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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  November 18, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> and sondland on wednesday. >> big week. >> thank you mika, thanks joe, it is monday, november 18th and we're at the start of a hugely consequen consequencetial week. eight separate witnesses will be testified on live television about the president's alleged scheme to trade congressionally approved taxpayer money for political favors. jen bennet is on capitol hill jeff what do people need to pay attention to the most? >> i would say pay close attention to the testimony of gordon sondland, the ambassador to the eu that emerged in other witness testimony and is a key player in this entire ukrainian pressure campaign. sondland had to amend he is
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close'd door testimony after it emerged that it was contra didid by other witnesses. and now he is saying that president trump made a link between the military aid. sondland has to answer in questions as well about this revelation from david holmes. the staffer that testified that he heard this mobile phone call between president trump and gordon sondland where president trump said are the ukrainians going forward with the investigations and sondland replied in the affirmative saying yes. his testimony is on wednesday. i will quickly walk you through the rest of the week if starts on tuesday you three with jennifer williams. and alexander vindman. he is the nsc official that
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twice flagged the lawyer about trump's conduct. then kurt volker and tim. and on thursday you have fiona hill. president trump fired off a tweet and he is responding saying that if president trump has nothing to hide, why dent he just allow white house officials to i like the idea and i will get congress focused again, strongly considerate. but here is what we expect. after thursday, the house goes on thanksgiving break for a week and when we come back we expect it will go to the house you dish
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yar committee. so that is what we're tracking for the rest of the impeachment process. >> jeff mason, reuter's white house correspondent, a former federal pros c prosecutor. jeff, you wrote an article last week saying these hearings are consequential but dull into what if they're dull? they need be exciting to make a difference? >> they certainly don't and the fact that this week is going to continue with some witnesses specifically in touch with president trump means it is not moving into the faze this week and a key piece was the fact
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that there is hearsay involved. and they had not had contact with the president. and that will not be applicable this week. >> let's stay on that. the first two people testifying tomorrow will on that july 25th phone call. that being the case, what does that do to the remember argument? >> it really sends it crashing down. i think they have a great opportunity here for people on the call. and we have to remember we have not heard a recording of the call, and we need to confirm what was said. so there is no room for people who said what they said.
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>> ambassador, if people who are directly involved can defend the president's decision, i'm talking mick mulvaney and others, why don't they sit down? >> i think it is clear. i think people like ambassador sondland have to take this very seriously. >> again, let's talk about that. gordon sondland is set to testify on wednesday. and now the wall street nournl as seen e-mails between sondland, mick mulvaney, and rick parry. wouldn't you want to see those e-mails. >> yeah, it is always nice to have the word of a potential coconspirator about who he was talking with and e-mails, written communications, text
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messages, they are gold. they are trying to build a picture of this deal. arms for interference. that is what it was. they amended that step, as you will say, i will say as a footnote, you have to wonder if they are advising them to invoke their fifth amendment right. and she going to go in there and say apparently even my amended story is not, shall we say, complete. >> if he does that, what position does that put the republicans in. >> that puts them in, say he comes in and he gives it up @ly. the question welcomes who will try to take the fall for this? is it the mulvaneys? the perrys?
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it looks like sondland will say i kept them me in the dirty loop. if he says things that really revisit things, then sondland's story will be unimpeached. >> yes, excuse me. >> we now have six of the former associates and friends, whoa are now convicted felons, some of them a jail cell. some of them have to feel that heat. as far as whether or not he takes the fifth, there is a question of whether or not he should and whether or not he would. i think it is unlikely they would sit down and focus on fifth amendment. that implies a consciousness of guilty.
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he sas to say that i would say thang that's would incriminate me. >> all right, i'm going to play why don't we look at the three witness that's did testify this week. all of of them were asked been john radcliff or chris stewart, did you see any of that stuff. >> sir, with all do respect, that mischaracterizes what they said. >> steve, you dealt with these men in the benghazi hearings, what are we seeing now? >> it is deeply hypocritical
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that those leading the charge against the obama administration are the same people that have und undermined the american foreign service and are defending president trump and his crimes. they have no ethical boundaries. we have to make it clear is all about pure partisan power. steve scalise will say anything that he has to, and the real elephant in the room in mike pompeo. all of thissing with managing, manipulating, and losing credibility and he needs to act for what he has been doing. >> i want to share another report, watch this. >> having this come out to public has weakened that relationship, exposing things that didn't need to be exsupposed. so this would have been far
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better off if we would have taken care of this behind the scenes. >> behind the scenes. let's go through a time line, two days later the aid was released. with that fact pattern, do you buy that? >> the aide was held up for nearly two months during which a lot of people died on the battlefield in ukraine, and for the republicans to say well it was give n and there was no qui pro quo is nonsense. i think what will be interesting is hail reporting back about why he could not get a statement of
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fact, and we'll finally hear secondhand what he is saying. and it will be interesting to hear volker talk about what they were trying to do. so i think it is clear that they will be in shatters. >> take us to the white house, continuing to block rick perry. do you think they be sitting down to testify? >> i think the there have boulevard a change in the strategy over there. and it may just do itbe a conversation point. according to my sources, the strategy that the white house and the republicans speaking to the white house are planning to
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use are saying the president did nothing wrong, b to say the process is unfair. let's see if that change is going forward. >> i would love to know specifically what work are republicans saying they're getting done. jeff, there is 300 bills on mitch mcconnell's desk. nothing is getting done on gun control and we're coming off of another cool shooting. zlin deed, all very good points. and the trade deal between the united states, and the president's side of that in his tweet. that is something they really want to get done, speaker pelosi said she was close to something on that and she may call the white house's blue. >> glenn, any witnesses you see
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testifying this week that could help the republican's case? >> not especially, particularly with their chosen council on what is the cross-examination where daniel goldman did a really good, professional competent job questions witnesses. the republicans can't seem to get any traction and they don't know how to go after these witnesses particularly because the president won't let them say you know what the president may have done something wrong here but it wasn't an impeachment offense, which i think is the best tact they have, but it doesn't seem to be one they are willing to take. >> now we have to turn to breaking news out of honk congress. overnight police corners anti-government protestors at a local university unleashing tear gas and water cannons. some were trying to escape but
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they now holed up at the university according to some reports 500 students are still inside right now surrounded by authorities. we're going to keep you updated on the situation as it develops. a huge week including the question questio questions we hope to get answers to. first a major shake up in the race for 2020. a new leader in oh er ier in io not even close. and then president obama gives thoughts on the 2020 democratic field, did he give his biggest hint about an endorsement? ♪
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welcome back, pete boouttigg is soaring in iowa they are taking the top stop in the des moines register pole. it has pete ahead of elizabeth warren and it means asking young voters what kind of change they are looking for. michael steel, msnbc cricketer
6:19 am
victor what. and the greater of polling, and matt gor man. you're the one that conducted this poll and he was one of your students that helped you on it. what was the biggest take away. he was also working on the same call, so for a generation now we had this bipartisan group of young persons. they are focused on the kind of brings that -- young people, don't they always want something massive and progressive? >> yeah, what they agree on that what is in the white house today is not working. and a majority of this approve of it, and still the only generation that support the removal of the president.
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so generally a large scale support on that issue. the next question is what is the style, tone, and shape of change moving forward. there was a more pragmatic tone in this debate than we might otherwise unction. and not necessarily centrist. i think they want changes in health care, but it is about the style of it. young people are saying that among the general lelection, barack obama was talking to folks talking about that is the kind of reform minded policy that has worked in america and that the america in even younger people are not aligned with the revolutionary change at large that folks are speaking about.
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there is an element of that clearly in the poll. clearly in the poll, but there su is a second dynamic. there is another access around how quickly, right? and what the means are to that change and that is what the debate will be. >> given the results of that polling, what candidate do you think can benefit the most? >> i think pete buttigieg. she from the younger organization, but he has built it brick by brick. the polling feels like a overnight rise but it certainly wasn't. when the senate is likely conducted an impeachment trial, majyor pleat be running around unincumbered by that. there is a lot of candidates just like they went after warren on medicare for all, they will
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go after mayor pete on medicare for all, specifically a tweet when he says he supported it and now he does not. i'm curious now toe s see if th holds. >> we're seeing mayor pete surge in iowa, but she squarely in fourth place. help us understand the disconnect. >> having momentum in iowa is key. we saw it with barack obama and other presidential candidates, but a week or two after iowa, south carolina, there is nevada, and this is elector rates of color. in skaerz touth carolina the bl elector rat electorate, and then we have super duper tuesday where a lot of states are coming to vote. while he is in a strong position right now, let's zoom out, and
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look at the other pieces, and one final piece, the harvard study, mayor piece is still below bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. he is not at the bottom, but the youth vote is still going to the oldest of the candidates in the presidential election. he is doing well. he is really centralizing that middle lane brand that he has, but it will still be a tight challenge for him. >> all of these candidates want to defeat trump. john bel edwards wins a second reelection. president trump went all in campaigning for bell edwards opponent, does the fact that he won again, what does that tell you about a deeply red state and the influence that president trump has. >> alarm bells should be ringing
6:24 am
this is about the way he lost. he continues to be powerful at riling up his base, but he riles up inner city voters, suburban voters, he energized people to show up to vote against him, and the wait he won the blue wall states, it was not just overperforming in rural voters, and it will be very difficult to r replicate his narrow victory. >> as someone that shouhas work it, what does it tell you. >> there is some good and some bad. >> for whom? >> kentucky and louisiana, aside
6:25 am
from the governor, they all won and there is historical trends. the first republican governor to have ever reelected in louisiana got ree elected. the suburbs will be an issue. that should be a big red siren in kentucky and suburban suburbs, and the cincinnati suburbs won against trump. so this is something they have to keep their eye on, big picture, there is some good, quite a bit of bad, but the sir bush -- suburbs are an issue. guess who lives in suburbs now
6:26 am
my len y millennia millennials. they generally in their 30s now. and so as much as anything it is the youth that would like to live in the city, can't afford the city, and even in the more conservative states. >> vicky as far as the youth engaged, do you think it is john's polling or what we're seeing across the country or what we're seeing with a big voter turnout that we did not necessarily see in the last election. >> young votes just don't turn out at the same rates, and that is just the history of it. and we looked at 2018 and we saw a substantial jump. 26 percentage points, so let's assume there will be momentum from the 2018. this will be really key. these my len yillennials are bt
6:27 am
to vote. the youth gap is about 60% preference for democratic candidates. this is key for the democratic ticket going into 2020. the youth vote, i think we're going to see a uptick in it, i'm not going to bet a lot of money on it, but i think we will see in key pockets, millennials and gen xers in the suburbs. >> i want to talk about something that the president promised over the weekend. a cash payout to farmers. this is what the president said, there is a few things that we need to fact check here.
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first off, farmers are not getting money from china, that is not how tariffs work. the cash payment is part of a $16 billion u.s. government aid package agreed to back in may to help farmers being impacted by the trade war. secondly smaller farms are not the big beneficiaries. according to analysis of the first round of bailouts, the aid is making the rich farmers richer, the top 10 1% got an average of 183,000 wi$183,000 w bottom 80% getting less than 5,000. payments for the second round is linked to acres, the bigger the farm the bigger the bailout. farm bankruptcies are up 24% to the highest level since 2011. those are the facts. aturally sourced colors and flavors and are gluten & dairy free. they're all clean.
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tomorrow morning at this time, a top aide to vice president mike pence and a national security official will raise their right hands and kick off what promises to be another
6:33 am
explosive week in the impeachment inquiry. in all, eight witnesses over three days total. we promise to bring you our top questions surrounding it every monday. sheer what we will be watching. question one, when gordon sondland testifies, will he amend his story again? he is put in a restaurant in kiev discussing wlornd the ukraine agreed to investigate the bidens, and they kept self-top officials. and in the weeks leading to to that july 25th phone call. and president trump and his outrage at jennifer williams. tomorrow she sits in the witness
6:34 am
chair. and thursday, the last witness on the hill, on the list so far, is going to testify, so our last kwle be question will be fiona hill. will there be thanksgiving break surprises. now we turn to reporting that reveals how come companies are benefits from president trump's record tax filings. fedex paid zero dollars in taxes last year. they saved 1.6 billion thanks to the tax cuts. they lobbied hard with founder and ceo fred smith that the tax
6:35 am
cuts you would lead to a renaissance of capital investment. fedexlow lowered their capital spending, there was no renaissance since the tax bill and instead spend more than $2 billion on stock buy backs that boots stock prices. he call it'd a distorted and factually incorrect story pointing to the "new york times" own tax rate and investment. so he challenged him to a dual but he didn't argue anything in the article. he didn't say where there has been any capital investment. they argued for a big tax cut, they're going to reinvest and there is no evidence of reinvestment, but if fred smith
6:36 am
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6:40 am
newspapers. the coverage has been geared to local issues. transportation, education, gun violence, and quality of life. two reporters are talking to voters in counties that help. vaughn, talk to us about what voters in georgia are telling you. >> good morning, stephanie. ahead of the democratic debate we decided to have a little fun and take the train into town. we caught the train up in the north eastern corner of georgia. one of the most rural counties and topped at some cities along the way. some think they can make a play here in 2020. i want you to hear directly from a few of the people we talked to. kimberly grant bino. she just moved here from new
6:41 am
york city. the second woman, teresa gully. she said she is concerned about population drop in counties of her own including that of her own daughter who votes opposite of her and moved into a metropolitan area herself. >> what does it take to beat donald trump in 2020 here? >> i think it takes getting involved. we really have to get out there and vote. we really have to register, partake, and be more involved in the political process. i think that is the only way we can get what we want and stand on is if we participate and get more actively involved. >> democrats see this as a pick up opportunity. trump won by about five percentage points and stacy
6:42 am
abrams almost won. >> the younger voters are not as conservative as myself and older voters. >> do you think there is more of a republican curve right now. but i have seen it, just like with the abrams thing i have seen where there is a lot more democratic voters. >> stephanie, he also intends to vote for trump in 2020 and he say it's is hard to push aside the fact that younger voters are turning out in droves. as well as a higher share of minority voters. stacy abrams lost by 1.4 percentage points, and democrats are looking at new voter registration numbers positively. since stacey abrams had a narrow loss, 350,000 voters are a higher share of those, and under those are minority voters. >> i'm so sad that vaughn
6:43 am
thought his idea of fun was sitting alone on the cafe car of a train and looking out a dark window. >> what are republican voters telling you. >> hey, steph, speaking about the 2016 election, grand rapids is in kent county, michigan which trump did win in 2016 but he won by a smaller margin than mitt romney did in 2012 and that is because of the kind of voter you will find here. it is also the home of gerald forld, a lot of folks around here subscribe to it and republicans have said we're keeply ckee deeply conflicted about what to do in 2020. they told us they're even considering voting for a democratic in 2020. we had a couple very interesting conversations here, take a listen to some of what we heard.
6:44 am
>> how long have you identified as a republican? >> i don't any more, as trump is getting more and more popular i thought this is not the party i recognize and they want to be ho part of. i don't think the republican party shared values with me, i don't look at candidates on the democratic side sharing the same values i have. >> how do you think the republican party changed since the 2016 election? >> immensely. i think that people really wanted a change in 2016, and so they felt that trump found himself in a great position, but he is not really representing republicans like they have traditionally.
6:45 am
i don't recognize the party hardly at all. whether or not they will vote fer a democrat in 2020 will heavily depend on who that nominee is, so you better bet they will be watching the primary very closely. >> we will be watching the debate, and don't forget you can watch it here on nsnbc here on wednesday. coming up, former president obama weighing in on the 2020 field dropping serious hints about about who he may be backing. t about who he may be backing.
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we have a question for you, is it time for moderates to seize momentum in the democratic race? >> this is still a country that is less revolutionary than it is interested in improvement. they like seeing things improved, but the average american doesn't think that we have to completely tear down the system and remake it. and i think it's important for
6:50 am
us not to lose sight of that. >> i'm joined now by valerie jarrett. she wrote the book "finding my voice." he is saying the average system doesn't not want to blow up the system, a radical candidate is not what they need? >> yeah, he said don't let perfect be the enmy of good. change happens incrementally. so i think it is less hand indication of who he he favorst more sage advice having run two successful presidential races. once you get to the general election the country tends to be more in the middle and we shouldn't lose sight that's actually keeping our eye on the prize, is to win the general election, not just the primary. and he said at the end of the remarks, whoever emerges as the
6:51 am
nominee, he will spend all of his energy trying to make sure to help them get elected. so that's an indication of how strong i think he believes the field is. >> then is he basically telling democrats that somebody like an elizabeth warren or a bernie sanders doesn't have a good chance in the general? >> no, i think it's more just giving advice. it's saying, look, it's okay to have bold ideas, but also let's be pragmatic and to not get so caught up with our bold ideas that we don't appreciate the fact that once you're in office you're going to have to work on the other side of the aisle and you're going to have to try to get legislation passed. and so i'll give you a good example. the affordable care act, i would have loved to have seen a public option included with the original package. but guess what? we didn't have the votes for a public option. but now 20 million people have health care because we didn't just say well, my way or the highway. so i think it's really advice about the possible, it's his pulse of the country, having traveled it throughout the
6:52 am
course of not just his presidency, but before hand and the campaign. and he thought he would weigh in and he did it lightly and they can take it or leave it as they see fit. but i also think -- go ahead, stephanie. >> given that, you know how hard it is to turn campaign promises into policy. how critical is it for these candidates to be able to explain how they plan to do it? because you know who never explained anything, president trump, and he won. >> look, i think it's not just about winning, but it's also about governing. so i think it is important that they articulate a clear vision for our country and explain how they're going to bring us together and get it implemented. because the bold ideas, you don't want them sitting on a shelf and not being implemented. and to do that at a time when our country is feeling polarized, yet when you travel around the country you see there is still a lot of goodwill out there. i'm looking for the candidate who has a vision. i do not think that the
6:53 am
differences among the democratic candidates are anywhere here as big as the differences between the candidates and president trump. the affordable care act, we have those who want to tweak it and have medicare for all, but right now the trump administration is in court trying to reveal the entire act so that people with preexisting conditions would be left out in the cold. 20 million people will lose those benefits. so i think it's important to have those conversations. i'm looking forward to having more conversations with issues that are important to working families, everything from equal pay to paid leave, workplace flexibility, a culture that's free from sexual harassment. i think it's important to continue our conversation about reducing gun violence, building our economy, making sure every american has health care. and so those are the policy issues that i think we should debate, as well as how we want to get them done. >> do you see the candidate? you're quoted in new york magazine saying the democratic
6:54 am
party has an embarrassment of riches. but the fact that people like deval patrick and mike bloomberg could be getting in this race, doesn't that show that there are worries that the candidates that you do have don't have what it takes? >> i think everyone who is in the field today, i would be proud to get behind. i think that mayor bloomberg and governor patrick also have great strengths. and i think it's more an indication of do i think i need to get in this race, do i think i have something unique to offer. and i welcome anyone who wants to get into the arena, particularly right now. what i am most concerned about is having the strongest possible candidate emerge. i have made myself available to anyone who is interested. one of the candidates a few weeks ago sent me the platform that focuses on working family issues, gender equity and i gave my advice freely and would do that for anyone. i want the strongest possible candidate to emerge. >> all right. valerie, thank you so much for joining me. i appreciate it. coming up, a revealing inside look into the democrats'
6:55 am
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how much it would grow through her then 7-year-old daughter. the fishers decided they wanted to help families in need in their community through the charlotte thanksgiving turkey and food box drive. the family started with one box that quickly turned into hundreds of boxes of food and turkeys. now at just 9 years old, miss alex has raked in thousands of dollars through bake sales, lemonade stands to give as much as she possibly can. this year they made enough to provide 108 boxes of food and turkeys. alex believes everyone should have a thanksgiving meal with their families. it is great to see a young girl do that much good. that wraps us up this hour. coming up right now, more news with my dear friend, ms. hallie jackson. >> what a lot of things to be thankful for. thank you. i appreciate it. we are starting monday off
7:00 am
with a big peek in the impeachment investigation. key witnesses set to appear, and maybe president trump will, too. at least that's what he's suggesting this morning. tweeting in the last hour that he will strongly consider appearing after this hour from house speaker nancy pelosi. >> he could do it in writing. he has every opportunity to present his case. >> we've got your reality check on the president's past promises on testimony. eight witnesses, three days, and the most important -- yep, it's that guy, gordon sondland. he's the eu ambassador and one-time trump donor who has already changed his tune once. straight ahead, new details about the potentially explosive emails he sent to top trump officials. plus new reporting on the wedge impeachment may be driving between president trump and his closest cabinet can fi dant. the secretary of state, the message, reign your people in. plus break


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