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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  November 17, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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good evening and welcome to "politics nation." tonight's the ain't seen nothing yet. if you thought this past week of open hearings in the impeachment inquiry was full of drama, just wait until this week. house democrats are planning a one, two, three-punch strategy with a possible knockout coming as early as wednesday with the testimony of gordon sondland, the u.s. ambassador to the european union. so far, three witnesses testified before congress last
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week and house investigators interviewed a few more behind closed doors. and the contrast between our republicans and democrats have interpreted that testimony was on full display this morning on the sunday talk shows. >> i got to go back to what sean said and the evidence is building. it simply isn't true. that's why we changing the goal post. >> my friend chris stewart needs more direct evidence, will you join me in calling on the state department to produce the mountain of evidence, e-mails, notes, call records, calendar. our committee subpoenaed them. will you join me on calling the state department to produce the evidence? >> you bet. i don't think there's anything that is going to implicate the president. >> congressman maloney will be here in just a few minutes to tell us what strategy democrats plan to use in the upcoming week
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of testimony. also, on the show today with just three days until the next presidential debate, at tyler perry studios in atlanta, there's a surprising new leadered in the polls in iowa. look at the numbers. south bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg is surging. he leads at 25%. followed by a virtual tie between senator elizabeth warren, former vice president joe biden, and senator bernie sanders. the head of the democratic national convention, tom perez, will be here in a few moments to give us his analysis of this poll. and his thoughts on a possible white house run by former new york city mayor michael bloomberg who apologized earlier today for his role in stop and frisk policing. but, first, we'll start the impeachment inquiry. joining me now is laurie
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watkins, a democratic strategies, a former policy director for barack obama's re-election campaign, and holy turner, a republican strategies and former assistant administrator for president trump's small business administration. it seems this past week, lauri, that the democrats had established what they would say is a foundation to say that clearly that the congressional approved money for ukraine was being held as president trump wanted to hear a public announcement that his potential opponent joe biden and his son was under investigation and you had several people who said they had been given that feeling or that information from others and one that said i had heard a phone call where president has seemed more interested in whether the investigation was going to be announced rather
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than dealing with the security issues for the united states and ukraine. >> that happened this week. it was pretty interesting. the testimony that we saw. i think what we saw were goons against diplomats. you've had a well-thought out cover-up. it's not always about the crime. it's about the cover up. i think that's what the american public needs to see what happened. the lengths and the extent to which this president and his administration and folks within his administration initiated this cover up of withholding this money from a country to wield their own power for their own political interest. >> now, holly, the republicans seem to have gone into we want to deal with joe biden and other conspiracy theories. never really addressed the real interest here is whether there was an abuse of power and whether or not this president, in fact, stalled or stopped the
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release of the funds. that had been approved by congress for ukraine who had the real danger with russia. to scare try and get a political opponent at least announced to be under investigation. he didn't say corruption. >> well, you know, this morning representatives steve scalise from louisiana pointed out something that is really important and that is that money that was earmarked for ukraine, that the president did hold back temporarily that was money that not just nancy pelosi but adam schif voted to approve giving the money to ukraine. there was strings attached. some of the strings included making sure that corruption was investigated and stopped. they didn't want american taxpayer money being given to countries that was full of corruption. i applaud them for that. so the president was doing what congress asked him and he wasn't asking for ukraine to
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investigate joe biden. he was asking for ukraine to investigate to continue their investigation of hunter biden. and his involvement with burisma. it wasn't directly related to joe biden. it was more about his son and the president was doing what nancy pelosi asked him to do. >> burisma had already been investigated. and i believe that there has been a number of reports that hunter biden came into it after all of that. so are you trying to say to our viewers to ask for a son, a relative of your potential opponent does not have some kind of affect on the candidate potential that you would oppose? and where is there a record that the president said i want to know about corruption. he asked about a specific case. you said strings attached to the aid, there was no are biden on
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the strings. hunter or joe. there's no corruption. they said it was about the bidens >>well, the president was vague and all accounts we've heard. >> not according to the witnesses. do you have a witness that you can quote that says he was a vague? >> that's a great point, reverend. >> that's a question. >> i don't neither do pelosi or schif schiff or the others. >> do you -- >> well the transcript -- >> in the transcript, it was vague. >> the transcript of what witness? >> the transcript that came out of the white house. pardon me, the one that the white house released that was compiled by the national security office that the traditional transcript that is created after every call with a foreign leader. that transcript it was a little bit vague what the president was talking about with regard to investigation. now, what is more vague is why
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the democrats are bringing forth witnesses who didn't even hear the phone call. all we're hearing is people's opinions about what they think from what they read of the transcript that we've all seen. it doesn't make sense to me. >> lauer ree, did not the transcript that was released by the white house was not the actual transcript of the conversation. >> correct. >> it d we not have one witness say this week, we're told, he overheard the president on the phone call to sondland, he was going to testify this week who had the phone on speaker. >> uh-huh. >> saying about the specific investigation. do you know of any vagueness. >> no, i don't. i think the transcript that holly is referring to is the one transcript the administration released out of three. so the one she's talking about, yes, that was not directed toward his request.
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that was a separate transcript in a second call. he absolutely directed over the phone to sondland through speaker, which other folks heard, he directed him to take care of this and that this was more of an issue to him than the -- dealing with issue with biden is more important than dealing with the sum of money that the country of ukraine was going to get. >> let me ask you this, if you say he was vague, if sondland and others come forward and say it was specifically about biden, not corruption, not vague. would you and other republicans then say yes, he was doing this and abusing his power against a political opponent? >> well, that's the question. i need an answer. >> yeah. that's the question we have to get to is if the president did what the democrats are accusing him of. is that an impeachable offense?
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republicans and myself do not believe it is. we believe the president was using the tools that congress game him. he gave them the foreign aid, obama never would. he gave them the foreign aid to fight against russia. we don't believe it rises to an impeachable offense. >> i don't think obama -- the investigated any opponents. >> i can assure you he did not. something that is interesting with, though, she keeps going back to that witnesses will say this and this and there was no sign of cover up. the cover up is part of the crime. that's part of what we're investigating here. you have to don't bring those individuals forward who were part of the conversations who keeps going back about hearsay and nobody was witnessed or privy to this, that, and the other. this individual going to testify this week, he'll absolutely confirm, as he's already done before, testifying in front of
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congress, he can corroborate that story directly. >> like i said, you ain't seen nothing yet. we'll have more with laurie and holly later in the show. switching gears. in three days the leading democratic candidates for president will take the stage for yet another round of debate. ten of the declared contenders who have met the requirements will meet at tyler perry's studios in atlanta, and i will be there front and center for all of the action. joining me now, the champion of the democratic national committee, chairman tom perez. thank you for coming on, mr. chairman. let me start by asking you, let me ask you, the whole question of these inquiries, will this, in your judgment, affect the democratic primaries and the debates that are coming up early next year if we have a trial that is extended? because there are reports that
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republicans want to stall the trial as long as possible, if, in fact, the house impeaches the president. because six members of the senate are running in the democratic races and would have to be in washington for the trial and couldn't be in iowa. does that concern you? >> i think that democrats can walk and chew gum. the senators who are running for president are incredibly qualified. they understand that they have to dispense their duties in the senate. and they have very robust operations out in iowa. frankly, the american people walk and chew gum and all of our candidates can walk and chew gum. so i'm confident that we can continue our momentum there. one thing we know is there's going to be record turn out. not only in iowa but all the caucuses and primaries. you saw record turn out in louisiana yesterday when john bell edwards won re-election.
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democrats continue to win key elections. it's because we're focussed on issues. health care, again, health care was on the ballot yesterday in louisiana. health care was on the ballot in kentucky. we won both these ris -- races. i think we're going to be fine because we have a deep bench and we're focussed on all those cra critical issues. impeachment is one. this is serious stuff. it's a blatant abuse of power by the president. nobody is above the law. and we must continue to do what is happening in the house, which is a thorough, methodical investigation. i find it ironic, people like lindsey graham said i haven't read the transcript but i know i'm going to vote not to do anything. and it's sort of interesting he would need weeks to have a trial if he's told people what he's going to do. >> yeah, well, he might want to read the transcripts, as well. but let me ask you this -- >> that would be a good idea.
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>> if you see the last three states have elections, two of them, and these are very much red-leading states. all of this under you as chairman. the midterm elections last year -- are you confident that the democrats winning even in states like kentucky and louisiana where president trump actively campaigned. he went three times to louisiana. went two days before the election in kentucky. are you feeling that president trump no longer can rally base for others than himself and some of those reputed impact of the trump kind of fervor is beginning to show some kind of lowering in terms of excitement among a lot of voters?
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>> i think democrats have a real wind at our back. it's been three novembers since this president took office. every november election, democrats have scored decisive victories. and november of 2017, the governorships of new jersey and virginia went democratic. a month later, doug jones won the senate seat thanks to frirm african-american voters was about scale. we took the house. we took seven more governorships where we flipped them from red to blue. roughly 400 state house seats. the majority of democrat -- of attorneys general at the state level are now democrats. in 2017, there were 15 democratic governors. now there are 24. you saw in louisiana, you saw it in kentucky a couple of weeks ago. once again, health care was on the ballot. when health care is on the ballot, democrats win because we're fighting to expand medicate to ensure you can keep your coverage if you have preexisting conditions. and the republicans are doing the opposite.
2:16 pm
as you know, reverend sharpton, donald trump went not only to louisiana and kentucky and he said you have to do this for me. well, mr. president, elections aren't about doing something for you. they're about how we help people. that's what we're doing. we head into the 2020 cycle with the wind at our back. we have become a 50-state party. we're competing everywhere. our partners like the democratic governor's association, the democratic senatorial campaign committee, they're all firing on all cylinders. we're working better than ever before. we're organizing everywhere. and our candidates, reverend sharpton, are really remarkable. whether it was andy baah sheer in kentucky, john bell edwards, other candidates in virginia who helped us flip the house and senate. democrats are back and organizing everywhere. trump went on the ballot those three years but trump is and was. people are categorically
2:17 pm
rejecting it. >> how are you responding to those that are now entering the race? duvall patrick and possibly michael bloomberg when many want to see the amount of candidates shrink. we're seeing that other ad additions. is it saying people have the right to run and you as chairman you were prepared to deal with it as it comes? >> listen, people do have a right to run. and i have great respect for governor patrick. he was my boss when i worked in the civil rights division of the justice department. it was an honor to work under him. mayor bloomberg is a person i have a great respect for, as well. at the same time, i have tremendous respect for the field. so do the american people. you look at polling and the vast majority of democratic voters are very satisfied with the
2:18 pm
field. that's because they're incredibly talented. and what is clear to me is every single democrat running for president wants to make sure that people have access to quality, affordable health care that we take on the prescription drug industry so we can lower prescription drug costs and we take on climate change, that we make sure we build more schools and less prisons. we build an america that works for everybody. and that's what everyone is fighting for. and what every candidate understands, reverend sharpton, it's not about them. it's about something bigger. because all of those issues i mentioned, and then some, are on the ballot. but the democrat, as we know it, is on the ballot. women's reproductive health is on the ballot but, in addition, our democracy, as we know it, is on the ballot. everyone, i am confident, is going to move forward and support the nominee. >> i'm going to have to move it on from there but i appreciate you being on with us.
2:19 pm
just a couple of days before the next debate. dnc chair tom perez. thank you so much. see you at the debate. >> look forward to seeing you. up next, i'll speak with one of senator bernie sanders most ardent supporters about why he's the best choice for 20. my conversation with actor and activist danny glover is next. first, my colleague richard lui with other top news stories. >> thank you. stories we're watching this hour. just now, democratic governor john bell edwards narrowly winning a second term as louisiana governor. his victory is considered by many to be a below to president trump who visited the state three times in five weeks. edwards becomes the first democratic governor to win re-election in the state since the 1970s. a new landmark study is giving people with angina some
2:20 pm
hope. the results presented at the american heart association annual conference this weekend. patients are usually treated to use bypass surgery. a state of emergency remains in the historic city of venice, italy. much of the city underwater after suffering the worst flooding in more than 50 years. six foot high tide levels forcing the closing of popular shopping, churches, and homes. more after the break. d homes. more after the break it'll ruin your house. so get allstate and be better protected from mayhem, like meow. (vo) the flock blindly flying south for the winter. they never stray from their predetermined path.
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welcome back to "politics nation." my next guest needs no introduction but we'll do it anyway. joining me now is actor, and surrogate for the 2020 sanders' campaign danny glover. thank you for coming. tell me and i'll why you feel he's the next person to be the president of the united states >>well, i'll tell you that there's so many reasons we can spend the whole show talking about why he's the right person. and the only person, i believe. he has the capacity to listen to people and his programs that are addressed in a way in which the
2:25 pm
issues we have to address and address those issues as we move on in the coming years. whether it's climate change, issues around infrastructure, you know, i'm in south carolina where in denmark, south carolina the water is basically tainted as the water in flint, michigan. there issues are we have to deal with here and i think he's in has positioned himself the -- >> if he does not win the nomination, then other sport es don't think any of the other candidates -- >> i think as the gentleman
2:26 pm
before said all these candidates are good candidates. we can certainly look at their records and them and understand they provide a great deal of knowledge and character in order to perform this work that has to be done. there's no one that can challenge, i believe, donald trump and there's no one who has been on the road and on the path that bernie has been throughout his whole life as a citizens, as a legislator, as someone who has been in front of the public. he's been consistent with his messages his entire career. and, certainly, we have to take that in consideration. i was here with the senator in 2016, basically people didn't know who he was. you know, they hadn't come to know and really follow his trajectory of his life and his work, as well.
2:27 pm
now we're here. right here in 2019 and it's a different story. and certainly momentum is building. he's worked hard of the staff whether they make it in new hampshire or in iowa and south carolina has been very strong. >> let me ask you this question, danny. in '16, bernie sanders did not well with black voters. polls say he's doing better now but he's still not getting the kind of support that he will need from black voters, if the polling is right. today former new york city mayor mike bloomberg spoke at a church in brooklyn. listen to what he had to say about not too early action against the police practice of stop and frisk. something we both marched and rallied against that practice. watch what he said.
2:28 pm
>> over time i've come to understand something i long struggled to admit to myself. i got something important wrong. i got something important really wrong. i didn't understand that back then. the full impact that stops were having on the black and latino communities. today, i want you to know that i realize back then i was wrong. i'm sorry. >> now whether or not mr. bloomberg said that because of politics he may be getting ready to run or not. put that aside and address it later. the real point that i thought about is that we, many of us was against stop and frisk when many in the black community was for it and in 1994 we were against the crime bill that lead to a lot of unfair disproportionate incarceration. disproportionate
2:29 pm
disproportionately affecting blacks and browns. bernie sanders voted for that bill. should he say he's sorry? >> i think, reverend, i know there is rational around voting for the crime bill. certainly there were certain elements of the crime bill that protected women in ways that had he not signed on to that or voted for it that may not have been part of the crime bill. so i think there are certain elements within the crime bill. i think that it's legitimate, as hillary clinton in 2016 give some sort of apology for name calling referring to black youth as predators. so i think that there is certainly do an apology. whether he's doing it for expedient si of president or whether he believes it, i don't
2:30 pm
know. e know certain elements within the crime bill, with from information i had, which made the crime bill essential in certain ways that had been passed. there are elements of any bill. we know that carry other consequences with that. we've seen in other legislation that certain elements attached to a bill and those attachments to the bill often in some sense to mean the real impact of what the bill can have. i think we would be able to talk about that and certainly if there need be an apology for that, i'm sure that senator would be more than ready to give his rationale for voting for the crime bill as it stood. >> all right. we're going to have that discussion, i'm sure. danny glover, always glad to see you and much respect to you.
2:31 pm
>> this wednesday msnbc and the "washington post" are co-hosting the next presidential debate in atlanta, georgia. the event will feature the leading ten democratic contenders including joe biden, elizabeth warren, and senator bernie sanders. the debate will be moderated by msnbc's own andrea mitchell, rachel maddow, kiersten welker, and the post's ashley parker. this wednesday, november 20th at 9:00 p.m. eastern. make sure you tune in! you won't want to miss this one. we'll be right back. you won't want to miss this one. we'll be right back. i've always loved seeing what's next.
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i'm picking companies that i believe in. ♪ i think sofi money is amazing. ♪ thank you sofi. sofi thank you, we love you. ♪ tensions are high on and off capitol hill today as the house prepares for another busy week in their impeachment investigation into president trump. this week eight key witnesses will testify publicly, including several officials who were on the line for their july 25th phone call. joining me now is democratic congressman sean patrick maloney of new york. he's a member on the intelligence committee that has been conducting open impeachment hearings this week.
2:36 pm
well, you had an exciting week last week, and this week with sondland and others, many expect it will be even more exciting. what do you hope will be established this week? what are the witnesses that you're going to be particularly waiting to see what they say? >> well, the critical thing about the witnesses is that, sadly, through republicans are going to get their wish. they're going to have people who are direct witnesses to the president's abuse of power. and let's get clear about this. these are witnesses who are going to confirm, because they saw it happen, or carried out the orders that the president of the united states used taxpayer-funded military assistance to pressure a foreign government to help him in his re-election. that's soliciting a bribe and bribery is a crime. listed as an impeachable offense in the constitution. sondland carried out the orderers at the instruction of
2:37 pm
the president. of course, we saw mick mulvaney admit it. you'll see witnesses on the phone call, as you point out. mr. morrisson and you're going to see others. >> so sondland, larson, and mindland will directly bring it to the president that the president was the one giving the orders that was carried out. >> you're going to see all those witnesses say i heard it with my own ears. i hear the telephone call with the zelensky. that's morrisson. remember vindman reported it. >> she did. but larson did not. >> larson went to legal and he was more focussed on restricting access to the call. they both knew something was up. >> okay. >> and slooondland is the president's point man with rudy giuliani in ukraine. we know on september 1st, he's the one that told the senior ukrainians, you go to a microphone and say you're investigating the bidens or there's no military assistance. that's soliciting a bribery. >> wait a meant, he told him --
2:38 pm
this is the president, he told them to go to tmicrophone and h communicated this to the ukrainians. go to a microphone and announce you're investigating the bidens. not corruption. the bidens. >> what is funny -- that's right. sondland told the senior advisor to the president of ukraine, when the president of ukraine was meeting with vice president pence, sondland tells him, you don't get -- at the white house meeting you don't get military assistance unless you go to a microphone and say the specific statement rudy giuliani has been demanding. ukrainians are trying to make it about krugs. they were willing to do that. giuliani said it has to say burisma it has to mean joe biden and your son. >> some of the colleagues across the aisle say it's not an impeachable offense.
2:39 pm
how do you respond? >> yeah. i've heard the version of the so-what defense. so what is where our democracy goes to die. we have to care about this. you cannot have this president, any american president, soliciting bribes. you can't have them using taxpayer dollars. they're meant to keep us safe. that's what the dollars are supposed to do. they're fighting the russians in europe. you can't have any president going around trying to get political favors using this kind of pressure from foreign sources. that's not consistent with our democracy and the president is abusing his power. we've got to hold him accountable. >> do you feel that if the witnesses directly implicate the president, as you're directing they will, that any of the colleagues in the senate that will ultimately have this, if the president is impeached, they'll have a trial, that they will have a back up because this directly links the president to
2:40 pm
giving the oath? >> i know there are going to be some who are feeling more pressure. unfortunately, we'll see republicans find their moral courage when it's in their political interest to do so. you might hope for a little the way the republicans did in the nixon era. you'll see people like cory gardner, susan collins and others feel a real bind. the republicans may say draw legal conclusion and say i don't know if i can. i don't know what the crime is. they're the fact witnesses who are on the phone call and delivered the quid pro quo, who were talking to the president about investigating the bidens and that will be established. with a would help a lot is if the other witnesses with important information, like mick mulvaney, like ambassador bolton came forward and did the right thing. their underings bolton's deputies testified at risk to their career while he was negotiating a book deal for the same information. he needs to come in.
2:41 pm
mulvaney needs to come in and the state department sitting on a mound of evidence they have refused to release. >> all right. new york congressman sean patrick maloney. thank you for being here today. >> my pleasure. up next did the nfl arrange it for publicity? that's next. 1y50 for publicity that .'s next. 1y50 doctor bob, what should i take for back pain? before you take anything, i recommend applying topical relievers first. salonpas lidocaine patch blocks pain receptors for effective, non-addictive relief. salonpas lidocaine. patch, roll-on or cream. hisamitsu. his haircut is "nice." this is the most-awarded minivan three years in a row. the van just talked. sales guy, give 'em the employee price,
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around here we're ready to play. we're ready to go anywhere. my agent is ready to talk to my team. i interviewed a team at any time. i've been ready. i'm staying ready. i'll continue to be ready. >> what a man. colin kaepernick addressed the media yesterday after working out for representatives from eight nfl teams. the former san fransisco 49er has been out of the league for the past three years. following his controversial kneeling during the pre-game national anthem. the 32-year-old opted out of a private league sponsored workout and moved lot indicati-- locati local high school so the media can attend. reps for colin kaepernick said the nfl wanted him to sign a waiver to prevent him from filing anymore legal claims against the league, but he refused. the nfl says its a standard for
2:46 pm
all free agents. colin kaepernick has been out of the nfl as an active player for three years. he was not out for ethical behavior. he was out for calling for ethical behavior of law enforcement and of those that committed racial acts. something that i had said over and over again he should not be punished for. some said yesterday was set up as a publicity stunt but they wanted to limit, the nfl did, the media that could, in fact, deal with the workout so colin kaepernick opening it up. showing he had the skills. showing he was still in shape went to a local high school where the media could come and people could see that this man, three years later, can still play. but he will not kneel against his principles by signing waivers. i think colin kaepernick stood up when he knelt down and stood up yesterday. yesterday
2:47 pm
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2:51 pm
impeachment trial could play to their advantage in 2020. "the washington post" reporting, quote, some republican senators are privately diskcussing whethr to pressure gop leaders to stage a lengthy impeachment trial beginning in january to scramble the democratic presidential race. with six sitting democratic senators running for president, what impact could the impeachment proceedings have on the 2020 race? back with me, two political strategi strategists, democrat laurie watkins, and republican, holly turner. laurie, how can it impact the race? >> i think we just saw through last week's election in a few states that the democrats are on top. the democrats should be able to have another big turnaround next year in 2020. i just want to bring up a few factors that i think are really important, that we saw come out of the last week that we should look forward to in the future.
2:52 pm
the maturation of latino voters. also in some of these more rural areas, we have 24% of farms that had increased in debt over the last year. i wonder how some of these candidates are going to discuss that, not just out in iowa and some of these other rural states, but across the board. i think that's something to look forward to. >> howly, how will the proceedings affect the election in your view, particularly the presidential and some of the 20 senate races? >> yeah, well, it definitely will put pressure on those democrat candidates who are in the senate currently. you know, they'll need to be in d.c. to do their job, and that's always a tough position when you are sitting in office and also trying to run for another office. so it will definitely put pressure on them. take some of their mental resources to focus on that. but it's osgoing to be interesting to see how long it takes for the senate to carry out this impeachment trial, if
2:53 pm
it gets to that. and what it does to polling in some of those battleground states. right now, you've got six or seven battleground states where polls are kind of varying wildly on this issue. some voters, for the most part, most votererize saying they do not support impeachment of the president and removal of the president in those key states. i think the senate republicans are going to continue to watch that. and you know, the democrats started this, and so we can expect the republicans to use whatever has been handed to them by the democrats to their advantage. >> and we see that some polls are saying that there is a large amount and some of the national polls, majority, saying the president should be impeached and removed. congressman sean patrick maloney just predicted it's going to be even more direct evidence against the president this week. do you expect that will tip the scales even more against the president and maybe the republicans in the senate? >> i do. i think the democrats need to
2:54 pm
continue to lay out a strong case, continue to subpoena these witnesses. we have a full week of testimony coming forward. but like the congressman said previously on the show, there's still a mountain of evidence that this administration has not turned over, and they're refusing to. i think in some of these states, you will see as long as candidates can continue to be on message and talk about issues that are important to americans, not solely on impeaching the president, i believe that they can continue to move that needle forward. >> i'm out of time. laurie watkins and holly turner, thank you both for being with us. >> up next, my final thoughts. stay with us. ♪ spread a little love today
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2:59 pm
and was in many ways happy when the civil liberties union and center for constitutional rights were able to document how disproportionately blacks were being stopped. blacks and browns were being the targets of stop and frisk by the new york city police department. and it became a model all over this country for many other cities. at this present time, president trump is advocating stop and frisk nationally in many cities are doing it. so the statement today, whether it was politically motivated or not, it's important that we see that the one that was the mayor of the biggest city in the country said that it was wrong. and he was sorry. whether or not people accept it or not, as he said, he's going to have to earn that. but i also think we must have one standard, just like he's had to come to grips with that, i think joe biden, bernie sanders, and others that supported the
3:00 pm
'94 crime bill that led, whether they intended or not, to a disproportionate amount of blacks and browns being incarcerated, some for decades, certainly for years, in what was also targeted. i think we have to have one standard, and everyone needs to come clean because many people were hurt and victimized, and we need to be clear on what we're doing with criminal justice and who can be honest about it. that does it for me. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here next saturday at 5:00 p.m. eastern. up next, "meet the press" with chuck todd. this sunday, impeachment showdown. >> the meeting will come to order. >> hearings begin with new revelations tying president trump closer to events in ukraine. >> mr. sondland responded that president trump cares more about the investigation of biden which guiliani was pressing for. and evidence of intimidation by president trump of a career diplomat even during her testimony.


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