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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 29, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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person to a dual. now that would be pretty good. [ laughter ] >> that is our broadcast for tonight. thank you for being with us and good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. this morning, we are tracking the path of hurricane dorian. the storm hit the virgin island and could move on by monday. >> and trump's proposal to host the next g7 summit at his resort. >> and gillibrand drops out of the presidential race after failing to qualify for the next debate.
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good morning. it is thursday, august 29. ie ie and i'm ayman mohyeldin. we begin with hurricane dorian that is now heading to the bahamas. it could grow as it moves towards florida for the labor day weekend. lets go to janessa webb. >> good morning. we are talking about a major hurricane possibly developing here. we are seeing sustained winds at 85 miles per hour at a steady pace. category one just outside of puerto rico. we have the outer bands affecting the leeward islands. this is a very important cone we are about to show you here. we do have a rapid intense
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indication phase. we'll go from a cat 1 to a major cat 3 hurricane by friday afternoon with sustained winds of 115 miles per hour. what is happening with this storm system is it is really having time to simmer. we are seeing less wind shear. a warm body of water. by saturday, 120 miles an hour, really turks and caicos possible tropical storm warnings going to go into place. for main land florida, the uncertainty is really large. we are looking at a major category 3 hurricane going into tampa. what i really want to show you here, this is a cat 1. this could go back into the gulf and then steer back. a lot of uncertainty but we need to have heightened concern. >> everyone is nervous about
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that this morning. >> sure. it is not going to be a holiday weekend for a lot of people keeping an eye on that. while puerto rico was mostly spared. it was unable to avoid the president's tweet. he posted this, when they do, let them know it and give them a big thank you, not like las time, that includes from the incompetent mayor of san juan. he tweeted that puerto rico is one of the most corrupt places on earth. it is sent to crooked pauls. no good. he came back for more tweeting, quote, by the way, i'm the best thing that ever happened to puerto rico. >> the trump administration caused wide-spread confusion by
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introducing a new policy that ends the policy. the new policy applies to those not born to u.s. citizens and later adopted by u.s. citizens serving abroad or in cases not citizens at the time of a child's birth. the immigration services will not automatically grant citizenships. in sted, those parents will have to prove they meet the legal requirements. not the case to children born to two citizens serving abroad. >> later clarifying, former vice president joe biden tweeted, our military families sacrifice everything and today, the trump trumped administration revoked
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automatic citizenship. he stated, i'll reverse that immediately. >> donald trump is launching an assault on their families. this shameful policy must be reversed immediately. >> trump's top official said some people are freaking out over nothing saying the policy manual was used to update citizenship and immigration practices used with the department of state, that's it. >> joining us here, i know this topic hits a little close to home for you. a lot of confusion there. walk us through how this policy could potentially impact those mend wom men and women serving in the military around the world. >> i'm one of those kids.
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i was born in japan to u.s. citizen parents, one of which was serving in the military. my citizenship comes from federal statute, not the constitution. one, i was born to u.s. citizens abroad. that doesn't have to do with the military. so my citizenship is secure there. what this affects is children adopted or born to non-u.s. citizen service members abroad. >> we have a lot of men and women in the military who are permanent green card holders that are serving on the front line. >> it appears not automatically. but children who are servicemen who just u.s. citizens born abroad, are still citizens. i've been telling people for a long time. all of this citizenship exists
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by virtue of federal statute. even birthright citizenship is no longer a sure thing. >> an executive order by the president is not necessarily unconstitutional? if he's putting this out there ending birthright citizenship. >> that is different and it rests on something we have all believed for decades that it was untouchable. if you are born on the earth that is the united states, you are a citizen of the united states. there are some who say that is not what birthright citizenship is. the only thing that was intended to correct is the problem of slavery. anyone born subject to the jurisdiction of another country, a foreign citizen, does not get the benefit of birthright
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citizenship. in that sense, if that is not a constitutional guarantee, then yes, in theory, that could override it. >> something they are discussing. interesting to hear another legal perspective on it. danny, thank you. the house judiciary committee is planning to investigate president trump's proposal to host the next g7 summit at his resort. releasing this statement yesterday writing, quote, the president's personal financial interests are clearly shaping the interest of government activities and shapes the type of risks the clause was created to prevent.
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hosting the g7 at doral would clearly affect this. president trump on tuesday blamed democrats about spreading false rumors after details surfaced about a lawsuit in which a former guest claimed he was bitten by bed bugs. an inspection reveals while they never found bed bugs, there did show to be lengthy list of health code violations such as live roaches near oa ovans. another report showed the resort received a near perfect grade. and that report was in may. let's discuss this proposed investigation by the house of
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trump's offer to host the next g7 summit at the resort whachlt do they look for in regards to this emoliants clause. >> they are looking to see if his personal financial interests are shaping his decision making. the house foreign affairs committee and now the judiciary committee is involved that loops in the impeachment investigation. what was said yesterday, essentially this broadens their impeachment investigation and that anything they uncover can be used for a potential impeachment. that is the most important thing that could come out of this. and the fact that you mentioned before, there will be a hearing on this in september. it will elevate it in the nation
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and put more attention on it. >> i want to be clear. the question is not whether donald trump is making money on it but whether it is shaping what he does? >> exactly. exactly right. of course as lawmakers have said for members of both parties in the past, this would be an impeachable offense. >> you think about the times the g7 has hosted others in the past, that doesn't say doral is the only option for this. >> camp david, for example. >> let me ask you another question about the confusing situation. how will the change impact current policies already set in place? >> this is another example of the more hard lined immigration being imposed by the newly
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minted director of u.s. citizenship and immigration services. as you were talking about before, it changes some of the definitions. the deaf nation of residing in the united states will not apply to those children actually living on u.s. military bases abroad. i remember in 2008, when this was partly an issue with senator john mccain. he was of course born outside the united states on a military base but given auto mattmatic citizenship because of that. it is just another example of what the trump administration is doing especially ever since they new top of the cis. >> seems like a running theme here. thank you. still ahead, republican senator johnny isakson announces
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>> dorian bringing trental rained winds. surprising puerto rico. more than 50 shelters are open. public workers ordered to stay home. now stretching to the florida coast. >> welcome back. that is going to show you there why presidenresidents in florid breaking. this has some of us really concerned. >> we are really lucky this
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morning. puerto rico, it steered more to the north here. but this storm system already creating an eye here. over the next 24 to 36 hours, it will grow stronger. the steering mechanisms of this system will be vital. if you remember harvey, how it stalled out across texas and louisiana and that prolonged rain. we are forecasting catastrophic rain here for coastal areas of florida from miami to jacksonville. when you have a system come on shore like this, that means this is going to be a long, slow duration. with that change, now we are looking at tuesday afternoon potentially going back to the gulf. the lower end of rainfall from
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miami to cross city, the prolonged event and heavier downpours as it continues, we could see heavier amounts. that doesn't include the storm surge we could possibly see. when you see wind gusts, we are talking over 130 miles per hour. that doesn't subside until monday. a lot of we know this is going to be a major flooding event, storm surge also a huge possibility. >> thank you. a lot to watch out for. republican johnny isakson says he will retire from the dueconcerns. he wrote, with the mounting health challenges i am facing, i have concluded that i will not be able to do the job over the long term. i know it is the right thing do
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on behalf of my state. he was diagnosed with parkinsons in 2015 and has recently been hospitalized due to a fall in which he suffered four fractured ribs. he underwent surgery last week. a special election will be held the end of the term. that now means both georgia's u.s. senate seats are up for grabs in 2020. >> georgia democrat stacey abrams has quickly squashed rumors that she will make a run. she released a statement reading, our thoughts are with the senator and his family. she will lead voter protection efforts across the country and make sure democrats are successful in 2020 while she will not be a candidate herself, she is committed to helping democratic candidates win races
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next year. she already announced she would not run saying my responsibility is not simply to run because the job is available. i need to run because i want do the job. georgia democrats are hoping to flip both republican held seats victory runs through georgia. ready to fight for democrats across the country. >> president will participate in the launch of a u.s. command. that's coming up. and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life.
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>> president trump is set to participate in the launch of the united states space command. the command will be responsible for planning and carrying out space operations including missile warnings, satellite operations and space control. general raymond has been selected to take the helm of the command. it is not a separate branch of the military, unlike the president's initial desire for a space force. >> the president appears to be souring on the coverage of his favorite news station for heavily promoting the democrats. calling the organization hopeless and clueless. tweeting, the new fox news is letting millions of people down. we have to look for a new
2:24 am
network. fox isn't working for us anymore. the daily beast has asked friends and advisors, quote, what the hell is going on at fox. the wall street journal reports more than 15 men and women have been affiliated with the fox administration and fox news. >> kellyanne conway responding to comments from taylor swift using her own lyrics coming from a supporting. watch this. >> i actually like the new taylor swift song that is called, you need to calm down. >> if you say it on the street, it is a knockout, you say it in
2:25 am
a tweet, that's a cop out. >> i think when singers go political, it sounds in the moment very popular. we've seen many times where it backfires and blows up. >> okay. when swift took the stage monday night, she thanked supporters of the petition. petitions need 100,000 signatures within 30 days to warrant a response. it is safe to say the white house has not responded to that petition that has reached 500,000 people. >> still ahead, kirsten gillibrand drops out of the 2020 democratic race. >> president trump denies reports that he offered to pardon aids that broke the law to fast track his law. this wouldn't be the first time he exercised pardons. those stories and more coming up.
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>> welcome back. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. >> the democratic field is down one candidate after yesterday. >> i wanted you to hear it from me first. after more than eight incredible runs, i'm ending my presidential campaign. i know this isn't the result we wanted. we wanted to win this race. it is important to know when it is not your time and to know how you can best serve your
2:30 am
community and country. i believe i can best serve by helping to unite us to beat donald trump in 2020. >> senior aids said she decided with her family to end her bid after she was unable to secure a spo spot on the debate stage. saying she is not yet picked a favorite and stopped short of saying she would endorse a woman. >> the democratic field weighed in including former vice president joe biden. >> she's smart as hell and had a lot to contribute. it is hard when you have so many people in the race. she's a caliber person. i hope that means she's still going to stay deeply involved in what she's doing. if i'm lucky enough to be one of the people elected, i would go to her for help. >> others reacted including
2:31 am
elizabeth warren saying, thank you for being part of this race. your voice has been strong and clear. your determination is always on display. i am proud to keep fighting alongside you. >> president trump weighed in. wasn't going to miss that opportunity. he wrote saying, a sad day for the democrats. kirsten gill he brand dropped out, i am glad they never found out she is the one i was really afraid of. >> ten candidates qualified. biden, booker, pete buttigieg, castro, harris, warren, o'rourke. tom steyer made it on the stage but fell short of qualifying to
2:32 am
boost his campaign. joining us now from washington, andrew, you'll be relieved, i'm not going to ask you to comment on the president's tweet. as this debate appears to be set. a lot were saying those who did not make the stage this time are destined to drop out of the race. how does this look for those who didn't make it? >> i think you could see more drop outs at this point especially after the threshold was cut off and we have the 10 candidates who will make the stage in september. it is important to remember the criteria for the october debate are the same for the september debate. in reality, those like tom steyer and the congresswoman from hawaii have more time to reach the threshold.
2:33 am
it is possible the october stage could be larger than the september stage. when you are not on the debate stage, it deprives you of an opportunity to get that break out moment. that is important. >> i want to get your thoughts on the exit of gillibrand and what it means on the issues. she ran on a strong women-oriented platform. one of her signature issues fighting for women's rights on all different fronts. what does that say about that being front and center and how does it exit any call i brasion on the issues in the race? >> she really did focus on promoting women and making sure women have bigger roles in american politics. that is something others focused on as well.
2:34 am
gillibrand really made it a center piece. as folks talk about who could be an eventual nominee, she would be at or near the top of the list. she's talked about the possibility of endorsing someone. i could see her endorsing one of her senate colleagues. senator harris or warren, certainly one of the more progressive on the race. she'll be around for a long time. that is something folks have to remember. >> thank you, andrew. president trump is denying a report that he offered pardons to aids who will help build the wall. saying in part, that he said he
2:35 am
would consider pardons. >> i never wanted anybody to be above the law but the pardons are a positive thing for a president. the question was asked about pardons about paul manafort. i said i'm not taking anything off the table. looking at pardons. some of these soldiers are people who have fought hard and long and when they fight, they get treated unfairly. the power to pardon is a beautiful thing. you got to get it right. get the right people. >> in a series of tweets, trump slammed the washington post and amazon writing, quote, another totally fake story in the amazon "washington post" lobbyist which states if my aids broke the law to build the wall, which is going up rapidly, i would give them a pardon. the amazon "washington post" and cnn just did a fake interview on
2:36 am
pardon for aids on the wall and that i didn't think the wall in the southern border was that important. wrong, vitally important. will make a big impact so bad. there has never been a time when the media was so fraudulent, fake and corrupt. when we look back, i hope a big part of my history will be in exposing the fake news. >> hurts our feelings. >> coming after the "washington post" reports through his pardons of political allies, those convicted of federal crimes, president trump has sent indirect signals. president trump has issued 15 pardons so far. speaking to the "washington post," several democrats said
2:37 am
the investigation is fair game because abuse of a pardon is an abuse of a presidency. saying trump was merely joking when floating the idea of pardoning people. >> congresswoman tweeted, sorry, this is a representative democracy. i was elected with 78% of the vote, not the alabama republican party. maybe don't nominate an accused child molester. roy moore weighed in and backed his party to push outing the congresswoman. stating, she should go back to somalia from where she came. >> omar shared an image of a
2:38 am
threat she reportedly received stating a, quote, very capable person with a very big gun would target her at the minnesota state fair writing, quote, i hate that we live in a world where we have to be protected from fellow humans. i hated it during the war and i hate it now. i have to accept the reality of having security. still ahead, we'll track hurricane dorian as it is moving through the areas. still talking about that it is too soon to withdraw troops from afghanistan. we are back in a moment. so it looks like this... and you feel like this. aveeno® daily moisturizer
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how do you get skin happy aveeno® with prebiotic oat. it hydrates and softens skin. so it looks like this... and you feel like this. aveeno® daily moisturizer get skin happy™ >> welcome back. we'll go right to the weather.
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tracking hurricane dorian. this could get a lot bigger and more dangerous. it has already done some damage. >> right. we are going to see that rapid intensification phase. we are seeing wind speeds of 85 miles an hour. that will increase to up to near 100 miles an hour. we are forecasting a major hurricane for florida. the last time we saw this was hurricane gene in 2004. the typical track of these either talking carolina coast or the gulf of mexico. this is a rare storm that decided to make its turn. the high pressure is dictating a lot of this storm. out of puerto rico, those warnings have expired but just a few bands linger. as this simmers in the atlantic,
2:43 am
you'll see the humidity start to rise. also sitting in temperatures currently at 85 to 89 degrees allowing it to simmer here. at 120 miles an hour, that is a cat 3. this cone of uncertainty is really broad. we want to look for it to get smaller so we can start to forecast the potential land fall we could see monday evening to tuesday here. i do think this goes on shore as a cat 3 from this latest update. i cannot tell you where the land fall will be but somewhere on the florida coast here. it will die down to a cat 1. the forecast is really clear here with the storm surge, also the rain maker that is about to happen. potentially up to 10 inches. with this prolonged event, we
2:44 am
could see higher amounts. people are thinking that with puerto rico, that was it. this is actually just the beginning of this storm system. >> this has gotten stronger. >> as we mentioned, residents in florida are getting ready. some saying this could be the worst storm to hit in decades. in florida, lines to fill up gas tanks were long. you see folks filling up sand bags. >> still ahead, we are tracking another kind of storm. one of the economy. the possible no-deal brexit come together to form what could be a disaster scenario. business comes your way next.
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>> welcome back, president trump has long been a proponent of withdrawing all u.s. troops from afghanistan. he has said some service members may need to stay for intelligence reasons. and the outgoing chief of staff appeared to throw cold water on a total withdraw. >> when you said there might be a time in the future where the afghan partners would have the ability to be the type of force to keep terror out of afghanistan in the future.
2:48 am
are they capable of that now? >> in the current environment today, at the level of violence, i think we and the afghans agree some degree of support is necessary. that's why we have forces there today. right now, it is my judgement that the afghans need support to deal with the level of violence associated with the insurgency today. if the environment changes, our posture will adjust. >> more than monetary support. it is military support? >> that's right. the chinese military began sending a new group of troops into the city describing the move as routine. the state run news agency posted impat images of trucks and a navy vessel. chinese authorities warn at any
2:49 am
moment, the military could be called upon to respond to the protest. the hong kong government previously denied that it called on the military for any assistance. it is looking likely that united kingdom will leave the european union without an official divorce deal. boris johnson is a major supporter and he won the queen's approve yol to suspend parliament. what this does is give lawmakers drastically less time to debate or to prevent the no-deal brexit. the controversial move has out spoken critics wean within the conservative party. the speaker of the house of commons who was elected as a conservative before taking up
2:50 am
the role also called it a, quote, constitutional outrage. the harshest comments have been made by john major who compared johnson to king to king charles the 1st who also did that and was later beheaded before the civil war. how are these latest moves from london affecting global markets? >> ayman, would you believe they're one of the drivers this morning. quite a substantial deal when you think about the harsh language coming out from boris johnson's critics after he made that decision to suspend parliament yesterday. i want to go to one of the key drivers before brexit, the trade situation. european markets are trading higher today and u.s. futures
2:51 am
predict wall street will see further gains during the u.s. section as well after the chinese commerce ministry commented it opposes an escalation in the u.s.-china trade spat and they are willing to resolve the issue with a calm attitude. offering upbeat comments about the relations been beijing and washington. that is providing a boost in sentiment across the globe. we did see the dollar drop yesterday and wait to see what comes next during the brexit developments. it's not just the uk during the political storm, italy also front and center. just about an hour ago, the former prime minister was reinstated to lead the government forward. a bit of relief for italian assets as well.
2:52 am
a lot to digest for investors but looks like a positive day. >> we will see what happens when they ape up a little bit. >> can i ask you antidotally speaking, i found it fascinating queen elizabeth stepped into this. we were reading about all the criticism, has there been criticism of the queen herself for getting involved and saying go ahead, shut down parliament for these weeks? >> it's not unprecedented for them to suspend parliament before the queen's speech, an opportunity to put pause in the lead-up to their term. what's really provocative and caused the controversy is the timing. the queen has historically agreed to this request for a suspension. it's just the timing. and boris johnson and his government suggest it's just business as usual. >> it's critical. >> thanks, juliana.
2:53 am
up next, one big thing from jonathan swan. we look at dorian's path over the weekend. and discussing the steps for his campaign after failing to make next month's debate and robert costa from the "washington post," "morning joe" just moments away. it hydrates and softens skin. so it looks like this... and you feel like this. aveeno® daily moisturizer get skin happy™ so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country.
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welcome back, everyone, joining us from washington, d.c., national political reporter for axios, mr. jonathan swan, a bit of a storm in washington, d.c. no pun intended. what is axis' "1 big thing" for us this morning? >> jim vandehei takes a look at the sweeping access of american
2:57 am
life, from the cars we drive to what we do with our home to energy sources we use and kids college tuition and health insurance. when you put it all together, it is a very sweeping vision of government we haven't really seen ambition on this scale since fdr in terms of bringing government into all aspects of life. he even rolled out a media plan the other day i'm still reading through. it's interesting what jim touches even if he doesn't win this democratic primary, he has shaped it in such a profound way dating back to '16. i don't think he gets nearly enough credit for that. >> to what cost? how many trillions of dollars and offerings how to pay for it? >> a lot. it could be $40 trillion.
2:58 am
the energy platform alone is $16 trillion. high taxes, certainly on the wealthy. the mystery we don't fully know yet is which taxes would be raised on middle class through various means. >> let's get your thoughts of nikki haley appearing as a special guest at an upcoming trump-pence campaign event? what is the message? she sent out a tweet last week a couple days ago saying the rumors of her possibly replacing mike pence as a presidential candidate in 2020 need to be stopped. >> this is the first time nikki haley has officially sort of signed on in a visible way to the trump reelection campaign. she said back when she resigned as u.s. ambassador she would support the president. this is her on the ticket at the
2:59 am
fund-raiser speaking on behalf of the president and the vice president. it was somewhat of a relief to some people in the administration who have been very wary of her intentions, as ambassador haley acknowledged herself rumors had been circulating she had designs of replacing pence on the ticket. there have been a number of people including people in the white house including son-in-law jared kushner and daughter-in-law, that nikki haley would be a smart person to replace pens. >> she's been very clever with the way she communicated. a couple of eye roll tweets when the president says something particularly egregious. there you have it. >> thank you very much. we will be reading axios in a few minutes. that's a wrap for us this wednesday morning pneumonia i'm
3:00 am
yasmin vossoughian along with ayman mohyeldin. the president started back with build that wall and mexico will pay for it. so far, that is long gone. despite the information to the contrary, there is no new wall. same span, not new place. the total of repaired barrier is about 60 miles along that 2,000 mile border. the president also said in the tweet the wall is going up rapidly. it is not. as we just reported, there is no new wall. only replacement for walls in need of repair or upgrade. those are the facts. >> we trust shepard smith at fox news. president trump has to deal with the fact some at fox news aren't working for


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