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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  September 2, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> 2:00 a.m. just about here on the east coast. we're continuing our live breaking news coverage of hurricane dorian. the category 3 storm at a bizarre standstill. it remains hovering at it batters the bahamas with sustained winds of 140 miles per hour. and right now rescue efforts are under way on the island. officials confirm five people have died there. dozens more injured across the region. here's what the situation looked like in free port earlier. >> the tree and the water there. against the window. that's the fun part. the water is about six feet. over six feet. deep. god be with us. god be with us. keep praying. >> the storm is expected to pick
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up steam and head nort. exactly when is anyone's guess. awaiting the next move. up to the carolinas. in florida shelters are maxing out. many residents in the region evacuate the area. including those in hospitals and elderly homes. >> straight to meteorologist. tracking this storm. we are going to say all night. it has been a week. ten days. >> almost two weeks. we're going to continue to watch this storm system into saturday. so we are not done yet. right now it's stationary over the northern bahamas. 120 miles per hour sustained winds. i want to show you very quickly the retract. the eye of the hurricane. it it's starting to split apart. starting to lose the force. but as it goes back into open water, it will gain steam once again. unfortunately these bands are very heavy.
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and they'll cause that storm surge in the major flooding across southern florida. we just got the latest update from the national hurricane center. i want to show you something very quickly. downgraded to a category 3. we're not concerned about the intensity here. the energy is split apart across the storm system. the flooding is going to be prolonged. as it makes its way to the north, look at this. it goes back to a category 4. it's going to gain the intensity with the open water. we're talking about temperatures in the mid-80s to upper 80s. gaining force here and that's a big problem for storm surge in the flooding for southern florida. we're not going to see the eye of the hurricane hit the coastal areas of florida. but that doesn't mean that left side that left quadrant is really going to enforce that storm surge. it will le main a cat 3 into
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wednesday. sustained winds of 125 miles per hour. i know we're not thinking about a land fall. but this is too close for comfort for me. for the carolina coast. this is outer banks. 105 miles per hour for thursday. if we can escape that, it will make its way offshore. a difference here, jersey. you'll feel the left overs of hurricane dorian. so we'll see the storm surge. i want to mention here west palm the elevation in this area is 13 feet. a storm surge of two to four feet on top of a high tide that will come in around 5:00 a.m. that's going to see significant flooding. also miami is about six feet. those lower elevations that will be the big story throughout the afternoon. along with the very gusty winds. we still have the hurricane watches in warnings that are in
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place. i think this will start to get extended for southern georgia. to south carolina. and north carolina. in the next 24 to 34 hours. we'll see the winds the really going to pick up and allow the storm surge to be in place. 53 miles per hour. early this morning. that is the huge story. this will go back to category 4. with that intensification. >> we said we have been talking about this storm. for a good part of two weeks. why is it moving so slow? it's painfully slow. like a mile an hour. >> we have never seen a storm system stall out for this long. it's been sitting over the grand bahamas for 20 hours and some spots. 36 well to the west here. we'll have that hugeichael. if you remember that storm system in 2016. it wasn't the eye of the
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hurricane that was the huge problem. it was the surge it was the flooding that caused over a billion worth of damage. for florida. and 14 fatalities in florida alone. that is something that just because we're not seeing land fall. still a big issue. >> okay. so much to talk about. >> 20 hours. just scrubbing the bahamas. >> thank you so much. the bahamas as you can tell, the full brunt of the hurricane. death toll stands at five. that could rise. the wind and rains here have ripped apart as many as 13,000 homes. covering the storm for us. >> the water continues to rise. sfwl the bahamas torn apart. dorian a slow moving monster. swallowing homes and mangling cars. pushing an angry sea onto peoples doorsteps.
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a chilling play by play. his home on stilts no match for a two story storm surge. >> far beyond anything we have imagined or ever experienced. >> prayers for a family as dorian turned deadly. >> my grandson dead. that's it. >> the grandmother in tears. after she said her grandson drowned seeking shelter. conditions remain so bad the coast guard couldn't move in. rescuing dozens. many fearing the worst. >> what's your biggest fear? >> my son's safety. >> his son part of the military stationed in ab co. the weather is picking up. since then, silence. >> the storm came and all communication was lost. nothing. >> flooding is among the big concerns. with cars submerged as dorian
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dumps foot after foot of rain. >> the severe flooding. and we fear for the lives of many. >> the bahamas prime minister says help is on the way. stresses he's never seen such a powerful storm. >> it's disheartening. it's as if we're fighting war. with the enemy having all the weapons at its disposal. and we have nothing. hopeless. the only thing we have is god. so we can pray. >> wow. it is remarkable seeing the pictures. dorian is churning at a snails pace. forecast ers expect it is going to get dangerously close to florida. the national hurricane center predicting dorian path will be turning east with the storm cone moving just off the jacksonville coast. from our station in miami. in daytona beach. you have been doing duty on this
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storm for quite a long time. what are you seeing now? it's dark. but it doesn't look like a lot of storm surge at this point from the water. >> you're right. early quiet this morning. very few people out and about. we are under a hurricane warning. what that means is we're expecting sustained winds of at least 74 miles per hour. you heard even if dorian doesn't make land fall in florida it's not expected to at this point, we are still expecting some serious impact of winds and potential storm surge. so mandatory evacuations have been ordered. they began yesterday. for areas along the beach here, the coastal side. just east of the intercoast. where we are now. this morning there are more than 1,100 people in shelters across the county.
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15 shelters open. they do have capacity for plenty more. they can take another 2,500 people. so right now, in just speaking with emergency managers what they don't know is how long will they be under this hurricane warning. as we have been talking about dorian moving so slowly. they're not sure how long we will be under this hurricane warning and have to be bracing for these conditions. >> when it comes to evacuations, there are concerns we have heard about bridges being closed and the like. is it possible that people who want to get out will not be able to? might they have passed a certain window? >> at this point they still have a chance to leave. if they want to. as late as we were seeing people coming into the hotel. who retreated from the beach side. the decision here would be to close the bridges once the winds
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reach dangerous levels. we haven't yet gotten to that point. >> okay. that's good thus far. thank you for the late night duty. >> unlike the bahamas where it is too late in many spots to get away. adds we have been hearing. most of the southeast coast is on edge as dorian creeps towards the u.s. 1 million reds dents from florida through the carolinas are warned to get out before it's too late. dorian could dump up to 15 inches of rain onto the carolinas. we're tracking the storm in charleston. you were able to see the report from julia. it looks to be very similar where you are. good thing. calm, quiet. >> good morning to you. it is relatively quiet. believe it or not. some of the bars are still open at this hour. we have seen a handful of folks walking in and out of the downtown area.
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obviously this is top of mind in the region and evacuations for the coastal areas in south carolina. that went into effect at noon yesterday. so we saw a couple of things. visitors heading out around that time frame. the hotels began telling folks actually leave. because they were also part of the evacuation. which we are in right now. the danger zone. we saw the residents getting ready yesterday. the lines weren't significantly long. nothing like in florida. but people were starting to get ready. we saw businesses stocking up on essential supplies like water, generators and today is essentially one of the days one of the last days to get ready ahead of the storm. we may see longer lines. interstate 26 which is a major corridor here. traffic was actually diverted in one direction to help evacuees
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get out here and get out of the region without any gridlock. no issues yesterday. things might be different yesterday as folks monitor the situation. and kind of make sure that they are able to get out at timely manner. officials are saying use this time now while the weather is favorable to get ahead of the storm. hurricane 2016 left a some scars in this region. something that still top of mind. folks know the damage that hurricanes can do. in this region. flooding is a major concern. we're along water here. told that when there's rain in the forecast, there is flooding even in the downtown area. just this past summer we're told the water got to the door of the businesses across the street. we are in the low country for a region. for a reason. this region is susceptible to flooding. when you add in the hurricane
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conditions, the situation could get worse. >> perfect storm. >> low country. i was reading the paper, headlines are that the government at the moment a lot of institutions are closing ahead. trying to prepare for what might happen. because of the schools being low country as well. they are planning to be closed throughout sometime. do we know how long? the entire week? that will cause problems. >> absolutely. that's right. they're monitoring this situation. we know they will be closed starting today. the storm is supposed to get here between wednesday and thursday. it depends on how much damage we see after the storm passes by. hopefully it doesn't do too much shifting and makes land fall in this region. we can see significantly see damage in the area. >> for sure. from charleston, south carolina. >> the bahamas traus millions of
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tourists every year. officials urge visitors to leave in the days ahead of the storm. joins us on the phone. ed field the vice president of public affairs for the island. with a welcome to you. we wonder how things are going where you are. how's the resort handling everything? >> like i said earlier, atlantis and the island and are actually doing well. we have a couple challenges with power. supply issues and are temporary. we're doing immensely well compared to our brothers and sisters in the family island. the picture you have up is not atlantis. it's the -- we're standing as it was prior to storm. >> ed, given how large dorian is, what kind of heads up were
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you given? you must have been within the cone of uncertainty. what did that do to your operations? >> well, we have a hurricane plan that we exercise. we were actually just on the edge of the cone. so we were prepared like we always are for the storm. we really never got the kind of storm winds that were associated with this monster storm. sometime we had tropical storm winds and heavy rain. up to that we hadn't received any issues. of course, with the bahamas meteorologist office and the weather channel and msnbc and others. we know where the storm is. a week in advance. and we prepare. >> very close watch. any people take off earlier than
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planned? because they were heeding evacuation warnings or just fearful they could get caught there? >> na saw never had evacuation orders or even suggestions. however obviously people make their own decisions. quite a few guests left early. some of the airlines decided to actually schedule flights a day early. so people took advantage. >> that makes sense. things are going well for you there. we're glad to here it. thank you for the call. >> plenty more on the track of the hurricane. there's other stories making news. the tragic scuba diving boat in flames while carrying dozens. plus a bizarre scare. at the busiest airport. those details when we return. rt those details when we return - in the last year, there were three victims
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we'll have more hurricane coverage in a minute. a few other top stories we have been following. tragedy striking off the coast of southern california. this was near santa cruz island. dozens are feared dead following a boat fire. rescue crews recovered eight bodies authorities fear the death toll could be as high as 34. we have the latest. good morning to you. >> good morning. this is the home port of the
11:21 pm
vessel the conception. people are out here placing flowers and candles. and unfortunately in this community hope is starting to fade. for any other survivors being found. >> off the coast of the california island frantic call. that made a coming from a conception the 75 foot boat fully in flames. over the radio a man identifying himself as the captain telling the coast guard dozens of passengers were trapped below deck. 34 divers on a scuba excursion. crew members awake on the upper deck jumped over board to and swam to a nearby boat for help. passengers remained trapped. >> witnesses describe hearing explosions during the fire. the charter boat had been -out
11:22 pm
fitted for scuba diving. with pressurized tanks and propane tanks. authorities say it it's too soon to know how the fire started. the burned out hole finally sinking after sunrise. 60 feet off the coast of the island. >> devastating. tragic. >> res kus cuers searching the shoreline. no sign of survivors. >> a difficult time ahead. investigators try to figure out what happened. >> that is a difficult time. for sure. >> thank you. >> investigators vealing some new details on that texas highway shooting spree that left seven dead and dozens injured. the 36 year-old was on a downward spiral and terminated from his job before the rampage began. he made rambling phone calls to the police and fbi tip line. >> before most victims had time
11:23 pm
to run, they found themselves pinned down in a hail of gunfire. a officials say the suspect, seth ator had a criminal history. failed a background check. and should have never owned the assault style rifle used to kill seven and wound 22. >> just got shot. >> hours before the shooting. he was fired from his job. >> he was on a long spiral of going down. he didn't wake up saturday morning and wake into the company and it happened skbl after police tried to pull over the suspect for a traffic violation. he opened fire on officers and civilians. before he was eventually killed. >> investigators later swarmed his home. where neighbors say he was often armed. the house barely livable. >> it was a dirt floor. >> no running water. >> with several still
11:24 pm
hospitalized, carla burn lost her brother in the rampage. that left seven dead. >> my brother was slaughtered. like he was nothing. in his car. at a stoplight. with his wife and children on the way to get family pictures taken. >> this tight knit community also came together to remember the postal employee. the truck driver and the afghanistan veteran who survived a battlefield. but died at home in odess a. >> heartbreaking. >> thank you so much. on the trump administration walking back a plan to end deportation protection for sick immigrants. announcement after the administration halted the protections for sick migrants earlier this month. this decision was met with backlash from immigrant advocates and congress. monday the u.s. citizen ship ann
11:25 pm
process. that allows migrants in the country illegally to avoid deportation for compelling reasons including critical medical care. >> panic over night at the airport. between 150 and 200 passengers fleeing terminal a after they were told to evacuate by attendants. according to port authority officials a flight attendant approached two men at gate 30 and grew concerned after talking with them. she hit an alarm and alerted people to evacuate. after an hour, the airport sent out a tweet saying there was no threat. and passengers and employees are rescreened as a precaution. passengers returned to the terminal to begin searching for luggage. the two men have been identified and are being questioned. as well as the flight attendant who triggered the alarm. >> just ahead. meteorologist will have the latest on the track of hurricane dorian. and live to the heart of the bahamas and talk to a popular radio host who is hunkered down.
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a lot of news happening now.
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we'll go straight to the bahamas. a category 3. that's the change this morning. it's churning. it's absolutely devastated the region. leaving five dead and 21 injured. celebrity chef says currently there in the bahamas. he told the "new york times" he is providing humanitarian relief making 10,000 witches. >> that's a huge effort for his to take under there. all as the u.s. is bracing for impact. dorian currently hovering 75 to 100 miles off the florida east coast. winds up to 140 miles per hour. that means it is extremely dangerous still. let's go over to msnbc meteorologist tracking dorian if for us. almost two weeks now. >> we're going to continue to track dorian into the weekend. unfortunately. but what's happening right now currently sustained wind of 120 miles per hour. it's still stationary. it has been sitting over the grand bahamas and portions of
11:31 pm
the northern bahamas for over 24 hours. we haven't seen anything like this if you remember hurricane harvey. over texas. and louisiana. that stalled out for two days. but the elevation for texas is over 100 feet. for the bahamas, they're at sea level. this is absolutely devastating. the geography of the mass area of land is just going to be forever changed. now our current radar you can see the bands that are making their bay on shore from west palm beach to fort pierce. that will continue throughout the afternoon. what i really want to mention here, this is almost like a severe weather event. potentially some of the bands could spark up a few tornados. the heavier downpours are going to be very sper rattic throughout the day. when you see the correspondents they could go through a dry slot. where they're seeing sunshine.
11:32 pm
and you get this heavy downpour from the offshore bands that will be really continuous. the national hurricane center making their just update. noticeable difference. you saw in this satellite i want to show you here, free port. what's happening here. the back edge of this storm system is hitting land. the eye now a lot bigger and trying to break apart. but, this is open water once again. temperatures are in the mid-80s it will gain steam. i forecast a category 4. and downgraded. that storm surge really going to be an issue for the next 24 to 36 hours. sustained wind by wednesday of 125 miles per hour. i know we're not forecasting a land fall for south carolina or the outer banks. this is something to watch choes closely. thursday 8:00 p.m. wilmington. to the outer banks. we'll see the wind 105 miles per
11:33 pm
hour. i just measured this. this is about 35 to 40 degrees difference from land to the eye of the storm. so that's just too close. we'll continue to watch that. it will continue to make its way offshore. the surge here, what you need to know here two to four feet storm surge. rain accumulation. three to six inches potentially. then high tide. that's going to come in for west palm around 5:15. you add that altogether. west palm to ft. lauderdale. we're talking about an elevation about 13 to nine feet. the flooding just going to be damaging. >> you remind us of harvey. remember the pictures of houston. downtown was flooded and they had a better shot of things going into that storm. 100 foot elevation. thanks for that. >> that storm surge enough to take down buildings.
11:34 pm
we cannot forget that. four to seven feet. another destruction in the bahamas simply unprecedented. just parked on top of the bahamas. hurricane is a slow moving nightmare. for those trapped on the island. storm is responsible for at least five deaths and demolished 13,000 homes. we have more. >> there's a death toll after hurricane dorian whipped through the bahamas. and stalled over the island for hours. >> we know that there are number of people in grand bahamas who are in serious disstress. and provide relief and assistance as soon as possible. >> now more than 24 hours since making land fall, the mission is rescue and recovery. >> the initial reports is that the devastation is unprecedented and extensive. >> in miami, much needed
11:35 pm
donations being collected for the devastated islands. meanwhile the rest of florida still on edge. waiting for dorian to make a move. florida's governor says dozens of medical facilities are moving patients to safer ground. >> get out now while you have time and there's fuel available. >> a million people ordered to evacuate from florida to the carolinas. thousands of flights cancelled and some airports closed. >> airports in ft. lauderdale and west palm are both closed. miami international remain ts open. however o lan doe will close sometime over night. anybody with any sort of travel plans to florida should check with airlines for possible delays or cancellations. >> all right. we'll bring someone who peerngsed the storm firsthand. the morning host of hot 91.7.
11:36 pm
you live in free port. we were looking at the radar, it looks like that storm is right over you right now. >> yeah, it is. it seems like it's been over us for feels like a week now. it is. this is our second night in darkness. severe winds howling outside of the window. >> that has to be so frightening. are you scared? >> i have weathered many storms. i think i was in miami for hurricane andrew. that was an extremely scary experience as well. but this is just i think for me it's more alarming to have a young child here. and my young son. and my wife. so just it's a different
11:37 pm
experience. we just went through matthew two years ago. we didn't have our son. for us it's a new exper baby in house. >> very concerning for you. and keep him safe. what is it right now you're dealing with? is it flooding in the area. you were talking about the winds. remarkable with the amount of water. pouring over the edges of porches and it looks like a couple feet deep. >> it's more in some areas it's more than a few feet deep. there's an area here in grand bahamas water way. and i have had a friend of mine parents have a two story home on the water front. the first video they sent earlier this morning was just three or four feet of water. the second video was feet feet. the third video they were in the attic of a two story home.
11:38 pm
we're talking at least 20 feet of storm surge. that is just devastated many many parts of -- flooding in areas we have never had it before. >> that has been hit really hard. is that in your listen lg audience? have you heard what's going on there? >> sadly i have. my mother is really had a rough time. she has had kids in the line of the storm. my sister and aunt are in ab co. and we only recently heard from them a few hours ago. after losing contact. the building they were in imploeded with them inside and they had to fight and dig out of the structure. and walk to another location where they could seek shelter.
11:39 pm
ab cois the whole. they had both the extreme storm surge and wind as well. the damage so many places. >> wow. christopher wells from the morning host. thank you for telling us what's going on. best of luck to you and your wife and son. we hope you stay safe. thank you. >> where he's at it's like you take your homes and put it in the middle of the ocean. >> imagine what daylight will bring. >> hurricane dorian has weakened. in the last several hours along the east coast. still taking precautions in the areas. mandatory evacuation in effect for the south carolina coast. the national hurricane center predicting dorian could drench parts of the state in 15 inchs of rain. tracking the storm for us in
11:40 pm
charleston, south carolina. you see the pictures there, that's what folks in charleston are worried about and some are preparing. some are not. in the last report with you saying people are still out. trying to enjoy the evening. what's left of the holiday. >> that's right. this is a big tourist spot. a lot of restaurants and businesses. as well as the beach. this was a long labor day holiday. folks were here trying to enjoy the long weekend. unfortunately they had to cut it short. because of the mandatory evacuation order in effect yesterday at noon. we saw the hotels and businesses beginning to close their doors and telling guests to lever. you saw earlier in the intro-. i 25 a major corridor. and transportation firnls had to redirect traffic. all the traffic was heading in
11:41 pm
one direction to make sure there wasn't any gridlock. with the evacuation. we're in the low country. when there's rain and the forecast, i have been talking to folks here in the downtown area. they're saying flooding is a common problem. and just this past week alone, this area experienced king tide. where the tides were higher. there was coastal flooding already in the region. fortunately the tides have gone down. and we don't know where this storm is going to hit. but they're saying there is potential for more flooding. especially in the downtown area. we saw businesses board up and put sandbags up. today is the last full day to do that preparation. before the storm. >> yeah. all right. >> thank you. dorian is just churning out there at at snails pace forecast expect it will get dangerously close to florida.
11:42 pm
predicting dorian's path will be turning east with the storm cone moving just off the jacksonville coast. from our station in miami. from daytona beach. calm waters now, what are the expectations? wind is picking up. >> it is. i'm standing over the river. that is part of the coastal here. things quiet now. with good reason. there's a curfew in effect. until 6:00 in the morning. bridges i was talking about earlier here's one of them. staying open. very few people coming across that. emergency managers saying they will keep it open until things get too bad. perhaps once winds speeds approach 40 miles per hour. they will change their mind. there is time to evacuate. mandatory evacuation order in effect for this coastal part of the county. low lying areaing.
11:43 pm
plenty of room in shelters still this morning. about 2,500 room for 2,500 people. >> okay. good to know somewhere people can go. thank you so much. >> just ahead. inside the eye of the storm with the hurricane hunters who study the monsters to get a better idea of how ferocious they can be. dangerous job. we'll have it for you after this. (danny) let me get this straight.
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we are in the middle of a historic tragedy. in parts of northern bahamas. mission and focus now is search and rescue. and recovery. i ask for prayers, for those in affected areas and for our first responders. >> please pray for us. everyone. pray for us. me and my baby. everyone that's in our apartment building. we're stuck. pray for us. please, i'm begging you. my baby is four months old. pray for us. >> hurricane dorian has shown what it's capable of. it's battered the bahamas. people need to remain vigilant. if you are ordered to evacuate, you need to do that. get out now while you have time. while there's fuel available. and you'll be safe on the roads.
11:48 pm
>> dorian baring down on the bahamas at this hour. and we're getting an extraordinary look inside the eye of the storm. from a group of brave enough to fly right into the beast itself. >> inside the cockpit of air force hurricane hunters scientists look dorian square in the eye. major is at the control. these air force and high flying weather stations travel through conditions. slicing through the eye wall of the hurricane. to determine the conditions at the heart of the storm. probes are dropped into the hurricane to measure pressure. temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction. >> getting the information that we need vital knowing how strong the hurricane is. and where it's going. >> they have been given the information gathered from up
11:49 pm
above. it's difficult to predict exactly what will happen along the coast. >> we need to know the steering current. maybe a thousand miles away. >> forecasters use the data and sources like weather balloons and satellite to track slow moving dorian and analyzing new information at it comes in. the slightest shift in course could be the difference between dodging danger or disaster. the work continues as the powerful eye of dorian sets sights on the east coast. >> alex, certainly a dangerous job. not a job i sign up for. an important one. old tech in a way. >> those guys, think about the bravery of them. going into those planes and the just the turbulence. and the eye. it's calm and they see the blue skies. and have to choose to go back into the turbulence. i mean. >> we appreciate it.
11:50 pm
it's so important. as we look at the forecasts. we work on all day and morning for us. pulling data from that stuff. >> very grateful. speaking of, we'll get a bit of a break. we have bill karens coming back with us. it is a story worth talking about. the student pilot out on his maiden flight with his instructor passes out. that's next.
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so it was a nightmare situation for a student pilot. >> can't imagine. >> taking his first flying lesson. when his instructor passed out midair over australia. we have the incredible story of what happened next. >> you can hear the nerves in australia student pilot's voice. talking to air traffic control. >> it was his third lesson. it was first time landing an aircraft ever. inside the cockpit, his flight instructor had just passed out.
11:55 pm
max's response was fight or flight. >> you have to deal with it. it's a situation that you have been thrown in front of and you have to react. >> incredible. hi brought the plane down without a scratch. >> you have to show your kid that having issues like this you have to get through them. >> the instructor was rushed to the hospital. where he's in stable condition and max visited him. >> hero. >> good on him. >> yeah. we always -- i thought about what would i be able to do that. >> you would. >> you're my friend. you're supposed to say that. stay tuned. we continue to track hurricane
11:56 pm
dorian throughout the morning. bill karens will be join lg us with the latest on the bizarre storm. this is the kid i went to the junior prom with. he was a cutie! and if you go down, that's me, above him. you won best looking in your senior year of high school? somebody had to win it. my best high school moment was the day i walked across the stage. my dad...couldn't read real good, so, it was a milestone for me. ancestry has over 400,000 yearbooks from all across the country. so go back to school with your friends and family, and discover more of their stories. search and share for free at - in the last year, of cybercrime every second. when a criminal has your personal information, they can do all sorts of things in your name. criminals can use ransomware, spyware, or malware to gain access to information like your name, your birthday, and even your social security number. - [announcer] that's why norton and lifelock are now part of one company, providing an all in one membership for your cyber safety
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good morning to you. >> the msnbc world headquarters 3:00 a.m. just about here on the east coast. continuing our live breaking news coverage of hurricane dorian. category 3 storm is at a bizarre
12:00 am
standstill. still not moving. and premains hovering as it sustained wind of 140 miles per hour. right now rescue efforts under way on the and hang on the storm is expected to pick up steam and head north. it will leave millions at risk as they await the next move in the carolinas. shelterser are maxing out. bridges are closed overnight. residents are evacuating the area including those in hospitals and elderly homes. >> we saw bill karins make the long walk to the weather center. >> the storm is weakening quicker than expected and no one's going to complain about that. still over the


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