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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 26, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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i'm in. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline." we'll see you again sunday at at this weekend's g 7 summit, the president clashes are allies over iran, korea, the trade war with china, russia, other than that, the president says things are just great. president trump gets a 2020 candidate, former gop congressman joe walsh. and protests in hong kong take a violent turn as police turn tear gas and guns used against demonstrators. good morning, everyone, it's monday, august 26. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside frances rivera.
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president trump is attending the final day of the g7 summit. while he has been treating about how everything is going, there has been controversy and double speak. the white house was blind sided when prime minister zarif showed up. french president said they supported new talks. trump said no comment when asked if he planned to meet with zarif. the president and his aides sent mixed signals over the trade war with china, and it began with this exchange. >> any thoughts on escalating the trade war with china. >> for sure. why not. might as well. >> do you have second thoughts about -- >> i have second thoughts about everything. >> so here's how the president's chief economic adviser larry kudlow tried to explain that way. >> if i can reinterpret that. he spoke to us, he didn't
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exactly hear the question. what he was intending to say is he always has second thoughts and he actually had second thoughts about possibly a higher tariff response to china. >> when it comes to north korea's recent missile tests, trump and shinzo abe appeared to be on two pages. this is what president trump had to say. >> are you concerned at all about north korea conducting more tests? >> i'm not happy about it, but, again he's not in violation of an agreement. >> and then there's the issue of the economy and concerns that the president's trade war could lead to a global recession. trump defended his economic policies while taking a shot at the press. >> the market is doing great. our country is doing great. everybody was telling me yesterday people are trying to
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copy, we cut taxes way down. get rid of regulations, large numbers, more than any president has gotten rid off and we're doing really well. you people want a recession because you think maybe that's the way to get trump out. maybe that's the way we get him out. >> the president also tweeted yesterday the question i was asked most today by fellow world leaders who think the u.s. is doing so well and is stronger than ever before happens to be mr. president, why does the american media hate your question so much. why are they rooting for it to fail. >> one of the biggest surprises from the g7 weekend was the presence of zarif. the white house was blind sided by his arrival. a senior administration official insists that president trump himself was not caught off guard. a spokesperson said zarif was invited by france's foreign
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minister to finish talks. z zarif tweeted, despite u.s. efforts to destroy diplomacy, met with french president in paris. iran's active diplomacy is difficult by worth trying. and staying overseas, there was gunfire in hong kong for the first time since the mass demonstrations kicked off month ago. several officers drew their weapons with one firing a warning shot after officials say they were surrounded by protesters. police used water cannons, some who hurled bricks and gasoline bombs at officers. 36 people were arrested for crimes, such as unlawful assembly, china state run press
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suggested b suggested. senator bernie sanders called out mitch mcconnell in the senate majority leader's home state of kentucky demanding that the top republican stop his quote cowardice and allow senate votes on democratic bills. >> today i say here in kentucky to senator mcconnell, stop blocking legislation from coming to the floor of the senate. you don't have the right to prevent debate and votes on the most important issues facing the working people of this country. stop your cowardice. have the guts to debate the issues. >> meanwhile, joe biden spent the weekend crisscrossing the
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northeast from a swankey event in new hampshire, and another gaffe by the former vice president, mixing up what state he was in. >> i love this place. look, what's not to like about vermont in terms of the beauty of it, and what a neat town. this is sort of a scenic, beautiful town. >> also out in new hampshire was mayor pete buttigieg who unveiled his plan to tackle the issue of mental health and drug addiction. his $300 billion initiative aims to prevent 1 million deaths of despair involving suicide or drugs over the next ten years. and staying with the 2020 race for a moment, president trump will have a new republican challenger next year. former congressman and conservative radio show host joe walsh has announced he will take on president trump for the republican presidential nomination in 2020. >> i'm running against a guy who's unfit to be president. i'm running against a guy who lies every time he opens his mouth. he's a narcissist like we have
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never seen. he's a sexual predator. all he cares about is himself. he's cruel. he wakes up every morning and sends a tweet out insulting average americans. this is above the issues and above me. he's unfit. when he first got elected, i tried to do the whole good trump, bad trump thing. it became pretty clear to me that the man basically lies every time he opens his mouth. i think the guy stokes bigotry. i think he stokes racism. but i think it's all about trump. i don't think he's a racist. it's just all, whatever benefits donald trump, that's all i care about. >> and walsh was elected to congress in 2010 as part of the tea party movement. he served one term. he has a history of incendiary remarks himself, including calling president obama a muslim, enemy and traitor, and during that interview he
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apologized for that. >> i said some ugly things about president obama that i regret. >> do you believe he's a muslim. >> no, and i've apologized for that. we have a guy in the white house who's never apologized for anything he has done or said. i think it's a weakness not to apologize. i helped create trump. there's no doubt about that. the personal ugly politics. i regret that, and i'm sorry for that. >> and coming up on "morning joe," former congressman joe walsh will be a guest on the program. joining us now from washington, d.c., political reporter for the washington examiner emily larsen, great to have you with us on this monday morning. let's talk about joe walsh and the possibility that more gop contenders enter the race. specifically on him, what does joe walsh's newly launched campaign mean for president trump opening another front for him. >> well, so far the trump campaign does not seem to be worried about joe walsh running
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at all. their official response or initial response was whatever. and there's certainly a lot of reason for them not to be worried. joe walsh is launching a gadfly campaign. trump has a war chest, as does the rnc. from a financial perspective, they are pretty much set. when you combine that with the fact that he has 80% approval ratings. there's not a lot of reason to be worried. joe walsh is planning reportedly to have sort of a media centric strategy running against trump. if he can bait trump into coming out and respond to go his tax, that's going to be his first step going forward. >> one of the main differences, we have seen, as far as the differences between the two among many, joe walsh apologizing full on. something we don't see the
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president do. given this, how might his primary challenge ruffle when it comes to the president and his base of republicans, though. how would he get to that? >> the base of republicans, i mean, look, joe walsh has said a lot of the same things as trump. as recently as 2017, called barack obama a muslim. how it will ruffle the feathers of the base of republicans is yet to be determined because we haven't really seen what is next for joe walsh after he has himself admitted to kind of encouraging and creating trump, and so i think the question is what does joe walsh bring to the table next. he said he's going to run against trump from the right on moral grounds and he has to articulate to voters, what does that look like. >> i want to get your thoughts on g7, a lot of developments, most surprising the arrival of the iran foreign minister.
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what were some of your take aways from the g7? >> the biggest take away from the weekend was trump's comment that he thinks about, i forgot the exact wording, he has second thoughts about everything, when it comes to the tariffs and his press secretary and the white house quickly responded in saying that he was thinking about, oh, well, he is regretting maybe not raising tariffs on china more. i think that was a big indication that a lot of things for president trump are open to debate and open to discussion, and even when he makes these big statements on tariffs that is something that is always part of the negotiation process for him. >> yeah, we know how other g7's have ended in the past. we will be watching this final day to see how it's going to end and see the messages the president leaves on his twitter feed. >> no agreement in the works which in and of itself will be a story, g7 concludes without a statement from all members.
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now to boris johnson who isn't worried about a no deal brexit scenario, despite the october 31st deadline approaching. speaking out, johnson said the uk could quote easily cope with a no deal brexit, adding if it occurs, it is because of the stubbornness of the european union. a document details the ways leaders are work to go avoid a quote catastrophic collapse in the nation's infrastructure, and which warned of gridlock at courts. a hard border with ireland and significant shortages of medicine, fuel, food, and fresh water. responding over the weekend, johnson said that food shortages were highly unlikely and vowed that patience would have continued access to medicine. in france, prime minister johnson promised not to pay the $39 billion fee which would be owed to the uk, to the eu in the event of a no deal divorce.
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still ahead, prince andrew weighs in on his relationship with convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein, what he is saying about his relationship with the late financier. brazil's military starts fiti fighting the fires tearing across the amazon. those stories and our weather coming up next. r coming up next ♪
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explaining his relationship with jeffrey epstein who died by suicide in a federal prison earlier this month. the 59-year-old duke of york said he first met epstein in 1999 and had stayed at a number of his residence but saw him no more than once or twice a year. he said quote at no stage did i see, witness or suspect any behavior of the sort that
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subsequently led to his arrest and conviction. he acknowledged meeting with epstein in 2010 after the disgraced financier was released from a jail sentence, that halted a federal sex abuse ae . allegation. he called the meeting a mistake and error, and has tremendous sympathy for alleged victims. bit follows global outrage over his lackluster response to the disaster. the associated press reports that they began dumping water on the fires in the alzheimermazon few hundred troops deployed into the fire zone, and leaders of the g7 nations expressed grave conditions over those fires. french president emmanuel macron said the g7 was nearing a deal to provide technical and financial help to brazil and
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other countries affected by the amazon fires. according to tnational institut for space research, 87 fires, the highest since 2013. here we are at the start of the workweek with milder, cooler temperatures at this hour. here's meteorologist janessa webb. >> breathable air and totally unexpected. >> exactly, and it's going to be short lived. we'll talk about the forecast coming up. the activity in the atlantic is starting to rev up, near the peak of the hurricane season, and we have a tropical storm. you can see from our enhanced radar here. it's starting to come together. nothing too organized right now, but we are expecting tropical storm dorian to start to organize in the next 36 to 48 hours. in the last 24 hours, though, the winds, sustained wind speeds have picked up to 50 miles per hour. there is that west movement of 14 miles per hour.
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now, what we're really watching here is puerto rico into here going into thursday and friday afternoon. a hundred miles away, this potentially could become a hurricane well offshore, but still with this cone of uncertainty here, that's just a hundred miles, and our next update could potentially move it 30 to 40 miles, really going to be watching puerto rico here going into wednesday morning with potential gusts up to hurricane force. we're watching this invest, this could be the 5th named storm wednesday to thursday as well. the high surf is going to be an issue across wilmington into those south carolina coastal areas. we do have a 70% chance of development theory in the next 48 hours. also, big time weather heading into the plains. we have five states, 9 million
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people under that severe weather risk with potential tornadoes throughout the afternoon. also those damaging winds. i know you guys have enjoyed the more breathable and enjoyable conditions here but the same storm system is headed to the northeast. >> scary thought for the residents of puerto rico. >> yes, after maria, so we're watching that closely. >> hopefully nothing happens there. still ahead, with time running out before the start of the nfl season, it seems the new england patriots will miss a visit to the white house. we'll explain the likely reason why, coming up next. n the likel why, coming up next. they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again!
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welcome back, with less than two weeks to the nfl season, the new england patriots are unlukeu unlikely to make a celebratory visit to the white house, after president trump disinvited the philadelphia eagles in 2008. "the new york times" reports that both the team and the administration say the issue is actually not due to politics but rather a conflict of schedule. the team has visited the nation's capital in the spring after each of five championship victories. a white house spokesperson tells the "times" we would welcome them to the white house in the future should a future date work out. a surprise news in the nfl over the weekend as the team's
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starting quarterback, andrew luck announced his retirement. nbc news correspondent ron mott has the detail sg. >> this was not an easy decision. >> a brutal sport has lost a warrior. >> the only way forward for me is to remove myself from football. >> indianapolis colts quarterback andrew luck after a string of injuries signdelined m for long stretches, including the entire 2017 season announced he's quitting at age 29. >> it's taken my joy of this game away. >> and now you're starting to hear the reaction of some of the fans. >> the news was not immediately welcomed by home fans who booed. one fan taking off luck's number 12 jersey. >> i'd be lying if i didn't hear the reaction. it hurt. >> former nfl player daunte
1:25 am
sta stallworth understands the decision. >> to take as many hits as he has day in and day out, over 17 years, i can't imagine what he's going through. >> luck, cwas the number one pik of the 2012 nfl draft, shoulder, concussion, and most recently his ankle. >> i'm in pain. i'm still in pain. for me to move forward in my life, the way i want to, it doesn't involve football. >> giving up the sport that paid him so well and cost him so much. >> thanks to ron mott for that report. more from the g7 summit including president trump's latest comments about the ongoing trade war with china. we'll get a live report from france. as we heard, it is hurricane season and president trump is reportedly pitching an idea to keep the storms from causing damage to the united states. we're going to have that reporting, plus a lot more still ahead. g to have that reporting, plus a lot more still ahead.
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and skills and effort and talent. please consider volunteering and feeling that feeling that you helped someone today. welcome back, everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin, alongside francis rivera in for yasmin vossoughian. president trump has announced a potential breakthrough into continued escalation with his trade war with china. speaking earlier this morning amid the g7 summit, the president said that beijing has signalled it wants to try and reach a deal. >> china called last night. our top trade people said let's get back to the table, so we'll be getting back not table, and i think they want to do something. they have been hurt very badly
1:30 am
but they understand this is the right thing to do, and i have great respect for it. i have great respect for it. this is a very positive development for the world. >> so this latest twist comes after president trump on friday announced he would be hiking tariffs on most imports from china following beijing's decision to place tariffs on $75 billion in american goods. the white house says it will raise existing duties on $250 billion in products from china from 25% to 30% on october 1st. tariffs on $300 billion worth of goods will increase from 10 to 15% beginning this sunday. in addition to the tariffs, the president announced that he is ordering u.s. companies to shift their production away from china telling them they must start looking for alternatives immediately. advocating they'd consider moving operations back to the u.s. those moves sent wall street, as you can imagine, crashing, the dow and s&p 500 shedding 2%, while the nasdaq lost 3% of it value. the selling continued with asian
1:31 am
stocks finishing deep in the red. yesterday, white house economic adviser larry kudlow defended president trump's approach to the trade war with china and his order blocking u.s. companies from doing business there. >> he's asking american companies to take a look, take a fresh look at frankly moving out of china, going someplace else. >> that takes years. >> possibly coming home to america. >> it will attack years. that is correct. that's why there's no immediate action here. he just put that out there. look, i have heard him say this time and time again, a couple of years ago i have been working here, he said it's individual business. he said it's the big business groups. he's asking them to come back home to america! to be clear, the president does not believe he can block private transactions with china? >> he is not intending to right now. that is not his intention. >> but that is still something
1:32 am
he's thinking about? >> you know, i don't want to go down that road. . >> all right. let's turn to nbc news white house correspondent kelly o'donnell covering the g7. she joins us from france, and kelly, the president spoke this morning and said talks with china are just now going to start getting serious. >> reporter: well, thcis was a big unexpected development. the president during a meeting with the egyptian president telling reporters that china contacted the u.s. trade delegation overnight and said they want to go back to the negotiating table, and president trump put a positive spin on that saying that it could be very good for the world, and he signalled that this could be a breakthrough moment. of course, all the final steps have to move forward. he of course is coming at this after there has been all the volatility that you just laid out, and the president saying that he believes that this is a real opening for a serious negotiation toward getting a deal. at the same time, it comes after
1:33 am
the announcement of a u.s. japan trade deal here of course. there's still more steps to be finalized there, but a big announcement nonetheless that will be good for especially american beef and pork producers and that is something the president is trying to tout. trying to put as much of the g7 into the economic piece as possible. there are a lot of other subjects that are important here, but the president has been trying to emphasize trade even though a number of other leaders have other issues on their minds, including france that has brought in for a breecief unexpected visit, iran's foreign minister. president trump saying he was informed by emanuel macron, france's president, in advance about the surprise interjection of the iranian piece of international diplomacy into this, and he was supportive of those negotiations. the u.s. didn't directly participate, he says, but he thi thinks that's an important step.
1:34 am
the u.s. pulled out of the iran trade agreement, the pact to stop them from getting a nuclear weapon and that is a continuing contentious issue among the allies assembled in southwestern france. the g7 wraps up later today, there are more meetings to happen and a final news conference between president trump and emanuel macron to cap things off later today. frances. >> quick question for you, and you mentioned the iran developments there with the iranian foreign minister, besides that significant development, what are the biggest take aways from this g7 so far? >> well, i think there is a difference in tone where president trump has tried to sort of recognizing that in the other meetings on the international stage that he has had with the g7, there have been clearly ruffled feathers. he has in some ways broken the mold of how this group has worked, and here he's been emphasizing that they're getting along. he has been praising the other leaders, saying they're working well together.
1:35 am
he's trying to come into this, it would appear, putting a better spin on it. in terms of substantiative piece, he wants to focus on trade and so forth. the other leaders are also talking about other things like digital transformation, inequality, wanting to talk about some of the larger issues that have to do with climate. those are not top issues for president trump to be sure, and i think at the final news conference, we'll get a sense of how these leaders will outline the conclusions here. certainly the president was critical of north korea and its continued missile testing. that was important because he was sitting alongside japan's prime minister shinzo abe at the time. saying north korea continues to be in violation. they don't see eye to eye on that, and the president was acknowledging that. there are a lot of questions, would anything come of it. president trump is saying there's potential in the area of trade coming out of this summit. >> kelly o'donnell live for us
1:36 am
in france, and important to note that president trump will be hosting the g7 summit in the u.s. republican senator trump ally lindsey graham offered up some advice to americans, being hurt by the ongoing trade war with china. accept it. >> every democrat and republican of note has said china tweet, the democrats for years have been claiming china should be stood up to. now trump is, and we have to accept the pain that comes with standing up to china. how do you get china to change without creating pain on them and us, i don't know. >> joining us again from washington, political reporter for the washington examiner, emily larsen. let's talk about the reaction from the president putting pressure on u.s. companies relying on china for needs. >> certainly president trump does not want u.s. companies to be manufacturing in china. he wants them to move elsewhere, preferably back to the united states and the reaction to this is first of all, i think, business communities are trying
1:37 am
to take a step back, play it cool, but it is an indication that this is an issue that's heating up and they're staerrti to get a little bit nervous. the problem with president trump's call for companies to exit china is that it takes a lot of effort and a lot of time and manpower to reload into a different area. there are a lot of products made in china that they aren't really made in such quantity and the scale that these businesses need anywhere else, and so that's a concern. additionally, legally, there are some questions about how this would be enforced. trump referenced an act from 1977 which would apply to future companies and future investment in china but not necessarily the ones that are there now. i think they are questioning how it would be enforced there as well. >> it was interesting to hear larry kudlow trying to spin it saying the president was suggesting when the president was clear in his tweet saying he
1:38 am
ordered american companies to do that. let me switch gears and get your thoughts on the big picture to this. what are you hearing in terms of what, if any, plans the white house has in terms of bringing an end to this trade standoff with china. the statement earlier from the white house with the egyptian president that president trump said china called last night saying they're ready to deal, but we're not getting much from what the u.s. is trying to do. >> it's sort of up in the air right now, i think that the president, as he said, they're trying to negotiate a deal with china, trying to get closer to that, and what that looks like, and how long that could take is up in the air right now. i think president trump has indicated he thinks he made great progress at this g7 summit, and if he does come to a deal, i'm sure that he will point to the tariffs and point to all of the measures that he has taken to try and put pressure on china as victories
1:39 am
and so certainly if they can come to an agreement by the time election season rolls around next year, this will be something the president will be touting for his reelection campaign, and was a major victory. >> the announcement that the president along with shinzo abe whar what more do we know about that, a deal in principal is not a deal overall. >> this is something that we have seen several times in the past, and president trump has been talking to previous leaders in previous instances, especially with north korea and how they think they have a deal and then it doesn't really quite pan out. we're really not sure about the time line just yet but i think the major take away here is that trump has been trying to play nice with these leaders and has been praising them, and as mentioned earlier, the tone has been certainly a lot calmer than
1:40 am
in past situations. i think he is trying to look forward and be solutions oriented rather than applying maximum pressure at this time and being a flamethrower type negotiator. >> we have a couple more hours to go in the g7. we'll see if that remains the case for the remainder of it. emily larsen, thank you. yesterday marked the one year anniversary of john mccain's death, and joe biden released a statement in remembrance of the arizona lawmaker, it reads in part this, one year ago, we lost a political giant and a genuine american hero, my friend, my frequent opponent, john mccain. we still feel keenly his loss in our public life. he believed in us, his fellow americans and today on the anniversary of his passing, we must all remember his final instructions to us, believe always in the promise and greatness of america because nothing is inevitable here. mccain's wife cindy tweeted yesterday, 365 days without you, john, america lost its most well
1:41 am
known maverick and we lost our rock. every day we celebrate and honor you by living out acts of civility. cindy mccain has launched a campaign called acts of civility which encourages decency, not divisiveness. >> i'm sure many across the country will be echoing that same sentiment. >> calls for civility, greatly needed in this country. president trump's apparent suggestion on how to stop hurricanes on hitting u.s. soil. the explosive idea the president floated to combat storms. and a bid to raise awareness of the struggle facing fellow veterans, those stories and janessa webb with another check of your forecast when we return. stay with us. we return. stay with us
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welcome back, everyone.
1:45 am
hurricane season is here and president trump reportedly has an idea to keep the storms from causing damage to the united states. nuclear bombs, according to axios, trump has suggested multiple times to homeland security and national security officials that they explore using nuclear bombs to stop hurricanes from hitting the u.s. axios writes during one hurricane briefing at the white house trump said i got it, i got it it, why don't we nuke them. that source paraphrased saying they form off the coast of africa, moving across the atlantic, we drop a bomb in the eye of hurricane and it disrupts it, why can't we do that. a senior administration official said we don't comment on private discussions the president may or may not have had with his national security team. let's get a check on your weather with meteorologist janessa webb. a wonderful weekend across the northeast here. we have storms that are continuing to brew across the
1:46 am
plains and severe weather threat will be enhanced throughout the day. did you see this rare video at the pga tour, third round hitting a 60 foot pine. this was a down burst here, and unfortunately caused six injuries. look at that massive lightning strike and when you hear lightning go back in doors, you think it's not going to happen to you, and unfortunately this was just a down burst and the heavy storms moving across the atlantic. we're going to continue to see storms floating through baton rouge to new orleans this afternoon with a potential flood threat enhanced as storms continue to move up to 1 to 3 inches with the flood watch in effect throughout your afternoon. also, the heat, it is just not backing off across the deep south to central texas. we have 24 million under heat warnings, heat advisories, and we are talking about triple digit heat. these are still the dog days of
1:47 am
summer for central texas into oklahoma city. let's talk about these storms here that are going to be impacting the plains here. we do have that enhanced risk for st. louis to kansas city. and these are going to roar through around that noon hour. they start to lose their force going into your tuesday, but all of that nice sunshine and breathable air we have been seeing across the northeast here. that's going to be impacted across the ohio valley to pittsburgh, new york city, by late tuesday and some of these storms will be on the severe side, so the heat had continue to build for dallas. we're going to watch record breaking highs, but this front is making it way from ohio to the northeast, so potentially i think we are done with the 90 degree weather, so that's going good. >> fall has arrived. >> we can steal it already. >> pumpkin spice. >> if it's being served follows here. one veteran's journey to spread a message about the struggle fellow service members
1:48 am
have faced comes to an end. kate snow has more on the journey across america by foot to raise awareness. >> reporter: every day for more than four months. >> every day is different, and you don't know where you're going to end up that night. >> reporter: navy veteran, tommy has been focussing on one more step from oregon. >> i'm here in what they call the high desert. >> reporter: to iowa. >> happy july 4th. >> reporter: michigan. >> now we're officially at 2,000 miles walked. >> reporter: all building to this moment on friday. >> i feel nervous seeing all of my friends for the first time in a long time. >> reporter: walking back into mi his hometown, 2860 miles from portland, oregon tor, to poughkeepsie, new york, raising money and awareness. >> 22 veterans every day take their own life every day in america, and 40,000 plus veterans are homeless in america every night.
1:49 am
>> reporter: after spending six years in the navy as an engineer, tommy thought he understood what it was to become a veteran. after becoming the commander of the local vfw service organization, the college professor started getting calls from former military. >> that experience opened my eyes as far as mental health and homelessness matters. i wanted to do something big. >> reporter: six pairs of shoes, three walking sticks and two hospital visits later, tommy reuniting with the veterans he walked for. >> i have so many people supporting me on social media and just, you know, back home that i never felt went alone once. so thank you so much for just being there for me out there. >> what he is doing for veterans is a really nice thing. >> reporter: hiking the nation to drive change. >> the walk ends today, but the work of helping veterans in our community hopefully other people doing it across the country starts today, so it feels like a beginning, not an end. >> thanks to kate snow for that
1:50 am
reporting, and kate says the money tomny raised during his walk will go to local charities that help veterans. we salute him for his service, for this journey that's going to keep going on after the walk. still ahead, president trump made the wall along the southern border a key pillar of his election. a new report suggests he is far from fulfilling that promise. and controversial former slch j sheriff joe arpaio is looking to get back into law enforcement. what he's saying about his bid to get his old job back. s sayind to get his old job back. without paying for things they don't. new plans now starting at $35. the network more people rely on gives you more.
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welcome back, the exsheriff of maricopa county in arizona joe arpaio says he wants his old job back. it comes two years after president trump pardoned him after a conviction on a criminal contempt charge for continue to go make immigration arrests after a court ordered him to stop. on twitter, arpaio said the last four years represented lost opportunities for the kind of tough policing the county needs. he also released a statement reading in part quote, watch out world, we are back. arpaio is promise to go reinstate measures like housing immigrants in outdoor tents in 100 degree plus temperatures in the phoenix area, forcing inmates to also wear pink underwear and working on chain gangs and only feeding inmates twice a day with bland food. in 2016 he lost reelection in what would have been a record 7th term as sheriff, and lost a republican primary race for the
1:54 am
u.s. senate to martha mcsally. 2 1/2 years after president trump promised to build a wall along the southern border, it seems at least not much progress has been made on that front. according to axios, the administration has been replacing more than 60 miles of existing barriers and fences, the department of homeland security has been referring to the replacement wall as new, but today, not a single mile of wall has been built where no barrier previously existed. the trump administration says it expects to build 450 miles of border wall in strategic locations by the end of 2020. fencing will be replaced with a new wall in el paso, el centro and tucson. a recent supreme court decision has enabled the trump administration to begin building barriers with pentagon funding following trump's emergency declaration. some of that money is now being used on border barrier projects. to the latest on president trump's ongoing attacks against the media. "the new york times" reports
1:55 am
that the network of conservatives allied with the white house is pursuing what they say will be an aggressive operation to discredit news organizations deemed hostile to the president by pibublicizing damaging information about journalists, compiling dossier of potentially embarrassing social media posts by people who work at some of the country's most prominent news organizations. the research is said to extend to members of journalists families who are active in politics, as well as liberal activists and political opponents of the president, according to the "times" only a fraction has been made public that people said with more to be disclosed as the 2020 election heats up. still to come, president trump faces deep divisions on the world stage. >> much more on the president's meetings at the g7 summit when he finds himself isolated from matters like tariffs, and
1:56 am
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at this weekend's g7 summit, the president clashes with allies over iran, north korea, the trade war with china and russia. besides that the president says things are just great. president trump gets a 2020 republican challenger. former gop congressman joe wam iss -- walsh is making a run for the white house. and protesters in hong kong, drew guns and water cannons on demonstrators. rz rz. good morning, everyone, it is monday, august 26th. i'm ayman mohyeldin, alongside franc frances rivera. president trump is beginning the final day of the g7 summit. he has been tweeting about how great everything has been going, there has been controversy and the usual double speak out of the white house. the white house was blind sided
2:00 am
when mohammad zarif showed up. french president said the g7 supported talks but president trump denied discussing a joint. trump said, quote, no comment when he planned to meet with the foreign minister and sent mixed signals over the trade war with china and it all began with this exchange. >> do you have any thoughts on the trade war with china. >> second thoughts? >> might as well. >> do you have second thoughts? >> i have second thoughts about everything. >> watch the chief economic advisor trying to explain that away. >> if i could reinterpret that. actually, what he is intending to say is he always has second thoughts and he had


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