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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  November 24, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PST

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york mayor and trump lawyer who lead the rag tag ukraine extortion crew, may say he's not afraid of being indicted, but if the company he keeps is any indication, maybe he shouldn't be so confident. giuliani was on fox news on saturday, peddling more debunked kremlin conspiracy theories to defend himself, reports emerged that his recently indicted business partner is willing to testify in the house impeachment probe. if he does talk, he may have a lot to say about this guy. republican congressman devin nonees served as donald trump's human shield during the impeachment hearing may need shielding of his own. lev could testify that nunes met with ukraine's notedly corrupt top prosecutor about a investigation into the biden. it means the top republican in
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the impeachment hearing may be implicated in a scheme to do what trump is about to get impeached for. using ukraine to dig up dirt on a fellow american. which would be a pretty clear and brazen conflict of interest. on saturday, on this show, i asked congressman adam smith whether the allegations could result in a congressional ethics investigation into nunes. do you believe it should be a matter for an investigation regarding mr. nunn es? >> quite likely. newly released state department documents have drawn mike pompeo deeper into the corruption scheme. the documents, which show communications between pompeo and giuliani shortly before ambassador marie was forced out of her post, also further implicate pompeo in a scheme to oust the ambassador. joining me now is congressman jamie raskin of maryland, also a member of the house judiciary committee.
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thank you so much for being here this morning, congressman. >> good morning. >> good morning. i want to go back and play you, congressman, eric swalwell bringing up this allegation that given none es himself has been implicated in running the similar scheme to what the three amigos and donald trump were after. >> participated in the meetings, the lawyer said, which would arrange to help nunes' investigative work. >> there was one ethics complaint filed. the democratic coalition filed late on friday night after the news broke. an ethics complaint about the attempt to dig up dirt on the bidens that nunes is allegedly
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involved in. yesterday i asked a member of congress about it. whether or not there could be a real problem, and we're not going to go to one now. and whether or not it could become a problem for devon none es. he said there is a possibility there could be a complaint. >> i think e he's right about that. the thing about devin nunes is after the testimony, all of whom agreed that the ukrainian election interference conspiracy theory about 2016 is russian propaganda, is russian disinformation. he nonetheless went ahead and repeated it again. he clearly is embroiled in precise the trump/giuliani plot
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to shake down ukraine and to manufacture this absurd conspiracy theory about 2016, all of to benefit vladimir putin and to try to cover up for putin's sweeping and systemic campaign against our election in 2016, which was found by our intelligence community, and, of course, special counsel mueller. >> should nunes be able to serve as the ranking member on the impeachment committee if he shims engaging or even alleged to be engaging in the same kind of scheme to dig up dirt on a fellow american? >> you know, i'm not on the intelligence committee and i think that we would probably, you know, look to the chairman of the intelligence committee about whether it's worth it going down that particular pathway right now. remember, our focus right now is on the potential high crimes and misdemeanors of president trump and this organized campaign to
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pressure the president of ukraine, zelensky, to cough up political dirt on joe biden and to validate this ridiculous conspiracy theory about 2016. this domestic political errant that dr. fiona hill referred to. you're correct the criminality and the offenses against america continue to multiply in lots of different directions and including sweeping in members of congress. we have to take things one step at a time. >> and let's go talk about the chairman of the house intelligence committee. that is adam schiff f. here he is on "meet the press." you have donald trump implying he wants schiff to be called. >> he may say you want to be a witness. they may want to call you. you ready? >> well, if the senate wants to call me as a witness, then they pretty much made the decision
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not to take this process seriously. i'm not a fact witness. i was a chairman of one of the committees doing an investigation. i'm not in the shoes of a special counsel. i don't work for the justice department. >> your thoughts? >> well, the chairman schif is absolutely right. he's not a fact witness to any of the relevant events going to the ukraine, except he investigated it. i suppose they want to try to drag him through the continuing diversion tactics about the whistle blower. the whistle blower is just the person who calls the fire department about the fire. and the arsonist can't blame the fire on the person who drops the dime on the fire maker. it's sort of like richard nixon blaming deep throat for watergate. we have to get to a sense of reason and reality about this. you know, the media environment
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is difficult because we know there are tens of millions of people who have not minute exposed to the real facts of the ukraine shake down and what the government did. that's what is leading to these out-of-control conspiracy theories and ridiculous claims like adam schiff should be forced to be a witness. >> rudy giuliani was on fox news and here he is talking about the possibility of his former business partner testifying in the the inquiry. take a listen. >> it's up to them. i can't tell him to do it. i don't represent him. as far as i can say, he can testify to everything he knows. he said a few things that are provably untrue. i don't know what he's doing. he claims we had a meeting with the president at the hanukkah party in december of 2008, somebody should remove lev there
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were five witnesses, including his good friend igor who say categorically untrue. provable by records. he's trying to make himself very important. we never had the meeting with the president. he made it up. >> would you like to see the house inquiry call lev or rudy giuliani or think they will be called in the senate if there's a trial? >> well, i don't know the answer to the latter. it's quite possible. he has been indicted for federal campaign finance violations. and i am curious about, you know, where his money is coming from. whether it goes back to vladimir putin but, look, in terms of what we need to know about the president, all the material evidence is out there. it's overwhelming and uncontradicted. and, you know, you're right to be asking these questions about
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other players because i don't think it necessarily ends after the impeachment process because there were a lot of other people involved in different levels of criminality. they were running, you know, a shadow foreign policy through these characteristics. but we also can't go off on every circus distractions that the gop offers us. while we're focussing on -- >> but on this point, this is not a distractions. giuliani was apparently leading this rag tag group of people running the show. here is him reacting to john bolton calling what he was leading, apparently, with some diplomats and some nondiplomats a drug deal. take a listen. >> john bolton said you were a hand grenade and he didn't want to be any part of any drug deal. >> first of all, he didn't say the drug deal about me. get your facts straight. >> he called you -- >> he said it about someone --
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ridiculous comment. for john to say i'm a hand grenade, then he's an atomic bomb. i have john for years. i have no idea why he's saying that. >> giuliani said he has insurance to make sure donald trump doesn't throw him under the bus. he probably is the most dangerous person to donald trump? >> there's no armor among thieves. they're pointing fingers and their defenses are collapsing. but we know what we need to know, at this point. and giuliani was a key actor there. it is true that the incompetence of this gang ultimately saved us from some of the mall las of it. it was exposed before it went all the way through. of course, that doesn't nullify in any way the criminal
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cupability of the president or the other actors. 7. >> does it include the secretary of state? do you believe there should be an investigation of him? >> well, i think there's still a lot more to come out about the role of secretary of state pompeo. and a lot of this started because the honorable diplomats and state department public servants were outraged that secretary pompeo did not defend ambassador marie but went along with the smear campaign organized by rudy giuliani and donald trump to bring her down. ultimately, of course, trump recalled her. >> right. >> but, you know, we've seen there's an honorable group of people who think that this the secretary of state's conduct was disgraceful. >> indeed. congressman jamie raskin, thank you for your time. >> thank you. coming up, another former republican mayor of new york is making news this morning. details when we come back. making details when we come back. wayfair's biggest black friday blowout ever
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big news out of new york city michael bloomberg made it official by releasing this ad this morning. >> mike bloomberg started as a middle class kid who had to work his way through college and built a business from a single room to a global entity creating tens of thousands of good-paying jobs along the way. there's no stopping here.
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there's an america waiting to be rebuilt. for everyone without health insurance is guaranteed to get it. everyone who likes theirs can go ahead and keep it. mike bloomberg for president. jobs creator, leader, problem solver. it's going to take all three to build back a country. >> joining me now with exclusive reporting is stefanie rhules. you broke the story. right now it talks about the billionaires and sort of where they're getting nervous about the way that the world is looking at them. he essentially said this appears to be tax evasion as a political run that michael bloomberg is running because he's afraid that elizabeth warren could raise taxes and it's self-protection by billionaires. what is their response? >> i'll start with before i worked at nbc, i worked at bloomberg news for five years. i know mike. i know the organization very well. as far as tax evasion goes, mike bloomberg pays taxes in new york city. always has. he's been a guy who has paid the
7:17 am
highest tax bracket. the argument why are you running, mike. and i asked that question to him and his team. he wasn't necessarily deciding to run. he's deeply troubled by the political climate. he thinks any of the candidates running would make a better president than donald trump. he doesn't actually think they can win and he thinks our country cannot afford another four years under trump. >> what would be his argument that, for instance, former vice president against donald trump? >> he said he looked how the democratic primary is going and he doesn't see a single candidate who can get the party under one tent. and you can say you're right. we're not getting under another billionaire. we're not getting under somebody who is buying the election. mike's answer to that, and i spoke to jason, his communications director, he said i can't wait until we speak to those voters because mike isn't buying an election. who are mike's donors? donald trump said i'm doing this myself. you know he didn't. donald trump was raising money
7:18 am
every moment of the day. mike bloomberg, as a businessman, and as a mayoral candidate never raised money for anything. >> isn't that the definition of buying the election. if you have $35 million and you can drop a check, that's literally buying an election. >> how is that different than going out and raising money from people who you then owe something to? he's sayingly spend any money to defeat donald trump. once i do that, i, then, don't owe big oil, i don't owe tobacco or any special interest groups. you can say then it's mike bloomberg and he's deciding. then that's a different argument. as far as buying the election, he's saying i'm not going -- no big donors are coming to me. i'm not owing them any favors. >> did you ask them how much of this is about fear of elizabeth warren and bernie sanders essentially getting the nomination? >> i did not request that question. >> yeah. because the question is, there seems to be a reaction that almost a tissue rejection when
7:19 am
elizabeth warren started to rise in the polls that suddenly you have a lot of interest from wealthy donors getting behind other candidates like we have to find someone else because this medicare for all thing we don't want it. and how much of this run is about that? >> i don't know. i didn't ask that question to jason. in mike's case, this isn't a tax evasion issue. in terms of medicare for all, it's more about polling where mike has looked at these early states. these 18 early voting states. they're going to go out and start campaigning tomorrow. only a third of voters in those states, according to a cbs poll, has said they're decided on a candidate. it's so wide open. a lot of these states have huge -- he doesn't believe these unions are going to buy into a medicare for all. he believes that our health care system, without a doubt, needs to be improved. what we have isn't working. scratching and starting over, he doesn't believe, is is a winning political issue. >> you said, you know, the bloomberg team bloomberg is concerned about none of the
7:20 am
candidates that are in running now being able to unite the base of the democratic party. black voters are the base. the most reliable democratic voters are black women. michael bloomberg was a three-term mayor of new york. in which stop and frisk was the policy of the nypd. put a lot of black folks through hell, to be honest. here is an apology that mayor bloomberg made for stop and frisk. many years later, i have to know. november 17th. many years after he's no longer mayor. here he is doing his apology. >> i got something important really wrong. i didn't understand that back then. the full impact that stops were having on the black and latino communities. the hindsight is 2020. but as crime continued to come down and as it continued to come down during the next administration, to its credit, i now see that we could and should
7:21 am
have acted sooner and acted faster to cut the stops. i wish we had. i'm sorry that we didn't. >> i heard a lot of too little too late in my own. why would michael bloomberg believe they would be able to attract black voters 1234. >> well mike will go back to -- again, this is not my view but mike will go back to his record in terms of 36% fewer people behind bars. murder rate was cut in half. he'll say in hindsight, when he looks at stop and frisk and sees the impact, he wishes he should have done something different. as far as overall results of people behind bars and new york being one of the safest cities when he left office, he stands behind that. do i think it can translate to getting african-american voters to get behind him? i don't know the answer. but mike would say his number one goal is to get donald trump out of office. he will spend any amount of money to do that. he thinks his best way is to
7:22 am
run. who knows if that will work. >> let's talk about the timing. it appears that, and you can, you know, on your reporting, he's going to skip the first four crime areas and potentially come in super tuesday. he has the wherewithal to come into a big state like california and texas and. traditionalists can say this ain't going to work. it never has. of course, you can employ the trump mentality of everything he was doing was never going to work. so in terms of the way it normally works, well, see how you do in iowa and you can get enough money and make it to the next state and the next state. mike doesn't have that. he's saying he's going to go big on the early voting states. states that have a lot of delegates superdell gaits and take the route. who knows if it'll work. but they've got the money to do it. >> how much will they spend?
7:23 am
there will be national ads. mike will be on the road startsing tomorrow. we don't know. he's not putting a price tag on it. >> i think everyone agrees it's a good thing. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. we appreciate your reporting. look at reaction to michael bloomberg's presidential announcement. o michael bloomberg's presidential announcement any comments doug? yeah. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need with liberty mutual. con liberty mutual solo pagas lo que necesitas. only pay for what you need... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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immunotherapy. pd-l1 saved my life. saved my life. saved my life. what we do here at dana-faber, changes lives everywhere. everywhere. everywhere. everywhere. everywhere. and then you have, yes, mike bloomberg attempting to maybe run for president as a form of tax evasion. >> former new york city mayor -- and republican current billionaire, i should say, michael bloomberg made it official today releasing an ad announcing he's running for president. joining me now is rnc chairman michael steele. thank you so much for switching your schedule a little bit to talk about this. >> oh, absolutely. >> so as you heard, he called this tax evasion. i asked stefanie rhule said their answer is would be he's
7:28 am
not running as tax evasion. he's not against billionaires paying more taxes and he wouldn't be buying the election in the view of the bloomberg campaign because he's got all the money and trump was broke. your thoughts? >> you know, because he's a wealthy man and he can self-fund, you know, that's called buying the election. if people, you know, as we saw with hillary, gave a billion dollars to her campaign, that's not. i understand that, but the reality is our system is designed to allow for individuals to self-fund or to give public money. i think what bloomberg is probably going to do is to kick this thing off, yeah, he has to put the money in. he doesn't have $30 million from individual donors at this point to do the launch ad we're seeing now. so, yeah, he's got to put that money up himself. once he gets to that point where he's fully in the race, i suspect you'll see him actually get into a lot more public fundraising, a lot more
7:29 am
engagement, more directly with donors. individual donors. not high end donors. you know, not the wealthy, you know, care givers of the party. but the more rank and file donors. because that's who mike bloomberg is. i've known him a long time. worked with him in the past. he is sort of a grassroots guy and an interesting kind of way. that's what i'm going to be watching to see if he does the transition once he gets over the initial funding hurdle to get his campaign off the ground. >> used to be a republican, too. >> yeah. issues like gun reform he put his money where the mouth is on that issue. he's got a problem, i think, on stop and frisk. and, you know, that's something he would have to work out. but given that issue said, and the fact he would be, you know, in theory protecting rich folks'
7:30 am
money, would republicans fear him in the general election candidate? >> i think that remains to be seen. i think it would be an interesting die nam toik have a bloomberg go up against a donald trump. two new yorkers. you know, one who knows the secrets of the other, if you will. i think in that sense, i think it would make for an interesting dynamic. certainly it resets the table a little bit to go back to your early conversation with stefanie. i think it's actually very intriguing and very probable he'll make some gains and head ways coming into this race on supertuesday versus are the front, you know, the typical front door. i've never been a fan of that front door. i think it's inherently, you know, sort of not realistic to think that you're going to elect the president by iowa's caucus. by the way, it's not a primary. i think someone coming in
7:31 am
through a different avenue with the means to be competitive from the very beginning because he can put up the ads and get into space. i think that's going to be ab interesting dynamic to watch for democrats and how they ultimately react. i think the issue sets you raised are going to be very intriguing, as well. his initial response, for example, of stop and frisk, i think it was heart felt and he recognizes the challenge and problem there. the question becomes how much are african-americans going to hold that against him relevant to other things? if that becomes something that sticks in the african-american, you know, mind in a negative way, it could be problematic for him. i suspect he'll think that through more. spend more time in the community across the country. again, to sort of push the narrative a little bit further down the road for himself. >> yeah. well, and if nothing else, it would be interesting to see what donald trump how he'll react to
7:32 am
a felly new yorker, a new yorker that new yorkers like that is verified to be a billionaire, and like robert de niro, actually likes as opposed to donald trump. >> yeah. >> it would be interesting. >> thank you very much. coming up donald trump loved to brag about the economy but not so fast trumpy uncle, it ain't that great. we'll explain. next. ain't that great we'll explain. next needles. essential for the sea urchin,
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he said, perry, here is what i want you to do. i want you to do for american energy what you did for texas. i said i've got it, mr. president. that's what we've done. we're selling american l & g into 346 countries on five continents. the europeans saved $8 billion last year because of american l & g and the competition it brought to the market over there. against russian gas. not only are they not held hostage by russian gas, they're also saving money >>well, the economy may be great for your oil and coal-bearing friends. and for the billionaires and corporations in wall street titans trump and republicans folked over a trillion dollars in tax cuts. for many americans, the economy is not so great. in fact, depending on which
7:37 am
sector of the economy you occupy, the u.s. is already deep in a trump recession. you wouldn't know it from donald trump's braggadociosness. have you heard about black unemployment? trump and the supporters are obsessed with it. >> black unemployment hit another record. unemployment is the lowest in the history of our country. you look at black unemployment. >> black unemployment. the low nest history. >> yeah. except see this chart. that's black unemployment which spiked during the great recession and dropped every year after president obama took office. >> that'ses. it's not just black unemployment that donald trump has been this is the time of year you're planning for the upcoming growing season. with the u.s. still locked in a trade war with china, that trump started because he can and
7:38 am
president having alienated mention, canada, and europe. you're probably planning for opening up your mailbox and finding a bailout check from the federal government. that's right. you're on the welfare, my friend. as columbus dispatch reported this week. it's unclear whether aid for farmers will continue in 2020. experts said more farmers are becoming financially dependent on the subsidies. that affects how they decide to plant crops. farmers in ohio were generally better off not planting this year than receiving trump bucks for crops they planted. trump bucks officially known as market facilitation payments began in 2018. as a way to offset farmers' financial shortfall. and where trump is going? the state getting the biggest bayout is illinois at $2.6 billion. followed by iowa at $2.3 billion. most of the aid has gone to soybean farmers the hardest hit
7:39 am
by the trump tariff war against china. as of may, top five states accounted for nearly half the total payments, illinois, minnesota, nebraska, and indiana. the data also shows that 91% of the payments are $7.7 billion went to counties that donald trump carried in the 2016 election. not surprising since he fared better in rural america. it's not just farmers. here is donald trump this week touring a texas plant that makes apple computers with apple's ceo tim cook tagging along. >> it's a special day. >> i'm grateful for your support in pulling today off. >> he's so grateful. after he left the plant, trump tweeted today i opened a major apple manufacturing plant in texas that will bring high-paying jobs back to america. as the "new york times" unhelpfully pointed out, the plant has been making apple computers since 2013. in fact, here is the same tim
7:40 am
cook announcing that back in 2012, when the president was named barack obama. >> we've been working for years on doing more and more in the united states. next year, we will do one of our existing mac in the united states. >> despite what trumpy uncle will tell you how great the trump economy is and justifying being okay he's okay with the racism, the facts are that despite trump's big promises during his campaign, per the l.a. times manufacturing is now officially in recession. with manufacturing output shrinking over two straight quarters, the common definition of roadway session and handing over more land to coal and oil and gas companies and trump fighting a trade war with china, that's not helping that or you. joining me now to discuss is the politics of the trump economy is john harwick. donald trump touts the great economy. underneath there are a lot of holes. >> definitely a lot of holes.
7:41 am
fundamentally it's the same economy that barack obama equates to him. republican trump and the republicans goosed the economy a little bit in 2008. that has worn off and we're back to the 2% economy. it hasn't changed. and with it changed, what is also unchanged is the fact that job quality for many people is low. wages are low. the middle class has been stuck. and as you mentioned, the things that were supposed to be stimulated by the trump tax cuts, manufacturing, business investment are not happening. and president trump is watching the economy slow down. it looks like fourth quarter growth is going to be quite low
7:42 am
1% or so. that's the backdrop for the 2020 election. the stock market is high. it makes some people feel good. this is not a booming economy by historic standards. some companies like amazon paid zero taxes. they got a huge benefit. did companies generally plow that money back into hiring? >> no. >> this was debate while the tax cuts were being considered. what is going to happen to all of this money the corporations will have that they didn't have before through the rate cuts but also supposedly going to be pouring back into the country because it's trapped overseas. the money returning to the economy has come back at a modest pace. companies have more money but they marginally ran that into stock buy backs which are good for existing management and
7:43 am
shareholders. they not translating into the $4,000 pay raises that the trump administration talked about. we have seen wage growth rise. it's rising faster than inflation but not a lot faster. it's part behalf is fuelling the plans of bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, joe biden. all the democrats in the presidential race. >> yeah. on manufacturing quickly, a little bit from a company called cyn markets reported the decline in terms of manufacturing was worse than expected due to a six week work stoppage at general motor that likely cause -- cost them $3 billion. manufacturing is down. we know farmers a lot couldn't survive without the dole being
7:44 am
given by the trump administration. underneath the economy. >> why don't they call it socialism? the democrats were doing it. right. and people got so angry about the bailout of the auto industry and bailout of the banks. this is a literal bailout of the farm industry. >> right. the difference is in the case of the auto industry, that was an industry taken down by its own mistakes and, also, the crashing of wall street and the financial system. this is them having to be rescued what trump is doing with the trade war. that's exactly what has happened. it hurt farmers and he's claiming that chinese tariffs are paying the farmers. that's not really what is happening. the underlying reality, "joy,"
7:45 am
the theory a supply side tax cut will create a lot of economic growth has been disproven once again. >> people keep forgetting the majority of our gdp is consumer spend. let me play you the ad that elizabeth warren is running and app pro on the day that another billionaire jumps into the presidential race. take a look. >> it's time for a wealth tax in america. >> billionaires who don't support this plan. >> the vilification of billionaires makes no sense to me. >> she probably thinks more of cataclysmic change as opposed to tinkering. >> i'm most scared by elizabeth
7:46 am
warren. >> here is the deal. you built a great fortune. good for you. a guarantee. you built it at least in part using workers. we're americans. we want to make the investments. all we're saying is when you make it big, pitch in two cents so everybody else can gets a chance. >> i'm elizabeth warren. i approve this message. >> feel foosic loot 2020 election in the large part is going to be about that question. whether or not this, you know, unprecedented billionaire will continue to run the economy or whether or not the public is too afraid of dramatic change to change the system. right. because it does feel like a lot of what is happening is about her. it's about elizabeth warren and fear of her by rich people. >> yes. i think that's a lot of why
7:47 am
duvall patrick and mike bloomberg got in the race. a lot of people watching from the sidelines said my goodness. elizabeth warren has a good chance of beating president donald trump. what will it do for the economy? having said that, their legitimate and serious questions about the scale and scope of what elizabeth warren wants to do with the economy. there are many people who are democrats that are former obama administration officials were worried her plans would break things that shouldn't be broken. that the scale of tax increases is too much. the scorn of billionaires is fuelling at appeal. but also bringing some people. >> if you think about it sanders
7:48 am
plus warren, you know, you combine that base it's pretty big. i want to show the chart that is going around on the twitters the other day. it shows you the scale of what somebody who is a billionaire looks like when you put them up somebody with a mere million dollars. it'll go up, up, up. at a certain point, that's the $1 billion line. that line went up. now you go up to 19 million. wait until you get to a billion. it'll shrink 1 million so small you can't even see it. have we reached a point in the economy where the super rich are so much better off than the average person? they're in a different sort of almost class of american of being a citizens? >> well, certainly we have unprecedented levels of economic
7:49 am
wealth inequality. it made it difficult for americans in different circumstances to understand and empathize with each other. y, in truth the number of billionaires is fairly small. it is large and growing. how do you get people at the bottom to have a path to greater wealth and opportunity themselves? >> yeah. it's a key question. i like talking to you, john. we'll keep you around. we'll talk to you in our next hour. so we'll see you in a bit. coming up, with we'll tell you whether the american people and the media have the attention span for another impeachment. more "a.m. joy" after the break. t more "a.m. joy" after the break. tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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good evening, president nixon will announce his resignation tonight. the vice president ford will become the nation's 38th president. mr. nixon spent his afternoon in the office, next door to the white house. it is there where he does his private work and thinking. the president's entire family will encounter him to california tomorrow morning. welcome back to "a.m. joy." there is no more political drama
7:54 am
than the impeachment of a president. as a nation tunes into the first televised impeachment hearings in two decades, we are reminded of the watergate hearing also televised before nixon resigned rather than being impeached. altering history forever by offering the public's blockbuster moment such as this mome moment, john dean. >> it was the first impeachment scandal, the first president being impeached at all being andrew johnson in 1968. in the 1970s, the nation was died divided on nixon's fate. in 1998 a new impeachment with
7:55 am
bill clinton with obstruction of justice over sexual affairs. >> divided and senators left capitol hill, many concluded that the president lied to the american people but they voted not to remove him from office. as one by one, the senator stood to announce their votes. >> the different scale of misconduct in attempt to cover up sexual discretion verses an attempt to aacce attem attempt to accepting an election using burglary to cover up. the 1990s, an era of politicized television of media. the dawn of the internet and proper rating test for fox news and msnbc launched two years before clinton was impeached.
7:56 am
the impeachment hearing against donald trump have been airing out for two weeks in a 24 hours tweeted and news cycle were all things trump impeachment were virtually unavoidable. tuesday's impeachment is quote "as big as monday night football." >> tv ratings are way down. don't hold it personally, young it don't hold it personally, young it i don't think it is you guys. the american people are not buying it whatever the democrats are cooking up. >> elected republicans dismissing news that does not serve their team. how are media outlets approa approaching the modern era. je joining me now is nicole hemmer
7:57 am
and nick akerman and carol simpson, covered both nixon and the clinton's proceedings and jill wine-banks. i reca i will go to carol first. you covered two hearings which was different in tone and the under line scandal was about. can you talk about the mood and the country that you saw reflected as you were covering that per session of events. >> well, it was similar in respect to today and the trump impeachment inquiry. because the republicans were supporting nixon just as the
7:58 am
republicans are supporting trump. it was not until after the tapes were released that republicans decided nixon had to go. they went to him and told him you know it is up. the jig is up. they suggested his resignation. i have to tell you the night he gave the resignation speech, i was a baby reporter then. they had me out in chicago, we were in major cities across america waiting for the riots or whatever that's going to happen after his announcement because people were not sure that the camera would pull back from nixon and he'll be surrounded by the joint chief of staff saying he's going to take over the government. the network were thinking something like that may happen. >> it was a lot different. >> guess what we have, the wonderful producer, kai ma found
7:59 am
this. this is vintage baby reporter, carole simpsonsimpsons. >> people are at home watching this. when you ask people how they feel about the aspect of richard simpson resigned tonight, most people said they were glad and few said they felt sorry for him but very few said they thought he was getting a raw deal. >> first of all, miss carole, that jacket. i am sure my daughter will fight me for that jacket if i were to take it home. it was convulsive for the country, no? >> it was. we also had "the washington post" and woodward and bernst n bernstein, these investigative
8:00 am
reporters brought it to the forth. people were saying it was the newspaper that brought down the innocence. >> really, i want to get to jill and nick. they were young and cute and were doing the investigations. we have two of the investigators that are here now. jill, for you did feel the pressure of pronixon sentiment beating down on you? did you feel attack or were you guys visible enough to be attacked by people who supported richard nixon? >> we were attacked. i would say some of the same words, witch hunt was used in connection in connection of at least my trial team for the obstruction case. it was terrible but i think we mostly ignore ad all of that.
8:01 am
what we focused on were the facts. we had no leaks, we got them out through an indictment and eventually through the tapes and i want to point out that our subpoenas for the tapes, we got to tapes, the first round in three months and the second round after the supreme court rule also was three months from the day of subpoena to having the tape including the smoking gun that's what led to the resignation. it was the final straw. it was the tape that said we are using the cia to stop the fbi and you can hear the president saying it and i think we have the same thing right now where you have the president saying to ukraine, let's do this but first i want a favor though. >> yeah. >> to me is just as much as a smoking gun and it is a question of how it is being communicated,
8:02 am
not how it is being covered by t the press but how it is communicated. >> that's a huge difference here. >> a lot of witness to back it up. >> for you at that time, did the case feel that the case was closed as it feels now? >> pretty much. once we have those tapes, early on. once they corroborated john dean who was the president's counsel who testified before the senate, the big issue was is dean telling the truth or dean was telling the truth? >> was dean attacked? >> yes, sure, we were attacked and with a bunch of angry democrats. it was the same sort of attack. i think really the question here now in this climate is how can this all be communicated through
8:03 am
social media. so much of what people get today is on facebook and twitter. what has to be done is this all has to be as simple as jill just put it. you got two, the president of the united states. doing an investigation into the bidens and investigating abouts the ukrainian hacking into the democratic national committee. you got trump using the people's money, $391 million of it to try to enforce those two. you got him using his office of presidency to force the issue by offering a white house meeting. what there has to be is someone got to chart this. it is really simple. a smachart that goes up, showin the one side of the favor of trump asking and the other side, what he's using belongs to the
8:04 am
people of the yietunited states. taking the other piece of it, the obstruction of congress of the particular investigation showing one, his effort to direct people, not to testify and two showing the fact that they have refused to produce relevant document. it is that simple. it has to be charted. it has to be put into something that people have to look at and see a picture that can go out on twitter and facebook and if you want, you can have more leaks with key testimony to the people who testified before the impeachment committee. i really think it has to be put almost like a simple summation that you would do in a jury trial. >> it felt like a jury trial. >> there are a lot of differences obviously between this and clinton and nixon, obviously. it was clearly private. it was clear. the clint
8:05 am
jay, you where you know writ t design to save donald trump from this and republicans are be holden to business insider just did an analysis of the number of americans watching trump impeachment hearings in d.c., in some words that can spell trouble for the democrats. what republicans to do were to use the tv media to sully the proceedings. roger ailes created fox news, the media was responsible for bringing down richard nixon, create a counter media infrastructure and that's what we have today point what's happening is on the right, news have become weaponized. it is not to convey what's happening of the events of the
8:06 am
day. that's what republicans are doing. you have fox news and devin nunnu nun nunes, let's just investigate the bidens or the kennedys. no, that's not the oiissues of e table. they used their media infrastructure to create an alternative reality that their voters live in. there is a sense and welcome to the show nicole, the impeachment efforts fell in a lot of ways like it was pay back for nixon. go you got one and now we are going to get one. now there is a sense of republicans, we are going to show you that we can also use impeachment to take down a president. it felt as simple as that in a lot of ways. >> it was. if you thought that is the watergate impeachment was about delegitimatizing properly
8:07 am
elected presidents then about over turning a landslide election of silencing, the silent majority then you see impeachment as now just another political tool, another way to pol polarize the country and delegitimize the president. >> there is a high legitimate purpose for impeachment. when you have a president that did not recognize the authorities of congress whether it is in violating the law that could not fire the secretary of war in andrew johnson's case or in the case of richard nixon and conspiracy inside the white house. that's the legitimate right purpose for impeachment. now that we have another case of whether congress is congress, and whether or not donald trump is above the law, how does it then play into it that republicans just see the
8:08 am
impeachment that democrats are using using politics us against donal trump. >> approval ratings have gone up and support have gone up dieespe of what we heard in two weeks of the public hearings. i have one suspicion and it is fox news. the fact that those people are getting their news from fox and they believe trump and fox tells the truth and the rest of us are enemies of the people. it scares me that if people are just watching fox, they have a completely skewed idea of what it is happening here. so it is very scary. >> let's look at the numbers here. >> in terms of cable and
8:09 am
impeachment ratings. on thursday, fiona hill, if you think about it, nicole, if you add all of those people, there are 320 something odd million people in the united states. it is not that everyone is watching it. people are getting the clips. >> people are streaming online. exactly. people are receiving information about impeachment. we have seen the number on impeachment and removal overtime in response to new information. i think that people outside of conservative circles are taking in the new information and moving on. let's look at what people are lee leading with. we had abc and nbc evening on friday. impeachment was the fifth story in the lineup to the five minutes on it. on cbs storms. impeachment is the third story down in the lineup.
8:10 am
on nbc, so it is not -- this is a moment in america's history, it is not a believed story. >> that's blairing to me. when you see that in one place of the major network is not leaving with that is shocking. the subject of the impeachment inquiry is ukraine. it seems like some place far away and donald trump is wheeling and dealing and that's what presidents do. there is enough confusion primarily by fox news but the media needs to cover it with the gravity that it is. one point i want to make, i read a piece the other day, basically that's not to see here. you are framing it as a partisan debate. it is undeniable in a
8:11 am
non-pattersnon non-partisan issue that witnesses have testified. >> it is a horse race. >> we'll just put up one more piece of data here. you have the democrats and independents. more dems trust cnn and msnbc, fox news, republicans only trust fox news and pbs and npr are about split. ni what you have here is in the case of bill clinton's case, the vast majority thought this is bs. with nixon people, people are saying oh my god, our president may be a crook. it is only in my team. >> which is why the facts have to be emphasized. the facts are some straightforward. it has to be emphasized to the
8:12 am
public what the facts are. the only issue here is did donald trump commit bribery when he withheld the money that was appropriated for ukraine defense asking for an investigation of the bidens into ukraine and so-called involvement in the 2016 election and was it extortion when he told the ukrainians that he would not have the money to fight off the border. if they did not open the investigation into the bidens and also looking into the crazy conspiracy theory about ukraine being the ones that hacked into the democratic national committee. it is that simple. it got to be put that way. it is not a question of this side or that side. whether you are republicans or democrats, extortion is extortion and bribery is bribery and the facts are uncontested
8:13 am
here. >> are we partly a victim of our era. that during the nixon era, the then soviet union of america. there was something boogie man-ish for america. so it is not the same story when you are talking about ukraine and most people don't even know where it is. they're defending themselves against russia, that does not resonate the same way. >> i think what is important here is that this is a very clear case of extortion. no matter what you call it. you can call it quid pro quo or bribery, it is clearly an impeachable offense.
8:14 am
the president have done something to ask for foreign interference in our election. it does not matter what the foreign country is. it is not that long ago that republicans thought russia was the enemy. it is only now that donald trump has taken over and has cozied up to a dictator to many countries, it is not just here. what we are missing is in watergate you had three networks and they all had the same facts. now if you listen to fox news, you have totally different facts and we have to get back to what are the under lining facts. people listening to this should be listening to the witnesses and not to the summaries of the witnesses. that's where you get the truth and we don't have the truth out there. we need to be teaching critical thinking skills in our schools because if people had those skills, they would be able to listen to the evidence and analyze and i think the
8:15 am
important thing is to make this like a trial where people are jurors, they take seriously listening to the facts and acting on those facts. >> carole, did you want to add anything? >> yes. first, whether it is really important to the american people, the networks are fighting for their lives and all our focus groups show that people loved it. i want to throw some more shade on the american publrepublic. they're not reading. the other thing that's distressing coverage is they are getting clips that somebody sent them on social media. they're getting clicks to go through stories that are headlines on their phones. the american people are not reading. trump is always saying read the transcripts. we don't read anymore. it is all shorthand.
8:16 am
what are they getting? they don't understand. >> it is difficult. >> before we go, i want to get jill's opinion. we are watching that. >> it is a duck. eric swawell says, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. >> thank you very much. maybe the money is changing people's minds. nick akerman and carole simpson and nicole, thank you very much. coming up, your moment of m maxine. that's next. r moment of m maxine that's next. sundown vitamins are all
8:17 am
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8:20 am
it involves discussions of what appears to be a domestic matter. >> i would say the ukrainian embassy staff asked what is going on ukrainians security system. >> you know --
8:21 am
>> donald trump lashing out women he found threaten. women who speak out against him is quote "nasty." >> it is only fitting that the testimony of four women all veterans, civil servants may pose the biggest threat yet to donald trump's presidency. a woman familiar with speaking truth to trump. congresswoman maxine waters, it is great to see you. >> great to be with you this morning. >> women are taking the lead. this was donald trump attacking ambassador yovanovitch. >> the ambassador, the woman would not put up -- she's an obama person. why do you have to be so kind?
8:22 am
this ambassador is so wonderful that everybody says, she would not hang my picture in the embassy. as a woman who's the first person who comes out strong for the impeachment inquiry, what is it about strong women that seemed to bother him so much? >> this president demonstrated he had no respect for the president. the republican primary, remember he talked about grabbing women by their private parts and all of that. he did not believe that women should have a leadership role that they should be in a position where they can criticize him and so it was absolutely unthinkable that he was tweeting it in realtime when she was on the witness stand there, when she was being basically interviewed by our
8:23 am
democrats. and so she was very credible, extremely credible. they were so destructive that they're trying to destroy her. both the president and rudy giuliani, they were just absolutely unreal in the way that they attacked her. they were ruthless in what they did to her. she stood up. she had credibility and i think the american people saw that. as a matter of fact, i think she was the one that got an applause after her testimony. >> do you believe witness intimidati intimidation? >> absolutely. for the president of united states of america to be tweeting at the time to be giving her testimony is unthinkable. that should be considered in the impeachment resolution. >> do you believe the secretary of state should be called, of
8:24 am
new information of the role he played and smearing ambassador yovanovitch allegedly and do you believe he ought to come before congress to testify? >> absolutely. they teamed up on her. i know it takes a long time to get these subpoenas through the court system but i think it should be pursued. there were a lot of men who came forward, ambassador taylor and colonel vitamin mandman coming . john bolton was making a lot of noise of losing his twitter account but he did not appear to be on it. what do you think about that? >> i don't know what bolton is
8:25 am
playing. at one time he says he's testifying and some people say he's working on a book. i don't know if we'll get him or not. >> since i have you hear, i want to talk about something that came up a little bit during the affordable housing. you have teamed up with senator kamala harris on a bill to invest in $100 billion in affordable housing. it is called the house infrastructure act and targets housing issues in new york where it is becoming difficult for people of average means to live. >> well, i think we must introduce legislation and no matter what is happening on the senate aside, whether or not it is going to the mcconnell, we have to be going that even if we don't get it signed into law, we have to be prepared for when this president is no longer the
8:26 am
president of the united states if mcconnell is no longer in the senate, we have to keep going and do what's right for the american people. housing is a problem in this country. people can not afford real units or afford to buy a house. we have gone through problems in 2008 where many of these homes were foreclosed on and because of the exotic products that were put out by the financial services community, by the banks and the big financial service organizations. we can't stand back and say we can't get the support that we need, we have to keep pushing hard. in addition to that bill, i have a $13 billion bill on homelessness in america. housing is at a crucial point in this country. we got to fight and do everything we can to try to open up opportunity particularly for affordable housing. >> biefore i lose you, former w
8:27 am
neuro surgeon who now got the housing act. pretty shocking news. what would you say to him on msnbc this morning to mr. carson? >> i sent him a letter claiming that i had no manner or etcetera, i said to my staff, i don't have time to be bonded by somebody who does not know the difference between reo or oeo. she do he does not know what he's doing and he rises to the occasion to support the president. i am going to be so happy when they're all out of here. they are hurting our country.
8:28 am
they are undermining our democracy and they're being very destructive. they hope the american people can see that if we allow this president and his cabinet to get away of what they are doing, they will be destroyed. >> congresswoman maxine waters, thank you very much for your time this morning. really appreciate it. >> you are so welcome. >> thank you. >> coming up. the 3.5 years, my next guest predicting of what you are reading about in the news today. there they are. stay with us. s today. there they are stay with us (people talking) for every dollar you spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th.
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"saturday night live" ret n returned last night. >> i did have a heart attack. if you want to know by now, i am doing better than ever. doctors were surprised i made it. and i am very proud of the fact that i was the first heart attack patient to show up to the emergency room in a city bus. >> i know some of you think i am shaking because i am nervous but this is just my signature quivering bangs. any time we need a moderate,
8:33 am
girl, we can't pay for that. >> america, i see you and i see the faces you all make when i talk, you are scared. scared i will say something off color or even worse on color. >> hi guys. i am billionaire tom steyer, i am running for president for a simple reason, it is fun. it gets me out of the house. >> mayor bloomberg, how did you get in here? >> like tipped the doorman $30 million. >> i would like to see trump supporters coming up with conspiracy theory of injury wish billionaire. >> coming up, don't say we didn't warn you. maria ramirez?
8:34 am
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8:37 am
they turned a blind eye to the ukrainians meddling into our elections. what is the full extent of ukrainian election meddling against the trump campaign in 2016? >> some of you believe that russia and its security did not compare to our country. this is a fictional novelty that's perpetrated and propagan
8:38 am
propaganda. >> fiona hill testified before the house on thursday, she knew it was coming and shut it all the way down. republicans show how far they're willing to go to protect their boss man donald trump, even to the point of joining trump and taking the word of russia over to our own intelligence committee. joining me now malcolm nance and author of the view. sarah kendzior. ukrainians attacking the election is aiding and abetting the enemy. it was ukrainian the attacking elections and not russia. your thoughts.
8:39 am
>> look, if you amplify talking points by russia that are meant to cause a wedge between russia the ukraine and the united states as well as minimizing russia's attack on the 2016 election elections, you are acting as a russian actor. he's absolutely right. we have to call this stuff out. >> it is bad enough malcolm for donald trump to not believe our sbel inte intelligent services. we all know it is common knowledge now that they did it. he does not believe it. we are finding out he's not alone. devin nunes, he's the ranking member of the intelligent committee. if republicans still have the majority of the house, he would be the chairman of the intelligent committee. that guy seems to believe a conspiracy theory may have tried to participate and trying to smear the fellow americans and
8:40 am
joe biden's son. what does it mean to you that a ranking member of the intelligent committee believes this conspiracy theory that comes from the kremlin? >> all right, i believe he knows it is a conspiracy theory that comes from the kremlin. i think he's comfortable with working with information that comes with the kremlin. he believes like all the other republicans believe that what comes out of donald trump's mouth that they must follow. almost in locked steps like the dictator he's trying to be. they do not care of the constitution of the united states. i will say that flatly. because their sworn oath to protect and defend this nation, this man devin nunes has access to the exact same intelligence the president of the united states does. they don't believe it for personal, political reasons because they have no problem splitting america up in to a
8:41 am
60/40 nations. that means the constitution is a piece of paper that they would rather rip off or cut into segments rather than defend this country at all. the russians set this whole thing up, we all know it started in 2016, we have been warning for three years and now we find donald trump believes the words in his heart. words of ex-communist deictator rather than any person in america. we are endangered of the way these people are thinking. >> sarah, people don't understand, americans are living in the luxury believing that we have an internal democracy. corruption itself is what starts the party.
8:42 am
the whole system starts to undermine. you have other members of the united states congress. marsha blackburn, she participated in a tagging, lieutenant colonel vindman, the man wearing the uniform as he's testifying and accusing him of being the whistleblower. you now have members of congress who are participating in attacking fellow americans for donald trump. >> you are right. we have a lot of corruption ain the u.s. russia hijacked our country through the election of donald trump. now, we are left with a transacti transactional crime and led by a kremlin asset and so one of the problems that we have is money into politics, the in filtration of money for foreign factors
8:43 am
through proxies like the nra like republicans. all of them are contaminated. when you are investigating donald trump, you end up investigations into the republican party, you end up with people who are careerists to corrupt. they are not acting in accordance of the american institution. they are in a crime cult revo e revolves around donald trump. >> at this point we don't know what vladimir putin is saying to donald trump in his secret phone call with him. is it possible that donald trump takes his believes in the world from the president of russia. >> he absolutely does. not in the sense that i think vladimir putin is calling up and saying this is what you say, this is what malcolm and sarah said.
8:44 am
donald trump believes this defunked false fissictional narrative that ukraine meddled into our election and not russia. he actually believes against the intelligence committee. what do we call that? he's acting as a russian asset and he's amplifying talking points put together by the kremlin. it is unparallel. i don't know how we classify that. these are talking points. this is information created by russia that that's being believed by the president of the united states. >> what do we do of the state's party, the president's party is participating in this rather than fighting this kind of
8:45 am
endemic corruption. >> we have to call it out. what i don't hear from the top tier candidates. i don't hear from joe biden or bernie sanders or elizabeth warren or day one as president of the united states, they'll defend this nation and fight this scheme that's being done by russia. they'll recalibrate the republicans back to loyalty to the united states and that they'll go through this government and rooted out. whoever is going to win this primary must right now say they'll defend the constitution of this country of internal enemies and domestic enemies and foreign enemies. if we don't, they'll just be consumed by their bickering that they are doing right now and we'll lose. >> and you know sarah, what do we do? what do we do now that the base of the party of the republican party is also in that same, you
8:46 am
know, of being more pro-russia of what the traditional value of the united states is set to be? >> it is deeply troubling. we need to be straightforward. we need to tell the truth and more hearings and more presentation of evidence. we also need accountability from our officials. we need to take a hard look of how we got into this position. it is not just the republicans being corrupted or trump being corrupted. it was institutional failure. our agency have let us down. the people who's supposed to protect us let us down. we need to bring accountability to the american public because that's what the american people deserved. >> before i go. i have to ask you guys quickly to comment on the fact that donald trump is now saying he's going to reverse the ruling on
8:47 am
gentleman of war crime. naveed and malcolm, what does it mean if he were to do that if he were to let this guy off the hook? >> that's the point, joy, a war f warfare whether it is this, it is something you earned. i understand that donald trump does not understand that concept to reverse this and interfere with this is -- i can't put it into words. >> top officials threatened to resign or willing to resign or fired if donald trump reverses the plan to remove this man namnam named edward gallagher from the seal. >> i saw the secretary of the navy backtracked on that and said he never said anything of
8:48 am
the sort on that. i am a navy senior chief. i come from a family of chiefs. this is about a chief, okay? you have to stand for my navy, you need to defend our institution. the president of the united states is using undo command influence and there is not a chief in this navy that would allow that without saying something to the ward. i spect texpect the navy to thr anchor down and stand against this or you can all resign. >> naveed, malcolm and sarah, it is great to talk to all of you guys. coming up, it is time who won the week. won the week shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th. mornings were made for better things than rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis. when considering another treatment,
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shop small and watch it add up. small business saturday by american express is november 30th. - cis choosing to nurtureild and emotionally support children in urgent need. it's not just about opening up your home; it is also about opening up your heart. consider fostering. finally time to find out the question that you have been waiting for, who won the week? joining us is john harwood and carole simpson, and a fantastic panel, and who won the week? >> i watched the impeachment hearings and every moment of them. there were a lot of white guys who did a nice job, but my winner of the week and the
8:53 am
impeachment hearings was dr. fiona hill. the russian expert who came to the white house in humble beginnings in britain and gets the ph.d. and i thought that she was fantastic and she does not suffer fools gladly. >> at all. and when you burn her hair in class, she gets a bowl haircut and keeps it moving. >> john harwood, who won the week? >> well, related to carole, the whistle-blower won the week. the allegations that the whistle-blower forced the allies to look at what was testified to from what fiona hill testified was russian propaganda and it was from a stream of political appointees as well. so the only question is for
8:54 am
members in congress and particular members of congress if they are willing to look at the evidence and willing to do anything about it. >> absolutely. and the fact that after they are willing to out them after everything that they have said is correct, they don't need to come forward and so it makes no sense, and so, yes, they are quite brave. and all right. this is going to be a great who won the week, but what do you say? >> well, i agree with both of them. i think that adam schiff won the week. his closing argument and the statements actually after the opening before each witness and the closing after each day's testimony was brilliant. his chairmanship was calm, cool, and he did not get rattled. he didn't allow the diversions of the republicans that they were trying to do, and he thought, i just he handled everything brilliantly, and he showed emotion for the first time in the final closing.
8:55 am
and the republicans were silent. they remain silent, and that rang out cloud and clear to me and that brought home the full point as he summarized what amounts to impeachable conduct and give it to him. >> masterful closing and each one have been more passionate as they have gone on. these were three great decision, but the answer this week to "who won the week" and of course, only one winner possible, and this is of course myself. it is a certain activist, vand to big up the students of my alma mater and let's start with harvard university where the students came to the football game to protest after the football captain called for protests. here he is. >> at this moment, both of our institutions continue to invest in the industries destroying our futures and when it is coming to the climate crisis, nobody wins.
8:56 am
harvard and yale cannot truly claim to promote academics when we are smearing the truth. so we are calling for our friends from yale to promote the change. >> and so in syracuse university, there is a hell of a week where there have been 12 hate crimes in one week and a teacher who was sent a get in the oven anti-semitic note. and the students of asian and black dissent came together to form something called not an, and they stood up to the students and the administrations and good to the students for doing the right thing against the climate change and against hate, and student activists won the week. but carole simpson and john harwood and jill wine bbanc. thank you very much more. wiba thank you very much more. spend at a small business, an average of 67 cents stays local. shop small and watch it add up.
8:57 am
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