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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 1, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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on impeachment. democrats trying to keep the fifth avenue at 55th street. momentum going after their vote to launch an official to his credit, new yorkers would investigation. >> we have the inquiry and we say, he hasn't gone very often will have the public hearings because he knows the impact every time he stays at trump tower, it creates a security coming up soon. apples to oranges. nightmare, jeremy. >> absolutely. why lifetime new yorker donald what's so interesting about this, he blames democrats, as he trump is heading south, trading does for all his problems. it's his tax bill that made in mar-a-lago as his official taxes in new york, states like residence for trump tower. new york and on the east coast, >> i'm a big resident of higher taxed jurisdictions, go florida. this is my second home, in many ways it's my first home. up. his tax bill repealed a deduction that you used to be and she has a plan for that. able to take for state and local topping the polls in iowa, elizabeth warren rolling out her income taxes or lowered it significantly. medicare for all plan with more >> good point, jeremy. than $20 trillion in new >> it's donald trump's own policy that has made it a huge spending, vowing she can do it tax burden for people in these all without one penny of middle states. >> we'll have to leave it there. class tax increases. jeremy, jacqueline, david pratt, >> medicare is the least things for your expertise. expensive way to provide health coming up in the next hour, care coverage for everybody in ali velshi and stephanie ruhle the country. we know it. >> your signature, senator, is will interview new york governor to have a plan for everything. andrew cuomo about the except this. president's decision to move to
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>> the difference between a plan florida, and a lot more. and a pipe dream is something that you can actually get done. coming up right here, elizabeth warren explains today how she's going to pay for medicare for all and does it add and good day, everyone, i'm up, while she's surging in iowa. andrea mitchell in washington, as new polls reinforce just how divided our nation is over impeachment. a "washington post"/abc news and there are things we wouldn't. poll done earlier this week but ♪ released today was done before the house actually voted, has when work is worth it. work is worth it. 49% of americans supporting the impeachment and removal of work can be closer to home... president trump, with 47% pay more... opposed, well within the margin make us proud. careerbuilder. of error. work can work. that divide also follows party find your work at lines. 82% of democrats support impeachment and removal from office. 82%, the same exact number, the republicans oppose it. joining me now, nbc white house correspondent kristen welker and nbc's garrett haake on capitol hill. kristen, first to you, the president is seeing in these cologuard: colon cancer and older at average risk. i've heard a lot of excuses
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numbers a little bit of disappoint ifmement if he looks to avoid screening for colon cancer. i'm not worried. it doesn't run in my family. closely because there is a i can do it next year. no rush. diminishment in the number of republicans favoring him cologuard is the noninvasive option overall. >> that's right, andrea. and of course we know that this that finds 92% of colon cancers. is a president who pays close you just get the kit in the mail, go to the bathroom, attention to these numbers. collect your sample, then ship it to the lab. at the same time, this there's no excuse for waiting. get screened. administration, in speaking to officials here, they are feeling ask your doctor if cologuard is right for you. as though they have a case to covered by medicare and most major insurers. make, a strong one. you saw that on display this week when the president's campaign had that ad during the wayfair's got your perfect mattress. whether you're looking for a top-brand at a great price. world series, trying to paint the democrats as a do-nothing ready to upgrade. party. you're going to hear a whole lot moving in. moving on up. about that, i think, andrea, in or making big moves. the coming days and weeks. the president will be on the deliveries ship free and come with a 100-night free trial. campaign trail. this evening he's an an event in no matter your budget. mississippi although he tweeted or your sleep style. out he is going to louisiana, he we have quality options for everyone. is in fact going to mississippi. so search and shop. and i'm told you're going to save and snooze. hear that message on display. and rest easy, knowing that we've got your back. literally. he's trying to make the case that's what you get, when you've got wayfair. that he's getting things done, so shop now. he just doing out the leader of isis, baghdadi, and that essentially democrats are
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focused on this. but they are of course well aware of those numbers. at the same time, they point to that vote yesterday which fell along party lines, largely, with two democrats switching sides. so that is what they are going to focus on. the question remains, andrea, will they start to really focus on the substance of what is coming out of this impeachment inquiry, the fact that yesterday tim morrison testified based on sources who are familiar with plaque psoriasis uncoverth clearer skin that can last. his testimony that he was concerned about the fact that he in fact, tremfya® was proven superior to humira® perceived the president to be in providing significantly clearer skin. withholding military aid in exchange for investigating the tremfya® may increase your risk of infections 2016 election and the bidens. he also testified, though, and lower your ability to fight them. andrea, that he doesn't think the president broke the law. tell your doctor if you have an infection so republicans are seizing on or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. that piece to say, look, this serious allergic reactions may occur. was a good day for us, andrea. >> and garrett, the president tremfya®. uncover clearer skin that can last. does have strong support among republicans, there's no question janssen can help you explore that he held all of those house cost support options. republicans together against the democrats. but again, his favorability
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rating among republicans in this new poll is down to 74%, that's high, but still not the stratospheric 98% or whatever he's been enjoying for these two years. >> that's true, it's high, and he will need that republican support. nancy pelosi has said from the word go that the only way you will effectively impeach and remove a president of the united states is if you have bipartisan support. while democrats have been heartened to see the support for red lobster's endless shrimp is back for just fifteen ninety nine. impeachment climb slowly but get all the shrimp you want, any way you want 'em. like new sriracha-honey shrimp... surely since they've gun this inquiry into the ukraine ...savory grilled teriyaki shrimp,... allegation specifically, there is a concern about a ceiling ...classic shrimp scampi and more! here that looks a lot like the red lobster's endless shrimp is fifteen ninety nine. president's approval rating hurry in. overall. and if you can't get beyond that, an impeachment will fail, if not in the house then certainly in the senate where you'll need 20 republican votes to convict this president. and a lot of news on the that said, democrats could get a boost in their efforts starting 2020 front. as early as this coming week discouraging news for joe biden when adam schiff has said he may in iowa where a new poll shows elizabeth warren in first, biden
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in fourth place. start releasing some of the we have to point out these four transcripts from these candidates at the top are all closely bunched together within closed-door depositions. remember, everything we know has the margin of error. in a "new york times"/sienna come from the release by the white house of the transcript of the phone call, and leaks by members of congress of information they hope will be poll, elizabeth warren has a big favorable to whichever side lead in the hawk eye state. they're on. starting to see some of these transcripts, even as interviews continue in the secure rooms warren has explained how she beneath the capitol, could be would pay for more than $20 the kind of thing that extorts trillion in new spending for to move public opinion even before we get to the open medicare for all, saying she hearings that have now been promised for some time down the would do it by taxing the rich line. >> and to that point, to kristen and corporations, but, she says, and garrett, adam schiff was on not imposing a penny more on the middle class. does it add up? with rachel maddow last night, what is the political fallout? and here is what he had to say about the prospect of open joining me, ali vitali in iowa, hearings. >> you will see extensive and david wasserman here. periods of questioning by the ali, first to you, what kind of staff counsel, both majority and reception is she getting there minority. in des moines, having unveiled that's the practice we've used this plan? in the depositions, it's been very effective to bring out the facts. i think the public will be >> reporter: so this is a impressed with just how professional the questioning is. reception organized by her i'm just hoping that we can campaign, preparing them for the liberty and justice event
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avoid some of the circus tactics tonight where warren is one of several candidates who will be before the questioning begins. appearing. andrea, you know what it's like >> but as we saw in the to be in the middle of these judiciary committee, garrett, places were organizers are meeting their candidate. stopping the republicans from that's what we have right now. creating a show and making the behind me, elizabeth warren is in that scrum, meeting with her democrats look foolish as well supporters and just kind of getting the energy up here on in counteracting them is a big the ground in iowa. challenge. >> look, both parties now that this comes against the backdrop this is a more effective way to get information out if that is your goal. of her releasing that plan that what democrats would like to avoid is a replay of the corey you're talked about. i'm not sure i've ever described lewandowski hearing from a few months ago that even republicans a policy plan as hotly anticipated, but this one definitely was, especially after during the kavanaugh hearings she got criticism from her 2020 were getting thrown off by the opponents about how she would five-minute questioning. pay for her medicare for all hopefully at least on the democratic side, the theatrics plan. will be toened down, the the plan that was put out this morning, elizabeth warren's information will be toned up. campaign on the cost front we'll see. >> kristen, just briefly, to estimates this plan will cost what do they attribute the fact that the president was tweeting $20.5 trillion in additional about going to louisiana when spending. she says she will pay for it by he's going to mississippi? putting taxes on the wealthy, >> good question. i've asked that question, corporations and other entities like that.
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a critical piece here, she says not one penny more in middle andrea. white house officials brushed class taxes, andrea. this aside and said, look, >> thank you so much, ali mistakes can happen. the bottom line is he's looking vitali, obviously a noisy crowd. all the candidates will be forward to going to mississippi. there you see the tweet, there, it used to be the "louisiana, i'll see you tonight." so wrong state, but he will be jefferson/jackson dinner that's been renamed after a lot of other conversations. dave wasserman, let's talk about trying to energize his core this plan, though, because if supporters in mississippi you add it all up, the total tonight. >> eight tit's the same region costs of government spending, country, the delta state. because this is all now >> exactly. there you go. >> kristen, thank you so much. government spending and corporate contributions, is 52 garrett haake, you as well. joining me now, msnbc point something trillion, 52 contributor and former florida plus trillion dollars in overall congressman david jolly, and joel payne, a former member of health spending, 20 plus trillion in new spending. hillary clinton's 2016 campaign. she says it will not increase david, i know you're a former any new tax costs on working republican, but you're going to people. get a new republican but what about the trickledown effect from what happens when constituent, a voter in florida, wealthy corporations are taxed? >> this is pretty risky for democrats, andrea. key swing state, mar-a-lago, who are they counting on to put them over the top against trump
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palm beach county. >> i wish new york would have in 2020? found a way to keep him, andrea. it's suburbanites, right? we saw that in 2018, winning we invite everybody to florida but this is one we may have taken a pass on if we had had a de democrats back the house. how are they going to react to a vote. plan that first of all would >> we'll talk more about that later in the show but i couldn't abolish private health insurance, but also i think the resist asking you since you're mr. florida there. republican ad kind of writes let's talk about the impeachment itself, because if she's moving hearing and the fact that not a from taxing income beyond that single republican went over. to taxing wealth, how is that and you think back to the going to work on a practical watergate hearings and also to level. the clinton impeachment hearings and i think what republicans are going to say, what trump's where 31, i think, democrats voted against bill clinton on campaign, brad parscale, are going to put out in ads, here the house floor. comes this harvard professor who and only -- there were only four people voting with richard wants to send government nixon. so all the rest of the assessors out to appraise your lake cabin or your tractor. republicans in 1974 voted how is that going to play in against richard nixon. iowa, let alone wisconsin or memorably, there was a young house freshman from maine named michigan in a general election? william cohen who later became a >> the political fallout perhaps defense secretary, and became a is troubling in a general senator, and bill cohen election. what about in the primary? withstood all kinds of pressure this could have a lot of raw from the judiciary committee to appeal with democratic primary voters. >> absolutely.
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vote against richard nixon. you see her bouncing around like there were so many people she's 35 out there on the standing up and looking at the campaign trail. evidence. and medicare for all is fairly and here you see this party line vote which basically means there popular with democrats. was no persuasion at all. a july marist poll had it >> no conviction, andrea. apology 61-34 among democrats i think you can make the case that we're looking at a modern and 41-54 among the broader republican party without virtue electorate. a wealth tax, when you poll that in this moment. and the reason they're making term alone, it's highly popular arguments that the process is across the broader electorate. illegitimate is they're scared to come face-to-face with their when you get into the own dignity. implications of her plan, they know what the president did replacing private health was wrong. insurance and exactly how a wealth tax would work, i think they don't want to have to confront that moment that's where democrats could particularly in a political environment where the president is able to put so much pressure have some big risks to warren in on these rank and file republican members. a tin the general. and, you know, there's baseline >> you had an article analyzing question, even to the previous conversation about polling the possibilities for swing overnight about support for voters by looking at key impeachment. should polls even matter, or airports, not the huge should this be a moment where international airports, but the constitution takes precedence over public opinion? those mid-regional airports. >> our political divide these i believe that's the case now. we will hear republicans days, we often think of it as urban versus rural. but i think the biggest divide continue to make arguments that the process is illegitimate. is actually between different
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the problem with that argument metropolitan areas. and not all suburbs, not all is it is very much cities are alike politically in constitutionally legitimate. and regardless of that argument, this country. and the demarcation line seems the president will very likely become the third president impeached by the house of representatives. to be whether a metropolitan inevitably, they will arrive at the moment where they have to say, the president may have done area has at least two wrong but it's not impeachable. continental flights. that seems to be an indicator of that will be the closing where democrats are gaining ground over the long term. argument of republicans one way so they're doing really well in or another. the suburbs of dallas and and that is why there is the houston, obviously austin and import on adam schiff and nancy san francisco and new york. pelosi to lean in and make this but the key battlegrounds are case and convince the country that indeed it is impeachable really the places that -- the conduct because we know it is in the view of the founders. metro areas that may not have a >> and originally, joel, the lot of international flights but have a runway long enough to have landed trump's 757 for a white house was saying, perfect rally in 2016. call. we saw that over and over again. so democrats absolutely have to then as the witnesses began be thinking, how is this going testifying, they were saying, to be playing in erie, well, you know no quid pro quo. pennsylvania, saginaw, michigan, then when several of them eau claire, wisconsin. testified there was a quid pro those are the mid-markets that quo, they were saying, still, are going to decide this 2020 election. and there are still a lot of it's within his, you know, voters there. >> you just named three places i authority as president, it's not don't think hillary clinton visited. >> that's right.
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an impeachable offense, there's >> in 2016. because i was on the trail. no breaking of the law, even though the standard for thank you so much, dan impeachment does not have to be wasserman. >> thanks, andrea. criminal law, it can just be coming up, star witness. high crimes and misdemeanor as what will john bolton say and reflected in the founders' where will he say it, if he says description of not upholding the it at all? you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. u're watchingl dignity of the office. reports" on msnbc. make fitness routine with pure protein. >> true, they keep moving the goalposts back because that's really the only defense that they have. what's so interesting to me, and david talked about the public opinion here, here's why it matters. it's a snapshot but it's a high protein. really you ugly picture for the low sugar. tastes great! high protein. president. his supporters dropping 13% in a low sugar. so good! very short period of time with high protein. low sugar. republicans, in his base. mmmm, birthday cake! look at a state like pure protein. pennsylvania, a poll came out the best combination for every fitness routine. just recently that said 57% of o♪ ozempic®! ♪ oh! oh! pennsylvanians support an impeachment inquiry. so i think what we're seeing (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. here is the president's support in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults is cratering in trump country lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7 and maintained it. and the people he's relying on. oh! under 7? (announcer) and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study,
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threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on >> you have the four corners of what happened with the call and juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. the process around it, the expectations around it. when we talk about john bolton's testimony, he has the ability to provide broad context of how the president is thinking about this issue what the establishment is seeing and doing and the process that rudy giuliani -- >> what his position was and what he knew and did not know. certainly it is the context around that conversation that's most problematic for the white house. it is the question of how is it being perceived by those involved with the ukraine policy and how is this being heard by the ukrainians and was there a isis is delivering its first real quid pro quo, a link between the aide that's being warning to america since the installed and the statement that saturday killing of its leader
9:17 am
biden would be investigating. abu bakr al baghdadi, saying do that's the real problem emerging not be happy. from the white house. in an audio message confirming al baghdadi's death, the terror group is cautioning the u.s. should not celebrate and urging >> of course our reporting from its fighters to seek revenge. ukraine and others who have been the terror group names in ukraine think they're really baghdadi's successor, likely not upset about it in realtime. the real name of this they're worrying about it and individual. this is nbc's courtney kube saying things to u.s. officials talking to the u.s. general in and the state department about charge of the syria/iraq coalition, acknowledging the it. he's dealing with the leader of fight against isis, also known the free world on who he's as daesh, is far from over. completely relying against >> the mission itself hasn't vladimir putin. >> this is really unfair to put changed in eastern syria. there is the presence of daesh the ukrainians in the pretty of there. >> joining me is courtney kube the back and forth. you saw president zelensky is on the ground in baghdad. courtney, this is so complicated, the president says uncomfortable in that photo op. isis is 100% defeated, then he maybe he's not on that call but the reality is his ongoing says he only meant the effort to try these issues. caliphate. the inspector general's report i think what's unfortunate about said, no, they're resurgent in this episode as well is put the ukrainians in a different couple
9:18 am
ra a iraq and syria, then the u.s. position. a time where we need the withdraws on what seems to be a whim of the president's. ukrainian government to be strong in the face of pressure. you're in the region. the iraqis are impacted by this, certainly. we've all been talking about how russia and turkey and iran and this is one of the by products syria, assad, are the winners. of this washington drama that has real world impact in our today, secretary pompeo called foreign policy. the turkish foreign minister to >> what about john bolton. express some concerns that they you work with him. is he an unguided whistle? are not living up to their agreement, the agreements they made with the vice president and the secretary of state. he got plenty of pay back dues. how do you see the mission from your vantage point right there? he may want to save it for a book. >> john is tough. he's smart, he's independent. >> reporter: that's right, it's sort of a lot to unpack. so when you're looking at the he's going to speak his mind and mission here in iraq and in certainly speak his mind in syria, it's actually one larger defensive of his own views both mission and it continues to be a coalition that's working to inside and outside the white house. he's not somebody to be tangled defeat isis or daesh, as you with. i think he's inin-depth. mentioned, that most of the people here call it. that continues. during our interview with to your point they save this lieutenant general white, the commander of the task force fire for a different venue. here, he has both the mission in what you will hear from john is iraq and syria, he made it clear
9:19 am
probably has been reported. that while they continue to be the discomfort he has with the fighting isis, he has orders and parallel process that he was not apart of. he is currently withdrawing u.s. >> leave it there. troops from particularly northwestern syria. he's moving them across into the thank you, it is great to see you again. east as part of this phased >> great seeing you andrea. withdrawal. the next part of the mission, >> we'll be right back. though, is this securing the area that surrounds these oil fields. that's what we've been hearing a lot out of president trump and out of the pentagon about in recent days. that mission has begun. there's a national guard unit from the united states that's already moved in just in the last 36 hours or so with bradley fighting vehicles. now, their job -- these are conventional infantry troops. their job is going to be to hold the area around these oil fields. and then the u.s. special operations forces who will also be there, continuing to partner with the syrian democratic forces. those are the guys who will be doing the offensive operations going after isis, andrea. >> courtney, do we have anymo me
9:20 am
information about the numbers of isis prisoners released? we've heard more than a hundred, we've heard a lot of reporting. there is a warning from isis that there will be revenged. and there is concern from our allies about their capitals. >> reporter: that's right. in that audio message you mentioned earlier that announced the new leader of isis, the replacement for baghdadi, they did tell their followers to continue to seek revenge and they warned the united states, you know, don't be gleeful and don't be arroganrogant about th because we are not giving up on our jihad. >> courtney kube in baghdad, thank you, stay safe. joining me now, senator chris van hollen, a democrat on the foreign relations committee. senator, so much has happened on unpredictable crohn's symptoms following you? the ground in syria and diplomatically, the whole region has been turned upside down in the last two and a half, three weeks. what do you assess are the
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because beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. 403-11. and senator graham and i are every day, comcast business is helping businesses continuing to push forward with our bipartisan sanctions bill. go beyond the expected. the most important thing is to to do the extraordinary. get something done. we can pass the house bill today take your business beyond. in the united states senate. >> the president seems to be reaching out to erdogan, having invited him to washington. if all plans stay in place he's supposed to come on the 17th of november. >> look, this president has essentially done everything that erdogan wanted. he green lighted erdogan's attack on our allies. now he continues to cozy up to erdogan. he has not ended that relationship. president trump has not imposed the mandatory sanctions on turkey for their purchase of a major russian weapons system, the s-400. this is supposed to be a nato ally. nato was founded to try to, you know, deter aggression from the thanks for being with us. here are ali velshi and soviet union and russia, and yet
9:23 am
they bought a major russia stephanie ruhle. >> good to see you, andrea. weapons system. and president trump has refused it is friday, november 1st. to impose the sanctions. new polling in the 2020 that's why it's very important that congress on a bipartisan democratic ratio showing a basis take action both to make sure we continue the fight against isis and that we tighten race that elizabeth warren campaign works to fend maintain our credibility as a true partner and not betray our allies. off her healthcare plan. >> so do you believe, first of >> we'll hear more of the all, that you should stand testimony by current and former against the president having white house staffers. this meeting with erdogan and a >> president trump born and raised here a new york city is big white house reception? now a resident of the state of >> oh, yes. florida. the bipartisan legislation we've we'll look at why he may making introduced calls upon the president to cancel that meeting the southern move. and we'll speak to governor with erdogan. it sends just a terrible signal andrew c that while erdogan attacked our allies in the fight against isis, and by all reports on the ground, is violating the agreement, the so-called safe zone agreement that was reached with vice president pence, that we would invite him to the white
9:24 am
house. so that just sends a terrible message to our allies and friends that we're not going to stand with them. and it sends a terrible message to our adversaries that they can act with impunity against our partners and allies. that would be a very big mistake. that's why mitch mcconnell, the republican leader here in the senate, really has to bring up that house-passed sanctions bill or the other sanctions bill that has been introduced, so that this administration can be forced, pushed to do the right thing here. >> are you concerned that there is not a single republican vote on the house floor yesterday for impeachment in contrast to the divided vote on bill clinton where democrats, 31 democrats went against him, and in fact the almost unanimous support by republicans and democrats against richard nixon? >> it's really a sad sign of the times, andrea, because first of
9:25 am
all, republicans have been calling for a process where we have open hearings and witnesses, which had always been the democrats' intention. but now they want to formalize that through this impeachment inquiry structure and opening the impeachment process. so when republicans got what they wanted, they still voted no. and on the facts before us, which are mounting by the day, the fact that, you know, the president tried to get ukraine to do his dirty work by withholding essential u.s. military assistance, that's the kind of thing that republicans would understand and i think do understand is a gross abuse of power. but instead of admitting the facts, they're attacking american patriots, people who have fought for the united states, people who have been wounded for the united states, they're attacking them personally instead of standing up for our constitution and standing up for our country.
9:26 am
it's really a sad sign that the ra republican party has been converted into a donald trump cult society, it's just a cult of personality. they're worried about being on the wrong end of a donald trump tweet. so instead of standing up for the country, they're just doing the president's bidding here. >> senator chris van hollen of maryland, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, start spreading the news. why is lifelong new yorker donald trump ditching fifth avenue? you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. consumexcuse me, where is t lobby? >> down the hall and to the left. y? >> down the hall and to the left
9:27 am
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donald trump of course was born in queens. his name is across the skyline throughout new york city. and his reality tv show cast him as the ultimate new york city ceo, real estate ceo. he's now about to become a snowbird, flying the coop, by making mar-a-lago his principal
9:31 am
residence, not trump tower, with a parting blast to new york democrats who he suggests have been making his life miserable. the president tweeted last night, my family and i will be making palm beach, florida our permanent residence, adding that although he loves new york, quote, despite the fact that i pay millions of dollars in city, state, and local taxes each year i've been treated very badly by the political leaders of both the city and the state. new york's governor andrew cuomo said, good riddance, it's not like mr. trump paid taxes here anyway. he's all yours, florida. one key factor may be that florida does not have any state income tax. joining us now, a tax attorney who recently wrote an article in the florida bar journal about the recent wave of people moving from new york to florida for tax purposes. here in our studio, the author of the "power up" newsletter, and jeremy peters, welcome all. david pratt, let's talk about the tax consequences of moving
9:32 am
to florida, known as a no-tax state. obviously there are federal income taxes anywhere you move but there are plenty of ways to get around those. we haven't seen trump's tax returns, famously. now, by moving, does he avoid state income taxes? >> well, if president trump does become a florida resident, he is going to do what a lot of our clients have been doing and have been doing for years, when somebody wants to move to florida, if they can prove to the former state that they are no longer a domiciliary, in this case of new york state or new york city, then new york state, new york city, will not receive income taxes. and there is a process in place to do that and an audit will probably be conducted, and there are factors that will be considered, like are considered for every individual that goes through this process. >> is it a different situation for someone like the president
9:33 am
of the united states who technically is living at 1600 pennsylvania avenue for tax purposes? how do they determine what is spending more than 50% of your time versus new york? is it discretionary time? >> there are a couple of different rules, andrea. first, we have a new york state residency test, an objective test that says if you spend more than 183 days in new york state in a given year and you have an abode available to you and you maintain that abode, then you're going to be a statutory resident. then we have a domicile test. and new york will look at five primary factors and if by clear and convincing evidence they can prove based on these five factors that the evidence points to new york as a new york domiciliary, then new york will be successful. if the evidence points to florida, new york won't be successful. the time spent in new york or florida is only one of those five primary factors.
9:34 am
>> so we're not going to see the president going more often to mar-a-lago for weekends to try to build up his residency requirement, presumably, although that does create some big expenses that we don't see when he's here in washington, certainly. jeremy, you actually interviewed donald trump 11 years ago. >> yes. >> is that correct? so you were a new york reporter for "the new york times," and you asked him about a state proposal to have a wealth tax on the wealthy, i guess it was a millionaire's tax. how did he respond? >> exactly. this was in the doldrums of the great depression, it was my first interview, first conversation ever with donald trump. i called his office because the new york state legislature was trying to impose a millionaire's tax on people earning over $1 million. he said, yeah, i think it would be a great idea. i was kind of surprised. then he said, yeah, a great idea if you want people to move to states like florida. so this is an area of
9:35 am
consistency from him which we don't always see. a pretty fun trip down memory lane. >> of course, jacqueline, there's no way to say exactly why he's moving. he can certainly say he's not happy about the new york state attorney general and others in new york state who have been investigating him and creating legal problems, the sdny, in terms of the federal prosecutors as well. he's had a lot of legal challenges to both the trump organization and to his own behaviors because of everything that happened with the michael cohen issues and the payments. >> right. cy vance is investigating him on multiple matters. >> cy vance, the new york district attorney. >> we had reported that trump's account firm was subpoenaed by
9:36 am
vance. trump has countersued to prevent mazars from releasing his records to vance. as maggie haberman reported, brad parscale, trump's campaign manager, thinks it's politically beneficial for the president to move to florida. that doesn't make as much sense as the tax reasons here. >> in fact, to the whole question, mr. pratt, about tax liabilities, the trump organization is still had h headquartered to new york, he would have to move the whole company to avoid corporate taxes. >> i'm not sure what his plans are regarding corporate taxes. he filed a declaration of domicile in palm beach counties which indicates he and his wife will be florida domiciliaries,
9:37 am
at least that's the intent. moving the corporation is beyond what he's said he will do so far, at least according to reon
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