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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  November 17, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PST

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that's all it was. very routine. he's healthy as can be. i put a statement out about that. he's got more energy than anybody in the white house. that man works from 6:00 a.m. until, you know, very, very late at night. he's doing just fine. >> you know, stephanie, he's almost superhuman. >> well, good morning. welcome to "a.m. joy." a lot to get to including the latest on newly released impeachment testimony that directly implicates donald trump. but first, you just heard that, right, a bid of the baghdad bob for you this morning with the white house press secretary stephanie grisham who weirdly doesn't do press conferences but whose job is to appear on fox news and issue superlatives about the greatness of the president. while fox news personalities like jeannine pirro describe him as superhuman. the white house is going all out to say nothing to see here and the president is the picture of health despite an unannounced saturday visit to walter reed medical center. let's go to kelly o'donnell. so besides donald trump's
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superhumanity, how is the white house explaining why he went to the hospital? >> well, good morning, joy. let me explain what we know, why it's different and causing some concern or raising some questions. the president and his top advisers say that he had phase one or a portion of his annual physical exam on saturday. and that everything is good. and that he is in good condition, good health. why that is unusual is that for this president and others, it's typically announced in advanced, part of his public schedule. usually of longer duration with a complete lab work, multiple tests, multiple physicians involved. historically we've also seen with this president there were photos of him meeting the doctors. it's all done very much in advance, in part because the health of this president, any president of any party at any time, is a national security concern. it's not just one individual's personal health. there are implications.
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if you do it differently than it's been done before, that can raise questions. in this case, the pool, the group of rotating journalists traveled with him to walter reed. they were there yesterday afternoon for about two hours. his previous physical examine lasted roughly four hours. the white house also says during that time he visited with medical personnel to offer his thanks and with a service member and family of a special forces service member who was injured in afghanistan. so a lot in those two hours. they say he is in good health, but again, the reason questions are being raised is they are doing it in a way different than the past. and that always raises questions. all we have to work with is the white house and the president saying he's in good health, that this was an installment of his annual physical exam and at a later point they'll give us actual results of whatever medical checkup he had. joy? >> thank you, kelly o'donnell. a physical exam in installments. very interesting. kelly o'donnell, thank you.
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meanwhile, the white house is dealing with a major escalation in the impeachment inquiry after historic first week of public hearings. yesterday another top official broke ranks defied white house orders and appeared for a closed door deposition. mark sandy who is a longtime employee of the office of management and budget and is a witness, a crucial witness, who can provide insight into why the omb withheld military aid to ukraine. as his deposition was under way, house democrats released the transcripts of two other white house officials who sat for closed door depositions earlier in the month. jennifer williams is a top national security aide to mike pence who took notes while listening to trump's july 25th phone call with the ukraine president. williams said the pressure to zelensky to investigate the bidens were inappropriate. tim morrison, another top white house national security aide told investigators that gordon sondland, who is the u.s. ambassador to the eu, claimed
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that he was on trump's -- acting on trump's orders when encouraging ukrainian officials to investigate the bidens. and that he was regularly in touch with trump. sondland himself is one of the many witnesses who is scheduled to testify in open hearings this week, meaning we're going to get to the point where democrats flip the republicans' favorite talking point against them. >> so and so said such and such to so and so. >> we're not in a court. if we were, the sixth amendment would apply and so would rules on hearsay and opinion. most of your two testimonies would not be admissible. >> i'm glad that on wednesday, after the democrats staged six weeks of secret depositions in the basement of the capitol like some kind of strange cult the american people finally got to see this farce for themselves. they saw us sit through hours of hearsay testimony about conversations that two diplomats who had never spoken to the
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president heard secondhand, thirdhand and fourthhand from other people. in other words, rumors. >> well, cult is an interesting turn of phrase there. these are not going to be thirdhand hearsay witnesses. next week we'll hear from people who heard the alleged impeachable offenses firsthand from donald trump's own mouth. joining me is larry fifer, senior director of the white house situation room and former chief of staff of the cia. so great to see you in person. the last time i spoke with you, it was about the call itself. we talked about this on lawrence o'donnell's show. as someone who ran the situation room, this is your job. what is the setup normally? how many people listen to the call, listen to the president on the phone and would you ever expect for a phone to call, incoming, to the president on his cell phone. >> when it comes to head of state calls you'll have a lot more people listening in on the phone than a call from another u.s. government official. but when a u.s. government official calls in, in this case,
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sondland from the testimony we heard the other day, you know, he was wading through a series of individuals before he got to the president. that could have included the state department ops center, could have included the situation room. could have included the white house switchboard. it's not unusual for -- and for some of those people to stay on the line. more to just monitor that the call is staying up and in case any problems arise and they need to do some reconnections but there could be some additional individuals on those calls. >> let's say an ambassador -- it's unusual for an ambassador to just ring up the president. that's not normal. >> absolutely. >> in a normal world, a guy who say u.s. ambassador is in kiev and calls the white house. he would go through the main switch board and be connected to the president where he is and other people wouldon that line? >> there would be some. probably a smaller number than would be for a has of state call, and they probably would not be take anything notes. >> got it. and would it be unusual from your point of view because you were deputy of chief of staff at the cia for anyone to call the
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president on an insecure cell phone at all and for the president to have a conversation like that and if someone were to do that, would you expect other countries to be able to monitor that kind of a call? >> presidents do receive personal phone calls, but those are calls to discuss family matters or maybe it's an old friend and they're talking about the latest college football game. calling to talk about government business, those calls should be done on government phones from, as best you can, a government space because sitting in a middle of the restaurant in ukraine using a nonsecure device you're opening up for that conversation to be listened to by human beings physically present, by other human beings who may be using listening devices from a nearby room or car or from the russian intelligence service sitting back in moscow picking up signals, intercept. >> so what you had here is a case where as you said sitting on that terrace, the call between sondland, who we should point out again is the ambassador to the eu.
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ukraine is not a part of the eu. >> right. >> so this is not even his area of responsibility. so he calls up donald trump. he's on the terrace at a restaurant. he's heard by other people, including his own aides. would you consider that aide's testimony to be firsthand if he can also hear donald trump on the other end of the line? >> i wouldn't call it anything else. >> he's hearing what donald trump is then saying. and -- >> the president has a very distinct voice. >> absolutely. that we all know from television. so what we're now finding out here is that what was heard is donald trump saying he didn't care about ukraine. that he only cared about the investigations. >> right. >> so that testimony is going to come out publicly, right? >> right. >> if in your former capacity in your cia capacity you have a president who is telling an ambassador of his, all i want is the investigations of a fellow american, how would that strike you? >> oh, very unusual and of great concern and potentially of a
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criminal nature. the president of the united states should be working from his own stated policy and in this case, his stated policy was to provide aid to ukraine and to help them in their anti-corruption efforts not to help them do corruption. >> right. >> and ukraine is sort of the knock on ukraine has been that it's a particularly corrupt -- it's had a particularly corrupt government since it broke off from the ussr and has struggled to be its own country in some instances wanting to be an eu country, wanting to move more into the european sphere and having that resisted both by russia n sometimes by leaders of ukraine who wanted to stay in russia's orbit. would you consider a president trying to get that country that's in that position, that's also at war with russia, trying to get them to do an investigation or to find credence for a russia-clearing conspiracy theory. would the president of ukraine in that instance have any choice
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but to say, yes? would it surprise you if a president of ukraine in that instance said, i'll do it? i'll go ahead and do the investigation? >> it wouldn't surprise me. the president of ukraine is in a horrible position where his number one patron, the country providing him the largest amount of aid, the country that he wants to have supporting him against this russian enemy who is killing, you know, his fellow countrymen. i can't imagine him telling the president no to almost any demand. as sondland put it, mr. president, he'll do anything you want. >> and saying the guy loves you. he'll do anything you want. this guy was a standup comedian, mr. zelensky. he's not a very experienced government official. he's in a government where he's had to get rid of his own chief prosecutor because he was corrupt. so he's in a very vulnerable position. he needs this nearly $400 million in aid. it's not surprising that he would be very solicitous of donald trump on the main call, the july 25th call and say, yes,
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sir, i'll meet with mr. giuliani and william barr. i'll do whatever you want. that does not surprise you? >> i felt like he had to do this to help this country. it's very disappointing, though, that it also sends the wrong message and the wrong lesson to this brand-new reformer leader who came into the job thinking that the united states was going to help him in his reform efforts. i can only imagine he was horribly duse y disappointed and around at his advisers. wow, so this is what the real world is. everybody is corrupt. and that's not what we espouse or who we are as a nation. and it feeds into the strategy of vladimir putin for keeping ukraine closer in his orbit. >> does it surprise you then because the republican defense has been, well, he never complained about it. he never said i'm being pressured. would you expect a foreign leader in that instance to raise his hand and say, yes, i was being pressured by the president
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of the united states? >> no, i wouldn't expect him to say he was being pressured by the president of the united states, as long as this president is still the president, he's going to do what he -- he's going to say and do what he has to do to help his own country. >> yeah. >> perhaps he'll sing a different song when -- when and if things change in coming months. >> it's so great to talk to you. thank you for being here. given all of this, god bless this whistle-blower for saying something. >> you know, the great article by greg miller in "the washington post" yesterday that talked about this, you know, midlevel cia guy that, if it wasn't for that one individual who had the courage to step forward, so much of what we now know today, we would not know. and we would have a president and a cadre of individuals around him, you know, shanghaiing traditional american values in a way that is an imical to u.s. national interests. >> nice to see you in person and meet you. really appreciate your time today. ohio congressman jim jordan is donald trump's number one
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from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. there is one witness, one witness that they won't bring in front of us. they won't bring in front of the american people. that's the guy who started it
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all. the whistle-blower. >> i say to my colleague, i'd be glad to have the person who started it all come in and testify. president trump is welcome to take a seat right there. >> republican congressman jim jordan was air dropped into the house intelligence committee last week to serve as donald trump's primary attack dog. but jordan is facing an entirely separate controversy of his own. stemming from his time as an assistant wrestling coach at ohio state university. in a lawsuit filed last week, a college wrest ling referee complained -- claimed that 25 years ago, an osu team doctor who had been accused of sexually assaulting students performed a sex act in the shower in front of him. the referee said he reported the incident directly to jim jordan. but that jordan basically shrugged it off. he is the second person to say that he told jordan directly about sexual misconduct by the doctor. but jordan has repeatedly denied
7:18 am
knowing about the alleged abuse. and joining me now is melanie zenona of politico. thank you for being here. i was saying in the break, i think this is one of the most underplayed sort of stories. it's not gotten a lot of ink. the reason, the charges themselves, which are horrible, but also the fact that he has been elevated by the republicans deliberately to be their guy on this impeachment scandal. >> not only that, but jim jordan is fund-raising off of this. just this week his campaign sent out an email saying he's under attack because of his starring role in this. because he's trump's top defender and they need to raise money to help him win re-election because he's under attack. he's not only denied those allegations but said it's part of this deep seeded state conspiracy against him. they're trying to use this as a benefit for him. >> let's talk about the actual alleged abuse. we know the gentleman's jame is richard strauss. tell us more about what it is that he did. >> jim jordan was the assistant coach for the ohio state
7:19 am
wrestling team back in the '90s. it later came out this doctor was accused of sexually abusing a lot of these athletes on the team. and that they said they raised these allegations to the coaches, including jim jordan, and they essentially looked the other way. jim jordan has vehemently denied these allegations. he says he had no idea what this doctor was up to and if he did, he would have protected his athletes on his team. this is the second allegation from the referee which nbc reported on recently. that jim jordan specifically was reported about these allegations and didn't do anything about it. >> does jim jordan get asked about this? i see him walking out to camera every day doing the trump defense, reading the literal talking points, whatever it is donald trump wants him to say, he'll say it. does he get asked about this on the hill? because i recall when katie hill who was hounded about a revenge porn situation where she was basically victimized by her ex, and had to resign over it. does he get asked about this by
7:20 am
reporters? >> it seems like he's not getting as much heat. you raise a perfect example with katie hill. democrats feel they hold their members to a much higher standard and republicans play by a different set of rules. just to point out, duncan hunter is a republican congressman who has been accused of using campaign funds for affairs with lobbyists or congressional aides and he's still in the committee. so democrats feel it's not fair. >> i have to say, katie hill, california congresswoman who resigned in october, about two weeks after accusations surfaced, which, really, again, were revenge porn against -- used against her. senator al franken resigned in january of 2018, less than two months after accusations surfaced stemming from a photo, a goofy photo that he took. another woman saying he hugged them too tightly. and john conyers, the very well-esteemed, the guy who is the reason we have mlk day, right? he pushed to make sure we had a king holiday. resigned in 2017, about two
7:21 am
weeks after allegations of sexual harassment came forward. and all of these were serious cases, right? they were the people who made these accusations needed to be taken seriously and they were by the democratic party. how are the republicans responding to the fact that mr. jordan is being accused by multiple people of ignoring these sexual abuse of nearly 200 young men, college students? >> well, what republicans say is that there's no hard-core evidence or proof. they also say that the house ethics committee doesn't have jurisdiction here because it happened before he was a congressman. this happened years ago. but i can tell you republicans have really adopted the trump playbook. we've seen the last few years if there's a scandal, they keep their head down, deny it and hope it will blow over. that's the strategy you've seen jim jordan deploy. he hasn't suffered consequences of it. >> it's the roy moore/kavanaugh, we just keep our head down and fight for the guy no matter how despicable the allegations. >> it hasn't impacted his standing in the gop conference.
7:22 am
he was elevated to this role. he's now a starring player on the house intelligence committee for these hearings. and voters re-elected him after these allegations first surfaced last year. >> when the boss bragged about grabbing women by private parts and was elevated to the white house anyway and his top pick for supreme court, and it was all ignored by the party. we'll talk about what roger stone's conviction could mean for donald trump with someone who knows him well. ♪ limu emu & doug hour 36 in the stakeout. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance, so they'll only pay for what they need.
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the change in our politics, the rough and tumble cut-throat politics, the slash and burn of what was just probably the dirtiest, nastiest campaign in american political history, are now in vogue. >> what message would you have for the viewers of this film who will loathe you when the credits roll. >> i revel in your hatred because if i weren't effective, you wouldn't hate me. >> first of all if you have not seen the movie "get me roger stone," you need to go out and see it. stone is donald trump's longtime
7:27 am
dirty trickster and was his wikileaks connection in 2016. on friday he was found guilty on seven federal charges including witness tampering, lying to congress and obstructing the russia investigation. if his ride or die is headed to prison for up to 50 years, what does that mean for donald trump? joining me to discuss is someone who has known trump and stone for a long time, sam nunberg and sam kershner. sam, this week alex jones of all people went to bat for the now-convicted mr. stone. let me let you hear a little bit of his plea to donald trump. >> he said to me, alex, barring a miracle, i appeal to god and i appeal to your listeners for prayer and i appeal to the president to pardon me because to do so would be an action that
7:28 am
would show these corrupt courts that they're not going to get away with persecuting people for their free speech or for the crime of getting the president elected. >> so going to jesus through alex jones is weird. but you know these guys. a, do you think it's likely that donald trump will go ahead and give alex jones his wish and pardon him? and if he doesn't, what do you think stone will do? >> well, as somebody who, joy, you understand conservative media very well, it's not only alex jones. tucker carlson had a segment friday night and he even made the point that to the president directly saying, if you have pardoned drug dealers, why wouldn't you pardon roger as opposed to michael cohen, paul manafort, michael flynn and others, roger was found guilty and he was guilty of process crimes directly out of the investigation. it was nothing to do with anything in terms of his finances or any conduct that he
7:29 am
had outside of this -- outside of the election. and i don't know why the president won't. if the president does not, there will be pushback. and there will be. >> what will be the pushback? do you think that -- you know him. would roger stone start talking about the things he knows about donald trump and pay him back? >> no. roger will never do that. despite the fact that, frankly, he should not have -- he should not have followed the president's message in his congressional testimony. i'm not here as a special pleader for whether or not roger was guilty or not. i'm telling you that roger acted to protect the president. roger has a high fidelity and loyalty, particularly to donald trump that i don't think is well deserved. i saw firsthand. i argued with roger during the campaign, and as i told you before, i said to the grand jury, i've said this under oath. i told roger you should not make yourself a target. why? hillary clinton looked like she was likely going to win. james comey is surely already
7:30 am
investigating you. and donald trump will not do anything for you. i didn't even think of a pardon. what i meant was donald trump was not even going to have him to the white house. donald trump is going to completely disassociate himself with roger. and for trump not to pardon roger roger in light of what donald has said about this investigation, it's hypocritical. perhaps roger needs to find a way to contact kim kardashian and kanye west. >> first of all, let's go back on something that sam said. were these process crimes? >> there's no such thing as a process crime. all due respect to sam. you know, the crimes that people commit when they lie under oath, when they obstruct justice, when they tamper with witnesses, those are crimes that strike at the very heart of the process. they undermine the entire system. they hurt us all. so i hate the term process crimes because those are some of the most damaging crimes to our system. >> and let me go through really
7:31 am
quickly. roger stone is now on our list. donald trump has a lot of friends convicted of crimes. if you think about michael cohen, paul manafort, rick gates, michael flynn, george papadopoulos and roger stone, who is the most dangerous to donald trump? because he's got to now be thinking pardons. he just pardoned three former military members on war crimes charges. he does use a pardon every so often to tell a story. >> i'm a former army officer before i became a federal prosecutor so the fact that trump is pardoning war criminals, one, it's a miscalculation on his party because the military will never rise up to support donald trump once he is dethroned. and, two, it does a disservice to all of the law-abiding military members who are deployed who are following the rules of engagement. they are now more at risk because of donald trump's pardons of war criminals than they were ever before. but with respect to who is the most dangerous to trump? i think stone is extremely dangerous. and i'm going to part ways with sam because, yeah, stone is all
7:32 am
big and strong and he'll never flip on the president. we just saw a clip where he was big and strong, when he was looking into the camera promoting himself. he said, i revel in your hate. when judge amy berman jackson turned to him, mr. combative, mr., i love the limelight, and said, you ready to testify in your own trial -- now wait a minute. everybody has a fifth amendment right and they don't have to testify. but he punked out. he said, no. i don't want to testify. what happened to big, bad roger stone? i don't believe for a minute that there is not at least a slight chance he will flip. i've taken combative defendants to trial before who refuse to meet with me. refuse to debrief. refuse to flip on the bigger fish. i said, fine. i'm going to give you a trial. i got him convicted. they were facing life before they went to sentencing. i said, you want to talk to me now? and in of them did. if i'm a prosecutor, i'm
7:33 am
stepping back to stone, giving him one more chance. the window is closing, roger, but i can't rule that out yet. he may never come in and talk to the prosecutors, but he may. >> but he may. the thing is, sam, if he's facing up to 50 years, you've also got rudy giuliani out there. who knows what's going to happen to him legally. you have paul manafort out there who is the guy behind the insane conspiracy theory, the u.s. didn't land on the moon-style conspiracy theory and of ukraine. you've got him throughout. michael cohen has already made it clear trump is disloyal as you have said. there's going to be -- >> i made it clear, too. >> you did. you have. you've said it to me. there's going to be a race to the pardon line, right? somebody is going to get it, if anyone gets it at all. do you think any of them will actually say, let me save myself and stop defending this guy? there are a lot of people on the list who could do it. would any of them do it? >> they don't have anything and this is where i'll part ways with glenn. if roger does what glenn says,
7:34 am
that's fine. but there was no conspiracy under the criminal code. trust me if there was, roger would have been charged with it. and, remember, they raided his house when he was arrested. they took his computer. they took documents. they couldn't find that he had any direct or indirect real contact with julian assange. and that's why -- >> hold on one second. you mean to tell me he committed crimes on his own to help get trump elected and never talked to anybody in trump world and no one in trump world cared about it? it was just him on his own deciding to run his own campaign for the president? >> roger would have dealt directly with julian assange. roger would have helped coordinate and strategize. julian assange, as it turns out, wanted nothing to do with roger. so it's only because of the fact that julian assange, i think, wanted all the credit. and it goes back to when roger called donald trump, and i believe they had those conversations. i believe what michael cohen says. i believe -- i don't know about
7:35 am
rick gates. i wouldn't necessarily believe him, but i believe there were conversations they had about wikileaks. about the releases. to me, that's roger, as somebody who knows these people, just trying to get donald on the phone. just trying to say, he spoke to donald. just trying to tell the media that he is still relevant and somebody like alex jones, for instance it would hurt roger after the fact, after the election because i'm sure he was telling alex jones, i've been talking to julian assange. >> it is a puzzle. we're out of time. i want to ask a quick question to glenn. if there was one person you'd want to flip on that list of people who have been convicted, who would you want? >> i would want to flip stone. you know why? because not only does he have a history with donald trump as a friend and an adviser going back 40 years. he's going to have the all-important information about new york state crimes that are beyond the reach of a presidential pardon and that may ultimately be what lands donald trump in prison.
7:36 am
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what we've seen is that our message is gaining traction with people across the state of iowa. cauc caucusgoers who want a president who can bring us together and want to bring us together
7:40 am
without sacrificing our values. there's a way to do that. that's been our message and it seems to be continuing to get us more and more support as we go. >> south bend, indiana, mayor pete buttigieg is now leading the democratic pack in iowa. according to a new poll from the des moines register and cnn, 25% of likely iowa caucus goers say buttigieg is their favorite with elizabeth warren and joe biden. we want to start in iowa. what's going on in iowa? warren is down. bernie is flat. biden is down. buttigieg way up. what's going on? >> dogs and cats living together. the idea of mayor pete being ahead not by a small amount but at 25%, only two or three months away, i am amazed. i am shocked. it's not like he's done particularly well in the media. it's an indicator a lot of voters in iowa, and we don't know that iowa is necessarily
7:41 am
indicative of how the rest of the country feels but a lot of voters have serious issues about joe biden who was leading there for a long time and seem to find what mayor pete is talking about appealing. whether he'll sustain it, we don't know. many people who are ahead in early november end up flaming out. >> i think there are two sets of camps in the democratic party. you have one camp that's the bring the country together and make things feel normal camp, which biden was the top guy in, which buttigieg now feels like he's the top guy in, where cory booker also wants to play in that camp as well. you've got that camp. you've got the make dramatic change and fundamentally reorganize society around issues around inequality which is basically warren and bernie. it feels like the side that is saying normalize and that's saying come together with the people on the other side of the aisle, that is -- am i getting that wrong that that's why
7:42 am
buttigieg is surging? >> i sort of agree. you have these two different tracks. you have the liberal change and then also the anti-establishment candidates. and that's bernie and warren. that's also tulsi and andrew yang. they are the systems is trashed, got to do something different, don't trust the democratic party. and then the people that are like, we've just got to change things a bit. to be fair to mayor pete, his whole campaign has been, we can't go back to the old normal. that's what he ran on. people were concerned about joe biden's performance. he also hasn't raised money particularly well. mayor pete looks like a guy who represents what people want right now. my question has been, and we have this conversation all the time. there's a different between electable and viable. viable is you can pin your party's nomination. and i don't know how many people believe a 37-year-old mayor of a town whose entire population could fit inside the ohio state football stadium could go head-to-head with donald trump and win a presidential election. >> here's the question for
7:43 am
buttigieg. i can see a scenario where buttigieg holds it out and stays on top and wins iowa. it's a very white state, not diverse. this is a white liberal voter's primary. then you move to new hampshire where you have a warren potential viability. these regionally there but now this massachusetts mayor, i don't know if he's going to run -- massachusetts governor, former governor deval patrick. we don't know how that complicates her situation. let's say she won new hampshire. and then you head down to the black primary. that's where buttigieg has no traction. this story this week that he had claimed there was some support for his plan -- >> yes. >> -- for african-americans. >> and then ape picture which was from a kenyan stock photo that was supposedly black people who supported him and the rumor about a leaked report. here's the thing. it quote one of our dear friends. if mayor pete does well there, you cannot bring together a coalition to win the presidency as a democrat. you can't just have black
7:44 am
support. you have to have enthusiastic african-american support. to mayor pete's credit, he's been trying. >> if biden won that primary, i want to quickly -- i can see biden winning the third one, and then you have a mess. >> i think biden will win the nevada caucus. >> if you have biden start to win more primaries, we could see a brokered convention. >> we could. >> i want to talk about kamala harris. to me, she's a candidate that seems to fill all those boxes. she would be fundamental change. she's a woman of color. i cannot explain why she isn't resonating more. the fundamentals of her still seem really good to me if you want somebody who will change the perspective of what america looks like. but not have as much change as maybe people think warren is too much change. >> i'm going to point this out. all credit to politico, i am so sick and tired of harris obituary articles. >> a bit much. >> she's still running. you don't see them for cory booker or joe biden who should be raising a lot more money for being an elite.
7:45 am
this is a thing. there are some strategic mistakes. she's also suffered from the rise of elizabeth warren. at the end of the day, there is always time for a comeback kid, time for somebody to do really well. somebody else get in trouble. i don't think the harris campaign is dead at this particular point. >> they've all made strategic mistakes here and there. she's the only one that gets continually hammered. >> i wonder why. what could possibly be the case. >> i know a lot of black women getting irritated by it. i'm going to throw in my editorial. i think the next debate loses something by not having julian castro there. >> it's an indicator of the fact you have people that can buy their ways in like stom steyer but voices that have been a 3% to 5% nationally can't find their way in. >> i am going to throw out, louisiana, donald trump begged for a win. he didn't get it. still got a democratic governor. >> sports teams and governors, i don't think you want donald trump supporting you at this point. >> he just got booed by the
7:46 am
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coming up, even some of the fox news personages couldn't defend the dear leader after this week's impeachment hearings. we'll discuss, next. ♪ we would only hold on to let go ♪ ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we need someone to lean on ♪ blow a kiss into the sun ♪ we needed somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ all we need is someone to lean on ♪
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that could allow hackers devices into your home.ys and like all doors, they're safer when locked. that's why you need xfinity xfi. with the xfi gateway, devices connected to your homes wifi are protected. which helps keep people outside from accessing your passwords, credit cards and cameras. and people inside from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. if you not moved by the testimony of marie yovanovitch today, you don't have a pulse. >> the whole hearing turned on
7:54 am
the dime when the president tweeted about her realtime. during the questioning, adam schiff, stopped the democratic questioning to read the tweet to her and get her response. th that's intimidating the witness or tampering with the witness which is a crime, adding essentially all levels of impeachment realtime. >> welcome back to "a.m. joy." >> that was impeachment coverage on trump tv this week. chris wallace found ambassador marie yovanovitch's testimony so comp compelling. they actually responded in a way that suggested they were grounded in reality. but fair enough, we have not entered the upside down. we are back in action on friday night demeaning his career
7:55 am
diplomat. >> she knew nothing, why was she even there? we get more testimonies and another important diplomat snow flakes who can't take minor baby criticism. >> at the end, it sounded like a therapy session with the h.r. department. donald trump's real offense is the former ambassador. pretty embarrassing and quite scary. >> they were not ridiculing people who dedicating their lives to serve the country. t trump called the impeachment inquiry a show trial and even worse, a boring show. >> there is no burglary or break in or no sex and monica lewin y
7:56 am
lewinsky. >> there is no burglary or sex. >> joining me now our former assistant watergate prosecutor jill wine-banks and our columnist from the daily beast, gabe sherman and author of "the loudest voice in the room." eric baldwin and charlie sykes. thank you for being here. jill wine-banks. the man complained the problem of the hearing was there was no burglary or no sex and no monica lewinsky, your thoughts? >> well, there was a break-in, that was the mueller report was all about. number two, there were plenty of
7:57 am
sex from donald trump. that's all the hush money he paid before. this has all the drama that may have been missing from the hearing that proceeded it at the mueller report. anyone who did not feel the drama of the ambassador'ambassar and yovanovitch of their testimonies especially ambassador yovanovitch, i was moved to tears by her story and then to see her being threatened a second time because remember she was threatened when she was called from ukraine. she gets a phone call that says your security at risk after she's hosting an award ceremony for the now deceased activist for anticorruption who died because of an acid attack. she was hit with acid. and then she was told that she's
7:58 am
endangered and have to come home on the next plane and then while she was on television the president says look at what happens in somalia, everywhere she goes things go bad. it is just despicable and unacceptable for the president to act that way. it is horrible that she was recalled to begin with on the eve of inauguration when she was doing exactly what american policy was. she got out of the way so that the alternative realty, the private secret foreign policy could go ahead and that included a shake down, bribery, extortion of ukraine. >> yes, donald trump and now we have his own voice through people heard him talking to his friend, the ambassador.
7:59 am
charlie, i the thing i think made this hearing so dramatic, i thought the ambassador were very compelling of the voice over capabilities that the former ambassador may be linked to mr. taylor and under take. i thought the second hearing with miss yovanovitch, the fact that she was asked about and told donald trump is saying she's going to go through some things. knowing you know that russia has been accused of poisoning people that she herself hailed this brave young woman who got acid thrown on her, some thuggish language used by the president and he does it again in realtime on television. you used to be in conservative media, the idea that republicans were laughing at her and mocking
8:00 am
her as that is going on, what do you make of it? >> well, i do think you also saw it blew up the republican strategy for the day because i do think that there is a broad understa understanding -- >> but i think the reaction of fox is important to keep focus on as you point out, it is an alternative reality, i am struck by the fact that they adopted this boring teenager show. i understand the show is not helping their guide. they can cherry pick the evidence. at the end of the day, there is no doubt about what happened here. we know what happened and we know what donald trump want and did. we know what he's trying to
8:01 am
intimidate witnesses and trying to induce witnesses to not come forward. the question is what will the republican base find acceptable and defensible. that's the real question. you are seeing the true faces of fox. chris wallace just dismantled steve scalise and exposing how weak the republicans defense is and brett, their defense is becoming more hysterical and profoundly juvenile and dumb down for the president. >> i want to at this point, i think it is an important point to bring in julie davis, welcome to the show. we have not had you on. i follow you on twitter and follow your work, i want you to come on. i thought you make an important
8:02 am
point. you have a piece in "the daily beast" right now talks about the fact that russia loves the impeachment hearings because gop is parroting kremlin propaganda. you got devin nunes, we never landed on the moon, the moon is made out of cheese, this conspiracy, it was ukraine, the country that's invaded by russia and they're the real culprit. he paired that twice in both of his opening statements on wednesday and friday. that conspiracy theory comes from russia intelligence to kilimnik right into the mouth of manafort to trump. we know that's the origin. what do you make of this idea that we have the republican parties ranking member on the
8:03 am
intelligence committee repeating the same russian propaganda that the president of the united states apparently believe. >> yes, joy, this is a dream come true for the kremlin and putin has been spiraling the same conspiracy theory trying to blame ukraine for the election interference. russians are loving the impeachment proceedings because they now have not only the president of the united states but the republicans repeating and echoing all of the russian conspiracy theory and discrediting themselves and they're hoping that in the end this will end the lifting of the russian sanctions and all the blame being pinned on ukraine and which all of this serves the russian very well. >> you know and i think it is important to point out here, you know we have no problem putting up the numbers. the majority of republicans are watching all of this are happening on fox news, non republican viewers are split
8:04 am
between the rest of us. fox news has the vast majority of identifying republicans. that's where they get information. variety tv ratings, fox and abc drew big impeachment numbers. what they say about these people, william taylor, acting ambassador of ukraine, president trump dismissed taylor as a never trumper and white house called taylor's closed door testimony triple hearsay and msnbc called taylor as he's the acting ambassador and u.s. diplomat. qualitative comparisons and most
8:05 am
of the network just put the facts about mr. taylor. even in the graphics they're telling their viewers what they want them to think even though you do have a few of them who'll tell the truth when they are allowed the speak. your thoughts. >> i think that's a reflection of one of roger ailes' most famous saying, people don't want to be informed, they want to feel informed. fox news will carry the impeachment live. instead they're getting these right wing top protrump talking points on the screen. that's the information that viewers will soak in and not the new show that's spoken in the hearing room. this is clearly just a very strong example of how fox news really is. the other thing we should point out is yes, it is valuable, people like brett baer and chris
8:06 am
wallace are covering the stories as the facts play out. those are thin slices in a much bigger pie where you have tucker carlson of three hours non-stop right wing propaganda that's throwing mud and sand in the eyes o f tf the viewers. we should point there is some pockets there. i don't think the media should get an over play that chris wallace and brett baer have at fox. the fact that the president's number are not collapsing again. we talked about it on the show a lot. fox news is the firewall standing between donald trump having approval ratings in the 30s and 40s and going down in the 20s and teens. let me play for you rivera is basically saying that much to her also.
8:07 am
>> if it was not your show, shawn, they would destroy her absolutely. in nixon's case if he had someone to stuck up for r hhim, would not be motivated to cover up that burglary. that was october 1st. looks like geraldo read gabe's book. >> to gabe's point, i agree there are two fox news enters the pie chart. if it was a pie chart, it would be 3% news and 9% sponsors off the rail alex jones nonsense. i totally agree. is he going to say fox news? is fox news going to save trump? the polls show the country is going that way. we have seen early polls that people were engaged. the ratings are through the roof
8:08 am
as every cable news, ratings through the roof last week. people are engaged and as charlie mentioned, we already know the outcome, there is no who's done it here. this is going to hurt. my quick point is for the hearings, this shows how fox news devoured the entire party. taylor and kent from the republican general council, i mean if you don't watch hannity 15 or 20 hours a week, you have no idea what the general council is talking about. ten years ago when we had important hearings, there were one or two tea party republicans who would go up these rants and everyone else in the room including republicans would roll their eyes, now it is everyone in the intelligence committee, it is scary for democracy and trying to have a conversation in this country about facts. >> look at the cast of
8:09 am
characters who are donald trump's chief defenders here. they put out jim jordan, yeah, he got a problem. >> he finds conspiracy everywhere. >> you got devin nunes, the guy trying to do donald trump's defense during the mueller hearing and had this bizarre conspiracy theory that he believes their ranking members on the intelligence committee. we have steve scalise placed into a leadership. it is all fine, right? i wonder then if the fact that we have a third of the country that'll never ever be convinced that donald trump is capable of doing anything wrong even if he shot someone on fifth avenue. is there a point of the big hearing being televised for the rest of us? >> this is key, joy. there is a big point. those same critics, some of the critics on the network, the president calling him shifty
8:10 am
schiff and they're naturotics, what does it mean to the republican party that you are losing a bunch of nerds. the american people are watching these hearings, yeah, we are convinced the president should still be impeached. the echo chamber is getting smaller and smaller and no matter dirt they throw at yovanovitch and different people coming forward, they're not getting through and expanding the number of people for questioning legitimacy of the impeachment. >> you had jill wine-banks saying where is the pazass, i think it is obvious and eric swawell made a good point, your job is not to entertain you. >> i agree with everything. i think what we are learning this week is that there is a lot of drama because anyone who did not respond to ambassador yovanovitch's testimony is
8:11 am
not - does not have a pulse. it was so dramatic as was kent and taylor. and, the difference in how it is portrayed makes a difference but ultimately if people would watch from gavel to gavel they would see what i saw, the person benefited from all conducts by trump or his minions from rudy giuliani to sondland and etcetera is putin and russia. backs the beneficiaries, the people who are hurt are america and ukraine and that's important. they'll see that every single thing that has been testified to, everyone was concerned about and everyone thought it was unusual. well, unusual at some point gets to be very damming and very much evidence of corruptions. >> julia, how is this being watched over on the russia's
8:12 am
side? i have seen a little bit of them ridiculing trump? >> well, they ridicule trump but they think generally awful for america which is why they love him so much. they're watching these hearings with great enjoyment, they find no lack of pasass there, they think it is really revealing and republicans reciting the russian talking points and conspiracy theory are discrediting themselves and democracy as a whole. even though the facts are damming for trump that the republicans will still not vote against to impeach which will again prove putin's talking point that democracy is fake and there are no more principles and in every possible way this is playing out in favor of the kremlins. >> they're certainly proving that. it is not a who done it, he done
8:13 am
it. everybody knows he did it. republicans are they conscious of the fact they are signing on republican talking point of the world? >> yes, without question. the republicans in private that i talk to including many people work for the president, they'll say one thing in private, george conway is one of the rare exceptions of people who's willing to bring it publicly because of this personality that fox news is so successful and created around this president. to show you the extreme that fox news is going to and the idea that sean hannity would call marie yovanovitch narcissist when you have donald trump and the president in the white house put his own face on a fake "time" magazine cover. that's an ampexample of how thi reality upside down has become their normal. >> yeah. >> absolutely, charlie sykes,
8:14 am
for the republican party to being full on, on board with russians talking point and dismantling our literal power around the world. we gave them syria and we have turkey and biden and russia. they were literally carved out so that they could not be used against russian troops. they were not allowed to use. that was not real. >> what do you make of the party of this point if it is not rush what to play with. well, that's extraordinary, watching america be humiliated in this way and retreat in this way, one of the under cover story in the week was the president's humiliation of erdogan and turkey. republicans are all in. gabe is absolutely right, they make you feel trap but you sense
8:15 am
the awkwardness of defending the in defensible and how disturb it is. it was extraordinary watching to the degree where they were caught using russian talking points. this by the way there may be 4% of americans and 4% of not a huge number of the fox news viewers for watching this in realtime and watching the compelling testimony and not necessarily to spin and given how narrow and small donald trump's faces. and i think real danger for trump is this reenforces all the doubts about him. they have all rosalie to russia and narcissism. we have only have two days of
8:16 am
hearings and they have gone h h horribly bad for the president. >> eric, democrats were quite calm and reasonable, what did you think? >> i thought it was much better than the robert mueller hearing. that was a one-day event and republicans were able to hijack that spin. this is an ongoing story, we have just begun and fox is scrambling defense, smears the white house, in coherent and so they're in trouble. >> should they do a press conference there? the last one donald trump tried to do. >> i think the democrats have gone really well. the big one is sondland. if the democrats handle sondland properly and the republicans cannot spear this hinthing.
8:17 am
>> it is a wonderful bear that was created by a fabulous artist, i am wearing it to share good wishes to my twitter follower who just had heart surgery. on the back as you just saw is a real take player and the word 18 minutes. so in addition to being a bear, it represents the 18 minutes gap. >> the 18-minute gap, oh yes. we love that. jill, jason, eric, charlie, awesome, awesome, thank you very much. >> stephen miller is still at the white house. you will have to see that next. . you will have to see that next as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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8:21 am
the media and the whole world will soon see as we take further actions that the power of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned. >> stephen miller is not the only sycophant in chief for donald trump. he's considering the singular force behind trump's hard line immigration policy. we have new insights into where he may have gotten some of his ideas. on tuesday, hundreds of e-mails, miller sent to the alt-right
8:22 am
side breitbart in the run up of the 2016 election. as for comment on the report, a white house official said this is a form of anti-semitism. joining me now is michael. thank you for being here. >> thank you so much joy. >> sure, as you talk about this, i want to remind people that steve bannon who was a white house senior advisor who ran the trump campaign at a time said in 2016 that he wanted to make breitbart the home of the alt-right. that's what he said. we know that alt-right is just another term for white nationalists. the clean up version of the term nationalists. that have been said. here is one of the e-mails that stephen miller sent to the breitbart on october 2nd.
8:23 am
he was talking about the oregon mass shooter killing nine people. he was described as mixed race, any chance of piecing that profile together more or to be covered up. here is another e-mail. "next america," we are being invaded and talked into tolerating. how many e-mails are we talking here and over what period of time? >> it is about 938 or 940 in that range i believe. and they are the fir-- the firs e-mail comes in june of 2016. there was a little bit of a over lapse when he joined the campaign. he comes to the campaign from having work for jeff sessions,
8:24 am
immediately before that, he works for jeff sessions. let me play jeff sessions and his view on immigration are similar to those of stephen mill miller. here is jeff sessions on the sunday's show today. this is october of 2015. take a listen. >> in seven years, we'll have the highest percentage of americans, non-native born since the founding of republic. for a number to reach this high in 1924, the president and congress changed the policies. it slowed down immigration significantly. we then assimilated through 1965 and created really solid middle class of america with assimilated immigrants and it was good for america. >> is it significant to those years he's talking about? >> well, basically the basic gist of all these e-mails that i
8:25 am
think everybody who's watching should understand is we got rid of racial quarter laws in america in 1965. they were signing into law in 1924 and 1924 immigration, miller repeatedly brings up as an influence in these things and also a president who's often put forth as an example of somebody great by american renaissance and the white nationalist website. 1924 immigration act is about is eugenics and race science just a belief that non-white people are inferior to white people. they're talking about returning to these laws that are close to 100 years old and you know have our base on science at the level
8:26 am
of turning lead into gold. it is rubbish and dehumanizing stuff. >> are there e-mails of the series of 900 that complains about european immigration? >> no. for white nationalism has been a very big thing where they want to boost immigration from you know boost white immigration and decrease non-white immigration because they view it as a replacement. you remember in charlottesville of course everybody who's marching their chanting, what they are really talking about there is you know the same type of stuff that the shooter in el paso was talking about replacing white people with non white people. it is a paranoia and dehumanizing vision of the world. >> yeah, of course, we know
8:27 am
richard spencer invented the term alt-right, a white nationalist and the book i wrote talked about the association stephen miller had with spencer at duke. let me play what alexandria ocasio-cortez had to say on friday about this. >> when i echo the consensus of experts and historians of political scientists of the mass expansion of detention camps, everybody thought it was nuts until we realize that stephen miller is a no joke, die hard nationalist. this is what our policies have become and in order for us to heal as a country, he has got to go. >> keeping in mind that this is a week where we found out some asylum seekers had their infants
8:28 am
taken away from them at childbirth. in na infants take from their mothers who just gave birth to them. keeping that in mind. what do you make of the white house saying it is anti-semiti. are they right that pit makes no sense? >> it is completely insane. if anybody follows my work or reporting, you should ask about a state department official, there is a white nationalist who was involved and publishing anti-semitic propaganda and ask them how i feel about my work.
8:29 am
but that's inside the point. the thing that you are talking about down the border that cruelty because directly linked to this ideology, of course, anyone can believe in eugenics and race science. if you believe the non-whites are inferior to white people whether you are yjewish or christian it is understandable. those who feel it is okay to do horrific things to people who they view is being less humans. >> these policies speak for themselves. >> michael edison, there are several -- i don't know how many but the number is growing from members of congress who wants to see stephen miller kicked out of the white house or resign. we shall see. >> michael, thank you.
8:30 am
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william barr conducted his latest pledge of allegiance to donald trump. barr said it is democrats, not trump forced a brand of democracy by impeaching the president. >> the fact the matter, against this administration it is the left that is engaged in the systematic shredding of norms and undermining the rule of law. >> perhaps mr. barr should take a peak at the constitution. there is a little line in there about bribery. it is an explicit cause for impeaching the president. you are supposed to work for us, the american people and not him. more "a.m. joy," next. . joy," n♪ ♪when you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze.♪
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8:38 am
this testimony is continuing to happen down at the basement of the capitol. you should be playing the tapes and not leaked transcripts. we understand that president zelensky would never do anything for donald trump because the investigation never happened. >> i want you to address the substance of what david holmes heard which is president trump telling sondland so he can do the investigation, that must have alarmed you? >> i can only comment on the
8:39 am
portion that's public which is ambassador taylor's opening statement. >> right. >> i think that's a english. mike turner as one of a handful of republicans appearing on the other talk show, despite all the damming testimonies we heard. charlie pearce and midwin and e.j. dion of t, author of "one n after trump." >> here is steve scalise. >> a dozen people listened in on the phone call and a number of them were immediately upset because of what the president said about burisma. >> but, sir, they're foreign service officers and these are people who worked in the trump administration. >> those were schiff witnesses.
8:40 am
the whistleblower had political motivations. >> we are not talking about the whistleblower. >> there are a lot of people who worked in the trump administration who had countering views and have not been allowed to come forward. >> they're not allowed to come forward by donald trump. make sense of this if you can e.j.? >> it is impossible to make sense of the nonsensabe nonsens. they know the facts are bad for them. what they want to do is turn this entire thing into a fight over partisanship that every feedba fact is partisan and every witness should tell the truth. what i worry about is they really are so some degree succeeding andics manyi mixing news report, news outlets feel
8:41 am
obligated to feel quote, both sides even on a factual question there is only one side that is the factual side. i think they are a, just trying to keep their people intact, trump's base so republicans senators feel pressured to vote with him. to the extent they should confuse people or fuse things up, that's a good of a win they could get and that's what they are going for. >> if you are in a court case in one side of all the witnesses on, the other side would not allow any witnesses come forward. i think you know they would not let anyone come forward. the trump people using a strategy saying these are all secondhand witnesses, they won't let any firsthand witnesses testify. it is a strategy keeping people away. >> that's right, one of the congressman i thought during the hearings made an important point. if you want to hear from someone who can tell us what happened, donald trump is welcome to come
8:42 am
right there and testify. you know this is incredibly rare. if you have a very good point to make, if you believe you are on the side of truth. what you do is you bring in your witnesses, they ought to be running down to that congressional hear zg siing and signing up and being the first one online to tell basically what happened. the last thing they are doing is resorting to what i call misdirection. they're throwing up all these arguments and saying well, the president can fire someone when ever they want. it is miss direction, the president can fire someone when ever they want when he fired ambassador yovanovitch but why? why did he messed with her reputation. she made a good point. no, we had to go the extra step to disrespect her in front of
8:43 am
the ukrainian people to under cut the work she was doing which was anticorruption work. the miscorrection that we see republicans engaged in is w working to a certain extent. yes, he's allowed to fire her but why did he fire her? look at the context. i think that's how democrats can advance the ball. again, focus on the truth. another thing i want to point out, joy, which is very important. i have long advocated for public impeachment hearings, the one thing that's really clear from the last two days of hearings is the conspiracy theory that are lack of a better word imperative through right wing media and fox news, do not hold a candle. they can't withstand the truth when they are tested in public. they looked ridiculous. how many times yovanovitch asked
8:44 am
whether ukrainians were undermining the 2016 elections. our intelligence agency determined it was russia that was behind the 2016 election nonsense. so it does not make any sense, when you see it in public and when you ask the question, these conspiracies do not hold any water. >> charlie, i think there is also a casting problem for the republicans. they got devin nunes of his we never landed on the moon and the moon is made out of cheese and you got jim jordan, he got to deal with the osu, you got miss new york of the shenanigans she's pulling. he was so credible and adam schiff, you are not recognized.
8:45 am
the casting is not even on both sides. >> i think to expand, first of all, i think the one thing we have to understand about this, is this particular part of the scandal thatst the trump administration. there is really is nothing but scandal to it. this particular chump they are examining is not that hard to understand. the reason that the investigations did not happen was because the whistleblower blew the whistle that's why it did not happen. zelensky was ready to do that. okay, i mean compare to -- this is a game of chloroform. watching the republicans try to make a case out of thi this - fantasy island they created of villains, they have a
8:46 am
simple argument that they can make. yes, he get it and no it is not impeachable. >> yeah, that's incredibly simple argument to make and it will work. it will give any nervous republicans a way out. they see incapable of resorting to it. that's something that i don't understand. >> yeah, before i go. because e.j., i know you write a lot about religion. i want to give you a chance to respond of what william barr gave this week. any response to that. the democrats replacing himself in that position of being donald trump, public dependfender ag. >> first of all, i want to thank charl charlie. >> you can go back and cast all liberals as secularists or radicals who's trying to push
8:47 am
back against traditionalists, that's trump's sort of base. he's talking to the people who he thinks all the world are anti-religion and everything falls into place for barr. an attorney general should not be talking about that. >> charlie, midwin and e.j. will stay with us. up next, my fabulous guests will tell you who won the week. tell you who won the week. to be honest a little dust it never bothered me.
8:48 am
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8:51 am
okay. we have kept you waiting long enough. it is finally time to find out "who won the week?" and back with me is charlie, midwin and e.j. and who won the week? >> civil servants won the week. civil servants across the entire government, including diplomats who serve their country no mat matter who is president. and looking at marie yovanovitch, and george kent, and i still can't figure out how to tie a bow tie, but they serve in year in and year out, and try to carry ott tut the president'
8:52 am
policy, but they will stand up to the president if they have to. they said that there is something wrong with the president subverting the national interests for his own self-ish interests. the conservatives are talking about the deep state, and these are the people with deep expertise, deep ethical commitments and a deep commitment to public service, and thank god they are there. >> here, here. i thought that they were all outstanding and this is an excellent choice. midwin, the press ser oer is on you have an adorable pink jacket on, but it is not a edge in the competition. midwin, who won the week? >> well, i am picking one person, marie yovanovitch, and i thought that her testimony was amazing, and one, it showed us and underscores what really makes america great, and what makes america great is that we have people like her who are willing to serve under many
8:53 am
dangerous conditions, as she outlined and really just put their heads down and do the work, uphold the constitution, and uphold the rule of law, and she was unflappable. it is also interesting as a woman who gave this testimony, right? and we hear that women are too emotional and why they should not be in positions of leadership, but despite what they she went through, and being disrespected by the president, and in realtime disrespected, and appropriate for adam schiff to point it out and she did not breakdown or cry like we saw from brent kavanaugh or lindsey graham, and they could not basically perform under pressure. she could, and also what was amazing about her is this she showed us how to put in 33 years of work, and 33 years of service and sacrifice, you care about your work and you care about your reputation, you show up when you are subpoenaed, and you
8:54 am
answer the question under oath. she was not scared, and i love it. >> yeah. let's show what is one of the best moments and the end of the testimony, and this is how the testimony ended. let's do it. [ applause ] >> thank you for pointing out how she performed and the brett kavanaugh who cried and made a spectacle of himself, and saying that women are emotional is ridiculous. the presser is on, and i feel bad for charlie, and usually, i have to go in, but now my ears are on you, charily, and how do you beat these answers, charlie. who won the week? >> i understand the pressure, because i understand that i was competing in the non-yovanovitch all along. because she won everybody's week
8:55 am
this week, okay. and i put all of that good stuff aside, and i wanted to nominate for the person who won the week an inmate in an iowa prison named benjamin shriver. he lost an appeal, and we lost an opportunity to make some serious issues when ben schrieber lost the appeal. he is a bad dude. he killed a dude with a ax handle, and so he is serving a life term, and he is rushed to the hospital in septic shock, and he expires under treatment, and they resuscitated him, and contrary to the wish of his will, and because he had died, he had serve the life sentence, and he was resuscitated and it was on them and not him. he was dead. and the appeals court made up of
8:56 am
terrible people would not listen to him. i think that ben schriver's case deserves a light of day of when the life sentence begins and ends, and even in losing, he won the week. >> he won the week, and he is still with us in person, in the flesh, wow. those are good answers, and we are out of time, so i will play my sound bite for the real person who won the week, and all of you are right, but i am righter, and this is the winner of the week, adam shif, and thank you, charily, midwin and e.j., and here is adam schiff winning the week. >> i yield to you mr. -- >> and will you -- >> the gentlewoman will suspend, because you are not recognized. mr. nunes you are -- >> i was just recognized -- >> you are not allowed to yield time except to the ranking member.
8:57 am
>> the gentleman yielded time to another member of congress -- >> you are gagging the gentle lady from new york? lady from new york f opportuniti. that's the clarity you get from fidelity wealth management. straightforward advice, tailored recommendations, tax-efficient investing strategies, and a dedicated advisor to help you grow and protect your wealth. fidelity wealth management. to help you grow and protect your wealth. these days we're (horn honking) i hear you, sister. that's why i'm partnering with cigna to remind you to go in for your annual check-up. and be open with your doctor about anything you feel. physically, and emotionally. body and mind. for your worst sore throat pain try vicks vapocool drops. it's not candy, it's powerful relief. ahhhhhh! vaporize sore throat pain with vicks vapocool drops.
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