation as china imposes retaliatory tears on the u.s. the president orders u.s. companies out of china and the dow falls morthan 600 points. >> we're having a little spat with china. a world economy slowed by the trade war. is the back drop is the world sum lt of leaders in france. >> payroll taxes, i've been thinking about them for a long time. >> i'm not looking at tax cut now. on gun background checks. >> we need have meaningful background checks. >> we already have serious backgroundchucks. >> this has been discussed for many years.


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