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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  November 13, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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i'm really looking for a >> one of the great advantages clarifying moment of that. we have in the world is we that's what democrats are actually have allies. we have partners. we don't act alone. definitely going to push for. to treat a country like an ally >> we're going to be reading "axios" a.m. in a little bit. you can sign up for the news letter at "axios".com. i'm yasmin vossoughian, "morning joe" starts right now. that isn't a partner, devalu did you ever have any doubt devaludevalues. >> still ahead on "morning joe," about the fitness of this we're less than three hours away president? from this morning's public impeachment proceedings. >> i never did. we'll talk to bone of the lawmakers who will be in the >> anybody wants to come in, hearing room today. dictators, it's okay. >> any doubt about his mental congressman sean patrick maloney acuity? >> i never american energy is standing by, you're watching "morning joe." we'll be right back. independence. >> any question about his i am royalty of racing, truthfulness, his ability to tell the truth cincinnati. >> billions and billions of dollars in tariffs that china is paying for. i am alfa romeo. we're not paying. >> i never had any concern on whether he could handle the job. >> i just close my eyes and i sign it. great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, >> what about his truthfulness? did you think he was a truthful so you only pay for what you need.
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wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? person? >> my taur daughter yvonne has created 14 million jobs. maybe you could free zoltar? >> i don't have to make a long speech. you have no choice but to vote for me, and they said you will thanks, lady. taxi! do whatever you have to do. yes, sir, you're doing a great job. only pay for what you need. the truth is you have no choice ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ because the people we're running against are crazy. get the perfectly grilled flavors >> president trump and nikki haley in their own words. of an outdoor grill indoors, and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do even more, my goodness. good morning, and welcome to "morning joe." it is wednesday, november 13th like transform into an air fryer. the ninja foodi grill, along with joe, willie and me we the grill that sears, sizzles, and air fry crisps. have former aide to the george w. bush white house and state departments elise jordan, national affairs analyst for nbc news and ♪ john heilemann, the co-host and executive prauser of show time's the circus and an msnbc contributor joyce vance and senior writer at "politico" and wwithout it, i cannot write myl tremors wouldname.xtreme. i was diagnosed with parkinson's. co-author of the play book, jake i had to retire from law enforcement. sherman. he's an msnbc political
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it was devastating. contributor, and we have full one of my medications is three thousand dollars per month. coverage ahead of the impeachment proceedings against president trump. prescription drugs do not work if you cannot afford them. also in the headlines this morning, president trump will host turkey's leader at the white house today, the same for sixty years, aarp has been fighting for people like larry. autocrat who ordered his body guards to beat up protesters the and we won't stop. previous time he was in join us in fighting for what's right. washington. and explosive new polling from iowa showing mayor pete buttigieg at the top of the pack. a lot to unpack there. but first this morning, the first televised public impeachment hearings get underway into president trump. donald trump is the fourth i get it all the time. president to face impeachment "have you lost weight?" proceedings by the house of of course i have- represent ever since i started renting from national. representative, the third in recent times. because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... polling this month shows 49% of ...and choose any car in the aisle. americans say president trump and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. should be impeached and removed from office. 47% say he should not. at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. today's hearing will open with looking good, patrick. testimony from acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine, bill taylor and deputy assistant i know.
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secretary george kent. taylor is the one who texted (vo) go national. go like a pro. ambassador gordon sondland that it would be, quote, crazy to make ukraine military aid contingent on investigations aimed at helping the president's re-election. taylor testified it was his clear understanding that ukraine wouldn't receive its military aid unless ukraine's president committed to pursue the i am royalty of racing, investigations, and deputy assistant secretary george kent is the one who told lawmakers in closed door testimony president i am alfa romeo. trump wanted nothing less than president zelensky to go to a microphone and say investigations, biden and clinton. >> meanwhile, the white house is getting ready for all this. a source close to nbc news says ahead of today's impeachment hearings president trump's mood has veered between relishing the fight and seething with anger. the white house and republicans have been coordinating on a strategy to distance the president from the witnesses arguing that none of them had
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any direct knowledge of the president's thinking. president trump has several counter programming events this is your business still settling for slow internet? week that may help keep him from reacting immediately from the public hearings. well time is money. today he will meet with turkish switch to comcast business now and get a great deal president erdogan. when you get fast, reliable internet. thursday evening the president will hold a rally in louisiana, with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and president trump will face limits of his power in the installation when it works for you, and 24/7 customer support. impeachment hearings. jonathan la mere writes there. so what are you waiting for? for three years donald trump has get this great deal when you sign up for fast, reliable internet. unapologetically defieded the call 1-800-501-6000 today. conventions of the american comcast business. beyond fast. presiden presidency. on wednesday confronting an impeachment process enshrined in the constitution that will play out in public and help shape how the president will be viewed by voters next year and in the history books for generations. jonathan continues a parade of public servants will raise their a big day on capitol hill today. hands and swear an oath to the it's 28 past the hour, a live look at washington, d.c. truth, not the presidency the sun is up. the day is starting. joining us now member of the house intelligence committee remting an integral -- enters democratic congressman sean the crucible of the public patrick maloney of new york.
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hearings largely alone by his well, history happens today. what's the strategy? >> let the witnesses speak. own design. four hours from now at 10:00 a.m. eastern time history let the american public hear the after a lot of buildup, a lot of story firsthand unfiltered. talk, a lot of hearings and that's the plan. >> and what are the three or so accusations and hearings and questions that you-all plan to depositions, the public will see out in the open along with the focus on or how far out will you committee witnesses we've heard go with these questions? from in private now tell their will it stay completely focused stories in public against the on the extortion of a foreign president of the united states. leader? >> well, i think you'll see the >> just a word of warning for the cynical who say none of this witnesses and the staff go into some detail on what happened, what these witnesses can share married, for t with the public. matter, we already know how i think for those of us in republicans are going to vote, we already know how democrats positions of elected office for are going to vote, what does it the public, the big questions matter? it matters first of all, it matters because history is are the big questions. did the president abuse his office? is it ever okay that an american president, this one or a future one, extort the help of a watching. we still go back to '73 and '74. foreign leader for an advantage we find out the men and women in an american political who put country first. we find out those who put their campaign? is that okay? can that be something we put up political party first. with? can that coexist with the way
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our constitution works? we still have a very clear view and if not, how do we hold the of those who chose power over president accountable? principle, and it matters. those are the big questions. most of those players are dead >> so those big -- i mean, i now but their reputations think we can answer most of endure, and we have a very clear those big questions right now. can we put up with it? sign of who had character then no. is it okay for a president to and who didn't, and who actually extort a democratic leader who's been invaded by russia so he set an example for future generations. so that's just -- that's just the first thing, but also, you could get dirt on his opponent? no. i think what i'm curious about look at the poll numbers, and is, you know, this isn't like a we're about 49% in most polls, trial where there's been the fox news poll earlier this depositions and everything that's going to be out there. month had 51% of americans wa this story continues to move forward. we really don't know what's wanting the president of the around the next corner, so what united states impeached and removed. that's the number you have to look at. facts do you still not have that you can call lindsey graham all day, it's not going to matter. you want to have? what questions are you going to you can say he needs to be ask that's going to reveal some impeached. what matters in this process has information that you think may to do with these witnesses, the help members of the senate impact that they have on the better determine how they would american public, and if that -- vote on a possible conviction of those numbers start moving into the president if he is, in fact, the mid-to high 50s, if there
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impeached in the house? >> right, well, joe, i'm tempted are enough undecideds who look to say the best evidence remains at career diplomats and the president's own words as captured by the contemporaneous professionals like bill taylor coming forward, then 51 may call memorandum, the admission of the white house chief of staff there was a quid pro quo. the text messages that we've become 53, 55, 57, 59. seen. by the way, we should see the contemporaneous notes and e-mails that the state at that point that's when you have mitt romney, cory gardner department continues to withhold. those would be important pieces in colorado, susan collins in of corroborating evidence. >> right. >> but look, you know, i think maine, a lot of different members of the senate republicans who really are going that if the goal is to chase the to have to think long and hard senate, you know, i'm not sure understanding, okay, i'm going that that's going to be to vote for impeachment because something that works out in the it's the right thing to do and end meaning, you know, when i most of the people in my state want me to do it, and if i was a kid, i yaused to swim in e don't, i'm going to lose. pool and my mom and dad would i know i'll lose in the general election. they'll just have to make the walk backwards as i got closer to them. remember that trick? calculation. they'd remove their standard if it's worth it, voting for repeatedly from is there a quid pro quo to did the president do impeachment or voting against it. excuse me, i think the important impeachment so there's that, but thing is the important thing. the important thing is do we also, i think mika donald trump know what the president did?
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d hates this process as jonathan does it matter? is it impeachable? we're going to accomplish that i predict to you with these la mere said because he doesn't credible, decent public servants control it. there are going to be televised who are testifying in the house. >> all right, so again, we have hearings with a lot of people a lot of that information who have the character he so already from -- but i'm just sorely lacks, and finally, this is a process, and it's something that i said repeatedly in '99 curious, like, for instance, do you know what the president knew and when the president knew it? do you know the exact moment when it was democrats talking about how it was a coup. that the president called for the quid pro quo? this is not a coup. this is a constitutional do you know who he first spoke to about this idea? process. our founding fathers laid this do we have that information on out in the united states when this plan was hatched? constitution, and because donald trump hates the constitution, >> there are still witnesses who because the limits of the are going to have important information on that, you are constitution, because he says right. in terms of filling in all the article 2 gives him ultimate details. but i would caution all of us power to do whatever he wants, into this, you know, e persist he doesn't understand this process. ma logical exercise of knowing it is foreign to him. that's why he calls it a coup because he does not live by the everything that people who will not cooperate, who will not speak despite lawful process same checks and balances that the rest of us do in the might be able to contribute when constitution. so this whole process is very we know enough to form a foreign to him, joyce, very judgment on the president's actions and whether it's
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foreign to him in part because tolerable or not in a free country like ours. i think the witnesses that are the constitution itself is coming forward will give us the four corners of what the foreign to him. >> that's absolutely right, and president did, when he did it, what he knew, what his we see here the danger of this radical extreme powerful intentions were. presidency that trump has my god, it's kcrystal clear fro his own words, from the call advocated for perhaps less because he understands the memorandum, from the white house constitution while those around chief of staff's admissions, we him notably bill barr have can keep adding layers of gloss on this, and i want everybody's advocated for an extensive evidence, but let's not lose presidency. sight of the fact that we have today we confront whether there the core facts here. are any limits to that they will be presented in a presidency and whether this credible fashion to the american president who has escaped so public. >> congressman it's willie many allegations and so many geist. republicans were circulating a scandal finally begins to be memo a couple of days ago held accountable as the facts come to light. talking about strategy here and >> yeah, actually, john, in defending the president, putting out talking points for republicans, maybe a window into jonathan lemire's piece, the what we'll see from some members well-known presidential of the intel committee in that historian says trump can do away hearing today. part of their argument is that with the traditions and niceties president trump is being of the office, but he can't get undermined by unelected away with the constitution. anonymous bureaucrats, he's bumping up against the constitution today. anonymous, i guess they're we've talked about this a lot that this is a serious and talking about the whistle-blower solemn process that nobody wants unelected some of the witnesses to live in the country where the you'll have before you today. what is your reply to that rg a
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president is impeach e ed or ha to be impeached for his actions. argument? >> my reply to that is the president is not above the law. we all hope both sides in that room take the hearing seriously and take the process seriously when a credible member of his own administration, his own and attempt -- maybe i'm being appointees for goodness sakes, when people who have a lifetime naive here -- to not treat it of service to the united states, decorated combat veterans, like a circus. >> thank you for that circus people like today's witnesses bill taylor, the guy served in mention. i get a royalty every time you say that. think about it from the vietnam. he was an infantry officer in standpoint of how the parties are looking at it and not the 101st airborne division, casting prospective aspersions west point grad, that's the same time this president was making on anyone. up bone spurs, this is a person i think you're going to be disappointed. the reality is democrats are who is make -- to have his going to try to be solemn. i think they recognize it is in account weighed. their political interest if we believe the president is a they're trying to persuade citizen like the rest of us, and i'll ask you, who has more americans on the fence about this president, it's good optics credibility, bill taylor in his in a way for there to be gravity lifetime of service, lieutenant associated with this. i don't mean to be cynical about colonel vindman who won the purple heart in iraq, and marie this. they recognize it's in their interests to take this seriously and project a sew lemty, a yovanovit yovanovitch, these other sobriety about it. witnesses or the president of the united states who cares about the constitution and truth republicans do not see it that so much he uses both sparingly.
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i think after this week serious way. they're not trying to persuade people won't have any dispute really about what happened. people in the middle of the people are going to have to country who are uncertain. what the republicans are trying understand and decide for to do is to make sure that that 35 to 39% of the electorate themselves what the consequences that's been with president trump should be. that they stay with him. for me it's a clear abuse of presidential power, and he must they're not trying to move people in the middle to their be held accountable. point of view. what they're trying to do is >> so there is some clarity here keep that base intact. i think republicans have no on many levels in terms of the intention of being solemn. facts. and i'll give you the one piece why is it so hard to get your about why we know that's true. republican counter parts to see jim jordan. >> the appointment of jim jordan the same facts that you see? >> you know, you'll have to ask them honestly, and they're going tel to have to look in the mirror tells you what the republican and ask themselves. strategy. is to wage political warfare. i've heard them spout some of the points you referenced in that memo. >> the other strategy is i'm not i have to tell you, like the other defenses that have been going to watch. here are the republicans trying to figure out what to do today. pro fer proffered by the republicans take a look. over the past few weeks, none of >> this is [ bleep ]. those points will hold up against the facts and the this is [ bleep ]. evidence. that's a very important thing. they're doing damage to the president right now. the facts and the evidence will this is a political exercise detonate those talking points. that's different than anything the only defense they'll be left that's ever happened when it with -- i predict to you -- is, comes to trying to impeach a well, so what, and so what is
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president. this is a calculated effort to where our democracy goes to die. dirty up trump, to do damage. we need to get real clear on this is dangerous for the presidency as an institution. whether we can let this president, any president engage i don't like it. in this kind of conduct, if you really want to impeach him, do what we did with clinton pressure foreign leaders to and what they did with nixon. undermine our own political process, to rig an election. >> the evidence that's being brought forward now is coming i mean, if we've got american through an investigation process presidents using the full weight in the house. there's not opposing counsel of the federal government to enlist foreign help in rigging that offers different points of american elections, view. investigating their political when it reaches -- if it does opponents, we've gone down a reach the senate and takes on very dark road we may never come more of a trial type back from. environment, that's when both sides present the facts as they we need to act. >> yeah. see them, and those can be member of the house intelligence committee, congressman sean weighed in a balanced manner. patrick maloney. >> tomorrow i'm going to be thank you very much. we'll be watching today. paying attention to what we're still ahead, president trump doing in the senate. >> i don't have time to watch has a busy day ahead with a visit from the president of that tomorrow. it will be worth it when they turkey, but it seems like he has decide to give due process to a something else on his mind. he's already tweeting about today's impeachment hearing. minority party the same way we the vice chairman of the senate did when clinton and nixon was intelligence committee mark warner will be joining us later involved. >> i think it's a political sid to weigh in on this morning's proceedings. a lot going on today. >> no, not at all. "morning joe" is back in a moment.
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trying to undermine these career public servants, alexander vindman who might come in uniform to testify, we assume will come in uniform to testify, and career public servants, ♪'cause no matter how far away for you roam.♪ys.♪ people who have spent their lives working for george bush, barack obama, and donald trump trying to undermine their ♪when you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze.♪ character is a really dangerous thing for republicans, they think, because the public, the persuadable public, they ♪for the holidays you can't beat home sweet home.♪ believe, could see through that. it's a really tough, very tough strategy. republicans tell me they have the united states postal service goes the extra mile basically one place to hide to bring your holidays home. leelee here, one solid argument. how is this a quid pro quo if ukraine got the aid and they didn't issue the statement on the bidens. the more they can say that they believe the safer ground they stand on. this is a very difficult format for the president. as you noted at the top, these are people who spent their lives and my lack of impulse control,, either fighting for the country is about to become your problem. or representing the country abroad, and democrats have ahh no, come on. conducted themselves here. i saw you eating poop earlier. although lindsey graham says it's not like the clinton impeachment or the nixon hey! impeachment, it's close, and
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my focus is on the road, they've conducted themselves and that's saving me cash with drivewise. with lawyerly precision behind who's the dummy now? closed doors, and if that goes whoof! whoof! to the public and if republicans continue their posture, which is so get allstate where good drivers save 40% for avoiding mayhem, like me. side show kind of circus like environment, and they say that sorry! not me, they say they don't want he's a baby! to stand on the facts. they want to draw attention elsewhere, it will be quite difficult for the gop for the next nine days. >> and elise jordan, i think there's been an effort to sort of desensitize america to the word quid pro quo, which some would see as extortion and breaking the law, and it appears republicans want to hide behind sort of trying to whittle down how bad people think that is. >> when it's just abuse of power. >> get over it. >> at the end of the day, all it is is abuse of power. i found what jake said to be interesting about the precari s precariousness of a strategy of attacking career officials who
3:16 am
are coming forward to testify. you've got someone like ambassador bill taylor today. i remember right after his transcript was released of what he testified to congress previously, ronna romney mcdaniel, the chair of the rnc called him a radical. >> mm-hmm. >> suddenly a george w. push appointee to the same position that donald trump appointed him to, ambassador to ukraine, is a radical. this is going to be a very tough battle for republicans to actually portray with any legitimacy. >> all right, and then at the same time we've got former trump deputy campaign chairman rick gates testifying at roger stone's trial yesterday, that stone first told president trump's top aides that wikileaks had plans to release information in the middle of the presidential race in april of 2016. according to gates, the trump campaign's scramble to take advantage of the releases included at least one call with 41 past the hour, the
3:17 am
the president himself indicating that trump knew the issue early supreme court appears likely to let the trump administration on, something he has previously denied. follow through on its plan to gates says that by july ofupdat bring an end to daca. the federal program that has allowed nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants known as others regularly and directed dreamers to avoid deportation. gates to continue to follow up the court's lib hall justieral with stone at the end of that month after trump ended one phone call from stone gates questioned the administration's rationale for ending the program. but the five conservative testified that the president's signal allowed what they'd been talking about moments after the justices were inclined to rule call finished and indicated that that the department of homeland more information would be coming security acted properly. the program ended in 2017 and out. joyce vance, it seems like a that the federal court cannot direct line is being drawn second guess that decision. between trump and wikileaks. outside of the court hundreds of daca supporters rallied while >> it's incredible that we're arguments were taking placement watching the stone trial happen lower court rulings have blocked on this same time line, right? the trump administration's this was a bomb shell moment in attempt to end the program, the courtroom. which has allowed young people this is peeling back those to reapply every two years to remain under its protection. redacted blocks in the mueller a ruling in the case isn't report that we all wondered about when it came out. the president is maybe not on likely until the spring of 2020. the hook here because he only joe. >> yeah, we'll see what happens
3:18 am
answered -- he submitted written there. you know, willie, mika and i answers rather than sitting for an interview with bob mueller, were talking about another case -- well, another decision and his lawyers were very careful to couch his answers. by the supreme court yesterday when he was asked whether he had that's going to have far reaching implications. had conversations about that was actually the united wikileaks, not that i recall with roger stone, right? states supreme court's decision to let stand the connecticut so maybe it's technically not a perjury count, but this lays bare what was going on, and it i supreme court's 4-3 ruling that the families of sandy hook think is a good reminder as we walk into these impeachment victims could sue remington for hearings that this is a white making the ar-15 and the -- you house that doesn't come here for the first time, that this is a white house that knew full well that political interaction with know, washington has tried for foreign countries over elections many years to shield gun makers was illegal. >> the defense of roger stone is from any liability for he's this wild freelancer, he negligence or anything else. this is an extraordinarily important decision for several was out doing his own thing. what rick gates said yesterday is no, there was a connection. reasons. one, gun makers can't operate there were conversations between with reckless abandon anymore. roger stone and the white house. he was not acting alone as a they actually have to be responsible in the products that they make and be responsible for freelancer. >>st that's abosolutely right. damages that come from those products.
3:19 am
when you think about it that secondly, it also tips the hand doesn't make any sense. of what the united states we know how organizations work. the person at the top always supreme court thinks about knows what's going on, and in military style assault weapons. both of these cases. there has been an argument among here with roger stone, we now know that trump was being extreme -- extreme second directly briefed, today with impeachment we all know about amendment supporters that this infamous phone call on july 25th, and even if the president somehow the supreme court is didn't know what was going on leading up to that, at the point ready to push heller forward, where he told the ukrainian president, you know, i need a little favor, it's clear that heller which protects people he's fully in the loop with having handguns in their homes and shotguns, that that will be everything that his folks have been doing. pushed to military style assault >> joyce vance, thank you very much. and still ahead on "morning rifles. there's nothing to suggest that joe." >> is there a candidate you and, in fact, this ruling believe has the best chance to yesterday, willie does just the beat donald trump? >> yeah, he just got out of the opposite. you don't allow a decision to go forward that would lead to liability for making something race, billy. >> back in october, tim ryan that was constitutionally wasn't ready to endorse another protected under the second candidate in the 2020 amendment. >> yeah, this was a case where presidential race. remington arms, the manufacturer today he is, the ohio democrat of the ar-15 was appealing to the supreme court to stop this joins us ahead with that lawsuit filed by the families of exclusive announcement. you're watching "morning joe." sandy hook victims, that we'll be right back. terrible, terrible day in 2012
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without my medication, my small tremors would be extreme. almost seven years ago, and as you rightly say, i think this leads to the next question, will without it, i cannot write my name. i was diagnosed with parkinson's. we now have a flood of lawsuits from victims suing other gun i had to retire from law enforcement. it was devastating. manufacture manufacturers, not just for the one of my medications is three thousand dollars per month. ar-15 but for other weapons. you are responsible because you prescription drugs do not work if you cannot afford them. made the weapon that took the life of someone i care about, for sixty years, aarp has been fighting for people like larry. you are legally responsible. that will be an interesting question going forward. >> we'll be following that. and we won't stop. back to the daca issue, how do join us in fighting for what's right. you see this proceeding forward as i guess we await? >> this is really a huge issue for president trump, mainly because when he came into office, he said i understand that dreamers are an important part of our society, and i want to try to protect them, but of course his administration and his policies were clear that he wanted to end the program. i think what we're going to see is a supreme court that's going to make a huge decision that's going to impact thousands if not millions of people's lives if
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♪ >> all right, 24 past the hour, a live look at capitol hill this morning as the sun comes up over washington. mayor pete buttigieg surges to first place in iowa in a new monmouth university poll. buttigieg up 14 points since this summer and now sits at 22% leading the democratic primary field in the first in the nation caucus state. he is statistically tied with former vice president joe biden who sits at 19%. senator elizabeth warren has 18% of support among iowa's caucus goers, down two points. senator bernie sanders is up five points at 13%, and senator amy klobuchar with 5% of support is up two points in iowa.
3:25 am
joe, what do you make of mayor pete? i personally am not surprised. who gives you clarity at every step, - [narrator] forget about vacuuming for up to a month. >> well, let's keep this poll shark iq robot deep-cleans and empties itself up. into a base you can empty once a month. john heilemann, we've been and unlike standard robots that bounce around, talking for some time about mayor pete's timing. it cleans row by row. everything seems to be going well. if it's not a shark, it's just a robot. he's organized well on the ground in iowa. he really is set up for success to win that state. he's got the profile of, you it nice?ce. this is the most-awarded minivan three years in a row. the van just talked. know, the sort of sales guy, give 'em the employee price, then gimme your foot. hands-free sliding doors, moderate/progressive of barack stow 'n go seats, man, y'all getting a hook up obama in 2008 to win that state. and y'all don't even work here. there are a couple of pacificaaaaa! interesting things in this poll. joe biden, the bleeding has seemed to stop. i know they're comparing this poll with their last one back in august, but if you just look at the swath of polls that have come out over the past several weeks, biden's been in fourth place in a lot of them. here he's clumped in with the other three, but at the same time you have mayor pete on the rise, joe biden it seems in recent polls to be stemming the
3:26 am
bleeding and elizabeth warren has interestingly enough -- it that's why xfinity mobile lets you design your own data. you can share 1, 3, or 10 gigs of data between lines. seems that actually issue dos matt mix in lines of unlimited, and switch it up at anytime. -- issues do matter and right now she's on the defensive about all with millions of secure wifi hotspots... her medicare for all plan. you've seen that meteoric rise and the best lte everywhere else. of hers in most polls at a sort it's a different kind of wireless network of standstill. if you look at other polls across the country, biden's in first place in most of the state you bring your own phone designed to save you polls, in most of the national and upgraded your network. that's simple, easy, awesome. polls. if he can -- if he can have a click, call or visit a store today. respectable showing in the first two states, you know, maybe he survives this thing. >> well, a lot in there to unpack, joe, first of all, the reality is that right now that ♪ mayor pete in iowa has this -- has momentum that's clear, you know, willie, you look at great moments in american pop whether you compare it to the last monmouth poll and then as culture, the reunions, the you said look at the cluster of get-togethers, the returns. iowa polling recently, i think you have of course sell advi-- it's fair to say given margin of error and everything else that you really are still looking at
3:27 am
basically a four-way race in havel vic in '68 and jerry iowa, those four candidates at the top, that any of them could weintraub and in madison square eventually win the state. it's the case that pete garden in '74. buttigieg has momentum on the who could fort that. we were in the front cigars andn upward direction that elizabeth warren as you say in iowa and elsewhere as soon as she got to front runner status, the same thing that happens to front central park and the great runners happened, the scrutiny moments and great reunions but i started, she got hit and had her think the kids in this generation will talk about worst of four debates in the november 13th, 2019, because of last debate. she was on defense there, and the reunion about to take place it's taken a toll. the question now if you think right now, willie. >> it is happening right now and about that dynamic is it kind of it is history. in real-time. no studios in milwaukee is early for pete buttigieg, if he launching the inaugural social is a front runner in iowa, the justice summit called art activated this friday and same thing that happened to elizabeth warren, which is the saturday featuring panels natural cycle of scrutiny of discussing important issues facing that city and the attacks by rivals, of contrast country. in this upcoming debate is now like criminal justice reform, going to be focused on pete human trafficking and fair housing. featured guests will discuss how buttigieg, and we still are 85 art can be used as a form of days out from the iowa caucuses. protest and repair and now for when people talk about organize, that reunion, the founder and
3:28 am
organize, and get hot at the end ceo of those studios, in iowa, they don't mean two months out, three months out, screenwriter john ridley. but most importantly, a morning the end means two or three weeks joe original. out. he's in a good position right >> yes. >> i want to take you back to now. he's built a very strong the spring of 2007. organization. elizabeth warren has too. >> wow! he has the momentum, she does >> driving through the lincoln tunnel at 3:00 in the morning to not but there is still in iowa terms a lot of ground between here and caucus day in that reverse out to new jersey and an first beak of february. >> it is a lifetime, and elise abandoned liz claiborne outlet where we had the studio. jordan, you look at this poll, you me and joe and mika sitting you look at the new hampshire there with no idea what we were poll, and i'm curious what you doing. >> did that all happen? think about joe biden, again, was it just a dream? was it real. >> it was real. >> thank you very much. it is very nice to be back. word was he's falling into fourth place in a lot of the i know there are tens of polls. millions of americans right now we're talking about him being within the margin of error, but thinking that there is something wrong with their television. in the last two polls in new >> their cable. hampshire and iowa, he's sitting in the high teens. >> now you're sitting in he's sitting in second place. hollywood with your accolades, he's sitting -- he's keeping it do you think i miss those days? >> not once. close up top. never. not even close. >> i don't think that joe biden is in all that bad of a and you know a reunion works when part of that -- it was a position. i would point out that mayor quad.
3:29 am
one of the quad left the stage and said i'm not going to be pete is still polling at around 0% with african-american voters part of this. >> it was too much magic. >> and the other quad said i'll so who at the end of the day is do it but only remotely from god only knows where and you were going to actually have that support, and so far in every just like kind of -- >> a bunker in west virginia. poll i've seen from these early states with african-american and here you come back and for a lot of people it is going to be voters, it's been joe biden, ask strange. he has that strength, and so you come back and it is like the until mayor pete can really make kingston trio except one of the inroads with minority voters, i members has a letterman beard. what is going on with the beard. don't see him being the eventual >> can you name one more act democratic nominee. >> as we mentioned, president that somebody born post-2000 trump will be meeting with turkey's president at the white will never absolutely know. >> the kingston trio. house while impeachment hearings are underway. i actually think we'll be >> can you imagine. hearing realtime from him about >> kids are going -- the impeachment hearings because he tends to get distracted. >> we were already thinking dad was cool but now it is all gone. the beard, joe, it is just according to "the washington post," in a new letter to erdogan last week, trump said a exemplary when i started $100 billion trade deal and a thinking about humanitarians and wise men, they all had beards. work around to avoid u.s. sap >> yes, of course. >> they're all too wise to sanctions are still possible. shave. so tell us about the project. this comes after the house voted
3:30 am
>> honestly, joe, and it is last month to impose sanctions funny and i've been very on turkey over its invasion into fortunate in my life knowing you and working here and being syria. many lawmakers are not happy around people of substance, people who try to work toward about today's visit. last week they sent trump a positive change and for me personally i got to a point in letter asking to rescind his my life where art allowed me to invitation to erdogan because of that encouragement. reach people and engage them in and joining us now the president subject matter that is very of the council on foreign difficult but it reaches you in relations, author of the book "a a different way. it is not in the head. it is not in the gut. world in disarray" richard ha s it is just in the heart. and with no studios, i'm from milwaukee, it is a wonderful city but like a lot of cities in haass. >> i'm vexed. the world it is challenged. >> vexed? >> it's vexing. it is the most segregated city in america. there was just an instance the they seem so concerned about some of these decisions, other day where somebody had acid thrown in their face and especially on a policy level was told go back to where you containing to syria, and yet come from. these phraseology and moments will not watch impeachment, will not take part in actually that are painful. but we wanted to try to do questioning the president on what may have gone wrong on something to take art and used it as a way to reach people. ukraine. the significance the concern. took art and reminded people >> and whether you were vexed. that it is a way of healing and >> whether you were vexed as a communal experience, whether well. >> actually, about turkey i'm in a theater watching dance or a not vexed. this is a country that on paper is an ally. movie or there at home watching in practice is not. television, there are moments
3:31 am
they're not a partner. that we share. so one of our -- one of the alliances come with expectations of behavior. it also comes with a similarity organizations that we work with in values and principles. this is an authoritarian inios country. they beat up demonstrators in marquette university and that washington, d.c. prides on using morality to they're now allegedly committing war crimes in syria. instruct people, not just in their agenda in syria is not books but in morals and we anti-isis, which is ours. what it was is anti-kurd, which wanted to take an afternoon and use that to look at how we use by the way is playing very well our entertainment to make a better place in the world. it turned into a week. and it's turn into a global for mr. erdogan. they're playing ftootfootsie wie event. we have a woman jayna kai coming russians. what i think we ought to do from uganda and worked with rather than invite them to the white house, we ought to child soldiers and having a distance ourselves from him. we ought to let him know he's presence at nyu and going to not welcome here. milwaukee tomorrow and then have the rest of the week of the we ought to find other ways, for events. so this is incredible. as someone blessed in life it is example substitutes for turkish an opportunity to climb another mountain and figure out what i bases. people forget during the iraq can do for communities rather war, whatever you thought of the war, one of the things that than just continue to be happened is turkey didn't give us access to their bases. blessed, how do you take the they're not dependable, they're blessings and use them in a city not reliable. very important to me. fortunately mr. erdogan will not >> so where do you focus your be leading turkey forever.
3:32 am
he may be leading it for a while, not forever. energy? let's take milwaukee. is it education or crime, where do you want to focus in on? we ought to be playing for the >> social justice, it is not one long-term, we ought to be playing for the post-erdogan thing. we're looking at human turkey. we want a relationship with you trafficking, at housing as a people, and as a country. inequality and criminal justice we simply don't want a reform. when we look at social justice and think it is just something relationship with this guy. >> when we consider who for you or me, we miss the fact president erdogan is, just yesterday publicly president that it is really for all of us. and if you say to people, you erdogan said we're going to want a more equitable society release if these sanctions, the where we engage more, people say absolutely, yes. proposed sanctions from the when you start saying social e.u., i will release isis justice some people want to turn detainees back into your that into a pejorative and it is country, these isis detain nighs not. i'm going to weaponize, put them it is for all of us. and we see it daily. back into your country. if year not living in an equal the other thing we learned was a report from john bolton former society it is far too late. national security adviser suggesting that president trump cleared a path for erdogan to go >> silenced people. >> i'm curious about whether you into northeast syria because of personal financial interests he started down this path has inside turkey. >> the former tells you what you need to know about erdogan. whether -- my father is from the idea that someone would threaten to release terrorists milwaukee and i grew up in los if he doesn't get his way, that angeles so we have various
3:33 am
shows you you are not on the same page. intersectionality happening here. he's not an ally in practice. i think about the people that i know in the film business where just start accepting that there is a lot of politically reality. secondly, you know, i don't know about motives here, but again, correct lip service giving to the issue you talk about and not a lot of action and you're out it's a serious accusation if there making some and trying to it's backed up by john bolton if do something in the way you just described. he ever does testify rather than so what kind of resonance does having to wait for his memoir, this have with your colleagues but look, this is, again, it's in the business and you say i'm part of the larger pattern in with you and willing to go out there and do stuff and co-sign this administration's foreign policy whether it's russia, whether it's turkey, what's and let you go off on your way. >> there are a very good point. about the motives, cozying up to there are a lot of us in hollywood, myself, and we talk a these authoritarians that don't good game. for years i did as little as i have the interests of the united could do and say i made a great states. why is it we are so distant from film it is about something and isn't that enough. our traditional allies? but i found when you reach out when historians look back on to people and say let's use our this presidency, it's that departure, it's the downgrading of allies. position and slightly agnostic. it's the cozying up to i'm not here to proselytize, authoritarians that won't compute. >> richard, can you think of a there are other people that work single instance when a national 24/7 to make a more complete society if at least i'm building security adviser, a former an infrastructure is that a way national security adviser
3:34 am
accused a sitting president of corruption? to help people do better but >> is this a trick question? also, richard cabral has been >> no serious, i think we need through the criminal justice system and knows what it is like to actually just take into stock if you are not reaching out to other people and saying the life how incredible of an accusation that you're living is not your this is. own destiny. it is the former national frieda pinto, a amazing actor security adviser to the president accusing donald trump and human trafficking and saying of corruption. that is a horrible thing that no, i think look, you raise a good point. it's this, the day-to-day, it's doesn't affect me but it is almost like we all get numb. we all get worn down, and you closer than you think and two individuals are coming out to milwaukee and being part of what we are doing. so, yeah, a lot of us give lip forget just how extraordinary, not in a good sense the service but if you reach out developments are day by day. riy and ind they are active as it's important not to lose your sensibilities, your outrage to saturday at no studios in what's going on. if john bolton can back up these marquette university in milwaukee. john ridley, great to see mh. accusations, they are powerful. john bolton and i have had our and i'll say you can live stream disagreements to say the least it if you can't be there and in over the years. the digital age you can always with we don't see things the same way, but he's a straight be there. >> final question. shooter. sales of the undercover -- he has his own ideology.
3:35 am
>> off the charts. he is forceful. he is smart. >> the film that made the man. plus, he has conservative >> john kidly. great to see you my friend. credentials. whatever else you think about >> i love it. him, the fact that he went to >> still ahead -- work for this president tells you something, that he was >> come back. prepared to put aside his >> -- the first televised differences and cooperate with impeachment hearing. him. mark warner joins us. >> hey, jake sherman, i have a question for you. but msnbc's ari melber. i don't really think anything that happens with john bolton should be taken at face value, "morning joe" is coming back in so the question i have is one minute on a busy morning. bug whether as he does this speech, which he knows is going to leak stopping drivers from: liking. and he's in this -- the question selfie-ing. of whether or not he's going to and whatever this is. testify is the question before us right now, how do democrats available to the public... never. on the house side right now, how smartdogs are not the answer. do they look at this? but geico has a simple tip. is bolton trying to signal in turn on "do not disturb while driving" mode. some way by giving a speech like brought to you by geico. this that he knows, again, he may even have planned for it to be leaked, is he trying to send a message to house democrats or do house dhkts feel like he's trying to send a message saying man, i could blow this case wide open.
3:36 am
you need to do whatever you have to do to get me up here. is he trying to build up an tis pags for the book? >> could the answer be all of the above? i think the available evidence tells us this. he left the white house and said i will have my time to have my- the last word here. he said that, and then he has given speeches where he's krit s -- criticized the president. he's gone to court to see if the court will compel him to testify. i think he's somebody that doesn't see himself as kind of a anybody wants to come in, trump lifer and is kind of unburdened by that for whatever dictators. >> any doubt about my hental reason, and what richard said is right. this is a guy who spent his life acuity. >> i never did. in conservative foreign policy, we're boldly pursuing american in republican foreign policy and wants to tell the truth, and energy independence. >> any question about his clearly he wants to be compelled to do so, wants to be seen as truthfulness, his ability to tell the truth. >> billions and billions of taken kicking and screaming to dollars in tariff that china is the committee. i know i can tell you with 100% paying for. we're not paying. certainty that democrats were >> i never had any concern on whether he could handle job. >> i just close my eyes and i
3:37 am
tantalized by the letter that sign it. his lawyer sent saying he knows >> what about his truthfulness. did you think he was a truthful things other people don't know. person. >> yes. to be clear, this would be >> my daughter ivanka has someone who would be able to take away the republican's chief created 14 million jobs. talking point in this >> he listened and he was great impeachment process, which is no to work with. one has firsthand knowledge of >> i don't have to make a long the president's thinking whether speech. here is the story. it be bill taylor, gordon i don't like you and you don't like me and you have no choice sondland or any of these other characters, you cannot make that but to vote for me and they said argument about john bolton who was the president's chief yes, sir, you're doing a good conduit when it came to foreign job. you have no choice. policy and national security. because the people we're running against are crazy. listen, here's what will be interesting. if a judge decides in two or they're crazy. >> president trump and nikki three weeks that bolton should haley in their own words. testify when democrats are on the brink of putting a vote on my goodness. good morning and welcome to the floor to impeach the "morning joe." it is wednesday, november 13th president, how do they handle that? along with joe, willie and me. do they delay the vote? that will be the interesting thing to see. >> all right, jake sherman, we have former aide to the thank you so much. and still ahead on "morning george w. bush white house and state department alise jordan. joe," some news to make this morning, democratic congressman national affairs analyst for nbc tim ryan is standing by. news john heilman, the co-host he's about to make a big announcement next on "morning of showtime's the circus. joe." joe." ♪ and former u.s. attorney for the northern district of alabama and
3:38 am
an msnbc contributor joyce vance and joe mitz and we have full coverage ahead against president trump. and in the headlines, president trump will host turkey's leader at the white house today. the same autocrat who ordered his bodyguards to beat up protesters the previous time he was in washington. and explosive new polling from iowa showing mayor pete buttigieg at the top of the pack. a lot to unpack there. but first, this morning, the first televised public impeachment hearings get under way into president trump. donald trump is the fourth president to face impeachment proceedings by the house of representatives. the third in recent times. polling this month showed 49% of americans say president trump should be impeached and removed from office.
3:39 am
47% say he should not. today's hearing will open with testimony from acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine bill through the at&t network, edge-to-edge intelligence gives you the power to see every corner of your growing business. taylor and deputy assistant secretary george kent. taylor is the one who texted from finding out what's selling best... ambassador gordon sondland that it would be, quote, crazy to to managing your fleet... make ukraine military aid contingent on investigations aimed at helping the president's reelection. to collaborating remotely with your teams. taylor testified it was his, quote, clear understanding that giving you a nice big edge over your competition. ukraine wouldn't receive its military aid unless ukraine's that's the power of edge-to-edge intelligence. president committed to pursue the investigations. and deputy assistant secretary george kent is the one who told lawmakers in closed-door testimony president trump, quote, wanted nothing less than president zelensky to go to a microphone and say investigations, biden and clinton. the white house is getting ready for this. a source close to nbc news said ahead of theith anger.
3:40 am
the white house and republicans have been coordinating on a strategy to distance the president from the witnesses. any direct knowledge of the president's thinking. president trump has several counter programming events this week that may help to keep him from reacting immediately to the public hearing. today we'll meet with the turkish president erdogan and on oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. thursday he will hold a rally in louisiana. and president trump will face yeah, have fun! limits of his power in the thanks to you, we will. aw, stop. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... impeachment hearings. ...all while helping you to and through retirement. jonathan la mere writes this, for three years donald trump has um, you guys are just going for a week, right? unapologetically defied the yeah! that's right. american presidency. can you help with these? on wednesday he comes face-to-face with the limits of oh... um, we're more of the plan, his pour, confronting an invest and protect kind of help... impeachment process enshrined in the constitution that will play sorry, little paws, so. but have fun! out in public and help shape how send a postcard! voya. helping you to the president will be viewed by and through retirement. voters next year and in the history books for generations. jonathan continues a parade of career public servants will raise their hands and swear an if oath to the truth, not to the
3:41 am
presidency, representing an integral part of the checks and balances envisioned by the founding fathers. trump enters the crucible of the public hearings largely alone by his own design. so joe, at 10:00 a.m. eastern time, history after buildup and talk and hearings and accusations and depositions, the public will now see out in the open in front of the intelligence committee chaired by adam schiff witnesses bill taylor and george kent who we've heard from in private now tell their stories in public against the president of the united states. >> well and just a word of warning for the cynical that say none of this that matter and for the cynical that say we know how republicans and democrats will vote. what does it matter? it matters, first of all, let's just maybe be mellow dramatic, it matters because history is watching. we still go back to '73 and '74. we find out the men and women
3:42 am
who put country first. we find out those who put their it is 42 past the hour, political party first. we still have a very clear view joining us now former democratic of those who chose power over presidential candidate congressman tim ryan of ohio. principle and it matters. great to have you back on the those of those players are dead show this morning. >> thanks, mika. now. but their reputations endure. >> so tim, you obviously -- we and we have a very clear sign of had talked before about how you who had character then and who were capable of reaching out to didn't. and who actually set an example for future generations. those midwest working class so that's just a first thing. but also you look at the poll voters that others didn't seem to have the ability to do. i'm curious, are you ready to numbers and about 49% in most make an announcement this polls, the fox news poll this morning about who you think month had 51% of americans could best carry forward that wanting the president of the mantle of reaching out and united states impeached and winning those midwest states removed. that is the number you have to that republicans took away from look at. the democrats four years ago? you can call lindsey graham all day, it's not going to matter. >> yeah, i think you hit the nail on the head, joe. you could say he needs to be i think this election for many, many democrats regardless of where you live is about who can impeached, but what matters in this process has to do with the beat donald trump, and the key
3:43 am
witnesses, the impact that they to that is who can beat donald trump in michigan and wisconsin have on american public and if that -- those numbers start to and western pennsylvania, in move into the mid to high 50s, ohio, and i'm convinced that that's joe biden. if there are enough undecides i just think he's the person who has, you know, the who look at career diplomats and sensibilities. we got a lot of great candidates, but the touch with professionals like bill taylor those blue collar workers that we have to have if we're going coming forward, then 51 may to beat donald trump, which is the goal here, and i know a lot of candidates and people are become 53, 57, 59. at that point, that is when you talking about we want a revolution. we want to have big changes. have mitt romney, cory gardner we want to save the environment. and in colorado, susan collins the best thing we could do, joe and mika, to have a revolution in maine, a lot of different in the united states is to get members of the senate rid of donald trump. republicans who really are going the best thing we can do for the to have to think long and hard. environment and climate change understanding, i'm going to vote is to beat donald trump or provide health care and prescription drugs. for impeachment because it is we've got to beat donald trump. the right thing to do. and most of the people in my and to me it's clear as you go round and round and think about state want me to do it. and if i don't, i'm going to all of these great candidates lose. i know i'll lose in the general that that's joe biden. election. i'm going to support him. they'll just have to make the i'm going to do everything i can for him in the early states and calculation. in the midwest to help him if it is worth it, voting for become the nominee and beat
3:44 am
donald trump. >> yeah, you're so right. impeachment, or voting against you can't change the world impeachment. so there is that. but also i think, mika, donald unless you win elections, specifically unless you win the trump hates this process as white house back. so what is it about joe biden, jonathan la mere said because he doesn't control it. they're going to be televised his leadership that's made you select him instead of say hearings with people that have the character that he so sorely elizabeth warren? >> well, like i said, they're lacks and, finally, this is a process and something that i all good candidates. i think in joe biden's bones is said repeatedly in '99 when it was democrats talking about how a connection to the working class people of this country, it was -- this is not a coup. and he's had that his whole this is a constitutional process. our founding fathers laid this career. to watch him interact with out in the united states people in these crowds, small constitution and because donald trump hates the constitution, crowds, small rooms, i've campaigned with him in ohio and because the limits of the other places for senator sherrod constitution, the madison limits brown and others, and he's just -- he's got the touch. of the constitution because he said article two gives him and i think that's what the ultimate power to do whatever he country needs right now. the country needs to heal after wants, he didn't understand this president trump is gone. process. it is foreign to him. we want somebody who can help us that is why he calls it a coup. hit the reset button, who can because he does not live by the bring some stability to the same checks and balances that
3:45 am
the rest of us do in the country, and that's joe biden, and he talks -- when i had conversations with him just in constitution. so this whole process is very the past few weeks, the conversations are how do we foreign to him, joyce. bring back the middle class in very foreign to him. the united states? how do we bring those good in part because the constitution paying jobs back, not 15 bucks itself is foreign to him. an hour but 20, 30, $40 an hour >> that's absolutely right. jobs to places like the ones i and we see here the danger of represent in akron, ohio, to the radical extreme powerful youngstown, ohio, that applies to wisconsin. that applies to michigan. presidency that trump has advocated for less because he if he's got a plan that appeals understands the constitution to me, that's a plan that's while those around him notably going to appeal to the industrial midwest, and that's a bill barr have advocated for an extensive presidency. winner for us. >> hey, congressman, willie so today we confront whether there are any limits to that gie presidency and whether this geist, one of the arguments you president who is escaped so many made when you were thinking allegations and so much scandal about challengiing nancy pelosi finally begins to be held for the -- is a need inside the accountable as the facts come to democratic party is generational change, it's time for a new light. >> john, in jonathan la mere's generation of elected officials to make the decisions in this rnt can. obviously joe biden doesn't piece they said trump could do away from the tradition and achieve that, how did that weigh nicety of the office but he into your decision and your can't get away from the constitution. he's bumping up against the constitution today. we've talked about this a lot.
3:46 am
that this is a serious and endorsement? >> that is an issue we need to solemn process that nobody wants continue to talk about. to live in a country where the when you look at cedric richmond president is impeached or has to supporting joe biden, he's be impeached for his actions. surrounding himself with a lot so we all hope that both sides of next generation people, in that room today take the myself included. i think that helps. hearing seriously and take the there's certain skill sets that everybody brings, and i think we're seeing that with nancy process seriously and amendment, maybe i'm being naive, to not pelosi now, her experience, her turn it into a circus. toughness, her wisdom that she's >> thank you for that circus bringing to this process is mention there. that was helpful. invaluable, and so yeah, you i get a royalty every time you want change and you want a new say that. generation, but you also need i think that just thinking about wisdom, and i think that's what it from the standpoint of how the parties are looking at it joe biden brings, and i think when you're putting everything and not casting aspersions on on the scale, you look at what's happened and the whole backdrop anyone, i think you'll be of everything you've been disappointed, willie, because reporting on today, you know, the reality is democrats right with the impeachment proceedings, with what john now for political reasons will try to be solemn because they bolton's saying, with this trial recognize that it is in their that's happening revealing a lot of things about what trump knew political interest to, trying to persuade americans on the fence about wikileaks, that's the backdrop to the democratic about this president, they want nomination and so the wisdom and to -- it is good optics for experience and stability that there to be gravity associated someone like ojoe biden brings s with it. really going to be important to i don't mean to be cynical, it heal this country.
3:47 am
is in their interest to take this seriously and project a >> congressman, it's heilemann here, i spent a week in iowa not that long ago when i encountered solemnity of sobriety about it. a lot of supporters of joe biden republicans are not trying to persuade people in the middle of who were elected officials and the country but they are trying others in the democratic establishment out there all of to do what president trump tried whom back him publicly or privately, all who think he's to do kwh -- which is to make the only democrat right now who has a chance to beat donald trump or at least to beat donald sure the 35% of the leeektor at trump in the state of iowa and stay with hem. they're not trying to put people reclaim iowa to the blue column, in the middle they're trying to but all of them to a person keep that base in tact so thought that his campaign needed fundamental changes if he was republicans have no-- no intentn going to be able to pull off winning the nomination and of being solemn and we'll give particularly to do well enough in iowa to launch him towards you one example. >> i know where you are going. the nomination. they're all urging him sometimes >> jim jordan appointed to the to his face that he needed to do committee tells what you the a reboot of the campaign or strategy is which is to assuage relaunch himself. i'm curious whether you see that political flame thrower to not same kind of need before we get further down the path here and get too close to iowa for the treat this with solemnity or kind of changes that they're sobriety. >> the new poll numbers from advocating to happen for the iowa where pete buttigieg is at top of the pack. what it means for his vice president? >> well my opinion, and this is presidential ambitions and the something him and i have talked rest of the field. about just very recently is to that conversation is next on
3:48 am
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3:50 am
all got spoiled with president obama and his campaign and just who he was. you know, president obama's a once in a generation candidate. i think this election and every election's unique, this election is about stability and healing, and who's going to be the candidate that can do that, and that to me is going to be vice president biden, and i think as people begin to sift through these other candidates, i think that's where we all -- that was my process, too. we love all of these candidates, but i kept coming back around to okay, who's the person who can win and to me it is joe biden, and i think other people in iowa and the early states and eventually as the primaries move forward are going to be asking welcome to fowler, indiana. that same question. and so it's i think that home to three of bp's wind farms. stability, while it may not be as fancy and as flashy as some, which, every day, generate enough electricity to power over 150,000 homes. it's going to be what people are going to come around to, and that's why i think he's going to and of course, fowler.
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at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. be the nominee. >> all right, congressman tim ryan, thank you very much for being on the show this morning. come back soon. >> thanks. >> and still ahead, new reporting that president trump has considered firing the intelligence community inspector general for not being loyal enough, but perhaps the i.g. has just been doing his job as a politically impartial watchdog? "morning joe" is back in a moment. there's a company that's talked to even more real people
3:52 am
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3:53 am
>> well, let's keep this poll up. jonathan highland, we've been talking for some time about mayor pete's timing and everything seems to be going well and organized well on the ground in iowa and set up for success to win that state and he has the profile of moderate/progressive like barack obama in 2008 to win that state. but there are a couple of interesting things in this poll if you match it with the other poll yesterday morning from new hampshire, joe biden, the bleeding has seemed to stop. i know they're comparing this poll with their last one back in august but if you just look at the swath of polls that have come out over the past weeks, joe biden is clumped in with the other three but at same time you have mayor pete on the rise, joe biden, it seems in recent polls, to be stemming the bleeding. and elizabeth warren has interestingly enough it seems
3:54 am
that issues do matter and right now she's on the defensive on her medicare for all plan and you've seen that medioric rise of hers in most polls at a standstill. if you look at other polls across the country, biden is in first place in most of the state polls, in most of the national polls. if he can have a respectable showing in the first two states maybeez survives this thing. >> well a lot to unpack, joe. first of all, the reality is right now mayor pete in iowa has momentum that is clear. whether you compare it to the last monmouth poll and look at the cluster of iowa polling recently, i think it is fair to say, given margin of error that you are still looking at the four-way race in iowa. those four candidates at the top, that any of them could eventually win the state.
3:55 am
it is the case that pete buttigieg has the momentum on the upward direction that elizabeth warren, as you say, both in iowa and elsewhere, as soon as she got to front-runner status, the scrutiny started, particularly on her position on medicare for all and she got hit and had her worst of the four debates in the last debate and on defense there. and it is taken a toll. there is no question about that. the question now, if you think about that dynamic is, is it kind of early for pete buttigieg, if he is the front-runner now in iowa, that the same thing that happened to elizabeth warren which is the natural cycle of scrutiny of welcome back to "morning attacks by rivals of contrast in joe," live picture of the white house on this first day of this upcoming debate is now public impeachment hearings set to start a few hours from now. going to be focused on pete meanwhile, a senior trump buttigieg and we still are 85 administration official is under fire after it appears she days out from the iowa caucus. embellished her resume in the so when people talk about latest example of lax vetting by organize, organize, organize and get hot at the end in iowa, they this administration. nbc news reports a deputy don't mean two or three months assistant secretary in the state out. that means -- the end means two
3:56 am
or three weeks out. department mena chang so again, not saying that pete exaggerated her accomplishments, buttigieg -- he's in a good some of which she said included she invented a role on a u.n. position and built a strong organization and elizabeth warren has too. he has the momentum and she does panel that she was never not. but there is still in iowa terms featured on. implied she had testified before congress. she also claimed to have a lot -- a lot of ground between addressed the republican and democratic national conventions here and caucus day on the first week of february. in 2016, but videos and >> it is a lifetime. documents show she did speak at and elise jordan, you look at separate events nearby at this poll and look at new similar times. chang described her work as ceo hampshire poll and i'm curious what you think about joe biden. of a nonprofit as working in dozens of countries building again, word of wise, he's falling into fourth place in a schools and impacts thousands of lot of the polls. people. and again we're talking about tax filings for her organization him being within the margin of offer no concrete information error. but in the last two polls in new about jooverseas projects and hampshire and iowa, i mean, he's shows a budget of less than sitting in the high teens. $300,000 with a small staff. she called herself a harvard he's sitting in second place. he's keeping it close up top. business school alumna. chang attended a seven-week >> i don't think that joe biden is in all that bad of a course in 2017 and did not hold a degree from the institution. position. i would point out that mayor she included a "time" magazine pete is still polling at around cover of herself in her 0% with african-american voters. application, brought it to the
3:57 am
interview. and so who at the end of the day "time" says that is not authentic. >> that's a fake kor? is going to actually have that >> i wonder where she got the support and so far in every poll idea to put herself on a fake i've seen from the early states cover of "time" magazine. with african-american voters it >> for those of us that have has been joe biden and he has been in the club, it's very that strength. and so until mayor pete can insulting. really make end roads with [ laughter ] >> the wisdom. minority voters, i don't see him >> i worked very hard to get on being the eventually democratic "time" magazine, so you see nominee. >> still ahead, we're closing in on the start of the first public donald trump. you see this state department hearings in the impeachment official doing it, and it sort of cheapens all the time that inquiry of president trump. the top democrat on the senate we've all been on "morning joe." intel committee virginia's mark warner is standing by and he >> that's a great issue. joins us next. "morning joe" is back in a >> it's a great issue. moment. that became the catch phrase for a couple of years. the kids all went around saying "i like purple." again, "morning joe" just seeped into the ether. >> by the way, the vetting process. that's a google search, right, to find out whether or not that's real, a google search or
3:58 am
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4:00 am
democracy here at home at the same time, this -- it just shows how quickly things have gone downhill in the trump administration, and there are examples every day. you could actually everyone look at ambassador sondland and his cartoonish behavior. forget the ukraine scandal, but you know, he's being called out for his cartoonish behavior, calling himself the ambassador to europe and trying to big foot other european ambassadors. again, it's just amateur hour, unfortunately, across the executive branch, and of course it all starts at the top. >> yeah, shows how precious our democracy is as well. it's the top of the hour right now on this wednesday, november 13th, and still with hjoe, wille and me we have former aide to the george w. bush white house elise jordan, john heilemann, the president of the council on foreign relations, richard haass, and joining the
4:01 am
conversation, white house correspondent for pbs news hour, yamiche alcindor. senior political correspondent for "the washington examiner" and a contributing writer at ""vanity fair" david drucker and carol lee joins us this morning. the first televised public impeachment hearings get jurpdway this morning into president trump. donald trump is the fourth president to face impeachment proceedings by the house of representatives, the third in recent times. polling this month showed 49% of americans say president trump should be impeached and removed from office. 47% say he should not. today's hearing will open with >> [ inaudible ]. >> in the news reports that said testimony from acting u.s. ambassador to ukraine, bill that. you need to caulk to the -- to taylor and deputy assistant secretary george kent. the outfit that ran that story. taylor is the one who texted >> if he would fire him -- ambassador gordon sondland that it would be, quote, crazy to >> hypotheticals. we don't know anybody that make ukraine military aid talked about firing the contingent on investigations
4:02 am
aimed at helping the president's inspector general. re-election. >> does he have the -- taylor testified that this was his, quote, clear understanding >> [ inaudible ]. >> sure he does. >> that is richard burr's that ukraine wouldn't receive its military aid unless response to a report that president trump has considered firing the intelligence ukraine's president committed to pursue the investigations, and community inspector general. >> by the way, i think that is a deputy assistant secretary pretty measured response. george kent is the one who told actually what richard did. lawmakers in closed door which was talk to the news testimony president trump wanted quote, nothing less than outlets. i don't know anything about it. president zelensky to go to a let's get some more information. microphone and say inside of that same story, there investigations, biden and are two officials who say that clinton. a person close to the white trump was just venting at the time. house tells nbc news that ahead so i thought it was a measured of today's impeachment hearings, response and we do need to get president trump's mood has more information about the veered between relishing the story. >> but it is a little -- fight and seething with anger. >> the fact that trump would even consider doing that is so i sense he'll be watching outrageous and so corrupt. somehow some way. >> somehow some way, john it really is a window into the heilemann for americans that may guy's soul. >> it is a little hard to hear, just really be starting to focus though, republican after republican saying they don't know enough. they haven't read it. on this impeachment inquiry they haven't seen it. they don't know about it? today with televised hearings, break it down. really? are you walking around with what should they be looking for?
4:03 am
what should we be looking for blinders on. >> well but the story -- but over the next few weeks? wait. hold on. >> well, joe, i think that it's the story just broke yesterday. the case i think we all paying >> yeah, but. >> in this case it is not like attention in the way that we do the ukrainian story, this was a to this, because the fact is that so much of this case over story specifically about donald the course of the last few weeks in the context of the trump wanting to fire the i.g. depositions that have been given by a lot of these key witnesses, and richard burr was saying he much those depositions, the key didn't have the information on it. we don't know the full extent of the story yet, maybe we will in elements became public before the transcripts came out. a few days. now we've seen the transcripts >> look, once in a while it is in many cases for example like bill taylor today. okay to say, wow, if that we for a lot of americans who are true i would be disturbed, that is a bad thing if it happened. going to be looking at these okay. we can wait. we'll be patient. hearings, they're not going to be focused on this. joining us now vice chairman of they understand something's gone the same committee mark warner on with the president, something related to ukraine, whether of virginia. there was a quid pro quo or not, what do you make of that story? they're going to be able now to how about if the reporter posed hear the individual the question to you, what would participants, not just to read their transcripts or to hear you say, sir? >> i would say, mika, wow, if secondhand accounts or third that is true, that is a bad hand accounts but to see these actual witnesses, and i think thing. that is pretty outrageous. for a citizen who's trying to i think i heard the clip from my chairman richard burr and i was judge, evaluate the truth claims with him in north carolina on here, i think they should pay monday night. attention and take some time out i think you got to cut him and of their day to listen to these all of us a bit of a break here.
4:04 am
people. they will be -- they will have a let's find out if this story is lot of time over the course of the day, and they should not true. but it is it true, if the just listen to the accounts that president threatening to fire are given but pay attention to both how democrats and republicans go about this the inspector general atkinson matter. are they looking for the truth, who is a career guy, who i believe had been appointed by or are they trying to throw up this administration, for doing his job, protecting the political side shows. i think you'll see probably that democrats are -- it is in their whistle-blower process, that would be more one piece of political interest to try to get evidence how i think this the facts out. president doesn't have a lot of respect for rule of law. republicans should be less so. i think they should also really >> it would be extraordinarily pay attention to the fact that these people who are going to be testifying starting today and corrupt. and in some ways would take it going forward, that most of all to a new level. but again, let's see what them, in fact maybe all of them are not people who are happens. that story, "the new york times" story, does say there are people partisans. they are not people who have served only republicans or only in the administration thought he democrats. was just blowing off steam but they've had lifetimes and careers in government service that is a pretty dangerous way, serving republican pretty reckless way to blow off administrations, democratic administrations alike, like bill taylor someone who was appointed steam. let's talk did be-- by the bush administration and later reappointed by the trump administration in addition to >> let's see a pattern. serving in democratic >> let's talk about what is administrations. they should really focus on that happening today on the house and what these people are about, side in the impeachment inquiry. why they're here and what their we asked this question earlier,
4:05 am
i'm curious, what do you want to history of public service means and that the kind of credibility learn from these hearings? that gives to the words they're speaking today and for the days listen, we all know, anybody ahead. >> yamiche, to john's point that is fair-minded knows that a president trump as you know covering the white house every commander in chief can't extort day that has a royal view of the government which is that a democratic power who is everyone should be loyal to him throughout the government, and invaded by russia to dig up what he's running up against dirt -- we know that. today as john says is a couple of career diplomats who have okay, but what do you want to know? what part of the fact pattern is served under both republicans and democrats whose loyalty is not filled out yet that you hope to the country, whose loyal city these hearings will fill out for you and other members of the to the constitution. senate? >> well, first of all, joe, i they've displayed that both in agree with you. text messages that we saw, in if these allegations are true, the whistle-blower report we if a president's manipulating saall the united states foreign policy saw. today that will spill out into for his personal political benefit, that is pretty the open and the public will get outrageous. to see live on this network what and i've read the stories, i've read some of the transcript but they know, what concerned them i need to make a judgment just and what they believe the president did that crossed the line for them. as you will and just as the >> the president definitely american people will on wants personal loyalty from credibility of the witnesses, people in the government and for the most part all witnesses from people who work for him. that are career officials or the issue here of course is that folks that are actually active these are career service diplomats who have dedicated military, most folks who all themselves to being patriots.
4:06 am
have worked for the trump you have a veteran in william administration and i think we're taylor who has served in ail -- we're all going to make a vietnam. what you have is really the democrats putting up these people who they want to show as judgment on the character and veracity, was it firsthand, really good soldiers in the fight, and that these are people who wanted to do the right secondhand, thirdhand information and what was the thing, and then said were really pushed by president trump and overwhelming evidence and the thing i hope and talked to my his allies to try to do the senate colleagues is let's all wrong thing. i'm told by several democratic take a deep breath, let's try to aides that democrats really make sure we all reserve wanted to learn lessons from the hearings of robert mueller, and judgment. let's not declare guilt or innocence before we have the public proceeding. as a result they want to make because our country has only sure these are people who want to connect with the american done this three times. public. they want to also make sure adam end the day, an impeachment process is not good for anyone. schiff has this time in the first 45 minutes to be able to question these witnesses but at least the alleged facts alongside a lawyer. what we're going to see is are so out there that we have to democrats putting up their best go through this process. messaging in the first 45 >> senator, it is willie geist. minutes. it is disorienting how i also hear from republicans is they're getting ready to talk responsible you sound as a about the president's state of potential juror in the mind and make the argument that impeachment trial because it is this is all about intent. not what we've heard from a lot of your colleagues. even if the president did >> yeah, but will -- something that is problematic, >> go ahead. >> i'll just say this. this is really about americans i know there is a lot of chatter having to trust the president doesn't have his own personal out there now. political interests ahead of the
4:07 am
country's national security. let's let this process start. that's a big ask of course. i actually think this is a >> david drucker, the republicans as they prepare for constitutional responsibility. open hearings today, what is i hope and pray i know a lot their strategy? >> well, look, what they have of -- of my republican tried to do over the course of colleagues if this gets out of the past several weeks is the house and comes to the basically accept the premise that the president did a lot of senate i do believe that the what democrats are saying he vast majority of us this will did, but say that it's not a take this in the level of seriousness that it deserves. problem, that the president did nothing wrong. >> lindsey graham last night this is flowing i think directly from the president. called the process was i was able to sper view him with unamerican and he won't read the my colleagues about two weeks ago, and he said look, look at transcripts and it is a sham the transcript of the call. process and he has no interest these are the things that i did. and won't participate in it and there's nothing wrong with it. that is the chair of the judiciary committee so what and as we were discussing with makes you think lindsey graham him how he felt about being the and other republicans that will take this responsibility if they first president to have been become jurors in an impeachment impeached to run for re-election, he looked at us, inquiry take it seriously and do and he said, look, president what you said you will do which clinton was guilty. is listen to the evidence and richard nixon was guilty, even then make up your mind. >> well i think, part of this, andrew johnson in his trumpian way, i wasn't around back then, there is the legal process and i hear he did some bad things judgment process, but there is but i do nothing wrong. obviously there is a political having said all of that and process. if these witnesses start to understanding the challenges that republicans have in making a case given that we have so
4:08 am
dramatically change the opinion much testimony and we have the of the american people, i think summary transcript of the call, which ironically everybody seems my colleagues will respond. to agree on, i do think house going back to the nixon time, at democrats have a big challenge the beginning of the because the challenge before them as they open these hearings proceedings, people were pretty dug in. it was the open hearings that is not just to be able to changed the american public's present to the american people that the president is kind of a mind, that then changed elected bad guy once in a while, which i think a lot of americans accept even people that voted for republicans' minds. you could say people are much trump, or not that he might have more dug in and not the done something unseemly or pervasive coverage that took place in the watergate process. skirted ethical lines, they have to make the case with these but you have to hope and believe hearings and with this that at the end of the day, our information that the president country, our processes, the deserves to be removed from office. i think sometimes this gets hard constitution will get us through this as it has in the past. for democrats because to them the fact that the president in >> senator, it is john heilemann and i want to keep going on the same topic. their view has done things that the question people have is not are criminal or unconstitutional so much and those are is so plain that they don't realize the kind of explaining differences between the watergate period now and the one that it takes to convince a you mentioned and the most basic facts of the case that democrats skeptical part of the public in the house are laying out that is important that the case against president trump are they're making is correct. already known at this point. and we've seen republicans and so though it is true that the american people might be suffer from the same sort of thing when president obama was moved and public opinion could in office, and so for democrats, shift by the human element of
4:09 am
they have to make the case that seeing the actual witnesses the president didn't just do testify, the reality is for your something wrong, didn't just do something that might not be senate colleagues they know what great for the country, that he the basic case is and in some did something that warrants him sense you think it is an open and shut case, which a lot of people do or you don't. do you not think that as some do being removed less than a year before a election. when you look at how partisan as you need to shift senate and how split the country is is republicans on this is evidence of further corruption on the a very tall order. part of the president. because they don't seem like >> carol lee, there's a lot they're moved by what we already swirling around, what john bolton might or might not say, know in this case to a very large extent. >> well, again, let's see what and you have new reporting about something he did say at a comes out of the public private event? hearings. i just don't believe at the end >> yeah, that's right, mika. we have reporting that shows that john bolton was the keynote of the day that if the speaker at this event last allegations are proven to be wednesday night in miami for morgan stanley, a bunch of hedge true that the majority of the fund managers. senate is going to say, yeah, we he was told it was off the record and he should speak c think it is okay to set a precedent that a president can candidly. he did and he said a number of things that were shocking to even those in the audience. manipulate american foreign he questioned the president's policy and go against the motivations on turkey policy. he said of all the policies that expressed wishes of congress in
4:10 am
the president enacted that terms of appropriated dollars in support for an ally that the turkey was the most frustrating president could put that on hold for him, that the president -- no one on the president's team and manipulate that for a agreed with his strategy whether it was on syria or his decision personal political gain. not to sanction turkey after it i don't believe a majority of my colleagues will say that is okay bought russian military equipment, and in saying all of that, he suggested that perhaps there was a personal or business presidents. >> senator, i just want to switch gears a bit because i motivation behind the think that the bill you've president's policy on turkey. introduced is so important. he also took a swipe at ivanka you have introduced a bill to trump and jared kushner saying gave visas to kurdish syrians that, you know, if the president who worked with american forces was reelected and it was january in syria. how do you see this bill 2021 that they would try to get him to recast his legacy and progressing and is there a sense lean more liberal and perhaps, of urgency among your colleagues you know, get him to nomination in the senate that americans do someone to the supreme court who is an extreme liberal like lawrence tribe he mentioned but have a moral responsibility to in saying that he also said they help those who risks their lives would be doing that because they alongside american troops. wanted to get back in the social >> well, i wish i could say circles that they'd like to there was that sense of urgency. rejoin once they moved back to i think a lot of the outrage new york city, so it was a pretty striking private speech that he obviously didn't expect when the president threw the one
4:11 am
set of folks in that whole region who have been strong to become public, although he's been around long enough to know allies, who carried forth the that nothing is off the record in a setting that large with a fight against isis successfully, and they were the point of the bunch of business folks. spear, the kurds, i think we were all shocked when he kind of so you know, but he -- and all of this is happening as you threw them under the bus. which again benefited turkey and mentioned around questions about whether he'll testify, that erdogan who is going to be in seems a little bit stalled, and the white house today, benefited assad and benefited vladimir teasing from his attorney that he has a lot more to say. putin who is an ally of assad. >> it certainly does, and even when that outrage seems to richard haass, the policy for diminish a little bit, i think personal interests swirling common decency who said to those around, especially in terms of decisions he's made regarding other countries ties directly common kurds who four weeks ago back to the ukraine scandal, were working as translators for they call it quid pro quo, but the american military that we another word that could be used ought to give them visas to relocate in the area or if they is extortion of a foreign are not a safe haven in the leader. >> what's at the heart of the area, in our country, we ought to at least do the same for them ukraine scandal is not that the that we did for the afghani united states said we will only translators and the iraqi do some things if you do other translators. i think that goes to the things. that's the stuff of integrity of who we are as a foreign policy. country and frankly our military. i can assure you everybody i've what's you anem talked to in the military and
4:12 am
unique about this is it wasn't for the national interests, it the intel community wants to do was for political swrinterests. this because they were frankly embarrassed that they were asked to pull out without even giving any heads up or any warning to the folks who had frankly had it reinforces a narrative that their back and carried the fight to isis for many, many months. this is a president hwho's not >> well, senator, obviously that but abusing political power for personal interests whether it's political or financial. it allows people to connect dots wasn't -- was not in america's and make a larger story about best interest, that was in this presidency. >> meanwhile, an russia's best interest and not extraordinary -- extraordinary in israel's best interest and not in the kurd's best interest, story, president trump reportedly has discussed firing it was in turkey's best the intelligence community's interest. it is something that turkey has inspector general in the wake of been wanting for years. the whistle-blower complaint. just like russia had wanted to four people familiar with the get back into the middle east discussions telling the "new for years. york times" that it all stems so that leads into a comment sha from i.g. michael atkinson deeming the complaint from the john bolton made in a speech whistle-blower regarding president trump's interactions where he said -- it actually with ukraine to be credible. echoed a lot of what we've been trump first expressed saying around this set, if you dissatisfaction with atkinson, a understand the president's foreign policy, you look at his man he personally appointed to personal bottom line and said the role in 2017 when the complaint became public in that trump's foreign policy september in recent weeks the decisions are guided by personal president has continued to raise with aides the possibility of financial interests. firing the i.g. trump said he
4:13 am
whether it is saudi arabia, whether it is russia, whether it's turkey, all of the places does not understand why atkinson where he has trump properties. shared the complaint with congress and believes the inspector general has been i'm curious, how do you respond disloyal. "the times" notes it's unclear to that, how does the senate respond to that to try to blunt how far the fautalks to dismiss some of the president's worst, atkinson have progressed. two people believe president trump was just venting insisting that atkinson's removal was most self-interested instincts to help himself out financially, never under serious consideration. both the white house and the according to his national security adviser, but at the inspector general's office declined to comment on the report. joe, here you have again someone same time it hurts all of our alliances and it undermines u.s. personally poerappointed by power across the globe. president trump, by the way, on the eve of an impeachment >> well, joe, the strength of ow inquiry considering still as of power under both democrats and this morning firing him for being, quote, disloyal for the republicans post world war ii has been a strong military, a act of sharing the willingness engage with allies whistle-blower report with congress, which is his job. and standing up for democratic values and human rights. that is been constant until this >> the instinct was so preposterously corrupt that when president. and again it is pretty amazing i read the breaking news john bolton, who comes from a headline, i actually laughed out loud because it shows you how very conservative wing of the extreme this president has
4:14 am
republican party pointing out gotten, how extreme this white the president's affinity where he might have personal wealth house has gotten, that elise, gain but there is a pattern of this president might actually be affinity for strong men. stupid enough to fire an strong men dictators whether it be in turkey, whether it be in inspector general because he saudi arabia, whether it be in read the law, he followed the russia, frankly with it being if the philippines around the world law, he applied the law, and now and that there does seem to be the president wants -- or is also if you look at almost every considering firing him because action of this administration the country that ends up coming of that. out in a strange way on top back an i.g. regarding a whistle-blower, it does violence again even to the ukraine to the very concept of the circumstance, who benefits the whistle-blower laws that most if ukraine is not stronger congress and washington passed. militarily and who benefits the >> in donald trump's twisted most in ukraine and america logic, i get it. alliances break up, who benefits the most if the new reform he has not gotten in trouble for president zelensky and ukraine any abuses of power. is undermined, well the person he continues to flout the law. who benefits the most is once again vladimir putin. >> vice chairman of the senate intelligence committee mark things that the normal marere warner. thank you so much. mortal would be completely we'll be watching today. and we're nearing the start of today's impeachment hearing.
4:15 am
extinguished politically for the format of today's proceeding doing he gets away with it. is expected to result in more as long as he keeps getting away substance and less with it he's going to keep grandstanding, that is next on trying and keep abusing law. "morning joe." that's why what happens on the hill is so important. >> there's a tradition for this, it's the total identification of the leader with the organs of the state rather than accepting that separate parts of the government have independent, have their role under a constitutional system. it's the total expression of the personal and the overlap or the conflation of the personal with the political and the constitutional. it's unsustainable. you know, but alas, it does not come as a total shock. >> no, it does not. let's get some 2020 news in ♪ here. mayor pete buttigieg surges to first place in iowa in a new ♪ monmouth university poll. buttigieg is up 14 points since this summer and now sits at 22% leading the democratic primary field in the first in the nation ♪ caucus state. he is statistically tied with
4:16 am
former vice president joe biden who sits at 19%, down seven the calming scent of lavender points since august. by downy infusions calm. senator elizabeth warren has 18% laundry isn't done of support among iowa's caucus until it's done with downy. i need all the breaks, that i can get. goers down two points. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance senator bernie sanders up five points, and senator amy so you only pay for what you need. klobuchar with 5% of support is only pay for what you need. up two points in iowa. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ what do you make of these numbers? >> it's still early. it's a snapshot one day by one polling organization, but you have to look at this poll and all the other polls over the past week or so, mayor pete is hot, and not just in iowa. also new hampshire, joe biden the bleeding seems to have been stemmed at least for now, and elizabeth warren as john heilemann said last hour, she is facing a lot of scrutiny for her medical care for all plan, her tax plan, and so david drucker, this race is obviously fluid. it does seem to come down to (employee) half a millionar sales preowned vehicles,er three or four people right now, most with tech features like blind spot detection,
4:17 am
and right now it seems like back up camera... mayor pete has a hot hand and [kristen gasps] (employee) because you never know what might be behind you. (kristen bell) does the sloth come standard? all the panic about joe biden (kristen bell vo) looking to buy? finishing in fourth place in enterprise makes it easy. both iowa and new hampshire, at least for today, that panic may subside. >> right, you know, it reminds us, joe, and weecessarily predictive, and they're not permanent. people look at a poll. we've seen elizabeth warren rocket into contention, into the lead in a lot of these polls, and all of a sudden you start to look at newer polls and she looks stalled. you look at joe biden who has been dealing with more opposition raerj aesearch and m questions about his candidacy, and as weak of a front runner as he may be, he's remarkably durable and then you look at pete, and even amy klobuchar to a degree is a good example that there's a reason why you run campaigns and that these things are not done until they're done.
4:18 am
and i would expect to see to some degree a lot more movement in the month of january as you move into high caucus season, as people really start to consider their votes. we saw that in the republican race in 2016. we saw it in the democratic race in 2008. these things are not permanent. as you become a front runner, you face new questions. people start coming after you, parts of your past are unearthed. these are things you don't have to deal with when you're an after thought and you're just moving up and nobody's really paying attention. one other thing that could impact the race to a degree, if president trump is impeached there's a real likelihood we are going to have a senate trial in the middle of january, possibly that could allow hackers devices into your home.ys for several weeks, and elizabeth and like all doors, they're safer when locked. that's why you need xfinity xfi. warren, bernie sanders, and a couple of other senators, amy with the xfi gateway, devices connected to your homes wifi are protected. which helps keep people outside klobuch from accessing your passwords, klobuchar, they're all going to have to be in their seats in washington on the senate floor credit cards and cameras. saying just about absolutely and people inside from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. nothing except on breaks when they can come out and talk to and if someone trys we'll let you know. us, and you wonder how that's
4:19 am
going to impact the contest xfi advanced security. because where would they be if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. otherwise? they'd be in iowa and new hampshire. >> and the last time i checked, the mayor of south bend, a indiana, is not constitutionally bound to sit for the impeachment you're looking at the hearings or the trial. so yamiche, polls are all about setting for the only the fourth momentum. they are just a snapshot, but impeachment inquiry in the history of this republican. you piece two or three together, andrew johnson of course and you really do see momentum. following the civil war, and really, again, mayor pete, we've then richard nixon in '73 all seen him move up. we knew he had the wind at his and '74, the watergate hearings back. i think what's so fascinating about the last two polls we that went on for over a year. showed yesterday and today is that elizabeth warren after of course bill clinton in the late '90s and now donald trump. playing perfect, you know, running a picture perfect campaign suddenly once she gets let's talk about some into the details of her medicare developments in presidential politics. for all plan and the tax john heilemann, when i think of increase that's accompanying it, suddenly you can't say she's michael bloomberg, the razor stalled, but certainly she's back state comes to mind, plateaued a bit, at least for
4:20 am
the past few weeks. arkansas -- a very tight fit for and david's right, biden was in first place. michael bloomberg and he was there yesterday because filing he got pounded by everybody. same thing happened to senator deadline for arkansas is early. he was the only candidate, it is warren, and now you have mayor interesting that he filed in person in arkansas. pete in first place. what are you hearing about his they should probably duck plans? what are you hearing about a because those attacks will probably come to them now, won't possible announcement? they? >> that's the nature of being the front runner. is this a-go? you're not the person that >> i want to keep open the everyone is focused on. elizabeth warren, the biggest possibility that the mayor and his team will decide not to do question with her has always been how is she going to pay for this. they are -- they've given all her policies, and i've heard themselves time and said we're that question both from still -- he's still deciding a democrats and republicans, and final decision will come soon. everyone is -- that i've talked to really is concerned about i'm hearing from a couple of sources now that they are planning an announcement on whether or not they're going to have tax increases across the monday and that he is basically board. that being said or of course her locked in and is going to run. campaign says the middle class, we'll see on friday as the new they're not defining clearly hampshire filing deadline, what the middle class is, but the middle class wants the tax obviously a more iconic primary, the first in the nation primary. increases. i think he'll be putting his a lot of other candidates are already annoyed with him, and name in and filing papers for one of the reasons that is is that. that will make three states that he's filed for. because there are candidates
4:21 am
and of course that will more or talking about white privilege on less i think seal it for people the democratic side. in their minds and then again what they're saying is that he's i'm going to hear he'll do an official announcement on monday. someone with his credibility and so michael bloomberg it appears his experience, whether or not is about to join this race. he's getting an extra boost >> john, the strategy seems to because of the fact that people just trust him inherently be actually not fighting in iowa because of his race. i've heard that from democrats and new hampshire and south carolina so much because on background but the elephant in the room is whether or not everybody else has done that so being mayor of south bend is much. but he's looking at being than being mayor of san super-tuesday, a day that 40% of the delegates are going to be antonio or whether it's better announced. than being the hud secretary. and for everybody who is add to that the fact you have skeptical about mike mike democrats trying to make this bloomberg, so much depends on case they all can beat donald trump. there are people looking at what he does before super-tuesday and how he fairs mayor buttigieg saying he's a in events. nice breath of fresh air. that doesn't mean that he can go he could have howard schultz moments and it doesn't matter up against pruesident trump. how much money he spends he'll end up with at 3%, 4%, 5% but if i think there are a lot of people still making that decision including tim ryan who just endorsed joe biden. one other quick point i've been you has good events he's got the talking to aides on joe biden's money and the only one to have campaign. they told me joe biden always the money to advertise in california and texas and the thought iowa and new hampshire other dozen states or so. were going to be tough places for him, when he gets to nevada, where 40% of the delegates will
4:22 am
south carolina, when he gets to be chosen. it is a strategy that could work super tuesday that's where he'll for him. but he's got to do a lot of shine. that's a little bit of a spin in things right between now and the some ways people think because he's a front runner. he was the former vice time that advertising goes up. president, everyone in iowa and >> here is a couple of challenges for him, joe. new hampshire knew who he was. one challenge is that it is for his campaign to be saying certainly the case that you could do what they seem to be that some people think is a intent on doing, skip the first four contests in february and go cautious way of them saying we might lose iowa and new hard in the march contest as you hampshire. >> carol lee, i want to get your said, not just super-tuesday but over the first three weeks in reporting this morning as the impeachment inquiry goes on march by the time we get to the today, the public hearings go on end of the month, 75% of the today, the president will be at democratic delegates will be the white house meeting with president erdogan of turkey as allocated and loy the them over we've been talking about this the course of the three weeks morning. yesterday president erdogan did a couple of thingsment first of starting with super-tuesday. so is it possible to do that in all, he threatened the eu, he terms of a delegate accumulation? it is possible. the problem for him is two-fold. one is that because he's not planning on actually taking also made a threat to purchase jets f eve of any -- on seeking any donors that means he will self-fund and his meetsi ing with president never meet the donor threshold for making the democratic debates so will not be on the trump. what happened there? debate stage in november or >> erdogan's been talking to december. vladimir putin about potentially purchasing russian military j s hard to -- >> but can i ask -- can i ask
4:23 am
jets. this is kind of a follow p if y really quickly, is that such a bad thing? go back to last year where they i'm not being snide. but we all know mike bloomberg purchased this russian system speaks his mind. defying the u.s. and as we all know sometimes voters retaliation for that president like it. trump did not adopt sanctions as sometimes they don't. >> right. >> if he can go over the heads congress wanted them to but pulled back on sales of f-35s to of everybody -- it may not be a bad idea for him to not be in turkey. turkey instead of feeling the debates. >> this is my second problem for chagrinned and not moving him is the reality you have to forward with more russian military equipment they're actually -- it suggests erdogan get known in the big states and feels emboldened because he's going back and talking about michael bloomberg has high recognition name but he's not purchasing more equipment. one of the things we're looking beloved in the party. there is a lot of democratic for today is whether or not base that doesn't like the idea of him and the reality is he's president trump tries to cut some sort of deal with erdogan going to the big states and and the key question is what the buying tv advertising which is u.s. would get out of that. going to open himful up to the does he say if you don't charge that he's trying to buy activate the russian missile the election and when a billionaire comes into the race defense system, then we will sell you the f-35s and perhaps in today's democratic party and not only looks like but kind of the u.s. made patriot missile is trying to buy the nomination, that is a controversial way of defense system. trying to get there for him and i think overarching the whole he'll be criticized i think by meeting is whether the president all sides.
4:24 am
>> joining us now, chief legal gets rolled by erdogan. that's what everyone's concerned constituent and host of the beat about. lindsey graham had a conversation with the president last wednesday when he anournsed ari melber and former senior he would go forward with this adviser for the house oversight meeting and the president said and government reform committee if you're so concerned drop by the meeting. kurt bardella and from school of lindsey graham apparently is going to do that, and perhaps foreign service alise labit and other lawmakers because everyone's concerned that the we'll start with you and then president is once again going to get into impeachment. the president meeting with the give away the store so to speak leader of turkey today. you're looking into that among to preside richard haass. other things? >> yes, i mean, look, the imagery of president trump, mika, meeting with this world leader, this strong man at a time that he's being accused of trying to work -- to work with a foreign leader to sub vert the democracy in the u.s. stands out for a lot of people right now. and, look, a lot of officials are very concerned about this meeting. he's expected to offer president erdogan a whole host of goodies, a trade deal, other things that are concerning a lot of
4:25 am
officials and members of congress here in the united states especially the way he went after the kurds after he started moving out u.s. troops and now the president erdogan made some comments the other day threatening to release isis detainees, deporting them back to their home country. those are detainees that could end up in europe, that could end up threatening the united states and so the whole idea of him being welcomed at the white house is really not sitting very well with anyone here in washington. >> ari, president trump may look over the shoulder of erdogan at the flat screen tv as the impeachment hearings begin today. we're a little over an hour away from the first public hearings. let's do a viewers guide for people who tune in at 10:00 will see. what do we start with and where does it go from there. >> this is a big deal. the public impeachment hearings begin today. there is nothing like this in the trump era and very rarely do presidents face this level of an
4:26 am
impeachment probe. watch out for three things. t pr. watch out for three things these diplomats. there's going to be back-and-forth questioning. the lawyers, rather than just the congress ermembers, are goi to be questioning, so you can expect thatti to be at times le fireworks and less partisan, but in many ways, more substantive. so, dry but more important, at least that's the idea. and weas do have precedent that we've seen lawyers take charge. i'll tell people, watch for three things. number one, fact witnesses. that's what you see today. this is not w a hearing where y have legal experts giving their legal analysis, as we had in the obstruction hearings, and this is not a situation where you have defenders of the president volleying, asrs with corey lewandowski. these are fact witnesses that are there for what theyes see a what they know. number two, bribery. it is one of the only specific offenses constitution. i and others have written and reported on that, and it was very interesting to see the chairer of this committee yesterday mention bribery among other potential cases of impeachment against donald trump. so i would watch for whether you see the questioning driving the case. are you hearing just random
4:27 am
questions, hey, what happened, or prosecutorial questions, oh, was it this for that. and third and finally, what you look at here is corroboration, willie. this is not just about he said-she said, so to speak. this is about the congress beginning to stack the evidence. no greater authority on stacking testimonial evidence than lil wayne famously said, willie. >> there it is. >> here we go. >> when you think about spilling the tea? ain't no telling who's spilling the earl. you tell your boy, he tells his girl, she telling the world. >> i'm just going to leave that right there. >> mika -- >> stop right there. >> weezy. >> kurt bardella -- no, we love it., kurt, what are you looking at today? what are you most interested in as you watch this play out? >> you know, i t ihieresting the what republican members, particularly someone like will hurd, a former cia official, a republican, but one who's retiring, what type of questioning will he employ? willhe stay with the republican
4:28 am
line we're likely to see from people like devin nunes? or will he focus on the substance? will he actuallyth be one of th few republicans out there who treats the witness like what he is, an actual witness, not a political prop. hurd's line of questioning will be a real indicator of what certain types of republicans might be looking for going forward in these proceedings. and i think it will be really interesting to see how the format really affects how we perceive these hearings, rather than opening righthe away with that five-minute back-and-forth volley like we've seen with lewandowski or mueller, the chairman of the committee, adam schiff, ismm going to have 45 consecutive minutes to t get in questioning orte defer to his counsel. and i think as when i worked at committee hearings like this, we always felt that the hearing was won or lost in the first in this case with this format, democrats have an opportunity to win that first hour. >> kurt, viewers of msnbc know dan goldman, who is going to lead questioning for the democrats, but what can you tell us about your experience working with the gop's counsel, steve castor?
4:29 am
>> i'll tell you, steve castor is one of the most talented and professional people that i ever workedpl with. we always felt,ed when i worked with him at the oversight committee under darrell issa, we was our all-star. he was the most important person on our staff. he is diligent. he is kind of a cross between the untouchables and friday from dragnet, really. he is capable, prepared, no nonsense, and someone who has never really sought out the he's not going to be there playing for the cameras. he's going do whatever his job is, his objective. and i think you'll see a succinct and precise line of questioning from him. >> set up the day, ari. the lead line of every headline as we move forward. >> non-partisan diplomats give evidence against president trump. what is that evidence? we know some ofga it from the depositions, butth anyone who's been around this process knows depositions in private are one thing, public pressure is another. p and for people rooting -- we all know, we all cover it -- there's
4:30 am
a lot of political intensity for this. if you're rooting foric this an that outcome, you don't know. you have tou assess the maybe someone you agreed with for whatever reason doesn't look credible. maybe theyt don't do well unde questioning. this is a time to stop and take any evidence. >> yep. mika, what are you looking for today? >> well, i think, yououki know, other lead line is the president meets with a strongman as he's being looked into for extortion. and i think the key here is to perhaps not use the line that has been so desensitized by the president himself, by his henchm henchmen, by republicans. they've taken quid pro quo and turned it from dirty to something that, hey, get over it! this is extortion. this is a high crime. and the president's looking into -- the president's being looked into for the facts surrounding it. >> right.ct willie, what are you looking at today? what are you looking for? >> as we try to anticipate how each side's going to hold this,
4:31 am
we have our first clue here. we have visual aids up on the republican side already. one of them says "93 days since adam schiff learned the identity of the whistle-blower." another quote suggesting that this was premeditated, that democrats have wanted this president to be impeached all along and now they're getting their day in court. we'll see if their questioning follows along with those visual aids. i suspect it iswill. >> all airight. ari melber, kurt bardella, elise labott, thank you all. we'll be listening to your reporting all day long. that does it for us this morning. msnbc's coverage of the first televised impeachment hearings of president trump starts right after this three-minute break. i am the twisting thundercloud. i am royalty of racing, i am alfa romeo. ( ♪ ) only tylenol® rapid release gels
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i am royalty of racing, i am alfa romeo. after 15 witnesses, more than 100 hours of closed-door testimony, two veteran u.s. diplomats tell their story under oath, on camera, for the very first time. ambassador bill taylor and the state department's george kent. they'll talk about the shadow foreign policy they discovered, that phone call to ukraine, demands for political dirt on the bidens, and accusations of extortion. the president calls it all a hoax. >> this whole thing is a phony deal. it's a phony setup. >> now congress must decide for only the third time in modern political history. live coverage today with our nbc
4:36 am
news teams on capitol hill and the white house. our chief legal correspondent ari melber, plus our special guests, the former acting solicitor general neil kotial, claire mccaskill, michael mcfall, veteran of the justice department and the fbi, chuck rosenberg, and the historian and author jon meacham.
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