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tv   MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson  MSNBC  November 17, 2019 11:00am-1:00pm PST

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that is a wrap for me. i'll hand it off to kendis gibson, he is ready to take it away. >> alex, good to see you. hi, everybody. i'm kendis gibson live at msnbc world headquarters in new york. take a look, a calm sunday on capitol hill, but anxieties running high as the impeachment showdown enters a second week of
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public hearings. and the focus cus on gordon sond about to testify about his role. and mayor pete buttigieg has surged to the top of the new state poll, but still warning signs for his campaign. and new fall outfor prince andrew as he breaks his silence about his relationship with jeffrey epstein. we're 55 days into the impeachment inquiry. but this next week could be the most critical in the investigation with heavy hitters set to testify both behind closed doors and in public hearings. wednesday's scheduled testimony from gordon sondland has most of washington on edge. mike viqueira is joining us from the white house. no doubt people there are on edge. and sondland is expected to be the key for the democrats. what are they expecting or hoping to hear from him? >> reporter: you're right.
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the democrats today on some of the public affairs sunday morning programs trying to keep that pressure on sondland. remember, this is an individual who already revised his closed door testimony once to clarify that there was in effect that quid pro quo or as democrats put it that offer or are pressure, that bribery that the president was trying to offer the president of ukraine and ukranian leadership, military aid in exchange for that investigation that they were pushing for of hunter biden and joe biden. gordon sondland of course the eu ambassador, ambassador from the united states to the european union. senator chris murphy was one person on tv this morning, democrat from connecticut, he put it like this, over the weekend sondland has to decide whether his primary loyalty is to america or to the president of the united states. but he did in fact change that testimony once behind closed doors. this is going to be completely different and as you said, in the middle of a packed three
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days of pivotal testimony, this one really stands out. here is a little bit more of the back and forth we heard today from democrats and republicans on that house intelligence committee about the upcoming sondland testimony. >> if my friend chris stewart needs more direct evidence, then will you join my on calling on the state department to produce the mountain of evidence, emails, notes, call records, calendar entries? our committee has subpoenaed them. will you join me in calling on the state department to produce the evidence? >> you bet. because i don't think that there is anything there at all that willism pli indicate the president. if, sean, you will join with me in calling to hear from the whistleblower. we could protect his anonymity. we could protect him. and how in the world can you impeach the president of the united states and never hear from the person who started that process? >> respectfully we -- >> we know that he was deeply involved with this. how can you say that we didn't need to hear from him? i want to come back to the other
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thing -- >> excuse me, let me respond to that. first thank you for calling on the state department to produce the evidence. >> reporter: one other person of note, they have been called the three amigos sondland, kurt volker who was the special envoy to the region, rudy giuliani, this back channel to the ukranian leadership that has we've heard in previous testimony circumvented the official government channels through the foreign service and diplomatic channel, kurt volker also testing this week. >> let's switch gears a bit. just about 24 hours ago you were breaking the news about the president making that unscheduled trip to the hospital. what more are we learning about what exactly took place there? >> reporter: again, an unscheduled trip. it stood out in a lot of people's minds because usually there is is some sort of head's up from the white house to the press core that the presidekoco
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will be taking a trip to walter reed in bethesda, maryland. but there was no such notice this time. so that raised some eyebrows. that coupled with the fact that the president had an annual physical in february of this year. but the white house says that this is a phase, the first phase, there were lab tests, he also took his time while he was at walter reed to visit with an injured american soldier from the war in afghanistan. and that soldier's family. so the white house pushing back very hard on any notion and some of the conspiracy theories and the unsubstantiated rumors that are out there on the internet and were over the course of last night that this was anything more than a part of his physical -- as they termed it, phase one of that physical. >> but no doubt they can understand why something like this would raise a lot of eyebrows. mike viqueira, thank you. right now political washington is still pouring over
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the two newly released transcripts from closed door testimonies in the impeachment inquiry. they include the revealing testimony from vice president mike pence's top aide jennifer williams and national security counsel senior director tim morrison. those two witnesses who both listened in on that now infamous july 25th call that the president made to ukraine. alan smith is joining me. and williams and morrison, what are we hearing as takeaways from their testimony? >> jennifer williams being a top aide to mike pence saying she thought it was sort of an inappropriate ask on the call, that will be the big takeaway from her trance criscriptranscr. tim morrison saying he thought that if this transcript got out, it would be politically harmful to the president even though as republicans have sort of promoted from his transcript that he is saying that he didn't think anything wrong actually happened on the call. but in saying that this was going to be politically damaging if it got out signals that maybe
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he did find something concerning about the contents of president trump's conversation with zelensky. >> williams calls the phone call inappropriate and unusual. the white house budget official, mark sandy, in that rare hearing yesterday on capitol hill, what are we learning from his testimony? >> he basically gives you insight into how the aid was specifically blocked within omb. and he named another official who was influential in keeping that aid withheld. so we're definitely going to see the house intelligence committee moving forward trying to get more information from that second official. but sandy himself didn't really provide any jarring new details. more insight into the machinations of the process of withholding aid. >> let's take a look at the week ahead, specifically wednesday. how important right now -- giving the big context of gordon sondland's testimony. >> republicans have complained the whole time that none of these witnesses that are being wrought in, they are not the firsthand witnesses that were there dealing with president
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trump on this. gordon sondland 1 tis the big firsthand witness that democrats will be hearing from. sondland went into this process being the witness who was at least trying to be most helpful to the president. but in having to amend his testimony once and now we learned about the second phone call from july 1626th where he talking in a restaurant and he didn't rot that either, is it looks like he might have to make a second amendment to his testimony, his credibility is really coming into question. and you can see republicans flipping to someone who nts can can't be trusted about anything that he says. >> a lot of people will be watching that tc watching that testimony. and now in louisiana, the democratic governor reelected
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just about 48 hours after trump made another big campaign push for his republican opponent. edwards came away with a little over 51% of the vote in a narrowly decided election. the victory is despite an 11th hour attempt from president trump to try to flip the state's highest office from blue to red. visiting that state three times within the last few weeks. edwards' opponent, a businessman, thanked president trump for his efforts and trump by the way won louisiana by a whopping 20 points just about three years ago. this small town mayor of indiana making big news in iowa. brand new poll from the des moines originregister and cnn s pete buttigieg is at the top by a significant amount. this is just three days ahead of the next democratic debate hosted by msnbc and the
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"washington post." marra barrett has the latest. what is behind the surge there on the ground in iowa? >> reporter: you're right, this is a big surge ahead for pete buttigieg. he is nine points ahead. and i think a part of this poll really points out that voters -- or potential caucusgoers are looking for a more moderate candidate. and along with his great organization that he's had on the ground and good volunteer work that they have had door knocking and getting caucusgoers engaged. i will point out among the top four, when asked who caucusgoers feel are more confident could beat donald trump, the majority is still siding with joe biden on that one. amy klobuchar is also a more mod
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wrat candida 340d wr moderate candidate and she pihi 6%. and she was very excited about this and she told reporters that she is planninging on doubling her staff here in iowa, increasing office size and really going all into focus in iowa to kind continue to replicate that surge. however it is important to note that you see kamala harris, she invested a lot of time in iowa this past month as well. she spent about half of october in iowa. and yet we saw her drop from i think 6% down to 3%. so despite her moving staff in from hq and laying off staff in other areas of the country, we didn't see much pay off for senator harris after she had a significant initial spike. so i think all of these candidates will be on stage coming up in the next couple of days on the national debate stage and we saw after warren had her spike back in september, the candidate s went after her, so we'll see if that is the same for pete buttigieg.
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>> up 16 points but a lot of time to go before the caucuses there in iowa. mar wra bera barrett, thank you. and pete buttigieg is on the campaign trail in los angeles speaking at the latino forum. and josh letterman is there as well. and mayor pete just wrapped up. and the mayor is polling high in iowa, but his numbers are still in single digits with blacks and latinos. did he say anything there to that audience that you think could move the meter at all? >> reporter: well, he is sure trying to do that. pete buttigieg talking to latino voters saying that they are not a monolith, they can't be put into one box. pete buttigieg also talking about how he thinks that president trump is fueling a crisis of belonging here in america.
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take a listen to what he had to say. >> latino voters that i speak to are extremely concerned about health care, about the direction of our economy, about immigration policy, and about something that is deeper than any individual policy issue which is the way that the people are being treated, singled out and told they do not belong in this country. i believe that we have a crisis of belonging fueled by the behavior of this president. but in many ways something that will require us at every level of our society to deal with. and i'm running to be the president who can stand up in the rubble of what will be left after the trump presidency comes to an end. >> reporter: and at pete buttigieg continues to work to at track african-american voters in south carolina and other states, he has also been talking today about white supremacy.tra in south carolina and other states, he has also been talking today about white supremacy. and he che thinks that it could
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threaten the american experiment in our lifetime. >> thank you, josh. big headline from overseas, experts are describing that pri an unmitigated disaster. >> do i regret the that can't that he has conditiucted himseln a matter unwhere cbecoming in y. >> he is facing widespread criticism following that interview. he spoke out for the first time about his friendship with the accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein and his alleged relations with one of his teenage accusers. morgan chesky has been following this and joining me from london. it seems to have raised more questions instead of answering them.
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all right yea >> reporter: yeah and the fallout has been swift. the only person so far who thought this was a good idea to go on tv for about an hour may have been the prince himself. water hearing report that the prince's own pr spokesman has resigned as of several weeks ago because he was unable to keep the prince from taking part in that hour long interview with the bbc. the bbc says they have been efforting this interview for almost a year and they really pressed the prince for that sitdown. it took complacency in buplace palace and that would not have happened had not the queen given some sort of consent. and people are talking about a photo that was brought up in that interview last night of the prince and his accuser, virginia, and when asked the prince denied that that was him in the photo. and we have a picture of it here. and this is allegedly that
11:16 am
17-year-old girl, now he she has spoken out and accused of prince of having sex with her and she met him through jeffrey epstein allegedly. and i want you to hear what the prince had to say when asked about it. >> you've seen the photo. how do you explain that? >> i can't. because i have no -- again, i have absolutely no memory of that photograph ever being taken. >> reporter: and you can hear the prince denying that that is himself in the photo. he claimed that it could potentially be doctored. and i went on to say that he has no recollection of even meeting that woman. a lot of people have said that they are calling on the prince to take a sworn oath saying that this interview doesn't carry a lot of weight. the prince responding to that said that if he was legally advised to give a sworn statement, he would be, quote, legally bound to do so. >> quite an interview indeed. morgan chesky, thank you.
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a highly anticipated hearing this week on capitol hill, gordon sondland will be testifying in public in just three days. he is a unique witness who had direct dealings with the president but also revised his testimony. a look at the implications of that and what it means for democrats. and coming up next, dramatic clashes in hong kong, a college campus under siege with protestors setting fires and launching arrows, it launched a nearly 24 hour standoff between protestors and police. s if n protestors and police s if just scan the sensor with your reader, iphone or android and manage your . with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose levels any time, without fingersticks. ask your doctor to write a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks.
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. as the president focuses his attention on tweeting up a storm on all things impeachment, he has remained fairly silent on a wave of chaos. in syria, at least nine are dead following air strikes in idlib. this comes after yesterday's deadly car bomb explosion in a neighboring town along the turkish border which killed at least 18 and injured dozens more. now to the breaking news and something developing right now in hong kong, a hong kong university campus is under siege and the chaos continues at this moment. this is a live picture that you are seeing in the early morning hours. earlier some 200 protestors still hold up inside after using lethal weapons. let's switch over to matt bradley who is on the scene.
11:22 am
quite a bit of activity taking place right there in the streets on this monday morning. matt. >> reporter: yeah, the latest that we're hearing here, police have threatened to start using live ammunition against the protestors if they continue to persist in using their own lethal weapons. and you mentioned we're still seeing that use of molotov cocktails, catapults, bows and arrows. one police officer god t an arr that almost went entirely through his calf. and that is very threatening to these officers and they are willing to use any force necessary. the protestors themselves have been buckling down. they say that they are taking this from what it was nearly six months ago foe which is basically a weekly massive protest that was gridlocking the streets of hong kong, they now
11:23 am
want this to become a daily occurrence. chaos every single day blocking major arteries in this major city. and as you mentioned, the action has moved basically from the streets of hong kong to the universities. i'm half a mile from the polytechnic university which has been hold up with protestors for days and days. and this, this is the police operation to try to disperse them from that university. so far it has been a very slow process. >> matt, can we take a look at what is happening behind you? where are the protestors compared to where these officers are firing and are they firing live rounds at those folks? >> reporter: they are not firing live rounds. they have threatened to fire live rounds. you see the police officers right here, these are the tactical units that are deployed here. just beyond that, you can see some of the flames, those
11:24 am
umbrellas if you can see them, those are used by the protestors to try to shield their identities from the cctv cameras. so this is the kind of running battles that we've been seeing. the gunshot that you are hearing completely, those could be anything from rubber bullets to tear gas canisters to just about anything else. they are not lethal ammunition, we have not seen that yet today. >> matt, appreciate your time. we hope that you are safe as well as the rest of the folks there. the situation is still ongoing there. those protests have been happening for several months. and you can see from the picture there, no end in sight. pri police trying to get calm there. thank you, matt. and already soaked city of venice is battling another major
11:25 am
tidal surge today. saint mark's square was forced to shut down as water levels surged to over 5 feet. 77% of the city expected to be under water by the end of today. this week's flooding is the worth venice has seen in over a century. a new tell all book from an anonymous insider comes out in just days. m omarosa manigault-newman will join me with her take on that and while the white house is handling the impeachment inquiry. the impeachment inquiry. (employee) enterprise car sales has access to over
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♪ i think sofi money is amazing. ♪ thank you sofi. sofi thank you, we love you. ♪ this week the impeachment inquiry intensifies with possibly consequential public testimony. gordon sondland will be in the hot seat for what has the potential to be the most impa impactful testimony. barbara mcquaid is a former u.s. attorney in michigan and is joining us from ann arbor. thanks for being here. quick question. some democrats are out there saying -- raising concerns that sondland may have perjured himself during police clohis cl testimony. what is your take?
11:30 am
>> he definitely has inconsistencie inconsistencies. he said that there was never any communication to ukraine, that there was military aid would be withheld unless they completed those investigations. that was later contradicted by two witnesses. and gordon sondland corrected his testimony to say once he heard that, now he recall that had that did happen and he corrected his testimony. and now we have seen once again yet anothercontradiction. he previously stated that he had not communicated with the white house or the state department about the investigations and now we have new testimony about the phone in the restaurant about the investigations. and so i think that it remains to be seen whether he will correct that or what he will do about it. but he does at least have those contradictions out there which could amount for perjury. >> what could happen if it is approach that he lied? >> he could be charged with a crime of perjury. we just saw roger stone convicted of five counts of that along with two other counts for
11:31 am
his false testimony before congress. so it is a serious crime. he could be charged if proved. and when you are dealing in a world of transcripts and written documents, it is easy to see where those contradictions can lie. >> and a lot of people wondering what exactly he will say on wednesday. but perhaps whether he could not say anything. could he plead the fifth? >> he could, although there is an argument that the fifth amendment protects a person from self-incrimination, from admitting things that may be criminal in nature. but once someone has testified about the same subject matter, they did waive that privilege as to other questions on the same subject matter. so depending on how narrowly you want to slice it, one could argue that he has already waived his privilege with regard to this subject by previously testifying about it. if he were to say i want to assert it only with regard to these questions about this remaining call, he probably could do that.
11:32 am
but very difficult to thread that needle and still maintain any credibility. >> so very likely that he will have to speak. so what he says, we'll find out on wednesday. barbara mcquaid, thank you 37. > > . >> a brand new tell all about the white house is crdropping ts tuesday. it is called "a warning." it is written by an anonymous and you are authorize that doesn't offer new evidence, but they reveal with the campaign consuming his gadaily mental ba wid ths, he couldn't resist the temptation to use his office to gain a competitive edge. let's bring in omarosa manigault-newman, former senior trump white house official. and also the author of unhinged, an insider's account of the trump white house. good to see you. thank you for being here. >> good to see you. >> and did you witness any instances where the president tried to use his executive power
11:33 am
to sway the 2020 election like the anonymous author alleges? >> this campaign that donald started with ukraine, i wasn't there obviously, i had left, but this book by the nochl and yano author, it reminds me of when i served in the clinton white house. there was a book that came out called primary colors and no would be knew who the author was. and i feel that this this is similar to that case with the author writing anonymously about things that are happening and claiming be a senior adviser. so i'm curious to see what the book reveals that we don't already know about the chaos. >> do you think this author is still in the white house? >> you know, i have to tell you, after writing my book, it was very difficult to write the book, it required me 8, 10 hours a day. so that makes me narrow down who i think this author might be.
11:34 am
i think about someone like mike short who left the administration for a short period of time and he went to go work for university and then he came back to serve in pence's office as his chief of staff. now, that is someone who could possible be the author because he had several months to write a book like this. but it would be difficult to have a full-time job in the white house and to dedicate the amount of time that it takes to publish a book. >> and who is on your short list? i know a lot of trump officials and former officials are guessing. who is on your short list of who anonymous is? >> this op-ed, when it came out, of course i talked about nick ayers. but he's since left the administration. i talked about john destefano. so if this person is still in, it must be someone who has proximity to the president.
11:35 am
so so you look at rudy giuliani's son who still serves in the white house, who has access to the president, who has behind the scenes anecdotes to share. at this point, i point to him because he has time with the president on a personal level, but he also continues to serve. >> and i want to circle back to one thing. you mentioned that you did not witness anything, any instances where trump tried to use his executive power to sway the 2020 election. >> well, i wrote extensively in unhinged about his terrible, terrible and dangerous decision that he made about the country. but the election wasn't on his mind at that time. what was on his mind was the mueller investigation, what was on his mind was defending position and trying to come up with a narrative that russia was in fact not the person who intervened in the election. and so that was what consumed donald trump's every waking moment. this ukraine story is unfolding
11:36 am
in front of the nation as you and i watch. >> and there are a lot of people saying that anonymous is sort of like a cop out. what do you say to the person who wrote this? >> well, i can certainly understand why they would want to remain anonymous. knowing how donald trump goes after people just watching how he went after witnesses who were testifying live on capitol hill, knowing that he unleashes his bots and his following to go and attack the people who come forward with the courage to tell their truth. i understand why they would want to remain anonymous. but i also would caution them from an ethics standpoint that if in fact they disclose anything that has anything to do with national security or anything that is classified, then they would put themselves at great risk. >> omarosa manigault-newman, thank you so much for being here. appreciate it. so the 2020 election could come down to just a handful of counties in five key states.
11:37 am
next, we go to wisconsin where the turnout among black voters was down in 2016. will it be the same this time around? and this wednesday msnbc and the "washington post" will host the next democratic debate live from atlanta with andrea mitchell, rachel maddow, kristen welker and ashley parker. the debate is this wednesday at 9:00 p.m. on msnbc. i'm a verizon engineer, and i'm part of the team building the most powerful 5g experience for america. it's 5g ultra wideband-- --for massive capacity-- --and ultra-fast speeds. almost 2 gigs here in minneapolis. that's 25 times faster than today's network in new york city. so people from midtown manhattan-- --to downtown denver-- --can experience what our 5g can deliver. (woman) and if verizon 5g can deliver performance like this in these places... it's pretty crazy. ...just imagine what it can do for you. ♪
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it is very likely next year's presidential election will come down to five key swing states. just five. as such, we're sending our reporters to all of them to learn more about the landscape right now. let's start with wisconsin. traditionally blue state that swung for president trump last election, in 2016 voter turnout was down 3% overall compared to 2012. however, black voter turnout was down by 19% statewide. vaughn hillyard is joining us from milwaukee where he spoke with african-american community leaders there. vaughn, good to see you. so what did voters tell you about what it will take to get a higher turnout there in 2020? >> reporter: yeah, let's break it down. recall back in 2016, wisconsin was really the surprise state. there was a 22,000 vote victory for donald trump. and if you look across the
11:42 am
state, voter turnout was down from 2012 to 2016 by 3% statewide. but when you look at milwaukee county, the most diverse county in the state, it was down by 10%. so the conversation was how do you get it back to those barack obama levels. of course hillary clinton did not visited state as a general election candidate. and folks here are saying it is more than just about one or two visits, it is about a long term investment. i want to let you hear from sherman hughes, executive director of a nonprofit, this is part of what he told us what democrats need to do in the year ahead here. >> we're used to candidates coming at the very tail end and expecting the african-american vote to come out in droves. it doesn't work that way anymore. our community has a real sense of power and influence over the presidential elect and that won't be taken lightly. so because we know how important our turnout was for the 2016 election, we have a deeper
11:43 am
understanding of that thousand. now. so if candidates don't have the same understanding, i'd hate to see the same result. rubin hopkins is the head of the black chamber of commerce and he said democrats need to be assertive, lead their speeches with talks about issues that are particularly important to the black community here in city centers such as milwaukee. whether that is affordable housing, the disparity in educational resources, conversations like that. the last four years folks have heard largely from donald trump talking about the trade war or trying to bring back coal mines or steel industries which largely impacted white communities. he says democrats need to focus on investments for the black community here in places like milwaukee in order to pull off a victory here in wisconsin statewide. >> and a lot of democrats trying to get ahead of that. cory booker has been there as
11:44 am
well as bernie sanders. vaughn, thank you. couldn't help but notice behind you somebody in shorts and a t-shirt running. thanks. meanwhile former massachusetts governor deval patrick is touting his record as, quote, a bridge builder despite growing concerns that he could splinter democratic support. today he tells chuck todd that his late entry into the race isn't necessarily a criticism of the current democratic field. >> my entry into the brarace is about them and i'm not trying to climb on top of them to do what i think that i can do. i think that i have a record of being a bridge builder and i think that that is pretty important at a time not just the party but the nation is deeply divided. >> kimberly atkins with me now, a news corespondent for wbur
11:45 am
interview who interviewed patrick a couple days ago. so you get a sense based on the interview that you had with deval patrick, how does he plan to try to bridge this divide? >> he sees himself as that center alternative, somebody who can appeal to a voter who maybe doesn't want medicare for all and maybe is uncomfortable with all of the very transformative positions that the more left leaning candidates have. but who don't want a nostalgic candidate. he didn't name joe biden by name. but that is what he meant. but squomeone who is in the center. he thinks he has a broad background as a governor and his experience in business which s drawn criticism. he says capitalism isn't bad, someone who understands how business works is important. so he is trying to thread this very careful needle, very late in the game, but he also has to
11:46 am
think about things like fund raising and getting his name recognition up. >> and speaking of name recognition, there is actually an interesting moment on msnbc earlier this morning with the atlanta mayor who says that she asked her mother about deval patrick. here's what she had to say. >> i asked my mother as i was preparing to go on today specifically what do you think of deval patrick? my mother votes in every election. and she said who is deval patrick. and i think that is probably going to be the same in a lot of seasoned african-american voters. >> so what does deval patrick do about that issue, what did he tell you that he plans to do to try to get black voters who vote in every election to know who he is? >> listen, i'm here in the crucial state of michigan and my other said the same thing. she didn't know who he was. and that will be the biggest challenge. these candidates are all competing nationally as well as
11:47 am
traveling to these crucial early primary states. and with so many candidates in the race, and with the national conversation being taken up largely by the impeachment proceedings, it is going to be really hard. it was hard for someone like beto o'rourke who was much more well-known to really break through. so he has a tall order ahead of him. he is going to the early primary states right now. and he also has a long history in politics. he is close to barack obama. a lot of his operatives were with him too. so he has some foundation there. but he still has a lot of work to do. >> all right. we'll leave it there. appreciate you joining us. say hello to mom. have a great sunday. new fallout from colin kaeperni kaepernick's controversial tryout, the quarterback calling an audible on his workout just a half hour before it was set to take place. was it a power play or did he lose move dividing the sports
11:48 am
world. >> you don't want to work, you just want to make noise. you want to control the narrative. it's over. colin kaepernick's as he per as per race in the nfl is over. >> so who came out on top? bill roden is joining us next. t? bill roden is joining us next. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. >> so who came out on top? bill roden is joining us next. r. >> so who came out on top? bill roden is joining us next. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ 1 in 5 people you meet wear yeah. that many! but right now, is not the time to talk about it. so when you're ready, search 'my denture care'. poligrip and polident. fixed. fresh. and just between us.
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11:52 am
(man and pirate girl) ahoy! (laughing) (vo) bounty, the quicker picker upper. powerful message after an athlete turned activist. >> i've been ready for three years. i've been denied for three years. we all know why i came out here and showed you today in front of everybody. we have nothing to hide. so we're waiting for the 32 owners, the 32 teams, roger goodell, all them to stop running. stop running from the truth. stop running from the people. >> kaepernick's statement following a snap play by the qb moving an already unprecedented tryout to a new location under his own terms. part of those terms including making it open to the media. the nfl defended itself in a statement saying in part, they were disappointed that colin did not show up for his workout.
11:53 am
and the columnist for the undefeated questioned why kaepernick would even take part to begin with in what he called a charade by the nfl. and bill is joining me here in studio. what did we witness in the last 24 hours? >> it was bizarre. i'm glad i was there, but i thought it would be typical nfl. no access, you know, just be milling around and then we would rely on the nfl to tell us what happened. as it turns out, it was a bonan bonanza. we actually saw him throw. and so we were being manipulated by both. we were being manipulated by the nfl and also by kaepernick. but at least we saw him. and it is good because after this, i could see no way that colin is ever going to step foot in an nfl training camp. >> because of the debacle that
11:54 am
took place. >> he knew that there was no way -- even if he went there, it was a very organized charade of the nfl. the nfl basically want to take themselves off the hook. hey, we gave you a tryout, what do you want. and then since we could see as the media, then, well, his arm wasn't strong, didn't look that good. we didn't know because we wouldn't see it. now we saw it. the guy looked great. his people there, it was almost like a rally. there was a combination of a workout and a kaepernick rally. >> do you feel like it was all part of kaepernick's plan do this last minute workout at a high school an murder away from tfrom -- hour away from the falcons facility? >> it was so organized. he basically outmaneuvered the nfl. which to me is justification for getting the tryout. because this guy is a great veteran. but it was so well organized. you couldn't just draw this up
11:55 am
in the sand. the security was there, i mean, it was too well organized for it just to be some spur of the moment thing. so i think that he figured that the nfl thing would break down and it was actually a masterful audible on his part. >> a lot of people are culling it a publicity stunt. he invited the media saying he always wanted the media there. this is a man who has not spoken to the media in some three years. >> and he didn't speak. i mean, there was not a question and answer. if you want to say was it a publicity stunt, yes, but it was a publicity stunt for the nfl and he countered that with an even better publicity stunt. and i think it caught the nfl clearly off guard because they are used to having it their way. and he said no, no, shift. so it was great. >> so check mate.
11:56 am
>> in chess, there is a good move and then there is a great move. he made a great move. >> so you are thinking he came out the winner. >> if his kogoal is to play in e nfl, no. but if his goal was to solidify his base, yes, he came out the winner. >> all right, we'll leave it there. appreciate your insight. quite an interesting 24 hours there in atlanta. up next, gearing up for a pivotal week in washington. and nancy pelosi makes a new offer to president trump, we just learned of this today. we'll tell you that next. f thisy we'll tell you that next at libe- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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freestyle libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at
12:00 pm
welcome back. i'm ken ddis gibson. thank you for spending part of your afternoon with us. this is another pivotal week in washington. talk of the impeachment hearing is filling the airwaves with opinions pretty much along party lines. >> the funding was released. so this would have been far better off if we would have just taken care of it behind the scenes. if there interest was a strong relationship with ukraine, they didn't accomplish this. this has exposed things that didn't need to be exposed. >> if you don't use use for this type of offense, i'm not sure what you use it for. and if the president was able to
12:01 pm
get away with this, if senator johnson got what he was asking for, he would have continued to try to use the power of his office to rig the 2020 election. >> he did something that looks like bribery and extortion. this is not about focus groups, is this about abuse of power. >> there you have it, the lines are drawn and we have people on every angle before let's start with mike viqueira. and speaker pelosi earlier today we learned is inviting the president to capitol hill? >> reporter: that's right. and it is important to look at the context and how nancy pelosi's position on impeachment has evolve. she was reluctant at first when many on the left in her party, many members were pushing for impeachment, she was reluctant. then came news of the whistleblower, allegations of bribery and the quid pro quo, that removed any doubt and now 5
12:02 pm
55 days in to the impeachment inquiry and it is full steal ahead as we head into the crucial work of -- a crucial week of three days of back to back testimony. and one of the complains that we hear from the republicans and the president is that there is no due process. among those complaints about due process is the president saying, hey, i don't get to have my lawyers there, nobody gets to hear my side in the hearings that we've had last week. well, nancy pelosi essentially said today bring it on. >> the president can come right before the committee and speak all the truth that he wants. >> you don't expect him do that. >> if he wants to take the oath of office or he could do it in writing. he has every opportunity to present his case. >> reporter: so nancy pelosi saying president trump you're welcome to come on up to capitol hill or we will take your testimony in writing if that is what you prefer.
12:03 pm
meantime, the president up there in the white house in the residence just behind me tweeting up a storm just a few minutes ago going on the attack against jennifer williams, remember her transcript was just released yesterday evening. she is the top aide to vice president pence. on the issue of ukraine and russia, she call that hkaucalle 25th phone call that has given rise to all of this procedure and these impeachment hearings as possibly in-appropriate and raised concerns that it was certainly unusual. the president says i never heard of jennifer williams. so the president continuing his attacks on those testifying in private and public. >> and i do want to talk with you really quickly because it is getting a lot of traction that unannounced, unschedule visit to walter reed there in washington, d.c.
12:04 pm
a lot of times when you go for a presidential physical, those things are mentioned well ahead of time. what was the deal with this one? >> reporter: well, that's right, a lot of eyebrows and suspicions have been raised on the internet. 9 white hou the white house pushing back strnk think strongly on those. usually we get a notice that he will be goi to walter reed for his physical. that was the first thing that raised suspicions. second thing is that he was at walter reed in february for his yearly physical, so why too in one year. the white house says that he is there for a two phase physical, there were some lab tests done that he had had a couple tests done, this was phase one, he will be going fback for phase two. and while he was there, he visited with a wounded afghan veteran. >> all right, mike var car viqu
12:05 pm
thank you. and gordon sondland will take his seat for public testimony wednesday and some are questioning his credibility. he was appointed to the spot of eu ambassador by president trump and he is a top ally. natasha, sondland had pretty specific testimony behind closed doors that ended up being con a contradicted by several people. >> yeah, and he ultimately had to revise to make it clear that he did tell the ukranians as early as september 1 just after politico broke the story that the military aid was being withheld from ukraine that likely they would have to do these investigations in order to get that aid released. that was a bombshell revision to his testimony because it seemed to show that someone who was this direct contact with the president multiple times
12:06 pm
according to many witnesses was testifying to the fact that quid pro quo had in fact occurred. so his testimony next week is going to be highly anticipated. you know, i'm sure that the president will try to distance position further from gordon sondland. he already has saying at first that he is a really great guy and then saying that he doesn't really know him. but ultimately you have many diplomats and officials who have testified to the fact that gordon sondland briefed him before the july 25th phone call, was negotiating behind the scenes and working with kurt volker and bill taylor to tell the ukranians what they would have to do in order to get the coveted white house meeting with the president and get the aid released. >> and this will be a busy week ahead in timpeachment inquiry. we have public testimony coming up from fiona hill and vindmaler vindm
12:07 pm
vindman. what should we look to hear from them. >> vindman was one the first officials to testify that top white house lawyer john eisenburg moved the record of that phone call into this top secret code word system. and in an effort essentially to restrict access to it. to conceal it. because he thought that it contained of course very politically damaging information and that the president asking for investigations into the bidens from volodymyr zelensky. and vindman has also testified that john eisenburg told him to be quiet about the phone call further adding evidence to this idea that perhaps the white house was trying to cover it up. fiona hill, a top white house official, who was present for a lot of conversations about ukraine, she can shed light on motivations behind the scenes as well. >> natasha, thank you. and new accusations of witness intimidation following the dramatic public testimony by the former ambassador marie
12:08 pm
yovanovitch. yovanovitch claimed that she had been a victim of a smear campaign that led to her being removed from her position in ukraine. president trump responded by tweeting derogatory remarks about her service which led to this exchange. >> now the president in real time is attacking you. what effect do you think that has on other witnesses willingness to come forward and expose wrongdoing? >> well, it is very intimidating. >> very intimidating. all right. elizabeth holtzman is a former member of congress who voted to impeach nixon and the author of the case for impeaching trump. and she is joining me. thank you so much for being here. does this constitute witness tampering what you heard right there? >> well, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck.
12:09 pm
and i think the fact is that the president of the united states is very angry about her testimony, angry at all criticism and i think that it is a fair assumption that he is trying to intimidate her but other remember, he is trying to stop everybody from cooperating. she is not an isolated example. he said that nobody in his administration to should testify or give any documents or in any way participate. so this is part of a process that he has undertaken to assault and undermine the whole impeachment process which thefr give us to protect our democracy. >> was that enough, that exchange and what the president did enough for an articles of impeachment? >> it could well be or part of an article. it definitely is part of his effort to obstruct and to denigrate and assault the
12:10 pm
impeachment process. >> gordon sondland will be testifying on wednesday. how should lawmakers handle this testimony? you've been there in congress during an impeachment hearing. >> well, we held our hearings of witnesses behind closed doors. but on the judiciary committee, senate watergate committee has public hearings, but sondland is a delicate case. he has personally talked to the president. he i think has tried in the past to protect the president action tried to walk a fine line good perjury and telling the truth. but he knows that he is in danger if he doesn't tell the truth because the problem with this case is that there are too many witnesses. too many people who know what is going on. john bolton knows what is going on. he had conversations with the president. but he is not showing up. eisenburg knows what is going on, he deep sixed some of the -- that july 25th tape, transcript.
12:11 pm
so, you know, we have people who know what is going on, many, and some more are coming forward every day. >> if you were -- you've been paying attention to this particular case. who would you say would be in essence sort of like the john dean in this inquiry? >> well, we've had a lot of john deans. but there are other people who should come forward because they know, because what we are talking about is protecting the country. if the president did nothing wrong, send his aides, his assistants, why aren't we hearing from them? it is because they have something to hide. and he is afraid of them. >> congresswoman, appreciate your time and insight. huge victory for democrats in the deep south. despite a major push from president trump, the democratic governor will remain in louisiana. what that indicates for republicans in upcoming races. and there a new leading candidate in iowa. mayor pete buttigieg. but he may be struggling with a
12:12 pm
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12:15 pm
huge victory for democrats in a state where president trump invested a lot of his own preliminary capital, louisiana. the incumbent democrat governor sound lly beating his opponent. president trump visited the state three times in the last
12:16 pm
month. edwards flipped several countries. he addressed the crowd last night. >> you didn't just vote for me. you voted for four more years of putting louisiana first. and as for the president, god bless his heart. >> his opponent conceded and thanked president trump for his efforts. now to iowa and mayor pete buttigieg who is leading the latest poll out of that state. buttigieg opening up a nine point lead over his closest competitor elizabeth warren. they are in los angeles today for the latino issues forum and so is road warrior josh letterman. and you did chat with the mayor and asked him about that particular poll.
12:17 pm
i'm sure he was pretty happy about the results. >> reporter: he was happy. this is a really big moment for pete buttigieg. because for the first time he is being taken seriously by a lot of democratic voters who had looked at him previously and said this guy seems like an up and comer, but maybe not ready for primetime yet. maybe should run again in four or eight years. now two consecutive polls in iowa showing him in first place, third place in new hampshire and a lot of voters saying that he could pulley could actually be the nominee. so he tried to play it cool basically saying, look, this is good news for my campaign, but we don't want to get ahead of ourselves or make too much out of that one poll. all of this taking place as that new support in iowa for pete buttigieg has yesterday to translate to minority voters. and this has been a key
12:18 pm
vulnerability all along in his campaign, something that he is working to chip away at including here in los angeles as he addressed hispanic voters and as he was trying to explain to them that when it comes to the issue that the are important to african-americans and hispanics, he gets it.are important to african-americans and hispanics, he gets it. >> if you think of all the threats and dangers that we've encounter encountered, the one that came closest to actually ending the american experience was white supremacy. i believe that remains the great ets threat to t est threat of the american project. >> reporter: and with this newfound status as a front upper in iowa comes a new target on hit back as we head into that debate in atlanta. he is telling us that he is ready for the attacks to come in the debate and ready to defend
12:19 pm
himself. >> and of obviously in iowa he has strong support. are his supporters confident that he can beat donald trump? >> reporter: his supporters are. but when you look at likely caucusgoers more blood s broad say they are confident that he would defeat donald trump. joe biden does a little better on those numbers, but is this a factor for all of the candidates that democrats are not totally convinced that they are going to win against trump in a general election. and that is one of the reasons that we're seeing new candidates look at getting into the race such as deval patrick and even potentially mike bloomberg. >> yeah, he had a big event here in brooklyn that we'll talk about later. josh letter m jo josh letterman joining us from los angeles. and buttigieg is struggling with
12:20 pm
black voters. butl ross writes according to a recent poll mast monlast m priorities include health care, crime reduction, residential election fearness, race relations and jobs and in several of those areas expert, see weaknesses in buttigieg on all of those. and janell is joining me right now. why is buttigieg struggling with black voters? is it because of all of those? >> i think so. this is the thing. there is the nature of voting and nature of democratic election is that people theoretically should be voting on specific issues and which candidate come closest to the positions that they hold. and on those measures, on those grounds, there is some distance between large numbers of black voters and the mayor, mayor
12:21 pm
buttigieg, and this is also true though about i think other candidates that are being defined as centrists. i think that this is also true when it comes to certainly deval patric patrick, possibly michael bloomberg and other candidates. i think the thing that difrp differentiates mr. biden from this pack is that he has name recognition or i guess some relationship to obama in the mind of many black voters that seems to set him apart from this group. >> i was meeting with activists earlier this week and they were saying nobody has been speaking their truth as far as the democratic candidates including kamala harris and others. and there is that other name that we mentioned, mike bloomberg. today he visited a prominent black church in brooklyn and he expressed for the first time
12:22 pm
regrets about the police practice of stop and frisk. listen. >> i didn't understand that back then. the full impact that it was having on the black and latino communities. i was toolitally focused on sav lives. but good intentions are not good enough. i can't change history, however today i want you to know that i realize back then i was wrong. and i'm sorry. >> those are words that you rarely hear from mike bloomberg, i'm wrong and i'm sorry, including in january of this year when he was asked about the same topic. will that be enough? >> i think first off make bloomberg has a long, long history with stop and frisk. and other practices and ideas that sort of sanction this idea that there is only one way to police, and that is with extreme aggression and extreme targeting
12:23 pm
and the consequences for those who face that targeting, so be it. i think that there is a long history that will have to be addressed and probably can't be erased in the course of one speech. that being said, it is rather monumental that mike bloomberg who is not a person who frequently says that he was wrong about anything, and for that matter any politician would say that i embrace position a and it turned out that it was harmful. and now one has to ask -- he said he didn't realize the pain that it unleashed in this country. so one has to ask who he was talking to, who he was listening to and who he actually believed. >> during that time. >> precisely. >> all right. janell ross, thank you. up next, tstate of the stat
12:24 pm
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12:28 pm
in the face of the smear campaign, did colleagues at the state department try to get a statement of support for you from secretary of state pompeo? >> yes. >> were they successful? >> no, i think a big hit of morale. >> marie yovanovitch giving an ominous take on what the atmosphere is like within the state department. and now questions over how secretary of state pompeo is running that department. a former assistant secretary of state under hillary clinton is with me now. a if felipe, what are you hearing from your former colleagues within the state department, how would you describe the state of that department? >> well, i can answer it easil.
12:29 pm
secretary pompeo has been effective in running it into the ground. it is a very demoralized workforce. and to give you a sense of the state department, i worked in the government for 11 year, four at the state department, and it is a very special bunch of people. very akin to the military in that that they are joining not knowing where they will be sent, knowing that they could be sent to very difficult and dangerous places. they will up root their families. i believe that the boast saamba said that she moved 13 times over her career. and it is not just pompeo. the same thing happened under tillerson. tillerson wanted to cut the budget by 19%. and he did that before he'd even been in the door for a day. so this is an intentional dismantling of the state department which pompeo has not only done in terms of resources, but a yeoman's job in terms of morale. and to give you -- to continue
12:30 pm
the animalogy with the military if an army commander tells an m-1 tank crew to go follow an order, they do so. they say yes, sir. they don't go joy riding around the neighborhood with a think take. and the state department is very much the same way. it is very hire,erarchical, ver specific chain of command 37. >> and we have today the senator ron johnson claiming that it is the impeachment public hearings that are damaging our relationship with ukraine. how true is that? >> it couldn't be any less true. and the messenger couldn't be any less of a valid person. i mean, ron johnson has some explaining to do himself. he knew about this, this being the quid pro quo or the extortion going on with ukraine months ago. so it is absolutely not true. if anything, ukraine is probably thrilled to be in the center of
12:31 pm
things, people know -- the country is getting a crash course in ukraine 101. >> all right. we'll leave it there. the focus turns to the eu ambassador gordon sondland ahead of his public testimony on wednesday, and politico reporting that the republicans will make him out to be a political hack who wanted to gain the president's favor, a long time political donor who would do anything to be liked. andrew andrew, how will republicans drive home that narrative when they question sondland? >> so gordon sondland has a lot of firsthand knowledge and information about these conversations with the president. and democrats are trying to directly connect the president to quid pro quo. but at the same time, he hasn't
12:32 pm
been the most foert corthcoming witness. he actually had to include an addendum to his testimony after the fact to acknowledge a conversation that he had with a seen year u senior ukranian official during which he told that official that ukraine likely would not get the military aid unless it committed to these public investigations into joe biden and the crowdstrike server that the president was seeking. so i think that republicans will try to explo it what thit what his weaknesses. >> and a number of senators were saying that they weren't planning to watch the impeachment hearing. is that also that they can avoid answering questions about it or is this a strategy to try to minimize the significance of the whole thing? >> i think the strategy right now is so starkly different from what the president has been
12:33 pm
pushing. just in the last half hour or so, the president attacked jennifer williams, a national security aide to the vice president whose deposition transcript came out yesterday in which she call the phone call inappropriate and unusual. she said that it could shed light on some possible motivations for withholding the military aid. so the president seemingly has a limitless capacity to tear town these career officials while republicans are not engaging in that same tactic. in fact they are doing the opposite. we saw friday republicans praise the marie yovanovitch. one from ohio on the intelligence committee said that he could sympathize with ambassador yovanovitch because he was also abruptly asked to go to iraq an army surgeon. so they are sympathizing with the career officials when the president is taking a different tactic and sort of trying to tear them down.
12:34 pm
>> and the republican texas congressman who is outgoing william hurd also praised the ambassador. do you get a sense as if the democrats feel that they are coming off a win from last week? >> talking to democrats, i think that they do feel that, but they are really pressing forward to next week when they will get more first and testimony from people like security officials namely sondland, alexander vindman, another person who was actually on the july 25th phone call. one of the things that republicans were doing last week was they were hammering these witnesses over the fact that none of them had firsthand knowledge of either the phone call or sort of the behind the scenes machinations of what democrats were portray going as a quid pro quo. people coming up this week will have firsthand knowledge of that. and i think that is what democrats are looking forward to in trying to draw out of the witnesses. and to try to push back against what the republicans are arguing in defending the president.
12:35 pm
>> all right. andrew, good luck this week. it will be a busy week ahead. >> thanks. pld president's vow to build a wall may be coming to reality. 500 mooil o00 miled reportedly to be completed by the entsd of the year but the problem is a lot of it is on land not owned by the government. next we speak to one of those landowners. to one of those landowners plus this week the next democratic debate live from atlanta, that is wednesday at 9:00 p.m. atlanta, that is wedne 009: p.m through the at&t network, edge-to-edge intelligence gives you the power to see every corner of your growing business. from finding out what's selling best... to managing your fleet... to collaborating remotely with your teams. giving you a nice big edge over your competition.
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12:39 pm
and i can proudly announce that we have ended catch and release and we are building the wall faster than anyone thought possible. >> build that wall, build that wall, build that wall! >> thank you. it is being built. it is going up good. it is a big deal. >> the president there toutding t so-called promise on one of his campaign promises to build the wall. the problem is that his own top border official confirms to nbc news that no portion of the new
12:40 pm
wall have been completed. >> how many miles of wall has been constructed? not wall that is replacing old wall, but new wall has been built to this point. >> so 78 miles of new wall has ben bui been built. >> and that is replacing existing wall. how many miles exist where there was no wall whatsoever? >> himy response is every mile wall that is being built is a new mile of wall. >> no disagreement. but just for a break down, how many miles formerly existed that have been renovated and how many new that did not exist. >> the 78 miles have been built where there was an existing for him of barrier. we just started breaking ground in rgv where we're building miles of new wall where there has been no structure there at all. >> so that is just now starting the construction of new wall. >> that's correct.
12:41 pm
>> pete are alex r alexander th the tough questioning. 166 miles of the new wall will be completed in texas by the end of the year. but only four miles actually belong to the federal government. so the white house has started contacting dozens of land owners for permission to visit their properties for sure say raising concerns of imminent domain. one of those ranchers is joining me. david, your property down there in the southwest part of the state, rio grand valley, how long has it been in your family? >> well, the property has been in the family for about three generations. my grandfather migrated during the revolution and purchased the property when he came into laredo. >> so well over a subject chu y sent churry ago. and we're watching drone video of your property. what are you hearing from the federal authorities on their
12:42 pm
plans? >> we got a phone call to attend a meeting in their south station heading out to our property. and i felt it was a little -- 20 owners probably showed up to this meeting that they invited. i had communicated with other neighbors of mine to go out to the meeting because there was going to be a meeting discussing the border wall. and it was to smy surprise that whoever was on that list was allowed into the meeting and no media was allowed in. and none of the neighbors were allowed in, only the people that they called which was about a group of 20. >> did they give you any indication of how much land they would require from you or any others? >> yes, when they gave us the right of entry for sure say a s
12:43 pm
assessments they showed pretty much what area was going to be affected. in our case, it was probably about 20% of our property of the 180 acres. it all depends they were saying that it was all going to be referencing the river and how would it affect the floodplain in the area to depend how much property was going to be affected. >> 20% of 180 acres. are you guys okay with that? >> no. you know, i'm very upset, you know. i don't know what all the secrecy to all of this stuff that is going on. i wish people could come out and take a look at our place. you know, it is a beautiful place. the scenery is great. recreation is great. there is plenty of wildlife, you know before we' know we've been farming and growing hay for cattle production are for many years now and i don't see how they can say hey, we want to go over there and build a wall there.
12:44 pm
>> and we're seeing pictures of your property that you are mentioning, a beautiful space right there. thank you for providing us with it. i'm curious, because there is a republican area. that district voted for president trump. and now you have the administration at least talking to some 20 land owners and saying they want to take part of your land for this wall. do you think that it will have any impact on the republican views of many of the land owners there? >> well, i think so. you know, laredo was founded, you know, on the banks of the rio grande. mexico is our neighbor, you know. we have a lot of people that work from mexico into loaredo ad advi vice versa. i don't see how it could not affect them. because it is an open border here. >> all right. david, thank you for joining us
12:45 pm
on the phone. appreciate it. >> thank you. we often focus on swing states when covering a presidential election, but this next election could actually come down to specific counties. now in a new nbc series called county to county, we're taking a closer look at five counties that could predict what we'll see in 2020. one of those is kent county, michigan. and dab sha dasha burns is join here from that county. what are you hearing from those on the ground? >> reporter: a quick break down of dull l actually why kent cou important to watch. president trump won it by a much smaller margin than mitt romney did in 2012. and that is partly because of the kind of purchase voter that you will find here. we're in grand rapids. and it is the hometown of gerald ford. he is the moderate of the
12:46 pm
traditional reppism that lot republicanism that lot of people subscribe to. but a lot of people say they don't recognize this party as the party that they grew up with and they are feeling lost and that is largely because of donald trump. some are following in the foot steps of justin amash who left the republican party earlier this year and is now running for row election as re-election as independent. others still identify with the party, but they would consider voting for a democrat in 2020 depending on who that democrat is. take a listen. how long have you identified as a republican? >> i don't anymore. as trump was getting more and more popular, i looked around and said this is not the republican party that i recognize or want to be part of.
12:47 pm
>> where does it all leave you? >> politically homeless. >> could you see yourself voting for a democrat in 2020? >> yes. >> reporter: when we talked about specific candidates, there was a mixed reaction. people were generally open to candidates like joe biden or even pete buttigieg who got a big surge in iowa. but when we talked about warren, sanders, people here were a little bit skeptical. and so that nominee will really determine whether or not kent goes blue and a lot of folks say it kent goes blue, michigan will too. >> all right. thank you. coming up, the good, the bad and ugly.answers to the question of why is pete buttigieg's team on the bad list? straight ahead. buttigieg's team list straight ahead me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens
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12:52 pm
ugly." john devor along with dean avadala. let me start with you, john. and your good right now. >> my good? let's start with the good. lead with the good. >> lead with the good. >> the good for me is the greatest actor of this or any other generation, nicholas cage, will be starring in a movie where he plays nicholas cage. that's twice the nicholas cage. i think it's called the unbearable weight of massive talent and it's about nick cage trying to get into a quentin tarantino film. >> my good is governor edwards, donald trump is making the
12:53 pm
republicparty good again. we've flipped hundreds of races. in louisiana, it wasn't just trump did a rally. he and mike pence went all in, did robo calls, local conservative radio stations down there. trump gave money to the republican down there. pence said we left it all on the field, and they still lost. if you're a republican you may not want trump to campaign for new 2020. >> of course, new orleans leans blue mostly, but 90% of that area voted for the encumbek inc governor. let's talk about your bad. it deals with a certain lawyer? >> steven manashy, nominated by the senate for federal appeals court. this man is not only just a white house lawyer totie, he's best friends with white power frat boy stephen miller and has never tried a case.
12:54 pm
i think it is bad news that republicans are stacking the court with unqualified candidates who, amongst other things, have written essays against diversity and against equality. >> he has been approved to a lifetime appointment? >> he was. democrats voted down the line against, republicans voted for him. now they have flipped the second circuit. >> let's talk about your bad. >> his bad was worse, but my bad is a video of pete buttigieg's organizers, supporters doing a ch. reographed dance to high hopes by panic at the disco. for some americans this symbolizes the pete buttigieg, all white people dancing to panic at the disco.
12:55 pm
that's the song that mayor pete buttigieg walks into. i'm going to teach you to dance. here it is and i'm like please stop this. it's not good. >> more coordination than i have. go ahead on your ugly. >> the ugly, and we were talking a bit about it, prince andrew's ill advised interview with the bbc, trying to clear up his credible connection with deceased pedophile jeffrey epstein. all he did was tell lunatic lies about -- at one point one of the children who accused him, right, said he was sweaty. and in this interview prince andrew said that's impossible. i don't sweat. i haven't sweated since the early '80s. >> it was a fascinating hour of tv. really quickly to your ugly. >> conservative station in colorado, he got fired for criticizing donald trump. if criticizing donald trump gets
12:56 pm
you in trouble, i would be on death row. liberal hosts had praise d and got fired, don jr. would be there celebrating but here they are silent. >> enjoy the week that was. >> fun night. >> that will do it. second week of public impeachment hearings is about to begin. a full preview of what to watch for in the week ahead. plus how the republicans will handle their defense strategy and trump this time around. y and trump this time around ♪ limu emu & doug and now for their service to the community, we present limu emu & doug
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all right. that will do it for me. thanks for watch iing. i'll be back next saturday 2:00 p.m. eastern time. the news continues with richard lui. i don't think we'll be getting any extended testimonies that will be out right now. >> we hope not, kendis. or maybe we hope we do. >> an impressive work, lot of reading and lot of work. >> very, very quick read. hello to all of you. i'm richard lui at msnbc headquarters here in new york city. thank you for being with us on this sunday. capitol hill, the focus of washington yet again this coming week. another full slate of open impeachment hearings set to take place. much of the spotlight trained on wednesday. gordon


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