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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  November 22, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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very much. i'm katy tur, it's 11:00 out west, 2:00 p.m. in washington where impeachment could soon be in the house the house judiciary. it's day 60 of the inquiry, here's what we know after two weeks of public testimony. witnesses say there was a quid pro quo with ukraine. eu ambassador gordon sondland said it the secretary of state, the chief of staff and the energy secretary all knew about it, he said, and they were doing it at the direction of rudy giuliani who is speaking with the president's voice. career national security council officials agreed that it was dangerous that president trump asked president zelensky on that call to do us a favor on the bidens. despite assurance from the would you say that call was perfect and officer and over this week, witnesses said the same thing, ukraine meddling was basis. rudy giuliani was misleading the president. and the more we talk about
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ukraine as if it's a threat to our national security the more we're emboldening russia as fiona hill testified yesterday. >> based on question and statements i've heard some of you on this committee believe that russia security services did not conduct a campaign against our country. and that perhaps somehow, for some reason, ukraine did. this is a fictional narrative. it's being propel gaited by the russian security services themselves. >> democrats on the intelligence committee are now working on a report to send nancy pelosi and house judiciary, the committee that could draft impeachment articles. what they're not doing, though, is calling more fact witnesses. people like mike pompeo. rudy giuliani, mick mel vane, john bolton and mike pence. relates get to it, phil rucker and deputy assistant secretary of state and former spokesperson
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for the hillary clinton campaign, or just hillary clinton, period, philippe rines. phil, i'm going to start with you. >> i can declare -- if you like. >> philip, not you, philippe, philip. in terms what the white house saw this week. i know the president was on fox news this morning, talking for 53 minutes and completely mischaracterizing what the witnesses said. are they nervous about the with the witnesses said, is that why the president is 34s chaeshgtdize ichaeshgtd i mischaracterizing? >> the belief is whatever narrative he puts forward, tells people publicly, his voters, his base are going to believe.
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while the last two weeks of extraordinary historic testimony has brought new facts to light and really bolstered the fact-based narrative surrounding what trump and his allies are trying to do with regards to ukraine. you know, whatever trump says is what his followers are believing as of now. there seems to be no indication that those supporters of ehe re congressmen are changing their minds about the president's culpability here, his abuse of office. and so the president's strategy is for just continue to spin his own reality, his own narrative. and assume people are going to follow suit. >> are they going to anybody in the senate right now to make sure that they stay in line? are they trying to talk to senator collins? i know i think senator romney was at the white house the other day. is there any work to keep those potentially not as loyal, if you want to put it that way senators, in a loyal place? >> yeah, katy, there are a
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couple of things going on as it relates to the senate. first of all, the president and those at the white house are extremely confident that the republicans senators by and large are going to stick with trump. they don't feel like they're at risk of a conviction in the senate which would require a two-thirds majority in that chamber. but they're also reaching out, as you said to susan collins and to robert muellemuelle mitt rom interesting to see mitt romney yesterday, he has been the most outspoken with the president of the united states aens comments to ukraine which makes voters feel he's the most likely to acquit the president. the-s we're also seeing the president's close ally lindsey graham, the republican senator from south carolina try to begin an investigation into the bidens. he's requested documentation from the state department relating to to the bidens. that indicates there's going to be some parallel effort here to investigate the bidens around
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the same time that the impeachment trial would come to the senate. >> what was that moment for you yesterday, or just the whole week? >> the whole week, you know, the white house probably thought three of these witnesses, sondland and morrison and i'm blanking on the third were their people -- volker, in particular, were their people. it turns out they were as damaging as anybody. if you read their testimony they would not think they were helpful with the white house. particularly at odds with the white house. you could see rem cans were not prepared for that. gordon sondland started say there was a quid pro quo. and devin nunes was giving his talking points as if sondland was a character witness for the president. and he's not. >> it's almost as devin nunes didn't read -- >> it's almost as if devin nunes doesn't take this job seriously and doesn't what's going on.
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>> let's play devin nunes and adam schiff, the way they closed out the inquiries. >> what you've seen in this room over the past two weeks is a show trial, exploiting the intelligence committee as a venue for impeachment has been one of the grossest processes. >> if my view there's nothing more dangerous than an an unethical president who believes they're above the law. i would just say to people here at home and around the world, in the words of my great colleague, we are better than that. >> so? >> i mean, adam schiff, for him, that is incredibly worked up. he was saying that contemporaneously, not looking at notes. but the dichotomy is incredible.
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with the witnesses, to any absolve donald trump but two, would the republicans be effective where they have some new line of talking points. and what we saw this week, they don't. they have the same litany of hopes and alex chalupa and others don't understand. they didn't have anything specific to fight. with mueller, mueller didn't sfiegt fight back. now, they've got half the congress fighting back. >> they're moving at a quick pace. jeff, you're on capitol hill, and they're coming up with a report but there's some glaring names that they have not called, or at least haven't been successful in getting in front of them. mike pompeo, john bolton, rudy giuliani, mick mulvaney. talk to me the gamble that democrats are making that they don't need them to testify. >> right. >> i was talking with one lawmaker yesterday with bolton
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in particular. one democratic lawmaker, and they said, they have the president's words, the president's words aren't enough. they don't need someone like john bolt ton confirm what they heard the president say themselves? >> right. the point of view with house democrats that we've talked to extensively with this. they say they have all of the facts that they need to make the case. now the public fact-finding portion of this is now over. house staff committee members have not announced any more hearings. they've not announced any additional closed-door depositions. as the house intelligence committee next week spends that week, we're today, likely writing a report that they will hand off to the house judiciary committee. if, let's say, john bolton or mick mulvaney, or pick your name who is key who has not cooperated, house democrats say if any one of those men has a
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conscience of crisis, say john bolton, the house democrats will make time for that. but that does not necessarily mean that it will delay in any way the work that they're doing because they believe they already have the information they need to make the house. now, house democrats have signaled since august was the first time i talked to a he be moo is relevant to these proceedings who said they intend to wrap up their portions of this by the end of the year. there are substantive and political reasons for that. and already, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he intends to hold whatever semblance of a trial in january. the question is how long would it last. >> i know john bolton is teasing something on twitter. if the man really wants to speak there are any number of camera that would love for him to speak. we would be happy for him here to hear from him. ambassador john bolton, the door
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is open. thank you very much. joining me colorado democratic senator michael bennet. and he's also a member of the senate intel committee. >> i'm not john bolton. >> you're not. do you think it's a good idea for democrats to move forward without hearing from bolton or giuliani or mulvaney, and pushing harder? >> well, i think they have pushed hard and the president has stone walled, saying we don't want these people to testify. history is going to write about mike pompeo and these other guys, unwillingness to do it. the evidence has been entirely consistent since the first witness testified. and it's up to the white house if they want to stonewall, i don't think that should stop the house. >> so, they move forward in articles of obstruction in their articles of impeachment. i guess my question is, if this goes from the house and the senate and bleeds into 2020, how are 2020 democrats looking at
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this? is this something that might be a problem for campaigning, as some candidates might say, is it something that is more necessary for history than it is -- >> yeah. that's how i think about it, katy. i mean, nobody chose -- somebody people did. i certainly didn't choose to have this lawless president in the white house. but we have a constitutional obligation to do what we're going to do and we need to do it well and responsibly. and if that means we have to come off the trail to do it, we have to come off the trail to do it. we have no idea how long the trial is going to last. that's in mitch mcconnell's hands. you can be sure that he will schedule it in a way that will create maximum pain for the people he wants to create maximum pain for. and give him the benefit of him saying we took this seriously but we didn't agree with the impeachment. >> talk about senator collins and senator romney, there's this idea out there, peggy noonan
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advanced it in "the wall street journal." they may be advancing for censor or a vote for the president. >> i haven't had any discussions about that. and sitting here today, i wouldn't be satisfied with that. you've got a president which all of the evidence shows basically shook down a foreign government to investigate his political rivals. then lied about it and changed his mind about it over and over again. and then stonewalled. the congress has a responsibility to do oversight. >> is he a threat to our elections that he needs to be removed as nancy pelosi intim mated in her letter? >> i think he's a threat to the country. every single day he's there, ire rain iraions are pressing their advantage. and it may be that we don't end
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one a conviction in the senate. i think that's probably likely, sitting here today. that we won't. we're still going to have to beat him at the polls in november. and i think that's what people in iowa and new hampshire are expecting is going to happen. >> you and i have talked about the system. we've had them on the show the other day and in the show "american swamp." does the american people have so little trust in our government that donald trump is able to get away with this sort of thing because they think all politicians are corrupt and washington is corrupt? because it is corrupt, legalized bribery and how we fund our elections. we legalize bribery, to an extent, without lobbying. how much money can infect our politics. we talked about funding our elections. it's dial for dollars for half the week while they're in washington. because of the way the system is currently set up and how money has -- if you don't want to call it bribery -- how money has influenced our way of
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government, and wrou be surprou surprised that americans think donald trump is one and the same. that maybe he's a little more clumsy than everyone else. but americans are saying, hey, i don't think he's doing what other politicians don't do behind the scenes? >> i think it's important to understand that donald trump is not the essential cause of the problems that we face as a country. whether it's lack of economic mobility. or the failure of our political institutions. he's a symptom of that. he's a symptom of people saying to washington, we're going to blow the place up. we're going to send a reality tv star there who is obviously unqualified. people knew that he was unqualified. but it seemed like matters couldn't get any worse. of course, they have gotten worse. we are not going to address that just by beating donald trump. we have to start governing the country again. a woman asked me in des moines the most existential question anyone has asked me in the
11:15 am
campaign which is can western democracy involve climate change? and that's a real question in front of us because if you're mitch mcconnell and trump, you can accept the rubble of our broken politics and our broken system because you're not actually doing anything but putting right wing judges on the court. you can live in a world where michael bennet puts a plan in and it gets ripped out. and i put it in, it gets ripped out. the culprits will be there, to your point, we actually have to construct the politics that can create an american climate plan. >> how do you do that? >> there's no short cut. we have to overcome the current system. >> is it possible? >> it has to be possible because otherwise the answer to that woman's question in des moines is no. it's no. that's what we're fighting for. the democracy is at risk before trump got there and all of the reasons you reported and we've got to clean it up.
11:16 am
which means we got to get the money out of our politics to get the people back in. we also need an agenda that's going toying nice enough for the nerve people to make gains and sustain the changes that are made. >> do we have enough time to do it? >> we have to. we don't have any other choice. we have no other choice. and i think if we go, ifby do the hard work of galvanizing the american people with an agenda that can actually bring people together rather than further divide them, we have a chance to do it. if we do it, we do it. we're at a tipping point. >> senator michael bennet, good to see you in person. >> thanks for having me. >> happy thanksgiving. come back whenever you want. senator's cory booker's take on the hearings and how impeachment could impact the 2020 race, plus, our reporters hit 9 road to find out what voters are thinking. if they're watching the hearings, did anything change their mind? but first what the past two
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witnesses this week, once again, confirmed important details in the house's impeachment inquiry. details that were often at odds with president trump's prefer messenger. himself. >> there was never any quid pro quo. >> no quid pro quo. >> was there a quid pro quo? as i testified previously, with regard to the requested white
11:21 am
house call and the white house meeting, the answer is, yes. >> it was a perfect call. there was nothing -- we handed that call out. we handed that call out to people and they say, wow, this is incorrect. we're very proud of that call. >> i was concerned by the call. what i heard was inappropriate. >> i found the july 25th phonealphone call unusual. >> when biden's son walks away from millions of dollars from ukraine, and paying millions of dollar, that's corruption. >> it's not credible to me that former vice president biden would have been influenced in any way in financial or personal motive. >> i had two calls from the president of ukraine, who, by the way, said there was no pressure whatsoever. there was no anything. >> was it your understanding that president zelensky and the ukrainians were already beginning to feel something corrupt to complete he is investigations? >> yes.
11:22 am
>> joining me paul rosenswig. and dana, it almost felt i wasn't watching the same hearings that republicans were watch be. often they would ignore what the witness was saying or launch into a rant hole that was not at issue. one of those things when fiona hill was talking about in the morning, about following on this ukraine line of questioning, that it was only helping to bolster the russians, who were trying to claim that ukraine attacked our elections and not russia. so, she said that, and then we played at the beginning of the show, then jim jordan and others came out and said this. >> well, look will we all know that russia meddled in the election but that's not to say ukraine didn't try to influence the election. that's the words we have used all along. >> so, she said, just to remind
11:23 am
everybody, as i told the committee last month, i refused to be part of an effort to legitimize an effort that the ukraine as a u.s. adversary. and jordan comes out and says yeah, russia attacked it but doesn't mean that they did it. >> there's so much to unpack here. devin nunes has been repeatedly referring to the russian hoax. some of this, you try to shade it or cherry pick the facts or bend the truth a little bit but what's going on with ukraine is something entirely different. they're defending trump with a counternarrative that says ukraine did this. it's not just false, but it happens to be something that was cooked up by vladimir putin and is being spread by the russian security services. in fact, within the last hour,
11:24 am
there's another report in "the new york times" how senators have been briefed this is part of a years's long campaign to try to frame ukraine. so, here we have the president's defenders actually using russian talking points, russian propaganda to try to defend the president. that's rather different than putting up your own version of facts. they're actually delivering russia's message. >> they're also -- i'm not saying this to be unfair, but they are mischaracterizing witnesses, paul. they're mischaracterizing a lot what the testimony says. i know you part of the clinton impeachment hearings. is this a route that you would take if all other routes, like the fact routes didn't work? would you deliberately go and mischaracterize witnesses for your advantage? >> well, it seems that the mischaracterization is with a purpose. it's not just to muddy the waters, but it's really to maintain an echo chamber for the base, for the trump base. >> that's a chamber of lies? >> an echo chamber of falsities.
11:25 am
and an echo chamber, i think, of confusion. i attended a town hall just said that representative byers had alexandria. and the misinformation that is percolating amongst some of his constituents who i assume are legitimate consumers of news. but that information is part and parshall of the planned confusion that is being sown by republican lawmakers today. >> i wonder what we make of, more moderate and statesman-like somebody like willhurd, who is retiring. and who has not broken from the president. yesterday, had said he doesn't think there's enough evidence. let's listen to that. >> an impeachable offense should be compelling, overwhelmingly clear and unambiguous. and it's not something to be rushed or taken lightly. i've not heard evidence that the
11:26 am
president committed bribery or extortion. i also reject the notion that holding us here makes us with the foreign policy choices we've heard over the last two weeks. >> our friend from politico made this point on twitter, the difficulty is that republicans have so thoroughly subjug gaited themselves to trump that even if an honest and respected statesman-type like hurd makes a decision that shields the president. it's nearly impossible to believe it was done for the right. >> yeah, i think what you're hearing from hurd is where republicans are going with this. sort of the ukraine fantasy offered up by russia when they're done with countering with a whole other range of alternative facts, as they say. the answer in the senate will ultimately be, okay, it's not
11:27 am
acceptable, it's not the behavior we would like to see, but it's not impeachable. ultimately, you can make that argument. people can disagree. >> yeah. >> what is an impeachable offense has never been fully defined. >> absolutely. paul, would this be something you would recommend for an impeachment hearing if you were digging this up, if this were your investigation? >> here's the problem, impeachments set precedents that resound through history for the next 50 years of america history. if we're going to look at president trump's behavior using essentially taxpayer funds. and team that misconduct but not impeachable misconduct, we're essentially setting a new lower bar for behavior amongst presidents that will echo for the next 50 years. and that will reset the boundaries of what we consider to be american norms. that's a dangerous, dangerous precedent. i think that when a president
11:28 am
commits bribery, commits extortion, as the president seems clearly to have done, that ought to trigger removal. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. happy thanksgiving. >> thanks, katy. >> thanks. what happens if the house impeaches and the senate fails to convict? senator cory booker weighs in on how that could reshape the 2020 race. he joins me. but first, voters have been paying attention to the public hearings. but has anyone changed their mind? stay with us. do your asthma symptoms ever hold you back? about 50% of people with severe asthma have too many cells called eosinophils in their lungs. eosinophils are a key cause of severe asthma. fasenra is designed to target and remove these cells. fasenra is an add-on injection for people 12 and up with asthma driven by eosinophils. fasenra is not a rescue medicine or for other eosinophilic conditions. fasenra is proven to help prevent severe asthma attacks,
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the public hearings in the house look like they are over. and public opinion of the impeachment inquiry hasn't changed much since it started. support still hovers around 50%, in a new poll out this week. and in the same poll, a good majority of voters said they followed the proceedings, very or fairly closing. 63%. but a similar number, 65% say nothing that emerges from the inquiry is likely to change their mind. joining me from watertown new york, jermaine lee and ali vitaly. ali, what are you hearing down in that district, is it a red district? >> reporter: it's a district
11:33 am
that went for trump in 2016. and was for obama in 2012 and 2008 before that. so, when you talk about those blue to red districts in 2016, we're in one of them right now. and it feels like all day, we've been seeing the illustration of the polling divide you that just talked about. a lot of people tell us that they're watching, paying attention, listening in their car on the radio, catching the highlights at night of the hearings. but opinions are baked in. and a lot of them are done with an eye towards 2020. that's true where we are right now in monticello and leon. >> it seems clear to me that he has used his position of authority to help him in the election, that's supposed to be democratic. >> the house of representatives is doing their constitutional duty. >> reporter: is there anything that any of these witness could say that would make you say
11:34 am
there was wrongdoing that is worth impeaching the president over? >> yes, if they testified that the president was breaking a law. i haven't heard anything about president trump that would suggest he's violating any federal statuteses. katy, that last voter probably sounds similar to you, when you and were i were at trump rallies, we would ask the question, is there anything that trump would to that would make you not support them. i've been asking all day, is there anything that they say in the testimony that would make you say there's a there there. and they say no. as i was hanging out this morning in ea diner. the one guy telling me he hopes the impeachment removes him from office is. the guy across from him shaking his head and saying i couldn't
11:35 am
be farther from that. >> tremaine, you're in elise stefanik's district. she was seen as openly open for impeachment. a lot of people are completely surprised how she has completely lashed herself to the president in the course of these impeachment proceedings. what have voters been telling you about her up there? what kind of district is it up there? and are you getting a feeling that there is, i guess, room to be swayed? >> reporter: i'll tell you what, katy the 21st congressional district here is a big huge district that actually incorporates about 40% of the state. and folks here are fiercely independent. that's how they see themselves. both democrats and republicans. and to your point there it there are those who support donald trump and believe that elise stefanik is holding truth to
11:36 am
power. and others who say they see a change. she ran has the youngest woman ever elected to congress. somebody believed to be working close to the aisle and transparent. some folks see her as nothing more than a mouthpiece for donald trump. others say, that's exactly why we center had her there. i talked to citizens crisscrossing the state from border to new york and canada, they gave me their opinions. let's take a listen to what democrats and republicans had to say. >> she has taken donald trump's side on every issue. and she is following his agenda. and at this point, i think she's making a tremendous mistake by saying that he is not guilty, without hearing all of the testimony. >> i don't feel she's putting on a show, sorry. but i feel she's doing exactly what will we elected her to do. we elected her to look out for
11:37 am
ny 21, we elected her to look out for her constituents. i want her to go in there and ask the tough questions. >> reporter: those who believe elise stefanik is showboating, grandstanding believe this might be a moment for her political rival to take advantage. in the last days, cobb, a democrat, has received over $1 million in donations. not just in the district, but uts of t outside of the district. >> trymaine, thank you. >> ali vitaly. >> next up on the impeachment and the political impact if his chamber fails to convict. could lead to way cleaner teeth. she said, get the one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head
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so become a regular, more regularly. because for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays in the community. join me and american express on small business saturday, november 30th, and see how shopping small adds up. as the investigation phase of the impeachment inquiry winds down the 2020 presidential election winds up. we're just over two months before first votes are cast in iowa. pete buttigieg is in the middle of an enviable surge. and joining me is senator cory booker who many said had say stand-up on the stage. >> i wanted to return back to this issue of black voters. i have a lifetime of black voters. i've been one since i was 18. nobody on this stage should need
11:42 am
a focus group from hearing from african-american voters. black voters are pissed off. and they're worried. only time they pay attention to politi paoliticians is when they want their vote. will it lead to a vote. he's hopef fful it there. joining me now senator cory booker. senator, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. good to be on. >> i have a question about impeachment just to get it tout of the way. it looks like the impeachment investigation phase is over. it's going to be sent to the senate. and if it makes it to the senate and if it makes to the house, a party line vote in the senate. is that good for running a presidential race for democrats in 2020? >> first of all, it's good for history.
11:43 am
people are going to look back and see how did we deal with a president who was violating their oath and undermining the values and virtues that we believe that office should uphold. so, to do nothing is unacceptable for me. politics, be damned, i want to be on the side that says this wife behavior for a united states president is not only unacceptable but qualifies for impeachment and removal. >> would you settle for a censor vote? >> i will literally swear oath to be an objective juror. clearly, has he met the level of being censored? yes, he has. this was bipartisan-agreed upon said that he held up on an attack for his own means. i think that is impeachable. should it be censurable, yes.
11:44 am
>> you had a standout in the debate on wednesday. one of them were you talking about how you've been a black voter since you were 18. you were going head to head with pete buttigieg and joe biden. joe biden enjoys the majority of black support in south carolina. i know the black vote is not a monolith, i'm not trying to say that, but how do you connect? >> i just want to remind you that barack obama was way behind hillary clinton at this point in the african-american votes. 21 points behind her overall. these polls mean very little this far out. we've never had anybody, ever -- it should worry joe biden, nobody has been leading in the polls and gone on to the white house. it's usually people like me, young dynamic people coming up who energizes the full base of
11:45 am
the democratic party. and as a guy who was elected in the majority african-american city, the biggest in our state, statewide elections saw a major pop in african-american turnout. i know i'm the best person in the field to energize, to excite, to engage, the critical area of our general election electorate. because we know in wisconsin and michigan, in pennsylvania where we lost in the presidential by 77,000 votes. the african-american turnout went down so dramatically, in milwaukee alone, it went down 70,000 votes. whoever it is, we would be talking about president hillary clinton right now if there wasn't voter suppression and dropout in african-american turnout. we have got to elect somebody from our party that has the power and the energy and the
11:46 am
authentic connection with communities to energize record turnouts. because that won't just help us win back the presidency. we'll be able to win back the senate that way, from north carolina, to georgia. pick up seats that are critical for us, to move a democratic agenda through the legislature. >> i do want to ask you about paid parental leave. i know a couple candidates got that question from ashley parker the other day. and i put out a call for anybody else who wanted to answer it to come on the show. it's an issue that i'm certainly passionate about. you've run into paid parental leave not issues but opportunities on your campaign. tell me, first, what your plan is if you're elected president. and secondly, why it matters. >> first of all, it matters on my campaign. we said from the beginning we can't campaign wrong and then govern right. so, we had a very good program that people are taking advantage of it. i love what we have. my staff is going to kill me for saying this, booker babies,
11:47 am
babies were that born in our campaign. and our staff takes paid family leave. i'm excited about that. if i'm president of the united states, i'm going to have a plan that's extraordinarily robust. i believe we should be going for six months of paid family gender, neutral family gender. it has a positive impact on the children of our nation in a positive way. we're an outlier, globally, outrageously, we're the only nation that does not have paid family leave. we're going to do that in the same way by having social security and contributions through employers. we can do this as a country. every other industrial nation does it. there's an urgency. but i want to go further. >> yeah. >> we have a nation that doesn't have affordable childcare. and we pay child care workers horrifically. we are a nation that does not have universal preschool.
11:48 am
i can show you if you're a fiscal responsible person dollars invested in universal preschool produce multiples in returns in terms of economic contributions of those children. we're being penny-wise and pound foolish in this country. we don't even have prenatal care. as a result of that, we lead in the nations in infant mortality. it would be my goal to provide care for women that would be cheaper that we save in the hospitals in birth. >> invest from the ground up. senator booker, you're a senator from the state of new jersey and new york. i do expect to you come at some point and join me on the stage. >> we would like that. people can go to and be there in the final days when new york has our primaries in june. >> senator cory booker, we
11:49 am
appreciate your time. >> thank you. next up, new plans that raise an old question, is donald trump profiting from the presidency. for online u.s. equity trades and etfs, plus zero minimums to open a brokerage account. with value like this, there are zero reasons to invest anywhere else. fidelity. there are zero reasons to invest anywhere else. the in-laws have moved in with us. and our adult children are here. so we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. anybody seen my pants? #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide.
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11:53 am
governor matt bevins at trump's dc hotel. but that is nothing compared to how much the president's company makes from u.s. tax payers. newly released secret service records show it spent more than $250,000, the secret service did, at trump's private businesses in the first five months of his presidency. joining me, the executive director of citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington. noah bookbinder. noah, always good to see you. i know we've had this took about emoluments and how the president has been basically paying himself through the use of his properties. $250,000 paid by the secret service to the trump organization for the first five months of his presidency. that's just the first five months. he's been to his properties, his golf courses, his resorts many times since then. more than 100 visits according to "the washington post." it's a whole lot more money than $250,000. how is this exactly legal? >> well, as -- as a starting
11:54 am
point, it's not legal. the constitution says that the president is not to get any emoluments. that's that word that a lot of us didn't know a few years ago. but basically, just means profit gain or advantage. he's not supposed to get that from either the federal government or the states beyond his salary. so when you have parts of the federal government coming to the president's businesses and paying a whole lot of money, he is -- he continues to be the primary owner of that business. so that money's going to his pocket. that violates the constitution. it's -- it's quite simply not legal. >> okay. so you have a lawsuit, an emoluments lawsuit, that's still going through the courts. what's the status of it? and do you expect there to be any resolution during donald trump's first term? potentially, his second term if he gets it there? >> so we are -- we're involved actually in two of those lawsuits. there's one that my organization crew brought itself, which we're
11:55 am
now joined by hotel and restaurant owners as plaintiffs. we're also working with the state of maryland and the district of columbia in their lawsuit against the president for these kinds of violations. and we are pressing forward in both cases as -- as quickly and as aggressively as we can. it's a long process but both cases are still alive. they're both at this point being argued in -- in the -- in the appellate courts. in the case that crew brought up in new york, we recently won on appeal. in the maryland and d.c. case, there is an appellate, the entire appellate court is hearing an argument in that case in a couple of weeks. we wish we could -- could get a win tomorrow. but we know these are important constitutional matters. you got to go through the courts. and we are hopeful for -- for getting these back down to -- to trial. getting information. and -- and moving it quickly
11:56 am
to -- to the end of the process. but we also will be out there every day until that point, pointing the american people to the fact that the president is using the presidency to enrich himself and creating conflicts of interest everywhere he goes. >> noah bookbinder. noah, thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks so much. >> we'll be right back. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions.
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yourself why i was wearing all
12:00 pm
black today and why my producer is wearing all black today. it's because it's her last day so we are in mourning and we want to say thank you very much, bobby. one of our segment producers is going back to seattle. what did you learn? >> the definition of emoluments. >> that's great. >> yeah. >> seattle. fresh air. outdoors. you're not going to wake up to the smell of garbage every morning. >> nope. >> lucky girl. ali velshi. >> that is amazing. i don't know anybody who doesn't love seattle. you're going to have a great time and i've never really seen you speechless or stumbling on words. >> that's not true. >> obviously, you are going to be missed, bobby. good luck. >> thank you so much. >> have a good afternoon. and it is friday, november the 22nd. the story has always been in plain sight. that's the final point from nbc's political unit after the country saw roughly 34 1/2 hours of televised testimony over the past two weeks. outlining the overall facts of the case that begs the question. did the current sitting


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