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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  November 18, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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hi, everybody, it's monday, november eighth. coming up on this hour on "velshi & ruhle," another week of public impeachment hearings. we're talking eight witnesses in ten days. president trump says he'll consider testifying himself. plus, new polling out from iowa showing mayor pete buttigieg surging to the lead. gut he stand a chance against donald trump in a nationwide matchup? and hundreds remain trapped inside of hong kong. we're live with developments on the ground. a new key witness could be stepping into the impeachment hearings. president trump himself. speaker nancy pelosi suggested he testify during an interview she did on sunday. president trump took to twitter today and said he likes the idea and will strongly consider it. that would wildly change the course of the hearings. and we'll dig into that possibility in just a moment. >> as of now, there are eight
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witnesses as we mentioned scheduled to appear this week in public testimony before the house intelligence committee. among those witness lieutenant colonel alexander vindman, a decorated combat veteran, kurt volker and ambassador to the eu gordon sondland. remember, it was sondland, the man on the right, his phone call overheard by an aide and subject of scrutiny at hearing last week. meanwhile at any moment intelligence chairman adam schiff could drop more transcripts the closed-door depositions that took place prior to the open hearings. joining us is nbc's garrett haake covering the hearings from day juan. garrett what is it the about the proposition of president trump testifying? i think we should operate under the assumption it's not real. it's extraordinarily unluckily to have the president of the united states appear before any of these companies exploring
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impeachment. the possibility that he might submit written answers is slightly less unlikely because it would take too long. democrat the s want to keep it moving. they don't want to get the back and forth in much the same way this got drag out during the rrm rrm a robert mueller investigation. it would undercut one of the president's talking points as they have said the impeachment inquiry is unworthiy, it's a sham. the president choosing to participate in it that way elevates these proceedings substantially. i think we should operate under the assumption it will not happen. >> okay. seeing that's in the believe it when i see it category, let's talk about who will be testifying? who's most important? >> no short avenue of big witnesses this week. first, you'll hear from three
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separate witnesses who listened to that july 25th phone call. they'll describe it in different way. jennifer williams and alexander vindman will discuss how they were concerned about it. williams told congressional investigators she thought it was inappropriate. tim morris, an nsc official had far fewer problems with it. he's a witness that the republicans wanted on the stand. the big fish for me is gordon sondland on wednesday. sondland links the president directly to this evidence to withhold aid to joe biden. he's left trails of receipts, phone calls, tess messages. and now it's reported in "the wall street journal" that he may have been emailing with other officials. he's very much in the cross hairs. remember, he's come back and changed his testimony. he's come back and amended his testimony once. so his credibility is a little iffy coming into this. and i suspect he will get very tough questions from republicans and democrats on wednesday.
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>> then are there any people testifying that the white house is ep anticipate happy about, people that could help the president's case? >> reporter: remember tim morrison and kurt volker are people requested by republicans. these are people republicans wanted to testify. there's one other person that republicans have asked for. they both in their closed-door depositions have slightly less alarmist i guess is the way to describe it. volker knew that rudy giuliani was asking questions but he was trying to manage giuliani. morrison said his primary concern about that phone call on july 25th wasn't the phone call itself but fears it might leak and become problematic. expect to hear republicans lean into those testimonies as they try to turn down the temperature on whether or not any of the actions of the president himself were actually impeachable. >> garrett, thanks very much.
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joining us msnbc legal affairs analyst cynthia oxley. and former ambassador to russia michael mcfaul. thank you for being here. president trump has indicated he is considering testifying, possibly in writing. how does that affect the strategies? >> well, i mean, it's just ridiculous. i don't think he will. i think that's in the pigs will fly first category. he's not going to do that. you know, in the mueller investigation, he did give written answers. but now there's a real issue whether or not the written answers which cannot truthful if that will reopen that information given the information from the roger stone trial. bitten by that, my guess is he does not go forward and provide any written answers. >> michael, the argument from republicans thus far is it's hearsay, it's hearsay. besides from witnesses we'll be hearing from tomorrow who were on that july 25th call what's
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the republican argument not to have mick mulvaney, rick perry, john bolton? >> i think they should. they keep talking about how they need more witnesses. all of these people were directly involved. i think it's kind of crazy that we would wrap up this proceeding and not have these people testify. by having said that, i also think the facts are really clear here ex after all of last week not a single substantive fact was challenged. let me remind everybody what it is because i think we get lost sometimes. first, they pressured mr. giuliani -- mr. giuliani pressured mr. leschenko. and you can see through the testimony if you read it all that he was very uncomfortable with that. then they up the ante. first with the phone call so that months later, the phone
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call comes into the story july 25th. and later by withholding military assistance to try to get him to open the investigation of hunter biden. and nobody after hours and hours and hours of testimony nobody has disputed those basic facts. >> cynthia, some of the things we were talking about last week, as testimony comes out, it does become clear that some of the testimony may not have been forthcoming as it should have been. some might not have been honest. >> you're so much nicer than i am, ali. >> last week, people were lying. we found out people were lying, let's just call it what it is. sondland has been lying. now that sondland is forced to come in and testify again, there's a real question about whether or not he'll listen to his lawyer. and testify truthfully. he's a very good lawyer. or he'll listen to his lawyer and take the fifth, whatever his lawyer thinks is the best course. interestingly, we also have volker -- because sondland is such a big liar and his lies are so outrageous and his story with
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the phone call and the red wine and all of that so media interesting, that we've kind of forgotten about volker. and part of that is because volker seems like he had a better motive. he really wanted to figure out how to get this done but he hasn't told the truth either. he was in the july 10th meeting. so far, he's saying -- you didn't hear anything about the investigations. he just thought the meeting was flat and bureaucratic. volker's got a problem, too. so there are two witnesses this week who should have some serious cross-exam and need to have soul searching before they go into the congress. >> michael, we saw the president go after marie yovanovitch. if he tries to go after fiona hill, can he say didn't really know her, work with her. she was by president trump's side when he met with vladimir putin in helsinki? >> before i get to fiona,
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somebody i've known for decades, i want to underscore this important point about ambassador volker. somebody else i've known for decades. he was there for the whole thing, way before he worked for the trump administration for years. i think he was trying to do the right thing, help the ukrainians get their military assistance. but he decided to go to other methods to do so. i think he has to come clean. i hope he thinks hard what he's doing when he testifies. wraep with respect to fiona, she's one of the longest serving trump officials at the white house, period. not many people last two years. she did, she's there from the get-go. there's no way that the president can go after her. she was one of his most loyal people on the staff and i also think her testimony will be very, very important. >> ambassador michael mcfaul, cynthia, thank you so much. breaking news from the supreme court.
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the court has blocked the sum for president trump's financial records. nbc's congressional correspondent pete williams joining us. pete, what does this mean? >> so, it's a little hard to keep track of these cases. this is one that came from the house oversight committee seeking financial records from the trump administration and donald trump personally that are maintained by the accountants. so it's a subpoena to the accountants. and, remember, this followed michael cohen's testimony that donald trump sometimes inflated his holings. sometimes understated them depending on whether he was trying to get a loan or whether there were tax issues. so they subpoenaed those documents. the trump lawyers fought it. and all of the lower courts have said this can go through. and there's a deadline here. wednesday is when the court rulings requiring this material be turned over takes effect. so there's a wednesday deadline here. now, the house had said to the supreme court, look, we know that this is going to take some time to get all of these filings done. so, we wouldn't object if the
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supreme court strictly as an administrative matter, without ruling on the merits puts a hold on the effect of the subpoena. and we would propose to file our legal briefs on november 22nd. and just a moment ago, the supreme court said actually, you'll file them on the 21st by 3:00 in the afternoon. so, by thursday then, we may get -- the door will be open for the supreme court to rule on the actual merits. so, this stops the clock, in essence. but it's not a ruling on the merits. and this wednesday deadline now has gone away. that would have forced the trump accountants to start turning over his financial records to the house. >> all right. pete, thank you. pete williams for us at the justice -- sorry, in washington for us on this particular story. all right. it's been four days since the latest school shooting and some teachers are taking matters in their own hands by arming themselves inside the classroom. we'll take you inside the active shooter training. and the lead in the polls
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welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." pete buttigieg is surging in iowa, at the site of the first 2020 caucuses said for february 3rd, just 2 1/2 months from now.
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>> south bend indiana mayor has surpassed elizabeth warren to take the top spot in the poll. it's got mayor pete nine points in double-digit lead over every other candidate. joining us now is msnbc national correspondent steve kornacki. steve, help us understand, mayor pete specifically in iowa, but really in a broader sense because he's the top dog there but remains number four across the board. >> yeah, it's an interesting dynamic with pete buttigieg. he does lead the des moines poll. the most immediate question, can he sustain the lead? obviously, he's going to have a target on his back. will that lead hold up. here's a look back at recent history of candidates who led in the same poll at the same point in the campaign. how did they hold up, hillary clinton, the leader in iowa. at this point nationally in
10:17 am
2015, that held up, she held iowa. and obama led with 28% in a poll around this time. ended up winning as well, 10 points higher than that. here's the cautionary note, 2004 cycle, that's when republicans needed a nominee to run against a president. they wanted out of office. and dick gerhart who led in iowa. howard dean second in leading nationally. and then john edwards coming in second place. so iowa, an example where you had kind of a cluttered unsettled field. you had a candidate who led right now, but you had a lot of flux. and it was really in the closing weeks of that campaign that kerry was able to win iowa. a cautionary note for buttigieg, the other one for buttigieg, if he wins iowa, can he build in other states that don't necessarily look like iowa. >> right. new hampshire recent polling
10:18 am
wasn't too bad for pete buttigieg. wasn't as strong as iowa polling. but then we get to south carolina, heavy african-american vote, a demographic with whom he's not doing so well. >> and that's the key. i pulled up the chart. let's take a look at the african-american share of electorate in iowa. 2016, in the democratic race, only 3% were black in iowa. 2% in new hampshire. nationally, we keep saying it's about 1 out of 4 votes that will be cast in democratic primaries by black voters so basically not represented at all in iowa and new hampshire. that begins to change in nevada. as you mentioned, south carolina, that's where you have the majority of the african-american electorate. that's been the issue for pete buttigieg. by the way, we're getting another poll in a couple hours. but this has been the story for buttigieg in south carolina. this has been the story for buttigieg with black voters. even as he's moved up in iowa, moved up in some other polls, he's not moved up measurably
10:19 am
with african-american voters. you've seen warren move up measurably, not a ton. but that has not been an element of pete buttigieg's rise. >> steve, thank you, my friend. our national political correspondent. joe biden was asked about recreational marijuana at a campaign event in las vegas on sunday. here's what he had to say. >> i think states should be able to make a judgment to realize marijuana. i agree. i think that's okay. but let me tell you, the truth of the matter is, there's not nearly been enough evidence that has been acquired as to whether or not it is a gateway drug. it's a debate. and i want a lot more before i legalize it nationally. i want to make sure we know a lot more about the science behind it. >> and the latest candidate to officially join the democratic presidential field, former
10:20 am
massachusetts governor deval patrick. he joined our colleague chuck todd on "meet the press" yesterday and spoke about his credentials for jumping into the race. >> i think that i have a record of being a bridge-builder. and i think that's pretty important at the time not just the party in some respects but the nation is deeply divided. i also have a range of life experience and professional experience which enables me to come at problem solving from a bunch of different perspectives. and you've seen that. and i want to tell the american people about that in massachusetts. >> and don't forget, wednesday, msnbc, "washington post" hosts the next democratic debate live from tyler perry studios in atlanta georgia featuring the top ten candidates. >> andrea mitchell, rachel maddow will be moderating.
10:21 am
coming up, a viral moment in impeachment hearings. we're going to speak to denny heck who gave an emotional speech while questioning former ambassador yovanovitch. >> one group of teachers is not waiting for the laws to change. they're taking up their own arms. you're watching "velshi & ruhle." teacher with guns.
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welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." our tragic shooting took place in fresno, california, last night. right now, police are searching for a gunman who shot a total of ten people. they were gunned down watching "sunday night football." they saw this party as a targeted attack but they don't yet have a motive. just 200 miles south of fresno, people in santa clarita continue to remember people there. thousands gathered to remember the victims of thursday's school shooting that left two dead and others hurt. police say the gunman shot himself during the attack and he died on friday. nbc news has tracked school
10:26 am
shootings since 2013, 66 people killed and 106 wounded. active shooter training has become more common across the nation. and utah is one of several states that allows permit holders to carry guns in public schools. >> gadi schwartz joins teachers for an exercise taught by the utah county sheriff's office. before this class, some of these teachers have never even picked up a gun. >> reporter: in a shooting training center in utah, the sound of gunshots means class is in session. but these aren't police. they're school teachers and faculty being taught to stop and kill an active shooter. around the corner, brenda has just spotted her target. >> can i shoot this? >> yeah. >> one more. put it in the head.
10:27 am
good. what do you think? >> that was exhilarating kind of nerve-racking. >> you're shaking a little bit. >> yeah. so, you don't know what to expect. you fwhawalk in and you see a gn with a young child. you know this has got to count. >> if there was a student that brought a gun to school that you possibly knew, would you be able to stop him with a gun? >> that's a really loaded question. and i think depending -- it would be tough. it would be heartbreaking but think about how it would alter life if you didn't do something. >> reporter: but as radical as all of this might seem under utah state law teachers have been allowed to carry guns into schools for years as long as they're concealed and concealed. >> one of the fears there could be an accidental discharge in school, right? >> i go back to guns are in school. >> if we're going to do it, we
10:28 am
need to help them prepare for it. >> reporter: sheriff mike smith said after a lockdown in salt lake city, deputies found unsecured guns left by teachers in places like a desk or a purse. so decided it was time to start training educators how to carry a gun. >> minute word got out, our class filled up. we had a waiting list for the next class. >> reporter: is it just teachers? >> it's a majority of teachers. we have custodians and librarians. >> reporter: his course is extensive covering everything for a child first aid for a gunshot victim, all the way to marksmanship and basic tactics. are you at all worried an a kid possibly getting your gun at school? >> no, it would be on my person at all times, secure and concealed. >> reporter: the country is going to be asking why, why take a gun into the classroom? parents send their kids to school expecting they're going
10:29 am
to be safe. right now, the teachers, they look to me as the person who can keep them safe. >> nbc's gadi schwartz joins us live. >> that's something. >> yeah. >> i mean, are our counties or schools -- >> actually, it's a mixed bag across the country, states that allow this. we're looking at nine different states that allow some sort of gun in a classroom. >> right. in most cases that's forbidden. >> and who pays for the guns? >> so, this is put on by the sheriff's department. they're saying, look, the laws already allow for teachers to have guns in schools. >> we're just teaching them. >> we might as well teach them how to use it. >> it's pretty stark to see this. >> yep. >> this that you're seeing on the screen, this is the first time that many of these teachers, this is something that most gun owners don't experience. shooting a gun inside. there's something very violent and very loud. and it shakes you when you hear that gun go off. and it basically reverberates.
10:30 am
>> people will practice shooting off and do so in a range, it's an environment in which you're accustomed to. this is different. going around in rooms, looking for someone. avoiding shooting students. have parents chimed in on this? >> yes, parents, it depends where you're at. a lot of the states that allow this, a lot of different districts that allow this there are rural areas that embrace this. police may be 15, 20, 30 minutes away. >> right. >> it takes quite some time for police to respond to these locations. however, in big cities, you can imagine the concern of parents thinking my kid or somebody in my kid's classroom might be able to get that gun if it's not secured. you might be looking at accidental discharges. >> gadi schwartz, nbc correspondent. coming up, democratic congressman denny heck, a key player in the impeachment hearings will be joining us live. plus, british media, dare i
10:31 am
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10:35 am
williams, alexander vindman, kurt volker and tim morrison. >> joining us now democratic congressman from washington state and member of the house intelligence committee denny heck. congressman, the president now saying via twitter he may testify. we just spoke to a legal analyst who said she believes that when pigs fly. you are on the committee. do you ever think you'll see the president? >> i think there are two chances. slim and none. and slim just left the room, stephanie. look, he says he'll testify. but look at what he does, what he does is permit primary individuals from coming forward to testify even though they've been subpoenaed. he prohibits the release of document which is have been subpoenaed from the state department and white house, those with calendars or notes of memoranda that would bring direct evidence to this
10:36 am
deliberation. so, i'm paying attention to what he does, not what he says. i remember full well during the mueller proceedings he said he would be glad to sit down with director mueller, that never happened. >> your colleagues say they want firsthand witnesses to testify. i don't know who will they call firsthand. but there are people on the phone call. >> you're going to have two tomorrow. >> yeah. does that complaint hold any water, because what the whistle-blower said, and it's been corroborated by people either on the call, heard about the call, talked to somebody about the call or were involved in the things that actually kale out of that call? >> well, it would be more credible of an objection if they supported the president releasing, mick mulvaney and mike duffy to testify. it would be more credible if they released those documents but, no, the fact of the matter is it's a mountain of evidence, it's overwhelming.
10:37 am
and it includes the president's own confession, in the context of the call. mick mulvaney signing the confession. moreover, there's a consciousness of guilt involved in transferring that transcript to the covert server which is usually reserved for things like covert operations and consciousness of guilt by allows these things to come forward. >> then are you making any headway with the documents that you subpoenaed that the president said no way? or calling with thes like mick mulvaney or john bolton? anything changes on your end? >> zero, nada. >> "the wall street journal" reporting sondland interviewed rick perry. saying zelensky, the ukrainian president, was prepared to tell the president that would open investigations into the bidens and the so-called corruption in the 2016 election. are those emails you can subpoena?
10:38 am
>> we can, but there's not much hope that we're going to get them, look, ali, president zelensky literally, not figuratively, literally had a gun at his head. right? because if he were not able to receive the needed military assistance from the united states which was appropriated by congress and is the foreign policy of this country, to support that strategic ally, to fend off maligned russian intent and aggression, remember, there's a shooting war in ukraine going on. >> yes. >> and those javelins were needed to protect the ukrainians. and he knew he needed them. so he literally had a gun at his head. >> secretary mike pompeo has not been willing to testify. but it's been reported he'll be making a public statement at 2:30. does that public statement hold any water for you or that committee, seeing that statement won't be under oath? >> well, it would hold more water if he came forward and testified and told us what he knew. he, too, was on that call. and he as had supervisory
10:39 am
responsibility over ambassador taylor and ambassador yovanovitch and was involved and ambassador volker i might add and involved in many of these conversations. look, stephanie, here's the deal, if they've got something that exonerates the president, they would be racing to the cars to drive down to the capitol building and raise their right hand. if they had something. but they don't. that's why they're thought coming forward under oath. that's why they're pointing apr all of these other people to come forward. >> assuming they don't let other people come forward, is fiona hill the last person we'll hear from? are you planning for after thanksgiving? >> well, we're going to take it as the truth emerges and as the facts are revealed. i can't tell you for certainty it's going to be the end. i will tell you there are going to be several people come forward this week that will be very interesting.
10:40 am
in fact, i think they'll all be interesting. i'm especially looking forward to hearing from colonel vindman and ambassador sondland. and the person i found riveting as any is ambassador hill, she blew the whistle on saying rudy giuliani was a hand grenade and he wouldn't be involved in any drug deals cooked by by giuliani and sondland. he's she's a compelling witness. >> the person who said that is john bolton. any sign that -- i know john bolton said he will testify if a judge decides so. any idea of the timing on that? >> well, we're not going to play rope-a-dope with ambassador bolton. i'd make a public plea to him right here and now to respond to the inner self of him which is
10:41 am
highly patriotic. i do believe he's a patriot. and i would ask for him to rise to the level of courage that colonel vindman, tim morriston, dr. hill, all of whom worked for him when they agreed to come forward when they put country before party and frankly current before self-interest. >> congressman, thank you. we have a developing situation in hong kong. hundreds of protest, are believed to be trapped by riot police inside a university campus. we're live on the ground. plus, prince andrew's controversial interview about his tice to accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. that's next on "velshi & ruhle." but is his treatment doing enough to lower his heart risk? [sfx: glasses clanking.] sorry. maybe not. jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease.
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over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room. welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." britain's prince andrew is facing growing backlash after addressing this controversial friendship with accused sex trafficker and convicted child sex offender jeffrey epstein. this week, prince andrew sat down with the bbc for nearly an hour to discuss his relationship with epstein, the interview is being called a train wreck by the british media. and nbc's stephanie gosk has the
10:46 am
latest for us. >> reporter: the monday morning headlines say it all. prince an due's attempt to explain his friend schiff with jeffrey epstein back firing. >> you've been on his private plane? >> yes. >> you've been to stay on his private island? >> yes. >> you've stayed at his home in palm beach? >> yes. >> reporter: the duke of hjorth generating a new wave of questions in what has become a sea of speculation surrounding his ties to epstein. prince andrew denied he ever saw his former present with underage girls. in a pointed and detailed interview with the bbc. >> do i rye get tegret the fact quite obviously has conducted himself in a manner unbecoming, yes. >> unbecoming? he was a sex offend. >> i'm sorry i'm being polite. >> reporter: he was specifically asked about the visit to the
10:47 am
manhattan mansion. after the financier pleaded guilty to soliciting minors for prostitution. >> i went there for the sole purpose of saying to him because he had been convicted because inappropriate for us to be seen together. >> reporter: despite ending their friendship, prince andrew admitted he stayed with epstein for four days. >> was staying of the house of a convicted sex offender? >> it was a convenient place to stay. >> prince andrew pilinked to epstein in the defamation lawsuit of ghislaine maxwell. giuffre speeexclusively to sava. >> prince andrew, of course, denies that this ever happened. >> reporter: echoing his
10:48 am
repeated denials of the allegations, prince andrew said he has no recollection of even meeting giuffre. >> i can absolutely categorically tell you it never happened. >> reporter: giuffre claimed one of the alleged sexual encounters happened in march 2001 after dancing with the prince at a manhattan nightclub. >> she described dancing with you and you profusely sweating and she went on to have -- >> there's a slight problem with the sweating. because i have a peculiar volition which i don't sweat. >> reporter: prince andrew who served in the royal navy said he developed the rare medical condition during his combat in the war. with this photo appearing to show him giuffre when she was
10:49 am
just 17. >> that's me, whether that's my hand or the position. i have simply no recollection of the photograph ever being taken. i'm not one, as it were, to hug and public displays of affection are not something that i do. >> reporter: the prince provided this explanation for where he was that night. >> i was at home. i was with the children. i'd taken beatrice to a pizza express for a party i suppose four or five, and because the dut duchess rule in the family when one's away the other one is there. >> joining us now nbc's stephanie gosk. stephanie, you know it is at times a very difficult interview to watch. she grills him for an hour. longer than an hour.
10:50 am
on every single detail of his friendship with jeffrey epstein. on the allegations that he had sex with an underage girl, a teen age girl. and he goes into the minutia of all of those allegations. there's extraordinary fallout here in the uk. so far, the palace has not commented on the interview, though we're told that the queen knew her son prince andrew was going to conduct the interview. his ex-wife sarah ferguson has come out and called him, quote, a true gentleman. there's also a report that jason stein, a public relations person who had been working with the prince resigned from this issue or not to do this interview. palace says he was neff emplhe the royal household. but this is not going away, it is just creating more damaging headlines. >> stephanie, thank you. in hong kongs, protestors
10:51 am
clashed with police at a university where hundreds are believed to be hold up with no way out. and in our next hour, the democrats' new strategy in the impeachment hearings. jam jamie raskin will join us for that. and jane addams, a pioneer in ending child labor and fighting for international peace, she was born back in 1860 in illinois and graduated from rockford female seminary. she then co-founded hull house in chicago, one of the centers states. >> and she founded the women's international league for peace and freedom. and she also co-founded the aclu. she was awarded a nobel peace prize in 1931. she died in 1935.
10:52 am
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welcome back. hundreds of protestors are believed to be trapped at a university in hong kong as police used water cannon and tear gas to push them back interests the polytechnic university. the school will remain closed through tuesday due to the
10:56 am
instability. this has been a continuation of demonstrations that have swept through hong kong since june. joining us now, matt bradley who is in hong kong with the latest. matt, what is the latest situation on the students that have been forced into the university? >> reporter: those students were not so much forced into the university, they have been told that the police have been trying to actually push them out. but it is a very weird way of going about it. they are not letting them out without hitting them with tear gas or actually arresting them. so there is thought to be is still hundreds of students left. most of the action tonight though seems to be over. there were protestors, hundreds of them, moving up this highway as you can see they left a trail of damage and debris all over this highway all the way up there until we reach the university. they told us that they were trying to free he their comrades or at least resupply them those who were still stuck inside polytechnic university.
10:57 am
>> and what are we expecting in the next few days? >> reporter: that is a good question. the protestors used to be -- this is now in its six month. used to be once a week on the weekend. new t now they are determined to make it a daily disturbance. and that is why you are starting to see more acts of violence, more disruption, more obstruction. and just over that hill, that is a major artery. so the protestors have decided that they are done with just having millions of people marching on the street, families, adults, kids. now it is a much smaller group of people, much younger, harder core and much more determined to create damage like this. and that is what we can expect in the coming week. >> matt, thanks very much. in iran, protestorss degre s er
10:58 am
following an announcement of a 50% increase in gas prices. they lit fires to maximum disruption while shorts have shut down much of the internet to try to smoother dissent. at least one person has been killed and hundreds more arrested. that is according to state media. >> in a speech iran's supreme leader backed the government's decision to raise prices. calling angry protest erors whot fire to public property thugs and signaling a potential crack to down on demonstrations. >> so serious stuff happening in iran. reports of a number of people killed. iran heavily subsidizes its gas prices and because. economy, the government is trying to manage that budget so they are trying to remove some of the subsidy. and when it comes down to it, when you take people's economic
10:59 am
prosperity and put it at risk, they take to the streets. >> much like the situation with hong kong and china, is there anything in the short term that will relieve these situations? >> in iran it is purely economic. in china, hong kong, it looks like this will go on for a while because fundamentally china is threatening the things that people in hong kong are used to. so bad situations in both places. >> that does it for this hour of "velshi & ruhle." >> i'll be back here at 3:00 p.m. >> and i'll see you tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. now we hand it off to katy tur. >> on hong kong, incredible images overnight. seems like it will only end badly. guys, thank you very much. i'll see you in an hour. i'm katy tur. this could be the defining week of testimony from witnesses.
11:00 am
it is day 56 of the impeachment inquiry. and there are a slate of new witnesses testifying this week. some were on the july 25th call between president trump and president zelensky. some were on the text message chain. and are others were involved in the ukraine security aid. but the most highly anticipated and potentially most damaging testimony happens wednesday when eu ambassador gordon sondland is on capitol hill. he could be in some real trouble. late friday we obtained david holm holmes' opening statement. he says he was the one at lunch with ambassador sondland when the ambassador called president trump to update him on vels. i heard president trump ask so he's going to do the investigation, holmes recounted. ambassador sondland replied that he is going to do it adding that zelensky will do anything you ask him to. when he got off the on


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