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tv   MSNBC Live With Richard Lui  MSNBC  November 16, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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that'll do it for me. thanks for watching this hour of msnbc live. i'll be back tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. i'm online all the time at twitter and instagram. the news continues now with richard lui. busy day ahead still. >> no doubt my friend kandis. we'll see you tomorrow. our richard lui live from msnbc headquarters here in new york city. thanks for being with us, watching day 53 of the impeachment hearings with another administration official testifying on capitol hill today. it is part of an historic week in america as the ratings show viewers more than doubled this week just to hear for the first time three officials telling their stories in public hearings and answering questions from house intelligence members.
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and there's still more new today as i was saying. our panel is here to unpack what's happened today and what we have learned. they will share their reporting as well as their perspectives on how this new testimony is affecting the narrative on day 53. but first, a closed door deposition with omb official mark sandy just finishing. sandy is a career employee who has worked under both republican and democratic presidents. his remarks are filling in gaps about nearly half a billion dollars of military aid to ukraine that was held up. a process in which the organization, the department he worked for, the omb played a critical role. in fact, mark sandy's signature appears on the very document that stopped and paused the aid to ukraine. this is why he is so important if you are a democrat on the house intelligence committee. now, let's backpedal just a little bit to find out what we've learned this week. wednesday, ukraine ambassador bill taylor and top state
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department official george kent both sat in front of the lights. they provided details into the president's back channel foreign policy in ukraine. >> i wrote that withholding security assistance in exchange for help with a domestic political campaign in the united states would be crazy. i believed that then and i believe it now. >> in mid august it became clear to me that guiliani's efforts to gin up politically motivated investigations were now infecting u.s. engagement with ukraine. leveraging president zelensky's desire for a white house meeting. >> if you watch that, that was a big wednesday. then friday came along. former ukraine ambassador marie yovanovitch. she was ousted from her post for reasons still that remain unclear to her. the history making surprise came in that testimony at the very moment she was testifying about her treatment by the white house, by the president, the president, himself, took to twitter to attack her
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professional character while she was giving testimony. >> now the president realtime is attacking you. what effect do you think that has on other witnesses' willingness to come forward and expose wrongdoing? >> well, it's very intimidating. >> but there was more. into the wee hours in d.c. an important closed door deposition in the skiff yesterday. it was david holmes answering questions and then leaving the building or leaving the very skiff, itself, at 10:00 p.m. he is the political counselor at the u.s. embassy in kiev. now, he's important because he could be a primary source to what the president said or did not say about ukraine. holmes confirms he heard first hand that phone call involving president trump. that same call that ambassador taylor revealed for the first time on wednesday. >> today we learned a lot more.
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arrows continue to point in the direction of a shakedown scheme led by the president of the united states, operated by agents like rudy guiliani, gordon sondland, and mick mulvaney. >> our panel today as you saw earlier, senior staff writer for the hill covering house leadership, scott wong. we have "wall street journal" justice department reporter sadie gurman and former federal prosecutor carol lam. i'm going to the white house though. okay. looks like because of some breaking news we just got the transcript from what i was mentioning a little bit earlier. mark sandy, who signed that very letter that stopped the funding going to ukraine, of course, that is in the middle of all of this, the question that's in the impeachment inquiry, which is what role and what -- when did this happen in terms of the president asking for the funding to be paused and why did he do it? was he asking for political
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favor or not? okay. we're going to go him when we can. straight to scott wong. all right. i know you've been reading through all of this right now because it just got dropped upon us but from what you know about it we understand the importance of mark sandy. he could be another one of those primary sources which both sides want, democrats and republicans. >> and one of my colleagues who is at the capitol at the moment who i just spoke to said jamie raskin and the democrats, what they were after today was to find out whether or not, you know, the $400 million in aid was held up for a technical glitch or if there was a political motive behind that they believe there clearly is a political reason why that $400 million was held up by the president and the white house. obviously the chief of staff of the white house is the former omb director mick mulvaney.
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and so that was the line of questioning from republicans today from folks like jamie raskin who is on the oversight committee and in the room for the closed door depositions. they wanted to find out what specifically was the reason behind the hold up and what was president trump saying exactly as the reason for the hold up? >> all right. i want to correct what i just said. it is not from mark sandy, the testimony that was released. the transcript that we have is of tim morrison and jennifer williams and back to you on this, scott. why are these two particular individuals who gave testimony important or not important in the scope of things? morrison and williams. that is the transcript we just got in, jennifer williams and
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timothy morrison. >> i have not yet seen that testimony. i will say after a bombshell week of testimony in the public setting we saw from the three foreign service officers, dedicated foreign service officers, next week will be a lightning round. because you have eight officials that testified behind closed doors who will be testifying over the course of three days tuesday, wednesday, thursday, including alexander vindman the lieutenant colonel who was on that july 25th phone call and the two individuals you just mentioned including tim morrison. >> okay. so a lot of moving parts here. we'll just take them in and turn them up and spit them out the best way we can here. if we go to the first full screen which looks at the primary sources here, related to the zelensky call. the transcripts just released are of two of the individuals that were on this zelensky call,
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reportedly jennifer williams staff of the white house and timothy morrison from the national security council reportedly on this very call with trump and zelensky. that question of when that quid pro quo question was put out. carol lam, this is important, right, because certainly the republicans are saying we're having enough hearsay. we're hearing from second and third-degree if you will or degrees of separation from the primary source of the actual call in question here. now we get the transcripts of two more individuals that were reportedly on that call. how important is that to adam schiff as he moves forward the argument to try to push for impeachment? >> you know, to the general public when the general public haerz the word hearsay they generally think that is unreliable testimony. certainly you always prefer to have first-hand knowledge about things. but what's happening here is
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they're getting less and less hearsay and more and more direct testimony about what's going on. what's happened during the past week is a whole story has been generated by very, very reliable, credible witnesses that corroborate each other. and so there is really only one viable story coming out now and only one version of the facts that really makes any sense now so i think this hearsay concern or objection is starting to fall away because one of the things that you do to counteract a hears hearsay accusation is you get more and more corroboration. now of course they're getting more and more direct testimony. so i don't think that hearsay concern is going to hold up very well for very much longer. >> i'm not sure if we knew necessarily it was right in front that we'd hear from these
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two other individuals, jennifer williams and timothy morrison as we're just getting the transcripts in. some of the words as we go through this quickly, unusual and inappropriate. that jennifer williams in this transcript according to what we're reading here addressing the call, that trump/zelensky call. back to the full screen as you reflect on this, it appears certainly that adam schiff is dotting his is and crossing his ts and trying to get to every single one of these primary sources of that call that's on the screen right now. >> that's right. you know, this is news to me just as it is to you what is actually in those transcripts, but i think they will contribute to what we've seen over the past couple days which, you know, separate and apart from the revelations of each of the individuals who has testified, taken together have kind of painted a picture of just how this administration has up ended foreign policy and sort of the chaos that has been sown
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tlauout -- we have a state department hollowed out from within and statements that have hurt the morale in the state department and elsewhere in government. i expect these transcripts will contribute to that as well. >> so scott wong as we get these, this coming in at the top of the hour just as we were introducing the program, those that enter the skiff, those that are part of the group that is giving testimony here, would you as being on the hill be fully aware of every individual that does go through this process with the intel committee or is this happening sometimes without the awareness of the press corps on the hill? >> generally we would be aware of individuals, the intelligence committee has been working with reporters who are constantly asking questions as to who is
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going to be testifying next and so we would typically get a heads up. obviously there was an unusual saturday session today with the first member of the omb, the budget office, to testify behind closed doors. that was a bit unusual. we are not anticipating any surprises. what is interesting is as we've talked about this shifting to the public setting with these public, televised hearings, depositions are still being given behind closed doors as we are learning more information from these public hearings. and so that is going to be something that we continue to watch especially upon this news of this july 26th phone call between the president and sondland and the fact that there were three other individuals who were listening in on this sondland/president trump conversation in which there was
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talk of investigations by ukraine. >> and how big a deal is that? because the question is when we were looking at that particular call, who could actually hear what was happening? and now we know that holmes may have been able to hear the actual words coming from the president. the testimony is i was able to understand that was the president. >> yeah, what holmes said in his statement was that the president was speaking very loudly and he was speaking so loudly that ambassador sondland had to sort of move the phone away from his ear. and even putting aside the inappropriateness of a phone call being made from the ambassador's cell phone, in kiev, you know, the lack of security of that, then you have this, you know, almost casual telephone conversation occurring between ambassador sondland and the president in a restaurant in kiev and the fact that holmes was able to actually hear what the president, himself, was
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saying, you know, this is no longer hearsay. this is actually hearing the words of the president and the words of ambassador sondland. >> so if you're prosecuting this and pushing for this case, you would be arguing, you would be able to argue that this is a primary source, you're actually hearing what the president said? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. this is not -- this is not somebody else's relation of what the president said. this is actually the witness having heard directly what the president said. so that is actually direct evidence. >> sadie, we also heard recently and we'll talk a little more about it later the attorney general yesterday speaking out. well, hinting, i guess, alauding to wh -- alluding to what is potentially happening today. what did he sa i? >> he didn't talk directly about impeachment but did lament the erosion of presidential power by
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a congress and liberal lawmakers in particular who have flooded the white house and other agencies with what he described as an avalanche of subpoenas and demands for testimony and demands for documents. so, you know, there is a little question about what it is he is talking about but he said that this overall is an effort to undermine president trump and erode presidential power for years to come. >> scott, in the week, what surprised you? certainly wednesday kept you busy and then friday came around and you were like, wow. there's an actual tweet coming out as this testimony is being given. >> i mean, i think that was the most dramatic moment, not necessarily what was happening in the committee room, itself, of the intelligence committee but what the president was tweeting, direct attacks in real time attacking the credibility, attacking the service of marie yovanovitch. >> yeah. >> who was testifying before that committee. and so that was something obviously we've never seen in
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previous impeachment hearings. certainly, you know, in this age of twitter everything is brand new. but the response from democrats coming out of that hearing as they took a break was that, you know, this is more evidence that the president is committing obstruction. this is witness intimidation. we may be able to use these tweets where he was tweeting in real time as part of articles of impeachment when we eventually write them and bring them to the house floor. >> hey, scott, did this sway any of those on the right, the republican members of congress, as you know so many there on the hill after your years there? did anybody, you know, on the side, in the background say, wow. ooh, that on friday really made me think? >> i will just say privately republicans were saying, this was simply not helpful to their cause. they were trying to attack the
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substance of marie yovanovitch's testimony. they were complaining about process. but this threw republicans off guard as they were trying their best to defend the president and really put them back on their heels. that is what we are hearing behind the scenes from republicans. >> busy, busy week. nobody is getting sleep there on the hill or in the beltway. stick with us. we'll take a short break. bribery, intimidation, and extortion coming up. how those powerful words used against the president this week may affect the outcome of the impeachment inquiry. >> the devastating testimony corroborated evidence of bribery, uncovered in the inquiry, and that the president abused power and violated his oath by threatening to withhold military aid. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need.
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>> i'm running for president to take back our democracy. breaking news right now. new transcripts just coming out at the top of the hour, about 20 minutes ago, that of testimony given by timothy morrison, one we have, as well as jennifer williams. now, timothy morrison is the former deputy assistant to the president and jennifer williams is a special adviser to the vice president. we're looking at about 20 pages we are going through right now. our white house correspondent mike viqueira is at the white house and will be with us in just a little bit. he is poring through it to get us the highlights of what came from that testimony.
1:22 pm
the reason why these two pieces of testimony, these transcripts are important, are that they were reportedly on that call with president trump and president zelensky. if we have the full screen very quickly the reason being of course that they're looking for, both democrats and republicans, the primary sources. who was on the call? who can say this happened or did not happen? jennifer williams you can see in the middle column at the bottom of the white house column, she was on the call. timothy morrison from the national security council on that right column. he was on that call. as we look through these transcripts the question is what did they say, what did they corroborate, what did they not corroborate? does it fit with the democratic argument in the impeachment inquiry? or does it fit with the republican argument in the impeachment inquiry? so we'll get to mike viqueira very shortly on that in terms of what came out in the last 20 minutes. you know, democrats as you've
1:23 pm
watched this week, they may have some new words that you heard instead of quid pro quo. it makes potentially their argument more relatable. there is a new article of impeachment that could be part of that very move. adding to extortion, adding to bribery, adding to wit intimidation the words they've used so far, now some democrats are saying to add witness tampering, to add obstruction to the words around the articles of impeachment that they're going through right now. that is because of the president's real time attacks that you see right here that happened on twitter. he fired them off during former ukraine ambassador marie yovanovitch's public testimony yesterday. then there is the word that has been heard, extortion. democrats point to the july 25th white house call summary we've been talking about with ukraine's president as evidence of extortion. yovanovitch who the president referred to as bad news was ousted in an effort to establish
1:24 pm
a back channel with ukraine. >> what was your reaction when you heard the president of the united states refer to you as bad news? >> i couldn't believe it. i mean, again, shocked, appalled, devastated that the president of the united states would talk about any ambassador like that to a foreign head of state. and it was me. i mean, i couldn't believe it. >> all right. and adding to these words that are being used by many democrats, how about bribery? here's how. house speaker nancy pelosi alluded to that. >> the devastating testimony corroborated evidence of bribery, uncovered in the inquiry, and that the president abused power and violated his oath by threatening to withhold military aid in a white house meeting in exchange for an investigation into his political
1:25 pm
rival. >> even as the inquiry gains more momentum, as you see more public testimony, attorney general barr, again, defends the president and accuses democrats of trying to weaken presidential powers. now, he said that at the federalist society last night. joining us now, my guests. have you been able to look at these transcripts? i know they just came out. it is somewhat unfair. but we do know that these are fairly important individuals, right? that in these transcripts they were on the call and many that are watching this inquiry are wondering what did they say? >> absolutely. i have not had a chance to take a look at them yet but in response to something else you were mentioning earlier regarding the president's single tweet or tweet threat now being used against him in a potential article of impeachment.
1:26 pm
>> right. >> this is yet another situation in which president trump has never been able to seem to grasp or refuses to grasp that just because it is being sent from his personal twitter account, a tweet cannot just merely be a tweet or mouthing off or venting because he is the president of the united states. his tweets have in past years been literally used against him in his administration in court, including but certainly not limited to the travel ban at the dawn of the trump era which was widely interpreted as a muslim ban and challenged as potentially un-constitutional. his tweets were used against him in that case and in this case democrats could very well be gearing up to use his prolific twitter account against the sitting president once again. but for all the reporting of -- which is all true -- that when the president does stuff like this he runs afoul not only of white house messaging operations but republican messaging operations more broadly
1:27 pm
speaking. this is what the president of the united states does. it is just another day ending in "y" for him. if he is not actively subverting or trying to improse his own very trumpian trademark on going to war against these democrats and fueling some degree of resentment in gop ranks, it's not president trump. >> greatest strength, greatest weakness, right? as we look at the president using tweets, might this be the very situation, the very scenario that the inquiry moves forward with, that tweet that happened during official testimony on the hill during impeachment inquiry? >> i don't think that tweet alone is going to be a game changer. what it is is a little more fodder for democrats and trump critics who already are clearly going to produce an article of impeachment geared at
1:28 pm
obstruction of congress's investigations by trying to keep executive branch witnesses from responding, obeying subpoenas and coming to testify about what they know. she was already testifying. obviously he wasn't trying to stop her or he would have done it before she was at the witness table but the context of adam schiff asking her what she thought this would make other potential witnesses feel and she said this is very intimidating is the notion that he is trying to make it so people will not come forward because they know they'll be treated roughly. i have looked at the new transcripts that came out. i think some of the takeaways are going to be that both of these witnesses who were listening to the call did not think it was perfect. the aide to vice president pence thought it was inappropriate to have all this discussion and weird to have all this discussion of the president's political campaign interests in a talk with a foreign leader. and so did mr. morrison, who
1:29 pm
goes immediately to the top lawyer and talks about how damaging it would be if this transcript came out. mr. morrison also confirms that the president of ukraine tells vice president pence or brings up the frozen military aid on september 1st so clearly something he was worried about, the president of ukraine. there's been this question about when they learned about it. he knew clearly at least by the 1st of september and was raising it to the number 2 official of the united states as a matter of concern. these are several of the takeaways from this new transcript that has just come out. >> thank you for looking through that and your analysis on that. i want to get back to that by the way. i mentioned a little bit earlier mike viqueira is poring through this right now. i described in the set up here all these words, right? potentially easier for democrats on the hill right now to reach out to those who are in the middle in america, trying to
1:30 pm
draw that narrative out so that people can relate to it, they can understand it, and we're going to get back to you on this in just a second, but talk about those words and are they the words that will be used in articles of impeachment and how might they differ if at all? >> so the words will certainly be used i think in the articles of impeachment. the constitution says that a president can be impeached for treason, bribery, and for other high crimes and misdemeanors. we've all talked a lot about what other crimes and misdemeanors may be. but this does i think fall within the definition of bribery in the sense that bribery means the payment of money or something valuable in order to get a government official to take an official -- do an official act. so i'm comfortable with that definition here but i'm even more comfortable with extortion, because in a bribery charge both
1:31 pm
the briber and the person receiving the bribe are guilty of an offense, right, because one is trading his official capacity for payment and the other person is doing the payment. it's a little bit of a stretch to say that president zelensky was willingly engaging in a bribery scheme here. i mean, this is a new president whose soldiers are at risk of being slaughtered if he doesn't get the aid already promised to him and, in fact, had been appropriated by congress. now the threat is the president of the united states is going to withhold that aid unless president zelensky does what the president of the united states wants in order to help him get re-elected. so i think the word shakedown was used by one of the witnesses this week. i think shakedown or extortion is actually even a better fit for what happened here. and again, as i said before, i think the facts are all
1:32 pm
coalescing into one story here that is becoming hard to contest at this point. >> to your article on this, quid pro quo or abuse of power to the word the use of bribery by the house speaker? >> yes. i think what we're seeing is critics of president trump are shifting their language from more abstract notions like quid pro quo the latin phrase meaning this for that or even abuse of power to the word bribery in particular which the house speaker used because it's concrete, it's easier to understand, and because it is explicitly listed as one of the reasons for which impeachment is warranted in the constitution. so you can say maybe this was an abuse of power but did it rise to the level of a high crime or misdemeanor? what does that mean? what does it not mean? there is this whole other thing to argue about. no one really knows what quid pro quo means in their daily
1:33 pm
life. bribery everyone understands. and it is listed right there and so i think that they see this language as a political messaging strategy that they need to be more concrete, more direct in explaining what it is they see was wrong with what the president was doing. >> all right. thank you all. stand by. sadie gurman we have to say good-bye to you. thank you for stopping by. the rest of our panel will return. coming up more on the breaking news we've been talking about this hour getting our first looks at the two transcripts of today's testimonies from two individuals that were on that call with president zelensky and president trump. we will break that down and have the latest from the white house after this. when you take align,
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we're following breaking news here on msnbc. we just got ahold of two transcripts within the last half hour, transcripts from two pieces of testimony. timothy morrison, just released moments ago. also jennifer williams. and these are important individuals because they were both on that call between president zelensky as well as
1:38 pm
with president trump. let's go straight to nbc news' white house reporter mike viqueira. vick, we started the top of the hour, were just about to go to you, then we get -- it happens all the time. we get the e-mail. we think it is because of the omb official mark sandy who just left, right? that might actually be some release of what's happening. indeed, it's of two individuals that aren't necessarily top of mind but clearly essential because they were in the proverbial room. >> they were in the room. >> what did you learn? i know you've been going through it. >> right. we are still going through it truth be told, richard, looking for things we didn't already know from previous released or should we say leaked information. first and foremost i think the thing that jumps out at me and again we've gone through this very preliminarily at this point was that jennifer williams, and this is the individual who is the top adviser on russia and europe to vice president pence, who was again on that july 25th
1:39 pm
call, says she thought it was unusual and inappropriate and shed some light on possible motivations for withholding the military aid that ukraine was set to get that $400 million as they fight that action against russian backed irregulars in eastern ukraine. this individual jennifer williams again on the call. the other individual the transcript we received just a few minutes ago of timothy morrison, he is the top adviser on russia and europe for the national security council and interestingly, he is the individual who replaced dr. fiona hill who is one of those people who has marched down there to the basement of the visitor's center of the capitol and testified in that secure room, the skiff. he says that fiona hill, talking about fiona hill, warned him about this parallel diplomatic effort in ukraine. of course, that refers to the efforts, the official diplomatic channels, and then this back channel that rudy guiliani and
1:40 pm
his associates established directly to the president including gordon sondland. he was also concerned that the july 25th call between the president and president zelensky would have a negative impact on the politics. however, a know this hnd this h reported, he told investigators he thought there was nothing illegal about that call and in the days after the july 25th call he said he was not concerned about the content of the call and, yet, he learned that the transcript of the call or the summary of the call had been placed in that elevated, classified classification we've heard about so much and was wondering why, in fact, that happened. so again, richard, we're still going through it here looking for new bits of information as these transcripts have been released late on a saturday and just to review, we did -- there was long testimony behind closed doors today from mark sandy. of course he is an official with the office of management and
1:41 pm
budget and the reason that is significant is because we are told through ms. cooper at the department of defense in other testimony that the omb was the one who had told the department of defense not to release that $400 million in military aid to ukraine. that they so desperately wanted and as the deadline, the budget deadline approached on september 30th after which that money could not have been sent to them according to the budget rules of the u.s. government that she had been told by the office of management and budget that there was in fact a hold on that money. so the process still unfolding. we're still going through this trying to find these new information to report to you, richard, but that is what we have so far. >> white house correspondent mike viqueira going through that for us lickety split as they say and giving us some of the highlights. and i know we'll have more not only on nbc nightly news but right here on msnbc. thank you so much. let's bring back our guests. you were saying you were able to look through it and got some of
1:42 pm
the highlights from vick right there at the white house. you can pick from a lot of different items here, one of which as i was looking through it, was how when it comes to jennifer williams, special adviser to the vice president, is that she reflects that in a report that she did have a daily update and included what she heard or parts of it to the vice president. she says here. but had no personal conversations with the vice president about it. and of course that is one of the questions out there. what did those in this close circle of the white house of the president know about what was happening here? >> that's right. one of the unanswered questions is how much vice president pence was a part of, a knowing part of all this versus didn't know what the word corruption meant and was kind of out of the loop. i think team pence certainly wants to portray him that way. we have from the other new transcript that zelensky was raising the issue of the frozen
1:43 pm
aid to pence but it's not clear that pence said anything in response in terms of you got to go out and announce an investigation into the bidens for it. another nugget or clarifying nugget i saw you just had it on the screen saying that williams said that president trump brought up burisma in the famous phone call even though that is not reflected in the kind of sort of not really transcript that the white house produced about it. there is a note from the intelligence committee that she corrected that later because she went back and looked at her notes. it's correct that the word burisma was uttered even though that is not in the call record but she thinks that zelensky was the one who uttered the word burisma not trump. i'm not sure that really matters. trump himself was bringing up the bidens which is more of the same but just as a clarification. >> and that clarification is relevant, charlie. over to you, scott, on this. we just did get a release as was read by devin nunes of the very
1:44 pm
first call that president trump had with president zelensky and that which was released from the white house was different than the read out that came out right after that very first call. so again, these gaps between the transcripts versus the summaries that are coming from the white house and what that must mean even though i know you're not at the white house, scott. but generally when you look across the way you figure what comes out is going to be full and complete. >> right. that's why people have been hesitant to call these records of these phone calls between president trump and zelensky and president trump and other world leaders transcripts because they are not verbatim. they are a collection of individuals who are on the call who then after the phone call huddle and try to piece together what they remember from the phone call, the notes they were taking during the phone call, and try to eliminate any
1:45 pm
inconsistencies but it is not verbatim. that is why it is important that we are hearing from individuals who were on this july 25th phone call between trump and zelensky. a number of them will be testifying next week in the public setting and so they will be able to point to specific things that they may have heard on the call that were not necessarily reflected in the july 25th read out of that phone call. >> charlie, very quickly here if you're lookingat these two transcripts if you're a democrat you say, see, there is more smoke so there must be fire. if you're republican you're saying, again, nothing new we're necessarily learning. two perspectives, right, charlie? >> well, that is certainly what each faction has the incentive to spin in the direction of. the long-term takeaway for republicans is this is only about the one call. it's not about this larger pressure campaign that so many witnesses have been talking about that unfolded for months.
1:46 pm
and why don't you change the channel, america. boring. nothing to see. democrats quite the opposite want to emphasize the full context, months of pressure on zelensky to try to get him to say out loud corruption investigation biden which would have been obviously allowed president trump to say corrupt joe biden a million times in the 2020 campaign. >> equals white house visit. charlie savage, scott wong, two of the best. thank you so much helping us through again the breaking news. these two transcripts that just came out in the last 45 minutes. coming up we'll continue to dive into these transcripts from today's impeachment testimonies and what we're learning from them as we go through them. we'll have more right after the break. "nice." this is the most-awarded minivan three years in a row. the van just talked. sales guy, give 'em the employee price, then gimme your foot. hands-free sliding doors, stow 'n go® seats. can your car do this? man, y'all getting a hook up and you don't even work here. don't act like i'm not doing y'all a favor. y'all should be singing my praises. pacificaaaaa!
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1:54 pm
those witnesses that will be giving testimony next week. jennifer williams on tuesday, also tim morrison on tuesday, and hundreds of pages of testimony of transcripts of testimony were just released. and we have summaries, excerpts of them as well. they're important because both are individuals that were on the call. they were listening in on the call with president trump as well as president zelensky. we also have that list that we can show you too. but let's go straight now to two individuals who've been following along, scott long, charlie savage. scott, again, as i've been sighing throughout this hour, they were on the call. number two, as we can see by the schedule as we go through this hour, they're going to be there next week. and so this is quite important. this is part of the approach that adam schiff is going through. >> they're going to be there on
1:55 pm
tuesday. tuesday is important because you have several individuals who were on the july 25th phone call, not only jennifer williams and tim morrison, but lieutenant colonel alexander vindman who was one of the key witnesses for the democrats who testified that he raised numerous concerns up the chain of command to his superiors about the nature of the phone call that he said made him very uncomfortable what the president was discussing with president zelensky. tuesday will be a pivot al day. >> we see the transcripts and some of the energy that started with week one, now week two. what might you expect from morrison and williams? >> well, i would like to point out one other interesting nugget about morrison. my colleague on twitter just pointed out buried in the morrison transcript he says in
1:56 pm
august ambassador john bolton had a one-on-one meeting with trump dedicated to the topic of whether or not to release the frozen military aid to ukraine. so of course bolton has been hinting he knows about more meetings and conversations that have been in the public eye. this sounds like it would be an absolutely crucial one that's in his head. trump you could let him testify, so far is not letting him testify. so that is extremely intriguing and i do wonder what it is trump is not letting bolton say about that meeting that morrison discloses here. >> and you many other curious individuals. thank you, scott. thank you so much, charlie. we're filling in more puzzle pieces this hour. that wraps it up for me this hour. i'm richard lui. you can follow me on twitter, instagram and facebook. for now, have a great night. sog your vision to life
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. good evening and welcome to "politicsnation." tonight's lede, a major clash of values. if there's one thing we learned from the first week of open hearings in the trump impeachment inquiry, it's that democrats and republicans


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