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tv   MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson  MSNBC  November 2, 2019 11:00am-1:00pm PDT

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as we approach the top of the hour, it's a wrap for me. i'm alex witt and i hand it off to my esteemed colleague kendis gibson. >> thank you. and i'm kendis gibson at world headquarters in new york. a day of the impeachment inquiry, ready to accept the quid pro quo on ukraine. after weeks of damaging testimony the president is laying out his own strategy. >> make no mistake. they are coming after the republican party and me, because i'm fighting for you. they don't like it. >> all right. who would be next in the witness chair? outgoing energy secretary rick perry and former national security adviser john bolton say they will not appear, at least
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not willingly. we look at what that can mean for democrats and momentum in their investigation. and beto o'rourke drops out of the 2020 presidential race just before a scheduled appearance in des moines, iowa. the rest of the 2020 hopefuls fanning out across the hawkeye state at this moment. when it comes to policy versus popularity, which of the democrats is emerging as a true front-runner? we break it all down shortly. first, right here president trump using r-rated language to fight the i word. impeachment. in mississippi rallying troops for the first time since the house approved a resolution to make its impeachment inquiry public. despite the clear fact impeachment is a tool of the constitution, the president called it an attack on democracy. nbc's hans nichols is live outside trump tower here in new york city where the president is traveling, by the way. hans, how did the president actually frame the house's vote to pass those rules for the
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impeachment probe? >> reporter: oh, he's clearly challenging it, kendis and challenging it from front of a friendly, fired up audience in tupelo, mississippi. an effort on the part of the president to talk how democrats are trying to cancel the 2016 election. >> yesterday the democrats voted to potentially nullify the votes of 63 million americans, disgracing themselves and bringing shame upon the house of representatives. >> reporter: now, kendis, this is a version of an argument we've heard from the president now for two to three weeks. different now, it's after the house becomes more formal in this entire impeachment proceeding. you're also hearing the president talk about what he often talks about on the road. that is, the strength of the economy, how well 401(k)s are doing and the first rally after the killing of abu baghdadi, had
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mentioned that at the top and several times. this is him road testing various lines of defense, because they are facing impeachment, facing potentially senators who may be willing to acknowledge that a quid pro quo happened as you mentioned reported by the "washington post" and that moment from the president where he talked about mitt romney and seemed to be attacking mitt romney and pulled himself back and said, we'll see about mitt. we'll see about mitt. the president keeping lines of communications and not attacking members of his own party. focusing his fire on the democrats. >> yes. the president there with his 69th rally of his administration so far in tupelo, mississippi, and he told that crowd a little bit more about his promised fireside chat. >> reporter: yes. so here's the idea. the president insited his call with the ukrainian president was perfect. said it on numerous occasions and the idea do an animated
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reading of this, something like fdr did, the fireside chat. the president think that was so perfect he wants to put it in his own voice, the idea they're playing around with he would actually read the transcript in a dramatic fashion. an indication where the president thinks he is on this entire impeachment inquiry. insistent and the president himself insistent he did not do anything wrong. the challenge on this is members of his own national security council have questioned that and that's why the "washington post" reports and nbc news confirmed they had concerns inside the nsc about talking about that phone call, and that's why alexander vindman was told nos to discuss his serious concerns. kendis? >> nbc's hans nichols there. turning out to be a stunning day on fifth avenue. thanks. several big headlines from the presidential campaign race today. first up, with just 93 days until the democratic caucuses the vast majority of candidates are swarming iowa.
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just as this big weekend prepared to kick off, the surprising news. the man who famously joined the race with a "vanity fair" cover and the words "man, i was born to run" is apparently too broke to stay in the race. so what now? joining me from cedar rapids, iowa is nbc's vaughn hillyard up there for us. vaughn, one of your photos posted outside the event scheduled to take place last night at the wells fargo arena in des moines, iowa. still beto signs outside. did they have any idea this was happening? >> reporter: folks on the ground had no idea it was happening. you know, actually about ten minutes away, right when that announcement was made and the beto organizers were at, most up over at that site there before the sun came up. of course, there is that big democratic dinner in des moines which more than 10,000 democrats filed into that arena. i ran over there, and i don't know if shock is wholly the
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right word, because it was well documented this was a campaign that was strapped for money. strapped for cash. you know, they raised a significant am of money march 14th but the initial cash flow allowed them an opportunity to hire star across these early states including a big staff here on the ground in iowa. ultimately it came down to the fact not able to sustain that level and beto o'rourke made it clear he would rather end his candidacy as a whole rather than going through somewhat similar we saw with kamala harris. laid off in the last several weeks several dozen staffers. understanding the poll numbered moves, o'rourke was very out front on the gun issue and even that didn't move polling numbers, enough to give the congressman enough credence in this mind to stick in this race. >> we mentioned, 93 days before the caucuses there in iowa.
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i've noted from the start of this campaign that you often see so many people who are that interested in the race. iowa is a fairly small state population-wise. are all of those people just interested in local trenresiden interested in this campaign? >> reporter: in fact, something like this at the fish fry. right? or last night, the 10,000 folks in that arena. by and large these are very much of your traditional activists that are very much engaged in a very big way. coming in from places across the state. we're in cedar rapids now and i'm visiting with folks from towns across the greater northeast region. the same time, antidotely, there's a stock car race next door and the woman saw pete buttigieg outside and said, oh, is mayor pete here? started talking. she's very much engaged.
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may not come to an event like this, the fish fry, the conversation in iowa is very intense. you said it. 93 days away, people show up for the caucus, they are engaged and know what is happening. media markets across the state and they're at an engagement ledge and you see a lot of candidates stay in the race despite polling numbers, 1%, 2%, 3% because of name recognition. bennett from colorado, for example. turn on the television set here in iowa. it's hard to miss michael bennett. tv ads are going on. at what point does that name i.d. ultimately turn into caucus supporter or folks telling pollsters when they get a call on the phone they're considering voting for somebody like michael bennett? that's why you see a lot of these folks continue to stay in the race, despite's recent polling indicating essentially the four candidates of pete buttigieg, bernie sanders, joe biden and of course elizabeth warren really pulling away from the pack. again, 93 days away.
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time for that movement to take place, though. >> definitely a lot of time. you have a frontier with those four at the top but many saying kamala harris had a wonderful performance last night and one tonight at the dinner. vaughn hilliard at the fish fry, cedar rapids. thank you. that dinner that took place in des moines long viewed as a game-changer for presidential candidates. barack obama went on to win iowa after that dinner. elsewhere in iowa today the focus is on the african-american vote. several candidates took part in in a achl naacp talk and in des moines for us, at the liberty of justice dinner last night we saw some democrats taking on each other's proposals, including joe biden, who had a big swing at elizabeth warren. what more have you seen? >> reporter: you're seeing that a little today here.
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just to set it up, at this naacp presidential forum focused on african-american issues. as you know, that's any issue. the economy, health care, education, and one thing we did notice is that these candidates especially now as we are getting closer to the iowa caucus, just over three months until the caucus they're taking whatever opportunity they can to separate themselves from the other candidates here. we saw a little bit of that. >> we're having a little audio problem there. gremlins. getting into our wire there. check back with him in a little bit. a quick update meantime on the wildfires raging across california. as we speak at least 13 fires are burning in the golden state. the large effort and most destructive, however, is the kincade fire in sonoma's wine country. in just the past ten days it's burned more than 77,000 acres. another blaze near simi valley exploded in size this week. that one called the maria fire.
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taking out almost 10,000 acres in just about two days. wow. impressive. look at the numbers there. nbc sarah harm sn in ventura county, california with the latest from her vantage point. >> reporter: kendis, fire fight heirs made good progress overnight. the maria fire is now 20% contained. but let me show you some of the damage that people here in ventura county are waking up to this morning. this was an area where car repairs were done. you can see some of the vehicles and equipment completely destroyed by this blaze. firefighters also air dropped flame retardant. you can see that home behind me is now covered in those pink chemicals as well as some of the trees there hit by those aerial drops of flame retardant. those drops will interrupted, kendis, we're learning, by illegal drone activity that grounded air operations for an hour yesterday.
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investigators will be looking at who was behind those drones and why they were flying in an area where firefighters were working. another thing investigators will look at, socal edison says it turned on one of its power lines just before this maria fire started. if you're keeping track, the kincade fire, the getty fire also being investigated to being potentially caused by power companies reelectrifying their lines or experiencing equipment malfunctions. kendis, a lot of questions here with the maria fire around what started it, and investigators are going to be looking closely at socal edison. kendis? >> so many fires. hard to keep up. thanks to sarah harman there in california. coming up, a house and a nation divided. new polling what americans think about impeachment. plus, bombshell testimony on capitol hill this week, and how it lays the groundwork for more testimony in the coming days. from key players in the ukraine scandal.
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remember he said, he will not be president -- well, didn't work out so well. and then they figured they could take us out a different way. very dishonestly there with the lying and spying and leaking. and we are kicking their ass. i'll tell you. >> the president there in
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mississippi using colorful language to fire up his base. that rally last night, by the way, in tupelo, his first rally since the house approved bringing the impeachment inquiry into public view. the party line vote only the fourth time in american history the house voted to initiate the impeachment process. two democrats voted with republicans against the resolution. now today on day 40 of the impeachment inquiry, democrats are preparing to go public with transcripts possibly as soon as tuesday. public testimony could start by thanksgiving. so what can we possibly hear in all of this? so far we know this -- house democrats and investigators issued some 23 subpoenas and have more than 100 hours of testimony from some 13 witnesses. now, lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, a member of the national security council told congress he was instructed to keep quiet about the president's july 25th phone call with ukraine's president
11:18 am
zelensky. vindman told investigators that order came from john eisenberg who is scheduled to testify this week on capitol hill. you see a number of people. outgoing energy secretary rick perry and former adviser of defense john bolton. perry said not going to happen, bolton hasn't said. congress is technically off this week. busy agenda. don't you think? here to temperature us break it all down, peter milbank and attorney katie barlow host of podcast words matter. welcome. dana, start with you. any signs or indication whether bolton and any of the others we listed there will skip out? >> well, it's likely that most people from the white house will obey the counsel's orders and not participate in this. the question with bolton is interesting, because he has the same lawyer as his deputy, charles kupperman, the one who
11:19 am
brought things to a lawsuit. now waiting for the courts to rule on whether he has to speak or not. it wouldn't be surprising for bolton to take the same approach there. interesting is now that we're pivoting into public hearings, do the administration, the white house officials, continue to say that they are not going to appear? now it's not just a matter of not appearing at a deposition in the basement of the capitol. it will be an empty chair with your name on it televised in a hearing room. i think pressure will grow on some of these white house officials to appear, otherwise it really looks as if they're hiding something. >> one of those key witnesses, i mentioned, katie, john eisenberg, lawyer for nsc. named a number of different times. we've heard in previous testimony. why is he so key and central to this case? >> well, kendis, you laid it out right from the beginning. all eyes on eisenberg because of two key pieces of information
11:20 am
learned from lieutenant colonel vindman's testimony or reports of his testimony. first, that eisenberg was the one who requested to move the memo of the zelensky call to the code word clearance-only server in the white house basement, and perhaps more troubling, eisenberg is the one who instructed lieutenant colonel vindman not to speak about the call with zelensky to anyone else. vindm vindman, the nsc point person on ukraine, that's his job. now, you'll hear a lot about this concept consciousness of guilt. a legal concept allowing prosecutors to bring in evidence that a defendant or defendants knew what they were doing was wrong. and lieutenant colonel vindman's testimony about eisenberg is a textbook example of that kind of evidence. >> a lot of people saying that there is a lot of consciousness of guilt that took place out there. dana, does it appear as if eisenberg could be the fall guy, or the linchpin in all this?
11:21 am
>> he's going to be a silent voice almost certainly unless he's utterly forced to do something about this. there have been a few fall guys already in this. i think we've seen clearly this is occurred at a higher level, senior officials, within the white house, within the administration. so, no, i don't think americans will be remembering the eisenberg name for a long time. >> katie, earlier this week we had morrison who used to be there within the white house testifying and saying that, yeah, there probably was a quid pro quo but it probably didn't seem illegal. give me a sense of the legal imp plaifications if there is a quid pro quo or does it seem more of a cover-up? what are we talking about here? >> two key responses there, kendis. first, even trump's staunchest supporters seem to have shifted from there was no quid pro quo to, well, it's not really impeachable because the
11:22 am
president has broad leverage. impeachment is a political process. it's important to point out. it's not a legal one. the house doesn't have to prove that a crime happened in order to impeach here because the end game is different. even if the president is impeached in the house, convicted in the senate and removed from office, what happens is he loses his job. he doesn't go to jail. but when a criminal defendant faces public charges of a crime, then he loses his freedom. his personal liberty, and that's different that's the political process of impeachment we're watching happen right now. >> dana, all we heard this week including vindman, first person to testify there on that july 25th phone call and then, of course, congress proving the resolution, approving the resolution. was this the most significant week of this 40-day process so far? >> certainly was. but it's built up over time. so each week has been important in its own way.
11:23 am
i think we have reached a point of critical mass here. in our "washington post"/abc poll you have 55% percent of americans to 35% saying they know that president trump did something wrong. very different from saying they want him impeached and removed from office. we're looking at a political process here. i don't think anything changes from this week or any previous week in terms of the ultimate outcome of this. but you do see republicans pivoting, as katie was saying, from the quid pro quo. i think they will pivot further now and begin to say, well, okay. he did something wrong, but it's not an impeachable offense. most are not there yet. i think they are getting there in the senate and ultimately i think that's where they go here and say it's wrong but not impeachable. at the moment a lot are still trying to say he didn't do something wrong. all you need to do is look and see that he requested something of value from a foreign leader
11:24 am
to benefit him in an election. that's a clear violation of the law. >> ask you this -- >> you could say he didn't know the law, maybe not his intent but that's the law. >> were you surprised more house republicans didn't break with the president then? you follow this and know these people. >> i was. in the sense i was, and in a sense i wasn't. you can be shocked but not surprised by this. they've never broken with him before. a few made noise about it. i guess i'm less shocked by the notion that they sided with him and with the party on this, but they that all lined up at a news conference, i was at right after the vote and asked, are you saying the president did nothing inappropriate? they all said, yes. exactly ma we're saying. that's very different thing from saying i don't want to impeach the guy. they're saying it's perfectly okay to ask a foreign leader for help in your election campaign, and th . >> oh, how things have changed
11:25 am
during the last 40 days. with the impeachment inquiry moving full steam ahead, weighing in. a new poll showing how many americans support the inquiry and how many remain on the fence. tomorrow night, ari melber breaks down what we know so far and what comes next in this investigation. it is called "impeachment: white house in crisis" tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on msnbc. on msnbc. you ever wish you weren't a motaur? sure. sometimes i wish i had legs like you. yeah, like a regular person. no. still half bike/half man, just the opposite. oh, so the legs on the bottom and motorcycle on the top?
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new polling from the "washington post" showing support for impeachment sharply divided along party lines. take a look. on the surface the poll shows 39% of americans support impeachment and removal of president trump. dig in deeper. even split about among the parties. 8 82% and 83% reject. discussing our "new york times" political analyst peter baker and "daily beast" reporter and msnbc contributor betsy woodruff swann. welcome to you both. interesting numbers there.
11:30 am
peter, as support for impeachment among republicans, however, has now gone up to 18%. a lot of people saying that's an alarming number right there? >> obviously if you're the president, disturbing. you don't want to see any republicans in favor of impeachment. he's counting on his base to keep republican senators on his side and the stronger that number is for him among republicans, the easier his task is to keep things in a party line basis. he did manage to keep all house republicans on his side during this past week's vote. that's really important for him, easier for a republican to vote fon an inquiry saying i want to know what happened than for a republican to vote for impeachment itself down the road. less likely if at all likely to vote for eventual impeachment, meaning when you have an impeachment, if we have that vote will be along democratic and party lines. a big deal for the president that sets up a sfrenate trial.
11:31 am
if republicans stick by him make sheer he's not impeached and move forward for the 2020 election. >> and on the rides, the investigation so far kept private, expected to go public fairly soon. betsy, what are vulnerable republican senators saying behind closed doors on where the public stands on impeachment? >> privately many republican senators just don't like trump very much. they don't, many of them don't feel particular affection or loyalty towards him as a person. that said, the fact that we've seen very little public breaking within the senate republican conference would indicate that most of them still believe that politically they stand to benefit from sticking with the president rather than from taking a more maverick position and opposing him. one number from that poll that's sure to draw attention of senate republicans is the data about
11:32 am
independents. while it shows that more independents oppose the president's removal than support it, the fact that 47% of these independent voters support an impeachment is the kind of thing that's quite chilly and sobering for the gop. for trump to get re-elected he has to win a lot of independent voters, and would almost half of them want him removed from office right now? that's a warning side. >> it is a warning sign. i'm sure many in the white house are taking note of. no doubt, speaker pelosi has been taking note of it as well. talking, by the way, on thursday night on stephen colbert's show. here's a clip. >> the most important thing for the american people to realize and understand is no one is above the law. [ cheers and applause ] no one. the president of the united states or not. this, to me, has nothing to do with politics's people say you want do to it because jeopardize -- nothing to do with
11:33 am
politics or partisanship. it's only about patriotism. >> patriotism over partisanship. betsy, you're on capitol hill often. do you get a sense that a message for the democrats right now? >> look, privately for democrats the fact is, this was 100% a political calculation. the idea that, you know, the political facts didn't inform the approach that democrats took to the impeachment process is not something that you'll hear people say and are sort of more candid, talking on background settings. that said, it's a vital argument for democrats to try to make especially for members in competitive districts. members like max rose in new jersey or abigail spanjer in virginia. they could generally see themselves in even more danger than prior to impeachment because of this process and how divisive it is. they have to argue, luke look, the stances they're taking are about principle more than
11:34 am
anything else, and ultimately if the members end up voting to impeach the president, votes that could be politically unhelpful to them. >> exactly what was said. more principle than anything else. the congressman from staten island. peter, the president made his strategy clear last night when he called the impeachment inquiry a move to null the 2016 election results. obviously, a rhetoric that got a lot of cheers there in tupelo, mississippi, overnight, but is it one based on evidence he can actually win with? >> look, you know, in is difference between this impeachment and any of the others we've seen is this is a president who's facing another election coming up after the process is over, if not removed from office. remember, both president nixon and president clinton were in second terms. they weren't going to run again. president johnson never got his party's nomination again. wasn't really an issue. the first time we'll actually
11:35 am
test the viability and credibility of impeachment with the american public assuming, again, he's not removed from the presidency by the senate. was the impeachment, if there is one a valid thing for the house to do? is the president fit or unfit for office? at the core of the president's strategy now, playing not just to capitol hill, he's playing to the broader country and the people he hopes will return him for a second term. >> peter baker, and thank you both. >> thank you. a significant important milestone this administration is about to reach. one confirms a batch of nominees. quarter of the nation's 179 appeals court judges. a quarter of them. one level below the supreme court, will all be appointees of president trump. this is one of those, lawrence van dyke, nominee for the ninth circuit court of appeals. >> did you say you wouldn't be
11:36 am
fair to members of the lgbtq community? >> senator, that was -- that was the part of the letter -- i did not say that. i apologize. >> that's all right. >> i'm sorry. no, i did not say that. >> he was referring to a letter from the american bar association which gave him a not qualified rating, and also raised concerns over whether he would be fair to people part of
11:37 am
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in the coming days, reports the trump administration is set to announce its plan to take on e-cigarettes. they want all flavored e-cigs taken off shelves. this as vaping giant juul faces a massive lawsuit. the suit claims juul flooded the market with 1 million contaminated mint pods and chose not to issue a recall. the former senior vp claims juul ignored his protest for a recall or in the least a public health warning. he claims he was fired for being a whistle-blower. joining me to talk about all
11:42 am
this and safety concerns of vaping and contaminated pods, msnbc's doctor and medical correspondent torres. is there a public health danger? >> could be. the big issue everyone is trying to figure out. it's a he said/he said situation, the executive saying back in march i notified them 250,000 refill kits which can fill 1 million pods put on the market that came from a contaminated product juul bought to make the kits and saying those should be recalled saying the company ignored him and sold expired or near expired pods. they should be warned about that as well. the company themselves are saying, not so fast. he's a disgruntled worker and everything he said has no merit. that's the way things go with these types of situations. >> that said, it is a he said lsaid/he
11:43 am
said as far as having an ax to grind. you've looked into the case and seen the lawsuit. is there a reason for people to perk up about this? >> people should definitely pay attention. one, all the issues going on with vaping across the country, all the deaths. announced an uptick in deaths. so we know that there's issues with pods. most of those pods with they have to do with ones that are hacked, bought off the street, tain thc. only 80%. the other percentage could be coming from things like this. you hear about contaminated or expired pods sends up a red flag. wait. look at these and make sure nothing is on the market dangerous to anybody. especially kids. >> talking about it a few days ago on the streaming channel for msn msnbc's government saying there are about 1,600-plus cases. that number jumped quite a bit. >> exactly. >> what's the government doing about this and do they have any idea what's at the heart?
11:44 am
>> very difficult. the hard part is trying to pinpoint what's happening. talking to patients in the hospital they said i had a different variety of products. some had thc. some had nicotine, some had nicotine with thc. had a hard time pinpointing what's going on. the last few moss fine tuned found out the vast majority, 80% thc but still others they don't know. >> is the government doing what the administration mentioned? >> a big deal. fact they it didn't or aren't banning menthol or tobacco, menthol is disappoints experts. that's one that needs banned as specially in minority communities affects them more. >> menthol is very popular among the minority commune, african-american community specifically as mentioned. thank you. >> you bet. and a new trump proposal administration involving lgbtq and adopting babies. making the announcement services
11:45 am
can be refused to lgbtq families. turning away on the basis of religious beliefs and still receive taxpayer funding. the move is part of a broader policy to undo and obama era rule added to department of health and human services anti-discrimination policy. the administration made the announcement as we kicked off november, which is national adoption month. we expect a major court decision in february in a critical abortion case in missouri. the case involves the state's only abortion clinic revealing possible privacy violations by state officials. during arguments over planned parenthood's license the health director admitted his department compiled a spread sheet of patients' minstrel cycles looking for evidence of failed abortions. >> you'll see here it includes
11:46 am
the patient i.d. number dated procedure, gestational stage, right? >> yes. >> and the calculation of the worm's last normal period. right? >> yes. >> the minority leader of the missouri stated house is now calling on the government to investigate if the health department compromised patient privacy or broke any laws. at stake, whether the st. louis planned parenthood could keep its operating license. crowds are growing wild in the streets of d.c. right now. the city is celebrating a world series victory. live pictures of constitution avenue. pictures we're seeing. players gathered. a lot of people there. a whole lot of blue for the nats. we take you live to the victory celebration that has just kicked off. plus, we dig into that news from the naacp that could allow ncaa that could allow college
11:47 am
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11:51 am
don't drive, and cheer loudly. how are they doing? live picture right there. let's see. nearly a mile-long parade at this hour. started about an hour ago. the nationals celebrating their come-from-behind and surprising world series victory over houston. this is constitution avenue. not that many people are out, at least at this point. the first time in 95 years, crowd shout there. first time in 95 years an mlb team claimed the world series. the president invited the players to the white house monday. some players saying, thanks, but no thanks, including the nats pitcher sean doolittle who has an autistic broeb and declined the invitation saying he can't do it given some of the president's actions. look at that. a sea of red on constitution avenue. rally to follow about 4:00 eastern time. meantime, potential victory
11:52 am
for college athletes. the ncaa says it's considering new rules that would allow college players to profit from their own name, image and likeness. the ncaa making it clear, though it would not pay athletes to play, however. college players would be able to have an agent. big move. could profit from endorsements with conditions. the question, if the ncaa approves this, is it long overdue or a slippery slope? we dig into it now. sports editor with the nation joining me and be staff writer with "the wringer." dave, you've been outspoken and years ago called the ncaa an immoral organization out for a buck taking no prisoners. now you say what? >> an amoral organization out for a buck and still taking no prisoners. remember, the ncaa is only doing this, giving a little on agents and name likeness because they
11:53 am
had a legislative gun to their heads. california passed laws saying give athletes a ton more rights. florida the same, a dozen other states, bill's in the u.s. congress, uniting left wing governor newsom and ron desantis. the ncaa was facing defeat and they're trying to regulate their retreat from their previous rules. if you look at the restrictions, there already putting on divisions how this will eventually look. this is the ncaa to me trying to hug on to its golden goose before every egg hits the ground. >> if i'm a college athlete or high school athlete at this point hoping to go to college should i be celebrating thinking i'll be rich in a couple years? >> a few problems. we don't actually address economic equity. the biggest problem. profiting from name, image, likeness, putting onus on players to find their oh money and not enough compared to going to colleges and ncaa. they make $1 billion off the
11:54 am
ncaa tournament alone. the problem isn't we're doing a piece of progress when it comes to legislation in california, pennsylvania or new york, problem, not going far enough. not one of the last in this country before the economic that's not available now. >> and taking that -- >> ask any economic in the space, anyone who is an overlook or the space, anyone studied it for decades the way the ncaa was created, exists, indentured labor compared to employers and employees and not making money for the billions giving back to the system, it is what it is. >> david, you know college coaches came out, mind you, they are among some of highest paid individuals in several states including the rutgers football toech re coach here and you wrote in your piece it isn't quite what it seems and bug into the catch? >> absolutely. first and foremost, last i
11:55 am
checked 39 of 50 states in the united states football or basketball coach, highest paid state employee. >> insane. >> ncaa put down restrictions like when the leagues do image and likeness of players, update rules in a way maintains distinction between college and probable sports and make clur make sure sturnt athletes are students and not employees. the same okey-doke. trying to regulate it on their own terms because they know they'd lose in the courts and lose in the state houses. >> and the political fight, court fight, going to continue? >> oh, yeah. the court fights will continue. some legislative peek are packing off saying let's see what the ncaa does. the people taking them to court are not stopping. >> this has really turned into a political fight. >> it has. >> many politicians are jumping on both sides of this issue. some saying you have to give up your scholarship. do they have to do that if they
11:56 am
get these endorsements? >> absolutely not. education is not an end all be all compared to the money received. and where i work, lawmakers across the country are processing this but doing it for a national groundswell. the crux of the issue, talking about college athletes, black athletes. black boys and black women at these sports making these revenues. those who deserve to get paid. >> many hoping to make it to pros to finally have a family relying on them. >> exactly. >> leave it there. tyler, thank you. dave, thank you. 39 of 50 coaches. where did we go wrong there? >> good question. go nats! >> yes. >> the parade bigger than the inauguration. >> oh. shade. but maybe. coming up, a man who's long been viewed as the epitome of new york city. the man with a big inauguration parade, and crowd. well, he's leaving the city that never sleeps. president trump and the first lady heading south.
11:57 am
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wheeveryone is different.ta, which is why xfinity mobile is a different kind of wireless network that lets you design your own data. choose unlimited, shared data, or mix lines of each and switch any line, anytime. giving you more choice and control compared to other top wireless carriers. save up to $400 a year when you switch. plus, get 50% off when you buy any new lg phone. xfinity mobile. click, call or visit a store today. good afternoon, every. i'm kendis gibson live at msnbc world headquarters in new york. we may now know why president trump is packing his bags for the sunshine state. the lifelong new yorker now the florida man. plus, 40 days into the impeachment inquiry. a tale of two parties and republicans and democrats strategize. the president is looking to
12:01 pm
light a fire to explain his side of the story. the 2020 contenders are working on their ground game with less than 100 days to go before the state caucus in iowa. new signs this hour that kamala harris views the hawkeye state as do or die for her campaign. coming up, what was a well-received speech last night there in des moines. talk about the president. because he is spending the evening tonight in the city that he once called home. the president announced this week on twitter that he switched his residency from right there in new york city to florida. so why the change? well, perhaps because florida is one of the few states with no state or local income tax. but the "new york times" writes that switching residences to avoid taxes isn't as simple as it seems. hans nichols is live for us now with more. you've been looking into it. a lot of people curious when they found out he made the move in september. what's the make of the timing? >> reporter: the question and
12:02 pm
sek lation is it for tax purposes? right? there are reasons and certain regulations to be in a state for purposes of your domicile to actually take your tax status there. i think when you talk to white house officials and a short conversation or campaign officials, because they don't talk about it. right? if the white house gives an indication what the president's overall strategy is they're not forthcoming or on the president's taxes retroactively, think it's absolutely personal not anybody's business and they won't tell you what he's going to do in the future. right now we have this sort of strange announcement, but not much more to go on it and i don't suspect there will be a lot of transparency from the white house. >> and on msnbc yesterday, the governor alluded to another possible reason for all of this. of course, the state and the city is trying to get ahold of his income tax. >> reporter: right, but have back taxes.
12:03 pm
in new york state, and an effort to get something from deutsche bank who might have it tax returns. lawyers going after this, a game of chess moving venues. clearly the president doesn't like the situation here in, in new york. but whether or not a judge of any stripes or order will come down and finally release these tax returns, that's just, a question for the judiciary and fascinating to see how it plays out. >> a move doesn't necessarily affect whether or not those outlets will be able to get a hand on his taxes? >> certainly not retroactively. they're in his possession. the president before he was president filed tax returns and in the state of new york he hasn't. we'll see. >> thank you. >> good to be here. and new, never before seen documents from special counsel robert mueller's investigation of the russian interference into the 2016 election released today. by the justice department. part of a freedom of information request by buzzfeed news. some 500 pages of so-called 302
12:04 pm
reports from the fbi shedding new light on a conspiracy theory pushed by the president's campaign manager turned felon paul manafort. the role steve bannon played in the trump campaign amp manafort's firing and the president's former lawyer michael cohen. let's go to buzzfeed news reporter who is with us. did the digging on all this. i read your report on this. it came out today. you have been trying to get ahold of this since april of this year. headline me what were some of the takeaways you found on this first batch of 500? >> sure. still going through the documents, but probably the most notable takeaway right now is the fact that trump's campaign had been pushing the conspiracy theory that ukraine was involved in the dnc hack in 2016. obviously, something that is now connected to the impeachment inquiry. there are fascinating details in here about steve bannon's
12:05 pm
interview with the fbi, where he tells the phish fib that -- fbi that jared kushner was vacationing off the coast of croatia with a russian billionaire, and that his own intelligence sources told him that the girlfriend of the russian billionaire who was with them was "questionable," and that they needed the, needed jared kushner to come back to the u.s. they had 85 days to go. didn't have much money and needed kushner to fire manafort. in another 302, an interview with michael cohen which goes into great detail about the trump tower moscow project. michael cohen's testimony before congress. the fact that he was more or less being told to lie before congress, which we reported earlier. there's a lot of new detail in there. in all of these files there's some emails. there's new information about rick prince and his role, but i also want to note these are
12:06 pm
heavily redacted fbi 302 memos. but despite the fact that they are heavily redacted, it's just chock full of new information. >> interesting nuggets in all of this. at least that i've seen from your article that you posted just a few hours ago on buzzfeed. tick us back quickly. you filed some five requests, freedom of information act requests, through the doj to get access to the 1.7 billion pages of documents from the mueller report? >> well, it's actually, we filed multiple freedom of information act requests and then sued the government under that to lose the records. government in response to ongoing litigation claims that the mueller investigation amassed possibly as many as 19 billion, with a b, 19 billion pages of records.
12:07 pm
haven't proven it yet, and also told us it would take centuries to release everything, but today we have the first trickle out of documents from that cache. so it's -- it's just an opportunity for the public to see what went on behind the scenes. >> and does give a window into the world that was the trump campaign including according to your writing that manafort was advising the campaign straight up until election day and many people were saying, this guy, including steve bannon, to avoid him like a plague. why? >> yeah. and it's obviously, you know, questionable about what steve bannon was specifically referring to, but we do have that email in there, and it's -- it's very notable. clearly his role with, connections to russia, with ukraine, with yanukovych, and, you know, politics that were
12:08 pm
ongoing in the ukraine, but there's a lot here that really kind of, you know, you get to look behind the curtain to see what was happening during those three weeks, and why they were very skittish on manafort as revolutions about ukraine started to surface. >> 500 pages released from the doj today. we know jason leopold will spend his weekend, fun times, over the next few years for you. >> indeed. >> thank you. >> thank you. talk about iowa. the 2020 campaign. just 93 days until the democratic caucuses and a number of the 2020 democrats are on the ground there in the hawkeye state today. one notable absence. beto o'rourke. that's, of course, because he dropped out last night. there you see him addressing many of his supporters in des moines outside the wells fargo arena where he was supposed to take part in the democrats' liberty and justice celebration
12:09 pm
dinner. just a couple hours later. joining me now from cedar rapids, iowa is nbc's vaughn hilliard. i know you were there in des moines yesterday, but beto's announcement. how is that playing amongst supporters right there on the ground in iowa? >> reporter: kendis, beto o'rourke, in fact, his father supposed to here. we're in cedar rapids, two hours east of des moines where the announcement was made yesterday. eight candidates are here at this fish fry here. cory booker, the new jersey senator, up onstage now. beto o'rourke was supposed to attend this event as well as an naacp forum in des moines as well as an accessibility forum here in cedar rapids as well. it's notable. you see this field slowly begin to narrow. you have 13 candidates addressing an arena of more than 10,000 individuals last night, and it was quite stunning at the news of beto o'rourke dropping out, came out just two hours before beto o'rourke was
12:10 pm
scheduled to take the stage in front of that mass of iowa democrats. we were on the ground ten minutes after the announcement went out online and he had organizers, volt tievolunteers staff on the ground shocked. they knew they were strapped for cash, not gaining in polls and questions whether he would make it ultimately to the iowa caucus. stunning to have a couple hundred folks, supporters there for o'rourke essentially with signs amongst the freezing, drizzling rain ultimately find out just two hours before that dinner, the big dinner in iowa was supposed to take place. >> what are we supposed to make of the restructuring announced within the last week from senator kamala harris? really get a sense she's focusing on iowa. meantime leaving other states a little bit depleted of staff members? >> reporter: these are the realities of the campaign.
12:11 pm
look, beto o'rourke, when he got into the race he had an ample amount of cash that came into his campaign. his operation decided to ramp up. built up a significant campaign operation in the likes of iowa, and new hampshire. but when you do that, you have to continue to bring in that sort of cash. look at kamala harris' operation. senator out of california acknowledged they did not have the money or resources to continue on with the staff they had. just this week announced several dozen staffers were being laid off. closing multiple field offices in new hampshire and moving many of the new hampshire staff here to iowa. the concern for kamala harris is, yes, 93 days away. she's been in the race almost eight months. a point in time, a reality, late polling in new hampshire shows 3%. here in iowa latest poll we've referenced from the "new york times" and cnn college also has her at 3%. looking at a campaign like this, you see four candidates beginning to elevate themselves and distance themselves from the rest of the field, frankly you
12:12 pm
have conversations with folks here on the ground that want this field to continue to narrow so they can make up their mind between elizabeth warren and joe biden, pete buttigieg, and it makes it a difficult place for senator kamala harris to note had a very strong speech last night in the arena. more than 10,000 democrats. but it will take a lot more than one speech top say she has a shot. >> that dinner held in iowa considered a make or break for many, many politicians over the years who have ran in primaries and many say that was harris' best speech since launching her campaign in oakland in january of this year. vaughn hilliard for us in cedar rapids. thank you. look to the other parts of the states and des moines where the 2020 contenders get a chance to speak with african-american voters about economic empowerment. nbc's reporter is there at the naacp's economic freedom hall in
12:13 pm
des moines. hopefully gremlins are out of the way. talking about liberty and justice dinner last night. we saw some of the democrats taking on each other's proposals. have you seen some of that as well today? does that how the race is shaping up? >> reporter: we did see some of that today. not nessily onstage. 11 candidates came to speak. a town hall sponsored by the naacp here in des moines focused on african-american issues. the conversation on the stage focused on health care, education and criminal justice reform. they did come to the back and talk to reporters. when we talked to the candidates one thing consistently came up was elizabeth warren's proposal to pay for medicare for all. highly anticipated, and candidates were asked about that. one candidate had an interesting response. senator michael bennett, considered one of the more moderates in the race.
12:14 pm
listen to his response when asked about senator warren's plan. >> the fact that we have spent half of or more than half of this primary season debating bernie sanders medical c.a.r.rnf the reason we need different leadership of this party than anything else. >> reporter: different leadership in this party. you see, this is where just over three months until the iowa caucus. you're seeing events all the candidates come, speak one after the other and see these candidates trying to draw distinctions between their fellow candidates. you saw that with julian castro, told us any candidate who cannot appeal to african-american voters and latino voters should not be leader of the party or get the nomination, he said they'd playing into president trump's hands. when you are seeing. and also candidates becoming more reflective.
12:15 pm
amy klobuchar, onstage looked, inflected on her record in min money saying she regretted how the process was and how she handled police-involved shootings, and it shifted to a grand jury. saying something she wanted to change and she apologized, franklies, for that process she played a part of in the past. >> vaughn, meantime, of course, many of those voters are now, even though he wasn't polling very high, courting some of beto o'rourke's voters, supporters at this point. do you get a sense who might have the lane on that? >> reporter: you know, that's interesting. these candidates are somewhat kind of sucking up to the beto supporters right now. you saw that last night at the liberty and just it dinner. several candidates, kamala harris, bernie sanders, mentioning belto by name. said he ran a principled campaign and talked about his passion that you saw on the issue of gun violence. something you also saw onstage
12:16 pm
here today a little bit. what these candidates know first, beto was polling, and vaughn explained it very well the past couple of minutes, but beto was polling very low. he came in with a lot of spark and fire but his numbers just weren't reflective of that energy that many people thought he had initially. you have these candidates knowing that he does have volunteers and supporters and they are definitely having an eye on them, targeting them, talking about their gun violence proposals and then talking how they believe they are the best candidate to tweet donald trump. that's the common thread that will pull over the support from these other candidates. >> if you see any canidate start standing on countertops you know they're trying to win over that beto audience right there. reporting from des moines, iowa. thank you. turning your focus overseas. a big deal what's happening in iraq. the largest demonstrations since the fall of saddam hussein. back in 2003. thousands of anti-government protesters seen here pounding
12:17 pm
the pavement attempting to block access to the country's gulf court, bloody uprisings in iraq and lebanon have been worsening and forced the prime ministers of both countries out of office. nbc news correspondent courtney kube is on the ground in a field in iraq. a lot of demonstrations taking place in baghdad, but around the country they are protesting. what impact are they having? >> reporter: right. we just came back from baghdad, spent several days there and focused on the protesters and the protests. we saw video of them. keep in mind, these are people who have come to the streets more and more every single day since though started, this round started october 25th. many saying they want an end to the government corruption here in this country. it's not that they're just angry at the people at the top of the government. they want the entire government structure to change. that's where this is going to
12:18 pm
most likely continue into the days going forward and why it has not subsided even with the announcement the current prime minister abu abdel mehdi is planning to step down. the problem, there's no progress to step down. he said he would step down but only an another successor is in place. and lebanon. when the prime minister there announced he would resign there was already more of a structure how that would look. interesting there though is that assad hariri is coming out as likely favorite to take the same position again. here in iraq and baghdad in republican? uft left are and watch theed protests for days. much focused on one bridge that moves into the green zone. we saw video of iraqi security forces, army, and elite counter-terrorist forces, cts, saw them with barricade after barricade across the bridge
12:19 pm
stopping people from trying to move into the green zone. early on a small group of 50 to 75, a little over a week ago, actually able to get, tried to get across the bridge. they were met with water cannons, tear gas canisters and were pushed back. since then no whaun actually made their way towards the green zone but it's not for lack of trying and also not for lack of tens of thousands of people there applying pressure on the security forces. one of the big points of contention we've seen here are these tear gas canisters. there have been several protesters killed when they've been hit in the head with the canisters and very gruesome deaths. photos are floating around the internet and in some media here. the protesters and now some human rights groups are complaining that, in fact, the security forces are firing the canisters directly into the crowd instead of arching them up and that's why we've seen in effect having, using this non-lethal force in what turns out to be a lethal, deadly manner, kendis.
12:20 pm
>> quite a contrast in the different protests there, where it's become deadly in iraq and in nearby lebanon. if there's was any, a youngster scared by protests and the protesters started singing "baby shark." quite a contrast. nbc's reporter for us. thank you. to tell his side of the ukraine story president trump said he may pull something from the fdr playbook. grab marshmallows. a fireside chat of trump proportions could be coming your way. uld be coming your (cookie) yeah. me bad. (grover) yoooooow! oh! what about monsters having accidents? i am okay by the way! (burke) depends. did you cause the accident, grover? (grover) cause an accident? maybe... (bert) how do you know all this stuff? (burke) just comes with experience. (all muppets) yup. ♪ we are farmers. ♪ bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum
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12:24 pm
as you know the president keeps calling his phone call with the president of ukraine, a perfect phone call. so perfect he may read the transcript on national tv by fire. why? well, the "washington examiner" reports the plid believe presi ewa to make his case to the americans making his way through the impeachment inquiry. a couple of problems reading that on tv, though. actually there's no full transcript of his call released publicly and testimony on the hill this week suggests there are crucial details that may be missing from the memo the white house did release to the public. joining me now, former assistant watergate special prosecutor and msnbc contributor and chief washington correspondent with bloomberg news. kevin, start with you and this. because i know the president has
12:25 pm
said it jokingly but said it twice now. how would this fireside chat go over there in d.c.? >> interesting is there's been actually open debate whether or not the president utilizes national forms of dialogue more frequently as he should be utilizing them more frequently as relates to matters of foreign policy. should he do this, he would essentially be reading this from the oval office. i honestly, though, i've spoken with several sources about this. i think the more likely scenario would be he reads this at one of his campaign-style rallies similar to when we would read the snake poem back on the last campaign cycle. >> throwback saturday there with that. >> you got it. >> yes. absolutely. for the kids, fdr used to have his fireside chats on the radio and it became a thing a lot of people, jill, of today might not necessarily recall. let's talk about this coming
12:26 pm
week and there's a full week of depositions. last week, going into last week, we did, we thought morrison would be the big headliner. so as we look at who is on the slate for this week including bolton, who do you think will drop the biggest bombshell, if that? >> well, my first fear is that none of them will show up. the cover-up is working. and trump is succeeding in keeping them from testifying. bolton, for example, has the same attorney as is already requested that the courts decide whether to obey a subpoena. a question that shouldn't have to be asked by any lawyer. it's obvious that a subpoena is enforceable and you should obey it, and that a letter from that white house counsel does not overcome that, but so none of them may show up. eisenberg is the most interesting character right now to me. >> the white house lawyer? >> the white house lawyer who not only put the so-called
12:27 pm
memorandum of the telephone call in a place where no one could see it, in a highly classified area, where it did not belong, but he alsoed to vindman to keep his mouth shut and not to talk about it. vindman is someone who has said, things were left off of that transcript. it's not a transcript. it omitted references to the company that joe biden's son worked for. ignored a lot of stuff that the whistle-blower alerted us to but that the transcript, or the memorandum, left off. i'd like to hear from him, and he seems to be guilty of a cover-up right now. >> scheduled to be deposed this week. we don't know, he hasn't said yes or no yet whether he will be there. >> no. >> kevin, talk about that. a lot of people are waiting for the so-called smoking gun in all of this, and the we got the word nbc news confirmed that, from the testimony this week, that the white house lawyer, eisenberg, may be implicated in the cover-up effort here. did we get a smoking gun with the testimony from this week?
12:28 pm
>> look, i mean, i think all i can do is report on the lawmakers and how they've been interpreting the closed-door testimony. from that standpoint, kendis, i spoke with several republican house members who still have not said they would be willing to get to the point of voting for impeachment. republican senators in the senate still have yet to say they would vote to convict should it get there. i want to add something which i believe is notable. my colleagues add bloomberg interviewed house speaker nancy pelosi earlier this week, and what she had to say was, that they are continuing to follow this down and privately behind the scenes there could be articles of impeachment or at least those hearings, the public hearings, set to begin by around thanksgiving. that would pose potentially some political implications for the 2020 contenders, if this impeachment inquiry heads all the way even more closer to the
12:29 pm
iowa caucus. >> yes. the caucus, not friend to many running for congress. congress in session six more weeks this year. jill, talk about the possible articles of impeachment? obviously the process started. what do you get a sense it might look like. >> i think the same three articles of impeachment brought against richard nixon apply equally here. obstruction, which is based on mueller. and needs to be brought even though it was confusing to the american public, because we cannot empower a future president to think that by not bringing it that they are empowered to obstruct in that way. the contempt of congress is maybe most important and abuse of power by asking a foreign government to do something in exchange for releasing military aid that was essential to the defense of that country, and that congress had approved. >> a lot of people calling it the abc, abuse of betrayal and
12:30 pm
corruption in the impeachment process. >> yes, thank you for being with me. kevin will be back later on. see you in a bit. thanks. the president hit the road last night for the first time since the house passed that impeachment resolution. he can rally his base all day long, but where do independent voters stand on this? some new polling just coming in. next. ♪ work so hard ♪ give it everything you got ♪ strength of a lioness ♪ tough as a knot ♪ rocking the stage ♪ and we never gonna stop ♪ all strength, no sweat. ♪ just in case you forgot ♪ all strength. ♪ no sweat secret. all strength. no sweat. but super poligrip gives him a tight seal. snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture. to help block out food particles.
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some top democratic presidential candidates are locked in a close race now in iowa. look at the latest siena/"new york times" poll. senator elizabeth warren leads the pack with 22%. tramed by senator bernie sanders at 19%. mayor pete buttigieg at 18% and former vice president and former front-runner joe biden at 17%. correct that graphic there. 17%. however, moving over to the 2020 election is this impeachment investigation. how could it actually affect the 2020 field? joining me, msnbc contributor adrian, former director for communications for hillary clinton's campaign and the president of potomac strategy group. welcome both of you.
12:35 pm
adrian, talk about the poll numbers and issues facing many people. because it does appear as if many of the issues are getting lost in the overarching impeachment talk. doesn't it? >> you know, i guess, kendis, looking at the national news and driving the national headlines, sure. impeachment is, is certainly driving the news and i think it will be the next few months, but you've got to keep in mind candidates are really working hard now to get their message out locally. having good poll numbers in those first four early states. iowa, new hampshire, nevada, south carolina, is critically important. i think candidates can focus on the fact they want to get those it big headlines and local newspapers, "des moines register," "manchester herald," whatever the headlines are they need locally, what they're fo s focused on and you're seeing some poll numbers increase a lot for elizabeth warren, mayor pete, of course, as well. those two campaigns are known as having very solid ground games
12:36 pm
especially in iowa. they've got a lot of staff on the ground. elizabeth warren's campaign is notoriously known for having the best campaign, the best field operation in iowa and you're starting to see that operation now reflected in those polls. >> all that said, pick up on this. of the two of you there, you've been on a campaign there in january, in iowa, during a presidential race. can you imagine your candidate having to be on capitol hill for six days a week for some hearings, and in that critical month? adrian? >> oh, i'm sorry. no. listen it would not be an ediid situation. the most valuable asset a presidential campaign has is the candidate itself. the candidate being on the campaign trail. look, this is where deploy surrogates. i ran surrogates for hillary clinton campaign in 2016 and we had upwards of 150 to 200 people out every day fanning states across the country.
12:37 pm
that's what campaigns have to do. in fact, the impeachment proceedings, if they're happening leading up to the iowa caucuses. >> leps to have a former president as a surrogate running a race as the case for hillary clinton. >> it does. >> and your take on this. while polling shows that an increasing number of americans across the country are in -- in support of impeachment and removal of the president, take a look at these key states. swing states, for that matter. arizona, florida, north carolina. states that are critical for democrats, just about, over 50% oppose impeachment. so are the democrats playing the wrong card here? >> yeah. it's not even just those three states. other battleground state polling has shown that majority doesn't support impeachment. kendis, it's important to separate polling about the inquiry versus polling about impeachment and removal from office. those are different things. every poll is asking the
12:38 pm
question differently. i'm not sure how much really credibility i put in a lot of these polls. facts are changing, timeline is changing. what matters is, if the public is going to support impeachment at the time congress votes. i think the most important development this week with the house voting on impeachment inquiries, it was a partisan vote. peter baker of the "new york times" pointed out last night, this was the easier vote for a few renegade republicans to vote for than ultimately voting for impeachment. the fact not even one republican supported the inquiry shows i think their comfortable where they are. believe they're on the right side politically and their vote will not hurt them as much as voting for the inquiry. we'll see where it goes from here. we'll learn more. these hearings moving into the public is a good thing a positive thing. we can see evidence on both sides. yeah. i think there is a huge question mark what polling really shows in the key states that will decide the election. >> matt, interesting, because the president is also tapping
12:39 pm
into his fund-raising network to try to boost the campaign of struggling republican senators who are facing tough re-election bids. critics point out these are the same senators that have signed a resolution condemning the impeachment proceedings. what's at play here? >> yeah. i think 50, maybe 51 senators, signed that letter so that's not anything unusual. but you're right. not only is the president using impeachment to raise money for the senators aligned with him. done that for thom tillis of north carolina and one or two others and raising enormous money for himself. president trump is in the strongest position financially of any incumbent president in the history of the country and it's not even close. what the trump campaign is doing not just from financial but organizational and data standpoint is something we'll study years from now. >> he never stopped running. filed re-election papers on day one. >> that's right. >> thank you both.
12:40 pm
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welcome presidential candidates to moments of danceoffs. an app taken teenagers by storm and some adults. as it's used more and more, some are accusing ticktock of posing a national security threat. here's why. the chinese owned app has more than 500 million active accounts across the globe. while you can create, edit and post short videos where do they go from there? at least the data? joining me to break it down technology reporter for the "washington post," tony rahm. have you appeared in one of the videos as of yet? >> well, i'm not a very good dancer. no, i haven't appeared in one of the videos just yet. e you're right. a lot of concerns in the areas of national security and privacy. seeing it come from capitol hill as wellants what's the big
12:45 pm
concern? why is ticktock -- it's silly, fun dance videos. why are those considered national security issues? >> right. really two issues here. overarching all of them is a reality that ticktock owned by a chinese-based company called bytedance that own as good number of apps. many of which actually aren't in use in the united states. so china has much different standards than the u.s. does with respect to free speech and free xprenexpression and the th you can say around cultural or politically sensitive issues and a different set of issues when it comes to privacy and what the government can access with respect to user data. asking the question, wait. is the chinese government able to have some sort of influence on the decisions that this app makes about videos? the things that you see? using a different set of values? are they able to access that data? we should point out here that ticktock said in a couple instances it is independent. it's not falling victim to the chinese government.
12:46 pm
still hasn't satisfied some lawmakers on the hill, however. >> quickly, here, chuck schumer and others talking about all of this. besides criticizing dance moves, what sort of data could this app get? >> an app like this or any social networking app is able to learn a lot about you when the information you put into the app to occasionalistics of the device you're using. remember, you're signing up for the service. it's possible that the chinese government could access to that stuff even though tick tog said repeatedly that's not the case. the real issue is content moderation. are the videos that you're seeing in some way affected by the values or by the censorship requirements that are in place in china? >> all right. well, appreciate you being here. on note right now that you have not appeared yet in one of the "washington post" famed ticktocks as of yet. thank you. >> thanks. >> all right. staying in washington a moment. show you live pictures from
12:47 pm
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12:52 pm
uni united, take a look at the week that was. >> this is huge for d.c. >> trump going to more friendly confines today. is this where we are, even sports which used to now divided by politics? >> yeah, kennedys, loocanno ken think the fans were appropriate. on you the president employs some of worst fears that, and gets people to chant "lock her
12:53 pm
up." that doesn't mean we need to do it as baseball fans. you go to a baseball gan, you want to foccus on your team. i didn't think that was appropriate, but at the same time donald trump is getting a taste of his own medicine. he gets to see what it feels like. you have to think about where he goes, he's either in the white house, the trump hotel, a very safe place for him to be, or rallies on the road. he doesn't go to venues where there's a divisive crowd. >> make with all the red he thought it was a maga rally. many people were saying that was an ugly scene there in the last week. reps use this to seize on this including this as really saying that the swamp booed donald trump, and that it actually came during the same time when our brave men and women serving overseas were able
12:54 pm
to kill the top isis leader. so they seized on this and made it a political football. let's talk about jane fonda. she was just released after a fourth weekend of protests. this was the first time, actually she spent the night in jail. thee been protesting climate change. a adrienne, she said this week was the impact on bim. your former boss once said more than a decade ago connected it with women's rights. >> climate change is affecting every facet up our lives. this white house is doing nothing about it. my gosh, the woman's got so much going on in her life. the fact she's coming to washington, d.c. every weekend and using her time effectively to demonstrate, to draw these headlines. we're talking about this right
12:55 pm
now this afternoon on msnbc, because jane fonda was arrested, drawing attention to the fact that the. is doing now, pull out of the paris, rolled ban epa regulations. >> thee brought a lot of friends along with her. she says she plans to do it for four months. let's talk about love. sam waterston, or the lack thereof, and in previous primary years, a lot of hard-core political folks would be divided. this year, however, with more than a dozen candidates, some folks are finding it hard to find love. the warren warriors who are reluctant to swipe left on the yang gang, or the bernie bros that won't go into kamala's corner, how legit is it to find love in d.c.?
12:56 pm
really quickly. >> i think it's a nonpartisan issue. i think objective, maybe adrienne would agree, there are a lot of people in washington defined by their jobs, and really self-important, you know? >> we'll leave it there. that was a very vague answer. adrienne, i will spare you responding to that one. >> thank you thank you both. we'll be right back. both. we'll be right back. nyquil severe gives you powerful relief
12:57 pm
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well, that will do it for me. i'll see you tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. here is richard lieui right now. >> thank you, kendis. democrats prepare to go full speed ahead in the next big phase of the impeachment inquiry with at least 11 depositions scheduled. will they show up? >> they could be prepared to say quid pro quo did happen, but there's a but to that. the memos from the mueller report have a link before the infamous phone call. will they convince republicans here and the public to fully support impeachment? or will it do the op sid? that's all


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